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Gregory and William at 22. To wife Johanne.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 10, foho 179.

John Goodwyn of Reydon next Southwolde. Will Tuesday
next after St. Barnabe, 6 Edw. VI ; proved i October 1552. To
daughter Katherin Granewe 3s.4d. To Godson Andrew Granewe
5s.8d. To five other of my daughters' sons each 3s.4d. Exec-
utor : William Browne of Reydon. Supervisor : John Pecke of

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 16, folio 358.

Richard Goodwyn of Kyrkeley. Will 20 December 1558;
proved 19 April 1559. To son George Goodwyn, my house in
Kyrkeley where I dwell. To daughter Katherin Goodwin, and
my brother John Goodwyn.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 19, folio 73.

John Goodwyn of St. Andrew, Ilketshall. Will 16 July 1563;
proved 3 March 1563. To daughter Elizabeth Goodwyn at


marriage. To son Jeffery. To brother William Goodwin's chil-
dren. To Elizabeth Gallope, base child of brother Robert. God-
daughter Ann Goodwin dwelling in Horndon. To Nephews
Robert Goodwin of Topescroft, and Richard Goodwin of
(W?)ynton. Wife Margaret.

Archdeaconry of Sufifolk, Book 20, folio 598.

Thomas Goodwyn of Fresyngfelde (Fressingfield?). Will i6
December, 2 EHz; proved 26 May 1564. To daughter Jone
Goodwyn and Mary Goodwyn, linen which was my wife's. To
son Thomas. To son John lands in Wyttyngham and Mettfelde.
To sons Richard, Amos, Danyell, and Matthathyas. To daugh-
ter Mary. To brother John Goodwyn. Executors : son John,
and brother John.

(See will of Robert Goodwyn of Metfield 1545, probably his

Archdeaconry of Sufifolk, Book 21, folio 10.

Thomas Goodwyn of Beccles, the elder. Will 24 April 1554;
proved 19 June 1564. To wife Jelian all my lands and house in
Beccles, Yugate, and Barsam for life, and to bring up my chil-
dren. To son Thomas my house in Ballygate Street after decease
of wife, and all my working tools at 21. To son Symon house in
Yugate. To son Henry five acres meadow in Barsham. Brother
Borde, supervisor.

Archdeaconry of Sufifolk, Book 21, folio 4.

John Goodwyn of Fressingfield, yeoman. Will 20 March 1570 ;
proved 7 March 1571. To wife Margaret tenement and lands in
Wittingham, Mendham, Metfield and Withersdale. To son
Robert at 30. To all my children (five), child in wife's womb.
To son Thomas, to daughter Agnes at 21 or day of marriage.
To son James. To daughter Margaret. Brothers in law James
Alldower and Robert Owles.
(Refers to will of father in law Robert Godbolde)

Archdeaconry of Sufifolk, Book 23, folio 365.

Edmunde Goodwin of Holbrooke. Will 9 February 1570;
proved 3 April 1572. To brother Gregorie's children. To John
Goodwin, Daniel Goodwin, William Goodwin. To Gregorie's
children the younger. To Thomas Ellese's children, Leatise
Ingram, and Gilbert Wade. To wife Anne.

Archdeaconry of Sufifolk, Book 24, folio 14.


Gregory Goodwyn of Shotley. Will 28 April 1572; proved 18
June 1572. To son Gregory at (16?). To wife Joane and her
son Thomas Browne at 21. To daughters, Martha Goodwyn,
Mary Goodwyn, and Joane Goodwyn at 21 or day of marriage.
To son Thomas. To Agnes Ellis and Joane Besant. Executors :
wife Joane and John Pode.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 24, folio (83?).

John Goodden of Kirton, yeoman. Will 5 December, 18
Elizabeth proved 26 January 1577. To eldest son John and his
daughter Agnes Goodden at day of marriage or 18. To wife
Olyve. To Christian Harlyn. To son Robert. Executors:
Brother Thomas Goodden and Robert Spinke.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 26, foHo 333.

Alexander Goodwyn of Tattingston. Will 22 March 1577;
proved 17 May 1578. To son Henry Goodwyn and his children
(his daughter Prudence and son Richard). To son Thomas
Godwyn of Blithburgh, and William Goodwyn. To daughter
Katherine Goodwyn. To my eldest son Richard Goodwyn. To
George Goodwyn, son of Richard.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 22 (27?), folio 24.

William Goodwyn of Stowmarket. Will 12 May 1577; proved
25 September 1578. To son Thomas, all my lands in Stow-
market, paying to my son Robert 15 li, and to my daughter
Johane 10 li. Wife xA.nne.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 2y, folio 71.

Margaret Goodwin of East Bergholte, widow. Will 2 Sep-
tember 1579; proved i October 1579. To son Roger Goodwin
IDS., and son Richard Goodwin 20s. To daughter Alice, wife of
Arthur Grene 20s.. and their three children. Executrix : Daugh-
ter Johan Goodwin.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 27, folio 282.

John Goodinge of Kirton. Will 11 November 1580; proved 9
February 1580. To son John at 21. To son Thomas at 21. To
daughter Agnes at 21, also the sum of £3. 6s. 8d. which was given
him by the last will and testament of her late grandfather John


Goodyn. Executrix: wife Margaret. Brother Robert Good-
inge, Supervisor.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 28, folio 225.

Robert Goodwyn of Cyston? Will 23 April 1582; proved 18
December 1582. John Goodwyn of Cyston, my brother's eldest
son, my house in Cyston at 21. My sister in law John Goddyn's
wife that was shall have the profit thereof till he come to age of
21, then to his brother Thomas Goddyn if he die before 21. If
they both die, then to their sister Agnes Goddyn. My sister in
law John Goddyn's wife, and her husband to lay unto my execu-
tor good bond with sufficient securities for performance of nly
brother's will.
(This brother's will 1580 and his father's 1577.)

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 29, folio 186.

Richard Goddin of Orford, mariner. Will 2 February, 2^
year Elizabeth; proved 26 February 1564. To Alice Goddin,
daughter of brother Nicholas. To wife Anne.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 30, folio 254.

William Goodwyn of Ipswich, saylor. Will 27 January 1587;
proved 30 January 1587. Nuncupative. Everything to wife
Elizabeth. Witnesses : Christopher Goodwyn, Raph Goodwyn,
Peter Talbot, and Margaret Goodwin, widow, with others.
Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 31, foHo 472.

Thomas Goodwyn of Earlestonham (Earl Soham?), yeoman.
Will 3 February 1592; proved 5 April 1593. Nuncupative. To
eldest daughter Helen, and daughters, Elizabeth, Margaret, and
Anne. To wife Alice.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 34, folio 569.

Robert Goodwyn of Framlingham at the Castle, yeoman. Will
20 November 1592; proved 16 October 1593. To wife Kath-
erine lands, etc. in Framlyngham and Parham. To son Thomas
the elder. To youngest son Thomas. To eldest son Henry. To
daughter Dorothy. To daughters Elizabeth Goodwin, and
Rebecca Goodwin. To godson Robert Goodwin.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 34, folio 407.


Henry Goodwine of Cheston. Will 28 September 1597;
proved 14 October 1597. To wife Elizabeth, house and lands at
Tanningston for life. To sons Thomas and James. To daugh-
ter Elizabeth Goodwin. To Thomas Goodwin, son of Henry-
Goodwin, deceased, and to Henry Goodwin, son of Henry Good-
win, deceased, and Anne Goodwin, w'idow of Henry Goodwin,

Archdeaconry of Sufifolk, Book 36, folio 405.

Margaret Goodwin of Rendlesham, wife of William Goodwin
the elder of Rendlesham. Will 8 April 1596; proved 17 July
1598. (according to agreement at marriage) To brother in law
Stephen Woodgate. To sons, John Lane the elder and John Lane
the younger. To daughters Julian Mowlton, Elizabeth Shi ,

Mary Chapman, and Faith Barker. To son by law Richard
Barker. To George Goodwin my husband's brother.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 37, folio 147.

Thomas Goodwin of Waybred, blacksmith. Nuncupative will

5 April 1600; proved 9 June 1600. To two eldest sons John
and Thomas, tooles and implements of his shop. To daughter
Mary Godwin at 21. To youngest son Zachery Goodwin. To
wife Christian.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 38, folio 100.

Thomas Goodinge of Cransford. Will 30 July 1602; proved

6 October 1602. To Margaret Cordie wife of John Crosse of
Framlingham 20s. To Thomas Chamber son of John Chamber
of Dunwich 20s. To Phillippe his sister 20s. To Vastie Cordie
wife of Thomas Gooche los. To Mary Hoxsonne of Denas-
towne 20s. To Elizabeth Cordie los. To Mary and Margery
Crowe my sister's daughters 20s. apiece. To Prudence, daughter
of Margery Bemment, my wife's sister's daughter, 20s. To
Robert Bemment of Stradbrooke 20s, and Katherine Bemment
his sister 20s. Executors : Reynold Hesey and Thomas Man-
shipp of Baddingham.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 39, folio 114.

Richard Goodwyn of Chedeston, yeoman. Will 21 May 1604;
proved 2 June 1604. To sons Richard, William, and Thomas,


and Robert Goodwyn. To daughters, Mary, Anne, Elizabeth,
Margaret and Helen Goodwin. Wife Sibil (Her will 1627) To
brother in law, Thomas Potter.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 40, folio 25.

Symeon Gooding of Ipswich, pewterer. Will 27 December
1605 ; proved 30 January 1605. To wife Sibill, houses and lands
in Ipswich. To daughter Johane. To daughter Johane Mann-
yng and her son Thomas Mannyng, my grandchild. To son in
law Thomas Mannyng. To son Simeon Gooding at 24. To my
two sisters, Anne wife of Richard Norman, and Ruth wife of
Henry Rose. Executors : George Reymond and George Philips.
My old friend John Darby of Bramford, supervisor.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 40, folio 2']'].

Henry Goodwin of Kirton. Will 20 October 1605; proved 8
April 1606. To wife Anne all, and she to be executrix.
Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 41, folio 177.

William Goodwyn of Hallisworth, Suffolk, yeoman. Will 9
June 1608; proved 21 September 1608. To Henry Keble my
son in law messuage which I purchased of Nicholas Prynie during
the mynoritye of Thomas Goodwin my belchild, said Henry Keble
paying to Thomas Goodwin £3. To said Thomas Goodwin my
belchild all land and tenements when 21. (Thomas Goodwin is
not yet 14). If he die a minor then to Francis Goodwin his
brother when 21. To said Francis Goodwyn my belchild iioo.
If Francis Goodwyn depart this life then to Thomas Goodwyn
his brother at 21. To Bridget Goodwyn my belchild £40 at 21.
To Richard Potter my belchild £5 at 21. To Thomas and Mar-
garet Veysie my belchildren £5 at 21. Thomas Potter and
Francis Veysey, executors that they be kind to my sonn's chil-
dren, my brother Robert Goodwyn and Stephen Browne, over-
seers. Witnesses : Robert Goodwin, Steven Browne, Henry

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Liber, 42, no. 106.

Joane Gooding of Taddeston, widow. Will 16 September,
7 James; proved 9 February 1609. To son Thomas at 21. To
daughter Elizabeth Gooding. Friend Roger Wade of Toddeston,
gentleman, executor.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 42 (2nd part) folio 268.


John Goodwyne of Yoxford. Nuncupative will 14 March
1610 proved 8 June 1611. (Probate Act in Miscellaneous Book
says i8th.) All to wife Margaret Goodwin.

Archdeaconry of Sufifolk, Book 44, folio 53.

27 June 161 1. Mathew Goodwin of Westerfilde. Adminis-
tration of goods of to relict John.

(note of suit Salter V. Goodwyn).
Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Act Book No. i (1610-1612).

24 July 1611 Edmund Goodwin of Woodbridge. Adminis-
tration of goods to relict Ann.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Act Book No. i (1610-1612).

Margaret Goodwyn of Yoxforth, widow. Will 23 April 10
James I; proved 20 May 1612. To son Robert Goodwyn. To
son Henry Goodwyn. To daughter Margaret Thorne and her
five children. To daughter Elizabeth (N?)eave. To daughter
Alice Goodwyn. Daughters Margaret Thorne and Alice Good-
wyn to be executrixes.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 45, folio 15.

Thomas Goodwyn of Wayebread, blacksmith. Nuncupative
will 20 March 1611 ; proved 5 Aprill 1612. To brother Zachary
Goodwyn. To sister Mary Goodwyn. To uncle Matthew Good-
wyn. To Kinswoman Godbould. To wife Temperance.

To son Robert Goodwyn, house and shop at age of 25.
Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 45, folio 17.

7 November 161 2. Peter Gooding of Pakefilde. Administra-
tion of goods to relict Mary.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Act Book No. i (1610-1612).

Margaret Gooden of Tatingston (Tattinstone?), widow. Will
II January; proved 20 January 1613. To sons William and
Isaack at 21, and daughter Jane, these to be paid by son Gregory.
To sons John and Thomas and daughter Sarah at 21, these to be
paid by son in law Thomas Sorrell. To son Gregory. To son
in law Thomas Sorrell.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 46, folio 182.

Gregory Goodwin of Taddingston (Tattingstone?), yeoman
(not a date on either Will or Probate Act) 1613. To son


Gregory at 21. To sons William, Isacke, John and Thomas. To
daughter Jane at 21, and daughter Sarah at 21. To son in law
Thomas Sorrell and Margaret my daughter. To grandchildren
Thomas and John Sorrell. To wife Margaret.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 46, folio 282.

22 January 161 3/14. Marte Gooddinge of Tathingston (Tat-
tingstone?). Administration with will annexed of goods etc
to Sonne Gregory.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, No. i^ (1613).

3 February 1616/7. Thomas Goodwin of Chedeston. Admin-
istration of goods etc. to relict Alice.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 2 (1616).

John Gooding of St. Andrews, Ilketshall. Nuncupative will
(no date) ; proved 22 November 161 7. Everything to wife
Christian during life, then to daughter Marie. Witness : Wil-
liam Gooding, clarke.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 50, folio 180.

2 July 1619. John Gooddinge of Holbrook. Administration
of goods etc to son John Gooddinge.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 4 (i'6i8-9) (2nd part),

folio II (or 8).

9 November 1619. John Gooddinge of Freston. Administra-
tion of goods etc. to widow Margaret.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 4 (1618-19), part 2,

folio 18.

Alexander Goodwine of Theberton, husbandman. Will 17
March 1618; proved 19 February 1620. To wife Cicely. To
son Robert.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 53, folio 244.

4 October 1622. Administration of goods of John Goodding
late of Ipswich, to Anne his relict.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Act Book (5?), folio 16.

12 January 1622/3. Administration of goods of Thomas
Gooddinge, late of Gret Bealings, to Jane his relict.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Act Book (5?), folio 23,


15 February 1622/3. Pro abne Gooddinge de Blithburghe.
Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Act Book (5?), folio 25.


Thomas Goodinge of Triston, gent. Will 11 August 1624;
proved 14 October 1624. To wife ^lary. To daughter Mary at
day of marriage. To sister Ursula Goodinge. To daughter
Dorothy at day of marriage. To brother Samuel Summers,

Archdeaconry of Suffolk (unbound volume), 55 (1624).

Richard Gooding late of Snape, deceased. Administration 29
November 1625 to relict Jane.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Annotation Book No. 7 (1625),

(Misplaced in Archdeaconry of Norwich Registry at

Norwich), folio 26.

Christopher Gooddinge, late of Est Bergholt, deceased.
Administration 16 March 1625/6 to son John Gooddinge.
Archdeaconry of Suffolk Annotation Book No. 7 (1625),
(Misplaced in Archdeaconry of Norwich Registry at
Norwich), folio 37.

Elizabeth Gooding of Wherstead, widow. A\'ill 10 ]\Iarch
1625; proved 22 April 1626. To kinswoman Mary Lyton. To
daughter in law Anne Kemp and her children Thomas and Anne
Kemp. To daughters in law, Ann and Elizabeth Gooding. To
son in law Stephen Gooding. To godson Richard Gooding. To
neice Joanne Russell and her two daughters Elizabeth and Ann.
To neice Elizabeth Reaton. To nephews Robert Halle and
Bartholomew Halle, and Thomas Halle. To brother Robert

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 57, folio 19.

Matthias Goodwyne of Southwould, anchorsmith. Will 25
June 1627; proved i September 1627. To wife Margaret. To
sons Matthias and John.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 58, folio 59.

Sibilla Goodwyn of Cheston (Chediston?) widow. Will 16
May 1627; proved 22 September 1627. To sons Richard Good-


wyn, William Goodwyn, and Robert Goodwyn. To daughter
Elizabeth Goodwyn (weakness of wit, disability of body, and
other infirmities). To sons in law, Henry Biiller and my daugh-
ter his wife, and Thomas Crane. To daughter Mary Smith. To
brother Thomas Potter of Cheston. To kinsman Richard Potter
of Cheston.
(widow of Richard Goodwyn whose will 1604).

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 58, folio 40.

Margerie Goodwinge of St. Margaret's parish, Ipswich. Will
31 July 1630; proved 24 September 1630. To son John Gooding
of Hadlie. To my daughters. To son William Gooding Exec-
utor, he to pay unto Alice Beard, wife of Robert Beard.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 59 (1629-30), folio 229.

Robert Gooding of Ipswich. Will 21 July 1630; proved 24
September 1630. To daughter Kebella Humphrey, wife of
Henry Humphrey, tenements in St. Margaret's Ipswich. To son
Edmund Gooding all my books of Physick and Surgery, my shop,
etc. and instruments of Surgery. To sais son Edward and son
John. Wife Margaret.
(This should be Rebecca probably.)

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 59 (1629-30), folio 231.

Robert Goodwyn of Fressingfield, yeoman. Will 6 January
1630; proved 24 February 1630. To wife Marian. To sons
John, James, and Robert. To daughter Firth, and daughter
Anne, wife of William Smith.

(1630 ; Robert Goodwyn Senior, was buried 8 ffebruary, Fresing-
field. P. R.)

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 59 (1629-30), folio 377.

Edward Gooding of Ipswich, Suffolk, gentleman. Will 20
February 1630, proved 9 or 29 March 1631. To my wife Aby-
gall for life my houses in Ipswich, all household stuff and all debts
due to me from her father Henry Gouldingham freelie to her
heires and assigns. To John Gooding my brother all my houses
in Ipswich immediately after the death of Abigail my wife and to
him also £50 within two months after my decease. To Rebecca
Humffry my sister and her husband £50. To Mr. Turnbull
minister of St. Margarets parish 50s. To the poor of St. Mar-


garets 50s. To my godson Jonathan Largeworth son of Jonathan
Largeworth of Harwich £5 to be paid to the father immediately
after my decease he to pay it to his son at 21. To my godson
WilHam May son of Wilham May of Harwich 40s. ditto. To
John Laud, leutenant of Langure new fort, my great seald gold
ringe. Residue to wife Abygall, Henry Humfry my brother in
law they executors. Witnesses : Mr. William Thorne, William
Searles and Robert Lord.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Bundle 1631, No. 166.

Isaac Goddin of Holbrook, Suffolk, yeoman. Will 20 March
1630; proved i April 1631. To poor of Holbrook los. To
daughter Mary £40 at 21. To the childe my wife is now with, if
a son my copyhold tenement in Holbrook with houses, lands,
pastures etc. at 21. If a daughter £40 at 21. If a son more to
my daughter Mary £40 at 21. If a daughter tenement to be sold
and money equally divided between the two daughters. If no
child of his issue then to wife Mary and her hey res. Mary my
wife executrix. John Wickes to be supervisor. Witnesses :
Nathaniel Hedge. John Brothist.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Bundle 1631, no. 207.

Fayth Goodwin of Fressingfield, singlewoman. Will 6 March
1631 : proved 22 March or May 1631-2, To my mother £10 of
that £40 which is in my brother John's hands to be paide unto her
by him within half a yeare after my decease. To my brother
Robert Goodwin iio more of that £40. To my brother John £5
of that £40. To my brother James Goodwin £5 of that £40. To
my sister Mary wife of Robert Swattman or Smalman £5 To my
sister Anne wife of William Smith £5 To my brother Robert the
bed which my father gave me by his will. To my brother James
his wife the table there that is mine. To goodwife Foxe of
Moffield, cloke etc. To Joseph Goodwin's wife petticoat To
Elizabeth Hazell the servant of my brother John a petticoat.
Each of my sisters Mary and Anne sheets. Brother Robert sole
executor. Witnesses: James Pale, mark of Sarah Goodwin,
Joshua Goodwin.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Bundle for 1631 ; No. 60 or 74.
1 63 1, ffaith Goodwyn was buried March 8, Fressingfield Parish


John Goodwin of Walberswick, singleman. Will 28 July 1631 ;
proved 20 February 1632/3. To Katherine Goodwin my moother
and to her heires for ever all and singular my messuages houses
lands tenements etc. But my will and mynde is that the heirs or
assigns of my said Mother shall pay or cause to be paid out of
my said dues to William Barton or Barber the sonne of Richard
Barton or Barber of Southwold £3. To the said Katherine Good-
wil all my goods and chattels, she sole executrix. Witnesses :
Thomas Burford, Wm Nunnes, Augustus Warde. Administra-
tion to Katherine Goodwine.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Will filed 1632, no. 52.

Francis Goodwin of Shadingfield, spinster. Will 23 May

1632; proved To son Thomas. To Elizabeth Boston

of Shadingfield.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Original wills (1632), No. 53.

Anthony Gooding of Framlingham at Castle, senior. Will 2
July 1634; proved 6 June 1637. To son Robert. To wife.
To son Francis (not 21) To son Anthony. To son Nathaniel
(not 21) To daughters Elizabeth and Mary. To brother John

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, original wills (1637), no. 61.

Henry Goodwyn of Ipswich, ships carpenter. Will 23 March
1624; proved 13 March 1637. To wife Ann. To mother in law
Emma Goodwin, widow. To only son John Goodwin, mariner.
To only daughter Margaret Goodwine. Witnessed by Joseph
Downing (with the scribe).

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, original wills (1637), No. 52.

William Gooddens of Southwell, baker. Will 18 February
1635/6; proved 25 September 1638. Elizabeth my wife sole
executrix. Wife to pay debtes and distribute 20s. a year for
five years to the poor of the said town. To her all my movable
goods, monies in hand or out of hand. Witnesses : fifrancis
Barbor, Elisabeth Yonges, Nicholas Coldworth, Scriptor.
Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Will filed 1638, No. 70.

William Goodwin of Hallisworth, glover. Will 30 October
1636; proved (29?) December 1638. To wife Mary, my mes-


suage etc. in which I dwell in Hallisworth for life. To son John
Goodwin at 21. To daughter Anne Goodwin. Thomas Good-
wyn a witness.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, original wills (1638), No. 79,

2nd File.

John Goodinge of Wherstead, gent. Will 12 January 1639/40
proved 12 February 1639/40. To poor of Wherstead where I
now dwell and poor of ,Stoke next Ipswich, and St. Peters in
Ipswich To my Reverend friend and pastor Mr. Samuel Same-
ways, Rector of Wherstead. To brother Stephen Goodinge. To
brother in law John Wright. To sister Anne Kempe, widow.
Rest to devise of father Robert Goodinge, deceased. To daugh-
ter Katherine Gooding at 19. To my kinsfolk Edmund Leagny,
Stephen Leagny, and John Leagny, and the surviving executor
of will of Edmund Leagny, deceased.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, original wills, 1639, no. 61.


George Goodinge of Grundisburgh, gent. Will 17 April 1637;
proved 5 September 1640. To son George my manor of Ded-
nash als Doones als Falkenham Dodnes, and all my messuage,
tenements, etc. in F. and Kirton. To wife Alice. To two young-
est daughters Debora and Lidda. To daughters Elizabeth, Mary
and Martha, lands etc in Clofton and Melton. To sons Tobias
and Thomas messuage etc. in Great Bealings, Suffolk. To sons
John, James, and Samuel, and daughter Dorcas, lands in Great
Haston and Burgh. To cousin Richard Nitingale of Ipswich.
To brothers in law, Thomas and Tobias Blosse. Stephen Dow
inge a witness. (Signature Goodwin)

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, original wills 1640, No. 73.

William Goodwine of Nisham ? or Gisham ?, locksmith. Will
15 October 1641 ; proved 6 November 1641. To wife Dorothy
To daughter Dorothy (by said D. T.) at 21. To daughter Mary
(by sd D. T.) To daughter Susan, to daughter Thamar(?),
wife of Thomas Girlinge, to daughter Mary wife of John Bonde,
and daughter Martha, wife of Thomas. To son James at 21.
To daughters, Jane Goodwine at 21, Elizabeth, ditto, Margaret,
ditto and Anne Goodwin at 21.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, original wills (1641), No. (39?).


John Goodinge of Framlingham, yeoman. Will 3 January
1641/2; proved 6 June 1642. To son Thomas. To wife Tem-
perance. To my two daughters, Sarah and Susan (under one
and twenty). To brother in law, George Shearinge.

Archdeaconry of Sufifolk, original wills (1642), No. 54.

William Gooden of Cookely. Will 24 July 1647 ("o offered
date of proof). To wife Alice all stock of cattle and implements
of husbandry etc. To nephew Robert Gooden of Cheston los.
To my two sons in law William Gibbins and James Clough 20s.

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