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Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book 4, folio 75.

Thomas Goodewyn of Mendelsham. Will the Saturday next
before Halwenesday 15 10; proved 14 January 15 10. Item he
assynys to the high auter of IMendlesham for tythes 2od. To
Xpryn his wyfe two peeces of land callyd Bemonds as long as
she keepeth her a weddowe, if she marry, then John Goodewyne
to have the lande, to him and his assigns. All his other goods to
his executors to dispose for the health of his soul and of his
friends souls. Executors : John Whytyng and Thomas Greene.
Witness : John Martyn. Proved at Batisdale.

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book 4, folio 79.

Robert Goodynche of Burgwell In the Dyocys of Norwiche
w*inne the Countye of Cambredg 1515 Kal Decembre, probated

16 December 1515. Also I gef to my sone William

Goodynche a comb of whetc and v coml)s of Barle. Also

I gefe to my godson John Goodynche a bushell of whete and

bushell of malte. Also I gefe to ech (other?) of my

children besyde a bushell of Barle. Also I gefe to William

my sone a bulloke and ii shepe. Also I gefe to Kateryn my

wyfe my caart and plowe w* al my hors and stuff my hows-
hold stuff w* all my othere goods, she to pay my debts yV^ Also
I geve to ye forsayd Kateryn and to hir assyneis for eu"" on
achare of land lyeng in Northfeld w*^ in the lordshepp of Burgh-
well that she kepe or doo to be kepyd my mynde day ones In the
yere yerly in the church aforseid. Executours Kateryn Good-
ynche and William Perre.

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book 5, Boner, folio 163b.
From J. J. Muskett.

John Godyng of Boxted, county Suffolk. Will 12 May 1508.
no act. To repairs of the gylde of Boxted church 6s.8d. To
Alys my wife my tenement that I dwell upon during her life and
after her departing I will that yt shall remayne unto John my
son and my great hoche and my best coverlet, and if John depart
of his life I will that then it shall be sold for to do for me and


her and my fr\-nds. To Alys my daughter and to Floronse my
daughter and John my son each a cowe and a brasse pott. To
Jone my daughter a cowe and a sheppe and a lambe. Residue of
my goods to be at the disposal of Alys my wyflFe and Richard
Frost, my brother in lawe. whom I make executors. Witnesses :
Sir John Coppyng. and ^^'illiam Pa}-n of the same town.
Archdeaconry of Sudbury. Book 5. folio 188.

John Goodw}Ti of Soham.. Cambridge. Will 14 October 1524;
proved 2 December 1524. Be>-ng of hole m\-nde. Stone for
highways etc. To John my son a bullocke and a calf, price los,
a mare and a colte. price 7s. an ewe and a lambe. he to have
them at 16 years of age. To Henry my servant a hekfourth of
two yere age and upwarde. To Agnes my wife my tenement
with the croft with all my land free and copy, the terme of her
lyfe. after her decease I will that John my son have it. If my
son die. then after my wife's decease the tenement to be sold and
the money to be doon for me and my wife and our friends. To
Agnes my wife all my moveables and unmoveables. yf she sit my
son John in the Coppys. If she will not then my moveable goods
to be at the discretion of John Peche. my brother in law, whom
I make my executor, and Agnes my wife. Witnesses: Wm
Fyshe, Andrew Gloster. Proved in the porch at Soham.
Archdeaconry of Sudbury. Book 4, folio 130.

Thomas GooddjTige of Burgatte in the Dioces of Xorwece.
Fyfte daye of October 1551 in the fyfte yere of Kynge Edward
}-* syxt, probated iii ffeb. 1551. My SowU to Allmyghty Jhus my
maker, sauyor and Redemer and to }•* blyssed vyrgATi o'" lady
Seynt Mary hys mother and to all the holy cdpany heven. To
Marger}' my wyf my tente in Burgate y* she now dwell in dur-
}Tige her naturall liflF. My fathers howse y* he dwell}'th in only
excepte for the terme of ye liflPe of my father and mother iii" to
be payd by my seyd wyff yo my father by vi* viii*^ in ye yere.
Wyllm my son shall haue my tent in Burgate after decesse of
hys mother to hym and hys heyers for eu*".

Yff Wyllm my son dye w^hout yssue I wyll y' Margaret my
dowghter shall have jl: to her when she comj-th to the age of xxi
yeres. I wyll that Thomas my sone and Margarite my doughf
shall haue either of them x" when they come to the age of xxi


yeres. Yf all my chylderne dye w^hout issue I will that George
my brother haue my land and tents in Biirgate. Resydwe to
IMargerye my wyff toward bryngynge vp of my chylderne whom
I ordeyne my excutryce and George Sterlynge my brother in lawe.
Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book 19, folio 71.
J. J. Muskett.

James Gooddynge of Wykeham skeyth yeoman. 12 June 1556.
Godson James Canon. Other Canons named and Alerkaunt but
no Goodings.

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book 21, More folio 16.

J. J. Muskett.

7 July 1 561, probate 18 Nov. 1561 John Gudwyn of Mendill-
sham in the countie of Suffe. To Margaret my wife tenement
wherin I dwell w*hall the lands therto belonging during her life
naturall. to the bringinge vp of my childryn: Said tenement and
lands to remayne to Rychard my sonn ; and for want of eirs of
his body lawfully begotten to remayne to Georg my sonn. To
James my sonne all suche right and tytle as I haue or may haue
to tenement in Stowe by gifte of my mother, and to his heirs for
ever. X^* to be payd to my doughters equally. Executors Mar-
garet my wife and Rychard my sone and James my sonne.
Archdeaconry of Sudbury, liber Baker, folio 85.
J. J. JMuskett.

1566, 25 Marche, probate 1567, 3 May. John Goodynche of
Burwell in the countie of Cambridg waterman. My goods to
Elizabeth my wife. To her howse and lande. She to be sole
executrix. If Thomas ffookes cannot give her such assurance
as is lawfull then he shall paye vnto Elizabeth my said wife all
such summes of money as he hath receyved of me for purchase
of said howse.

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, liber Arnold, folio 374.

J. J. Muskett.

17 Apryll 1573. Edmunde Goodwyn of great flfakenham in
the county of Suffolk, husbandman. To Goodwyn Goodwyn
my sone houses, lands & tenements, and to his heyres for ever.
To every one of said Goodwynes children one ewe shepe. To


nil of Margaret Spurgions children one ewe shepi; a peace. To
Ellyn Barlestons children one ewe a peace. Ellen Barleston my
daughter to be sole executrix. Probate ii May 1573.

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book Large, folio 152.

XXIIII daie of June 1578. John Goodwhine of Sohame in
the countie of Cambridge, husbandman. Marion my wife shall
have occupacion of my house, as also all my lands during the
naturall lyf e of Marrian my wyf e : remayndor to Richarde my
Sonne and to his heires for ever. To Richearde my sonne V^
when he cometh to the age of XXIIII yeres. To eyther of my
daughters, that is to sale, Margarett and Elisabeth VP^ &c when
XXIIII yeres of age or at the daye of there mareage which ever
shall first happen. To Katherine Mackworth my syster in'
II 11*^. Residue to Marion my wyf e : she whole executrix. To
Elizabeth fifrestone & Marie fifrestone eyther of them V. Pro-
bate 2 Oct"" 1578 Juramenti executris &c.

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book Wroo, folio 409.

John Goodinge, Boxstead, Suffolk. Will 2 August 1579;
proved 13 August 1580. To my eldest son Thomas my houses
and my lande in town of Boxstead and elswhere and also my
fattes and vesselles with the stocke belonging to them. My son
Thomas to have the rest of my goods except I give to my daugh-
ter Browne 20s. To my daughter Brownes' children los. to be
divided among them at day of marriage. To my daughter
Browne a brasse pott that hath long legges and a peace of clothe
that was my weifes backe of her gowne. Rest of my goods to
my executor. Son Thomas executor. Witnesses: Thomas
Paine, Richard Baxter.

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book Browne, folio 221.

Margaret Goodwine of Okenleye. county Suffolk. Will 11
December 1574; proved 20 April 1587. In good helthe and per-
fect remembrance. To my sonne George Goolwyne and the
heirs of his body etc. me tenements, lands etc. in Okenly on con-
dition that George pay to James Goodwine my sonne 20s. per
annum for life, if George does not pay this then my close called
Sylens and Cauffes pightell shall be given to my son James Good-
wine. If my son George die without issue then tenements left



to him to go to my son James. If James die without issue then
property to go to my three daughters Joane Goodwine, Margarett
Goodwine and Marye Goodwine, to be evenhe divided. My son
George shall pay at such daies and times as is specified in my
late husband John Goodwines his will £io, i.e. to Christian
Raignes als Deye, to Joane Goodwine, Margaret Goodwine and
Marye Goodwine each 50s. (Christian is also daughter of John
Goodwin). Executors: James Goodwine and George Goodwine
my sonnes. Witnesses: John Cadman, Wm CoUyne, Tho :
Prettie, Tho London. Proved at Thwaite by George Goodwine,
James being dead.

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book Bright, folio 274.

Marrion Goodwyne, Soham, Cambridge, widow. Will 13
June, 35 Elizabeth, proved 30 June 1593. To son Richard Good-
win four mares etc. To John Wrench son of Elizabeth my
daughter one buUocke at 21. To Anne Wrench daughter of said
Elizabeth at 21. To William, John, and Anne Palmer children of
Margaret Pallmer my daughter at 21. To John Goodwyne and
Robert Goodwne sons of Richard Goodwyne my sone, a bullock
each at 21. To John Pallmer my son in law. To Mary Wante
my god daughter. To John Bridge my servant. Executor: son
Richard. Witnesses : Robert Peche gent, William Peche,
Edward Cropley of Thornestreet. mark of Marrion Goodwyne.
Inventory £59. os. 6d.

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book Bacon, folio 422.

Thomas Goodwyn, Boxted, county Suffolk, tanner. Will 8

March 1594; proved 6 May 1594. To wife Elizabeth my two

howses, one where Francis Baxter now dwells, the one I dwell

in with yarde etc. in Boxted for her life, then to Thomas Goodwin

my son the one where Baxter dwells except certain parts of the

premises. The house where I dwell to my two daughters Alice

and Dorothie for their lives then to my son Thomas. To my two

daughters Grace and Johane £6 each. Provision as to times of

payment. To my daughter Johane Gamlyn 20s. To Thomas

j Gamlyn my godson 2s. at 24. Provision if Thomas refuse to

', carry out will. Wife, executrix. Supervisors : neighbours

John Payne and Francis Payne. Witnesses : Robert Asterley,

ij Michaell Langham, marke of Thomas Goodwin.

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book Bacon, folio 582.


Latin. May 1596. loth day. On the same day and year
administration of the estate of the late James Goodyn who Hved
at Okely was granted. Deceased's rehct Katharine took oath to
administer the estate well, etc.

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Administrations and Marriage
Licences, Book No. i, folio 219.

Katharin Goodwin of Wyverstone, Suffolk, widow. Will 8
May 1596; proved 23 May 1597. To my daughter Mary £30 at
24, this money to remain in the hands of my brother Thomas
Houell als Smith till my daughter is 24. he to pay to my daugh-
ter 50s. per annum. If Mary die without issue the £30 to go to
Unica Howell als Smyth one of the daughters of my said brother
Thomas. Provided that if my said brother and Robert Dowe my
nephew can within four years purchase a house and grounds with
the money aboue written, they shall buy it for my daughter.
Residue of my goods as brasse, pewter, lynnen, bedds and bed-
dinge I give to Mary my daughter. Executor: Robert Dowe,
he to have xijd

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book Blomefeilde, folio 216.

William Goodwin of Stoke nexte Neyland, county Suffolk, hus-
bandman. Will 27 October 30 Elizabeth 1597; proved 15
November 1597. To be buried in parish Church of Neyland.
To Elizabeth Baker (another copy reads Baken), my tenements
in Colchester, in the parish of St. Buttalls in Mardelen Street for
life and after her death I give them to my sister's daughters to
be sold by Christopher Cleare father of those daughters and
the money equally divided among them. Item to said Elizabeth
Baker or Baken 53 shillings, one heifer or one bullock being in the
hands of Thomas Cool, or Cooe, gent, of Boxford. To Elyn
Baker two coffers and some household effects. Elizabeth Baker
and Mather Belhar, Executors. Not signed. Witnesses : James
Baker, and George Maye.

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book Blomefield, folio 97 or 323,


Thomas Goodwine of Mellies, county Suffolk, yeoman. Will
12 July, 40 Elizabeth: proved 19 or 29 March 1598. In good
and perfect remembrance. To the poor of Mellies and Burgate


over and above the dole at my funeral, to each of the towns los.
To Margaret Garblesham my sister two bushels of wheat in token
of my good will. To Elizabeth Oke, Joane Oke, and Dorothie
Oke children of John Oke of Burgate by his first wife each 20s.
To Thomas and William Goodwyn my sonnes their heires and
assigns at 21 or day of marriage — lands and tenements — out of
these are to be paid the 60s. above. To Elizabeth Goodwyn my
wife all lands, tenements etc. which I late purchased of George
Burroughe and all the 3 acres of land late Trippes lying in Bur-
roughes for her life (one ^ acre of land in the close called
Settlinges late Lynges onely excepted) on condition that she keep
the house and buildings in good repair. To my son Edmund
Goodwin and his heirs and assigns for ever my acre late Tripps
and the lands and tenements I late bought of Mr. George Bur-
roughe (the said ^^ acre excepted). He to enter immediately
after my wife's decease. To wife my bed etc. fetherbed, six
silver spoones, one pott lipped with silver, the great joyned chest
in the parlour etc. I will that my horse mill and all things
belonging to my longe framed table-forms, benche shall remain
in my tenement where I dwell for ever. To my sonne Edmund
Goodwin the posted bedsteade etc. Also my sorrell mare with
her foale and two milch kine. To William Goodwyne my sonne
posted bedstead and furniture, a great chest and one that some-
tymes wa's Burroughes and one littell cofer called my owne cof er,
my littell square table, bullock, nag etc. To my son Francis
Goodwyn one posted bedsteade, a little cofer at the beddes feete
in the parler, two milch kyne and a yearling bullock. To wife
ten of my best milch kyne out of those not given to son Edmund.
To my son Edmund a wrighting obligatory I have of Mr. Hum-
phrey Fowler, parson of Burgate and all such money as he owes
me and also the writinge obligatory 1 have of Francis Robtsone
my brother in law — but my son not to take of Francis Rortsone
above £6. To my daughter Margery Goodwin the £43. 13s.
being the money which William Morris and John Morries, John
Yestas and Henry Yestas owe me by two several bonds to be
paid to me if I live or els to the saide Margery her heirs etc. To
my daughter Elizabeth £40 in thre monthes next after my decease.
To Elizabeth and Thomas Goodwyn the sonnes of my son
Thomas each a calf. To James Chase, Thomas Chase, and Wil-
liam Chase, children of Thomas Chase each a calfe. To Mar-


gery and Elizabeth my daughters my two newe coverletts. The
residue of my goodes, corne upon the ground, haye etc — when
debts are paid I give to my wife EHzabeth towards the bringing
up of my thre youngest children. Wife to have the occupation
of all lands now in my ocupation (my summer lande, close called
Tuftes and my lands and tenements herein given to my son Wil-
liam and Frances and the river close only excepted) att the
feast of All Saints next after my decease (conditions). To my
son W^illiam Goodwine my close called the tenement Hilles and
one acre in Trippes grove etc. To my son Francis Goodwin my
close called Tuftes, the littell medow which I late purchased of
Mr. Reue of Thrandeston, to him and his heirs for ever. To
my son Jasper Goodwine, close called littell Settlings which I
late purchased of Mr Lan Lynge to enter the same at Hallomas.
To my daughter Anne and her heirs etc. my meadow called Set-
lings at feast of All Saints next after my decease. To my daugh-
ter Rachel Goodwin my close called Mellmounte which I lately
purchased of Mr. Lynge to her heires etc., provided that if Jasper
my son depart this life without issue before he is 21, my exec-
utrix to sell the close given to Jasper to Edmund Goodwin my
son and heirs for £40 which £40 shall be equally parted among the
rest of my children then liveing begotten of the said Elizabeth
my wife. If Edmund will not give the £40 then to be sold to
any one etc. If my daughters Anne and Rachel die before 21,
property to be sold and my son Edmund shall have the first ofifer,
and the money etc. Wife to become bound in iioo not to claim
dower. If my wife will not be bound etc. all legacies to her to
be void. Whereas I am bound as surety for Humphrey Fowler
of Burgate, Gierke, I have for my indemnifying an estate in fee
in divers inclosures of lands and pastures of the said Humphrey
Fowler, I give all my rights etc, to my executors. To Proudence
Chase my daughter £20 out of my estate left to Thomas Goodwin
my son. I give to my son Thomas Goodwin all my lands and
hereditaments in Burgate and Wortham now in the occupation of
the said Thomas Goodwin and also my Rover Close. My execu-
tors: Robert Holte of Ingham, Clarke, and Robert Randall of
Pulham Markett in Norfolk, to each los. I make Thomas
Thrower of Suddon, supervisor, to him los. Witnesses: Ri.
Peake, Andrew Bardwell and me John Rewe. Alemorandum
that Thomas Goodwin did surrender all his lands of Burgate and


S. Johns into the hands of the Lords there by the hands of Ri
Peake in the presence of Andrewe Bardwell. Administratioi
granted to EHzabeth his rehct, Rob. HoUe and Rob. Randal

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book Whitney, folio 103.

Simon Goodwin of Bury St. Edmunds. Will i8th Augusf
1599; proved August 1601. I, Symond Godden (sic) of Burj
St. Edmonds. Item to the child that my wife is now with i^ a1
the age of 21. Item to my brother Robert Godden of Harwich
by the hands of Mr. John Cipper provided if the said child dif
before it cometh to the age of 21 years, the said sum to be divided
among the children of my sister then living by my brother Robert
or his heirs and assigns. Item to said sister Bridget xP lawfull
money. Item to my brother my sister's husband's clothing etc.
Item to brother Robert half a crown. Item all the rest of my
estate, goods, money, etc. ^ I give and bequeath unto my

wife she to pay all my debts and bring my body decently to the
gi-ound. Item to Master John Gipper, I will he pay to Mr
Walker i6s.4d. Witnesses : Thomas Kent, and John Hippes.
Archdeaconry of Sudbury, file 1600-05, no 33,
Book Coppinge, folio 41.

John Goodwyn of Cambridge, prynter. Will 9 January 1617;
proved 9 June 161 8. Being somewhat sickly of bodie but oi
sownd and perfytt mynde etc. Body to the earth from which it
came. My howse in Barnewell near Cambridge with ye three
shoppes to my loving uncle William Hill of Westowe (another
copy reads Westone), county Suffolk, clerk. He to pay certain
legacies. To my eldest sister Marie £20. To my youngest sister
Elizabeth £10. To Elizabeth Legge daughter to my uncle Can-
trell Legge £5. To my Avnte Mvmford £5. To Anne Hill
daughter of my uncle John Hill £5 at 20. To Marie Hill ditto,
ditto. My uncle William Hill executor. Witnesses : John Hill,
the mark of John Daller, Proved at Westowe.

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book Gibson, folio 43,
file 1618-19, no. 47.

Thomas Goodwyn of Burgate, county Suffolk, yeoman Will
I November 1618; proved 15 December 1618. Item to William


Goodwyn my son my messuage where I now dwell and all to it
belonging which was my fathers it lying on the west side of the
commons called Mushold Green after the decease of Joane, my
wife Joane to hold all lands and tenements until Henry Goodwyn
my son is 27. Item to Thomas my son I give the messuage and
tenement and land where Arthur Smyth now dwells containing
2 acres, all lands in Mortimers Rents, and close called Brooks
which I lately purchased of Mr. Peachell when 27 years of age.
Item to Elizabeth Goodwyn my daughter the sum of £20 to be
paid by Joane my wife one year after my decease. Wife Joane
all household effects and sole executrix. Witnesses : William
Barber, and Arthur Smyth, and John Kane.

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book Gibson, folio 363.

William Goddinge of Ketton, county Suffolk, labourer. Will
II May 1623; proved 16 June 1623. To daughter Margaret 20s.
that is in Thomas Wyett's hands. To daughter Bridgett, daugh-
ter Elizal)eth, daughter Margarett. To my son Thomas God-
dinge twelve pence. To grandchild Thomas Hemsted my little
oulde chest. To Edward Hempsted wearing apparel. To Robert
Seago, my son in law, my leather britches. To Edward Hemp-
sted, my son in law, executor. Witnes : Marke Sheldrake.
Proved at Bury St. Edmunds.

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book Harrold, folio 585.

Thomas Gooddinge, Sapiston. Administration 2 April 1630. to
relict Margaret. Inventory £16. I4s.8d.

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Admon. Act Book 3 (1630-52),

folio I.

20 Jan 1629, probate 11 Oct 1630. Elizabeth Goodinge of
ffinine"ham in the countie of Suffe. widdowe, To Edmund Good-
dinge my sonne, great chest nowe at Robert Rushes my sonne in
law. To Elizabeth Goodinge my grandchild, daughter of
Edmund Gooddinge my sonne. To Margery Rushe my daughter
one truncke chest being at Robert Rushes my sonne in law. To
Elizabeth Kersey my daughter. To Rachaell Portte and Judith
Portte my grandchildren. Bond of £20 to sonne Edmund. To
Robert Rush, Jasper Rush and Edward Rush my grandchilden.


Avis Turner my grandchild, Executor, my welbeloved sonne
Jasper Goodinge.

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book "Corner," folio 8i.

J. J. Muskett.

April 14, 1642. Ewen Goodwin, clerk, late of Gedding.
Administration granted to Anthony Smyth, chief creditor. Inven-
tory i53, 13s, 4d.

On the 23d of the same month administration of estate of
aforesaid Ewin Goodwyn, clerk, of Gedding deceased, was
granted to Edward Bach and Marie his wife, legal sister of the
deceased. She takes oath in person of the aforesaid Edward
Bach (privilege of administration of the same estate previously
granted by authority of this court to Anthony Smyth is hereby

x^rchdeaconry of Sudbury, Admon. Act Book 3 (1630-52),

folio 93.
J. J. Muskett.

April 16, 1662. Estate of Marie Gooding, widow, late of
Bury St. Edmunds. Administration granted to George Knapp,
a nephew, and Thomas Keble, a nephew, sons respectively of
Beatrice Knapp and Elizabeth Keble, own sisters of the said
deceased. 408, 13, 08.

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Administration Book 4, folio 27b.

November 16, 1664. Estate of Richard Gooding late of New-
markett. His relict Marie Gooding was granted administration
to administer the estate honestly, etc 07, 19, 00

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Administration Book 4, folio 62.

July 2, 1668, Estate of James Goodwyn late of Newmarkett
Christopher Kent chief creditor. 11, 7, 4.

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Administration Book 4, folio 95.

March 24, 1669, Estate of William Goodwin late of Laken-
heath, county Suffolk. Administration granted to Christopher
Goodwin, his son, etc.

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Administration Book 4, folio no.

J. J. Muskett.


John Goodwin of Sudbury, county of Suffolk, goldsmith.
Will 20 February 1673 proved 8 April 1678. Item to Isaac Good-
win my son one shilling after my decease, Item to Elizabeth
Goodwin my daughter one shilling after my decease. To John
Goodwin my son iio when 21 years. Item to John Baker my
grandchild one shilling, and Elizabeth Baker another grandchild
one shilling, all payable on demand after my decease. Item to
wife Margery all the rest of my estate and whom I make sole
executrix. Witnesses John Jones and Eabo Jones.

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book Brydon, folio 17,
filed will no. 63.

George Goodwyn of Bildeston county Suffolk, woolcomber.
14 Nov. 1679, probate 29 April 1680. To Mary my wife my
copyhold tenement I now dwell in for the term of her life with
remainder to my two children equally.

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, vol. 63 "Brydon," folio 537.

J. J. Muskett.

Anne Goodwyn of Wetheringsett in the county of Suffolk,
spinster. 20 — 1691 probated 7 Sept. 1693. Messuage in Brock-
ford and lands to trustees. To be buried in the chancel of Little
Stonham amongst my relatives. To my kinsman Mr Thomas

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