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George Goodden. Overseers : William Alse and John Inskipp.
Witnesses: Richard Heale and Richard Taylor scriptor.
Archdeaconry of Lewes, A. 7, folio 249.

John Goodwen, Chittinglighe (Chiddingly?), Sussex. Will 5
June 1589; proved 3 July 1589. To Marke Bastian and Willyam
Bastian the two sonnes of my daughter Joane los, viz. 5s. apiece.
To son Stephen Goodwen £^ in hands of Stephen French of the
streame and also working tooles. Rest of goods to wife Johan
for life, then to son Stephen Goodwen executor. Overseer :
Stephen Frenche of the streame. Witnesses : Wyllyni Chamber,
William Storkey.

Archdeaconry of Lewes, Register A 9, folio 301.


Thomas Goodwyne, Wytheham (Withyham?). Will 28 Jan-
uarye, 33 Elizabeth proved 17 March 1589/90. To be buried in
Wytheham churchyard. To sonn John Goodwyne i6. I3s.4d. at
21. To sonn William Goodwyne ditto. To daughter Joane
Goodwyne 40s. at 20 or marriage. To daughter Marye Good-
wyne ditto. To daughter Elizabeth Goodwyn ditto. To daugh-
ter Briggett Goodwyn ditto. Rest to wif Julian executrix.
Overseers : John Turnor and Richard Pymmell my brothers in
lawe. Witnesses : Thomas Turnor, John Bugges, John Baldwin.
Archdeaconry of Lewes, Register 9, folio 351.

Richard Goodwyne of Eastbourne. Will 21 April 1599;
proved 15 September 1599. To poor of same parish 2s. To
daughter Joane los. Residuary legatee and executor: son John.
Overseers : Richard Edwards and Robert Mabbe. Witnesses :
Thomas Water, John Russell thelder.

Archdeaconry of Lewes, A. 10, folio 213.

Richard Goodden of Hove, county Sussex. Will 18 June 1606;
proved 9 September 1606. To wife ii2o and the lease I have of
Mr. Frenche in Bexhill that I had 1)y her and the beast she rides.
To brother John Gooddens children as follows : To William
Goodden £3. 6s.8d. To Jereme Gooden i3.6s.8d. To John
Gooden f3.6s.8d. To Elizabeth Gooden £20, Mercy Gooden
i3.6s.8d. To brother William Gooden 6s.8d. To his daughter
Elizabeth Gooden 20s. To Jeames Gooden's daughters : Eliza-
beth Gooden £3. 6s.8d., Dorothy Gooden i3.6s.8d., Agnes Gooden
i3.6s.8d. and their brother John Gooden i3.6s.8d. To James
my brother their father the money he owes me. To Marten
Gooden my brother i20. To his son William Gooddin iio. To
Elizabeth Goodden i3.6s.8d. To Joane Goodden i3.6s.8d. To
Mercy Goodden i3.6s.8d. if any of my said brother Marten's die
Sister Baker los. and to her daughter Alice Baker iio. and her
daughter Mary Baker i5, James Baker her son i^. To brother
in law Richard Shet I2d. To sister Shett 20s. her children Ellen
Shett 40s., Elizabeth Shett 40s., William Shett 40s., Joane Shett
40S., John Shett 40s. To Servant John Tanner a lamb. To
Udall Strods 20s. To Robert Strods los. To Thomas Strods
IDS., William Strods los., Agnes Strods los. To Tysehersts
widow 20s. To Thomas Wilfords children, Thomas los, Suzan


I OS, Residuary legatee and executor: Brother John Goodden. i

Overseers : John Elvered and John Baker 5s. each. Witnesses : j

John Gihiiore, Clarke, John Elvered and James Goodden. j

Archdeaconry of Lewes, A. 12, foUo 169. :

Joane Gooddyn of Bexhill, county Sussex, widow. Will 30 |
December 1609; proved 16 January 1609-10. To William I
Tiseherst 40s. To Robert son of John Barber and his daughter 1
40s. apiece. To John Barber and his wife los. each. To Alice j
Baker 40s. To IMargaret Newen a petticoat. To Sara Baker a
tablecloth. To other children of John Baker, his son John Baker
and Samuel Baker, and Susan Baker and Ayde Baker 20 marks.
To John Baker their father 5s. To William Franckwells wife of
Worthing my best gown. To John Morrises wife a gown. To ;
Phillip Sharpe and his wife. To Thomas Wilfords son the j
elder which he had by his first wife £5. and to his sister Susan '
Wilford 20 nobles. To Thomas Strood and his children £15. To j
William Strood a bed. To James son of James Goodden 5s. |
To Bartholomew Barnes child my godson los. To Samuel
Wood 5s. To Mary Everden 4s. To Ann Reve 5s. To Isaack )
Cluston 5s. To Edward Barber's child 2S. To poor of Bexhill |
20s. Residuary legatee and executor: Cosen Udall Strood of'
Bexhill. Overseers: John Baker the elder and John Barbar.j
Witnesses : John Saxpes, Richard Allard, and Robert Saxeby. j

Archdeaconry of Lewes, A. 12, folio 399. |


John Goodwin of Hove, yeoman. Will 10 August i6ii;i
proved 25 September 161 1. To the poor los. To the ChurchI
3S.4d. To my wife Alice £14 a year for life and one seame of 1
wheat, one of oats. To William Goodwin my son £100 lent to'
Richard Crouche of Hove and £60, six months after decease of!
my wife. To Jeremye Goodwin my son £60 and £60 six monthsi
after decease of my wife. To John Goodwine my son £60 when]
21 and £60 one year after my wife's decease. To Elizabeth
Jones one ewe. To Mary Baker one lamb. Residuary legatee^
and Executor : Thomas Longly my son-in-law. Supervisors :i
Brothers William and James Goodwin. Witnesses: John!
Weston and William Goodwin.

Archdeaconry of Lewes, A. 13, folio 168. '


Nicholas Goodwin of Radmell (Rodmell?), county Sussex.
Will: no date proved 16 May 1617. To the poor widows of
Radmell 5s. To each godchild who bears my name 2s.6d. and to
the rest who do not 2s. each. To George Adams my wive's son
one laced pillowbere and his mothers silver ringe. To Anne
Goodwin daughter of my brother Henry a dozen whyte trenchers
and 40s. To Mary Goodwin daughter of my brother Henry
20s. besides her own stock. To Thomas Goodwin brother to
aforesaid two 20s. besides his own £4. os. 2d. To brother
Thomas Goodwin 40s. Residuary legatees and executors :
Brother Richard Goodwin and nephew Samuel Buckall. Wit-
nesses : Anthony Mattocke, Walter Mattocke, John Thorpe and
Thomas Marshall.

Archdeaconry of Lewes, A. 16, folio 27.

Walter Goodden of Wartling, county Sussex. Will 17 March
1618; proved 26 May 1618. To Elizabeth my wife 40s. a year
for life. To John Gooden my son £5. To daughter Bridget
Whyte iio. To my daughter's daughter Bridget Whyte £iy
when 18 or married. Residuary legatee and executor : George
Whyte. Overseers : Robert Barnett and Mathew Whyte. Wit-
nesses : Richard Cox and Isack Moyse.

^Archdeaconry of Lewes, A. 16, folio 163.

James Goodwin of Hove, county Sussex, yeoman. Will 23
October 1624; proved 9 March 1624/5. To poor of Hove 2od.
To my son John Goodwin the bay mare. To my daughter Eliza-
beth Goodwin £6. I3s.4d. To my daughter Dorothy Goodwin
£5. To my daughter Anne Goodwin £5. My three daughters
to make a generall release to Thomas Longleye executor of the
last will of my brother John Goodwin of all legacies given them
by my brother Richard Goodwin. Residuary legatee and exec-
utrix : Margaret my wife. Overseers : Thomas Longley and
Richard Wooddall. Witnesses : Thomas Longley, Richard
Wooddall and Richard Vernon.

Archdeaconry of Lewes, A. 18, folio 202.

John Goodwin of Old Shorham who died 19 February 1625,
shipwright. Nuncupative will proved 20 March 1625/6. I
surrender in hands of Thomas Kellsey and William Allan cus-


ternary tenants to the King of his manor of Old Shorham my
land called Esterfield and William Allan's to the use of my wife
Annis Goodwin. To fields called William Allan's to go to my
eldest son William Goodwin and Esterfield to my son John Good-
win. Executrix : wife. Witnesses : John Fowkes minister of
old Shoreham, Thomas Fisher, Michaell Masters and James

Archdeaconry of Lewes, A. 19, folio 93.

Margarett Goodwin, Hove, county Sussex, widow. Will 7
August, 6 Charles I.; proved 24 January 1630/31. To widow
Banks. To my son (John) Goodwin £5. To grandchild Mar-
garet daughter of said son John Goodwin. To grandchild Rich-
ard son of said John Goodwin. To my daughter Elizabeth wife
of Thomas Berwicke. To James Berwicke son of ditto. If
children of ditto die to my son John and my daughter Anne. To
Anne ( ? daughter of testatrix) wife of William Goodwine. To
Elizabeth daughter of ditto. To Richard son of ditto. Rest to
daughter Anne Goodwine executrix. Overseers and witnesses
also : Robert James and Thomas Egleston. Proved by executrix
Anne fil nut.

Archdeconry of Lewes, Reg. A. 21, folio 74.

Robert Goodwin of Rie. Administration of goods of to relict
Jone Goodwin. £3. 17s. od.

Archdeaconry of Lewes, Act Book B. i, folio 79.

Catherine Goddin als Wyatt deceased, i September 1642
administration to husband Robert Goddin, clerk. Bonds of said
Robert Goddin of Ifield, clerk and Edmund Snatt of Souhtover,
clerk in iioo.

Archdeaconry of Lewes, B. 7, folio 291.

William Gooden of Haylsham, county Sussex, inholder. Will
26 December 1676; proved 12 March 1677-8. To my daughter
Ann, which I had by my first wife £10, when 21. To my son
William Gooden £20 when 21. To my two daughters Mary and

Lidia £15. Residuary legatee and executrix: Wife (not

named) Witnesses: John Wenham and Thomas Fuller.
Archdeaconry of Lewes, A. 34, folio 330.


Richard Phillips of Hooe, county Sussex, husbandman. Will
31 October 1614; proved 12 January 1614/15. To Richard Phil-
lips my son iio when 16. To Joane Phillips my daughter £10
when 18. Residuary legatee and executrix: Mildered my wife.
Overseers : William Nashe and Thomas Hart of Hooe. To
Katherine Daye, widow I2d. Witnesses : James Goodwin, Wil-
liam Eglestone, John Acocke, junior, and John Gillmor, scriptor.
Archdeaconry of Lewes, A. 14, folio 280.


John Goodwyne of Rygmer (Ringmer, Sussex?), Diocese of
Chichester, peculiar of Canterbury. Will 11 October 1559; no
proof. Jone my wife to have my land for life except the house
my brother Robert Goodwyne dwelleth in, and then at her
decease to my eldest son John Goodwyn he paying to his other
two brothers William and Thomas £10 each. To Elizabeth my
daughter £5. To Frances my daughter £5. To Elinor my
daughter £5. Residuary legatee and executrix: Jone my wife.
Overseers : Edwarde Browne of Sowthold, John Lyvinge and
Richard Tester of Rygmer. Witnesses : Robert Goodwynne,
John Binges, and Nicholas Luckes Inventory £65. los. 8d.
Chichester, Archbishops Peculiar, Vol. II, folio 16.


John Gooddyn deceased late of Sherborne. Administration
13 November 1587 of goods of, to Elenore Goodyn his relict.
Peculiar of Dean of Sarum, Book 4.

Lienor Goodyn, Sherborne, widow. Will 28 December 1587;
proved 26 January 1587. To daughter Jone. To daughter Alice
the younger. To daughter Alice the elder. To Lienor Morlyce
one kercher. To Elinor Wayre a partlett. Residue to Thomas
my son executor. Witnesses : Francis Scarlett, vicar, Robert
Chetnoll and James Toogood.

Peculiar of Dean of Sarum, Book 5.



Phillip Champion, Corsham, Wilts, yeoman. Will 4 Septem-
ber 1633: (No date). To my daughter Jane, wife of Thomas
Goodwin £20 which he borrowed of me. Also to my nephew
William Goodwin, son of Thomas Goodwin, £40. Also to my
nephew Thomas Goodwin, son of Thomas Goodwin £4. To
Ann the daughter of Thomas Goodwin iio. To Jane the
daughter of Thomas Goodwin £10. To Philip son of Thomas
Goodwin £10. los to church of Corsham. los to poor of
Corsham. Executrix my wife. Overseers Simon Crocker, the
minister of our parish and John Hancock of Lippeath. Wit-
nesses Simon Crocker, writer and John Hancock.

Peculiar of Corsham, Register no. i, page 132.


John Goodwyn of Pershore in the diocese of Worcester. Will
27 June 1552; proved 2 September 1552. Sick in body. My
body to be buried in the churchyard of Saint Andrew in Per-
shore. To the poor men's box 4d. To my mother £3. To my
chylde that my wyffe gothe with if God spare it lyffe all my shop
stuff and tolls belonging to my occupation of smythes craft except
my third vice, a fore homb(hamer?) a hand hambre, a shewyng
hambre, a pere of tounges, a buttres and a paire of pynsons the
which I gave to William Bentley my prentyse and the said Wil-
liam to be lousyd of his covenants. Item I give to my brother
Robert Goodwyn 8/- and seven peces of tymber to be leyde at
my mother's house in Pershore the which I boroyd of my seyd
brother. I owe to William West one pece of tymber of 18 fote
long and 7 ynche brode. Item I owe to Robert Grene of besse-
sard 2/- To the two daughters of the said Robert Grene 6 lbs.
of wole. To my two god-children Thomas Lokear and Robert
Forrest every one I2d. The residue of my goods unbequeathed
I give to Margaret my wiffe whom make my sole executrix.
Overseers : My unckles John Benteley of Wyke and Henry Hunt
of Evesham and for theyr peynes I give every of them 2od. Wit-
nesses : John Phyllips, John Bruer, Robert Grene and others.
Inventory of the goods of John Goodwyn taken 24 August and
in the 6th year of our Sovereign Lord Edward vi, by the grace


of God of England, Fraunce and Ireland, King, Defender of the
Feythe and in erthe supreme hede of the Church of England and
also of Ireland, prysed by Richard Fayre, John Phyllyp and
Thomas Lokear as hereafter foloyth.










Imprimis. All the apparrell belonging to his bodie.
Item. Four beddys with all that belongythe to them.
Item. Four cofifers with sheets, towels and all other

apreware. 33 o

Item. A table borde, 2 trestels, a form a cobborde and

seven cosshens.
Item. Brass and pewter.
Item. Frying panne, a gridiron, to pere of pott hooks

with lynkes, a fyre shovel, a axe and a hatchet.
Item. Two kyne, a mare and 5 pyggs.
Item. Wood at the wod pyle.
Item. In heye.
Item. Two onsylds (anvils) ? with hombrs, vyces,

tounges and all other toolls belonging to

smythes crafte. 700










Sum total 22 5 8
Consistory of Worcester.

William Goodwyne of Weeke in the parish of Parsher, county
Worcester yeoman, being sick in body. Will 1618: proved 12
September 1618. To the town of Weeke one sufficient comly
beare to be provided in all points at ye charge of myne execu-
tors to continue for the use of the town of Weeke. To the poor
to be distributed to them at the discretion of my exectrix. To
John Goodwyne my sonne £16 when he is 21 or at the decease of
Elynor my wife or at the day of marriage of Elynor my wife,
which shall happen first. To Margery Goodwyne my daughter
ii6 when she is 21 etc. To William Goodwyne my son £16 when
he is 21 etc. To Thomas Goodwyne my son ii6 when he is 21
etc. To Edward Goodwyne my son £16 when he is 21 etc. To
Abigail my daughter £16 when she is 21 etc. To Elynor Good-
wyne my wife and to her heirs the close or arable ground or
pasture, commonly called Hill Croft Crest which I lately pur-
chased of one Thomas Browne gentleman with appurtenances.


If my wife before the £i6 bequeathed to John Goodwyne be
due take the reversion of my Hving for him the aforesaid John
that then the said legacy to him be not paid. Residue to my wife,
she executrix. Overseers : my friends Richard Jorden and
Henry Hatton. Witnesses : Richard Jorden, WilHam Fulwell.
Inventory £299-17-5.

Inventory of the goods chattells and cattails of William Godwin
alias Clarke of Wicke-juxta-Parshore. county Worcester, yeo-
man, deceased. Taken 30 July 1618 by William Fulwell, Richard
Jordan, Fulke Bentley and William Edwards alias Davies.

i s d
Imprimis all his wearing apparel. 11 13 4

Item. The hall tabell board, forms, bench and wains-
cot, one chayer and Cobberd. 26 8
Item. In the White Chamber next unto the garden one

joined bed and cubberd. 13 4

Item. In the Chamber next the street one joined bed,

one truckle bed, one press, one round table and

2 cofifers. 48 o

Item. In the buttery 6 barrels, one (saiue?) and one

shelfe. 15 6

Itme. In the chamber over the Hall one besteed, 3

coffers one tubbard, one barrel and shelve. 10 o

Item. In the upper chamber, next the street, woll and

wollen yearne. 21 4

Item. Hemp and flax. 10 o

Item. Two coffers and i trunk 5 o

Item. In the next upper chamber next the garden one

bedsteed with other implements, 6 8

Item. Two feather beds and 3 flock beds 6 boulsters

and 7 pillows. 3 16 8

Item. Four coverlets, one carpet and 3 pair of blankets

ant 6 cussans. 40 o

Item. Two canvasses. 2 o

Item. Five flaxen sheets, 6 paier of hempton sheets, 2

paier of hardin sheets, 6 holland pillowbeares

and 5 other pillowbeares, 9 table clothes, i

dozen and a half of table napkins and 6 hand

towels. 6 II I


Item. One winowing sheet, 2 ash cloathes. i 6

Item. In the kichin, 3 brass potts, 4 kettles and 2
posuetts, I furness, 2 spits, i paier of andirons
I paier of cobberts, i iron peale, i warming pan
I paier of wafer irons, i fire shovel, i paier of
tongues and i brass pan. 594

Item. Pewter of all sorts. 33 4

Item. One mault mill and cesterne in the boultinge
house, skeele tubbs coules and all other coupery
ware. 26 3

Item. One grid iron, i frying pan, i chafing dish ?

Item. One beise bacon butter etc.

Item. Dish and trenchen.

Item. Bottes etc. (much damaged.)

Item. Thirteen ( — )

Item. Five hoggs, 2 sheep, i goat, beaer.

Consistory of Worcester, File 1618, no. 85.


Henry Ou'ton, Norton Merrell (Moreton Morrell, Warwick-
shire?). Administration 18 July 1563 to John Ou'ton.

Consistory of Worcester, Vol. 6, part i ( ) folio 64.

John Ou'ton, Mourton Merell, County Worcester (Moreton
Morrell, Warwickshire?). Administration 15 March 1575/6 to
son Robert Cockerell. Inventory 3 May £14. 8s. 8d.

Consistory of Worcester, Vol. 6, part i ( ), folio 95.


Briand Goodwyne of Barton Joice, county Nottingham, hus-
bandman. Will 20 January 1558; proved 19 April 1559. To
be buried in the church, giving to the high altar for tithes for-
gotten xijd. All my goods to be divided into two parts. One
half to Elizabeth my loving wife, the other half to be divided
amongst my children and heers by her discretion. Wife to have
my farme so long as she kepeth herself widowe. If she marry,
then John Goodwyne my son shall have my ferme when he is at
the age of 16 years yf my master and landlord and my wife do


thinke him able and mete to occupye yt, yf not they to appoynt
any other of my children which they shall thinke most ablest and
he to have it. The rest of my goods to Elizabeth Goodwyne my
wife, she executrix and I desire my master and landlord and
Master Brian Stapleton to be overseers. Witnesses : John Mar-
bury, vicar of Barton, George High Huffyngton, William Fox,
John Jackson.

Consistory or Prerogative of York, Book 15(3), foHo 378.

William Goodwyn, St. Peters Nottingham. Will 12 March
1563; proved 27 April 1564. In the name of God Amen. Body
to be buried in parish church of St. Peters Nottingham. To
use of said church for my grave 6s.8d. Wife Johane, executrix.,
to her the house in Brydelsmyth Gate which Nicholas Gonson
of Nottingham bathe for his rent payn ()e, and also the lease
of my house which I dwell in in Brydelsmythe Gate. Witnesses :
John Standley, Richard Lylys, George Tynker, and Richard
Thomlingson. Administration granted to Johane his relict and

Consistory or Prerogative of York, Book 17, folio 338.

Thomas Goodwaynne of Draxe. Will 17 February i575;
proved 30 April 1577. In the name of God Amen. After debts
paid the residue to Elizabeth Goodwaynne my wife and Richard
Goodwaynne my son, executors. Witnesses : George Hem-
broughe, William Jackson, and Robert Siddall withe Adam Pear-
son and son Edward Pearson. Administration was granted to
Elizabeth Goodwaynne, executrix.

Consistory or Prerogative of York, Book 21, foHo 43.

George Goodwen of Bingham, Nottingham, husbandman.
Will 20 January 1579; proved 13 October 1580. To be buried
in the parish church of Bingham. To Gabriel Goodwen my son
in full satisfaction of his childs porcon los. To John Goodwen
my son ditto, ditto. los. To Margaret Beale my daughter full
contention of her childs portion los. To William Beane my son
in law one half an acre of wheatland and and same during four
years. To Isabell my daughter wife of William Beane £6. I3s.4d.
to be paid at the discretion of my supervisors. To Phillippe my
daughter £6. I3s.4d. I will that Elizabeth and Phillippe my


daughters shall remain with Margerie my wife and Robert and
Bryan my sonnes. Robert my son shall have the occupation of
two ox gangs of land, meadow and pasture belonging to my
farme reserving for the use of the same two ox gangs half an
acre of wheatlande, half an acre of barley and one half an acre
of pease to the use of William Beane. Robert and Bryan my
sons shall not have anything to do with any goods in the house,
during the life of Margery my wife. Wife to have use of rest
of my farme to the behoof e to herself and my son Bryan during
her widowhood. If my wife die before the end of my lease, then
the farme shall go to my sons Robert and Bryan. If either of
my sons marry before the end of the lease — the married one shall
departe from the farm. Residue to my wife and my two sons,
they to he executors. Supervisors : JeiTerye Jeines and William
Marreley. Witnesses : Jefiferye Jeines, Thomas Johnson, hus-
bandman, William Moreley, John Richemond, John Hawley,
curate. Administration to the relict.

Consistory or Prerogative of York, Book 21, folio 491.

Roger Goodwayne of Burnestone, within the parish of Scaw-
bie. Will 9 February 1583; proved 23 November 1584. To
Janet Goodwayne my wife the house that I dwell in for life.
To Ellys Goodwyne my youngest daughter stocke under a yere
old To Agnes Goodwayne my daughter one Almerie. To Agnes
and Jane Goodwayne my daughters one leare which standeth at
the tone end belonging to the Queenes Ma'tie. All the residue
to my daughters Agnes, Jane, Margaret and Ellis Goodwayne
and make them my executors. Witnesses : Robert Johnsone,
William Dayell Christopher Chapman, John Dickerson at the
well, William Lawsone, John Hunt.

Consistory or Prerogative of York, Book 22, folio 606.

In the name of God Amen. Robert Goodwyne in the countie
of Nottingham, bachelor. Will 30 August 1583; proved 18
December 1584. I being sicke in bodie to be buried in Bing-
ham ( ?) church yard. To Elizabeth Goodwyn my sister £3.
6s.8d. and all my part of household stufif after the decease of
Margerie Goodwyne my mother. I will also that William Beane
my brother in law shall have in everie field of Byng' halfe a aker
of land during the terme and lease of George Goodwyne my


father deceased, his lease. To William Beane also one paire of
hose of a stagge skyne. To Gabriel Goodwyne his children four
sheep. To Elizabeth Goodwyne my sister aforesaid one ewe.
To Agnes Bayle one lambe. To Gabriel my brother one paire
of russet hose. All the rest of my goods my will is that Margerie
Goodwyne my mother shall dispose and bestow them at her dis-
cretion. My mother, executrix. Witnesses : Geffrey Jennys and
Richard Mabilthorpe.

Consistory or Prerogative of York, Book 20, folio 217,
or Book 22, folio 717.

Margaret Goodwyne of Kirkebye, county Nottingham, widow.
Will 14 December 1582; proved 28 April 1586. To son Thomas
Goodwyne best fether bed, best bolster, second brasse pott and
one syluer spoone. To Margaret Smythe my daughter xijd. To
Isabel Lewis my daughter xijd. To Marie Heathercote my
daughter xijd. To Edward sonne of Thomas Goodwyne one
ewe lambe. To Thomas Smythe, Frances Smythe, Elizabeth
Smythe, Elline Smythe, Agnes Smythe and Bennet Smythe, sons
and daughters of Thomas Smythe each a lambe. To Gregorye
Smythe son of the said Thomas Smythe one yearlinge calfe which
shall be kept at the abode of Edward Goodwyne till it be a cowe.
To Christopher Levis, Edward Levis, and John Levis sons of
Edward Levis, each of them one ewe lambe. To Elizabeth
Heathcote, daughter of Henry Heathcote, a lamb. To Margerie
Godwine daughter of Edward Goodwine a lamb. To poor of
Kirkbie 6s.8d. To every of my god children 2d. Executor:
son Edward. Supervisors: Rowland Dand and Francis Chap-
man. Witnesses: Francis Chapman, clarke, Lawrence Newton
Robert Eyre,

Consistory or Prerogative of York, Book 23, folio 209.

Bryan Goodwin of Bingham, county Nottingham, yeoman.
Will 8 January 1618; proved 22 April 1619. To George Good-
win my son half of all my interest in one close called Boulmer

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