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a dead of the land bowght of wedow grygs

a Release of the same land of John mott

an obligacion for the mendyng of the
an obligacion for gesymond pykett

an Jndenture for androws for kepyng
of a gurll

an Jndenture of Rychard lovesday for kepyng
Jespers sonne

an obligacion of cromford

an Jndentry of Craynwod for keepyng of
catren dowe

an Jndenter for wedow curtys for kepinge
of mary Dowe

a nott for collynton Havey

an obligacion of mr. franck

an obligacion for Robard sonne

a dead for John gooddaye the young

a bound of the same dead
R of the wedow Harrys for a yeares Rentt
for the church growe att myd somer ix^.

a bond of goodman

an obligacion of Robartt sayes of felsted for


the of hys dawtteran sayes her chyld

R of good man Rayment for a tree v^

Re of good man nycoll for owld xx*^ 11 1

R of owld tymber vij*^

an obHgacion of wyll
all theas evydence a bove wrythten
are delivered into the hands of
John pounder Rychard Skenner the
youngr church wardens the xvii dale
of aprell A° 1582

A Relase from John gooday for y^ gownd y*^ y®
allmes howses in ye heayd byld on

a bound dd to y* chu'"clie wardenes
1585 for y® payment of iiij pounde from
Adam vnglye Rychard belsted
a Releass from John goodday Jun'" for the
churche howsses in ye hyd

A Noat of Evedence As apereth

on the other syd
Jt a qyttance for the Discharge of the
tente Dow at crystmas in ye yer 1585
Jt a bond for vnglye

mr. hilles Jndenton''
Jt a ded of from George Raymond sen""

Jt Josseph kealles Jndenture
Jt one Jndenton"" from Robert Olleate

a bond from Robert Olliate
Jt one Jndenton'' of John Boroms w* Thomas bested
Jt a bond of y^ Clerk makear
Jt a bond from Edward Eve
Jt a bond Edwardes
Jm Ellen bowmond Jn Denter
Jm in Hell in Denter

paymente by the church wardens Jn the yeare ano 1581

payd to goodman Jarmon the lass of aprell .- .-.j

payd to Jonnas allyn for g w crowders Rent Ills, llljd.

payd to g m mot for plaes iiijd.

payd to g m hackyns iiijs. xd.

payd to g m Sparhark iiijd.

vi^ viij'^


payd to the HicunstabuU for cattawaye

bridge x*

payd to asckter byngham for artykles xijd.

payd to father wod for the helHng of wedow

mathewe xx*

payd to good man mor for Ryngeng of the bell for

won quarter xij^

payd to g m Sparhawk for

gorg beall hath promyssed to pay ytt

betwyn thys nextt myhelmvs

payd to good man nashe for Rops v^ ix*^

payd to Stonnard xijd.

payd for haf a of lym xiiijd.

payd to engram for layeing of payment xviijd.

payd for artykels xijd.

payd to good man mor for Ryngeng of the bel xijd.

payd to hym for wasshyng bred vid.

payd to hym for a keche for oyell ixd.

payd to Stonnard xijd.

payd to good man gooddaye for pament iiis.

payd to good man donyfall for menddyng a badryck iiijd.

payd for Ryngeing vpon the crowen nacion daye iis. vjd.

payd to wedow grygs for fflatt lead xxiiij''

of sheatt lead llljs.

payd for d a hundered of nayls ijd.

payd for chascall ijd.

payd to boltwod for pyn wod for

mendyng of the stepull viiis.

payd for mendyng of a bawdryck vjd.

payd to g m more for Ryngeng of the bell xijd.

payd for mendyng of the

payd to clarck for glace for mendyng

of the leade x^ xj'^

payd to Stonnard for quartrydge xiid.

payd for nayls id.

payd for mendyng of a bawdryck vjd

payd for artykeles vijd.

p. for wasshing bread for Ryngeng

to good man more xvjd.







payd to Stonnard for quartrydge

payd to good man nycoll for mendyng

of bell claper Hj'

layd owght for yenck pa

payd for mendyng of a wheall

payd to harry fyche for wyn xiijs,

payd for a stoll mackyng

payd for bread

payd for to payr of garnets

payment vli xixs. Id.
The account of Wyllyem
maynard Thomas wylbrd
churchwardens geven vp before
the Pishe the 17th of Aprell An° 1582.
Elect chosen the same Daye
churchwardens. John Ponder
John Spencer Rychard Skynner Junior
dd to them yn mony x^

surveyers of the hyghe waye

John aubery george Raymonde

there ys Dewe to nycolas wylbod w

was survayer the last yere ijs ciij*^

collectors for the p

Marten Skynner
nicolas man

dd to them yn mony xviij^ viii'^

Repayed a gayne to gyles graye


so Remaynes y" there hand xvij' ^"^d

The accompt of Jhon ponder
Richard skynner churche wardens 1582.

Jmprimis payde y'' 29 of ApU to fraces for
mendinge of the clock ix'

2 of Aprill A° 1583
The Churche wardens elect and chosen the
sam Daye

Jhon Spencer


Chosen Colectors for the poore

Jhon Ponder John
Jhon motte not chosen but hered
by ponder for monye

Chosen survayers of the hyewaye

Chas Wortham

Chosyn Colectors for the

Robert Pollye
John Debnam

Resayved the accoint of the Collectors for the poore beying martyn

skynner Nycholas man they have Delyvered to

the Collection new chosyn iiij'' viij^ 8*^

And left them to Resayve of Willim Raynold

for the halfe yeres Rent x

The accompt given vpe by wyllim
maynard Ellias wortham survayers
for the heywaye for ye yeare of o'" Lord
1593? Remayneth to spend iP ij*^

the Accomt of John motte John ponder John

Sphawke collectors for the poore gyven vpth xxi day of

Apryll Ao 1584

And Resayved of them vpon their Accomt vj'^ v^ viij**

agreed that there shalbe p'"sentlye bought
xx^* lodes of Wood to the vse of the poore x lodes to be
layd in John Gooddaye thelder yard x lodes in the
yard of John Goodday the younger to be delyued the
paye for their monye (sic)

Received an indenture and a deade concerning
an exchange of certain lande of y^' vicaredge
between mr Baslee Jhon Goodday theld
the dat year a bove writte
Richard Patteson

Chosyn Churchwardens John ponder Ry chard

Skynner the yonger

Chosyn Survaters for the hye waye

John lyngood John Gooday Jun^


Chosyn Collectors for the poore
Thomas Bredge Nycholas wylbor
Chosyn Collectors for the vermyn
Rychard Draper Thomas harrys

dd to the newe Collectors for the poore xxxij^ iiij*^

that George ffyth hath Resayved iiij" xiij^ iiij"^

onward of the aforsayd xx^' lode of woode
Resayved of Pattyson all such quyttance as
he hath Resayved con nyng the paymente of Tenthe
Subsydyes payd for the vecarage of Branktree
they be putt yn the Church Booke
Resayved from George Raymond John
Hanburye vpon their account beying late vayors
of the hye waye in A° 1582 v^ i'*

delyvered the same to the aforeseyd newe surveyers

ix'' xvij^
The Resayte off by the churche wardens
ffryst Ressayved of widow Harrys for

the Rent of the grove for ii yere xviij^

Ressayved of Rychard skynner xijd.

Ressayved of vicar for stans iiis.iiijd.

Ressayved for viij garters vij^^ xv^

the sum of the hols ys viij" svij^

the paymente owt of thys as folowyth
payd to borram for buyer xv^

payd to viiid

payd to Stonerd to hys qvarter xijd

payd the gret bell xviiid


payd for mendyng of the chymes vi*^

payd to mor for Ryngyng on the Warden Day xyd

payd to wedow Skelle xyd

payd to cranford for making of stylle xd

payd to Alen for ii poste iiij paell Ixd

payd for ij
payd to



payd for the oyle to the clok

payd for Ryngyng on the wardenday

payd for wasshynge / bred

payd for mayselfe pakthria

payd to the Ryngers on the crounacion Day

payd for mendyng of A bell whell

payd for Ryngyng of crystmas

payd for mendyng of the chymes

payd, to dark

payd for sylmans in Dentur


payd for a bawdryk for the grett bell

payd for natles for the stolles

payd to

payd to more for w

payd for ii

payd for 1 seme of lyme

payd for v lod of sand


payd for ij bryk

payd to the glacier

payd for busshell of colles

payd for mendyng of the boyes stoles

payd for A Rope for the chymes

payd for A bawdryk for the iiij bel

payd for the ar

payd to for mendyng the chanselldor the gates

payd to clerk for mendyng of A wendon

payd to Alen for iij bushells of Lyme

payd to Alen for mendyng of a bell whell

payd to Alen for mendyng of stolles

pyd for

payd to bred for wasshyng

payd to mr. blakwell for

payd for yron pymes for the chymes




payd for Ryngyng on the crownacon Day


XV jd


ijs. vjd





ijs vjd















payd for mendyng of the chymes vjd.

payd for

161Q Moses Wall I ^1 , 1 <■

^ T^. , 1 r-, • r Churchwardens of

Richard Skiner )

li s d

The Acompt of moses wall Rich Skyner

ffor this yeare for the Rents of the poores Rents

of the Land : also the nionyes wch they Receyved

of master Collins wch was appoynted to be Layd

out ffor Clothing of the poore ffolke wch is as


Moses wall Richard Skyner
Debitors to the Towne
As followeth
ffor one halffe yeres Rent of Ryland held by Beckw"'
ffor one halffe years Rent for Goodman worthor fyld
ffor one halffe year Rent for frances Hawkins of the

ffor one halffe year Rent of martin Skinner
ffor vli wch they Receyved of Mr. Collins wch mony
was given by the Earle of Warwick his Cowntis
ffor mony now Receyved owt of the poores box
ffor a yeare Rent ffor Coxed hall land of Jo : Skyner
ffor one halffe yere Rent of Ryland held by nick
wilbor 00 13 04

ffor one other halffe yeare Rent of fra Hawkins for
the Church grove 00 10 00

ffor one other halffe yeare Rent for the fyld yt
martyn Skyner hold 00 16 08

ffor one other halfe yeare Rent of father worthome
ffor the Allmes howse fyeld the some of 01 00 00

Some is tottell 12 18 9

The Towne of Brayntry. Debitors to Moses
Wall And Richard Skyner. Churchwardens

As followeth li s d

Jmp ffor 40 yerds : of Cloth bought of Mt. James

Sphawke at 2S. p yerd some is 04 CX) 00

ffor halffe a yard of Canvis 00 00 05






































ffor 12 yerds 3 of Cloth at 2s. id. p yerd some is 01 06 06

ffor 21 yerdes of cloth bowght of williani Bentall

at 2s. p yerd of fome is 02 02 00

ffor 17 yards 4/3 of cloth bought of Tho: willbor

at 23d. p.

ffor 12 yards Cloth bowght of william Bentall at 19*^

ffor 9 yards: 1/2 of Cloth bowght of Tho: maning

at i8d p.

ffor 2 yards : of Cloth : at i6d p yard

ffor 3 yards halffe a gallffe quarter at

yard 00 07 05

ffor the making of all this aparell buttens such

things wch money was payd to Jo Skyner the Tayler

the some of 00 12 06

ffor 9 yards: of halff of cloth at p yard 00 19 09

The Totall some of the Recepts amownteth to the

some of 12 18 09

as appeareth on the other syde by prticulars

And the payments doth amownt as appeareth vpon

this syde by pticular to the some of 12'' 18*" y^

So ther Rest Dewnto the towne to Balance the ac-

compt of Creditor: with Debitor the some of

Ijd. 00 00 02


Fly Leaf

"This booke was freely gieuen & bestowed by John Haw-
kyns the younger vnto the toune of Brayntee the third
day of May 1619 and is for the entries of orders to be
sett doun at meetings & vestries"

Folio I At James Sparhawkes meeting May third, 1619

Samuel Collins
W Lyngwood
James Sparhauke
Martin Skynner
Jho Hawkins Junior
Moses Wall
Richard Wortham
Daniell Wall


1619, June 14 Howells children kept at home, fit for service

(Additional Signatures)
At Moses Wall his house

Tho: Burnet
John Lawrence
Thomas Wilbore Elder
Sallaman Drywood
Richard Skinner
John Debnam
William Mann
Thomas Young

1619, July 12

It is agreed that Robert Eliott being growne aged and
poore shall be put into the Almeshouse wherein Baldwin
is, and he turned out.

Mr. Lyngwood, Adrian Mott, John Hawkins and the two
Churchwardens Moses Wall and Richard Skinner shall
talke with Gervase Bradshaw about that mooney of
Margery Eagles late deceased.

1619, July 19 (Continued)

"To remember that at the next Sessions a Course be taken
to suppresse the new erected howses in Coxsall Lane &
also to remove thosse younge men at the ameshowses &
that the Chieffe Streete of this Towne be Cleaner kept.
For all Cuntrie speake shame of it."
(Additional Signatures)

Adrian Mott

Elyas Wortham

William Boutall

1619, Sept. 6

Anne Gay to be warned to provide her a service with all
speede or be sent to the house of correction.
John Haddaway having left his wife & children in Sand-
witch in Kent be sent back from his present abiding with
Fletcher the weaver.

Notice given by William Stebbing of a wench intertained
at John Beckwiths dwelling on Cursing greene that is


supposed to have a greate belly which the Constables have
warning to look after.

Martin Skinner & Joshua Draper, the younger, entreated
to go to next Sessions to prefer indictments again those
who built cottages in Coxsall Lane.
(Additional Signatures)

Josua Drap

Joshua Draper

Robert Wilkines

1619, Oct. 4.

John Roman of Bocking to have Harbinger apprentice.
Notice by Myles Lawson — that one Nicolls hath a wife
and children in Long Melford, he worketh now journey-
man with William Thorne.

(Additional Signatures)
W. Lyngwood
John Marshe

1619, Nov. I

The cottagers came to the townesman to entreat favor.
Churchwardens allowed a rate of £19. 4s. 3d. and give
account to the townsmen at Easter, to be approved by the
greater part of the Company.

Agreed that Roger London shd be addmitted into the
Companie in the place of Solomon Drywood, whose desire
it was that another should be elected in his roome ; and it
is agreed that Solomon Bentall shall sitt in Solomon Dry-
woods roome Moses Wall in Wylliam Bentall's and Roger
London in Moses Walles place.

1619, Dec. 6

Agreed that Robt Whaples shall be admitted into the Com-
pany in the place of John Lawrance, whoe is gone out of
towne & that James Sparhawke Shallbe placed in his seate
& Robt wilkins in his Seate & Robt Whaples in Robt
Wilkinss seate.

(Additional Signature)
Roger London



1619-20, Jan. 3

Agreed that Mr. Burnett shallbe placed in the stoole with
Elyas Wortham, & Martyn Skynner shallbe placed in his
roome that James Sparhauke shallbe placed in his roome
& that Daniel Wall shallbe placed in his roome & that Robt
Wilkins shallbe placed in his roome & Robert Whaples in
his roome.

1619-20, Feb. 18

Agreed widow Gaye be placed in Almes House with
Howell and the widow Coe to be put in the place where
she is.

Agreed that Browne being growne very filthy and trouble-
some shall have his Collection denied him vntil he reforme

Cranford urged to get into some service.
Meeting to be at John Hawkins house the younger on
Shrove Monday.

1619-20, Feb. 28 At Jo:Hawkynes

Agreed that a well house shallbe presently made in place
of the pompe now disconteynwed.
Christopher Harward suppressed from victualling
It is agreed that a rate shallbe made by the Churchwardens
those 6 that sit in Mr. Burnettes stoole, & James Sphawkes
stoole, for the yearelie allowance of 8 li to Robt woodward
the Clarke & sexton.

Jtm Joseph Loomys is chosen to be one of the company
instead of John Hawkyns deceased & to sett in the stoole
with Roger London.

Jtm That Jts agreed that John Marshe and John Haw-
kins shall sit in the seate wth William Bentoll.

1620, April 3 At Mr. Collyns

Pump Imprimis Whereas the last meeting it was agreed that
there should be a wellhouse made in the steade of the
pompe before the house where John Lawrence Dwelt, now
Mr. Lawrence having offered for 30s. to set the pompe
in sufficient reparations and Robert Wylkins having prom-
ised to be the Ouerseer therof for a yeare that it shallbe


kepte in repaire, wee are therfore agreed that the 30s.
shall be allowed to Mr. Lawrence by Robert Wylkins, and
that it shall continew a pompe as it was before.
Seats Jt touchinge the removall of men & placing of those of
the 24 there hath bin much controversy now as the last
it is concluded that rome made for those that are newly
elected into the Companie, that Adrian Mott Martin Skiner
& John Marshe shallbe placed in that seate where father
Hawkins did sitt & Mr. Sparhawke and Richard Wortham
and John Hawkins shall sytt in Martin Skinners Seat & in
the seate out of wch they are removed.

1620, May I At Dan : Walls

It Steeple to be repaired.

1620, June I At William Manns [blank]

1620. July 3 At Richard Skynners [not completed]

1620, Aug. 7 At Robt Whaples

Thomas Goodin Victuler inhibited

(Additional Signature)
Joseph Loomys

1620, Sept. 4 At Adrian Mott

Agreed Anne Hill's be mended that it may not rayn in.

1620, Oct. 2 At Roger London

Earle of Warwick to be solicited to reform disorders in the

1620, Nov. 6 At Thomas Younge

1620, Dec. 4 At Thomas Wilbor

Constabes last year— Robert Wilkins George Spooner and

Henery Browne.

Order concerning cottagers to be speedily put in execution.

1620-21, Jan. I At William Lyngwood

John Marrion and Frances Hawkins elected into the Com-
pany of the 24

[Seats moved up]


1620-21. Feb. 5 At Mr. Sparhawk

(Additional Signatures)
John Maryan
Frances Hawkines

1620-21, March 5 At Moses Wall

i62i,April2 At Martin Skiner
Roger London, Constable

1 62 1, May 7 At Elias Wortham

i62i,June 4 At Richard Wortham

Agreed that a warrant shallbe procured for the Removing
of Lyttle beinge John Lyttles sister.

Agreed that Richard Frewyn shall have the broad Loom
which is in the hands of the Town for 40s.

i62i,Aug. 7 At Robert Willkins

Jarvis Bradshaw has paid to Mr. Collins £20. of Margery
Eagles childs money.

162 1, Sept. 3 At Joshua Draper Senr

Agreed John Ashwell & Frances Hawkins take upon them
the office of scavanging the streetes till Easter next.

1621, Oct. 2. At Joshua Draper Junr

Adrian Mott being High Constable
Cooper to be continued in the house of Correction.
John Hawkins as he passeth through Chelmsford next
Wednesday to agree with the master.

1621, Nov. 5 At Mr. Burnett's

Widow Ingram's boy to be put into the hospital and she
being incorrigible in her idle and vicious course to be
sent to the howse of correction.

Daniel Wall in regard to some losses to be abated one half
penny a week.

i62i,Dec. 3 At John Marsh's

i62i-2jan. 7 At John Hawkin's


Agreed that Tophands sonne that is fanatique shallbe sent
to Bedlam. Overseers to disburse requisite to procure his

1621-2, Feb. 4. At Frances Hawkins

Town to be surveyed by the townsmen for what disordered
persons are crept in.

1621-22 March 4

Item. Mr. Mott found that Stafford Thomas Mans ten-

nant hath taken in one Godwin out of Notley thats hke

to be chargeable to the psh.

Report of disorder person

Edward Samford had taken in Hammond his wife's brother

Robert Whaples informed that the wier drawers wife is

still at Arthur Harris his house etc., etc.

1622, April I At Daniel Wall

A colechester man with his wife come to Emeries.

1622, May 6 At William Mann

Agreed that in the perambulation week the chief inhabitants
of the parish shall meete at Raine Hatch to Survay the
bounds of the pshe there and that they shall have bread &
beere provided at the charge of the pshe by the Church-

Adrian Mott August 5 1622

Memorand that at this meeting Gervase Bradshaw hath
paide the iiij^' remaining of the summ of xxiiij^' due from
him, into the towne, in the behalfe of the child of Margery
Eagles whereof the towne hath taken the charge w*^*^ whole summe
does remaine in the hands of Samuel Collins and at this meeting
John Hawkins hath deliuered in Bradhsawes bond

Jt at this meeting the Overseers account was received in by the
townsmen having bin examined by Adrian Mott Martin Skiner
others they find a surplus page due to the townsmen from them
of 4^' i6s 2^ w^'^ mooney is paide into the hands of Joseph
Lomas one of the new Overseers for the poore all save 4^
w^h the townsmen have thought fitt to abate out of Bedwells


Jt is agreed that the father of Elsabeth Littles child shalbe
sued by a warrant from the Justice that he may be compelled
to take charge of the child

Samuel Collins

John Marrain September 2 1622

Jmprimis the business touching the father of Elizabeth Littles
child being not yet effected is to be followed by the Constables
before the next meeting.

Jt is agreed that Mr. Burnett shalbe removed into Mr. Motts
stoole John Hawkins into Mr. Burnets place Moses Wall into
John Hauckins place William Mann into Moses Walls place Joseph
Lomes into William Mans place John Ashwell must be placed in
his stoole

Jt is agreed that ffruin Samfords mooney shalbe called for by
the Overseers

Samuel Collins

Mr. Lingwood January 6 1622

Memorandum that there is xj'' due to M'' Lingwood that should
have bin paide him when Thomas younge was Churchwarden
w'^'' is to be allowed him by the churchwardens of this yeare

Jt it is agreed that the youngest child of Howard shalbe con-
tinewed w*^ Ferdinands Brookes wife, that she shall have allow-
ance of xv^ a weeke for the nursing thereof

Jt it is agreed that Toplands wife shall have five shillings lent
her by the Overseers

Jt is agreed that the warrant against Agur for carrying him to
the Gaole because he doth victual w*hout license shall be put in
execution by the Constables

Samuel Collins.

Mr. Sparhawk Feb: 3: 1622

Jmprimis John Roberts lies w^'' his sonne Thomas at Jonas
Clayes hath warning to repiare home to Stortford where he was
last lawfully settled if he refuse voluntarily to goe home the
Constables are on weddensday to procure a warrant from the
Justices to send him home by order of lawe


Jt is agreed that Carters daughter thats out of service now
keepe at Adam wards the sister of Bradey that married Casses
daughter shall by the Justices warrant the next weddensday be
sent to the house of Correction

Jt there keepes w*hin Jeremy Riche, Rachel Biford who shall be
called also before the Justices the next weddensday forced cither
to get into service or els be sent w^^ the rest to the house of

Memorandu that three briefs one of Mildruni of Shadwell the
2^ for Crispine of Kingstone for the 3 for Blackman williter of
Shoram for wch briefes were collected 2(f 6*^ are still in the
hands of Moses wall but the mooney collected was by him de-
lievered to the town lent vpo a bill to Gullant for the

paymt of his rent

Jt is agreed that Jackson shalbe called before the Justices who
is ground to great povertie through his owne idleness

Jt it is agreed that Tibball shalbe appointed Beadle for the
space of a month to gather vp about diner supper time all that
begg at mens doores both of o^ owne towne other townes except
such as the Overseers think fit to pmit that he shalbe allowed
for his paines at the discretion of the Overseers

Sa: Collins

John Ashwell Feb: 24: 1622

Jmprimis Edward had warning given to admitt

no inmates into his house especially that he intertayne not
Elias Vngley of Northampton

Jt is agreed that nf" Sparhawkes stoole the stoole behinde them
shall make the Overseers rate who are out of purse much more
than they have received or are by the old rate like to receive
therefore the rate must be increased five monthes

Jt Mr. Burnets stoole that behind him are appointed also to
make the churchwardens rate

Jtem at this meeting Roberts had 2^ 3*^ bestowed vpo him to pay
for the mending of his clothes to help to beare his charges
home to Bishops Stortford who if he do not avoide the towne
herafter shall have the Justices warrant executed vpon him

Samuel Collins


Richard Wortham July 7° 1623

memorandu that att this meeting Edward Greenlnge had hys bond
deHvered in wherein he stood bound to pay 4^ a weeke for the
maintenance of old Cotton

Jt it is agreed that Robert Allin shall have Hunwicks child e for
his apprentice w'^^^ is now kepte in the hospitall shall have

Online LibraryFrank Farnsworth StarrEnglish Goodwin family papers; being material collected in the search for the ancestry of William and Ozias Goodwin, immigrants of 1632 and residents of Hartford, Connecticut .. → online text (page 41 of 44)