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I Mylls, Thomas, of Wookingham, Barks, clothworker, 57. John
I Goodwin and William Goodwin. Agnes their mother and

of this deponent whom she told that her father Stedman and
she paid the fine.

Taylor, Raphe, Wookingham, Barks, yeoman, 40.

Scrope, Raphe, of Easthamstead Park, county Barks, gent. 33.

Wilkes, Richard, of Wokingham, Barks, husbandman, 66. Said
Agnes Goodwin his mother in law.





Staverton, George, Wokingham, Barks, gent. 43. |

Symmes, Thomas, of Barkham, Barks, yeoman, 66. |

Planner, John, Barkham, Barks, gent. 60. !i

Marlow, Richard, Barkham, Barks, yeoman, 43. '

Disputed custom of the mannor of Sonning, i

Chancery Depositions, EHzabeth to Charles, G, bundle 33, no. 6, ;


1602 April 6. George Gooding, complainant against Nicholas !
Jess, gent, before John Osborne, Esqr. and George Coo, gent. ]
taken at Holbrooke, county Suffolk, 6 April, 44 Elizabeth. j

Watson, Margarat, of Harkested, county Suffolk, widow, 60. ]
Knows the manor of Fallenham Dodness, county Suffolk for !
fifty years and that plaintiff holds certain lands in Dodness ',
by copy, hir father John Waldon was a copyholder for twenty ;
years and her grandfather and great grandfather held the \
same lands. I

Deposition taken at Woodbridg, Suffolk, 1 1 January, 44
Elizabeth before Sr Anthony Wingfield, knight and John ,
Revett, Esqr. j

Collwyn, Benjamin, of Falkenham, husbandman 50. Mr. Samp- '
son did service for the said Marsh thirty years ago. J

Depositions 28 Sepyember, 43 Elizabeth before ditto. 1

Dade, Woullferin of Falkenham, yeoman, 35, has known the
manor twelve years. Richard Margetts.

Lambe, Thomas, of Trewly St. Marie, Suffolk, gent aged ( )

Scrutton or Scrufon, William of Walton, county Suffolk, yeoman


Dispute as to lands in Dodness, Suffolk, called the Scyte of
the mannor with a marshe called the Holme marsh the Hall
yard, Hall woode, nether Crofte, Bromelands, Hatfield,
Netherholme, vopperholme, the Slade, Falkenham hill, Hard-
acre, Myngledoe, Franckelande — 127 acres granted 3, Henry
Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, G, bundle 24, no. 3.

1609, June 16 George Goodwyn, plaintiff, against William
Goodwyne, defendant. Depositions taken at Framfeild, county
Suffolk, before Thomas Digges, D.D., Thomas Dykes, the
younger, gent, and John Wilson, gent. 16 June, 7 James. 5



Chell, John, of Retherfeild, Suffolk, yeoman, 46. Plaintiff
arrested by John Goffe special baylif at suit of John Fissen-
den of Hastings and with one Gregorie and one Cobb of
Halseham took him to Hastinges within the Cinque ports

Pentecost, John.

Dryon, Mary, of Walden, Sussex, spinster (decayed) the plain-
tiff and defendant walking — twoe slight shooks from the
house — Defendants wife (six years ago).

Cunstable, Thomas, of Chiddingleighe, Sussex, carpenter, 35.
Richard Chambers then bailiff (six years ago). Pelham,
Mr. Thomas is Lord of the manor.

Cunstable, Joane, of Chuddingleigh, wife of Thomas, 32.

Fuller, Thomas, of Maghfeild, Sussex, butcher, 26. Mr. Wards
the Steward.

Nightingale, John, of Ripe, Sussex, husbandman, aged .

Goodie, John, of Asson, Sussex, yeoman 66.

Doddesley, Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Doddesley, of Sussex,
glover, 40.

Messuage lOO acres and lands called Bromham in parish of Ripe,

Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, G, bundle 32, no. 11.

161 5 April 24 Complaint of William Bird, Doctor of the
lawe and one of the Masters of the Chancery and Jane his wife
and William Taylor against Roger Goodwin and William Dale,
defendants. Depositions taken at Derby in county Derby before
Sr Peeter Tretchvile, knight, John Bentley, knight, Gilbert Rolle-
ston, Esq. and Robert Bamford, clerk, 24 April, 13 James,

Smith, Isaack, of Derby, county Derby, grasier, 30. Believes it
true that Roger Goodwin did lend unto Richard Dale
deceased father of William Dale, defendant, the sum of £300
many years ago but under 20, half of said Dale's lands in
Osmoston were extended for £600. Knows the close called
Humberholme near Osmoston worth £24 per annum.
Richard Dale often said he sold same to Sr John Stanhope knight,
Trafford, Richard did show the witness a coppy of an answer in
chancery proving said complainant has received £600 before
he sold to Sri John Stanhoppe.


Dale, Joan, of Derby, late wife oi Richard Dale, of Osmoston,

deceased, 68.
Dale, Gentle, of Derby, yeoman, 25, Richard Dale's son.
Willymott, Robert of Chaddesden, Derby, gent. 48. The first

loan took place twenty years since but was paid back after

Goodwin and Dale joined to purchase a place called Somer-

cotts of St. John Zouche, deceased.
Sheere, John of Osmoston, Derby.

Fisher, Nicholas of Scraptoft, county Leicester, clerk, 42.
Money matters. Bird's interest not explained.
Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, B, bundle 80, no. 16.

1617 James Goodwyn, gent, plaintiff against Israeli Frere,
gent, and others, defendant 1617 Suit concerning defendants
lands and mannor of Bownes and the messuage called Thurstons ;|
and lands late belonging to John Thurstons and before that \
Thomas Thurstons and now the complainants in Rendham, county \

Suffolk. ,:

Curtys, William, of Rendham, county Suffolk, yeoman, 55. ':

William Fiske and Feveryeare Edmond of Rendham both |i

dead twenty seven or twenty eight years. •

Deposition of Thomas Harvye taken at Snape, Suffolk, 22 i

March 1631 before John Lane and James Withe, gent. |

Harvey, Thomas, the elder of Snape, county Suffolk, yeoman, 73. j

Thinge, Mary, of Stowmarket, county Suffolk, widow, 60. |

William Harding. John Palmer. John Thurston thelder 1
was her brother and Thomas Thurston her father. ||

Orme. She lived in Thurstons till 20 years old.

Reynold, Roberte, of Benhall, county Suffolk, labourer, 55.
Robert Heyward of Benhall. j

John Damsell owner of the lands. Edmond Eade. Roger j
Harvey. I

Peeles, Edward, of Wisset, Suffolk, yeoman 66. ^

William Browne purchased lands about twenty years ago j
and now owns same. W'illiam Browne's father. Thomas 1
Browne. ji

The question of the right of way through Barne Close and i
long Meadow in Rendham, Suffolk. i

Thurston, W'illiam, of Ipswich, carpenter, 44. Richard Thurs- 1
ton his uncle, his father's eldest brother. ;


Gilbert, William, Theberton, Suffolk, husbandman, 74. James

Button now occupying certain lands.
Luffe, Thomas, of the towrie of Kellishall, Suffolk, yeoman, 52.
21 December 6 Charles. (1630)
Jessopp, Grace, of Wickham Market, Suffolk, 60, wief of

Robert Jessopp of Wickham husbandman. Henry Vale her

father then living on the said manor.
Crane, Roger, of Saxted, Suffolk, yeoman, 76. His father lived

in tenement called Pipers in Rendham.
Drane, Robert, of Stock next Ipswich, Suffolk, yeoman, 56.

John Thurston the late ow^ner married this deponent's

mother Rafe Damsell thirty three years ago living on the

Eade, Edmond, of Farneham,, county Suffolk, 64. William

Brame and Valentine Napes tenants of manor long dead.
Browne, William (no place or age)
Chrispe, William, of Rendham, husbandman, 84.
Damsell, John, of Rendham, yeoman, 75, Rafe Damsell his

Cole, Thomas, of Rendham, husbandman, 58.
Thurstone, Alice, of Rendham, spinster, 76. Thomas Thurston

her father sixty years ago till she was 16.
Harsham, Francis, wife of John Harsham of Yoxford, Suffolk,

yeoman 60.
Browne, William of Rendham, county Suffolk, gentleman, 68.

lived in Randham for last part of sixty years.
Harding, William of Brusyard, Suffolk, yeoman, 52.

(22 Membrained).
Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, G, bundle 5, no. 10.

1621 April 10. Complaint of Joseph Leggatt against William
Godwyn, defendant. Depositions taken at Axbridge, Somerset,
10 April, 19 James before John Maye and Francis Baber, Esqr.
and George Reynon, gent, and Francis Buckland, Esqr.

Godwyn, Richard, of Dundry, county Somerset, yeoman, 40.
The tenements belonged some time to Roger Maggs also
to Roger Sherborne of Chew Magna deceased and after to
William Godwin deceased of Milton. Said William Godwyn
had a mill for 20 years in Tickenham and died three years


Cooke, John of Glutton, Somerset, yeoman, 46. Richard Cooke
deponent's father.

Dirricke, Francis, of Bristol, merchant, 46.

Coxe, Henry, of Chewstoke? Somerset, clothier, 76. Roger
Maggs of Chew Magna died without issue then John his
next brother was heir who had issue one daughter called
Agnes who married one Zachell Leggatt of Chew Stoke by
whom she had the plaintiff.

Wathen, Thomas of Chew Magna, Somerset, clerke, 70.

Mr. John Cecil deceased sometime vicar of Stowye, Somerset.

Durnell, John, of Sutten, Somerset, taylor, 100.

Concerning a tenement and 30 acres in Charlton Somerset, tene-
ment and lands in Farringdon, Somerset and 3 acres of land
in Clutton.

Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, L, bundle 21, no. 9.

1622-3 Sir Francis Goodwin, knight, plaintiff, against John
Crooke et al, defendants. Depositions taken at (very decayed)
20 James I.

Beck, John, of Hallon, Bucks, yeo (- -). Steevens, William the
other defendant. Beck, Gregorie, deponent's father. Sir
John Goodwin. Woodward. Beck, John, deponent's
brother. Beck, John, his father's kinsman. Barber. Hugh,
an inhabitant 40 years ago. Not dwelt in Waddesdon for
30 years, (this deponent) but with Sir Richard Fermer in
Oxenfordshire or in Halton, Bucks. Piggotts, Mr. land.

Ives, Roger, of Wotton Underwood, laborer, 86. Born at Wolton
lived then all his tyme kept Mr. Piggot's sheepe forty years
since at Oving Hill near the said woods.

Cockes, Alice, wife of William Cockes, of Marshe Gibbons,
Bucks, yeoman, 60. Was born at Waddesdon and lived there
till 15.

Cockes, William, of Marsh Gybbons, yeoman, 50.

Burnham, William, of Long Grendon, Bucks, husbandman, 46.
or 40.

Bett, Edmond of Woddeston, Bucks, laborer, 58. Dwelt there
these sixteen years — twelve antient tenements in Ham of
which six are held by Robert Barbor, Thomas Payne, William
Stevens, John Crooke, Richard Jackine, Thomas Myllins, as
tenants to the Company of Mercers in London, and John


Beck, Edmond Thunson ( ?Thupson erased) William Whyte-

syde, John Waters and Thomas Thunson, John Beckes and

Robert Bennying, Mr. Francis Eggletons, tenants.
Concerning the rights to Ham Common in parish of Woddesden

which the defendant claims.
Robert Howes, John Mores, Richard Jackman other tenants —

description of their holdings.
Becke, Robert of Waddeston, Bucks, yeoman, 60, known the

woods fifty years being born there. Eyllens, Edward died

18 or 19 years agO' aged 65. Barber, Hugh, father of Robert

Barber, Robert now living. Piggott, Mr. of CoUwick.

Thompson. Mr. Eggleton's house in Wotton. Mr. Elowells

land in Wotton.
Crooke, John of Lurgishall, Bucks, laborer 33.
Beck, George, one of the Groomes of his Maties chamber, 45.
Ryse, Thomas, of Great Pollicott, Bucks. 76.
Millens, Saunder, a tenant with deponent thirty six years ago.
Banister, William, predecessor of William Stevens.
Clarke, Tristram of Adwell, county Oxon, husbandman, 50, came

to Waddesdon thirty eight years ago.
Bolton, Henry, of Little Hampden, county Bucks, taylor, 60,

lived on and off three years at Waddesdon.
Waters, John of Ham, Bucks, laborer, 70. lived in Waddesdon

thirty two years
Howse, Andrew, of Wotton Underwood, Bucks, laborer 50. or 53.
Banister, Thomas, of Wotton, Bucks, sheepheard 55.
Webb, William, Quainton, Bucks, 50. Rights on Ham common

which the defendant claims.
Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles. G, bundle 24, no. 15.

April 25, 1623. Another copy reads October 27. Complaint
of Sir Francis Goodwin, knight, against John Crooke and Wil-
liam Stevens, defendants. Interrogatories taken at Aylesbury,
Bucks, before Sir William Fleetv/ood, knight, Sir John Dormer,
knight, John Duncombe, esq. and William Pargiter, esq.
Warwick, Robert of Wotton Vnderwood, Bucks, laborer, 47.
Beck, John of Halton, Bucks, yeoman, 48. Gregory Becke his
father was keeper of the said Courtney woods when this
deponent was 18 and (Sir John) Goodwin the then owner —
Another John Becke cattle impounded who then lived at


Edwards, Katherin, wife of John Edwards, of Wadesdon, Bucks,

40, has known Wadesdon woods twelve years.
Raye, Edward, of Lurgishall, Bucks, taylor, 43.
Smith, Thomas, of Waddesdon, Bucks, husbandman, 53.
Eggleton, Edward, of Wotton Vnderwood, yeoman, 63.
Buck, Robert, of Waddesdon, Bucks, yeoman, 60 has known the

woods fifty years Barber, Hugh, the father of Robert

Barber Hving in Ham.
Sargente, Richard, of Brill, Bucks, yeoman, 50.
Millens, John, of Wetton Vnderwood, husbandman, 40.
Becke, Nicholas, of Gretworth in county of Northampton.
Concerning the right of manor of Waddesdon and some 280 acres

of land. (Very decayed.)
Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, G, bundle 22, no. 8.

20 January 1623. Edward Goodwin, complainant, against one
Anthony Harward, James Harward, John Derricke, gent, and
Richard Collier, defendants, before Sir George Stoughton, knight,
Henry Weston, Richard Evelyne and Thomas Parkhurst, gent.

Burchell, John, late of Guildeford, clothier, deceased and Agnes
his wife now called Agnes Ingram now deceased also.

Kelsey, Elizabeth, wife of George Kelsey, of Sheire Surrey,
chandler 30, knew^ Burchell's house in parish St. Mary the
Virgin, Guildford, where said Agnes Ingram died about two
years ago aged 80.

Harward, Anthony.

Akers, Elizabeth, wife of Thomas of Gilford, shoemaker, 50.
Burchell died twenty three years ago. Agnes died two years
ago aged 84.

Burchell, Richard, son and executor to John Burchell and said
Agnes his mother left the goods with her who made a deed
of gift to said Anthony on his promise of marriage and
afterwards pawned to Goodwyn.

Parkhurst, Thomas, signature of.

Crowe, John, of Stoke next Guildford, clerk, 62.

Wilson, John, St. Nicholas Guildford, clerk, 54. John Bur-
chell's will 3 March, 62 Elizabeth.

Burchell, Richard of St. Marys, Guildford, gent. 66. Sold the



house and contents to complainant for £225 where his mother

Abbott, John, of Guildford, gent. 56.
Mersh, Thomas, of Merrow, Surrey, yeoman, 40. John Derricke

kept the White Hart, Guildford.
Howe, Dowsabell, wife of Thomas Howe, Guildford, inholder,

Concerning sundry plate etc (described) given by said Agnes to

Anthony Harward on his making love to her, she being 80,

and promising to marry her but by poverty forced to sell to

said Goodwyn.
Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, G, bundle 17, no. 20.

June 15, 1625. Complainant, Margarett Goodwyn et al
against Richard Goodwyn, defendant. Before John Greaves and
Robert Bagshaws and Mathew Hally, gent.

Clayton, Raphe, of Fowlowe, county Derby, dark, 55. Has

known the defendant for forty years.
Goodwyn, George did yeild a lease of Harley farme of value £200
and claimed it on the will of Roger Goodwyn.

Goodwyn, Humfrey had a lease of a close in Earles Stonedale
value £30 under the said Rogers' will also he had divers
wooden goods of said deceased Rogers viz. Beastock boards,
barrells etc. value £8. Believes defendant did convey to the
wife of said Humfry Goodwyn and Mary Byrd and Anne
Goodwyn beddings etc. value ii2. and to William Good-
wyn a mare value £5. Humfry Goodwin's now wife and

The complainant William Goodwin's son, of Humfry wid.

Else, William

Hanson, Symon

Dale, Robert

Sheldon, Hugh

Raworth, Richard

Leverett, Mr.

Goodwyn, Richard the younger. Humphry Goodwin's lands in

Hurdloe value £160. Newgate Edmund and Bridgett his


Money Matters.

Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, G, bundle 19, no. 13.


debts paid by


1629 Oct. 8. Complaint of John Gooding als Reynolds against
Richard Stoford, gent, defendant. Before John Ford, Roger
Cawnter and John Force, gent, and John Pyle, gent. 8 October
5 Chas. I.

Hoile, John, of Ottery St. Marie, county Devon, gent. 80. Wil-
liam Chaplyn gent.
Chaplyn, William, of Ottery St. Marie, Devon, gent. 43.
Goldsworthie, John, of Venottery county Devon, yeoman, 80.

Has known the farm in Venottery for sixty years. William

Hellinge the father and William Hellinge the son (seized

in half the said farm.) William Drake, gent, claimed the

other half.
Ford, William, of Ottery St. Marie, Devon, gent. 46. Gilbert

Salter and George Woode.
Clod, Christopher, of Ottery St. Marie, Devon, gent. 60. George

Clod deeds it to George Stoford, Esqr.
Wood, George, Lyme Regis, Dorsett, gent. 46. George Stoford,

Esqr. deceased alive in 1610, 2 February. George Clode and

Grace his wife 11 James.
Drake, William, of Harpford, Devon, gent. 55. John Drake his

brother alive 20 James I.
Raynell, Richard mention on ist M.
Thomas, Roger of, Ottery St. Marie, Devon, gent. 21. Robert

Jason, gent.
Wood, George, of Lyme Regis. Barnard Frye, gent., John

Vennor, gent, and William Helling the younger, wife

Southwoode, Margaret of Sidmouth, Devon, widow, 52. William

Helling senior died fourteen years ago.
Bastyn, Richard, of Harpford, Devon, yeoman, 45.
Hellinge, W^illiam, of Munckton, Devon, gent. 55.
Skewes, John of Colaton Raley, Devon, husbandman, 30, known

the farm for twenty years.
Paris, Nathaniel, servant and apprentice to complainant, 16.

being never heretofore sworne to his allegiance to the king

or received the sacrament.
Dispute of ownership of the capital messuage etc. of Venottery.

Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, G, bundle 19, no. 3.


1630, Sept. 13. Complaint of George, Lord Baltimore against
John Godwine, defendant. Interogatories taken at the signe of
the Crosse Keyes in the Borowe of Gosport, parish of Alver-
stock, county Southampton, before William Benet, John Allen,
Henry Henslowe and Thomas Patford, gent. 13 September 1630.

Godwine, Thomas, of Farneham, Southampton, butcher, 36.
Does not know whether defendant sold to Mr. Moryle on
behalf of about March 1628 5327 lbs of beefe at 2^d the lb
to this deponents brother. John Godwine butcher and
bought ten oxen and foure porkers etc. to sell again to Cap-
tain Ralphe Morley which was the taker up of provision for
the complainants shipp then being in Portsmouth harbour,

Godwine, John of Fawcham, Southampton, butcher, 22. John
Godwine defendant, deponents father.

Wakfeild, Barnard, of the towne of Fawcham, Southampton,
butcher, 20.

Marye, George, of Gosport, parish of Alverstoke, Southampton,
saylor, 27.

Harrison, William, of Gosport, Alverstoke, Southampton,
butcher, 34.

Ellston, George, of Gosport, Alverstoke, Southampton, baker, 19.
Partidg, Richard lived ten weeks in defendant's house for
ten weeks at 5s. per week. Mr. Peaslye, Mr. Calverd,
Leonard Calverd.

Trade matters, meat, biscuits etc. for plaintiff's ship.

Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Chas., B, bundle 28, no. 3.

1631 Sept. 19. Complainant, Richard Stoford, gent, against
John Goodinge als Raynoles, defendant. Depositions taken at
Ottery St. Marie, Devon, before William Chapplyn and Richard
Collyns, gents. John Farrer and Emanuell, gent. 19 September,
7 Charles.

Drake, William, of Harford. Devon, gent. 60.

Westcott, Benedict, of Venoterie, Devon, yeoman, 80.

Bastin, Richard, of Harpford, Devon, yeoman, 45.

Ruttey, Philip, of Harford Devon, yeoman, 66.

Weareman John, of Bushopps Morchard, Devon, gent.

Whiterowe, Christofer of Venotery Devon, yeoman, 50.

(Concerning a farm in Venotery, Devon).

Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, G, bundle 10, no. 11.


1 63 1 Sept. 20 Complaint of Richard Stoford, gent, against

John Goodinge, defendant. Depositions taken at Ottery St.

Mary, county Devon, before John Lenthall, Richard CoUings and

John Force. 20 September 7 Charles.

Thomas, Roger, of Ottery St. Mary, county Devon, gent. 24.
That the complainant did buy of Robert Jason the farm of
Venotery for 200 years to which deed deponent was a witness.

Whiterowe, Christopher, of Venotery Devon, yeoman, 50. Robert
Jason the elder, Robert Jason his son. George Stoford,
Esqre. deceased who had a grant of same. John Scrues with
deponent was a witness. Captain Richard Stoford.

Bishop, John, of Honiton, Devon, scrivener, 32, a witness.

Buny, Henry, of Venotery, Devon, husbandman, 60.

Drake, William, of Hardord, Devon, gent. 60. Farm worth ]

£100 per annum. Dennis Rolle, Esq. has inheritance of half, j

Richard Duke of Otterton, Esq. has inheritance of one ;

quarter. j

Hellings, William, gent, sold the half to George Stoford, Esq. !

deceased. \

Drake, George the son of George Drake of Wythecombe, Rawley. i

Dennis, Sir Thomas, knight, deceased. |

Hellings, William the elder, deceased about 15 years ago. j

Stoford, George deceased was imprisoned. !
Golfery, John and Westcot, Bennet, umpires in the church

porch. ^

Stoford, George, his house in Ottery St. Mary. j

Goodinge, John the defendant did pay to. John Wademan a ',

peece of money to make void a deed of said Gooding quarter. '

Plaintiff deed to said Warden. ]

Weereman, John, of Bishops Morchard, Devon, gent. 30. j

Barton, Richard • ,;

Rutley ' \

Golsworthy, John, of Venotery, county Devon, yeoman, 80. ;

George Clod deceased. J

Basse, John of Lymason, saylor, 64. •'
Rutley, Phillip of Harpford, Devon, husbandman, 66.

Bastone, Richard of Harpford, Devon, husbandman, 40. j

Concerning a quarter interest in a farm called Venotery, county j

Devon. \

Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, S, bundle i, no. 7. •


October 1632. Complaint of Joseph Becke against Sir Francis
Goodwin knight.

Wilkinson, Henry, of Waddesdon, Bucks, clerk, 60.

Defendants house at Winchington. Deponents house in
Crispe, Thomas of Winchingdon, Bucks, yeoman, 17.
Becke, Temperance being produced by the complainant to be
examined on his part wee found her not to be of sufficient
discretion to make oarth to be examined and therefore dis-
missed her.
Robert Becke died in latter part of 6 Chas.

Concerning a supposed settlement on Temperance Becke by her
father of £4 per annum which her brother refuses to pay.

(Very decayed).

Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, (B?),

bundle 25, no. 20.

1633 May 3. Complaint of William Hunt and his wife Mary
against John Godwyne and Thomas Christopher, defendants. 3
May, 9 Charles. Depositions taken att the Citty of Bristol before
Sir Robert Gorges, knight, Walter Kenrys and Robert Whytinge,
gentleman and Robert Hopton, Esqre.

Wyatt, Anne, wife of John Wyatt of Bristol, marriner 50.

Richard Godwyn deceased. Roger Whiteinge. One of the
elder Whitinges of Nailsey that her husband about Mid-
sumer last being beyond the seas at Legorne did meete one
whoe said his name was Roger Whytinge of Nailsey calling
the said John Wyatt by his name and have (gave?) him a
pinte of wine and told this deponent's said husband (haue-
ing then late before received shipwreck) that hee was sorry
for his losse wherevppon the said Wyatt told him whoe hee
was whoe answered that hee was Roger Whytinge of
Nailsey and had bine divers times att sea with him and told
him hee was goeinge a further voyage etc.etc.

Hardwicke, Peter, of Nailsey, Somerset, tanner, 60. Roger
Whiteing left Bristol midsummer last and was about 26 or 27.

Whytinge, John, of St. George, Somerset, marriner, 35.
Thomas Worrell of Wraxall.

Maundrell, Henry, of Nailsey, Somerset, yeoman, 50. Said
Roger Whiteinge went as a souldier.


Hobbes, John, of Slapton, Somerset, marriner, 45. That Good
Friday twelvemonth he was at Legorne with the said Wyatt
and did not see said Roger.

Hardwick, Peter, of Nailsey, Somerset, tanner, father in law to
said Roger who on his going away this deponent gave said
Roger a canvas dublett made with a round belly and some-
what lardge and deepe skirtes which he wore at his goinge.

Worrell, Thomas, of Wraxall, Somerset, yeoman, 50.
Welse, Edmond. Whytinges of Portbury.

Read, Richard, of Nailsey, Somerset, husbandman, 60.

Said Roger had two children. (Interesting description of

Rayne, William, of Ticken ham, Somerset, saylor, 20.

Perrine, William, of Nailsey, Somerset, yeoman, 40.

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