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Whereas William Whittwood late of Felmingham said county,
gent, by will dated i August 1628 bequeathed to Thomas Good-
wyn, gent, your orator's late father deceased his messuage in
East Ruston in said county paying severall somes to the suerall
persons therein nominated amount to £1000 among them to the
children of William Goodwin his brother at their ages of 21.
Your orator's father did enter into said messuage and did pay
various legacies amounting to £500 but died before other £500
could be paid out of said messuage and lands and by his last will
dated 2 May 1645 left said messuage to be sould by Mr. William
Call, Mr. William Gelsthorpe, Mr. John Martin and Mr. Edward
Newell his sonne in lawe or two of them but did not trouble or
entitle them to take the profitts untill said messuage was sold but
that part should be paid towards said legacies and that when sold
said legacies bequeathed by said Mr. Whit wood his uncle should
be fully satisfied. Said Trustees relinquished the trust and said
messuage then descended to your orator who with their consent
entered and for three years last past received rents etc. and did
ymploy same for said legacies etc. and further sheweth that
Robert Greene of Kinges Lynne in county Norfolk about ten
years last past married Annie one of the daughters and co-heirs of
William Goodwin, gent, your orator's uncle deceased, and claymed
£10 legacy by said will and other legacies by her fathers will and
by reason of charges etc. by pretence of said legacies not being
paid did enter etc. and prevent your orator from receiving them
the rents and your orator being desirous to sell said premises to
pay said legacies etc. said Green did frustrate your orator's en-
deavour etc. etc. With answer of Robert Greene.

Chancery Proceedings, before 1714, Bridges i, bundle 4.

10 February 1657. To Commissioners. Bill of Complaint of
John Goodwyn of Bradley in county Derby, husbandman. That
about a yeare since your orator was constable of the towne of
Bradley and there was a mare estray taken upp within the said
constablary and delivered to your orator for the right owner
etc. etc. and one Thomas Harrison pretended said mare was his
whereof your orator not satisfied being informed it was the


property of William West a Lincolnshire man and refused to
deliver the same and the said Harrison procured a warrant be-
fore two J. P.'s for said county to bring upp said West well know-
ing him to be a stranger and seeking to affright him from his

clayme and cause your orator trouble etc. and said West appeared ;

before Edward Mantore and Edward Pegg Esquires J. P.'s. and |

said West procured a certificate and witnesses who did affirme j

that the mare was the property of the said West etc. bred by ?

Mr. Bright and the said Justices being sattisfied sett the said j

West at libert}' hee being by the prosecution of the said Harrison ,|

under the restraint etc. etc. and the said West obteyned the said |


mare. But the said Harrison procured your orator to be bound (

to appeare at the next assizes and goale delivery etc. etc. in the ;

some of £T)0 to bring in the said mare to Ashborne at or before -
20 August last past and your orator not being able to produce the

said mare the said Harrison hath entered the said bond in a j

suite etc. etc. \\'ith the answer of Thomas Harrison the de- j

fendant, sworn at Ashborne, 3 May 1652. J

Chancery Proceedings, before 1714, Reynardson 3, j

bundle 8, no. 48. ]


John Becke, complainant, against Sir Francis Goodwin, Knight,

Becke, John.

Becke, Robert the testator parish of Ham, Waddesdon two
elder daughters, the youngest Temperance Beck. Thompson,
Thomas. Skillman's wife of Wotton. Becke, Anne, plain-
tiff's sister. Howe, Mr. of Grendon to be umpire. Sharpe,
John. Stevens, Francis.

Steevens, Francis of Ailesbury, county Bucks, gent. 43.

Robert Becke, deceased, plaintiff's father. Tirrell, Mr.
plaintiff's counsell. Lane, Mr. plaintiff's counsell.

Beck, Rebecca, sister of Temperance.

Howe. Thomas, of Grendon underwood Bucks, clerk, 64. This
deponent's wife, John Foskett and Mr. Green.

Beck. Joseph said testator Robert's son defendant promised £4
to Anne Beck towards her going to London when she went.
-Temperance is a servant in defendant's house.

Green, Thomas, of Grendon Vnderwood, clerk, 31. Said testator
pitied said Temperance because she was simple and would
settle 4 acres of land upon her.

Sharpte of Collwicke, Bucks, yeoman, 30. If Temperance died
without issue the land to come to plaintiff.

Lester, Thomas, of Turford, Bucks, tailor 30.

Skilman, Margery, wife of Ralfe Skilman, of Wotton, wheeler, 30.

Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, B, bundle 19, no. 7.

Complaint of James Godden, gent, against Thomas Godden,
gent, and Mary his wife. Depositions taken at Offham, county
Kent, before William Codd, Esq. and Robert Scoles, gent.

Squire, John, of Trottescliffe, Kent, husbandman. 42.

Thomas Godden did declare he had passed over his estate
to James Godden for 5 years for iio per annum and diet.

Hilles, William, of ditto, husbandman, 32.
Thomas Godden's son.

Codd, Vv^illiam. the elder, of Watringburie, Kent, gent. 45.

Ray. David, of Ditton, Kent, 30.


Ray, Jane, wife of David, 27.

Noakes, John, of Trottiscliffe, blacksmith, 40.

(money matters)
Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, G, bundle 2, no. 10.

Sir Francis Goodwin, knight, plaintiff and Phillip, Earle of
Pembroke and Montgomery, Sir John Thorowgood, knight,
Michael Olsworth, Esq, Gyles Rowbach and John Ansty, gentle-
men, defendants.

Bennocke, John of Sherborne, county Dorset, gent, 40.
Bedford, late Earl — 16 years ago sicke of a deadly palsy.
Kelway, Mr. Henry with deponent servants to said Earle.
Oldmixon, Anthony, of Oldmixon, county Somerset, gent. 44,

was paid by plaintifif £50 from the Earl of Bedford for

cloth due.
Money advanced to the Duchess of Bedford deceased for which

the plaintiff is bound.
Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, G, bundle 5, no. 11.

Francis Goodwin, knight, complainant, against the Earl of
Pembrook, Sr. John Thorowgood, knight, Michael Olsworth,
Esqr, John Ansty and Gilbert Rowbatch, gent, defendants. 8th
years (date torn away)

Varnnow, William, of Rickmansworth, county Hartford, Esqre,

43. Servant for 16 years to Earl of Bedford.
Braunche, William, of Rickmansworth, county Hartford, dy.
Durant, Roger, Rickmansworth (age indistinct). Mention of

Michael Goldsworth. Joyles Rubbishe, Mr. Bennocke.
Corbett, Millicent, of Rickmansworth, county Hartford, widow 60.
Carter, Robert, of Rickmansworth, county Hartford, labourer 34.

Was a botler in the duke's house paid by Mr. Crofte then

clerk of the kitchen.
Plaintiff claims to have paid money for the living expenses of the

Duchess of Bedford (decayed at edge)
Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, G, bundle 18, no. 9.

No date. Interrogatories of the parte of Thomas Goodwyn
against John Hepte and Elizabeth his wife. Lands and tene-
ments called Chappell, tenement called Norden etc. in East


Radden, Devon. John and William Frere were owners of said
tenements and lands. Said Goodwyn said to be cosyn to the
Freres viz. son to John Goodwyn son to William Goodwyn son
to Johann daughtr to said John Frere.

John Frere has issue one William Frere, Margery, Isabell (now

dead) and said Johan.
John Turnor, clerke. John Rysby. John Sawyer. John Colsyll.

Thomas Awsell. William Sidmaster. Edward Courtney.
Whether John Odye (now dead) supposed son of said Margery

Frere is a bastard.
Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, G, bundle 35, no. 5.

Complaint of William Hickes against John Goodwyne and
Susan his wife defendants Depositions taken at Mount Sorrel,
county Leicester, before Awdryan Farnham, Thorne Beamont,
Esqr. Humphry Katherne, gent, and Benedict Willson, gent.

Jell'ye, John of Quarnden, county Leicester, 50.

Richard Bache als Page and his children (Anthony Page,
Anne by Susan the defendant) Carpenter took Susan one
defendant to wife did not know him to be of great ability in
his life, knew a farm said Page did dwell in worth 5 nobles
a year.

(torn) of Newtowne Lynforde, County Leicester, yeoman. 72.
Anne wife of complainant had money of defendants.

Harrison John, of Newtown Lynforde, ditto, yeoman, 62.

That the goods of said Page came to said Carpenter, de-
fendant, the third husband to said Susan, defendant.

(money matters)

Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, H, bundle 43, no. 10.

Complaint of Thomas Wilson, plaintiff against Edward Good-
win, defendant. Depositions taken at Rotherham (county
Yorke) before George Sitwell, Thomas Vincent, Esqr., Francis
Stephenson and William Wordsworthe, gent.

West, Thomas, of Rotherham, county York, gent. 37.

Lawson, Thomas, the younger, of Maisborough, county York, 20.

Mr. Thomas West did pen the depositions in last suit and this

deponent engrossed the same.


Revell, John, of Whiston, county York, gent. 56. Edward Good-
win son of Anthony nephew^ to defendant Goodwin. Young
Wilson the plaintiffs son.

Vincent, Thomas, of Warnsworth, county York, Esqr. 56.
Eulogy of Anthony Goodwin.

West, Thomas, of Rotherham, county York, gent. 27, dark
for the plaintiff.

Barnsley, Mr. Thomas, solicitor for plaintiff.

Ellis, Thomas, of Rawmarsh, county York, blacksmith, 50.

Bagshaw, Edward, of ditto, carpenter, 50.

Sanderson, Henry, of Stubinge in parish of Rawmarsh husband-
man, 50. Known Edward Goodwin and Anthony his
brother eleven years and Edward the son from his childhood.

Continuation of W. 31-6 Anthony Goodwin accuses a commis-
sion in that case of abusing and raging at him.

Chancery Deposition, Elizabeth to Charles, W, bundle 37, no. 2.

3 October, 2 Edward VI (1548) Depositions taken at Exetter
within the countie of Devon by John Drake of Aysshe and John
Haydon, Esquire, by vertue of the Kinges maiesties comyssion
etc. the therd day of October yn the second yere of the reigne of
Edward the syxth, etc. upon interogatories exhibited by Thomas
Goodwyn of the Cittie of London ad perpetua rei memoriam.

Tybbyes, John, clerke, vycar of Peyhembery, county Devon, 51.
Sayeth that Thomas Chard, deceased, late abbott of the
late monastery of Ford, Devon, suppressed, and brother to
this deponent about ten days before the ffest of all sayntes
next before the surrendering of the said Abbey asked depon-
ent to enquire of the tenants of Cale and Payhembery yf
any desired the reversion of their lands etc.

Truslowe, John, of Payhembery, miller, 51.
Fylmore, John ^

Mountstevyn, Harry |

Saunder, John [-tenants

Doucher, John, als Saunder j
Saunder, Richard et al J

Hays, Markes. ) , , ^^ .

r-u AM u j^u C Abbotts officiers.

Chuddlegh, John, j

Baggewill, John, of the town of Oxeforth.


Isack, Richard and wife, who asked for a grant of a leased asked
for a revercion of Philimores land saying he only wanted
enough to sett a butt of bees — Philimore's wife answering
she had two children and hoped to see one of them enjoy it.

Phylmore, John, of Hydow, Devon, husbandman, 60 and Sybella
his wife.

Mountstephyn, Harry, of Cale, Devon, husbandman, 70.

Saunder, John, of Cale, Devon, husbandman, 34.

Saunder, John, of Cale, Devon, husbandman, 56.

Wadham, John, Esqre.

Hayes, Edmund 29, son of Marks Hayes under steward of the
Shere, John writing in monastery leases one of which he
gave to Isack.

Elsdon, Thomas, Mayre of the towne of Lyme Dorsett, mer-
chaunt, 46.

Hayfard, of Lyme, merchant, 35.

Cudboll, Willia, of Lyme, merchant, 66.

Helyer, John, Lyme, yeoman, 50 (sworn in the

Coke, John, Lyme, Satgyant, 36. (company of

Garland, Roger.

Isaak, William.

Rosse, Robert, priest about 65, cousin to the abbott.

Porter, Elye.

Pole, William.

Hassarde, John.

Starr, John, of Bradeford, county Dorsett, gentleman, 35.

Goodwyn claims certain lands on a lease written by Robert Rosse
and Isack the same on an abbott's lease.

Chancery Deposition, Elizabeth to Charles, G, bundle 19, no. 4.

1561, April 19 Mathew Goodwyn and William Goodwin, com-
plaint against Richard Burdall defendant. Depositions taken 19
April, 3 Elizabeth at Newmarket before Robert Peyton and
William Rudston, esquires and John Foster, gent.

Beale Leonard of Newmarket 50. The inn in Newmarket called
the Griffin is worth £30 per annum and to sell £600.

Beale, Johanne, 36. Defendant received iio from Anthonie
Resington which he delivered to Thomas Burdall.


Sturgess, Phyllypp, of Thelforde, Norfolke, 52.

The sale of the said Inn. Dispute in money matters.

Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, G, bundle 27, no. 5.

1564, April 24. The depositions taken at Walltham, county
Southampton, 24 April 6 Elizabeth before Sir. Fraunces Daw-
trey, knight, John White and Raffe Henslowe, Esqre. on behalf
of Thomas Godwyn plaintiff and Hughe Foster and Elizabeth his
wife defendants.

Exparte Thomas Godwyn.

Thomas Boner als Cowll, of Waltham, carpenter, 58.

Stephen Godwin died seized of certain lands etc. in manor of
Waltham — which came on his death to Anne his wife after
her death they should come to plaintiff as younger son of
said Stephen according to the custom of the mannor

Abraham, John of Walham, 60.

Barton, John, of Waltham, husbandman 40.

Frende, Gilberte. of Waltham, husbandman, 24.

Cosen, John, of Brusselldowne said county 60.

Exparte Hugh Eraser.

Trigges, Thomas, of Waltham, 45, yeoman. Does not know
all the land at variance but does know one tenement called
Playstowes pur presture land allso ten acres land called

Gibbes which is purpresture land if bond land and

purpresture land are joined in one fine if more purpesture
land goes to youngest son if more bond to the elder.

Turnor, Richard, a tenant. Godwin, Richard the eldest son and
his wife Elizabeth now defendant's wife, said Richard pre-
deceased his mother Anne a year and a half.

Pyne, Henry, of Waltham, 56.

Frye, William, of Brussellsdowne, husbandman, 56.

Tompson, William, of Brussellsdowne, 66.

Strugnell, Thomas, of Droxford in said county, husbandman, 60.

Marks, Thomas, of Shedfeld in said county, husbandman, 60.

Lidgate, Hugh, of Vppan said county husbandman 60.

Turnor, Richard, of Waltham, husbandman 53.

Crowther, Stephen, of Croxford, said county, husbandman 30.

Thomas Goodwin claims certain messuage as youngest son as
against his deceased eldest brother's wife now defendant's

Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, G, bundle 2, no. 11.


1566-7 January 7. Complaint of John Michelborne against
Jamys Goociwyn, defendant. Deposition at Lewes, 7 January,
9 Elizabeth before John Mather, John Selwyn, Simon Warde and
John Lunsford, Esq.

Michaell Hawkins.

Mychelborn, John, the elder, 76.

That he paid Lord Windsor for the mannor and farm iioo
and more etc. also paid money to James Goodwyn for his
interest who passed his right to John Michelborne depo-
nent's son. Received of Thomas Hawkins, father of Michael
Hawkins, vli. vis. viijd. 25. 5. Edward Vi. in the Court of

Goodwyn, James, 55.

Took the farm of Lord Windsor at £5. 6s.8d. to be paid this
deponent by said John Bate.

Concerning the purchase of the farme of Horstye from Lord

Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, M, bundle 43, no. 9.

March, 10 Elizabeth (1567-8) Matthew Goodwyn and Wil-
liam Goodwin, plaintiffs versus Richard Bordall, defendant.

Wade, Lyonell, of Braunston, county Suffolk, 50.

Rosington, Anthony now dead within three years at Wade's house
bound with the complainants his cousins to defendant.

Thomas Bordall.

John and Robert Wade deponents brothers now deceased

Palmer, Robert, of Ippeswich, 20.

Mr. Thomas Bordall of Newmarket uncle to said Rosington.

Gardyner, John, Bailiff of Ippeswich. 44.

Matthew Goodwyn was arrested coming out of his inn there
by one Dobbes the vndershreeve of Suffolk at the suit of
Thomas Bordall for £20 who the night before shewed a
friendly countenance to the said Matthew and gave him a
potte of wyne.

Smith, John, of ditto, sherman, 40. vith and vijth of King
Phillip and Queen Mary he was with Mathew and John
Goodwyn at Sturbridge fair where Matthew was arrested.

Cooke, Margaret, wife of John Cooke, of Brandyston, 24. Good-
wun of Ipswich and of Woodbridge.

Defendant still presses for a bond which has been paid.

Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, G, bundle 7, no. 12.



1572 October 4 Christopher Goodwyn against John Barker,
defendant, at Ipswich before John Southwell, Esqr, and John \
Clenche, gent., John Thurston and Richard Godfrey, 4 October j
14 Elizabeth. Whether Rauf Goodwyn father of plaintiff was I
seized in the manor of Buttishall and the field called Bloyses in ]
Bedfield and Worlingtonworth, county Suffolk, leaving the same '
to Elizabeth his then wife and executor to be sold whether she \
did sell same or lease it or in her last will devise it to anyone etc. ]
Whether John Bugge and William Bugge took the issues — 1
whether said Elizabeth made a bond with John Smith of said I
manor to hold him harmless against Christopher her son. How
Robert Barker defendant's father came into possession of said
manor. ;'

Eldred, Thomas, of Ipswiche, county Suffolk, chandeloe, 40. '{

Byrd, Augustine, of Nacton, Suffolk, yeoman, 38. ,

Bugge, William, nowe of arking, county Suffolk, 70, to whom '

said Elizabeth sold the messuage for £340. 1j

Smith John, of Bedfielde, Suft'olk, housbandman, 50. -^

Freeman, John, of Hadley, Suffolk, gent. 58, has been fourteen '

years clerke of the peace of Suffolk — nine years ago said ;

Elizabeth did sell the manor (as executrix) to the Bugges. !
Bugge, William, of Barking, yeoman, 70. 'j

Christopher Goodwyn claims his father's estate in certain tene- !

ments etc. etc. I

Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, G, bundle 10, no. 6. 1


1582 July 30 Complaint of John Goodwin, plaintiff against ]

Edward Morse, defendant. Depositions taken before Edward :

Grimston, Roger Scott, Phillip Browne, Esqrs. and Edward !

Goodwin, gent, at Ipswich 30 July, 24 Elizabeth. j

Claye, Nicholas, of Tattingston, county Suffolk, shipwryte, 64. i

Has known the plaintiff since his the plaintiff's birth and the 1

defendant since he came to dwell in Tattingston about eleven \

years ago. Goodwin, John, the father, does not know what j

he died seized of but John the complainant as youngest son j

should inherit as custom of manor. Goodwin, Martha, J

plaintiff's mother. j

Springe, Hierome, of Tattingston, county Suffolk, gent. 50.
Sayeth that said Edward Morse hath delt very hardly and


evil with the wyfe of one Sorrell, sometyme bailiff of ye sayd
mannor, being both executor and supervisor vnto said Sor-
rell w^hose wyfe sayd Edward did not only sue in his owne
name three or four times but also did practise to defeat her
of a tenement and certeyn lands granted her husband by the
Erie of Oxford his master.

Goodwin, Gregory, of Tattingston, county Suffolk, husbandman,
38. Eldest son of said John deceased. Said Morse dealt
hardly with Tripp's wife and son.

Glamfile, Steven, Tattingston, county Suffolk, taylor, 40.

Austen, Nichols, of Ramsey, Essex, 38.

Concerning 17 acres of land called Hattield in Tattingston,
county, Suffolk.

Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, G, bundle 20, no. 15.

29 November 1590 Complaint of John Reppes, administrator
of one Thomas Robertson, against Richard Gooddin, defendant.
That whereas said Thomas Robertson at his death was seized of
plate, goods, chatties, money etc, to value of iiooo which have
come to the hands of one Richard Goodyn which he will not give
up etc. Said Robertson made his will 10 July, 26 James? and
bequeathed to Margery his then wife 200 marks, 300 ouncys of
plate, halfe his debts all his stocke of catell, and all his goods at
a place called Rysupprice, and half his household stuffe at
Boston, county Lincolne, etc. appointed said Margery and Nicho-
las Robertson his brother, Christofer Tamworth and Stephen
Hechens, clerke, executors after whose death said defendant inter-
married with said Margery on June 18, 29 Henry VIII they
were converted before Thomas Archbishop of Canterbury to prove
the will which they did the other executors renouncing etc.

Johnson, Elizabeth, of Fyshtoft, county Lincoln, wife to Thomas
John of the same, 24. At the labor of Margery Gooddyng,
last wife to Rychard, and doth remember when she was in
her travell and saw she shuld departe this world dyd graunte
to hir mother £6. 13s. 4d. one gown furred wt calabar hyr
best Kyrtle of worsted and oon pound pece of syluer etc.
but never knew she made any will or made her husband
executor etc. She to be buried between her two children
etc. etc. etc.



Tottes, Isabell, wife to John Tottes, of Fishtoft, county Lincoln.

Said Margery wife of Thomas Robertson, junior.
Messynger, Richard, of Fishtoft, 31. in the parts of Holland.

Was Ghostly father to said Margery who made no will.
Ratlyff, Elen, of Boston, wife of Xpofer Ratlyff, late wife of

John Kaym. 47.
Claye, William, of Boston. 58.
Gierke, Richard, of Boston, 57.
Samforth, Bryan, of Boston, clerk. 36. Thomas the son of

Thomas Robertson deceased to whom he left £1500.
Hechens, Stephen, vicar of Freston, 50.
Spynkes, Willia, marchant of Boston, 50.
Turner, John, of Boston, gentleman, 40.
Soresby, Thomas, of Boston, merchant, 40.
Felde, Nicholas, of Boston, merchant, 50.
Golker, William, of Boston, mercer, 50. |

Panell, Thomas, of Tost next Boston, Esqre. 33. ;

Robertson, Nicholas, of Boston, Esqr. brother of said Thomas ]

deceased, 50. that four of five years before the death of 1

said Thomas his father gave him £500 and £1000 by bill j

indented. !

Robertson, Anthony, gentleman, son of the brother of said

Thomas Robertson the yotmger deceased, 60.
Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Gharles, R, bundle 7, no. 5. '

1598 June 12. Andrewe Godden, plaintiff against Andrew '■
Baker, defendant before Thomas Scott, Robert Honywood, '■
Richard Deering, Esq. and John Adye of Boxley, gent, taken in ;
Wye 12 June 1598. J

Elstone, Isaake, of Mylforde, county Kent, yeoman 56. That '

plaintiff and defendant were jointly bound to deponent for 1

£20 paid by Andrew Baker to him. ':\

Swanne, William, of Wye, Kent, gent. 52.

Harrison, Richard, of Wye, Kent, husbandman 72. wSaid Goddin 1

coming to dwell in Wye etc. ,.!

Harrison, Robert, of Feversham, 60. .t

Iden, Rychard, of Eastewell, Kent, yeoman, 66. '^

Marshe, Thomas, of Sittingborne, Kent. Notary Publique 42. j

Knew defendant twelve years one — Denham — the idiot (sic) j



of one John Crofte, Andrew Barkers dwelling at Rod-
mersham, Kent — Thomas Merham Notary Publique — Robert
Forage whose name was forged to the deed and has been
dead seven years.

Pledger, Henry, of Wye, Kent, servant to John Columbine 19.

Goddin, John, son to plaintiff 18.

Coveney, Edward, of Hastingleigh, Kent, yeoman 30.

Tylden, William, of Wylsborowe, Kent, yeoman, 60. Heard
defendant say he had lent the plaintiff money and that he
should have £10 of him in marriage with his daughter which
said £10 the plaintiff confessed.

Newstreete, Henry, of Ashford, Kent, yeoman, 50.
i Eigge* John, of Wylsborow, Kent, husbandman, 50.

(money matters).

Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, G, bundle 25, no. 16.

1599 April 20 Complainant of William Goodding plaintiff and
William Gooding, defendant. Depositions before Marke Sty-
mard, Samuel Backhouse, Esqrs. and Richard Powle, gent, and
John Norries, Esqr. at Wokingham, county Barks, 20 April, 41

Hallier, John; of Wookingham, county Barks, yeoman, 66, is a
tenant of Sonning manor.

Gooding, John died a year past about 60. A court held a
year ago when Mr. Henry Nevell, now Sir Henry Nevell,
knight, then High Syeward of said Manor read the granting
to said John Goodding and complainant and Agnes their
mother a lease for their lives.

Borne one of her Majesties servants in the stable.

\ Wilkes, Johan, wife of Richard Wilks, of Wookingham, Barks,
husbandman, 66. His brother John Goodding was 7 or 8
years old at taking of the copyhold and died a year ago.

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