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seer; John Horslie. Witnesses: Raphe Whiston, John Horsley.
John Goodwine of Leek owes the testator 40s. William Good-
wyne 40s. No inventory.

Consistory of Coventry and Lichfield.

Edward Goodwin, Mapleton, county Derby. Will 24 July
1615 : proved 2 September 161 5. To Katherine now my wife my
messuage, lands and arable land for the terme of years I hold
them. To my two brethren Anthony Goodwin and Humphrey
Goodwin each I2d. To each child of my said brethren 3s.4d.
To poor householders of Mapleton 6d. each. To my godson
Edward Tateham heifer enling. Executrix: my wife Kath-
erine. Overseers : William Henshawe and John Wheeldon, my
friend. No witnesses.

Inventory £128-6-8 taken by Wheeldon. George Key, Thomas
Bennet, Henry Swinscot 6 July 161 5.

Consistory of Coventry and Lichfield.


Richard Goodwyne, the elder, Handchurch, county Stafford,
husbandman. Will i September 1615: proved 23 September

161 5. To my eldest son Laurence Goodwyne I2d. in the name
of his childs part of all my goods and chattels. To my son Rich-
ard Goodwyne 20s. &c. To Christabell Palmer my eldest daugh-
ter 1 2d. for her childs part. To Mary Powsen my daughter 40s.
&c. To Anne Bromfeld my daughter £3. &c. To Isabell Good-
wyn my daughter ii6 &c. Alee Goodwyne my daughter £16 &c.
To Isabell and Alice daughter two flaxen sheets. To Thomas
Goodwyne my son Thomas his son £4. To my son William all
the residue of my estate, he to have the messuage where I now
dwell. Executor : Son William. Overseers : my cosen John
Whithurst and my cosen Hugh Asburys. Witnesses: Peter
Whiston, Hugh Asburye.

Testator owes to Thomas Cowope of Charlton £10. To Richard
Goodwyne his son £8. To James Fox 20s. To Isabell Good-
wyne £6.

Inventory of goods of Richard Goodwyne of Handchurch parish
of Trentham, county Stafford, £99-13-0. Taken 20 September
161 5 by John Whithurst, Thomas Collyer, Hugh Asburye of the
same, husbandman.

Consistory of Coventry and Lichfield.

Godwin, Mary, Norton-in-le-Moors, deceased. 8 October

1616. Administration granted to Hugh Sherratt father of
deceased to the use of John Godwin son of deceased during his
minority. The guardianship and education of John Godwin
aforesaid during his minority entrusted to Hugh Sherratt and
Elizabeth Fithion wife of Thomas Fithion.

Consistory of Coventry and Lichfield, Act Book 12, folio 191.

Ralph Goodwyne of Hampstall Rydware (Hamstall Rid-
ware?), county Stafford, yeoman. Will 5 April 1637: proved 2
September 1637. To be buried in the churchyard of Hampstall
Rydware as near to Hugh Halles gravestons as may be. To
Francis my eldest son, my old bay mare and a table etc. To
William my second son my brass pot. To Jane my eldest daugh-
ter the cupboard in the house, table, kettle, etc. and £5 being
part of a sum of money due from Thomas Waldren of Goustrie
in the parish of Sandwich in ye county of Chester, yeoman. To















Margaret my youngest daughter 50s. to be paid out of the debt
of Thomas Waldren being in all iio. To Nicholas Arnold and
Richard Salt whom I make executors the lease of my living to be
disposed for the use and behoofe of my children, Richard, Henry,
Ralph and Edward for the setting of their apprentices and for
maintenance till they be apprenticed. If it happen that Mr.
George Wooton live after my children are set forth as appren-
tices, I will that my living be divided amongest all my children.
To William Goodwin a pair of wayne-wheels. To Joyce Good-
win my wife 20/- Witnesses : William Creswell, Minister,
Nicholas Arnold, Richard Salt, William Goodwin, Jane Goodwin.
Debts owing by me :

To William Jordan
To Robert Sherwood
To Richard Goodwin of Yoxall.
To Mr. Biddulph pf Yoxall

18 13 8
Inventory £9-15-6. Taken 28 April 1637 by Edward Hall and
William Alsopp.

Consistory of Coventry and Lichfield.

Raph Goodwyn of Whiston in the parish of Kinsley county
Stafford husbandman. Will 12 July 1639 : proved 5 March
1639/40. To Richard Morris of Oldridge and his son 40s. and
to each brother and sister he hath 20s. to be paid 6 months after
my wife's decease. To the three youngest children of William
Boswell of Allen each f 10 to paid after the decease of my wife.
£9 of this William Boswell their father oweth unto me. To the
three children of my brother John Goodwin, deceased, each 20s.
after the decease of my wife. To the two children of my brother
Thomas deceased besides the £4 which their mother oweth me
which my mind is the children should have 20s. apiece. To the
four children of my cousin John Goodwin of Denson each 20s.
To Elsabeth Goodwin of Denson 20s. To Elsabeth Copstacke of
Waterfall 20s. To John Copestack's children of Waterfall each
20S. To Ann Beardmore daughter of William Beardmore 20s.
to buy her a Bible, and a joyned bed in my house at Eaues. To
William Goodwin his five children each 20s. To George Good-


wyn of the Lees two pair of plow irons etc. To William Beard-
more the loose hoards in the house and at Eaues. To Richard
Morris of Oldridge the table and I will that the iio which John
Barret of Whiston yeoman owes me be given, the yearly profit
of it I3s.4d., to the poor of Kinsley at the direction of Mr. John
Ford gentleman, John Thirnbery, yeoman, John Brunley, yeoman,
Richard Morris, yeoman, William Goodwin, yeoman, William
Bradshaw, yeoman, John Bradshaw of the Hallisis, yeoman and
Rowland Brunt, yeoman. Executors : My wife Ales and my
kinsman Richard Morris of Oldreidge. Witness : John Tayler.
Inventory £125-16-8. Taken by John Goodwyne, John Brund-
ley and William Bradshaw, 27 September 1639.

Consistory of Coventry and Lichfield.

Henrie Overton. ( — ).. Will 12 April 1585: proved ( — )
To be buried in the churchyard of Haneley. To Elenor my wife
my lease of indenture of my house which I dwell in. If my
wife die before the lease expires then to Henry Robyns my wife's
son is to have it with all the lands belonging to it, paying yearly
to his sister Dorothy Robyns 6s. To my three daughters Mar-
gerie, Elizabeth and Margaret each £9 to be paid three months
after my decease. My wife's son Henry Robyns shall have one
land of strycksedyng of grounde in every one of the lease fields
of Hymley, he to build a lean-to to the barn-end. To Joyce
Robyns my wife's daughter 13s 4d. To Dorothy my wife's
daughter 20. To John Robyns my wife's son two ewes &c. To
George Robyns son of Henry Robyns a lambe. To Richard
Atchurch a lambe. George Atchurch owes me 5s. I forgive him
it. Executrixes : Elnor my wife and Margerie my daughter.
Witnesses: William Wollaston, George Lyllyat, Humfry Pyrris,
William Pursell.
Owing to me, John Jeven 5s. 2d. William Ketley I4d. &c.

Inventory (no date.) by George Lydat, Richard Smyth and
William Pursell. £35-15-7.

Consistory of Coventry and Lichfield.

Yates alias Overton, John, Ichington Longa. 4 July 1588.
Will proved by William Overton, executor.

Consistory of Coventry and Lichfield, Act Book 8, folio 19b.


Laurence Overton, Long Icchington, county Warwick, hus-
bandman. Will lo November 1582: proved 8 December 1592.
To John Overton my son £4. To Edward my son 50s. To Amye
my eldest daughter 50s. To Joane my daughter 50s. at the day
of their marriages. To Elizabeth my wife and Roger my eldest
son the lease of my house, after my wife's decease, my son to
have it, Executors: Elizabeth my wife and Roger my son.
Witnesses : John Turner, Thoms Corbet. Thomas Hursell.
Inventory £29-8-10. Taken 29 November 1592 by Thomas
Gryffryn, gentleman, Thomas Corbett, Thomas Hurste, Anthony
Kempe, John Turner, clerk,

Consistory of Coventry and Lichfield.

Overton, Richard, Leeke. 24 March 1594. Administration
granted to Agnes his relict.

Consistory of Coventry and Lichfield, Act Book 9, folio 128b.

Overton, Thomas, deceased, Saint Michael's, Coventry. 11
February 1596. Will proved by William Stifife, executor. (The
will is missing.)

Consistory of Coventry and Lichfield, Act Book 9, folio 172b.

Overton, John, Harburburie, deceased. 11 August 1612.
Administration granted to Alice his relict during the minority of
Thomas Overton son of deceased. Mother to be guardian to
her son.

Consistory of Coventry and Lichfield, Act Book 11, folio 205b.

Henrie Sewall of St. Michaels Coventrie, alderman, aged
fourscore of thereabouts. Will i September 1624; proved 18
April 1628. To wife rent charge of £11. 8s. od. out of certain
lands in Anstey, Warwick, now in tenure of Elizabeth Throck-
morton, widdowe. To wife all lands in Coventry and in Corley
and Cownden and in Radford Counden in Wockenf eild and Stoke
in the county of said Citty of Coventry to said Margaret my wife
for life.To eldest sonn Henry Sewall all lands, tenements and
hereditaments in Hamlett of Radford in county of City of
Coventry and in Counden in Vockenfeild in ditto and in Counden
in county of Warwick and all my lands tenements and heredita-
ments in Dog lane in (the tenure of) Richard Baldwyne (said)


messuage or tenement and gardens etc in Muchparcke Streete in
Coventrie (in) the tenure of Henrie Critchlowe, draper, and all
those messuages or tenements etc in occupation of John Harbert,
William Heyard, Richard Hayes, Walter Wiggens all these tene-
ments in Litleparke Street in occupation of Mr. Henry Daven-
port Thornton, Katherin West, all after decease of

Margaret my wife upon trust and confidence that he will answer
it before the Lord att the daie of Judgment that he do with all
humilitie acknowledge his former ofifences against Margaret his
mother before my (over) seers to her content and afterwards to
continue obedient I give and bequeath to said Henry my sonne a
tenement and garden in Hey lane in said citie of Coventrie in
tenure of Bryan Conygrave after decease of said Margaret my
wife to said Henry and his heirs and for want of said heirs . . .
To younger son Richard Sewall after deceased of Margaret my
wife land and tenements etc in Corley, county Warwick, which
I lately purchased of Stephen Hales. Esq. with the Wyndell there-
unto now standing and a tenement and certain lands in Corley
lately purchased of Richard Patchett and those lands in Corley
lately purchased of Martyn Whandcock and also certain lands in

Corley which I purchased of Thomas Rycklyn of ( )

and also certain lands purchased of Thomas Barr, also one
messuage in Smythfore streete in tenure of John Jefford, barber,
and also certeyn stables called the Sixtree in Coventry x x x x.
To daughter Anne now wife of Anthony Powes messuage and
tenement in Corley now in occupation of me the said (Henry
Sewell) lately purchased of Danyell Oxenbridge and also my
close of pasture (called) Tillers Church, and ground thereto
adioyning called Fanfeild Reve lately purchased of Thomas
Patchett and also close called Byrch Walls lately purchased of
George Holbeach and Walter Holbeach and also two tenements

in Barlee lane in Coventrie one in tenure of Washington,

also messuage or tenement etc in tenure of one William Han-
cocke in the High Streete (and also) one messuage or tenement
in the suburb of the Cittie of Coventrie in tenure of Job Lynden
and messuage in Littleparke Streete in tenure of Roger Byrd and
one tenement in Cofford gate in a street there called Callyce in
tenure of Joyce Hobson, widow, and late in occupation of Law-
rence Armson and one close at the lower end of

Butchers, all after decease of wife Margaret. To younger


daughter Margaret now wife of Abraham Randall all those tene-
ments without Newgate in the . . . tenure of

Edward Coles and parcel of ground belonging to certain houses
there lately purchased of John Home of Stoke, gent, in tenure
of Frances Robinson lying to the quarrie Close by the said
Francis and all my close called Barons f eild and one close in tenure
of John Wilkinson and two closes in tenure of William Pywell
and Thomas Pywell and one quarterne of arable land in Stoke

in the county of (Stafford) now in occupation of ( ) and

messuage and garden in Narlie Lane in Cittie of (Coventry)
where (I) now dwell and all other (in Barlie) lane in occupa-
tion of Roger Dudley. James Knif, William Miller,

Edward Malpas Johane Newladd widdow, William Cumberledge
and Edward Bissaker and also one tenement in Earle Streete in
occupation of John Wright and one garden in occupation of Mr.
Richard Clark and also one shop next to the Draperie Dore in
Barlie lane neere to my dwelling howse x x x x Bishops
Palace in occupation of me the testator which I lately purchased

of Barkcly and Joane his wife and a garden and orchard

etc. lately purchased of Doctor in Phisick which at the

time of the purchase was only a garden and now in tenure of
Randell Cleaver, Clarke and parte of the garden in tenure of
Thomas Hobson and also two tenements etc. in Darbie lane in
occupation of Widdow Wootten and Widdow Hinsman and one

tenement and the occupation of x x x x widdow xx

and one garden in occupation of John Hill and two buildings

now used for stables and a garden in occupation of

after decease of wife Margaret etc. Wife Margaret to pay to
my children Henry, Richard, Ann and Margaret £20 a year each
etc. at four payments of £5 each, x x x x in occupation of
William x x and one other messuage or tenement and garden
etc. in occupation of Richard fifaulkner in Cooke streete in the
Cittie of Coventry one in occupation of Talpe Mellowes and the
other in occupation of Henry Netto ( ?) and two other tenements

and gardens after decease of wife Margaret To myne

haileys and Constables of Civentry £20 for poore children in
aprons of Kersey.

Consistory of Lichfield & Coventry, will file 1628.

William Sewall, Conndon, Warwick, yeoman. Will 19 June


1630; proved 4 July 1630. House where I dwell with gardens,
backsides, lands etc. to eldest son John Sewall with remainder
to second sonn William Sewall and third sonn Josias Sewall and
right heirs. Goods etc. to three sons and daughter Jane Berry,
wife of John Berry, all executors. Overseers: Raph Bowne of
Cowndon, gent, and Richard Treene of Renley in the county of
the City of Coventry gent. Witnesses : Robert Menkes, Robert
Turner, Richard Sinclair. Inventory £4. is. id. by John Hikl
and John Sowtune.

Consistory of Lichfield and Coventry, will file 1630.


Robert Goodyng of Orf ord. Will 5 October 1447 : Proof not
given. To high altar of Tunstable. Executors (and residuary
legatees) John and William Goodyng. Supervisor: John Say-
mer, Rector of church of Orford.

Archdeaconry of Sufifolk, Book i, folio 71.

Agnes, relict of John Godyng, once my man of Boxford (?).
Will 20 November 1448; proved 13 February 1448. To be
buried in churchyard of St. Mary at Boxford. To Isabelle Fen
my sister To Agnes Fen, and Alice Fen. To Anne Dyer, To
John Tyler(?) To John Fen, junior. Executor: Thomas
Fencer (?) — Capell, and Thomas Fen of Ciston.
Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book i, folio 197.

Richard Goodyng of Woodbridge. Will. Feast of St. Martin
the Bishop 1455; proved 18 January 1455. To be buried in
churchyard of W^oodbridge. Prayers for my soul and of Matilde
and Johane my wives. To ^Matilda my wife 20 li and my silver
cup. To son John Godyng xx li, iiij s. To daughter Margerie
V H, iiij s. To John Bryd v li, iiijs. and Cristopher Bryd my
son xiiis. iiijd. Executors : son John Godyng and John Bryd of
Woodbridge aforesaid. Proved at Ipswich.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book i, folio 106.

Robert Goodewyne of Rushmere. Will 6 March 1457 ; proved
12 May 1458. To wife Christian. To daughter Alice. To
daughter Agnes Goodewyne. To Thomas Elyms, John Elmys,


Christopher Elmys, and Robert Elmys. Executors: Robert
Bryd, and WilUam Dikeman.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 2, folio 15.

John Goodwyn of Bawdessey (Bawdsey?). Will 2 February
1458; proved 25 February 1458. To wife Johanns. To James
Blakeman To each of my "confiliorum et confiliarum" Proved
at Woodbridge.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 2, folio 10.

Johanna Goodwyn of Bawdesey. Will 22 May 1459; proved
5 June 1459. To son William. To daughter Margar. To son
Richard and son Benedict. To James Blakeman. To every
"confiliorum and confilierum". To Matilda Skoot and Agnes
Koo. William Bedon my son, and Benedict and John Boo my

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 2, folio 22.

Robert Goodwyn of Framlingham. Will 16 December 1461 ;
proved 2 October (no date). To wife Johan. To son Reginald

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 2, folio 120.

Henry Goodwyn of Wilbeygh (Wilby?). Will 14 August
1470; proved 5 September 1470. To wife Katherin. Execu-
tors : William Goodwyn and Thomas Goodwyn.

Archdeaconry of Sufifolk, Book 2, folio 252.

Richard Goodwyn of Melton. Will 10 February 1471 ; proved
2 March 1471. To brother Robert Goodwyn. To my mother
Margar Marryott. Executors : William Thurston and John

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 2, folio 210.

Robert Godyng of Tatyngston (Tattmgstone?). Will 11 July
1472; proved 24 July 1472. Executors: John Goodyn and
Richard Godyng. Supervisor : Father Roger Godyng.
Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 2, folio 232.

Agnes Goodwyn of Beccles. Will 11 September 1475; proved
14 December 1475. I give freely to John Goodwyn my husband


( mee) one close in Beccles containing 8 acres. (Refers

to contract made with said John Goodwyn.) Executors: The
said John Goodyn and Thomas Bakeman of Harleston.
Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 2, folio 311.

Roger Goodyng of Ikyn (Iken?). Will 7 April 1476; proved
26 October 1476. To daughter Elinor my place at Ikyn upon a
condition that a trentall be done for me. To daughters Marget
and Aneys los. each, and I wyl Eleynore pay Magaret and Annys
years more ofif ye place, and I wil yt Tomays mi sone have mi
place at Orfford, and I wil yt he schal do a trental. Thomas
Goodyng my son, and Robert Gesnow of Uiiforth.
(A lost will.)

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 2, folio 296.

Alice Goodwyn als Wryght of Lowystoft. Will 16 October
1478; proved 14 November 1478. Son Robert and Thomas
Dowe of Beecles, executors. Daughter Katherine. Supervisor :
William Parker of Lowystoft. Prayer for soul of Thomas Good-
wyn, lately my husband.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 2, folio 346.

Robert Goodyng of Tunstall. Will 29 April 1489 ; proved 9
May 1489. To be buried in churchyard of Tunstall. To Alice
my wife and mother of my son William, he to have lands etc. To
daughter Agnes Goodyng 4 li. Executors : brother John Good-
yng, son William Goodyng, and wife Alice.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 3, folio 81.

Thomas Goddynge of Carleton Colvyll. Will 22 January
1490; proved 16 April 1491. To be buried in churchyard of
St. Peter in Carleton. To wife Mawte my freehold tenement
etc. for term of life. To daughter Agnes 2 acres of land in
Cysleham field, and to daughter Katherin land in Geldeham field.
Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 3, folio 155.

Reginald Goodyng of Wykham Margaret (Wickham Mar-
ket?). Will I January 1501 ; proved 22 February 1501. To be
buried in churchyard there. To church of Blaxhall. My
mother shall have my wife's best russett gowne. To brother


Matthew my black doublett. To each of my sisters, one yard of
Holland. Rest to the disposition of William Goodwin, my
father, and William Valentyn of Campessey.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 4, folio 64.

Thomas Goodyng of Iken. Will 24 August 1500; proved 10
November 1503. To wife Isabell, execvitrix.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 4, folio no.

William Goodwyn of Laxfield. Will 16 September 1503;
proved 21 October 1504. To be buried in churchyard of Laxfield.
To High Altar for tythes 3s.4d. Gild of Our Lady in said tow;i
6s.8d. For trentall of masses los. Grossyerd Abbey to the nuns
there 20s. Residue to disposition of Sir Thomas Cowall, vicar
of Abbeston, to do and dispose according to the most pleasure of

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 4, folio 160.

William Goodyng of Woodbrigge. Will 15 May 1510; proved
17 June 1 510. To be buried in churchyard of Woodbrigge. To
wife Johan.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 5, folio 128.

Mawt Goodwyng of Tunstable (Tunstall?), sometime wife of
William Goodyng of same town, widow. Will 2 August 1510;
proved 21 October 15 10. All household stuff to be divided
betwixt my children, son and daughters. Executors : John Lacy,
and John Flete.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 5, folio 166.

Alys Goodyng of Walberswick, widow. Will i March 1509;
proved 28 November 1510. To daughter Agnes Goodwin, and
daughter Alys Norton, wife of John Norton, and daughter
Marion Goodyng. Prayers for souls of Robert Goodwin and
Alice his wife. Executor : John Norton of Walberswick.
Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 5, folio 172.

William Goodynge of Blaxhall. Will 14 August 1513; proved
16 September 151 3. To be buried in churchyard of St. Peters
in Blaxhall. To daughter Johan. To every of my godchildren.
Son Matthew Goodwin and John Flette, executors. Sir Thomas
Harrison, parson of Blaxhall, supervisor.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 7, folio 13.


Robert Gooclwyn of Hacheston, next Parham. Will 3 Novem-
ber 1520; proved 13 November 1520. To be buried in church-
yard of All Hallows, Hacherston. To daughters Margerye, and
Margaret, at marriage 40s. To my two daughters that be mar-
ried each 6s. 8d. To William Goodwyn, he shall have my best
dobelett etc. Executors : wife Elyanor and Robert Woodroff.
William Goodwyn one of witnesses.

Archdeaconry of SufiFolk, Book 6, folio 54, also 85.

Robert Goodwyn of Soterton (Sotherton?). Will 28 April
1518; proved 31 July 1522; To wife Margaret. To each of
my god-children. To John Lese at his marriage. To Alice
Bryan my servant at marriage. Executors: Peter Barker, and
John Hoxon.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 8, folio 233.

Margaret Goodwyn of Stoyrton. Will 11 December 1524;
proved 15 December 1524. Buried in churchyard of St. Andrew
the Apostle. To high altar of church of St. Andrew for tithes
negligently forgotten, etc. I2d. To reparacion of same church
2od. To church of Wangforth I2d. To goddaughter Barbara
Tutway. To godson Robert Leyse. To son John Lese. Brother
Thomas Barker and son John Lese, executors.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 9, folio 39.

John Goodwyn of the Heth, of Thorp. Will 25 March 1520;
proved 20 January 1524. To be buried in churchyard of St.
Andrew, Alderyngham. To high altar of said church for tithes
1 2d. To said church 6s.8d. if buried in church, but if not then
3s.4d. for reparation. To wife Margaret, house and land during
term of her life, except piece of land called Hotersland. To
neice (nyste) Elizabeth Blyth.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 9, folio 42.

Thomas Goodwyn of St. Laurence parish, Ipswich. Will 24
July 1526; proved 16 August 1526. Buried in South side of
churchyard of said parish, there is my daughter lieth buried. To
poor people at my burying day, to every poor body a half penny
loaf. Wyne to as many as shall come to the dole as far forth
as the wine that I have appointed to my executor will extend,


and yf this said wyne can not suffice, the said poor people they
to be served with beer. To my father. To my brother John,
sister Margaret, to brother in law, Edmunde Leche. To Richard
Younge. To wife's mother. To each one of my children at
lawful age. To wife Anne.

Archdeaconry of Sufifolk, Book 6 (9?), folio 157.

Margaret Gooddyng of Woodbrygge, widow. Will 17 Alarch
1530; proved 26 April 1531. To son Geoffrey Porter, tenement
I bought of John Clerk. To Agnes Porter, wife of John Porter,
and to Anne Porter, wife of Geoffrey Porter. To Alice, daugh-
ter of John Porter, and to Margaret daughter of Geoffrey Porter,
and Margaret, daughter of John Porter. To the daughter of old
John Porter. My six silver spoones to the daughters of my sons,
so that the daughter of old John shall have two spoones and the
other four daughters of John and Geoffrey, each of them one.
To sister Agnes Wasse of Snape, and Robert and Edmund Wasse.
To sister Isabel.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 10, folio 180.

Roger Goodynge of Tadyston. Will 17 March 1530; proved
4 May 1 53 1. To son John Goodynge, house, and all my lands
in Tadyston and Stretton, he paying his three brothers Edmund,

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