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Yaxlee of Thrandeston Gent, but if dead then to Margaret Yaxlee
widow his mother. My kinsman Mr Nicholas Rookwood some-
time servant to Lord Huntingtower, lent money to my brother
in law Mr Acton. To my sister Dorothy Acton. Her daughter
Mary Acton. Robert Jacques and Barnabie Gibson junior exec-

Archdeaconry of Sudbury book Boldero folio 212.
She was daughter of Ambrose Goodwyn and Grand daughter
to Thomas Goodwyn of Little Stonham Esq. whose will P. C. C.
39 Lee, was proved in London 1638.

J. J. Muskett.

Jheromie Browne of Sudbury, county Suffolk, yeoman. 26
July, 43 Elizabeth 1603 (1601?) Probate 13 April 1602. To
Emm my wife. Ozias Merrells my wife's sonne; Alice and
Loare my wifes daughters. Wife's the other sonnes, Edward,
Stephen and John. Elizabeth Howard my syster. To Anne


Browne my daughter and her heirs for ever my tenement in Sud-
bury. To her when 14 one hundred pounds also my plate &c.
Poor of St Peters parish, Sudbury. Wife executrix.

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book Copping, folio 98.

J. J. Muskett.

William Colman of Bury St Edmunds, Gent. 5 Sept. 1694,
codicil 30 Sept. 1694, probate 4 Nov. 1694. Capital messuage
and lands in Stanton, Bardwell &c. county Suffolk to Mr. Henry
Goodwin of Bury St. Edmunds on trusts for my brother ffrancis
Muriell Colman &c. for payment of annuity. Said brother to
continue his seven years apprenticeship with his master. To
John, natural son of Marisco Winter, daughter of Robt Winter
of Bury St Edmunds, taylor. If my brother die iioo to this
John. To my aunt Mrs Elizabeth Heron: her daughter Eliza-
beth. Codicil 30 Sept. 1694. To my cosines William Heron,
Richard Elfiad and his wife Judith and William Coe, and his
sisters Mrs French and Mrs Bickerstaffe. Cosine Mt Arthur

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book Boldero, folio 439.

J. J. Muskett.

"Agnes Goodwin" a witness to the nuncupative will of Alice
Corbett, St. Gregories, Sudburie. 1579.

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book Browne, folio 48.

18 Tany 1630. Probate 10 October 1631. John ffrenche of
Stradishull in the countie of Suffolk, clerke. To be buried in
the chauncell of Stradishull. To Margaret my wife my two
houses and grounds =14 acres in Stradishull for the tearme of
her naturall life. To her other closes in Stradishull one contain-
ing 17 acres: also tenement called Jermyns purchased of my
brother George ffrench for life. Vnto Cristofer Goodyn of
Stradishull, grocer, reversion of said houses and lands, to him
and his heirs forever. Goods to wife for life, and after her
decease equallie to Nicholas ffenton, Barbaric ffrend, Elizabeth
Goodvvyn and to godchildren which are children of my kindred.
Wife and Christopher Goodyn to be executors.

Elizabeth Goodyn and Richard Goodyn witnesses

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book Colman, folio 66.


6 Oct 1625 John Inman of Bury St Edmonds merchant. For
the advancement of the children of Richard Mountnye of London,
merchant, my sonne in lawe by marriage with Rebecca my late
daughter £105 to be equally parted at their age of one and
twentye yeares. Vnto George Boldero my wives eldest sonne
£3 ; Thomas Boldero one other of her sonnes ; Elizabeth Mor-
fewe wife of Thomas Morfew and daughter of my said wife
each £3. To Richard Goodinge of Kings Lynne, M^chant, my
brother, my graven silver tankard which was mine before mar-
riage with my now wife. To Thomas Goodinge his eldest sonne,
Richard Goodinge his younger sonne and Katherine Goodinge his
daughter. Vnto Tryphosa Clarke widdow and to Alice Osborne
widdow my wives sisters, ringes. Residue to Margarett my well
beloved wife. She to be executrix. James ffayercliffe a witness.

Probate 29 Oct 1625 to Margaret the relict

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book Pearle, folio 318.

Alice Kynge, Ipswich, Suffolk, widow. Will 2 December, 3rd
Edward 6th; proved 18 August 1589. To Thomas Pooridge
and Joane his wife. To Katherine Hunte, Alice Hunte, and Ann
Hunte, daughters of Thomas Porridges wife. Witnesses : Raffe
Goodwyne, Willm Weste, Tho. Gosse. Memorandum 18 August
1589. Philip Newton of Ipswich alleged that he had received
the will of Alice Kynge formerly of Ipswich and wished it to be
entered among the wills in Court at Sudbury which we have
done. George Pleasance in the absence of Mr. Thomas Read,

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book Goddard, folio 213.

John Lawrence, Minister and Vicar of Exminge (Exning?).
Will 2 March 1598; proved 24 March 1598. To Sir John
Cotton of Landward the donation and advowson of my Living of
Exminge which was first granted by the Deane, Mr. Goodwin,
and chapter of Christ Church in Canterbury to one Francis Pure-
fie and the said Francis by assignation did pass itt over to one
Gabriell Cornwell who sett it over to me by assignation. 40s. to
be distributed in bread on day of my burial. To Susan my
daughter my house in Exming wherein widow Carter dwelleth
on consideration that she and heirs pay yearly to the poore of
Exminge on the feast of All Saints 5s. Also to her my lease of


5 acres dispersed in the fields of Exming which I bought of Sir
John Cotton. To Francis Lawrence my sonne my house in Bur-
well where Smyth dwells. Also my copyhold in Ashwell.

To Elizabeth Blewett my sister £7. To James Blewett her son
£6 at 21. To the daughters of said Elizabeth nowe living 20s.
each. To Edward Lorance my brother 40s. To Nathaniel Law-
rence son of the said Edward los. To Francis my sonne my little
cracked silver spoon. To Susan my wife, Susan my daughter,
and Frances my son the residue of Property which Sir John
Cotton bought of William Fabian of Exming. To John Norrish
minister of Ashley all my bookes, he to preach at my burial, 5s.
Executors : Leonard Stanton of Landward and Susan my wife.
Witnesses : John Cheney, John Laurence, Hen : Westhrope,
Oliver Bridgman, and Thomas Ganion. Proved at Bury

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book Whitney, folio 107.

Margery Morninges, Badwell Ashe, county Sufifolk, late wife
of John Morninges, yeoman, deceased. Will 28 May 1598;
proved 21 August 1598.

"To Richard Goodwin my servant 5s."

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book Whitney, folio 44.



1499 Goodwyn, Stevyn, Totyng Garveney, county Surrey

29 Mathewe

1535 Rychard, buried Great Bokeham 129 Heats

1536 John, als Sander, Hethe parish, Egham

county Surrey 186 Heats

1579 John, als Sander, Egham, county Surrey,

yeoman will file

1598 John, prisoner in Kings Bench prison,

late of Westminster, gent. will file

1598 Gidwyn, Magdalen, Cranlie, Surrey 186 Herringman

1602 Goodwyne, Edward senior, Dorkyng, county Surrey

388 Herringman

1603 Goodwyn als Saunders, Henrie, Egham

389 Herringman


1611 , John late of St. Saviours Southwark

156 Berry

1620 Goodwine, John, buried in St. Nicholas, Golldeforde

226 Peter

1638 Goodwin, als Saunders, Henery, Egham 489 Farmer

Stevyn Goodwyn of Totyng Graveney, county Surrey. Will
12 April 1490 (?I497) 12 Henry 7: proved 22 June 1499. To
be buried in churchyard of Totyng Graveney. To the High
Altar I2d. To mother church of Winchester 4d. My gret brace
pott to be sold to the most valor and the money given to my chil-
dren. To Elizabeth my daughter a brass pott after wife's
decease. Residue to Anne my wife. Executors : Thomas Good-
wyn, my wife, and John Holt. Overseer: Thomas Lee of

Archdeaconry of Surrey, Book Mathewe, folio 29.

Rychard Goodwyn. Will: no date; proved 16 November
1535. To be buried churchyard of Great Bokeham. To the
high Altar and the Sacrament 4d. To mother church of Win-
chester 4d. To Johan, my mayden, a brasse pott and a cawdron.
To John Gudwyn my son a brasse pott. To Margarett my daugh-
ter a pewter platter To Johan Styfifyn a candlestick. To
Kateren Symond 2 pewter dyshes. To Margaret Gardner a
pewter platter. To Church of St Nicholas of Great Buckham
37s. that Edward Lusted doth owe me Executors : Richard
Manne and John Gardner. No witnesses.

Archdeaconry of Surrey, Book Heats, folio 129.

John Goodwyn, otherwise John Sander, of the Hethe within
the parish of Egham, county Surrey. Will 20 September 1536;
proved 13 December 1536. To be buried in St. John's church-
yard in Egham. To High Altar 8d. To Rood Light 2d. To
Our Lady Light 2d. T Xpen Lane i6s. To Julian my daugh-
ter 20s. Residue of my goods to Johan my wife and John my son,
executors. Overseer : Sir John Cardray, vicar of Egham.
Whereas I have by deed 28 May, 18 Hen. 8. enfeoffed Robert
Sander by deed, John at Wike, Richard Reynold, the younger, of
my lands in Surrey to the use of my heirs, my wife to have them
until my son John is 21 also to have a house in Hithe called Gouers


until she dies. If my son John dies without heirs then to Julian
my daughter. Witnesses : John Atwicke, John Knowells, Rich-
ard Witt, and John Webbe.

Archdeaconry of Surrey, Book Heats, folio i86.

John Goodwyn allias Sander of Hive in the parish of Egham,
Surrye, yeoman. Will 30 December, 22 Eliz ; proved 2 Feb-
ruary 1579/80. To be buried in Egham churchyard. To eldyst
son Thomas, lands in Stanes, and Egham, to him and his heirs.
Remainder to rest of my children. To sonn Harrye and sonn
Jeamese £40 each. To my dowghter Margaret and daughter
Ellyne £15 each. To poore mens box of Egham 2s6d., and to
Cellyton Havehe I2d. Rest to Thomas, executor. Overseers :
John Hawoode, vicker of Chobham. Witnesses : Harrye Fawxe,
Wyllym Kytchyn, Robert Sander.

Archdeaconry of Surrey, will file 1579.

Anno Dni 1598. The xxixth daye of Aprill In the xltye yere
of the Queenes matyes Raigne that nowe ys. Md. that the Daye
and yere aboue said John Goodwyn, Late of Westmynster in the
Countye of Middlesex, gent, and prisoner In her matyes prison
Called the Kinges Benche in Sowthwarke in the Countye of
Surrye beinge sicke of Body and yet of perfect mynd and mem-
orye did geve and bequeathe vnto Mawdelyn his wyfe his leasse
with all Comodyties and apptenances thereon to belonginge (wch
he the said John and his assignes then held Inioyned from by
and vnder her matyes) of For and Conteninge the landes, houses,
buildings and other the appurtenances therein conteyned lyinge in
Hampshire. In witness that this ys true we his then Fellowe
prisoners haue hervnto Sett of hondes the viijth daye of Maye
in the yeres abouesaid.

William Bassett,

John Markham,

William Smyth of London, Salter.
Granted ult. November 1598 to relict Magdalen (with will
ennexed) of goods of said John Goodwyn, deceased.
Archdeaconry of Surrey, will file 1598.

Magdalen Gidwyn of Cranlie, county Surrey, mayden. Nun-
cupative will 18 October 1597; proved 31 August 1598. All


between my father Andrew and my brothers, Anthonie, George,
and John, and my sister Mary. Witnesses : wife of John Win-
chester, Thomas Frauncis, Agiies Dare.

Archdeaconry of Surrey 1 595-1608, Book Herringman,

folio 188.

Edward Goodwyne, the elder, of Dorkyng, county Surrey.
Nunc. Will 14 March 1602-3; proved 21 March 1602/3. To be
buried in Dorking parish Church. Freehold land to his son
Jasper Goodwyne and his goods in England. To his daughter
Elizabeth iio per annum for life. To his son Richard £20 per
annum for life. To William Palmer a copse late in strife
between William Palmer and him the said Edward Goodwyne.
To old father Heather 20s per annum. To Henry Ryall 20s. per
annum. £10 to the poor at direction of Mr. Richman, vicar of
Dorking. To Michael Gunner 20s. per annum. To the six
daughters of his daughter Elizabeth Payne £20 apiece when 25.
Residuary legatee and executor: Jasper his son. Witnesses:
Stephen Richman, William Henn the elder, Nicholas Fynche the

Archdeaconry of Surrey, 1 595-1608, Book Herringman,

folio 368.

Henry Goodvvyn als Saunders. Will 29 July 1603; proved
4 October 1603. To my son John all my lands when 21. To my
son Robert £100 when 21. To daughter Mary £100 when 21. To
Randolph Gay his cottage for 31 years at id a year. Brother
Richard £5. To Uncle James 20s. To Aunt Margaret 20s.
To Alice Felt los. To William Brakes son of my cosen Henrie
Brakes 4s. Overseers: Uncle Henrie Goodwyn als Saunders.
Brother William Goodwyn als Saunders. Executrix: wife
Suzanne. Witnesses: Robert Goodwyn als Saunders, Edward
Lenolde, Henrye Goodwyn als Saunders, Henrie Ars, Henry
Brakes, Richard Sawnders.

Archdeaconry of Surrey, 1 595-1608, Book Herringman,

folio 389.

John Goodwyn late of St. Saviour's, Southwark, tapster. Nun-
cupative will proved 8 April 161 1. Goods between wife and


children. Executrix : Margaret his wife. Witnesses : John

Ablyn, Agnes Hall, wife of Robert Hall, and William Brackstone.

Archdeaconry of Surrey, 1608-1614, Book Berry, foHo 156.

John Goodwine. Will 4 November 1620, proved 29 March
1 62 1. My body to be buried in ye churchyard of ye parish of
St. Nicolas in Golldeford. To my son John Goodwyne my house
and land being in the parish of St. Necklas in Golldeford which
he shall inioye at ye dale of his marriage or at 19, but if he die
ayeres, then the above named house and lands shall remain to my
wife during her life and after to be equally devided between my
two daughters, my daughter Ann and my daughter Sarah, and
their heirs. To John my son £120 at marriage or 19. To my
daughter Saray iiio at marriage or 20, if she die before 20 yeres
be expired and be not married and John shall survive, then they
ye above named £110 shall be parted between John my son and
my daughter An. To my daughter An £10. To Thomas Smith
ye son of my daughter Ane £5. To John Smith ye son of my
daughter An £3. To my siester Dibell £8 to be paid her 30s. by
the yere if she long live. To her daughter los. To her son
William Dibell 6s.8d. To my sister Washford 20s. To Saraw
Washford 2s.6d. To Marie Washford £3. To brother John
Hartes three children 20s., los to eyther to be paid to them at
the age of 21 yeres. To my cousene Thomas Holone 20s. to be
paid them three months after my decease. To my brother Hol-
lands youngest sonne 2s.6d. To John Wells ye son of William
Mylles and to John Wheler ye son of Henry Wheler and to John
Remmant ye son of Richard Remmant is apiece to whom I was
a speciall witness of their baptism. To the poor of St. Nicholas
20s. To John Berrie ye elder and John Wine and George Halson
30s. to eyther of them los. Residuary legatee and executrix
Allyse my wife. Overseers : John Willson and Mr Robert Peers,
to whom £5, to Mr Willson £4 and Mr Peers 20s. Witnesses
John Willson and Robert Purse.

Archdeaconry of Surrey, Book Peter, folio 226.

Henery Goodwin alias Saunders of Egham. Will proved 5
November 1638. To my eldest son Henery Goodwin als Saun-
ders 5s. To my son John 5s. To my son Francis 5s. To my


son William 5s. To my son Nathaniel los. To my daughter
Elizabeth 5s. To my son Nathaniel the lease of the house where
I now dwell after wife's decease. Residuary legatee and execu-
trix : wife Joane. Witnesses : Richard Wikes, Robert Saunders,
Henery Knowles.

Archdeaconry of Surrey, 1631-38, Book Farmer, folio 489,

Nathaniel Goodwin als Sanders, Egham, Surrey. 9 Novem-
ber 1658 administration of goods of to Anne Goodwin als Sanders
and John Burnett guardians of Ursula Goodwin als Sanders
minor daughter and principal legatee in will.

Probate Act Book 1658.

John Lamberd of Dorkinge, county Surrey, collier. Nuncu-
pative will 16 May, 6 James I ; proved last day of May 1608.
My son William Lamberd to pay to Margery Goodwin of Dork-
ing, county Surrey, widow, £7 at the dwelling place of Jasper
Goodwin in Dorkinge in satisfaction of a bond made by me and
my son Edward Lamberd to her husband Myles Goodwin
deceased in the presence of William Simons of Dorking, butcher.
To my son William Lamberd 30s. which my son Owen Lamberd
owes unto me, also 20s. Mathew Cooke owes me, also two little
woods one of John Steere of Ockley Court and the other of Robert
Swan of Capell parish. Rest to my Margaret my wife and at
her decease to my executor my son William. No witnesses.
Archdeaconry of Surrey, Book Herringman (i 595-1608),

folio 639.

John Venables of Lambeth Marshe, county Surrey, yeoman.
Will I October 1608; proved 21 October 1608. My messuage in
Lambeth Marsh held from Thomas Tisdaile of London, haber-
dasher to Richard Potter, son of Richard Potter of Warrington,
county Lancaster, yeoman, after the decease of Marie my wife
and after his decease the remainder to Cornelius Steele the son
of James Steele, citizen and marchantaylor of London. Residu-
ary legatee and executrix: wife Marie. Witnesses: Lancelot
Grymshawe, servant unto Thomas Blathwait, scrivener, James
Feele. Proved by John Williamson husband of Catherine,
deceased sister of said deceased, during minority of Richard,
Elizabeth, Alice, and Isabell, children of John and Catherine Wil-

Archdeaconry of Surrey, Book Berry (1608-14), folio 25.



John Goodwin als Saunders, Egham, Surrey, baskettmaker.
Will 25 May 1667; proved 22 October 1668. To now wife Bar-
bara messuage wherein I dwell in the Hithe in parish of Egham
as long as a widdowe, and after wife's decease or marriage to
son Richard Goodwin als Saunders, paying to my four children
Henry, John, William, and Suzan Goodwin als Saunders £3 a
pece. Rest to wife Barbera executrix. Witnesses : Mary Rump-
ton, John Billinghurst.

Commissary of Surrey, will file for 1668.


Wyllm Godwyn of Jevyngton, county Sussex. Will 7 June
1543; To Church of Jevington 3s.4d. To Katherine Whyman
3s.4d. To my sunts children in Longley parish of Westham
3s.4d. each. Residuary legatee and executor : Robert Why-
man of Jevington and Nicholas Sherwyn. Witnesses: m. Hen
mellers curat, John Sherwyn.

Archdeaconry of Lewes, A. i, folio 21.

9 October 1540. (Name of testator omitted in the abstract.
F. F. S.) To Hye Awter of Rype for tithes 4d. To Phylyppe
Wellen my daughter 20s. To Thomas Wellen my goodson two
ewes. To Alys my wife two parts of my goods and to Besse
my daughter the third part George to be my overseers. Resid-
uary legatees and executrixes : Wife and daughter Besse. Wit-
nesses : Thomas Mallys parson of Rype, George Weller and
Nycolas Arosmyth.

Archdeaconry of Lewes, A. i^ folio 29.

Edward Goodwyn senior of East Grinsted, county Sussex.
Will 25 May 1548; proved 12 June 1550. To each child of Joan
Dyne my daughter 2od. To each child of my son William
Goodwyne 2od. To John Goodwyll(sic) my son 4 marks yearly
for 10 years. To Elizabeth Payne my daughter 20s. To Mar-
garet my wife residue of goods Executor: son Edward Good-
wyn. Overseers Willm Goodwin my son, and Thomas Saxpes.
Witnesses : John Byshe, Edward Haselden, James Baldwyn,
Edward Langrige, Thos. Dufifyld, John Cripps, Henry Allen.
Lands called Haywards and Steckewell for life of widow, croft


called Pulters and then to Edward my son. To son John Good-
win a tenement called ISTartens adjoining burgage of Thomas
Saxpes. To Margaret my wife £40. To son Edward a field
called Paynes field, my son William to release it to him. £69.

Archdeaconry of Lewes, A. 2, folio 7.

John Goodwyne of New Shorham. Will 28 October 1547;
proved 29 October 1554. To Jane my daughter lands in New
Shorham and to Matthew her husband failing her heirs to my four
sons Edward, John, Richard, and Mathew and Jane to bring up
and keep my younger children their brothers and sisters. My
daughter Alice 40s. when married. To daughter Jone ditto.
Residuary legatees and executors : Matthew my son in law and
Jane his wife. Witnesses : John Avery, John Braydon, Ric
Gierke and John Ryng. Proved by Jane Goodwin the executrix.
Archdeaconry of Lewes, A. 3, foho 129.

Richard Goodwyn otherwise Roper, of Estden (East Dean?).
Will 28 July 1556; proved 6 October 1556. To the high Altar
of Estden an altar cloth. To daughter Agnes my daughter 20
sheep. To Isabell my daughter 10 wethers. To Edward my son
10 wethers and house at Asten. To Richard Marden that dwell-
eth with me 20 sheep. Residue to my two sons Richard and
Walter. Executors : Thomas Conye and Walter Holwoodd.
Witnesses : John Frenche, Robarte Collyngham, and Patryk

Archdeaconry of Lewes, A. 3, folio 194.

Martin Goodwinn of Growherst, county Sussex. Will 10 Jan-
uary 1572; proved i February 1572/3. To poorsmens box 3s.4d.
To my brother and sister 47/- To Richard Twytt my best hose.
To William Brighting my best dublet. To Richard Hamond my
best nether stock. To Uncle Weeks my best hat. To Aunt
Weeks a sheet clothe. To Winter my jerkin. To Simon Barnes
an old jerkin. To John Glarke my sword. To Brother Arthur
my dagger. To John Inkwell my shoes. A cap and hat to
Barnse's children. To Father in law 13s. To Robert Mershall
hose. To John Stear two sheets. To John Avery my boots and
to Anthonye Bryghtenes my brydle. To Ann Yelding, Agnes


Eston and Marten Colleg my godchildren 3s.4d. To Elizabeth
Ducks a band. To sister Dennis a feather bed. To Thomas
Relphe my bow and arrow. To brother Arthers three children,
James, Marten and Alice a cowe. To sister Ellen, brother
George, and sister Annis a cow. To father in law's three chil-
dren, Alice, Agnes and Johm and to Mare Taylor and Thomas
Soell 5s. each. To Mother Caple 3s. To Mother Wodsell 2s.
To John Hunt 2d. To John Salmon xijd. Residuary legatee
and executor : Uncle Edward Weeks. No witnesses.
Archdeaconry of Lewes, A. 5, folio 262.

James Goodwyne of the parish of Crowherst, county Sussex.
Will 17 April 1570; proved (blank) To be buried in church-
yard of Crowherst besides my father and mother. To poor of
Crowherst 6d To sons Martyn and George £6. I3s.4d. apiece
when 21. To three daughters Alys, Helen, and Dennis i6.13s.4d.
when 20 years old. To Arthur College a branded heifer of three
years. Residuary legatee and executrix : Alice my wife. Wit-
nesses : written by me William Ridley minister of Crowherst,
John Relfe, Thomas Yeldinge, Arthur College and James

Archdeaconry of Lewes, A. 6, folio 107.

Edward Goodwyn of Estdene. Will i May 1577; proved 10
June 1577. To poor men's box I2d. To Water Goodwyne my
brother my wearing geare. To Margaret my wife my house and
lands at Alfriston for 14 years after my decease and when
Margret my daughter comes to 14 years my wife shall pay 40s.
towards the childs f rninge. Residuary legatees and executrixes :
Margret my wife and Margret my daughter. Overseers : Water
Homewood and Richard Goodwyne. Witnesses : Alexander
Foster, Richard Homewoode, Water Homewoode, William Gurre,
Robert a Brooke and Henry Homewoode

Archdeaconry of Lewes, A. 7, folio 56.

Thomas Goodwins of Ancient town of Rye, county Sussex,
fisherman Will 17 December 1577; proved 9 May 1578. To
cosen Fraunces Symson a bedsted when she is married and 20s.
and my executors to have the bringing up of her until married or
put out to service. To Elizabeth Summer, my servant, nets


ready for the sea with the ropes. To Robert son of WilHam
Burdet a silver spoon. To Wilham Harman, son of William
Harman, a silver tothpicker. To John Lovers a shot net. Resid-
uary legatee and executor : Marian my wife. Overseers : Wm
Burdit and Richard Forth. Witnesses : Roger Michell and
Richard Forth.

Archdeaconry of Lewes, A. 7, folio 108.

John Goddins of Haylsham, county Sussex, husbandman.
Will 14 November 1581 ; proved 23 December 1581. To daugh-
ter Mary Goodwin my house in Hailsham when 21. To godson
John Swan I3s.4d. To goddaughter Johane Fowler los. To
father Richard Goddins 26s.8d yearly for life To brother Robert
Swaine 20s. To Constance Treglas 20s. If my daughter Mary
die my wife to pay to my uncle Robert Goddins daughter los.
and to my uncle Edward Goddin's three daughters los. each.
Residuary legatee and executrix : Wife Emlyn. Overseers :
father Richard Goddin and Robert Swaine. Witnesses : Thomas
Shepard, John Rutland, and John HoUibone.

Archdeaconry of Lewes, A. 7, folio 231.

Alice Gooddin of Bedingham, county Sussex, widow. Will
30 October 1581 ; proved 26 April 1582. To son John Goodden
a cupboard. To Joan Goodden my daughter i3.6s.8d. To
Elizabeth Goodden my daughter i3.6s.8d. To Alexander Shoe-
smythes children I2d. each To Agnes Goodden daughter of
Thomas Goodden i2d. Residuary legatee and executor : Son

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