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apiece. To Samuel Manning, minister of Cookely los. Wit-
nesses : Samuel Manning, and Robert Mills. Seal — crest a
unicorn's head.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, original wills (1647), No. 53.

Thomas Goodinge of Framlingham ad Castrum, butcher. Will
10 June 1647; proved 16 January 1647/8. Codicil 19 June 1647
To son John. To mother Temperance Goodinge. Uncle George
Sheringe of Kenton, and John Capon the elder of Framlingham,
grocer, executors. To my two sisters Sarah and Susan Good-
inge, If Susan marry with one Hamond Doughtie, widower.
Archdeaconry of Suffolk, original wills (1647), No. 54.
(a possible connection of Doughty and Goodwin)

Cicely Goodwine of Ipswich, widow. Nuncupative will 26
March 1649; proved 21 May 1649. To daughter Margaret
Goodwine, late wife of Nathaniel Goodwine deceased. To grand-
children, Anne Goodwine and Cicely Goodwine at 21 or day of
marriage, John Goodwin an apprentice with William Bugby,
Elizabeth Benham, wife of John Benham. To Henry Robinson
the elder of Ipswich, executor.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, original wills, 1649, ^lO- ■24-

(Cicely was widow of John Goodwin late of Portsmouth who
owned real estate in St. Clements, Ipswich. His only daughter
Margaret married Nathaniel Goodwin of Bradwell, Essex, had
sons John and Nathaniel.)

Nicholas Goodinge of Coddenham, husbandman. Will 27
November 1643; proved 8 May 1652. To son Nicholas my mes-
suage where I dwell in Coddenham, he to pay to my eldest son


Thomas 20 li payable in five years etc. at or in the house or place
where the Court for the Manor of Crowfield cum Bocking have
been vsually holden and kept. To daughter Abigail Ford, wife
of Robert Ford, their sons Samuel Ford and Robert Ford. To
daughter Mary Rodwell, wife of John Rodwell.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk (1650-60), 2nd Bundle, no. 43.

Gregory Gooding of Wherstead. Will 19 February 1655. No
proof given. To my two brothers John and Nicholas Gooding
tenement and lands etc. in Tottingstone. To said brothers John
and Michaell. To niece Sara Legate.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book Larkin (68?), folio 205.

George Goodwyn of East (Earl?) Stonham, Phisician. Will
15 February 1693-4, proved 13 April 1696. To niece Elizabeth
Cuthbert. To Robert Cuthbert the younger. To William Mor-
gan. To Sarah Bolter, wife of William Bolter, and their son
William Bolter. To George Speere. To Mary Speere. To
John Speere the elder brother. To the wife of Robert Greene.
To Phebe Speere wife of George Playford. To Mr Thomas
Artie of Ipswich. To Mary Hart of Needham, wife of William
Hart, and their second daughter Sarah Hart. To Sarah Ward.
To Elizabeth relict of Philip Warren of Colchester and others.
Executors, Robert Cuthbert elder and Robert Cuthbert the

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book Candler (1694-8), i 178.

Nicholas Allen of Walbeswick. Administration 9 December
161 7 to John Golde and Richard Ferme, executors of will of
Ozee Allen, relict and executrix of said Nicholas Allen, which
Ozea died before taking executorship, revoking administration
of said Nicholas intestate to brother Humfrey Allen.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Act Book 3 (1617), folio 52.

William Barlowe, Southolde. Administration 23 June 1618
to relict Margerie.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Act Book 4 (1618), folio i.

Lucy Bayles of Wilby, spinster. Will 1639. To father
Thomas Bayles. To brother John Bayles and sister Bayles his
wife Mr. B. our preacher (Balles?). Sisters, Katherine, Mag-
dalen, and Elizabeth Bayles. Brother Thomas Bayles. Chris-


topher Bayles, senior. Cousin Elizabeth Bayles. Robert Bayles,
son of John Bayles. Audrie Bayles daughter of John Bayles.
Archdeaconry ol Suffolk, original wills (1639), no. 15, file i.

John Botwright of Blyforde. Will 18 June 1610 proved 20
July 1610. To Phineas Botwrighte my brother. To Osea Bot-
wright my kinswoman. To Margaret Botwright my sister. To
Dorothy Bucches my goddaughter at 21. To Robert Coppin my
kinsman. To Tobias Coppin. To children of Robert Browne.
To children of Thomas Forde. To two daughters of George
Parker of Blythingborne. To Priscilla Botwright. To Thomas
Stele. To widow Barker. Phineas to pay to Osea Botwright
20s. per annum till Dorothy Byckes is 21. To Osea Botwright
one of my swine. Tobias Coppin, Blyford, and Osea Bot-
wright my kinswoman executors. Overseers : George Parker
kinsman. Witnesses : John Bellamy, Robert Thorold, Reynould
Barker, John fifylde.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Liber 43, folio 218.

John Chercheman of Bredfield. Will 5 August 1461 ; proved
24 August 1461. To be buried in the church of St. Andrew of
Bredfeld. Legacies to said church. To Agnes Malster my
daughter 6s.8d. To Matilda Cobbe 40s. Residuary legatees and
executors (Helewyse?) Heloise my wife and William Church-
man my son.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 2, folio 61.

Margarett Cherchman of Bredfeld. Will 18 October 1505;
proved 25 October 1505. To be buried in the churchyard of
St. Andrew in Bredfeld. William my son to have my place in
Melton for the sum of 20 marks. Robert my son to have my
tenement in Bredfeld with the appurtenances. I will have a
priest the space of half a year in the church of Melton for the
sowle of Thomas Palmer my husband and for the sowles that he
was bownde to par for. A priest to syng for me and my f rendys
onn hoole yere in the cherch of Bredfeld and if John Basse leve
and be a prest he to have that service at Cannbebrygge. Resid-
uary legatees and executors : Robert Halyf axe of Melton and
WilHam Smalhede of Ufford. Witnesses: Willm Basse, Vicar
of Beedfeld, John Bobett, Willm Palmer, Robt Palmer.
Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 4, folio 215.


William Churchman of Boulge, county Suffolk, laborer. Nun-
cupative will 31 January 1560/1 ; proved 24 September 1560
(sic). To be buried in the churchyard of Boulge. Christover
Merrell of Boulge to sell all his movable goods. Edniond Wythe
of Hasketon juxta Woodbredge to bring up Anne Churchman
his daughter until the age of 14 years. Said Edmond to have
one half of the money coming of his movable goods and the
other half to Anne Churchman his daughter, her part to be 20s.
better than Edmonde Wythes her grandfather. If said Anne died,
her part to go to Christofer Bray testator's godson, saving 20s.
to be paid to testator's mother. Said Edmonde Wythe to become
bound to Christopher Alyrrell and Thomas Carre, the elder, for
payment of sums bequeathed to said Anne Churchman. Exec-
utor : Xpof er Myrrell. Witnesses : Syr Richarde Donatson,
Thomas Carre.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 20, folio 122.

Robert Churchman of Shotlye, county Suffolk, husbandman.
Will 16 February 1567 ; proved 6 September 1568. To be buried
in the churchyard of Shotlye. To Master John Cornewalis a
seame of wheate. To John my youngest son my danske chest.
To Robert my son 20s. Residuary legatees : Mistres Corne-
walis, Thomas Somer and William Kente, they to see my three
children, Gregorye, Richard and John until they be able to help
themselves. Witness : John Cockeson, curate.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 22, folio 24.

Nicholas Churchman of Mondden. Will 31 August 1580;
proved 3 January- 1 580/1. To be buried in the churchyard of
Mondden. To my son William £4. To Anne Churchman daugh-
ter of said William 20s. at age of 21 years. To Fraunces my
son £4. To John my son £4. To his unborn child 20s. at his
age of 21 years in default to remain to Johane, Agnes, Robert and
Nicholas my children. To Johane my daughter £5 at age of 21
years. To Agnes my daughter £5 similarly. To Robert my son
£5 similarly. To Nicholas my son £5 at same age. Various
household utensils to each of said children. To my son Wil-
liam's wife and to my son John's wife one pillow apiece. To
Robert and Nicholas my children all my part of wheat I have
with John Pearson lying at Henrie Barrickes. Residuary lega-


tees : William, Fraunces and John my sons. Executors : Willm
Morse of Moneden to whom 50s. Witnesses : Robte Wilkenson,
John Smalledge, Richarde Burrovve.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 28, folio 198.

Fraunces Churchman of Chasfield, county Suffolk, Nuncu-
pative will 15 April 1589; proved 25 June 1589. Sole legatee:
Margaret his wife, she to pay his debts and bring him to the
ground honestly. Witnesses : Henrie Thorne, John Thorne,
Joane Cotwin.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 32, folio 428.

Francis Coe, Southoulde. Administration 14 February 161 7/18
to relict John Coe.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Act Book 1617, folio 64.

Thomas Greene of Southoulde. Administration 12 January
1617/18 to sons Thomas Greene and Beniamin Greene. Bond

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Act Book 3 (1617), folio 57.

Nathaniel Hooker, Kessinglande. Administration 16 March
1623/4 to relict Ann.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Act Book 6 (1623), folio 26.

Robert Lennhert of Tadingston (Tattingstone?), husbandman.
Will 9 June 1630; proved 9 May 1631. To eldest son Robert
Lennhert tenement etc. after the decease of Elizabeth my wife,
she to have it for life. Robert to pay to William Lennhert my
son £5, and to eldest daughter Mary. To daughter Jane within
three years of my decease. To daughter Anne at 21. To young-
est daughter Sarah. To Ellen Bedall my wife's daughter 20s.
To Elizabeth my wife's daughter 20s. Wife executrix. Wit-
nesses : Gregorie Gooddin and Augustine Sheen, Edmond Wither
I ordain and make Gregorie Gooden of Tadington supervisor.
Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Bundle 1631, no. 159.

Robert Parker of the parish of St. Matthews, Ipswich, joiner.
Will 23 November i6oi(sic). Nuncupative. Sole legatee:
Elizabeth his wife. Witnesses : Thomas Hasler, scrivenor,


Francis Gooding, William Pumfret, John Spynney. 6 July 1600
(sic) Commission was issued to John Pomfret alias Parker son
of the deceased, to administer etc.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, will file 1602-3, folio 151.

Roger Sawer one of the Portmen of Orforde, Suffolk. Will
22 March 1579; proved 15 April 1580. To my brother John
Sawer, my tenement that he dwelleth in, he to pay to John
Andrews of Great Yarmouth £30 in consideration of a legacy
bequeathed by the will of John Sawer my father, deceased, unto
my sister Mary now the wife of the said Andrews. If my brother
is not content then the house &c. to remain to my son Edward and
his heirs and my executors to pay the £30. To Bridget my wife
myn lease in Reidon Marches &c, all sheep &c. Executors to pay
to Symon Mawe of Rendlesham, Suffolk, gentleman, half of all
such sums of money as I and my brother William Goodwin of
Woodbridge stand bound to the said Symon and to Mr Hawes
of Sutton the moitie of what I and William Goodwin owe to him.
To Edward my son my lands and tenements in Orforde Sudborne,
Marlesforde. To Edward my son £40 at 21. To my kinsman
John Sawer 33/4. To James and Humphrey Warren 33/4. To
my nephew William Goodwin 40/-. To my nephew John Good-
win 33/4. To my uncle Christopher Sawer 40/-. To Alyce
Bacon's children of Little Glenham that be married 20/- each,
those unmarried 10/- each. My executors shall pay to Thomas
Richmond £5. My wife shall enter into a bond to William
Goodwin of Woodbridge and John Sawer my brother to prove
my will, if she refuse then my son John Sawer and William Good-
win shall prove my will.

To Bridget Lofflin daughter of my sister Margaret Lofflin my
heskar of two years. To Anne Sawer daughter of John Sawer
my brother, one other heskar. To poor of Orforde £10. Exec-
utors my wife or else John Sawer my brother and William Good-
win. Supervisor William Harborde. Witnesses Thomas Rich-
mond, Anthonie Bull, Willm Goltie, and Thomas Agas.
Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 28, folio 21.

Susan Scott, Pakefeld. Administration i August 1618 to

Marie Gooddinge (wife of Goodding) sister of deceased.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Act Book 4 (1617), foHo 16.


Lucy Seaman late of Little Linstead, deceased. Administration
9 April 1625 to next of kin John Gooddinge and Robert Meene.
Archdeaconry of Suffolk Annotation Book No. 7 (1625),
(Misplaced in Archdeaconry of Norwich Registry at
Norwich), folio 3.

Johan Smythe of Cratfielde, widow. Will 25 June 161 1,
proved 7 August 161 1. To daughter Margery wife of Gregory
Hubberd of Cratfielde. To friend Gregorye Smythe of Crat-
field. To Christian Hyer, my daughter, wife of John Hyer.
Rest of money between my two daughters and Marye Goodyn my
grandchild. To Marye Goodyn, my grandchild, daughter of
Hellen Goodyn and Robert her husband.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Liber 44, folio 83.

Robert Norman als Turner of East Bergholt, yeoman. Will
9 February, 7 James I ; 1610. "Whereas one John Goodwyn
late of East Bergholt, clothier, deceased, and his heirs stand
bound in an obligation with a penalty of £80".

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Liber 43, folio 282.

Henrie Wegham thelder, Hacheston, Suffolk, tanner. Will i
Apriil 161 1 ; proved 23 September 161 1. Wife Beatrys to enjoy
houses in Hacheston purchased of Roger Rose thelder and have
for her life then house to son Thomas for life, the northe end
new sett upp with clary chimney and little yard after wyfes
decease to my son Henrie. Rest to son Thomas, son Henrie
paying to my daughter Alice Wigham, wife of Francis Wellett,
40s. Wife executrix. Witness : Michael Ritches.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Liber 44 (1611), folio 161.

William Woodgate, Loestoft. Administration i November
1622 to relict Elizabeth.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Act Book 5, folio 19.

John Woodwarde. Administration 14 November 1610 with
will annexed to Nicholas Woodwarde his father during the
minority of John, Mary, Martha and Anne Woodward, children
of deceased.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Act Book i, folio 16.


William Woodwarde of Butlie. Administration 12 May 1612
to Anne his relict.

Archdeaconry of Suflfolk, Act Book i. folio 56.

William Woodwarde, Framlingham. Administration i June
1612 to Alice his relict.

Archdeaconry of SutTolk, Act Book i, folio 58.

John Woodwarde, Blifords. Administration 10 January
1619/20 to relict Priscilla.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Act Book 4 (1618-9),
(part i). folio 24.

Thomas Woodward, Yoxford. Administration 28 August
1622 to relict Anne.

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Act Book 5 (1622), folio 13.


Latin. Robert Godyn of Bury St. Edmunds. Will 1408, no
act. Being at Bury. On the day (martis) next after the feast
of St. Luke the evangelist 1408. To the high altar of St. James
6s.8d. To chapel of said church xijd. To chapel of St. Mary in
said church xijd. To the clerk of the parish iiijd. To Roger
Lenton chaplain 3s. 4d. The residue to be at the disposal of my
executors ; Roger Lenton and Alice my wife.

Archdeaconry of Sudbury book i, folio 119.

Latin. John Godyng of Bury St. Edmunds of sound mind.
Will die Martis next after the Feast of St. Barnabus 1416. No
act. First my soul etc. To High altar of St. Mary in Bury 2s.
To celebrate a trentall of Gregory for my soul los. To the
brother of Babbew^ell to celebrate for my soul and all christian
souls I3s.4d. To Matilda my wife my tenement for her life, this
to be sold after her death and the money to be distributed, first
to Margaret and Agnes my daughters when of age, 10 marcs,
each 5 marcs. If my wife is in need, the property to be sold in
her lifetime my daughters to have their share. To my wife my
domestic utensils. Residue to my executors to be sold for my
soul and the souls of my benefactor and of all the faithful


departed. Executors : my wife and Walter Gardener and John
Nichele, Smyth, to each of them 3s.4d.

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book i, folio 117.

Latin. John Goodwyn of Bury St. Edmunds. Will 6 April
1441. No act. Make my will in this manner. My soul etc.
To the High Altar of St. James Bury for tithes and oblations
forgotten xs. To Eline my wife my household goods and all
other chattels belonging to me and 10 marcs of money. The
residue of my goods, chattels, land and tenements after my debts
and other expenses about my funeral are paid. One portion for
my wife. Another to my wife at her own proper disposal.
Executors : Eline my wife and William Coots the latter to have
6s.8d. Supervisor: Henry Dunston, merchant. Nothing to be
done without his knowledge and assent.

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book i, folio 251.

Latin. Thomas Godyng of Groton. Will 20 January 1454;
proved 5 July 1454. To High Altar 6s.8d. To High Altar of
Mildyng xijd. I would have brother William Biry of Sudbury
to celebrate for a year on Feast days in church of Groton. To
John Whytyng 20s. To Margery my daughter 20s. To my wife
6s.8d. To my (filiola) in Lavenham 3s.4d. To Thomas Whyt-
yng 2od. To Margery Whytyng 2od. To every son of John
Whytyng one sheep. To Thomas Osmond a sheep. To Mar-
gery my daughter a jar etc. To John Whytyng my tenement
called Ernnotts to him and his heirs. I would have one trentall
for my soul and for Emme my wife. Alexander Emmott and
Clare his wife for 10 years 4od. a year. Residue of my goods to
William Hyll, Thomas Hersent and John Whytyng. Witnesses:
Richard Godyng, John Payn, Tho Coleman. Proved at Boxford.
Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book 2, folio 169.

Latin Richard Godewyne of Great Thornham. Will 3 May
1457, proved 18 May 1457. To Beatrix my wife all my lands
and tenements, chattels and utensils for life, these to be sold after
her decease, 5 marcs to the church. My executors, my wife,
John Terald and William Dorrant.

Proved at Wetheryngset
Archdeaconry of Sudbury, book 2, Baldwyne, folio 220.


Latin. William Goodewyn of Burwell. Will 18 November
1463, proved 9 March 1463. Of sound mind. To be buried in
the churchyard of St. Marys in the same. To the high altar of
same 2od. For glazing a window of the said church 6s.8d. To
my wife Olive all my domestic utensils and I leave her my tene-
ment for life on condition that Thomas my son shall have ease-
ment in selario and in erreo when it shall be necessary. To
Margareta my nepos(neice or grandaughter?) my tenement in
Newnham Fordre. Wife and son Thomas executors. Proved
by son, power reserved to widow.

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, book 2, Baldwyne, folio 310.

Latin. John Godyng of Wetherysfeld diocese Norwich. Will
12 September 1467 or 1468 proved 2 January or March 1468.
To be distributed to the poor on the day of my burial 3s.4d. To
Johan my wife all my utensils. Residue to my wife and John
Barker of Wetherysfeld to pay my debts and funeral expenses etc.
The above two my executors. No witnesses. Proved at Haver-

Archdeaconry of Sudbury book 2, Baldwyne, folio 418.

Latin. William Goodwyn of Burwell. Will 20 November 1471,
proved 4 January 1471. To be buried in the church yard of
St. Andrew of Burwell. To the high altar for tithes forgotten
6d. To repairs of the said church 4 bush, ordei. To Thomas
Goodwn my brother i bush, ordei. To John ditto. To Alis my
sister ditto. I will that the reversion of 20 acres of arrable land
which Nicholas at Hyll my uncle gave me in his last will after
the decease of Johan my mother remain to Margery my wife and
my boys(peuris) for ever Residue to my wife for her main-
tenance and to bring up my sons and I make her executrix.

No witnesses. Proved at Kentford.

Archdeaconry of Sudbury book 2, Baldwyne, folio 488.

In English. John Goodwyn. Will 17 May 1475 proved last
day of April 1477. My body to be buried in the churchyard of
Melford. I will that my moder have my hows. If ye places be
sold I will that John Myn son schall have it aford a nodr man
To Vrsula on potte of 4 galons. I geffe Goodwyn on potte of
3 gallons and yer to I sett my scale. Proved at Melford.
Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book 3, Hervey, folio 74.


Thomas Goodwyn of Mendylsham. Will 25 November 1474;
(another copy reads 1464) proved 14 November 1474. To High
altar 3s.4d. To guild of HolyTrinity 6s.8d. To guild of Blessed
Mary 3s.4d. To a priest to celebrate the church of Mendylsham
for me and my friends and benefactors 9 marks. To order of
friars etc. To Margery my wife all my domestic utensils, 8 cows
of the best and 12 ewes and my tenement called Benserys for her
life, after her decease I will that it be sold by my executors and
divided between my daughters Johan and Katharine. To my
wife also 2 closes and one paightle and 3^ roods part of the
tenement Mygill and Aldrythe for life also a close called Bodneys
croft to her and her heirs, wood to be brought for my wife by
Robert my son and by William my son, she is also to have a
share of the apples, etc. If Robert dispute the settlement, then
close with pightell and three roods pertaining and a parcell of
lands late Bartholomew Goodwyns shall be sold by my executor
and be divided amongst my daughters. William my son shall
have a close called Wodelles, one called Parkers, one called
Shynglerys, one called Benslyes. To Johan Baxter my daughter
6s.8d. To Rose Chypperon my daughter 6s.8d. To Nicholas
son of John Baret a combe of wheat. To Johan daughter of
Robert Goodwyn one combe of barley. To Johan daughter of
said John Baxter one combe of wheate. Robert my son shal
pay to my wife annually 6s.8d., and William my son shall pay her
IDS. Robert shall pay to each of his sisters Johan and Catherine
at marriageable age 5 marks and William the like sum. Margery
my wife and William my son executors. John Illyan supervisor.
Witnesses: Tho. Saham, Wm Baret, Rob. Saham. Proved at

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book 3, folio 121.

William Goodwyn of Wallefeld. Will 10 February 1477;
proved 3 March 1477. To the high altar xijd. fabrice(be)land
companibus I3s.4d. To seven poor men 7d. Residue of my
goods to be disposed for the health of my soul. Executrix : my
wife Rose. Richard Wareyn of the same supervisor. Wit-
nesses : Ri : DurboU of same, Wm Baker, Rob. Gawkedon of
Neddyng. Proved at Brkston.

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book 3, folio 182.


Robert Goodwyn of Mendelysham. Will 7 August 1490;
proved 21 March 1490. Being in good memory and in myne
hole mynd etc. My Body to be buryed in the cherche yeerd of
Mendelysham. To the Cathedral church of Norwyche viijd.
To High Autyr of Mendelysham xijd. To Fryers of Babwell
6s.8d. To Fryers Austyners of Thelford 6s.8d. I will have on
able pryste synging in the cherche of Mendelysham for the helthes
of my soull and for all my good friends sowles by the space of
on yeer. To the new stepyll of Mendelysham 3s.4d. To on
newe legende to the use of the cherche of Baketon 3s.4d. To
Jone my wife my tenement in towne of Mendelysham withall
lands longing therto as well the herytage land as the vycympyll
with all profits for life after her decease to my son Thomas on
condition that he does not trouble, make no clayme the said
tenements during her life. To Jone my daughter 40s. at 24. To
Alys my daughter 40s. at 24. To Margery my daughter 20s. at
24. My tenement called Styngs in Baketon to be sold, the money
to pay my debts and to perform my will. Residue of my goods
to be at the disposal of my executors, Jone my wyffe, William
Goodwyn my brother and Nicholas Reynbird of Baketon. Wit-
nesses : Wm Becham, Wm Larsener. John Martyn.

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book 3, folio 458.

William Goodewyn of Mendelsham. Will 12 April 1505;
proved 18 March 1506. Beinge in good minde and hole memory
ordain. To altar of church of Mendelsham 6s.8d. To altar of
church of Cottonn 3s.4d. (other bequests to church of Mendel-
sham) A prest to sing for my soul and my fadyr and moder
souls in Church of Mendelsham for ten years. To the gyld of
Cotton X marc on condition that a priest sing for ye brethren and
sisters for five years or six. To Grey friars of Ipswich for a
trentall los. To White F'riars of same los. To Black Friars of
Downing los. To Anprotines in Ord is. To eche of my god-
chyldren 6s. To John Helkys a cowe, which I will increase to
my said godchildren. To every godchild beside xijd. To every
godchild of my moders 6d. To Allys Goodewyn 3s.4d. with the
xijd of the first gifte. To Symond Laacy son of Jone Lacy a
cowe. To Elyse Grene to ye sone of Rose IMysyster I3s.4d. to
be in his father's hands. All my lands and tenements to be sold.


My executors John Halke (another copy reads Halle) of Men-
delsham and Richard Retyll of the same town, and Edward Reue
of (Thowte) supervisor. Proved at Mendelsham.

Online LibraryFrank Farnsworth StarrEnglish Goodwin family papers; being material collected in the search for the ancestry of William and Ozias Goodwin, immigrants of 1632 and residents of Hartford, Connecticut .. → online text (page 6 of 44)