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Online LibraryFrank Farnsworth StarrEnglish Goodwin family papers; being material collected in the search for the ancestry of William and Ozias Goodwin, immigrants of 1632 and residents of Hartford, Connecticut .. → online text (page 44 of 44)
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Sign m Margaret Goodwyn. John Payne. Sign m Nicholas

Cancelled and another taken 21 June 1589.

Taunton Castle. Mortgage Surrenders. Book
1583/90 folio, 512.

Hundred of Otterford. Margaret Goodwyn widow surren-
dered as above (see folio 507) to same. Taken 21 June 31
Elizabeth in the presence of Roger Chaplyn and Nicholas Gybbes.
Void 14 May 1589 in the presence of Roger Chaplyn and John
Slape. Paid L26.

Taunton Castle Mortgage Surrenders, Book
1583-90 folio 514.

ditto. 24 March 32 Elizabeth.

Taunton Castle, Mortgage Surrenders, Book
1583/90, folio, 515.

1 59 1 33 Elizabeth. Tithing of Otterford. Margaret Goodwin
appears on p. 465.

Taunton Castle 1 582-1 592.

Latin. Anno 29 Elizabeth.fs iis iiijd. Simon Goden for i

messuage and 15 acres of virgin land and pasture to-
gether in Ruishton Moor in the tithing of Ruishton.
From John Bruscombe holding the (rentseck?)
Taunton Castle 1583- 1592 folio 437b.

Folio 468. Same again by Goden,is crossed out and
Coden substituted.

Latin. 1595. I Ex. Anno (26?) 36? Elizabeth, f 8/4.

Peter Goddwyn p' for i cottage, houselot and ap-
purtenances containing 2 daywere in the tithing of

fin 8/4. From John Brodforde holding the (rentseck?)

Taunton Castle Fines, 1 592-1602 folio 169a.

^^*'"- Hundred of Staplegrove.

29 January,38 Elizabeth. William Goddwyn gentle-
man, for permission to dispose of his farm to whom-


soever he pleases,i messuage, i quit-rent, lo acres of
virgin land in the tithing of Obridge on Christmas
Day in the year of our Lord 1595 to the end of the
period, and during the whole period of 26 years
next following the completion of plowing and seeding
the land during the said period to etc. (if on the
same Christmas i year on the following day,if the
aforesaid William and Chrispia his wife scrupulously
keep to the agreement i year after this day.
Taunton Castle Fines, 1592- 1602 folio 201.


20 March 1622. For copy of recognizance, Goodinge. 10''.
Archdeaconry of Suffolk,Act Book 5 folio 5.

14 June 1622. For copy of recognizance. Gooddinge ad( **)
Suckerman. 10.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk,Act Book 5 folio 7.

15 March 1622/3. Copies of deposition in case of Suckerman
contra Goodinge to be made.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk,Act Book 5 folio 29.

4 April 1623. For copies of deposition of witnesses Sucker-
man contra Gooddinge, besides 3/- already received. 20 .
Archdeaconry of Suffolk,Act Book 6, folio i.


Agreement between John Anthonie and Ozeeus Whaples. Be
it known unto all men by these presents that whereas I John
Anthonye of Ashlye in the co. of Cambs, clerke, stande bounde
unto Ozee Whaples of Kyrtlyn, Cambs, yeoman in the sum of
4 score pounds for the payment of £40 as in the same obliga-
tion (hearing date Anne 27*^ Regime) moreplanclie appercth and
the said sum of £40 not satisfied, noe yt is agreed between the
saide John Anthonie and the Ozee Whaples that the said Anthonie
his heirs &c, shall paie or cause to be paid unto the said Ozee
Whaples his heirs &c the said sum of £40 in manner and
forme following: £20 within one year next following the date
of the presents to be paid to the said Ozee Whaples and the


Other £20 to be paid unto Jeremy Whaples son of the said Ozee
(now being of the age of 12 years) at such time as the said
Jeremy shall accomplish the age of 21 years. If the said Jeremy
dapart out of this world before he is 21, then the £20 shall
be paid to the said Ozee Whaples at such time as Jeremye should
have been 21. For the better security of these payments the
said John Anthonie doth give grantte and set over the said Ozee
Whaples all his household stuff, implements, goods in his house,
horses, bullock, &c.

4 February 32 Elizabeth.

Witnesses John Myllwarde, John Blackman and Raffe Cocker-

23 August 1 59 1. Ozee Whaples produced witnesses to prove
the above.

Archdeaconry of Sudbury. Register Bacon,

folio ^2.


3 & 4 James I. Thomas Gooddinge of Freston, gent and
Marie his wife in accomplishing an agreement. Thomas Gooding
sells to Edward Melsoppe a messuage in parish of St. Mary at
Elms which belonged to William Gooding, grandfather of
Thomas Gooding.

Court Rolls of Ipswich.

Richard Wade of Ipswich and Maria his wife, sell to John
Goodwyn of Ipswich, marryner, and Cicilia his wife a tenement
and land in St. Clements.

Court Rolls of Ipswich 1006-7.

20 September, I. James I. James Colman of Bramford, wol-
len weaver and Christian his wife, sold messuage in St. Mary le
tower Ipswich to Francis Goodinge of Bramforde, silkweaver.

Court Rolls of Ipswich.


Robert Goodwin, son of Richard Goodwin of London, linen
draper, apprenticed to Henry Chapman. Enrolled 21 August,
1600. (Entry never completed).

Enrollment of apprentices at York.



First of September 1656. William Goodwin of London, gold-
smith, landed at Dover ye 29th past out a small vessell from
callice and came to London in company of the said Thomas Dent
and Robert Piggott and lodgith at his house at ye Bottle in Cheap-
side in the parish of ffoster London and saith he went over into
ffrance only to see Callice and is now returned.
British Museum ?,Additional Manuscripts 340i5,vol.ii ?page 54


13 August 1653. John Woodward of the Middle Temple.
Charles Woodward of Colchester, clothier.

Ireland State Papers vol ? page 427.

Thomas Goodwin of London.

Ireland State Papers vol ? page 432.

Abigail Roberts relict of John Roberts to John Watson to
draw for Everard Roberts son and heir who is now beyond

Ireland State Papers vol ? page 435.

William Goodwinde to Eames.

Ireland State Papers vol ? page 438.

Goodwin (Kilkenny)

Ireland State Papers vol ? page 453.

William Goodwin, Francis Hill, Lawrence Sandes, Samuel

Ireland State Papers vol ? page 463.



Godden, Robert, Trinity, s. L 1623-4. A. B. 1627-8 ;A.M.i63i.
Goddin, William.Corp.Ch. s. c.1593.


Goddinge, Rich. Clare, s. E 1621. A. B. 1623-4 ;A.M.i627,Goodin.

Godwin, Edmund, Queen's, s. E 1635. A. B. 1638-9 ;A.M. 1642.

Godwin, Edward, Christ's, p. E 1629. A.B. 1632-3.

Godwin, John, Christ's, p. E 1629.

Godwin, Samuel, Christ's, p. E 1639. [Goodwin.]

Godwin, William, v. Goodwin.

Gooding, James, Emm. p. c.1592.

Goodinge [Goodwin,] John, Sid. p. E 1610. A.B.(Pem.)i6i3-

Goodinge, John, Pemb.* [1658] A.B.i66i-2;A.M.i665.
Goodinge, Robert, Queen's. s. M 1620. A.B. 1623-4.
Goodin, Samuel, Queen's, p. E 1627.
Gooddinge, Thomas,Clare. p. L 1577-8. A.B. I58i-2;A.M.I585,

Goodwin, Anth. Trin. s. E 1571. A.B.i575-6(Matr. Gooddyn)
Goodwyn, Barth. Queen's p. L 1578-9.

Goodwin, Barthram,John's p. E 1618. A.B. 1621-2; A.M. 1625.
Goodwin, Blaise, [Caius. f-c M 1569.]
Goodwin, Edmund, Corp.Ch. s. E 1607. A.B.1610-1 ;A.M.i6i4,

Goodwin, Edmund, Jesus, p. E 1656. A.B. 1659-60 ;A.M. 1664.
Goodwin, Edward, Corp.Ch. [1581.]
Goodwin, Ewin, Corp.Ch. p. E 1623. A.B. 1626-7.
Goodwin, Fran. Trin. p. E 1637. A.B.i64i-2;A.M.i645(Matr.

Goodwyn, George, Trin.* p. M 1578. A.B. 1582-3 ;A.M. 1586;

Goodwyn, George, Christ's. s. L 1581-2.
Goodwin, George, [Emm. p. E 1630.]

Goodwin, George, Caius. s. E 1632. A.B. 1634-5 ;A.M. 1638.
Goodwyn, John, Mich. Ho. p. E 1544.
Goodwynne, John, Corp. Ch.p. M 1581.
Goodwyn, John John's* s. M 1587. A.B. ( ?i59i-2) ; A.M.

1595; S.T.B.1602; S.T.P. 1616;
Goodwin, John, Trin.* p. E 1609. A.B.i6i2-3;A.M.i6i6 (Matr.

Goodwin, John, Sid. p. E 1610.
Goodwin, John, Queen's s. E 1612. A.B.i6i5-6;A.M.i6i9.


Goodwinge, John,King's. s. E 1613.

Goodwin, John, Trin. s. E 1625. A ;B. 1628-9 ;A.M. 1632.

Goodwin, John, A. B. (King's) 1631 (Incorp.from Oxford) ; A.M.

Goodwin, John, Emm. p. E 1629. A.B. 1632-3 ;A.M. 1636.
Goodwin, John. [Christ's p. E 1635.]

Goodwin, John, John's p. M 1656. A.B. 1659-60 ;A.M. 1663.
Goodwin, Jonat. Jesus, s. E 1623. A. B. 1636-7 ;A.M.i64i.
Goodwynne, Mat. Caius. p. E 1579.

Goodwin, Nath. Corp.Ch. s. M 1619. A.B. 1623; A.M. 1627.
Goodwin, Nath. A.M. 1633 (Incorp. from Oxford).
Goodwin, Phil. John's, s. E 1623. A. B. 1626-7 ;A.M. 1630.
Goodwin, Phil. Corp. Ch. s. E 1653. A.B. 1656-7 ;A.M. 1660.
Goodwin, Ralph, Trin.* p. E 1608. A.B.1611-2 ;A.M.i6i5.
Goodwin, Ralph, Trin. H. s. E 1637. A.B. (Qu.) 1639-40 ;A.M.

Goodwin, Rich. Magd. s. M 1621. A.B. 1624) 5.
Goodwin, Rich. Emm. s. M 1632. A. B. 1635-6 ;A.M. 1639.
Goodwin, Rob. Queen's [s. E 1620.] A.B. 1623-4, Gooddin ;

A.M. 1627.
Goodwyn, Roger.Oueen's s. M 1569. A.B. 1573-4.
Goodwin, Tho. John's p. c.1593.

Goodwin, Tho. Emm. p. E 1607. A.B.1610-1 ;A.M.i6i4.
Goodwin, Tho. Christ's p. E 1614. A.B.1616-7 ;A.M.(*Cath.)

1620 ;S.T.B. 1630
Goodwin, Tho. Sidney, p. E 1632.
Goodwin, [Tho.] Peterho. p. E 1637.
Goodwin, Tho. Cath. p. M 1639. A.B. 1642-3 ;A.M. (*Joh.)

Goodwyn, VincentGonv. H. s. M 1554.

Goodwyn, VincentCaius. p. E 1588. A.B. ( ?i69i-2) ;A.M. 1595.
Goodwyn. W. John's, p. M 1564.
Goodwyn, Will. A.M. 1683 (Incorp. from Oxford).
Goodwin, Will. A.B. (Corp.C.)i597-8,Godwyn;A.M.i6oi.
Goodin, W^ill. Queen's s. L 1620-1. A.B. 1623-4.
Goodwin, Will John's, s. E 162 1.

Goodwin, Will Queen's S. M 1621. A.B. 1624-5 ;A.M. 1628.
Goodwin, Will. Emm. p. E 1627. A.B.1630-1
Goodwin, [Christ's, s. L 1622-3.]



s. Sizar.

p. Pensioner.

* Fellow of.
f-c. Fellow-Commoner. .
M. Michaelmas Term.

E. Easter Term.

L. Lent Term

Square brackets denote a College source of information.
From "University of Cambridge; Matriculations and Degrees,
1 544-1659," by John Venn and J.A. Venn.

Goodwin, Ozias,

















sr.died Bocking,i626.

jr. living Bocking 1627.

Sudbury, 1 58o,Castle Hedingham 16 10

buried Bocking

Barham, Suffolk.

St. Augustine's London, 1630,


born Canterbury, circa 1620.

born Honiton, Devon

living Halstead 1600

Feversham,circa 1680


Hoxey,Isle of Axholme,i623.

Hertfordshire,circa 1700.

buried Stepney.

buried St. Lawrence,Norwich,i630.

Yarmouth 1626.

Barham.Suffolk, 1 590.



Page 193. The following paragraph should have appeared
between the abstracts of the will of Robert Gooddinge and
that of William Goodwine.

7 May 1614. Administration of the goods of Ann Goodwin,
late of Okely Magna, county Essex, deceased, granted to William
Goodwin the brother

P. C. C. Administration Act Book 1614 folio 147

Page 758. This will should have been inserted after that of
Thomas Woodward.

Will of P>ridget Gawsell Newgate of Poncctt (Forncett?)
St Marys, county Norfolk, Widow. Dated 17 April, 1643. To
be buried in Chancel of the Church (supposed St. Mary Poncett
(Forncett?)) Born in Denvers, county Norfolk. To Poor of
Holkham £5. Gives to eldest son of John Pinkethman and Hellen
his wife my neice Silver Cup and £40. To the next son of John
Pinkethman £30. To my neice Elizabeth wife of Robert Barber
(see Blomfeild Vol. 7 318) of Denvers, Gent 40 shillings to buy
a ring. To Kindsman John Lane of Gay wood, Clark, £100 and
Mary his wife £30. To Godson Francis son of said John Lane*
£20 when 14 years. To Frances wife of Richard Warner Gent,
Daughter in Law.t To Susan Warner £20 when 15 years. To
Bridget Warner £50 when 15 years. To Anne Warner 5 marks
when 15 years. Mary when 15 years 5 marks. All daughters of
Richard Warner a present. Item I give unto Christopher New-
gate my brother in Law 40 shillings Item, I give unto Ednumd
Newgate'ye son of Edmund Newgate of Holkham Gent. £20 when
he shall accomplish the age of 14 years to be paid him by my
executor. If Edmund die before he comes to the age of 14 years
then my mind is that his Elder brother William Newgate shall
have said sum at such time as said Edmund should have accom-
plished the age of 14 years. To God-daughter P>ridget daughter
of Roger Ileckelton (perhaps Eccleston or Eckellon) 20 shillings
To Edmund Heckleston the Elder £5. To Henry Rose of
Denver 20 shillings. To Bridget daughter of Thomas Gawsell

* Rector of Gaywood 1635, Blomfeild vol. 8 p. 424.
t See Warner Pedigree fines College of Arms.


of Denvers, Henry Arthur of Denvers both small leguests. To
son in Law Edmund Newgate of Holkham Gent, and Margerey
his wife each 20 shillings to buy rings. To Cousin Peter Wilkin-
son of Norwich 20 shillings. To the mother of said Peter
Wilkinson 20 shillings. To Mary daughter of Nicholas Coates
of Mildenhall, near Ely, county Suffolk 40 shillings. To God-
daughter Bridgett Anderson 20 shillings. To Cousin Anthony
Chauntrey 5 marks. To his daughter Margaret 5 marks. To
Alice wife of Mr. Gundley of Norwich, Clerk, 20 shillings. To
Henry Hall, my Godson, son of Richard Hall, Clerk, of Shote-
sham 20 shillings. To Maid which happens to serve me when I
die 20 shillings. Item. Not having given anything to my dear
and loving Kindsman Robert Gawsell of Shottesham, county
Norfolk, Esq, whom I make sole Executor giving him the greatest
of all my Estate than to any other, also thinking he will better pay
my legacies than another according to the true meaning of my
last Will & Testament, I therefore give my loving Kindsman
Robert Gawsell Esq. of Shottisham and to his heirs for ever all
my lands and Tenements and hereditaments as well free-hold
as Copy-hold &c. &c. in the towns of Gessing and Buxton, county
Norfolk and in other town and towns adjoining also all lands
and tenements I lately bought of Jacob Preston of Lincolns Inn,
Esq. by Indenture dated 8 October, 14 Charles i, &c. Mentions
Cousin Gregory Gawsell of Watlington one of the legatees in
this my last Will also John Lane of Gay wood another Legatee.
Mentions Bond of £500 with a condition that said Robert Gawsell
the Executor shall well and truly fulfill said trust and pay all

Witness Signed Bridget Newgate,

Stephen Buxton

Francis Linkore Will proved at Norwich July 4th, 1644.

John Roope

Consistory Wills, Ipswich. Alston number i.
Number 133 on cover.

Page 1 123. Line 15 from bottom, insert Richard before Hutton.


m 8 - 1956


,^i:=i'! ■:'• P^:! : i.;H;;:^ ,.^;;Jl:;;-
: ;■;:;•': :\^:::;:'-;;:x;;:;i!;!'>;i:^!^/!;

Online LibraryFrank Farnsworth StarrEnglish Goodwin family papers; being material collected in the search for the ancestry of William and Ozias Goodwin, immigrants of 1632 and residents of Hartford, Connecticut .. → online text (page 44 of 44)