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allowed w^^ her by the Overseers x^ in the mooney and such
apparell as the Overseers shall think fitt

Jt it is agreed that Watson childe shalbe placed w^*^ Qiristopher
Watson of Notley and its left to the discretion of the Overseers
what he shall have allowed w^'' the child

Jt its agreed that the Miller w'"'^ keepes w*^*" Sillets Purcase
Vngley late Jnmates come into the tovvne w^h promised before
this time to depte the towne shalbe againe questioned before
the Justices that they may be compelled to leave the towne

Memorandum that at this meeting Mr. Sparhak was allowed 8^
for the order Glofier his charges att the quarter Sessions

Sa : Collins

Joseph Lomas August 5 1623

Memorand that at this meeting Richard Wortham one of the
Surveyors of the last yeare in the behalfe of himselfe and Moses
Wall his partner hath delivered in their accounts as appeares to
be scene in the church chest The third Surveyor John Dry-
wood hath brought in no account but there is confessed by him
xiiij-^ received w'^^ he denies to give such account for as the
townsmen fo approve of therfore it is agreed that a warrant
shalbe procured by Adrian Mott John Hawkins from the Jus-
tices to- question him for it more over there appeares vpo the
casting vp of Richard Worthams account 10^ due to the towne

Jtem at this meeting the Churchwardens of the last yeare M'".
Burnet Robert Whaples gave in theire accompts paide in the
mooney due fro them to the towne to the new Churchwardens
John Marshe John Marrian the pticulars wherof appears in the
other booke kept in the church chest but they have not delivered
in the pticular of the evidence bonds w''^ is referred to some
other time that they may all be distinctly surveyed indorsed


Jt at this meeting- fframcis Hawkins one of the Constables of
the last yeare brought in his owne his ptner wards account but

Mr. Collins Marche 1623

Jmprimis it is agreed that the Overseers shall survey the Almes-
houses to see whoe there may be at fitt place found to place
Emery in presently

Jt is agreed that the Overseers w*** some of the cheefe of the
towiie shall advise w*'' the Justices about raising of meancs for
the maintenance of the poore

Jt is agreed that Kenne boy shalbe by the Authortie of the Jus-
tices remooved from him put into the hospitall because he goes
a begging

Jt notice is given of one Grace thats out of service that keeps
at Littles of Bocking that was scene privately in a chamber locked
vp w*'* Joseph Pull in

Samuel Collins

Daniel Wall April 5 1624

Robert Braddey complaining of want of worke was appointed to

come to John Hawkins for spinning worke

Jtem at this meeting the Constables of the yeare past John Deb-
nam Samuel Smithe William Goodwin have given in their
accounts for the last yeare w"^ are approoved and delivered into
the church chest

Jt is agreed that the Overseers for the poore shall hire Halles
house at the further end of the towne so many Crosiers houses
as are to be lett for the vse of our poore that the widow
Becke*^' shalbe placed in one of them

Jt at this meeting it was agreed that the new overseers should
pay to Bredg ffor nowUing Rent vntill our lady Day w*^^''
was vi* viij*^ w'^'' was pd the same day by Roger London

Jtm at this meeting It was agreed that the overseers showld pay
xiiij' x*^ to Rich man ffor Emery Rent w^'' 14^ 10*^ was pd
this psent day by Roger London w'^h 14' 10'' made vp xx^ w*'*'
the mony Rich man had beffore of the old overseers

Thomas wylbore elder


Richard Skiner June 7 1624

Att this meeting divers complaining for worke were provided

for as ffolloweth

Jmp^ Ansom a kember is set a worke by John Hawkins

Jt WilHam Martin is there provided also Richard Hall

Jt Adam Ward is appointed to wroke w*^ Adrian Mott

Jt Robert Wilkins promised to procure worke for Saward wth old

Snowe in John Debnams worke

Jt at all the churche good o evidence are

delivered this day unto the hande of the new churchwardens
ffrancis Hawkins Henery Browne

Jt at this meeting the binding of Howells boy w*^^ Hudson the
wyer drawer was confirmed by consent of the company
Jt Gallant is appointed to worke w^h Daniel Wall

Samuel Collins

Robert Whaples July 1624

Adrian Mott August 2 1624

Jmprimis its agreed that one quarters rent w^^ comes to vj*
viij'^ shalbe payde to ffather Bredge of Rayne for Nowlinge w*^^
was due at Midsomer vnles wee can remoove Nowlinge this
week then Bredge will discherge Nowling of all the rent that
is past This vj^ viij*^ is paide to Bredge at this meeting vpo the
receipte wherof he does acknowledge himself satissfied till
Michaeltide the townsmen Bredge have agreed to hire the house
for 3 yeares for 20* pamm to be paid quarterly according to the
custome of the Mannor its further agreed that ffather Bredge
shall pay for the 2^ a yeare w""*^ formerly he was rated but vj^
a yeare to the poore if ffather Bredge can gett any dayes work
out of Nowling towards the rent due the townesmen will not
be against it Jn witness wherof father Bredgy hath set to his

The marke of John
Bredge of Raine

Jt at this meeting M' Sparhak M^ Lingwood brought in theire
accounts of theire office being the last yeare Surveyors for
the high wayes they delivered in an overplus of iiij^ iiij*' of


w^^ is allowed of the mooney is put into the poore mans box
vntill there be further order taken

Sa Collins

Mr. Burnet November 2*'' (1629)

Jt, at this meetinge it was agreed that John Whale should have

libertye to victle take in horses vppon the Weddensday

Jt its agreed that yf Robt Woodword shall suffer anye to Ringe
the bells, without the consent from Mr. Collins or one of the
Churchwardens that he shall forfaict 2® 6*^ for the vse of the

Jt it is agreed that Mr. Collins shall give Joane Bacon twenty
shillings in Recompence of her house standing empty half a
yeare by the Townes meanes this monye is to bee payd out of
that monye Remanyninge in his hands w''*' was Collected for the

Jt Robt Kirby hath warning to voyde his hous of mary ffrancis
Kirby befor Thursday next

Jt its further agreed that Deniel Walle shall have xij*^ a weeke
for the keepinge of Richard Lampson from the tyme of his first
keep of him, vntill such tyme he be taken from him

Sa. Collins
Th : Burnet
Adrian Mott
Richard Wortham

Jts agreed that John Skinner shall send to the Hospitall six
bushells of wheatc malte to be ground

Robt wortham 5^^^*" of malt Daniel wall 6 ^^^ of malt Robt wil-
kins 2^^*' of mislan ni' Scott 4 '^'"^ of malte 2 ''^^ of wheate

Robert Wilkins
Daniel wall
Richard Scott
John Debnam
Robert Wortham
John Ashwell
John Skynner
John ward

John Battye



Mr. Hawkins December i 1629

It at this meetinge Jt is agreed that one Jacob ffitche chayre

maker of Colchester shall have liberty to hyre a house w^hin

the prishe vppon condition that his father shall give a

sufficient dischardg to the pishe

Jt is agreed that W"" marshall shall have 13^ 4^^ for keepinge
of the nkett bushell keepinge the Crosse cleane decent w*'4n
to keepe the key safely

Jts further agreed that the Constables shall pcure a warrant

for the Remoovinge of Thomas Angur from Robt Huckerbyres


to Salinge whence he cam

Jt Jn° marrian hath payd in 14^ Rich wortham hath payd in 11^ i*^
w*^"^ remayned in his hands w'"^ is 25^^ i*' this monye is payd
to Rich Skinner Rich Thursby Bardge Allen, the old Surveyors

Jt James Coffield is to be Removed to her Almes house wher
Ann Hillis Dwelleth, the owseers to lend him tenn shillings

Jt Thomas Hebell is to give to the wyddow Garrette Daughter
4^ towards Apell before Shroverdyde next

Jt there is Remayninge 3'' due to Bardge Allen his ptrs Sur-
vayers, w*'' he beinge Constable this yeare, the Towne is
willinge he should pare him self bringe it in, in his accompt

Jt the wyddowe Garrets boy is to be placed at the Hospitall
Jt yf Jn" Brand deli a pawne worth 7s into the hands of the
overseers, they shall pay him 7s

Jt Robt wortham one of the Churchwardens for the last yeere
hath brought in x^ a farthinge w^h was collected the i8th of
Maye 1628, this briefe was gathered for William Chawcroste
putt into the poores box

Sa: Collins

Mr. Collins Januar}^e 4*h (1629)

Jt Jts agreed that the wyddow Garrett shall allowe eight pence

the weeke to the hospitall towards the bringinge up of her



Jt its referred to the overseers discretion to provyde some
apell for Huntsmans daughter in Lawe

Jt Jn° ward doth pmisse to Jndeavour to Remove one Algar w*^*^
is lately come into Mathew Barnards house

Jt Robt Myris is requested to goe to the Sessions about the
Towne business is promissed his charges

about the Bridge
Knops boye
Edward Mann
Edward JosHn

Sa: Collins

Daniel Wall ffebruarye i^^*

Jt Jts ordered that Joane Lord shalbe sett to work at the
Hospital yf she bee disordered notice be given to nf
Collins the overseers thereof, they will pcure a warrant
from the Justice for her reformacon

Jt is agreed that the overseers shall take an Jnventorye of
all the Towne good Remayninge at the Hospitall for all over-
seers successively for tyme to come

Jt the overseers to give further Deekes xij*^ towards the
buyinge a pair of shoues

Jt Jts agreed that one shalbe appoynted fayerly to Ingrosse
all officers accompts to sett downe into a bboke appoynted
for that purpose, the severall fomes of monye given by the
Collectors, to all the pore in the pishe

Samuel Collins.

Richard Skiner Marche i^'' 1629

Jts agreed that ewy one of the Companye shall survaye their
walkes bringe in the names of any Inhabitant in the pishe
against the next meeting

Jt Jts agreed that all the officers shall have notice given them
to bringe in their accompts on the mundaye before Easter to be
viewed, examyned cast cpp by the Townesmen whoe will attend
them at Churche about eight of the clock in the forenoone the
same Daye



Remember that Robt Daughton fynde out Beckwith his


m*^ at this meetinge M*' CoUins beinge abroade we wanted the
book what we agreed vppon, was sett downe in a loose pap

Tho: Burnett

Richard Scott Aprill 5*'' 1630

Jt at this meetinge M"" ColUns brought in the accompt of 37 '' 13^
lo*^ w"^^ Remayned in his hands by a Rate for the hospitall, ther
is layd out as ap'"" 34^^ 12-'* 7*^ for ther remayned still due to the
Towne 3 " i' 3''

Jt its further agreed that the overseers m^ Hawkins his ptners
shall have a Rate made for twenty pounds vppon Condicon they
shall give such accompt therof to the Towne as the most of the
company shall accept of Robert Aylett

Samuel Collins
Adrian Mott
Daniel Wall
Richard Skinner
Robert Whaples
John Maryan
John Ashwell
John Skinner
Richard Scott

Alehouskeeps lycensed this yeare
Eliz Shepheard wyd ,
Edward Ladd
fifrancis Wasselm vid
J Osbourne
moyles Lawson
Mary Paule vid
Ann Warr vid
Jno Powell
Margaritt Miresse vid

Harrard vid
Wm Warricker

John Debnam June 7"^ 1630

Jmprimis at this meetinge the old Constables Thomas younge


Richard Scott Ambrose ffran have brought in forty three

shilHngs tenn pence

Robert Myris hath payd in seaven pounds monye w*'^ he Rec of
Roger London w^h was monyes given to the Towne by Joseph
Drap Jno Marshe

Jts referred to the overseers to provyde for Gouldings

Jt its agreed that the 20 ''' given to the pore to buy wood w'hall
margerye Eagles monye beinge 35H beinge in Robt Whaples
hands 9 ''' 17*" 9'^ w''^' Robt Myris hath in his handes hath this
day brought in pt of it, as aprs above, all thes monyes being 64^*
17^ 9'' to be dd into Mr. Collins hands to be Jmployed by him
for sea Coale for the benifite of the pore the towne

Jt ew y one of the company to walke their circuits bring in
the names of the seu all Jnhabitants w'hin tehm att the next

Samuel Collins

Adrian Mott

Richard wortham

Robert Wilkines

Richard Skinner

Robert Whaples July 5% 1630

Jt the wyddowe Algar hath warninge to remove Browne out of

her hous psently

Jt we agree that Pullin shalbe set on worke at the Hospitall
the overseers to supply his wants, yf hee bee not able to yarne
his livinge

Jt the Constables to give warninge to Howells daughter minnom
Stantons daughters to .gett them services wth in a month, or
send them to the Hospitall

Sa : Collins.

Adrian Mott August 2"'

Jt its agreed that a peticon shalbe pferred to my Lord of War-
wick for the puttinge by of the fayer

Jt its further agreed that the overseers shall provyde for old
fifather Paule in the tyme of his sicknes


Jt the overseers to enquyer concerning the keepinge of Cookes
Child by Goodwin's wyfe, to take care for it

Jt the agreement between Bocking Braincktrye of prevencon
of any removinge from eyther towne to other is to be sought
for entred into the booke at the next meeting soe to gett
Bockings mens hands to it according to their pmisse

Sa : ColHns

John Marrian September 6"' 1630

Jt its agreed that the overseers shall give xij'' to father Deekes

towards the Recoverye of his sight

Jt its agreed that yf the jaylor comes not to conferr w*^*^ the
townes men about the keepinge of Knops childe before the next
meeting that then Mr. Lingwood Robt Myris shall attend the
Sessions about it be allowed their charges

Jts further agreed vppon that John Skiner Robt Wortham shall
talke w^h Goodman Crowe of Bockinge concerninge Margarett
Carters monye in his handes

We further agree, that Margarett Carter shall worke at the
hospitall vntill she can provyde her a service

We agree that the Constables shall pcure a warrant to convene
Jonas Claye before the Justice to make him take a course to
pvyde for his childe, or to send him to the house of correction

Jt at this meetinge Richard Scott John Ward doe promisse to
laye out forty pounds in buttur cheese for the benifyte of the

John Ash well October 4*'' 1630

Jt Thomas Cowly wanting worke is appoynted
to wroke w^'^ John Batty

Jt Paxon is to worke w*^' him alsoe

Jt the overseers to paye xij*" to mr Collins

w*'^' he layd out for a yeares rent for the wyddow

Halles her rent endinge at o'^ Lady day last

Sa : Collins


John Battye December 6**^ (1630)

Jt ther is given to Braddyes wyfe 6*^ w^"^ Richard wortham gave

for not cominge to the meetinge

Jt M^ Burnet is requested to speake w'^'^ M^ Tompson about the
heahnge of a fistula vpon the Jo : Swaynes sonne

Jt Lamberts sonn is to be bound vv*'^ ffraunces Barnard for
nyne yeares, the overseers to provyde him a suite apall

M*" Hawkins hath payd 6^ 8*^ to m"" Thursby one of the Church-
v^ardens for a Lycence to eate fleshe

Jt Jts referred to m'^ Thursby, Henry Brown Robt Worthum or
two pf them, to lett Huntsmans house to Robt Claye

Jts agreed Rich Lampson should be bound w*'^ Jno Evington for
eight yeares the overseers to allow him three pounds

Jt Leach his daughter is to be sent to the Hospitall

Jt Wests girle is to be sent to Cranford her father at Panfield
Jno Taylcott is to take care of it

Jt Packs wife was relieved by mR Thursby she had 6^^ given her

Jt Hurrall Engrum to have a baye of Adrian Mott

Jt John Debnam Adrian Mott wth the Churchwardens are to see
some cloathe at Wm Goodings for the vse of the pore

Jt George Eedes is appoynted to work w"' Robt wilkins

Sa: Collins

May 7,1632.
Item. At this meeting Adrian Mott one of the Audytors/of
the Churchward acompt being Willam Gooding & Rye Thursby
for the/yeare 1630 the some of six pounds twelffe shillings :
yd. et Isay 6.12.7. which mony was Delyved Into the hands of
Daniel Wall/one of the overseers which was to be to help make
a stock/p Mr. John Hawkins.


22 Aprilis At the vestry on Ester monday
1622 were elected these officers



m^ Burnett
Robt whaples

Wm Gooding
Barge Allyn
Bartholomew Purcas
Anthony Miris



Joseph Loomys
Edward Greenyng
Robt Wortham


Moses wall
Richard wortham
John Drywood


the i8th Daye of Apryll 1625
att the vestrie on Easter mundaye

John Ashvvell
George Stanes

Samuell ffenton
Edward Stebbing
wyllm wadsworth
wyllm waslyn

Adryan mott
Thomas manne
wyllm Goodding

churche wardens



Att our meeting in the vestrey on
Easter Monday Marche 29 1630
these officers were chosen whose names
are here vnder written

Rice Thursby
William Goodwin


Peter Joslin
william Peare
John Sparhawke
Edward Must




Ditto — 163 1

Henry Browne
Ezedkiel Hall
John Searle

Thomas Bird
Samewell smith
Georg Graues

[No Goodwin]




Tho. Wilbor, Sen.

Martin Skinner
Joh Lommys

W°^ Bentall
John Harris
Martin Owting

Adrian Mott
Tho Bridge
Joshua Draper Sen
Johes Laurence

1616, 4 April.

Tho. Yonge
Johes Marshe
Solomon Drywood
Henr Shepherd

1617, 15 Aug.

Ricus Bedwell
Hen Bested
John Ashwell

1618, 16 Aug.
W^ Joselyn
Nichus Wilbore
Mos Wall
Johes Marriott

Tobie Debnam
Ricus Skinner
Georgi Spooner
Johes Hawkines

Ricus Mann Sen
Ricus Owting

Jac Sparhawke
Danl Wall
Jac Wiseman
Johes Man
Johes Everington

Adrian Mott
Jac Sparhawk
Stephen Reary
Rtus Wilkins
Tho' Wilbore
Johes Loomys
Tho Manninge

1619, 29 March

Joshua Draper
Tho Younge
Ricus Wortham
Johes Marsh
Johes Hawkins
Johes Debnam
Ricus Skinner

Hrnrus Brown
Geo Spooner
Johes Lee
Nicus Wilbore
Johes Mann



Adrian Mott
Jac Sparhawke
Willis Mann
Rtus Wilkins
Martin Skinner
Tho Wilbor Sen

Josephus Mann gent
Martin Skynner

Martin Skinner
Tho Mann Sen
Ws Mann
Rtus Wilkins
Johes Marsh

John Hawkins
Adrian Mott
Ws Mann
Joshua Draper Junr
Tho Younge
Ricus Wortham
Willus Barnard

Johes Marsh
Johes Skynner

Adrianus Mott
Wills Mann
Tho Mann Sen
Martin Skinner
Johes Marsh
Joshua Draper
Willms Bentall

1620, 17 April

• Josephus Lummis
Thomas Maning
Joshua Draper
Ricus Wortham
Johes Marshe
Willus Bentall

1621, 4 March
Robtus Wilkins
Willus Mann

1621, April 5
Ricus Wortham
Joshua Draper
Willus Bentall
Willus Barnard
Johes Debnam

1622, 22 April
Johes Debnam
Ricus Skinner
Henr Browne
Ws Hilton
Francus Hawkins
Rogus London
Johes Ashwell

1622, I May
Ricus Skynner
Ws Mann

1623 Easter Monday
Tho Wilbore Jun
Ricus W ortham
Willus Barnard
Johes Ashwell
Ricus Skynner
Johes Marryon
Moses Wall

Johes Hawkins
Johes Debnam
Ricus Skinner
Rogus London

Johes Marrion
Ricus Mann Sen
Frances Hawkins
Roger London
Johes Ashwell

Thomas Bird
Jac Wiseman
Sml Smith
Ws Bigsby
Gilbtus Josselin

Robtus Wortham
Nicus Wilbor

Nichus Wilbore
Willus Marshall
Ricus Mann Sen
Robtus Minos
Willus Eders


I 169

Adrian Mott
Johes Hawkins
Tho Mann
Rtus Wilkins

Adrian Mott
Johes Hawkins
Ws Barnard
Johes Marsh
Johes Debnam

Johes Hawkins
Adria Mott
Willus Mann
Rtus Wilkins
Johes Marsh
Danl Wall

Johes Hawkins
Jac Sparhawke
Ws Mann
Tho Mann Sen
Rtus Wilkins

Rtus Wilkins
Ws Mann
Tho Mann
Ricus Wortham
Ricus Skynner

Johes Hawkins
Adrian Mott
Jac Sparhawke
Rtus Wilkins
Danl Wall

1623 (1624?) Easter Monday

Willus Bentall Francus Hawkins

Johes Debnam Johes Skinner

Ricus Skynner
Johes Marryon

1635 (1625?) Easter Tuesday
Jac Wiseman
Ws Marshall
Francus Hawkins
Johes Ashwell
Ricus Thursby

1626, Easter Monday
Johes Debnam
Ws Barnard
Henr Joselin
Ricus Skynner
Henrus Brown
Johes Skinner

1627, Easter Monday
Johes Marsh
Danl Wall
Tho Wilbore
Johes Debnam
Josephus Lomys

1628, Easter Monday
Radus Josselin
Johes Sparhawke
Edrus Stebbing
Wills Hilton
Rtus Wortham

Johes Debnam
Tho Manning
Ricus Wortham
Ricus Skinner

Johes Batty
Rog London
Joseph Lomys
Ricus Skinner
Johes Skinner

Jacobus Wiseman
Johes Bird
Ws Beardsley
Saml Smith
Johes Ashwell

Ricus Skinner
Henr Browne
Johes Skinner
Samuel Smith

Willus Marshall
Johes Batty
Rtus Myris
Ambrose ffulham
Josephus Riddesdale

Henry Brown
Johes Sparhawke
Ricus Wortham
Jac Wiseman

1 170


Adrian Mott
Ricus WoTtham
Ricus Skinner
Johes Marrion
Tho Bird
Johes Josselin

Adrian Mott
Johes Debnam
Danl Wall
Ricus Skinner
Rtus Wortham
Tho Bird


Johes Ashwell
Johes Sparhawke
Rtus Myris
Johes Batty
Ws Marshall
Ezekiel Hall

Johes Ashwell
Johes Marrion
Ricus Scott
Rtus Myris
Johes Sparhawke
Henr Brown

Johes Northage
Ws Elders
Saml Bird
Jac Wiseman
Antus Myris

Saml Smith
Wills Bixby
Johes Searl
Jac Wiseman
Ws Elders

johes Keitley
Josephus Mann

Adrian Mott
Tho Mann
George Northage
Danl Wall
Tho Manning
Ricus Wortham

1632, 25 June
Tho Bird

1632, 22 May
Ws Marshall
Johes Josseline
Johes Skinner
Ricus Scot
Rtus Wortham
Johes Ashwell

Johes Sparhawk

Tho Bird

Ambrose ffullsham
Johes Sparhawke
Johes Nevell
Anthus Myris
Johes Coker

Folio I


At a court Monday Easter 2 James L Maria Mott
junr admitted on the death of her father, Mark Mott
into Gravel Pitts and "Goodins" etc.

Folio 46

At a court Monday Easter 10 James II Beatrix Allin
late wife to Thomas Gooding administratrix of Josie
Allin and Dorothy his wife deceased Lands, etc. to
which Thomas Goodin son and heir of said Thomas and
Beatrix was admitted.





Folio 54

At a court i Charles John Andrews and

Elizabeth his wife surrender tenements to Philip God-
dinge [and "wife" in margin] and heirs. Admitted.

Folio 88

At a court 29 March 1638 Thomas Goodwin admitted
to lands called Minches Oak in Braintree which the
I2th of April 1664 he concedes to his wife Mary for
life then to his brother John Goodwin and his brother

Folio 91

At a court 3 April 19 Charles I. Philip Goodwin de-
ceased, his son and heir, William Goodwin of London
tailor, admitted.

Folio 93

At a court 29 March 14 Charles I Matthew Goodwin,
son and heir of Thomas Goodwin, deceased, admitted
to Minches, which is in the holding of Richard Dale of
Halsted, Essex, husbandman.


Official Book, 1621 to 1624.

Folio 51 Braintree, on Monday, to wit the 14th day of the
month of October, Anno Domini 1622, before the
Honorable Robert Aylett, Doctor of Laws, Commis-
sary, with the permission of Edmund Tillingham,
Deputy Registrar.

Braintree. Mr. Samuel Collins, vicar. absent

4 Present Mr. Thomas Harnett. l-yY^^j-^gj^g q£

Present Robert Wheples / complaints.

Present. William Goodwin

Present. Barie eliah Allen

Present. Bartholomew Purcas Sidesmen

Present. Anthony myaris

Folio 92




Braintree, Saturday, to wit, the third day of the
month of May Anno Domini, 1623.

Mr Samuel ColHns, vicar. For the presentation

of causes

Present. Mr Thomas Burnett. L,. ,

^ , „-, , >■ Wardens.

Present. Robert Whaples. J

WiUiam Goodwin
Barije eUah Allen.
Bartholomew Purcas
Anthony myaris.

John marrien l.^^^^^^^
John march J

Official Book 1628-1630.

Braintree, Monday, to wit, the loth day of the
month of May, Anno Domini, 1630 before the High
Commissary, to wit, with the permission of Edmund
Tillingham, Registrar.

Sworn, the wardens and sidesmen in said place, con-
vened for the presentation of complaints.

Otherwise excused Richard Thursby 1 ,,. ,

bv decree ^^■^^■ r A >Wardens.

Dy aecrec. William Goodwm.J

Peter Josselyn
John Sparhawke
Edward Musse
By decree William Peare

Folio 130a.



Folio 2ia.


Official Book 1630-1632.

Braintree, Thursday, to wit, the 14th day of the month
October, 1630, Before Mr. Samuel Collins, Clerk,
Surrogate, to wit, with the permission of Edmund
Tillingham, Registrar.

Sworn, Richard Thursby \yjT 1
William Goodwin J



Peter Josecelyn
Edward Mosse
John Sparhawke
William Peare

sSidesmen. For the

of complaints.

Folio 62a. Braintree, Saturday, to wit, the 23d day of the

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