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knowing the said Colthorpe was apt to take all advantages for
nonpayment your orator did on or about the said feast make

payment of said some in the absence of said Colthorpe to

his wife in Bristol who pretended she could not then come by the
said bond but promised same should be sent on to your orator
to be cancelled. But now said Colthorpe minding to take advan-
tage that your orator hath not witness and said payment being
made privately to the said wife of said Colthrope doth threaten
to put said bond is suite against your orator intending thereby to
be dobly payed etc. Bill only.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 12, no. 17.

Complaint of Thomas Goodwin of Epwell, county Oxon, gent,
against John Smith defendant. That whereas one John Smith,
citizen and barber surgeon of London, pretending to have an
inheritance in one messuage or tenement, two closes, one called
the Farme close, the other Peacocks close and one land of arrable
leys medowe and about 42 acres of medowe and pasture in said
Epwell offered the same to your orator as inherited from his
father Richard Smith and as free from all incumbrance. Said
Richard died 25 March, 16 (torn away) and did devise to said

John his third (son?) Anne mother of John wife of

Richard proved will at Oxford etc. Your orator did buy the
estate for £210, etc. But now Anne Smith, Phillip Smith, elder
brother of said John, John his wife sister of said


John, Thomas Woodward and Elizabeth his wife .... which
Anne and EHzabeth were .... sisters of said John do
dispute your orators right (Fragment much mutilated).
Chancery Proceedings, series 2, 403-82.

Complaint of Thomas Goodwyn of Stoneham, county Suffolk,
esquire, administrator of Theodore Goodwyn, gent, deceased.
That whereas Theodore Goodwyn in his life about five years
since was possessed of divers chaines, ringes, goodes, chattells,
his own property, and did deliver unto the custody of one Wyni-
f red Buller, then single and unmarried, one chaine of gould being
well worth (decayed) markes and three ringes of gould which
were better worth then 10 li. to keep for him with trunckes, lyn-
ner and other goodes etc. and shortly after said Theodore dyed
intestate. Administration granted your orator. Now said Wyn-
fred Buller hath taken to husband one Richard Coke gent. Said
Wynifred now says that they were given to her as her own

Chancery Proceedings, series 2, 403-87.

12 February 161 2. Complaint of John Goodwyn of Estberg-

holt, county Suffolk, clothier, against . That whereas

one Richard Webbe late of Estbergholt, carrier, deceased, was
seised in one house of clear yearly value of £6 and well worth to
be sold iioo and possessed of divers goods, chattells and good
debts value iioo, and owing some £180 for £52 of which your
orator and said Webbe were jointly bound etc. Said Webbe
beinge so seized and having one son named Richard by a former
wife which brought him a great portion, and one son and a
daughter by his then wife Ellen which brought him no portion,
did upon 16 August 1618 make his last will leaving to his children
but was not mynded to give anything att all unto Ellen Webbe
his wife alledging reasons for that the said Ellen had byn a great
meanes and cause of the wastye and comsuming of his estate in
imbeacelling and secrete making away of his goods and moneys.
But on your orator's entreaty he gave her ii2 and chattells to
ii6 value and made one John Spencer executor, or if he refuse
your orator etc. Spencer renouncing although your orator
offered him five marks so your orator had to take probate etc.


And said Ellen although paid her legacy has made away with
chattells goods etc. and lately married Richard Gravenor etc.
prays that they and one Stephen Jobson and his wife may be
summoned to say what goods they have etc. etc.

Chancery Proceedings, series 2, 352-48.

7 November 1621. Complaint of Robert Gooden of Halse,
county Somerset, yeoman, and Eleanor his wife, daughter of
George Studdier of Fitzhead in said county, gent, deceased,
against Joane and William Studdier and others. That whereas
said George Studdier was, in 18, James I, seized in two closes of
land called Jewes land and a meadow called Jewes meadow in
Fitzhead, before that in tenure of George Studdier deceased,
father of said George Studdier, and of a meadow called little
Jewes meadow in Fitzhead, sometime in possession of John
Studdier of Fitzhead deceased and your oratrixes father being
so seised and desirious of borrowing £100 did so from one
Thomas Luttrell, esquire, giving himself a bond and as security
of the payment in a year of £110 procured Richard Cannon
of Fitzhead, yeoman, and Symon Cannon of Pitmister in said
county, yeoman, and one John Chilcott etc. who gave a bond
5 October, 18 James, for £200 in Robert Poores house in Dunster
in said county etc. And John (sic) Studdier the son meaning to
save harmless the said sureties etc. he the said George Studdier
did 8 October, 18 James grant to the Cannons the aboue closes
etc. Lutrell agrees to continue the loan one year the interest to be
paid his sister Sara by your orator and his bondsmen and one
Henrie Keen of Lideard Lawrence, county Somerset, yeoman,
giving a new bond the old one being delivered up etc. July
1622 George Studdier made his will leaving to his daughter your
oratrix the said lands unless the son William Studdier should pay
her £200 and on February 20, James 20, he died etc. your oratrix
being then unmarried etc. but in January last she married your
orator Robert Gooden who applied to Joane the widow of the
said George and said William to see the will and the £200
paid him the which they refuse and combine w^ith the above
bondsmen to pretend the £110 is still owing.

Chancery Proceedings, series 2, 403-79.

7 February 1621. Complaint of Thomas Godden, William
Grewe, Thomas Sayward, and Marke Pescod against one Richard


Symes, defendant. That whereas three yeares since your orator
WilUam Grewe either of himself or the other plaintiffs did stand
bound in an obligation of £20 for the payment of £10 and other
obligation for other amounts etc. to one Richard Symes of Silk-
sted, county Southampton, yeoman, long since due for certain
cattle sold by said Richard to your orator William Grewe at
excessive rates etc. Said Symes also agreeing to extend time of
payment Has paid various sums of money besides supplying
defendant with beef and mutton and now owes £12 which he is
ready to pay. But defendant presses for the full amount of the
bonds etc. ii February 1621, answer of Richard Symes, de-

Chancery Proceedings, series 2, 353-31.

29 May 1622. Complaint of Sir Frances Goodwin of Wobume,
county Bucks, knight, against Thomas Reading defendant. That
whereas your orator by deed 24 May, 15 of the now King, did
convey to Thomas Reading of Little Hampton, Bucks, gent, one
messuage and an orchard then in tenure of one John Winter and
two pigstells thereto belonging and certain closes and woods
called Henchmore, W. Cromer, Kitchin Deane, Lea Close, a grove
or spring of Wood called Henchmore Springe etc. containing 44
acres in the parishes of Taplow, Beconsfield and Hitchaine etc.
also a conveyance to one John Draper of Little Marlowe in said
county, carpenter, the close called Middle Clements etc. which
lands were part of the jointure of Elizabeth, Lady Goodwyn
now wife of your orator so your orator made collateral security
etc. Arthur Goodwyn, Esqre, his son and heir agreeing etc.
Defendants refuse to give up their leases etc. Answer of Thomas

Chancery Proceedings, series 2, (252?) -16.

8 July 1622. The Complaint of one William Goodine als
Godin of Southwark, county Surrey, sayler, against one John
Daniel. That whereas the said John Goodins als Godden of
parish of Hailesham, county Sussex, husbandman, was in his
life seized of one house, barne and certain lands in free soceage
in said Hailesham did make his last will 14 November 1581 and
did give to one Mary Goodins als Goddin all said houses etc.
when she attained the age of 21 and that Emlin his wife was,
until said Mary was 18, then to accountable for the next three



years and if the said Mary died to said Emlin and her heirs, j
And not long after the said testator died and the said Mary :
attained i8 years of age and divers years after espoused one John
Coxett and entered into the said house and had one only daughter ;
called Mary and not long after the said Mary and said Coxett '
or Cockshet died the house etc. descended to the said Mary who
married one John Daniell of Hailsham, yeoman, and not very j
long after the said Mary died with no issue when the said house j
etc. descended to your said orator as cousin and next heir to
said Mary Daniell, that is to say the said son of Thomas Goodden
als Godin of Rye, marriner, brother to the said Richard Goodden
of Rye aforesaid the which Richard Goodden was the father of :
John Goodden aforesaid, and the defendant came to your orator's i
wife (your orator being then beyond the seas) to obtain a lease '
of twenty one years at an insufficient rent and in your said orator's
absence went to Sir Edward Sackville of London the lord of the '.
manor and persuaded him the land were escheated to him the <
said Mary having no children which said Sir Edward seized and |
granted to said Daniell at £2 a year. 10 July 1622. Answer of
the said John Daniell defendant. Denies that the plaintiff is
of any kindred or blood the name of the testator being John |
Goddens and the complainants name Goodin als Godine etc. etc.
Chancery Proceedings, series 2, 251-28.

II November 1622. Alexander \\^alker of Combe St. Nicholas, i
county Somerset, gent, that Nicholas Hohvay of Taunton, gent. <
died worth £700 leaving Sir Hugh Portman, knight, Alexander i
Walker, Jeffery Pising, Simon Saunders, and Charles Hohvay I
his natural brother, executors. His wife Austice daughter of !
Robert Oland. She married John Goodwin Doctor of Divinity
from whom the executors claim payment for maintenance of the [
children and from Peter Hohvay son of the deceased.

Chancery Proceedings, series 2, 391-47. .


25 November 1622. Complaint of Thomas Ketchen of '\
Groundesbroughe, Suffolk, clerke, against George Goodwin, :
Robert Tovill and John Harte, defendants. That whereas the j
complainant being parson of Groundesbroughe by presentation of j
the Master Fellowes and Schollers of Trinit}^ Colledge, Cam- j
bridge was about five years since constrained vpon divers and j


sundry abuses of the said Townesmen of Groundesbroughe to
commence a sute into the Exchequer chamber against Hughe
Lord of the same towne etc. for the tythe heay and lackadge which
was a vsuall tythe to the parson etc. and after spending much
money and time on the suite on entreaty forbore and at his owne
expence brought down a commission to end the matter etc.
which would make noe end at the first meeting appointed another
etc. but in the mean time the said Hugh Lord, George Goodwyne,
Robarte Tovell and John Harte the most substantiallest men in
the said parish did propose to your orator some composition to
which he agreed the better to follow his study etc. whereupon
the defendants agreed to pay £40 to repay plaintiff for tithes and
executions. But now so it is this said defendants refuse to pay
said £40, have made a purse of moneys left for charitable uses
of £25 per annum which has been the cause of your orator to
resigne his fellowship in Trinity Colledge, Cambridge his prin-
cipal! steay and caused the person of your orator to be arrested
etc. etc. 3 January, 20 James, taken at Woodbridge Suffolk, before
James Goodwin and Samson Wolferston. Answers of George
Goodwin, Robert Tovill and John Harte, defendants. Deny the
promise of £40 etc. a certain tenement called Wafford — the
property was sold to said Anstice that lest she perished before
they attain full age being very young. She now the wife of
John Goodwin D.D. Peter Holway one of the children who with
his mother now combine to call the probate in question the wit-
nesses of which will being long since deceased. Peter's other
brother and sister etc. etc. (Very decayed and dirty).
Chancery Proceeding, series 2, 363-64.

28 June 1623. The Complaint of one William Goodwyn of
Hornden on the Hill in county Essex, weaver, and one Henry
Goodwyn of the same place, yeoman, executors of the last will
and testament of one Robert Goodwyn late of the same, yeoman,
deceased, and gardians of one Thomas Goodwyn, John Goodwin,
Anne and Helen Goodwyn, the nephews and neeces of the said
Robert Goodwyn deceased. That whereas the said Robert
Goodwyn was in his life time seized in one messuage called by
the name of the sign of the Bell in Hornedon on the Hill and of
two tenements adjoyning thereto and of one tenement with three
acres of land and divers others in Hornedon on the Hill and a



good personal! estate to the value of £200 ... in November j
last made his last will and testament by which the reversion of ;
the said Bell came to Thomas and John Goodwyne after the I
decease of Anne his then wife, and did give unto the said Anne
Goodwyn, daughter of one Thomas Goodwyn deceased, the two ;
tenements adioyning and to the said Ellen, the sister of the said ;
Anne, the tenement with 3 acres etc. and shortly afterwards in |
said November he died, and your orators proved the said will '
and the said Anne entered on the estate for life — and on 35 :
Aprill last died and the nephews and the neeces took their rever- |
sions. But so now it is that many writings etc. household stufife, ;
pewter brasse and many brewing vatts and vessells which the i
said Robert Goodwin had, he being a brewer, and have come j
into the hands of Robert Savage of Btirntewood, county Essex, I
yeoman, Bartholomew Slaterford of Hornedon, taylor and Robert j
Slaughterford of ditto, weaver, and who do combine to embezzle !
and defraud etc. ,<

Chancery Proceedings, series 2, 351-14.


5 April 1624. Complaint of Burton Goodwine of Nottingham, j

yeoman, against . That whereas about July, 14 James !

I, there was an agreement made between Thomas Parramore and j

Thomas Stanley, gent, of one parte the Bayliflfe and Burgesses '

and occupiers phattes(vats) for making of salt within the bor- j

ough of Droitwich, county Worcester, on the other part. That j

for their inventions, and saving of wood in salts making they i

should have a 21 years lease and as much longer that said Para- j

more should live etc. Your orator lent to said Parramore ^500 j

in various sums etc. One Edward Barrett Thomas Gower, Gil- 'i
bert Wheeler, Francis Moule, Nicholas Daines, William Hill,

Adam Jones, John Allen, Arthur Jones, Thomas Withe, Henry |
Collier and said other occupiers of phattes etc. to defraud your

orators etc. (Very faded and stained). i

Chancery Proceedings, series 2, 353-45.



7 January 1624. Complaint of William Goodwyn, citizen and ,
merchant taylor of London against William Lawrence defendant, j
That about two years ago and often before your orator had deal- !
inges with one William Laurence of London, Salter, concerning
the buying tobacco and other commodities by your orator from !


the said William thinking him an honest man and believing him
to deal in retail or in gross in tobacco your orator did buy of
him certain parcels of tobacco and defendant promised that every
rowle thereof which as your orator supposed were about three
or four rowles were all good perfect and sound and well grabeled
and distinguished tobacco and euerie one of them were worth
sixteene shillings the pounde your orator did buy for £25 for
which he gave a bond to defendant which tobacco your orator
found altogether putrified naught and rotten by reason of water
and putride and uncleane thinges put into the rowles etc. Begs
release from payment, etc.

Chancery Proceedings, series 2, 352-51.

May 1626. Complaint of William Goodwin of Topcroft,
county Norfolk, yeoman. Peter Brooke was no ways able to pro-^
vide for his wife and child before his going forth into the Kings
His Maties service. Gregory Cushinge, John Copping, Robert
Merriman. Said the said Gushing will go out of the country.
(Very stained, imperfect, and dirty).

Chancery Proceedings, series 2, 403-83.

II February 1628. Complaint of Godwyn of Sill-

ington, county Somerset, executor of will of William Godwyn
brother of your orator deceased against one Thomas Baker and
others defendants. That whereas one John Thorne of Stoke,
under Hamdon. county Somersett, mason, with Thomas Baker
of Stoke aforesaid, husbandman, about twelve years since did
give for a debt owing your orator's deceased brother by their
obligacion of £24 for payment of £12 long since due and unpaid
etc. etc. 5 Charles, April 15. Answer of Thomas Baker, defend-

Chancery Proceedings, series 2, 403-71.

30 April 1629 Complaint of Ewyn Goodwyn of Mendlesham,
county Suffolk, yeoman, against Edmund Tennor defendant.
That whereas our Edmund Tennor borrowed of one John Shipp
about three and one half years ago £20 giving a bond for £40
and upon 6 November 1626 Tennor failing payment came to your
orator aboute one fortnighte before the day of payment asking
your orator to pay his debt for which he would give security


which he did receiving the first bond and cancelled it. But as to j

the bond taken by your orator from Tennor for £40 your orator j

shewed that the writer of the said bond being a younge scoller |

made the said bonde defective in the w^ord quadraguita instead of j

writinge quadrguita writte and made the same quatuorginta '

which being taken to court in spite of three witnesses was declared i

void, etc. ^

Chancery Proceedings, series 2, 403-84. '

10 October 1631 Complaint of Thomas Brocke late cittizen of \

London against Ambrose Goodwyn late of Grays Inne, gent.

defendant. That whereas said Ambrose Goodwyn and one John j

Williams of the countie of Middlesex, gent, became bound to '

your orator for £200 i August, 20 James, for payment of iioo :
on February 2 then next. But soe it is the iioo was never paid

nor interest so complainant entered a suite for same and deliv- '
ered the bond to one William White an attorney who in his life

time caused said Goodwyn and Williams to be outlawed but said ;

White dying before recovery the bond is lost or mislayed etc. etc. i
Chancery Proceedings, series 2, 397-51-

February 4th, 1632. Complaint of John Goodwyn of King- I

ston, county Staffordshire, weaver, against Roger Heath and :

others, defendants. That whereas Raph Goodwyn deceased your !
orator's late grandfather was seised in one messuage and lands

in Gaylin, county Staffordshire, of 40 acres value £20 per annum i

and having issue three sons, Thomas his eldest, William Good- |

wyn the second and Raph Goodwyn the third did by deed assure \

the said messuage to himself during life, then to Raph his •
youngest son, in default of heirs to the said Thomas ; the said

Raph entered into possession — Afterwards the said Thomas *

died leaving your orator his eldest son etc, then Raph Goodwyn ,'
died without issue and the said messuage descended to your

orator etc. But so it is that Roger Heath, John Heath his son,

John Cooke. Humfrey Cowdale Elizabeth St. Andrew, widow, 1

George Webb, — Hoi ford, — Fraunces his wife, Henry Goodwyn, i

Mary Fowler, Dorothy Fowler, Roger Dawson and others com- >,

bine having got the deeds and counterparts and deny they ever |

existed, deny your orator's right and claim the title to themselves. J

Chancery Proceedings, series 2, 403-85. |


7 February 1633. Complaint of Morgan Godwyn, Gierke,
Archdeacon of Salop and Prebendarie of a certaine Prebend
founded in the Cathedral Church of Hereford . , . knowne
by the name of the Prebend of Warham and Aylston, county
Hereford, against William Freeman defendant. Complains that
the records deeds etc. etc. of the Archdeaconry are detained by
one William Freeman, executor to William Greenewich, Gierke,
the orator's predecessor, also the deeds of a certain manor belong-
ing to the Prebendary etc. etc.

Chancery Proceedings, series 2, 403-72.

25 November, 1637. Complaint of Richard Goodwyn of
Grays Inn, county Middlesex, gent. That whereas there had
been divers controversies between one Christopher Marshall,
gent, late husband of Elizabeth Marshall, widow, and one George
Gardyner, gent, amongst others one touching lands at Wanston,
county Suffolk, which said Gardyner was to convey to said Mar-
shall etc amongst which were some called Hungerdownes bought
by said Gardyner of one Bartholomew Bobbs and Bridgett his
wife, also one called Burrages at Wanston bought of one Baxter —
also a capital messuages, houses, yeards and gardyns in the
. parish of St. Martins at the Pallace in the cittie of Norwich —
The White Horse mentioned — Richard Baxter — Christopher
Stone, John Chickeringe a surety, Francis Baxter father of
Richard, Thomas Sherwood, Robert Morse. The orator appears
to have given a bond with Chickeringe regardinge some surrender
for which the White Horse should have been given him as secur-
ity. (Very indistinct, worn, stained and filthy.)

Chancery Proceedings, series 2, 403-86.


24 November 1648. Bill of Complaint of John Goodwyn and
Elizabeth Barker, administrators of goods of John Barker late
of Norwich, worstead weaver, whoe died intestate. That Thomas
Staller late of Norwich, yeoman, 14 May, 21 James, became bound
to one John Barker in £100 and on 29 May, 21 James to said
John Barker in £20. Said bonds made to said Barker in trust for
Margarett then wife of said Thomas Staller and before that wife
of John Howes deceased. Said Staller made his will and one


John Crooke of Norwich, executor, and dyed and said Crook ,;

proved his will etc. etc. and said bonds remayne unpaid and said 1

John Barker about December 1636 died intestate and administra- |

tion granted by Clement Corbett, doctor of lawes. Chancellor of

Norwich, vicar general to Mathew, Bishop of Norwich, 30 I

December 1636 and after demanded said somes from said Crooke ;i

who denyed payment and said John Barker had in his lifetime j

made acquaintances of said bonds denied by said Barker in his t

lyfetyme etc. With answer of John Crooke defendant. '[

Chancery Proceedings, before 1714, Reynardson 3, ]

bundle i no. 75. il

1638 Defendants, one Robert Goodwin, Richard Southcott, ;

esquire and Henry Whitfield, clarke. Complainants John Whit- ]

field, Robert Whitfield, gent. Ann and Mary Whitfield. De- j

fendants were overseers in the will of John Whitfield and had a j
right to sell his manors Somersetshire to pay his debts and the

portions of the plaintiffs and other legacies and the charitable j

bequests but they renounced and they do still renounce and leave |

all to Thomas Whitefield son and heir and executor. Testator j

"a pious good man of a lovinge and kind disposition" had over- .'|

charged his will with charitable bequests and brought some debt j

upon himself by the marriage of his daughter Elizabeth (the j
eldest daughter) with one John Bowyer. John Bowyer and his

wife make no demand for the £500 legacie who had a marriage j

portion of more than £500 — and pray to be dismissed with costs, j

12 April 1638 Answer of Thomas Whitfield 16 April 1638. ;

Father's debts and legacies equals £5950, sale of manors etc. ;

would equal £3000 he prays for some defalcation in either the J

debts or legacies and guift of £300 for the releasement of captives 1

and this defendant having but £200 of clear yearly value left unto ;

him thinks he ought not to be expected to pay any of these j

bequests as the son and heir. Answer of John Bowyer, 1638. j

Denies conspiracy to hinder the sale of Marston Magna mannor j

in Somersetshire or any other of the said lands of the said John j

Whitfield and he and his said wife Elizabeth do renounce all the j

claims they may have to any money etc. etc. I

Chancery Proceedings, before 17 14, bundle ?, no. . j


10 May 1652. To the Commissioners. Bill of Complaint of
William Goodwyn of North Burlingham, county Norfolk, gent.

Online LibraryFrank Farnsworth StarrEnglish Goodwin family papers; being material collected in the search for the ancestry of William and Ozias Goodwin, immigrants of 1632 and residents of Hartford, Connecticut .. → online text (page 32 of 44)