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difficulties and his work is as yet not fully
appreciated but he will not help himself in
the eyes of those who are less proficient in
the art of writing, if he continues to give
expression to the views quoted at the begin-
ning of this paper. Our work is not on the
catch as catch can principal but is a matter
of careful study and I sincerely believe that
we should start each pupil as if we expected
him to some day be an expert. I can
scarcely believe that any one of these men, if
they have children, would care to pay a
teacher of music the customary price to
come to his house and tell his child that
" it is immaterial how you sit or hold your
hands so long as you get results." That sort
on teaching is easier and the results more
readily apparent, but what of the final efi^ect
on the child. The difficulty is, we do not
know when these children will wake up and
be filled with a desire for the best in their

line of work. Then it is that the handicaps
of bad position begin to tell on the work of
the pupil that we did not think worth while
to start right.

Let us have more along this line ; we need
it. If there is nothing in position, let us
know it. If there is, we oiisht to know it.
J. F. Caskey.




On January let, Mr. A. C. Conn, penman
in Heald's San Francisco, California., Col-
lege, favored us with a good sized list of
subscriptions, indicating the same interest
and enthusiasm in pennianship^vhich char-
acterized the Heald's College of many years

Mr. P. A. Whitacre, penman and commer-
cial teacher in the Sheldon, la.. School of
Commerce. recently favored us with a couple
of lists of subscriptions numbering 71. Con-
sidering the fact that theschool from which
these subscriptions came was organized
butlast September, the number ol subscrip-
tions sent indicate an unusual school as
concerns size, as well as concerns enthusi-
asm and interest in penmanship. Mr. Whit-
acre is a good penman and a most excellent
teacher. We have known him for some
years, and know only good of him.

From Thacker and Hughes, proprietors of
the Union Commercial College, Grand
Forks, N. D., we recently received a list of
subscriptions numbering 18, indicating a
good school both as concerns size and qual-
ity of interest manifest in penmanship mat-
ters. We have known Thacker personally
for a good many years and we have every
reason to believe that the good people of
Grand Forks are to be congratulated for
having him, and anyone with whom he
might associate in their midst.

E. P. Bower, teacher in the i,aurium,
Mich. Commercial School, recently favored
us with a list of 12 subscriptions which, to-
gether with a large list received some time
ago from this same school, indicates that
business education in upper Michigan is
flourishing, and that the penmanship end
is not suffering,

A list of 49 subscriptions is hereby acknowl-
edged from Mr. Irwin P. Mensch, principal
of the Commercial Department of the big
Mountain State Business College, Parkers-
burg, W. Va. Mr. Mensch is a tireless
worker, faithful teacher, and a loyal friend.
He writes a splendid business-like hand
and teaches a style in keeping with today.
Having had actual experience in the con-
struction department of a large railroad
company, he knows the value of systematic
and continuous effort.

An appreciative list of subscriptions is
hereby acknowledged from S. C. Bedinger,
penman and commercial teacher in the
Hill's Business College, Sedalia, Mo.

C. E. Lowder, penman and commercial
teacher in the National Business College,
Minneapolis, Minn., recently favored us
with a list of 22 subscriptions. Mr. Lowder
is one of our best penmen and one of the
best teachers of business penmanship to be
found anywhere, and, what is still better,
he is a fine man.

G. W. Kopp, of the Blinn Memorial Col-
lege, Brenham, Texas., is again on deck
with an appreciative list of subscriptions,
indicating that he knows no let up in
enthusiasm as concerns penmanship mat-

Mr. O. B. Crouse, penman and commercial
teacher in the new Bartlett Commercial
School, Cincinnati, O., recently favored us
with an appreciative list of subscriptions.
Mr. Crouse, is one of our young, clean-cut,
practical commercial teachers, whom the
profession will know more of in the future.

Mr. W. C. Wollaston, penman in the Port
Huron, Mich., Business University, is a
hustler all the way from generality to de-
tail, as evidenced by a list of subscriptions
numbering 51 before us. For a city the size
of Port Huron, this is a large subscription
list. And what is still better we would not
be surprised but that JO out of the .'il would
win Business Educator Certificates be-
fore the season is over. In fact, past records
would indicate that 51 would get Certifi-
cates, for he gets results on the part of each
and all rather than on the part of few.

C. V. Crumley, an enthusiastic teacher of
penmanship and a supporter of The BUSI-
NESS Educatob, has been connected with
the Monroe, La., Commercial College, since
the first of the year. Mr. Crumley states
that they have a good enrollment, strong
courses in Bookkeeping and shorthand and
a large class greatly interested in penman-
ship. Mr. Crumley just favored The BUSI-
NESS Educator with a list of twenty one
subscriptions. Monroe, La., is to be con-
gratulated for the fact that it is the pos-
sessor of such a high-grade institution.

Mr. D. L. M. Raker, principal of the School
of Commerce, Harrisburg. Pa., is doing his
part towards supporting The BUSINESS
Educator in the way of subscriptions, etc.
A list of eighteen names just received be-
speaks the right kind of interest in pen-
manship for the new year.



uirLui iri

203 Broadwai' New York^ .

By H. L. Darner, Assistant /Canerian Instructor, Columbus, O.








■■ Diploma Book " frntu Goodyear-Marshall
Publishing Co., Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is the
title of a very tieat .^-paKe salmon covered
cataloKiie introducinK a couple dozen styles
of diplomas, specially suited to commercial
and private schools. The designs are simple
rather than elaborate and are tl>erefore, we
believe, in keepinj; with the trend of the
times. The spread-eagle style of diploma
has seen its day and served its purpose
We predict a large sale for some of the <le
signs shown.

Wood's Business .School. Brooklyn , A \ ,
publishes an attractivebooklet withcolored
title, comprising an illustration of a dense
grove with a catch phrase as follows: "A
Course Through The Wood's Business and
Shorthand .School is a Short Cut to Suc-

Kecent advertising literature has been
received from the following: McCann's
Business College, Mahoney City, Pa ; Htica,
N Y., School of Commerce ; Brown's Busi-
ness College, St. Louis, Mo.; Twin City
Business College, Winston-Salem, i\. C, :
Mattoon. Ill , School of Commerce : Wal
worth Business School. New York City 3811-
386 East 149th St,: Tyler, Texas, Commer-
cial College ; Lawrence, Mass., Commercial
School ; Detroit, Mich., Business Llniver-
sity ; The t;iyria, O , Business College

In a recent letter from Mr. Daniel T. Ames,
author of the great work on Forgery, he
stated that but 75 copies of this book renjain
unsold, .\nyone who has to do anything
with the examination of forged and dis-
puted handwriting should of course have
a copy of this book, which has been the
standard work on this subject for a good
many years. It may be that his advertise-
ment that appears elsewhere in tliese col-
umns will be the means of disposing of the
remaining 75 copies. Persons desiring a
copy of this work should, therefore, order
without delay,

Mr. John R. flregg reports that things are
moving at a lively rate in his new office in
New York City. The Saturday visiting
days for teachers and schoolmen are prov-
ing very popular, Mr. Gregg says, and are
attracting the attention of a number of the
progressive Easterners, who are becoming
interested in the "The Forward Movement,"

Mr. G. W. Weatherly is now sole proprie-
tor of the Joplin, Mo., Business College,
having purchased the interest in this insti-
tution formerlv held bv Miss Marie J.
Toohey. Mr. Weatherly will conduct the
institution a? heretofore.

I Teach Penmanship


ami « ■ 11 ,■ ,i,i n I. iii,>

iariclla Commc

M. A.. Adaims. Pres..

rcial College. Mariella. Ohio


,- Biisine'is College localed
e of the besl large
^ cities of the country,

reputation, is well advertised
It at a bargain. Would sell one
terest, to proper party.

lU'.SIMF.SS i;i>l'CAT()li



Fred Dick, Ei-State Supt , Manager, 1545 Olenarm St., Denver, Colo.; Boston, New York,
Chicago, Des M oines, Denver. Salt Lake City, l.os Angeles, Harrist.nrg, Atlanta. Commercial
Teachers wanting positions in the West shiinid register with ua. Commercial Teachers wanting
more desirable positions then they now have should keep their names



high schools and business colleees everywhere. Fl:
trationfree. You caiu nmhint' by dela
100-S7 Lake Stt-aat

e just the place you wish if you send in your

ere. Placing commercial teachers our spec/a/fy. No regis-

Est. 1904 Chicivtfo. m.

WANTED Commercial and Shorthand
— ^"^-^— >^ teachers to know that they can
secure the best positions through the Central
Teachers' Agency. Established 1899. Regis-
tration free; vacancies everywhere. Drop us a


E. C.



Columbtxs, O.

WANTED TK AC HERS of Commercial
^■^i^Hi^ Branches Advance Fee Not
Re.iuired Positions i]i High Schools and Col-
leges I'enmanship. Commercial Branches, also
teachers of Stenography Salaries $«W to $1..=.(X)
Register early Send for circulars.
Thurston Teachers' Agency
378 Wabash Avenue CHICAGO

40 Commercial Teach=
ers Needed

For Positions thai are now open.
Good Salaries.

If you contemplate making a change
next fall, now is the time to register.
Many of the best schools employ their
teachers early in the season.

Conlinentai Teactiers^ HyeDcy

l>i>wiing Ore.c.n, K).

FREE enrollment if you mention
this paper.

We leach and Ornamental
WriHn§. Koiind Hand or KnSross.^rs'
f>cripf. Pen Lettering, Sui:i;r.s.sfully

by Mail

Learn to be a good penman at your own hoiiu

Course in either branch, t.'i lid Addiess,

L. A. Corresponding School of Pe.ninan

.ship and LefterinS, 519 Ciermaln

BiliUlln^, Los Angeles, Calif.

Our Valuable


40 Reasons why we w

?rite cards.

Agent's 1908 New Car

d Oi


1 Adjusted Oblique I

older, 1 doz



Superfine No. 1 I'ens


ur nan

e V


ten on fe dozen cards, 1


f Ornal



1 Scrapbook Specime

1. The abo



for .3.) cents. Lessons i

n Ca








By Beti Kupferman, Boston, Mas

^^^3Bu<i/n^d4/^/!fu^g;Gr^ ^


Business Philosophy and Business Writing tiy C. S. Jackson, Bliss College, Newark, U.

Do you want good

Then try me. PRICES RIGHT.

SI Quality of cards. Sample dozen for 10c
Postpaid to any part of the world .

Ornamental Capitals

Small specimen of writing - 10c

J. W. Manuel. 512 First Nation&l Bs.nk

BIdg.. ChicaLgo, III.


there is likely to be a strong de-
mand for teachers to begin work
with the new School session.


are also getting in line for next
school year.


and ours by giving in first letter
all that a prospective employer
would like to know — age, fam-
ily, education, qualifications,
books and systems used, exper-
ience, salary, preferred location.



color, for only 20 cents
Certificates. Etc.. tilled
Work will please you.
stock, all colors, a spec
$1 M. per 1000: colored
Prepaid.! .Address



dozen cards, any

reasonable prices'
t.juality blank card

Finest i-radeW. B,
nts per 1,000 (Not



215 Ninth St.. St


A, Dulla.s. Tex.

WANTED -A competent lady
teacher of the Isaac Pitman short-
hand for Technical High School in
one of the leading cities of the State
of Massachusetts. Apply, stating
previous experience, to ' E," care
Isaac Pitman & Sons, ^1 Union
St|uare, New York.


.\ penman at once for a first-class
position on the Pacific Coast.

,\ddress. Pacific Coast, care Busi-
ness Educator, Columbus. Ohio.






ritten in the
itine and a
$2.25. Send
initials you
cut desired.

Mills style of business

cut furnished of the same

copy of the combination

prefer and also state size



Scripl Specialist,

195 Grind Ave..



By F. C. Courtney, Caton's College of Commerce, Minneapolis, Minn.


.^^3Sud/h^d^/i^aiu^aiT^ ^

Sona of the Eraser.

Across the page of whitened space to "truly yours " they spluttered,

Twenty scrubbing typers bravely learning how to write ;
And they jiggle the eraser where their fingertips have stuttered,
Printing letters on a sheet like a most uncanny sprite ;
And their arms work like a fiddler's,
Tho' they're just so many diddlers,
*\Vho rub and scrub like any dub 'stead of learning how to write.
Scrub all the day 'stead of learning how to write.

Small heed they give to warning word and little to their teacher;

Twenty scraping typers using rubber on their deeds.
They won't believe what they don't know tho' told them by a preacher ;
Or by any one who's noticed their most familiar needs.
And they make incessant racket,
Without hope they'll ever slack it,
They gab and blab without a dab of common sense to guide 'em.
Jab ahead without a mite of common sense to guide 'em.

They think to write and rub it out is just the proper caper,

Twenty dippy typers all erasing in a row ;
And they figure that the boss will like the excavated paper.

Dropping gritty desperation where 'twill make a heap of woe,
The machine they think they manage
Could it speak would rue the damage.
In dust they trust, when write they must, to get a name for speeders,
Make heaps of dust, to gain the name for speeders.

Perhaps when all is written down, we may not be much better.

Each a guesser, darkly bungling through the Book of Life ;
Ever crying for forgiveness where our souls have missed Ciod's letter.

Some with prayers, and some with tears, all the way of mortal strife;
And we'll hope in coming ages
Still to write some perfect pages ;
We'll write with light of better sight, 'stead of groping in the dark,
Write with light divinely nearer to the mark.

Melvin Cassmore.



First Prize in 1

he World's]

ii 1-ri^.t: 111 ifuuiitiisllip. Uy ni5

system I can make un expert pen

of you by mail, lalso teach Book

keeping and Gregg Shorthand "
Am placing my studen'" " '~
in commercial colleges
become a better pen*
full particulars, I r '
one of my Kavorit
^he Uaiisomeriar Jo


382SEuclid Ave. KANSAS CITY. Mo..

Home Study Courses

Our school offers an op-
portunity to study at home
under the personal mstriic-
tion of leading professors m
our ureal iolleses.

We teach over one hundred

courses In Academic and Pre-


School branche

al and Coir

MirMllilK; Willi us on
iruuiul of expense.

Write today lor a free cl^.
ol our eighty-page catalogue. I


, Sprlnglleld, Masa. I


Improve your business. I can do so by putti
new life into your adverlisina, by pro-
ducing cu(s that convince.

I Make Di-awlntfs

I F^ut-nlsh Cuts

1 Produce Icleas

112 -W. 61st St.. N. Y.


A Business College in an Ohio City of 25,000.
Recognized as one of the leading schools of the
state. Profits Hrst year will pay for school.
Will sell one-half or whole school. .A line pro-
position if sold soon Don't write unless you
mean business. Address H B. C . care of


A Great Bargain

Will dispose of tire whole or one- half interest in an
up-to-date, well established Business College. Excel-
lent location; centi-ally located on railroad to points
east, west, north and south. A great opportunity to a
reliable and hustling commercial man.

Address C. M. n., care Business Educator, Columbus,

Seattle, Wn., Co

lercial School.



Card Specialist. WithOrder

2 DOZ. FOR 25C.

8 Woodeliff Street. ROXBURY, MASS.

.^^^Bu^^/n^d^/iSOiu^a^ ^



pM^ar>S"^ Miuitt o[ fuif-qh 11 111 \ r luiniiii ul| Aj.! N i. k I'l V- '

qlcrioa IdjJwj) hi ttti ^a.Mj
aUtiLjimc t pavjM, lql^^l^

|u)i((ll jtlif n lmuiail.lil>cfte
_ M rLaYAU^v'*0EVJt|iJ5DNS

aiiinii'ii (DMliiiaii,

\i\i nj|

^ "^ifynh .^vi (i (icoftrt fia>&cciipaih fl^ cs^vrJit hm
&. ^ VMS ik iuf 01 M-Ji( n^rKci' X. th ^TTj


— _^ - — - - ,- f—1- 1 ■ —

T^ ffc ^ happ a, J ^ pr •■piji!^

A very effective piece of engrossing by Mr. P. \V. Coatello, Scrantan, Pa. Done in different tones of Emerald and Houker'a green with
brush and pen, making a very pretty and appropriate effect.


.^^^u4meM^^(/iu^i/ir^ ^

Mr. Grove's lesson. See following page for instructions.


, • / -X- -

r '

By C. B. Lee, Sutton, W. Va.

national Business eollcae

Minneapolis, Minn., Jan. 15, lyOS.
Editor Educator :

I wish to congratulate you on the improvement that has
occurred in the last year in The Business Educator. I con-
sider, and have always considered. The Business Educator to be
the best journal of its kind in the world. It is thoroughly
representative, substantial, and merits the confidence of all.
By way of appreciation, I can say that The Business Educator
has been an invaluable aid to me in my work. I think it is the
finest instructor of penmanship and commercial education that
has ever been produced — the chef-d'oeuvre of chirographical
effort, and as a vade mecum of commercial teachers, I believe it
has no equal.

Yours respectfully,


Designs and Card Writers' Manual.

all about h.
that are niii

will bring i

isiiateil. Telia
'I t-arcls— cards
r this bouk and

W. McBEE, 19 Snyder St , N. S., Pittsburg, Pa.

The Great San Francisco Fire

Biarned all my books on Forgery but 200,
only 75 of those remain unsold. A spry
order, only, inclosing $2.00 to D. T. AMES
at Mountain View. Cal., will get a book.

The San Francisco Chronicle.

It is interesting: to the treneiiil reader and especially
valuable to lawyers ami bankers. .Many uf the world's
most noted eases ul' forgeiy detertedaie presented and

Nixon's Forty Lessons in Penmanship

contains forty completegraded lessons
in penmanship. Just the book for the
teacher and home student. No better
work of graded lessons published. Spe-
cial offer to teachers and schools. Price by
mail, post paid, 50c (former price $1.00).
Send today. Your monev returned if
not satisfied. Address, t. H. NI.XON.
Mineral. Va.

Learn to Write Your Name Right 25c:

Atrial lesson in Writing *35c ; Drawins^Sc;
ettering 250 ; Designing '2f*c , Flourishing 25(

Card Writing 25c; 25 cards any name 25c;
iw to organize classes 25c; Circular 2c. Addn



Send Stamp for Price List and Catalos:ue

^^^^u4/n^d4^iSf/iu^a/i^ ^


A. M. Cirove,

Norf-h Lima.




Cesson Seven.

Tlie first part of A' is made the same as the
first part of K. Keep the second part para-
llel to the first part.

.S and T. are made alike with the excep-
tion nf the finish. S* is finished with a dot
and /v is finished with a long narrow loop
parallel to the ba^e line.

In /', B and R we use the capital stem.
The top parts are all made alike. The oval
should extend down to about one half the
height of the letter. P is finished with a dot
on the left side of the stem. B is finished
with a small oval, and R is finished with a
compound curve parallel to the capital

In making / make a capital stem, then re-
place the pen on top and finish, making
both strokes downward slightly shading
them. The/is the same as the / only it is
extended below the base line into a loop
pame as small/.


AT— Reading, Pa —Your form, spacing and
slant are very good, but your work is a little
disconnected. You should conceal your pen-
liftings and not leave such wide open
spaces between letters. By carefully re-
touching ahd squaring up the ends you
will improve it very much.


70 Fifth Avenue, Nbw Yokk.
Recommends college and normal grada-
atefl, specialists, and other teachers to col-
leges, schools and families.

The Agency receives many calls for com-
mercial teachers from public and private
schools, and business colleges.

WM. O. PRATT. Manager.

U/AMTm Business Colleges, High
TVMH I CU Schools and would beTeach-
ers to know that a superior Training School
for Teachers in both the Commercial and
Shorthand (Isaac Pitman Courses* is con-
ducted by the School of Commerce. Ac-
countingand Finance, Picton.Ont., Canada.
Mr. Sayers, the Principal, is an honor
graduate of the School of Pedagogy and
has had an experience of several years in
both High School and Model School work,
having been connected as an instructor for
four years with a Government Training
School for Teachers.


may be interested in-four plan for get-
ting in touch with public school officials
and their candidates for graduation this
year. Ask for '* FORM A" which ex-
plains the plan in detail.



In January We Sent

to the Northwestern B. C
Kenosha, Wis.; W. \V. Ki
King's B. C, Raleigh, X.
become the first head of <
for teachers, most of ther

Mrs. Anna Crouse to the Santa Rosa,
Cal., B. C; Myerla Tugendreich to the
Sheboygan, Wis,, H, S,; Bessie Falls
Chicago; J. W. Martindill to the College of Commerce,
slev to the Sioux City, Iowa, H, S.; A. L. Parker to
,; Chas. M. Gray to the Poughkeepsie, N. Y,, H, S. to
new commercial department ; and we had 35 other calls
for sutniner and fall engagement. Probably the head

of no other agency gives quite so close perstoaal attention to the selection of

candidates as does the manager of this Agency. That is the chief reason fo

our unrivaled success. May we help you? Better get busy early. Enrollmen

The National Commercial Teachers' Agency


E. £. Gaylord, Manager

Prospect mil, Beverly, Mass.





S 1.500 S,A.L#ARY Two of the best high schools in the country
J^^^^^^^^l^^Zl^^Z^^ have asked us to find men who are prepared to
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ take entire charge of their commercial depart-
ments. Hither place will pay $1,200 to $1,.")00 to start, with a probable increase to $1,800.
\Vork begins in September. Other good openings to suit you. No advance fee. Con-

fidential service.
Write us.




Training ScHool for Com"
mercial Tea.cHers

The systematic courses of study in the Rochester Busi-
ness Institute enable high school, normal school and college
graduates to master the commercial texts in the minimum
length of time.

Instruction in pedagogy and methods is regularly given
by experienced specialists throughout the entire course.

Six weeks' summer school session, from July 6th to
August 14th, for normal training in methods, and for ad-
vanced instruction in the subject matter. The cost of the
tuition for this course is |22.50.

Very active demand at good salaries for graduates
from our normal training department.

Write today for syllabus of the teachers' course.

RocHesier Business Institute

R.ochester, New York

Roundhand figures by C. W. Norder, ma Morgan St., Chicago, 111.

(_X K../^e^tf^i/iAz4Aca^n.t:^-if^^/^dJAe-iAi^^'<^Ji4a'n/€/y^?t^^ X J

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