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father told her that he the said Richard Castellow did leave with
the said Robert Mayhewe deceased Lioo in gowld in a black
purse, thirty years past at the least. Richard Castelow and
Robert Mayhewe were great friends for Richard Castellowe mar-
ried Robert Mayhewe's sister. Also that Richard Castelow
about fourteen days before his death being on his death-bed had
told her, her husband, Em the wife of Edmund Goulte and Joane
wife of Edmund Buttyfaunt and others then present that John
Goodwyn the then husband of the deponent with whom the said
Richard did then board should be well paid for his charges and
pains taken about him. Thomas Goodwyn asked how he should
be paid, by whom and by what means. To which Richard
answered his brother Mayhewe had Lioo and above in his hands
of his and he did not doubt that Mayhewe would deliver to him
and others, his children, according to the trust that he Richard
reposed in him. John her brother brought an action against
Mayhew but died before the case was tried, she went to Mayhew
with her two sons William Goodwyn and Thomas Goodwyn and
asked for the money, he said if she could find land tO invest it
in he would pay it. Thomas Goodwyn of Blowfield, Norfolk,
aged 30 years, deposes that Richard Castelow who had married
Mayhewe's sister was lying ill in the house of John Goodwyn,
deponents father, and he then sent this deponent's mother to
Yarmouth with a letter to Robert Mayhewe, on her return she
told Richard Castelow that Robert Mayhewe had sent 30/- at


which he was angry and said he might have sent hioo for he
has as much of mine and etc.

Court of Requests, bundle 251.

22 November, 39 EHzabeth 1596. Thomas Colwiche of CUfton,
Warwich, gentleman. Agreement between Francis Hill and John
Overton of Warwick, 25 February, 37 Elizabeth, and Christopher
Weste as to the sale of parsonage house of Nether Pillarton.
Court of Requests, bundle 252.

21 November 40 Elizabeth 1597. William Byshop late of
Blofyld, county Norfolk, deceaced. Your subject's father was in
his life-time seised of a tenement called Branthorpe and an acre
of ote land etc. and at a court holden on Tuesday after the feast
of Penticoste, 17 Elizabeth, surrendered 17 acres etc. into the
hands of the Lord of the Manor Edward Paston, Esquire. The
steward delivered seison of the same to William Byshop for life
and then to his heirs male. William Byshop died and the
premises ought to have descended to William's son but Symon
Robyns and Christian his wife of Norwich, carrier, have entered
into parcel of the land containing 4 acres and John Goodwine of
Blofyld, yeoman, hath entered into another 4 acres by colour of
a surrender made to one W^alter Johnson, late husband of the
said Qiristian deceased, without any good consideration made to
the said William Byshop but only by colour that William Byshop
in his life-time owed Walter Johnson L5 whereupon the said
Johnson sued forth a latytate out of the Court of King's Bench
and arrested William Byshop and took him two miles towards
Norwich gaol and only released him on ye promise to surrender to
him the 8 acres. About four years since Robert Bussy and
John and William his sons entered Bishop's house and broke open
a chest and took away writings and also Robert Bussy did get
from Anthony Borovv^ghe of Great Yarmouth, gentleman, . . .
by colour of which Robert Bussy, John Bussy, William Bussy
and Thomas Appleton have entered into certain lands.

Walter Johnson by his will dated 26 November 1591 com-
manded the said Robert and Christian and Andrew Harrold
while he (Johnson) was on his death-bed that none should meddle
with Byshop's land.

Robert Corpe says shortly after a surrender made Walter John-
son sold to John Goodwyne of Blofyld, for L30, 4 acres.


One question asked is was the land Goodwyn held part of
Bishop's land.

The land John Goodwyn has is part of Bishop's land.
Court of Requests, bundle 235.

30 May, 40 Elizabeth 1598. Anthony Goodwyn of Lymington,
Southampton, gent, and Elizabeth his wife. Whereas your sub-
ject is lawfully seised in right of his wife of a messuage

in Lymington, which has been the ancient inheritance of Elizabeth
and her ancestors. But Thomas Turberville of Lymington,
Emanuell Budd and Nicholas Elton, yeoman have got into their
possession the deeds.

Court of Requests, bundle 274.

8 June 41 Elizabeth 1599. William Cooke of Strowde, Glou-
cestershire, clothier. — Whereas one John Cooke late of London,
clothworker, deceased, brother to your said subject was in his
life time indebted to your subject in L21 and wife Joice.

Vanderplancken, merchant. Stranger in divers others in divers
sums Joice hearing of John Cook's illness came to him and per-
suaded him to make to him a deed of gift, promissary if John
recovered or delivered to him the goods, but if he died Joice was
to pay your subject L21, and further Joice should only take as
much of the goods as would satisfy her claim and bestow the rest

on John's wife with this understanding John by deed of gift

on his death-bed granted his goods to Joice Joyce paid L6

and your subject then demanded of her L15. Joyce lived about
nine years after agreeing to pay the L15, but he did not pay it.

Your subject's son herd Joice say he had lost L2,ioo by bank-
rupt. Joyce proposed to make his will and to make Johan his
wife and Mathew Questor his son-in-law by the marriage with
Joice, his daughter, executors.

William Cooke had given Vanderplancken a bond for L30 but
he told his executors this was not to be collected, he only held
it to show (pretend) to other creditors that he had lent Cook L15.

Joice made his will about November 1592, appointing his wife
and son-in-law executors, and now one Robert Goodwin husband
of the same Joane together with the said Joice and Matthew
Quester have commenced suit upon the bond.

Court of Requests, bundle 248.


29 October, 43 Elizabeth 1601 Morrice Price of Ickford,
Bucks, yeoman, and Marion his wife, late wife and administratrix
of the goods of William Gooden late of Ickford aforesaid, hus-
bandman, deceased. Edward Shrimpton of Hambledon and
Christopher Shrimpton of Great Marlowe, husbandman, were in-
debted to said William Goodwin £12. William Goodwin died in-
testate. Since the decease of W^illiam Goodwin one William
Godden of Ilmere, Bucks, husbandman and one Edmunde Godden
now deceased, combined to deprive your oratrix etc.

Court of Requests, Elizabeth, bundle 31, no. 86.

24 January, 45 Elizabeth, 1602-3. John Addams, Banwell,
Somerset, gentleman, whereas the Rev. father in God, Thomas
Goodwyn, late Bishop of Bath and Wells, deceased was in the
28th year of Elizabeth seised as Bishop of the Manor of Banwell
etc. and granted about March, 28 Elizabeth, a messuage and 30

acres of lands to Thomas Goodwyn and Thomas Purfrye to :

have and to hold to Thomas Goodwyn and Thomas Purfrye and

( ) Goodwyn wife of the said Thomas Goodwyn, Blaudina |

Purfrye, wife of the said Thomas Purfrye, and the said Thomas
Godwyn the son, married Margaret daughter of William Bowr-
man, Esq. Later the Bishop granted the messuage Fardell, Toft
and Monday esland to the said Thomas Godwyn, the same Thomas i
Purfrye, Margaret second wife of Thomas Godwyn the son, '
Blaudina wife of Thomas Purfrye, but the wives to take no profit >
during the husbands lives. t

Thomas Purfrey died after which Thomas Godwyn .

held the lands for his life — and he let the same 4 March 38
Elizabeth, to your subject and to one Abraham Kinge, gentleman 1
for 99 years. *

Blaudina Purfrey married Richard Colthrop. gentleman, and ;
the said Richard and Blaudina pretending that Thomas Godwyn !
had died 16 November, 43 Elizabeth, made diverse claims on the
property, your orator has found that Thomas Godwyn was alive i
three years since and if he is dead Richard and Blaudina have j
no claims. '.

Court of Requests, bundle 225.

(no date) William Goodwyne of Ryngmer, Sussex, hus-
bandman. Whereas, about 39 Elizabeth, your subject became


bound to one Edward Towner of Ryngmer as surety for him to
one Thomas Awcocke of Fletchinge, Sussex, in the sum of L40
with condition for the payment of £22 about 40 Ehzabeth, Thomas
Towner has made defauh and your subject repaid it to Thomas
Awcock and agreed with him for the continuance of the loan for
one year longer, and procured two sureties to be bound for him.
Thomas Awcock died shortly after and the bond came into the
hands of Katherine his widow and executrix, and she made over
most part of this to Robert Pettit of Brix-steede.
Court of Requests, bundle 275.

(Undated) John Gibbon of Bishop's Bourne, Kent. Whereas
Daniel Goodwyne alias Goodden of Kyngston, Kent, being seised
of 3 acres of arable land in the common field of Bishop's Bourne,
to which he had very uneasy way except over the lands of other
men, demised some estate thereof to Edward Chambers, a poor
man, who was then tenant or farmer to the said Goodden of a
little dwelling house which Chambers then inhabited and does
still, for two years from Michaelmas, 1603. Chambers finding his
occupation of the property difficult did about March 31 1604
determine to give over the occupation to Gibbon; Chambers
obtained his landlord's consent to let Gibbon have it for the rest
of the term. (A dispute as to whether Goodwyne did agree to
this change of tenant.)

Court of Requests, bundle 276.

Your orator Walter Gooding of Dublin, Merchant, was about
three yeares past lawfully seised of town of Parlonston, county
Westmeath, John Tyrell of the Pase in said county dispossessed
your said orator and damaged him to extent of £100 he witholds
the same not only since your orators last entry but for many years

Chancery Bills, Ireland, 177, 25 November 1578.



Latin. 11 Elizabeth, 1569. Recognizance in case of John
ffythce, gentleman. Thomas Goodwyn of Bockynge, county Es-
sex, gentleman, before her Majesty the Queen, in chancery, being
identified, acknowledged a debt of 100 marks good and lawful
money of the realm to John ffitche of London to be paid to the
same John ffitche or his attorney or executors on the next feast day
of St. Michael the Archangel. And if this is not done etc. T.R.
at Westminster on the 23d day of June in the nth year of the
reign of her Majesty Elizabeth by the grace of God Queen of
England, France and Ireland, defender of the faith etc.

The condicion of this Recognizannce is suche that yf the
abouebounden Thomas Goodwyn his executor's, admynystrators
and assignes do well and truelye obserue pforme fulfill and kepe
all and eu"y the covenn*^ grannts artycles and agrem'* whiche
on his and theyr partye and behalf e are and ought to be obs^^ued
pformed fulfilled and kepte comprysed and aplsed in a c^'ten
Indenture bearinge date the daye of the date of theis p^'sents
made betwene the saied Thomas Goodwyn of thone partye and
the aboue named John ffytche of the other partye accordinge to
the teno'' purporte effecte and true meayninge of the same Inden-
tore That then this p''sent recognizannce shalbe vtterly voyde &
of none effecte Orells to stande in full strengith and vertewe.
Close Roll, II Elizabeth, part 14.

This Indenture made the xxiii"' daye of June in the eleventh
yere of the reigne of our sour'aigne ladye Elizabeth by the grace
of god Quene of Englande ffrannce and Irelande defendor of the
faythe &c. Betwene Thomas Goodwyn of Bockinge in the
countye of Essex gentleman of thone party, and John ffitche of
london Gentleman of the other partye. Wytnesseth that the
saied Thomas Goodwyn for and in consideracon of the some of
thirtene poundes thirtene shillings and eight pence of lawful!
monye of Englande to hym before thinsealinge and delyv^ye of
theis pr'sentes well and truelye payed by the saied John ffitche where
of and wherewith the saied Thomas Goodwyn acknowledgeth
hymselfe fullye satysfied and thereof and of ev^'y parcell thereof
dothe clerelye acquite and dischardge the saied John ffitche his
executors and admynystrators by theis p^^sentes hathe bargayned


solde geven and graunted and by theis p'sents dothe bargayne
sell geve & graunte vnto the saied John ffitche All that his parte
purparte and porcion of and in one mesuage or tenemente with
th appurtenncs sett lyinge and beinge in ffelsted in the saied
county of Essex late in the tenure of Thomas Brewer or his
assignes and of in & to all barnes and other buildings lands
meadowes pastures conions and heredytaments whatsoeu'' to the
saied tent belonginge or appertaynynge or with the same here-
tofore vsed occupied demysed or letten To have and to holde
the saied parte purpartye and porcon of and in the saied mesuage
or teiit lands heredytaments and all other the p^'meses with all
and singuler their appurtenncs vnto the saied John fifytche his
heyres and assignes to the onelye vse and behoofe of the same
John his heyres and assignes forev\ And the saied Thomas
Goodwyn for him his heyres executors and admynystrators dothe
covennte and graunte by theis p'sents to and with the saied John
ffitche his heyres executors and assignes in mann'' and forme
followinge (that is to saye) That the saied John ifytche his
heyres and assignes shall and maye frome hensfourth foreu''
peaceablye and quietlye have holde occupye and enioye the saied
parte pparte and porcon of the saied mesuage or tent and of
all other the p^'misses and of ev'y parte and parcell thereof (that
is to saye) three partes of all & singular the same p'"misses into
fyve partes egallye devided without any mantf of lett infupcons
or disturbannce of the saied Thomas Goodwyn his heyres or
assignes or of any other pson or psonns by his or theyr assente
meanes or pcurement and without any lawfuU lett interrupcon
expulsion eviccon or disturbannce of any other pson ot psonns
And also that he the saied Thome Goodwyn his heyres executors
or admynystrators at all tymes hereafter and from tyme to tyme
foreu"" shall sufficientlye save and kepe harmeles aswell the saied
John ifytche his heyres and assignes as also the saied three partes
of all and singuler the p^'misses into fyve partes egallye to be
devided and eu''y parte and parcell therof of and from all
and allmann'" of form bargaynes sayles gyfts graunts leases
statutes marchantts and of the staple recognizanncs Judgem*''
execucions and of and from all other chardges trobles and incum-'
brances whatsoeu' hadd made comytted don or knowledged by
the saied Thomas Goodwyn or by any other pson or psonnes
by his assente meanes comanndment or pcuremente in any wise


before the date hereof provided alwayes that yf the sayed !
Thomas Goodwyn his heyres executors admynystrators or assigii i
do well and truelye contente and paye or cause to be contented :
and payed vnto the saied John ffitche his heyres executors ad- ;
mynystrators or assynes the full some of thirtene pounds thirtene ;
shillinges eight pence of lawfuU monye of England on the '.
twenty daye of October next comynge after the date of theis j
p^'sents betwene the bowers of one and three in thafternone of j
the same daye at or within the shoppe nowe in the tenure or
occupacon of John Walker, Skryveno' in fflete strete beinge the j
corner shopp at thende of ChanncVe lane london that then and !

- i

frome thensfourth this p^'sente bargayne sayie gifte and graunte ;
of all and singuler the p^'misses before by theis p^sents bargayned
and solde shalbe utterlye voyde frustrate and of none effecte.
And that then it shall and maye be lawfull to and for the saied
Thomas Goodwyn his heyres and assignes into the saied p^'misses :
before by theis p'"sents bargayned and solde and eu'"y parcel! j
thereof holly e to reenter and the same to have agayne enioye •
and repossed as in his and Iheyr former estate. This Inden-
ture or any thinge therein contayned to the contrye in any wise |
notwithstandinge. In witnes whereof the saied partyes to theis i
p^'sente Indentures have intchanngeably*' putt theyr scales yeouen !
the daye and yere firste aboue written. ]

Latin. And be it remembered that on the said twenty third j
day of August (June?) in the above written eleventh year the ;
aforesaid Thomas Goodwyn came before her sovereign Majesty
the Queen in Chancery at Westminster in person and accepted ;
and confirmed the aforesaid indenture as a whole and in part \
with the text and specifications as are in the above written
document. ^


Close Roll, II Elizabeth, part 14, (1569.) I

Latin. 1569. Recognizance in case of John Fythce. Thomas
Goodwyn of Bockyn, county Essex, Gentleman, before her '
Majesty the Queen, in chancery, being identified, acknowl- |
edged a debt to John ffitche of London of 400 pounds good |
and lawful English money to be paid to the same John !
ffitche or his attorney or executors on the next feast day of St. j
Michael the Archangel. And if he shall not do so etc. T.R. j
at Westminster on June 29th in the nth year of the reign of i


her Majesty Elizabeth, by the grace of God, Queen of Eng-
land, France, and Ireland, defender of the faith, etc.

Yf the abouebounde Thomas Goodwyn hys executors adniyn-
ystrato's and assignes do well and truelye contente and paye or
cause to be c5tent and payed vnto the abouenamed John ffytche
his executor's or assignes the some of one hundred and thre
score pounds of lawfull monye of England at or vpon the tenth
daye of June whiche shalbe in the yere of our lorde God a
thousande fyve hundred threescore and ten at the chamb of the
saied John ffitche nowe beinge in the Midle temple betwene
the howers of one and ffower of the clock in the afternone of
the saied tenthe daye of June that then the p^'sente Recogin-
zaunce shalbe vtterlye voyde and of none effecte Orells to stande
in full strengith & vetewe.

Close Roll, II Elizabeth, part 14.

Bond between Thomas Goodynge of Freston, county Suffolk,
gent, and Richard Morris.

On the 4th of February 1571 Thomas Goodynge of Freston,
county Suffolk, gent, came before the Queen and acknowledged
that he owed to Richard Morris, citizen and ironmonger of
London, £150 to be paid in the feast of Easter following.

The condition is that if Thomas Goodynge pay Richard
Morris iioo in the dwelling house of Richard Morris in Bridge
Street in parish of St. Leonard's nigh East Cheap in the city
of London then this bond to be void otherwise to continue.
Close Roll, 14 Elizabeth, part 18.

8 October 1600. Robert Goodwyn citizen and fishmonger of
'London and Thomas Goodwyn his son and heir, for 70'' paid

' by Richard Wyseman citizen and goldsmith of London, convey
to the said L. W. a messuage, house or tenement with all the
shops cellars &c appertaining, situated &c in the parish of St.
Laurince, Pountney, late in the tenure of Richard Griffyn,
clothworker, or his assigns ***** vvhich were once the
lands and possessions of a certain John Evans lately citizen and
clothworker of London, deceased, and by the same John Evans,
by testament and last will, given or beciueathed to a certain
Thomasine Fysher, late mother of said Thomas Goodwyn, now

Close Roll, 42 Elizabeth.



Indenture, i8 July 1608, between Henry Goodwyn, son off
Robert Goodwyn, late citizen and draper of London, deceased
on one parte and Bartholomew Colcloughe of the Highe
Haughem, county Stafford, gent, on other parte. That said
Henry Goodwyn for £38 paid whereby he doth acquit, etc. for-
ever said Bartholomew Colcloughe his heirs, etc. by these
presents doth sell etc. unto said Bartholomew Colcloughe all
tenements etc. in Fosbrocke, parish of Dilverne als Dilhorne
county Stafford, late in occupation of Christopher Pakeman and
now in occupation of William Walter or his assigns and orchards,
tenements, woods, etc. waters, fishing, etc. in Dilvern aforesaid
and in Careswell, county Stafford to hold forever, etc. and one
lease made by Robert Goodwin, father to said Henry deceased,
to said William Walter of said messuage for 21 years whereof
about 17 years are yet unexpired at yearly rent of 20s. etc.
Acknowledged 27, October 7 James I. Enrolled 24 October.
Close Roll, 7 James I. part 30, 1997.

Godwyn et Smith 43. To all Christian people, etc. James
Godwyn of Welles, county Somerset, gent, greeting. By in-
denture 29 November, 8 James, the said James Godwyn granted
to Edward Smyth of Welles, grocer, messuage called the Bell
in Welles in the Highe streete there, and 11 acres of meadow
thereto belonging in the parish of St. Cuthberts in Welles in
occupation of William Norton and other closes in Lancherlie in
said parish late in occupation of Thomas Walton gent, deceased
at yearly rent of 36s. 8d. now for other good causes the said '
James Godwin doth release and quit clayme all right, title, etc. j
to said messuage. Dated 12 January 10 James 1612. Enrolled /
12 May, II James.

Close Roll, II James, part 29, 2182.

19 June, II James I, 1613. Thomas Robinson of Sudbury in
the county of Suffolk, gent, and Marian his wife, Helen Rob-
inson, sister of the said Thomas, and Thomas Strangman of
Faulkborne in the county of Essex, gent, convey to John
Genkins of Thunderslie in the county of Essex, gent, a mes-
suage in Thunderslie lately in the tenure or occupation of Edward
Goodwin and Francis Perkins or their assigns and now of the
said Thomas.

Close Roll, II James I.


Powlett et Goodwyn 24. Indenture 15 July, 11 James.
From John Powlet of George Hinton, county Somerset, Esq.
and Elizabeth his wife, daughter and sole heir of Christopher
Kenn, Esqr. deceased. To James Godwyn of Welles in same
county, gent. For a certain some and in the performance of
certain covenants made between the said John Powlet and the
said James Godwyn, grant the Manor of Berowe als Barowe
with appurtenances in said county and all messuages douehouses,
orchards etc. etc. thereto belonging and all other the lands etc.
of the said John and Elizabeth now or late the inheritance of
the said Elizabeth situate in the towns or parishes of Berowe als
Barowe, Burnam, South Brent, and Braynes with all rights etc.
and the deeds etc. no reversion of said premises in the King's
Matie nor in any other person etc except all estates made before
the 10 June last past and which are determinable as in the said
lease as expressed etc. and the said John and Elizabeth appoint
Thomas Dale gent, and Humpfrey Victor their attorneys etc.
Enrolled 9 November 1 1 James.

Close Roll, II James, part 30, 2183.

Godden et Godwine 46. Indenture 19 May, 1618, 16 James.
From Thomas Godden sonne of Amos Godden late of Trottes-
cliffe, county Kent, yeoman, deceased. To Richard Godwine of
the Middle Temple, London, gent. For a certeyne some etc.
grantes the park at Trotscliffe als Trottescliffe called the East
Park with all woods and underwoods, etc. and all other the lands
etc. granted to said Thomas Godden by the Right Reverend John,
Lord Bishopp of Rochester, by indenture 20 June last with all
the estate, right, title etc. of the said Thomas Godden etc.
Enrolled 20 May.

Close Roll 16 James, part 11, 2370.

Osborne et Goodwin 48. Indenture 20 January 1618, 16 James.
From Edward Osborne of Keeton, county York, esqre, son and
heir of Sir Hewet Osborne, late of Parslowes, county Essex,
knight, deceased, who was son and heir of Sir Edward Osborne,
late knight and Alderman of London, deceased. To Peter Good-
win, citizen and Salter of London, For ^£530 grants five messuages
in parish of St. Margaret Paten in citty of London in or neere
Somers Alley als Bournes alley als Bull Alley and also the said


alley and the ground or soyle thereof with all appurtenances etc
nowe or late in occupation of Thomas Melsop, plomer, John
Graces, pewterer, the said Peter Goodwin, Robert Bates, joyner,
and Andrewe Boone, merchantaylor, sometime the inheritance of
Barbara one of the daughters and co-heirs of Thomas Gelson,
late citizen and grocer of London, deceased, with all rights,
reversions, deeds, etc to the use of the said Peeter Goodwin etc.
notwithstanding any acte done by the said Edward or Sir Hewet
or Sir Edward Osborne, rents reserved on lease to said tenants
to be paid to said Peter Goodwin etc. Enrolled 10 February.
Close Roll 16 James, part 26, 2385.

Robinson et al, et Savile mil et al, 10. Indenture 3 February,

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