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16 James. From Thomas Robinson of Pinston, county North-
ton, gent, Anne his wife and Thomas his son and heir apparent.
To Sir Henry Savile the Provost of Eaton Colledge, Sir John
Jackson of Eddenthorpe, county York, Knt, William Goodwyn,
D.D. and Deane of Christchurch in Oxford, William Lawd, D.D.
Deane of Gloucester and Richard Harrison of Hurst, county
Kent, Esqr. For £2380 grants messuage etc in Pinston wherein
the said Thomas Robinson the elder now dwelleth and other lands
there etc. Enrolled 4 February.

Close Roll, 16 James, part 13, 2372.

Cecily et al et Savile mil et al, 15. Indenture 4 February, 16
James. From John Celly of Fobbinge, county Essex, esqr, and
Elizabeth his wife. Sir Peregrine Bartue of Grimsthorpe, county
Lincoln, knt, and Francis Tunstall of Skargill, county York,
esqr. To Sir Henry Savile of Eton, county Bucks, Sir John
Jackson of Hickleton, county York, knights, William Goodwyn,
D.D. and Deane of Christchurch in Oxford, William Lawd, D.D.
and Deane of Gloucester and Richard Harrison of Hurste, county
Berks, esqr. For ii8oo and other somes grants mannor etc
called the Little Hayes in parish of Rettendeon, Rumwell and
Weldham ferries, county Essex, etc. Enrolled 5 February.
Close Roll, 16 James, part 8, 2367.

Betts et Godwine 55. Indenture 30 October, 16 James. From
William Betts of Linwood, county Southampton, gent. To
John Godwine of Fawley in said county, gent, and Jane his wife.


For £60 grants all his lands, tenements etc in the parish of
Brockenhurst in said county with all appurtenances, rights, re-'
version, etc. With proviso of recovery on payment of i6o at
dwelling house of said Godwine in Fawley within six months in
default to hold the said lands etc. free from all former bargains
etc. except from leases for three lives or for terme of years
determinable upon three lives whereon the yearly rent of 36s. 8d.
is reserved. Enrolled 2 April 17 James.

Close Roll, 17 James, part 13, 2406.

Goodwin mil, et, Gary mil, 51. Indenture 15 February, 16
James. From Sir Francis Goodwin of Over Winchendon,
county Bucks, knt. To Rt. Hon. Sir Henry Carye of Alden-
ham in county Hertford, knt. Controller of H. M. household,
and P.C. and Edward Woodward of Lee in parish of Upton,
county Bucks Esqr, said Goodwin to the intent that his debts
shall be paid at his death so that any purchasers of his lands
may be secured and that his younger sonne Edward Goodwin
may be provided for and his legacies paid and in consideration
of the trust reposed in said Carye and Woodward and for 6d.
paid, grants the rectorie and parsonage impropriate of Over-
Winchendon with all lands etc, belonging other lands in same in
occupation of said Sir Francis and Thomas Johnson. To hold
the said premises for 500 years paying yearly one peppercorne if
demanded upon trust that the said Sir Frances shall receive the
rents etc. and thereof to dispose at his own will and at request
shall make any lease or disposal as the said Sir Francis shall
deem fitt etc. and after his death to pay said debts and legacies
and recompense to said purchasers of the lands of said Sir Francis
as necessary making provisions for his said sonne. With right
to revoke said indenture on payment of 6d. to either party named
etc. Enrolled 5 April 17 James.

Close Roll, 17 James, part 13, 2406.

Aston et Cradock 26. Indenture 20 September, /p James.
From William Aston of Parkhall, county Stafford, gent, to
Mathew Cradocke of Stafford, county Stafford, esqre, Sampson
Boughey of Coulton, John Aston of Deane and Samuell Good-
win of Parkhall in said county gent. For £10 and other good
causes etc. grants messuage etc. in Chedsell in said county, in



occupation Edmond Pyott with all appurtenances etc. and one

cottage in same in occupation of Thomas Wolley closes of pasture '.

lands and arrable lands in Chedcell now or late in occupation of i

said William Aston and Richard Barnes with all houses, bames, |

stables, orchards, etc. and a close in the parish of Leigh in said 1

county lately purchased of Thomas Soute. To have and to hold ;

etc. Enrolled 26 October. ,

Close Roll 16 James part 13, 2477. \

Goodwyn et Goodwyn. Indenture 20 June, 20 James. Be- '
tween Edward Goodwyn of Dorkinge in county Surrey, gent, on

the one part and Jasper Goodwyn of Dorking aforesaid, gent,

of thother part. Consideration of £400 grants messuage or i
Inn called the Lower Chequor in Dorking now or late in severall

tenures or occupation of Thomas Mason, Anthony Hethfield, !

John Living als Harman, William Ridge and William Hudson !

with all closes etc. remaining about 40 acres viz. 6 acres in j

occupation of Richard Day, gent, 10 acres late in occupation of j
Edward Lusted, 7 acres in occupation of Thomas Turnor, 3

acres in occupation of Richard Hobart, i acre in occvipation of {

Raph Arnold, 4 acres in occupation of Arthur Foster, 1-2 acre i

in occupation Robert Charlewood, orchard in occupation of |

Mathew Neale and one roode in the Eastreete of Dorking ad- '
joining the lands now or late Sir Richard Sands in occupation of

Edward Hooker, also yearly rent of xviijs out of lands called '

Squiours in Westheathworth in said county in occupation of \

Swanne, widowe, with all appurtenances lately purchased by said

Edward Goodwyn from Edward Carpenter and Robert Erleston 1

and all other lands except three closes called Spitleheath, Spitle i

heathfield, and Spitle heath meadowe in occupation of Edward 1

Bowell etc. Ann wife of said Edwarde not to claim under her i

dower, etc. in the clause of redemption for £560. Enrolled 30

November. >

Close Roll, 20 James I, part 31, no. 27. ]

Alcock et al et Goodwin 24. Indenture 26 July, 21 James.

Between Edward Alcock of Rampton county Cambridge, Esqr :
and Giles Gregory of Grayes Inne, county Middlesex Esqre.

To William Goodwin of St. Clement Danes, county Middlesex, ;

taylor. For i860 and 5s. to the said Gregory grants divers i



closes of land etc. called Hornhill Moore Close, the greater
meadowe, and other meadows in the Comon Meads of Rampton
and marsh grounds in Rampton now or late parcell of the manor
of Rampton with the walke for looo sheepe in the manners of
Rampton, and Cottenham, and Willingham in said county and the
rights reversions etc. with all patent deeds etc. to the use of
the said William Goodwyn etc. with right of reserving on pay-
ment of £895. i6s. 8(1. on ist January next at Middle Temple
Hall. Enrolled 2 January.

Close Roll, 21 James part 14, 2546.

Goodwin et Goodwin. Indenture 21 November, 21 James I.
Between William Goodwyn of St. Sepulcher, in West Smithfield,
Middlesex, goldsmith, one of the sons of Thomas Goodwyn, gold-
smith, deceased, on the one part and Thomas Goodwyn of
Chelmsford in the county of Essex, goldsmith, brother of the
said William Goodwyn on the other part. William Goodwyn for
30^' conveys to his said brother Thomas his part of the mes-
suage or tenement with the shops, now used also for a dwelling
house, to the same adjoining, sometimes Henry Dales, parcel of a
tenement called Walmesford &c. lying and being in Chelmsford
in the said county of Essex, in a certain lane there called Potter
Rowe Lane, between the messuage or tenement late of of Walter
Wilkes, als Baker deceased, now of Thomas Gatem towards the
North and the messuage or tenement of the said Thomas Gatem,
in the occupation of Thomas Sherlocke, scrivener, towards the
South. One parcel therof abutteth upon Shop Row Lane
towards the East and one other head thereof abutteth in part upon
a copyhold house thereunto adjoining and in part upon a copy-
hold curtillage late of the said Thomas Goodwyn the father &c.
&c. &c. Which said messuage &c. were lately purchased of one
Thomas Tree by the said Thomas Goodwyn the father &c.

Acknowledged 19, December 1623.

Close Roll, 21 James I, part 7 no. 14.

2 December, 21 James I. Paul Wright of London, yeoman,
and Margaret his wife, Edward Dawson of the city of Oxon,
yeoman, and Anne his wife, sole daughter and heir of Jane
Wright, deceased, late wife of the said Paul and one of the two
daughters and coheiresses of John Goodwyn deceased, Thomas


Hearne of Oxford, yeoman, and Susan his wife, sole daughter
and heir of Edith Bratwell, the other daughter and coheiress of
the said John Goodwyn, and John Wright of Waybridge in
the county of Surrey, gent, convey to John Hawe of Abbingdon
in the county of Berks, mercer, for 123^', all that messuage or
tenement with its appurtenances sometime in the tenure or occu-
pation of John Goodwyn, late of Abingdon, ironmonger, and
now or late in the several tenures or occupations of the said John
Hawe and of William Hearne and of Mark Croney &<:.

Close Roll, 21 James I.

Goodwin et Rogers. Indenture 21 June (1624) 22 James I.
Between Jasper Goodwyne of Dorkinge, county Surrey, gent,
and Edward Goodwyne of Dorkinge, gent, on the one part and
Edward Rogers of Lethered in said county esqre. Consideration
of £450 messuage and farme called Exfoldes and all Barnes etc.
in parish of Rudgweeke in county Sussex in occupation of John
Cooper als Stenninge or Edward Cooper als Stenninge deceased
with all rights, etc. etc.

Close Roll 22 James I part 21, no. 7.

Indenture, dated 23, January 1624-5, between Richard Walker
of Alkerton county Oxford, yeoman, Anne his wife and William
Goodwyn of the same, yeoman, of the one part and John Good-
wyn, Clerk, Parson of Great Polerite in said county of Oxford,
of the other part for the grant to the said John of property in
L. Woolford, Co. Warwick.

Close Roll, 2.2 James I, part 2j, no. 17.

Godwyne et Wrenford 30. Indenture 18 May 1625 i Charles I.
From Richard Godwyne of the Middle Temple, London, gent.
To John Wrenford of Longden in county Worcester, gent, and
Thomas Wrenford of Longden, gent, brother of said John.
For i8o grants all tliat meadowe with appurtenances called
Pepthorne containing 4 3-4 acres in the parish of Longdon now
in occupation of said Richard Godwine lying between the
meadows of John Michell, William Gilberte, and the Deane and
Chapter of St. Peter in Westminster, county Middlesex, in occu-
pation of John Saunders likewise called Pepthorne East and the
meadow of said Dean and Chapter in occupation of Margerye


Gilberte, widowe, called also Pepthorne South and the waste of
the Dean and Chapter called the Comon Marshe North Meadow
of the said Richard Godwine called ?are Leasowe West and also
common profitts etc. belonging and the reversions, rents, services,
deeds, etc. To the only use of the said John and Thomas Wren-
ford etc. Enrolled 20 May 1625.

Close Roll I Charles I. part 10 (2625).

Goodwyn et Holman 15. To all Christian people etc. Wee
Edward Goodwyn of Dorkinge county Surrey, gent, Jasper
Goodwyn of Dorking, gent, Oliver Huntley of Dorking, gent,
and Edward Lee of Effingham in said county, yeoman, send
greeting. I the said Edward Goodwyn this present 21 December
commonly called the first of St. Thomas Thapostle have had and
receaved of Richard Holman, gent, and Jane his wife assignes
of the said Oliver Huntley the some of ^300 at my nowe dwelling
house in Dorkinge. In performance of the condicions conteyned
in indenture of bargaine and sale between the said Edward Good-
wyn and the said Jasper Goodwyn and Edward Lee on one parte
and the said Oliver Huntley on the other parte dated 20 May, 15
James, said £300 being the remainder and last payment of £1200
mentioned in said indenture, £900 being previously paid to me by
the said Richard and Jane Holman on the very days and place
expressed etc. and the said Edward Goodwyn doth release and
the said Richard and Jane, their heires etc. the said condicion
and all somes of money therein conteyned and wee the said
Edward, Jasper, and Oliver quit clayme all our right, title, and
estate etc unto all that mannor, messuage and farme etc called
Sutton als Sinton als Holhurst a Downe with all rights and
appurtenances etc lying in the parish of Sheere in the said county
Surrey and all other the messuage etc sold to the said Oliver
Huntley conteyned in said Indentures. Signed and sealed 21
December 1624 22 James. Enrolled 30 May, i Charles, 1625.
Close Roll, I Charles I, part 17 (2632).

Godwin et Gleson et al 11. Indenture 25 January 22 James.
Between Hodges Godwin of Wells, county Somerset, gent, of
one part and Thomas Gleson of Coxley in parish of St. Cuthbert's
in Wells, gent, and John Hall the younger of Harters Hill in
said parish, yeoman of the other part. For £52. los. od. grants


all his messuage, lands etc in Allerton, Ayston, Wedmore, Bettes-
ham, Badgeworth, and Tornock in county Somerset now or late
in occupation of William Welshe, Thomas Swayne, Adrian
Butcher, George Stoakes, Thomas Crase, Robert Coxe, John
Vaker, Agnes Wall and George Godwin, and all other his lands
lying in said tithings, hamlets and parishes in said county with
all appurtenances, rights, rents, deeds, etc excepting and reserving
those messuages and lands lying in Ashton in occupation of the
said George Stokes, Adrian Butcher, and Agnes Wall. To the
use of the said Thomas Gleson and John Hall. Provided that
if the said Hodges Godwin, his heires etc. shall pay £55 on
29 July next ensuing at dwelling house of said Gleson in Coxeley
that then the said Gleson and Hall shall hold the same to the
only use of said Hodges Godwin and at reasonable request shall
reassign the said premises etc. etc. Enrolled i July i Charles
I. 1625.

Close Roll I Chas. I. part 18 (2633).

Goodwyn et Whitbread 16. Indenture 20 January 1625, i
Charles. From Peter Goodwyn, citizen and Salter of London.
To Thomas \\'hitbread, a citizen and draper of London. For
a competent and valuable some grant messuage etc. in parish of
St. Margaret Paten in the Ward of Tower Street, London, con-
taining in measure viz. length N. and S. 33 foote 7 inches,
breadth E. and W. 14 feet. Breadth straightened a little by
the thickness of a buttrice at the S. E. comer of the Church wall,
at N. E. corner of said messuage, said messuage abutting upon
the messuage of the said Peter Goodwyn and the streete there
E. messuage in occupation of Thomas Harpur, shoemaker and
beinge parte of the parsonage house belonging to said parish
church and in part upon a piece of the churchyard W. and another
part of the said dwelling house of said Peter and the said But-
trice N. and the King's High Streete S. with all cellars, chambers,
roomes etc. belonging, said messuage called the Horshoe and
in occupation of said Thomas W^hitbred except such roomes as
lay over the entry of the dwelling house of said Peter with all
rights, title, estate, deed, etc. To hold etc. to the use of the
said Thomas Whitbred his heires, etc. against all clayme by the
said Peter Goodwyne and Sara his wife etc. Enrolled 16
February 1625-6.

Close Roll, I Charles L part 22, no. 2637.


Goodwin et Love 13. Indenture 9 February i Charles 1625-6.
From Edward Goodwin of Dorking, county Surrey, tallow-
chandler. To William Love of Dorking, haberdasher. For £130
grants messuage or tenement in Dorking now or late in occu-'
pation of Temperance Browne, widow, all the gates yards,
gardens, orchards, etc. and one croft or close of land i 1-2 acres
adioninge and all rights, rents, profitts, etc To the use of
the said William Love which said messuage etc. were sometimes
the messuage and lands of William Francke of Elwell in said
county, yeoman, and after of Myles Goodwin late of Reigate in
said county deceased, late father of said Edward as by a deed
poll thereof and of one other messuage or tenement made by
the said William Francke to the said Miles Goodwin 17 September
43 Eliz. 1601 as may appear. Enrolled 20 May 2 Charles, 1626.
Close Roll 2 Charles I, part 27 (2673).

Fullerton et Kingston, 15. Indenture 20 June, 2 Charles I.
From Sir James Fullerton, Knt, and James Maxwell Esqr to
Richard Kingston and Richard Goodwin of Aylton in county
Hunt yeoman. By letters patent 10 July, 22 James His Majesty
granted to said Fullerton and Maxwell the mannor of Alington
als Aylton als Zeton with the rights etc. in said county. To be
houlden of His Majesty's Mannor of East Greenwich in county
Kent in fealty only etc paying yearly rent of £44. lis. 7d. etc.
whereas the said Richard Kingston, Richard Goodwin, Robert
Sherman, Edward Kingston, and Thomas Minter of Aylton,
yeoman, now are and stand lawfully seised as of fee at the will
of the Lord of the said Mannor of one coppeehold messuage, or
tenement one close called Graves close and half a yard land and
one corner of meadowe containing 3 rood with appurtenances
lying in Aylington late in occupation of Thomas Kingston now
in occupation of said Richard Kingston under the yearly rent
of 9s. and also of one quarter of a yard land and twoe rood of
meadow in Aylington late in occupation of John Ives nov^ in
occupation of said Richard Kingston at yearly rent of 4s. 6d.,
and other messuage etc late in occupation of Michaell Surton 2s.
6d., Robert Goodwin 3s, William Sherman, i6s, William King-
ston lod., WilHam Rushton lod., Michaell Burton i6d., and now
in several occupation of said Richard Kingston and Richard
Goodwin, Robert Sherman, Edward Kingston, and Thomas
Miller, all said messuage and lands etc. parcell of said mannor


and held by coppee of Court Roll. Xow the said Richard
Kingston and Richard Goodwin intend to purchase the same
and the said Sir James Fullerton and James ]\Iaxwell for £68.
14s. od. grants the said messuage, lands etc with all houses,
buildings, and rights, etc. the said yearly rents etc. to the use
of the said Kingston and Goodwin to be houlden of the King's
Majesty etc. paying 38s. 2d. parcell of the said yearly rent
reserved. Enrolled 29 June 1626.

Gose Roll 2 Charles I. part 21, 2667.

Fullerton et Good^wn 17. Indenture 20 June 2 Charles I.
From Sir James Fullerton, Knt, and James Maxwell Esqre to
Edward GoodwjTi of Aylton in coimt}' Huntingdon yeoman. By
letters patent granted 10 July 22 James. His ^lajest}- granted
said ]\Ianor of A}-ton with all rights etc. Edward Goodwin,
Edward Kingston, and John Kisby of Aylton, yeoman seised of a
messuage and two yard lands and 51-2 acres of meadow late in
occupation of Robert Goodwin now in occupation of Edward
Goodwin at yearly rent of 24s. lod. other lands there in occupa-
tion of John Ivers, now in occupation of Edward Kingston, son
of Thomas Kingston 4s. 6d, other lands late in occupation of
Robert Goodwin now John Kisebye and rent 125. Xow for £54.
I2s. cxl. grants same to said Edward Goodwin, etc, etc. Enrolled
29 June 1626.

Close Roll 2 Charles I, part 21, 2667.

Hitchcock et Goodwyne 9. Indenture 10 May 1626 2 Charles
I. From \\'illiam Hitchcock of London, gent. To John God-
wynne, citizen and haberdasher of London. For £500 grants
moiety of messuage etc in St. Thomas Apostles, London. En-
rolled 7 July. 1626.

Close Roll 2 Charles I, part 30, 2676.

Godwine et Kinge 7. Indenture 8 July 1626, 2 Charles I.
Bet\veen John Godwine, citizen and haberdasher of London and
Francis Kinge of A\'atford, count}' Harts, mercer. For £200
grants mo}'tie of all those messuage in the parish of St. Thomas
Apostle in Citty of London in CKCupation \\'illiam Swarland and
mo}-tie of all lands and appurtenances etc. thereto belonging with
pro\"iso of recovery on payment of £205 on 12 Januar\- next at
Midle Temple Hall without clayme from said John Godwine his



heirs etc. or of Robert Kimpton late of London Esqre, deceased.
Lease to said Swarland, yearly rent of iioo reserved. Enrolled
II July, 1626.

Close Roll 2 Giarles L part 30, 2676.

Goodwyne et Greene 2^. Indenture 14 November. 2 Charles.
Between William Goodwyne late of Christchurch in Cittie of
Nonvich gent, of one part and Robert Greene of Bressworth
county Suffolk, gent, of the other part. For iioo grants one
close parcell of certain lands called Hallploughes containing 14
acres, one meadow parcell of said lands, 2 acres lying together
in the parish of St. Andrews of Ilketshall in said county Suft"olk,
between the lands late of Robert Bongaye E. Hallploughs lane
in and abutting on the lands of Richard Skeete and Robert Bon-
gaye S. and lands late of George Jolly now of John Lane N,
with all appurtenances which said premises the said Goodwpie
had to him and his heires of the feoffment of Thomas Wright
als Baker of Bainham Broome, coimty Norfolk, yeoman, as by
deed dated 6 November, 17 James. To hold to tlie said close
and meadow to tlie use of the said Robert Greene etc. Enrolled
15 November 1626.

Close Roll, Charles L part 39 (2853).

Banbury Comes et al et Mag. Rot. 47. W'ills, Earl Banbury
and Henri Goodwin of the parish of St. Martin's in tlie Fields,
count}^ Middlesex and Julius Ceser, knight. Master Rotule and
Richard Moore, knight (vui) Master Einsden etc £100. Con-
dicon that whereas the said Rt. Hon. the Earle of Banbun,^ hath
>roferred a bill of review to reverse a decree heretofore made in
the said High Court of Chancer}^ at the suit of John Peck and
Christopher Peck plaintiffs against the said Earle and Sir John
Hunt, knt, and Dame Penelope his wife, defendants. If therefore
the said Earle shall according to the late pubhshed rules Stand
unto abide and perform such orders as the said High Court
shall hereafter make touching the paiement of Costs tlien present
recognizance to be voyd Enrolled 28 November, 2 Charles 1626.
Close Roll, 2 Charles I, part 44 (2690.)

Gardiner et Goodwin. Indenture i November, 2 Charles.
From Richard Gardiner of Leathered in count}^ Surrie, esqre
to Jasper Goodwyn of Dorkinge in said Count)", gent. For £220


grants messuage or tenement lying next Leathered bridge in the i

parish of Fetcham in said county with all orchards, gardens |

etc. and i6 acres arrable and pasture in said parish of Fetcham ''\

now in occupation of Francis Featherstone gent, and the rever- |

sion etc. upon condicion of payment of £220 on 6 May next at J

dwelling house of said Jasper Goodwyn in Dorkinge then this |

indenture to be voide, etc. Enrolled 7 February 1626-7. |

Close Roll 2 Charles I. part 41, 2687. i

ffreston et Goodwyn 12. Indenture 9 February, 2 Charles I. '}

1626. From Richard ffreston of Mendham, county Norfolk, |

Esq. To Theodore Goodwyn of Little Stonham, county Suffolk, j

son and heir of Thomas Goodwyn of same Esqr, and Mary his \

wife, Sister of Thomas Vaxter, late of Raynesthorp Hall, county |
Norfolk, Esqr, Francis Baxter, second son of Thomas Baxter,

grandfather of aforesaid Thomas by indenture 8 October 21 J

James confirmed the reversion of Reynsthorpe and lands in Tar- '|

burgh Newton, fflooden, and Soclingham of said county to King j

James, now same are descended to King Charles who by his \

patent granted same to Richard ffreston who now grants his •

reversion in said manners and lands, etc. Enrolled 10 February. ;
Close Roll 2 Charles L part 18. 2664.


Goodwyne et Skipp 3. Indenture 5 Aprill, 3 Charles. From

Thomas Goodwyne of Litle Stonham, county Suffolk, Esqr, son I

and heire of Theodow Goodwyne late of Bunwell, county Cam- 4

bridge, gent, deceased. To Thomas Skipp of North Tuddenham, 1

county Norfolk, gent. For £2000 grants the Manor of Belhouse j
als Belhouse Hall with all rights etc. in said county Norfolk
and all messuages, houses etc. situate in North Tuddenham,

Mattis Hall, Mattishall Burghe, East Deereham, and Elsinge in ]

said county and also the Moredoles of the said Thomas or said \

Theodow in Badley Moore in North Tuddenham and the trees ;

etc. standing thereon and the reversion of 3 messuages and a lofte |

in North Tuddenham and 76 acres of land meadow etc. there [

and in Hockering and which were by Edward Parker late Lord ;

Morley, Baron of Rye, late owner thereof demysed by indenture j

16 May 20 Elizabeth to John Grange of Swafham Bulbecke, j

county Cambridge, gent, deceased for 1000 years at yearly rent j

of 45/2 and one other messuage and 29 acres 3 roods in North •
Tuddenham demised by said Lord Morley 4 July, 23 Elizabeth


to John Neare of North Tuddenham, husbandman for looo years
at i6s. 9d. two other messuages and 14 1-2 acres in North Tud-
denham also demised same date to John Ayer of North Tudden-
ham, yeoman, at los. 3d., 18 acres pasture to Edward Howse

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