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Hogeson, Robert, of Wraxhall, Somerset, gent. 36.

Said Roger was a man of full body and tall of stature of a
faier complexon and a yellowe coullered beard and some
freckles on his face and sayth that the said Roger could
drive a plow and was bred therto by his father as longe as
he lived. He went under the command of one Captain
Chamberlaine as his waggoner.

Cole, Richard, of Nailsey, Somerset, Esq. 44. Capt. Chamber-
line gives a writing before Henry Chalcott and Richard
Bynfield witnesses. Humphry Jackson, gent, certifies said
Roger is dead.

Hartgill, William, of Killington, Somerset, gent. Auncient barer
to Sargeant Maior Chamberline, 24. Said Roger enlisted at
Westbury, Wilts from Capt. Oldmixon.

Parsons, Thomas, of Nailsey, yeoman, 33.

Willis, John, ditto. 35

Day, Briant, of Bristol, bayesmaker, 35.

Godwine, John, the younger, of Nailsey, son to defendant, 2^.

Godwine, John, son of William Godwine deceased, the brother to
defendant, 24.

Cooke, John of Nailsey, marriner. 30.

Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, H, bundle 33, no. 5.

1634 April 8. Complaint of Robert Kempe against Charles
Godwyn, Esqr. Deposition taken 8 April, 10 Charles before
Richard Browne, Richard Williams, gent, and John Freemantle,


clerk, at the nowe dwelling house of John Doane, inholder, in
Clifton vppon , county Worcester and Phillip Treherne


Nott, John of Shelsley Beachamp, county Worcester, gent. 48.
Kempe, Edward Esqre., Kempe, Elizabeth. Deceased depo-
nent's wife's parents
Jefferies, William, Esqre. at his house called Horncastle.

Jefiferies, William, Esqre. of Horncastle, county Worcester, 35.

Godwin, Francis, late Bishop of Hereford, the defendant's father.

Lewis, Roger, of Dodingham, county Worcester, gent, 38.

Clent, John, of Knightwicke, county Worcester, gent. 70.

Howlder, Peter, of Coddington, county Hereford, yeoman, 55.

Harris, Griffith, of City of Hereford, county Hereford, yeoman.

Philley, Henry of Crofte, county Hereford, clarke. 33.

Winfeild, John of City of Hereford, gent. 42.

Concerning the Rectory of Estnor, county Hereford, bought on
insufficient title by defendant from plaintiff.

Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, K, bundle 3, no. 4.

1634 June 7 Complaint of Robert Kempe against Charles
Godwin, defendant. Deposition 7 June, 10 Charles before John
Freemantle, clerk, Phillip Traherne, Richard Browne, and Rich-
ard Williams.

Collins, Daniel, of Whitborne, county Hereford, gent. 52.
Baxter Richard, of city of Hereford, county Hereford, gent.

Notary Public, 46.
August, 7 Charles. Said Elizabeth Kempe the plaintiff's mother

was most likely dead.
Concerning the rectory of Estnor, county Hereford, see K. 3.4.
Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, K, bundle 8, no. 18.

1636? August II. Chas., I. Thomas Hopkins of Wookey,
Somerset, grovier, 67. Thomas Whitinge the younger of Burcot,
parish St. Cuthbert, Somerset, husbandman 30.

John Hippsley.

John Fish of Wookey, Somerset.

Abraham Hine of Crocumbe Hill, parish of Easton, in Gardino,

yeoman, 52. His sons — and John Hine.
Agnes Hopkins, wife of Thomas Hopkins, of 67.


Thomas Humfry, of Milton, parish of St. husbandman, ;

aged, 50. I

WilHam Goodwin, complainants father. \

William Goodwin of Milton, parish St. Cuthbert in Wells, county i

Somerset, yeoman, 60. Defendant is now one of the Com- !

mon Council of Wells and has been Constable. i

Edward Barlow defendant of Wookey. ;

Sislie Barlow his daughter complainant's wife. ;

Hughe Meade, of Wells, Somerset 60. ]

Andrew Sherborne, of Milton parish St. husbandman, 40. i

John Strode of, Wells, Somerset, yeoman, 16. J

John Barlowe of Wookie hole son of defendant 16. ]

Walter Hole, of Wookeyhole, blacksmith, 58. j

A suit for the non payment of the dowry of £200 with Cecilie \

Barlow who was married to plaintiff William Goodwin at

Wookey, county Somerset (Very much decayed). • j

Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, G, bundle 5, no. 5. j

1637 Sept. 7. Complaint of William Fisher against John Good- I

hinde and Agnes his wife, defendant. Depositions taken 7 Sep- j

tember, 13 Charles I. before William Jackson Esqr, Richard '

Lewis and Robert Goailer, clerks and Richard Wakeman, gent. 1

Martin, William of North Sibly, county Gloucester, yeoman, 66. i

Vizier, John of Froster, county Gloucs, gent. 57. \

Goodhind, Thomas of Saltford, Somerset, yeoman, 42. I

Goodhind, Thomas of Kelson, Somerset, clothier, 24. )

Vizier, William of North Sibley, Gloucs. 24. j

Burges, John of Bath city, gent. 29. \

Harper, George als Hickes of Saltford, Somerset, weaver, 40. \

Said Agnes did two years ago grant the winter leaze of j

Braines tenement to Richard Elliott of Saltford and part of '

the arrable to one William Long of ditto, children of said j

Agnes, part granted to Juliano Blachley. j

Concerning a tenement called Brayned tenement in Saltford— the \

jointure of said Agnes, said to be leased by her to the com- ,


Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, F, bundle 12, no. 4. '[

1640 April I. Anne Goodwyn, widow. Complaint against j
Elizabeth Marshall, widow, defendant. Depositions taken at the ^


sign of the White Wharfe in Norwich i April 1640, before

Richard Catelyn, Esqr. and Francis Howard, gent.

Gardiner, George, of Toft, county Norfolk, gent. 35.

Nobbs, Bridget the wife of Bartholomew Nobbs was estated
in certain copyhold in Wenhaston, Suffolk, called Hunger
Downs which George Gardiner deponent's father purchased.
Marshall, Christopher, late husband of defendant with whom
deponent's father has suit about an Inn in Norwich called
the White Horse and these copyholds which with White
Horse in St. Martin's parish was sold to Richard Goodwyn
plaintiff's late husband. Cleere, Lady, lady of the manor.

Sadler, John, of St. Andrews of Ilketshall, Suffolk, gent. 38. one
Girlings who "forfeited tlie reversion by dyggynge of Bricke
earth and making a brickill or Clamp therevpon"

Burnell, Richard, of Aldeby, Norfolk, gent. 45.

Denny, Sir William, of Norwich, knight, 53.

Copyhold lands in Wenhaston, Suffolk.

Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, G, bundle 23, no. 5.

II Jan. 23 Charles I. 1648. Complaint of Cicely Goodwin,
widow, guardian and grandmother of John Goodwin and Nathan-
iel Goodwin, infants, William Hammond and Henry Robinson
against Nathaniel Goodwin and Margaret his wife, defendants.

(Goodwyn, John, late of Portsmouth, deceased, husband of plain-
tiff Cecily)

Depositions taken at Portsmouth county Southants, before John
Holt, Esq. and Francis Worledge, gent.
Hillman, William, of Portsmouth, county Southants, 50.
John Goodwyn left these to his wife Cecily for life. Wil-
liam Hamond and Henry Robinson after her death to let the
same for defendant Margaret's benefit their daughter, then
on Margaret's death to John Goodwyn one house next one
William Bull paying to Elizabeth a grandchild £20, and the
other after Cecilys and Margarets decease to Nathaniel the
house next Christopher Tompkines, said Nathaniell to pay
Margaret Goodwin his grandchild £20. His will dated, 7
May 1645, signed in deponent's and one John Dymoke's gent,
presence and they were witnesses and was written by this
deponent. John Goodwin died Michaelmas 1646.


Dymocke, John, of Portsmouth, county Southants, gent. 40.

Signatures of John Holt and Fra. WorUdge.

Concerning the inheritance of two messuages in St. Clements in

Ipswich, county Suffolk.
Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, G, bundle 33, no. 14.

1649 October 16. Complaint of John Fenton, clerk and Eliza-
beth his wife against William Goodwin and Robert Tastard,
defendants. Deposition taken at the Signe of the Griffin in
Ipswich, Suffolk 16 October 1649 before Robert Dove, gent,
Daniell Wall, gent and John Harwell, gent, and John Hawes, the
elder, gent.

Arnold, John, of Ipswich, Suffolk gent. 30. Knows the plaintiff
and the defendant William Goodin for seven years. That

John Fenton the complainant after the intermarriage with j

Elizabeth his now wife was sued upon a bond entered into j
by the other complainant Elizabeth in her widowhood to

Sr. Arthur Jening, knight, then High Sheriff of Suffolk for ;

the appearance of one John Jordan at Westminster at the |

suit of one Henery Trusson and said John Fenton was .

arrested etc Daniel Edmunds, gent. Deputy Steward etc. i

Turner, Richard, of Wickham Markett, Suffolk, gent. 32. That j

said plaintiff' Elizabeth did make all hir estate in trust to the !■

defendants before her marriage. j

Wythe, Thomas, of Ipswich, mercer, 31. one of the daughters of ,

Elizabeth her other children j

Hanby, William, of Ipswich, gent, 26. Attorney at law in the i

Court of Common pleas. ;

Locke, John, of Thelne\:ham, Suffolk, yeoman, 64. Richard ,

Wakelin, Bailiff of Blackborne. i

Gosse, William (Waldringfield?), Suffolk, yeoman, 60, his son ,

William Gosse. !

Parker, Mary of Barkam, wadow, 50. Elizabeth Farmer's hus- '.

band was Thomas Huggens by w^hom two daughters Frances |

and Susan. j

Mann, Edward, of Ipswich, the younger, gent. 29. 1

Gosse, William, junior of Foxhall, husbandman, 23. ;

Wythe, James, Framisden, gent. 53. 6

Concerning trustees not securing plaintiffs husband. Liability 1

for wife's debts.

Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, F, bundle 9, no. 13. ,


1653 Sept. 8 Complaint of Thomas Wilson, gent, against
Edward Goodwin, gent, defendant. Depositions taken at Roth-
eram, York, before Richard Mounteney, Esqre, John Revell,
Gervase Ayre and John Kate, gent. 8 September 1653.

Dyson, Thomas, of Rawmarsh, county Yorke, husbandman, 80.
Known the parties ever since the time of his remembrance.

Cressye, Hugh granted a lease by the Church and Corrall of
Southwell in Notts at certain rents 11 capons and i lb of
pepper per annum.

Cressye, Gervase.

Cressye, Elizabeth late wife of Hugh as executrix did grant a
lease to. Nutt, James. Dyson, John. Brooke, Richard.
Hall, John. Rodes, John. Brearley, John. Dyson, William.

Wainewright, William, of the Upperhaugh in parish of Raw-
marsh, county York, aforesaid, yeoman, 70. Known the
parties all his hfe. PlaintifT had held his lands over forty
years etc.

Goodwin, Anthony, brother of defendant borrowed of this depo-
nent £250 to purchase Edward Wagstaffe's farm.

Smith, George, of Barbatt Hall, county York, gent. 30.

Thomas Cooper. John Dyson.

Edward Wagstaffe, of Rawmarsh, yeoman, 50.

Thomas Clarke, Richard Clarke, Godfrey Brooke, Richard Dod-
son. Tenants employed him to purchase their farm of the
church of Southwell in 1648.

Edward Goodwin, of Rawmarsh, county York, gent. 21, signed.

Baddyley, James, of Rawmarsh, county Yorke, 40.

Holgate William of. Rawmarsh, potter, 60.

Goodwin, Anthony and his wife, gent. 65.

Richardson, Nicholas a tenant.

Needle, Gregory.

Goodwin, Edward deponent's brother.

Jessopp, Thomas, of Pycroft parish of Rawmarsh, county York,
husbandman, 31.

Brooke, Godfrey, of Rawmarsh, county York, yeoman, 24.

Clarke, Richard, of ditto, 40.

Baxter, Francis, of Abdye. HinchcliiTe, George of Abdye.
Ellis, Thomas, of Rawmarsh.

Child, Sabastian, of Rawmarsh. Slacke, Widdow. Antye,
Richard. Marryott, Thomas. Man, John. Boulton, Ed-



ward. Cutts, Christopher. Inman, James. Birth, Anthony.

Abbott, Samuell. Clarke, Thomas, deponent's brother now

deceased since 1649.
Wilson, William, the younger, of Rycroft, gent. 50.
Concerning the manors of Rawmarsh and Haugh etc. Cheise

rents etc. etc.
Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, W, bundle 31, no. 6.



1567-8 Feb. Interrogatories on behalf of Elizabeth Goodwin,
widow, complainant versus Thomas Lancaster.

2. Do you know the parties ? Did you know Rauf e Goodwin,
husband of complainant.

3. Did you know Christopher Goodwin and whether he was
servant and factor to the said Raphe beyond the seas ?

4. Do you know that Christopher sold to Thomas Rose certain
goods ?

5. Has this money been paid to Rauf or Christopher by
Thomas Rose and Thomas Lancaster? or how much and by
whom ?

6. Did Thomas Rose pay one moitie?

7. Did Lancaster admit that half was due from him?

8. Did you know whether Thomas Rose and Thomas Lan-
caster entered into a bond?

Depositions taken at Westminster, 12 February, 10 Elizabeth,
in case of Elizabeth Goodwyne versus Thomas Lancaster, clerk.

Christopher Goodwyne of Ipswich, county Suffolk, merchant
aged 42 or thereabouts.

1. He knoweth the complainant and defendants

2. He did well know Ralf Goodwyn, late husband to the said
Elizabeth and father to this deponent.

3. He was factor and servant to the said Ralf in Flaundres
beyond the seas to utter, sell and barter such wares and mer-
chandise as the said Ralfe traded in for the space of ten years.

4. During this time he sold to Thomas Rose and Thomas
Lancaster woollen cloth to the sum of L58 or thereabouts, he sold
this at Antwarpe about twenty three years ago.

5. Thomas Rose paid about L25 or L26 but Lancaster paid

6. As in the fifth.

7. He met Lancaster in Salisbury about seven years since, who
said he had allowed the money to Thomas Rose but he would pay
at 40s per month.

8. Rose and Lancaster were bound by one bill of debt, made
out by himself, Christopher Godwyn. Rose signed for both as
they were partners and Lancaster admits the goods were shipped
to Dantzig . . . etc.


i8 May lo. Answers to Interrogations.
Thomas BarK">r. Eastsmythtield. St. Botolph without Algate.
London, merchant adventurer aged. 3S. says

2. He did know Raufe Goodw}ni.

3. He knew Oiristopher who was apprentice to and factor for
his fatlier.

4. Knows nothing.

5. Thomas Rosse has paid at divers times sums of money
amounting to his share of the L57 Flemishe to Ralfe Goodwyn,
Oiristopher Goodw^ni and others.

S. {-^ Goodw}-ne did deHver to his deponent a bill obligatory
dated 28 ^larch 1544 subscribed witli the name of Thomas Rose
and Thomas Lancaster. The sum being L57 Flemish.

II November 10 Elizabeth.

Thomas Roose clerk, of Luton. Beds, aged 09.

1. He knew complainant and defendants.

2. He knew also Ralf Goodwyn, complainant's husband.

3. He knew Christopher Goodwyn sonne to Ralf and that he
was servant

Court of Requests, bundle 2//.

20 May II Elizabeth, 1659. John Brome son and heir of
Thomas Brome of Shotleye. county Suffolk, yeoman, deceased.
. . . Thomas Brome was seized of tvvo pieces of land and cer-
tain tenements called Appletons and Salters containing by estima-
tion 60 acres in Chempston alias Chelmston. county Suffolk and
a capital messuage and 3 score acres of land called Turner's and
\\'ents and a close called Christmas-close etc. Your orator being
then II years old. the premises ought to have descended to him
but his stepmother Johane. now the wife of Gregory Goodwyne,
being then in possession of the dwelling house of your orator got
into her possession the evidences. The said Johane took all
profits till John was 21 and then she sued out a writ of dower for
the third part of the 60 acres called Turners and W'ents.
Court of Requests, bundle 236.

1668-9 Januar}'. Goodwyn versus Palmer. Interrogation in
part of William Goodw}Ti against William Palmer.

I. Do you know the complainant and Alyce Goodwyn his
daughter ?


2. Do you know by whose means the defendant was a suitor
to the said AHce?

3. Did defendant move you or any other to be a means for
his becoming a suitor for her in marriage?

4. In what manner did he move you, if he did?

5. What do you know about the suit?

6. What have you heard the defendant say touching the ways
and means that Edward Xetyrfould did use to the said defendant
to enforce a marriage between the daughter of the said Edward
and the defendant?

What did you hear him say about his little love towards
Netylfod's daughter and his great love towards Alyce Goodwyn?

Depositions taken at Westminster 25 January 11 Elizabeth.

Thomas Man als Syms of Darkinge, Surrey tailor, aged 32

1. He knows complainant and his daughter and defendant.

2. Deponent was asked to speak to Alice's mother about the
defendant being a suitor for her daughter.

3. 4. 5. He cannot otherwise say.

6. He heard Netylfold and Palmer talking as to the marriage
of Palmer with his daughter, Palmer said he would not marry
her and promised to pay L5, which was delivered into the hands
of William Saunton of Darkynge by the said Palmer to the be-
hoof of the said Ellen daughter of the said Xetylfould. Further
Palmer said he would marry Alice Goodwyn though her father
gave him nothing with her.

Goodwyne proffered him L6. 13s. 4d. if he could do it at
any time.

Court of Requests, bundle 277.

5 November 18 Elizabeth. 1576. Thomas Barber, Bouldby,
county Lincoln. Robert Barber of Wilsforth, Lincoln, Francis
Coole of Conerby. Lincoln. George Corle of Grantham. Whereas
one John Barber late of Grantham was in his life time possessed
of certain goods — jewels, plate etc. made his will bequeathing to
Agnes his wife and Thomas Barber and John Barber his two
sons all his goods. He made his wife and son Thomas executors.
And died about January last leaving goods to the value of £660.
He ordained George Allen and Thomas Barber supervisors.


Certain conditions as to custody of the children — which Alice
refuses to carry out — she married last September one Symond
Goodwin, alias Godwin. Symond and Alice profess themselves
willing to carry out the terms of the will and say they have
always been ready to do so.

Court of Requests, bundle 233.

27 April. 22 Elizabeth, 1580 Knight v. Balswell and others.
Your subject Edward Knighte of Pyddington, county Northants,
gent. — Whereas \\'illiam Warren and Thomas Balswell late of
Emberton, county Bucks, deceased were seised of a barne or old
house with a close adjoining situated in Emberton abutting on the
West on a tenement late \\'illm Goodwin and divers other lands


Court of Requests, bundle 295.

10 May, 25 Elizabeth. 1583. Your subjects Thomas Bylling-
forde, Esquire, and John Goodwyn the elder of the city of Nor-
wich that whereas your Highness' subjects became bound

to one John Pelles of Wymondham, county Norfolk, in the sum
of £16 endorsed with condition for payment of iio to one John
Pelles on i May 1579 of which £10 your said subjects, John
Goodwyn and John Goodwyn his son paid £7 in money on May
I at Wymondham. And because the said John Pelles was then
to pay to the use of the Queen £3 for rents and other duties of
which John Goodwin your orator's son was then assigned to have
the collection John Pelles agreed that the £3 should be set off
making up the iio. Pelles refuses to give up the written obli-


Court of Requests, bundle 235,

Depositions taken 14 October, 25 Elizabeth, 1583. Robert
Boyes versus Thomas Osteler and John Boyes. Marcell Good-
wyn Newport Pond, Essex, gentleman, of the age of 46 years
or about deposed that Awdrye Byes deceased, late the wife of
Robert Boyes did complain of her husband illtreating her, and etc.
Court of Requests, bundle 241.

3 February 30 Elizabeth, 1587-8 Thomas Dey, Hethersett,
Norfolk, yeoman. Whereas about seven years last past Thomas





Hust of Wymondham, gentleman, and your supplicant were
bound in the penalty of £io each to Thomas Goodwyn of Mellys,
county Sufifolk, yeoman.

Obligations which were to have been cancelled have come into
the hands of Sir Thomas Goodwyn and John Thrower, Eye,
county Suffolk, etc.

Court of Requests, bundle 255.

1588-9 January. Petition of Samuel Durrant. Whereas
Thomas Gorge, Knight and the Right Hon. Lady Marchioness
of Northampton now his wife were seesed in right of the wife of
the Manor of Houghton-cum-Wilton, county Hunts for her life ;
at a court held about 8 August last, a messuage was granted to
your subject but Richard Durrant your subject's elder brother
and others expelled your subject.

Deposition taken at S* Ives, Hunts, 21 June 30 Elizabeth, before
Francis Cromworll and John Tonye Esq.

Witness Edmund Monday of S'' Ives, 36, undersheriff and

Deposition taken at S* Ives, 13 January 31 Elizabeth, before John
Dorrington, Thomas Lovell and John Tonnye.

Edward Goodwyn of the city of Ely, ages 43 years saye that he
did carry a bag of money for the complainant this deponent's
master to the defendant but how much he knoweth not, but com-
plainant said go carry this £25 to my brother Richard.
Court of Requests, bundle 255.

14 May, 32 Elizabeth, 1590 Thomas Goodwyn of St. Botolph
without Algate, London, gonslockmaker. Whereas your subject
by Indenture of apprenticeship did put himself apprentice to
James Mote, joiner being a stranger borne, for seven years to
be by James trained as a joiner, through bad usage we was forced
to leave his master two years and nine months before the seven
years expired, and by an obligation dated 21 September.

James has commenced an action for debt.

14 May 32 Elizabeth. Answer. Mote charges Goodwyn with
immorality and frequenting riotous company, etc.
Court of Requests, bundle 275.

1 591 8 June, 33 Elizabeth. John Godwyn alias Cleve of
Egbery, parish of St. Maryborne, county Southampton, husband-


man. Whereas one Christopher Godwyn ahas Cleve his near
kinsman, late of Egbery, yeoman, was in his Hfe time lawfully
seised in two yard lands arable, pasture called Burkets Downe,
and by his indenture about July, 17 Elizabeth in consideration of
£12 paid by one Michael Godwyn deceased, your said subject's
brother (to the said Christopher) did demise to the said Michael
the two yard lands etc. for 21 years to commence after the expira-
tion of two former leases there, of Thomas Bardnard and Roger
Bylett of Egbery. Afterwards Michael made his will and
devised to your subject the whole lease and interest he had in the
land. But William Martine, late of Andover about 19 Elizabeth
purchased the inheritance to the use of one Drewe Rombolde of
Woodcotte, county Southampton, yeoman, and conveyed the prop-
erty to him.

Rombolde is accused of combining with one John Godwyne
alias Cleve of Egbery, brother and next heir to Christopher God-
wyn and these deny that your subject has any right to the prop-

Drew Rombold and John Godwyn answer that Christopher
Cleve alias Godwyn by conveyance did assure the property to
William Martine of Andover, and Agnes his wife. Afterwards
there was some speech between William Martine and Drewe
Rumbold concerning the conveyance of the said property to the
said Drew and Drew being advised by his council to make an
assignment of the said lease to someone of his friends in trust.
He did by indenture made 31 March, 22 Elizabeth and delivered
21 June following assign his interest to one John Blake of Knights
Engham, county Southampton, yeoman, by force whereof Blake
became possessed of it. Afterwards William Martin and Allice
his wife by deed dated 2 April, 22 Elizabeth, did convey the
premises to the said Drewe Rombolde willing that to the knowl-
edge of the defendant, the said Christopher Cleve alias Godwin
did for ii2 paid by Michael Godwyn demise to Michael for
twenty one years and without that the said Drew has lately com-
bined with John Godwyn. etc.

Court of Requests, bundle 271.


29 January. (36?) Elizabeth, 1593-4. Walter Goodwin of
London. Whereas one Margaret Sharpies late of London,


deceased, sometime servant to Anne May of London, widow, was
possessed of certain goods etc. and at her death about 8 October,
35 EHzabeth, she did convey to your subject her Hnen, woollen

goods etc. and sums of money. . .Anne May and Elizabeth ( )

did refuse to surrender them. Answer, date 12 February, 36
Elizabeth. Will surrender if deed of gift is produced.
Court of Requests, bundle 276.

20 November, 38 Elizabeth 1595. George Castelow versus
Williani Lounde and Rose his wife, and Robert Mayhewe.

Depositions taken 20 January 1595.

Elizabeth Warren of Blofield, Norfolk, late wife of John Good-
wyn deceased, aged about 55 years.

The complainant, her brother did promise her one half of the
money received of the defendants. Also Richard Castellow her

Online LibraryFrank Farnsworth StarrEnglish Goodwin family papers; being material collected in the search for the ancestry of William and Ozias Goodwin, immigrants of 1632 and residents of Hartford, Connecticut .. → online text (page 35 of 44)