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Relating to


and parts adjacent in the prefent ftate
of Maine, known as




Compiled from Official Records in the

office of the Secretary of State

at Albany, N. Y.




: O /> "^



Weed, Parfom tS Companie.





.ftual fettlement required, of partners, -

Affidavits of Indian hoftilities, _ _ _

Aldcn, John, delivery of ketch to, -
Allen, John, commifTion of, as juftice of the peace
" " as fherifF, - - -

Ammunition for common ufe, to be provided, -
Androfs, Gov., letters of, - - - -

Appeals may be made, _ - _ _

Arfon to be punifhed, - - -
AfTociation for fettlement at Sheepfcot river, -


Hack Point, jiirifdiftion extended to,

Block-houfes ordered to be built, .

Bofton, letter to Gov. of, - _

" meeting at, for making fettlements,
" claims of, difallowed, -

Bowditch, Wm., claims of -





























Brockholls, Gov., letters of.

II, 24,31,47,


71, 104
1 1

9, 15, 23


V><aren, Corporal, fent to N. Y., - - - - " 25

Charter of the Duke of York, extraft from, - - - 5

Colle£tor's commiffion at Pemaquid, - - - - - 74

Collins, Samuel, murder of, - - - - - - 33, 40

Commiffioners appointed for fettling title, _ _ _ 59^ 102

Commiffion for murder trial, - - - 33

— Juftices of the peace, - - - - - 38, 102, 113

— Francis Skinner as commander at Pemaquid, - - - 45

— for fettling title, - - - - - - - - S9

— John Allen as juftice of the peace, — _ _ - 69

— Tho Sharpe as commander at Pemaquid, - - - - 73

— A. Woodrop as collcftor and receiver, - - - 74, 105
■ — N. Manning as capt. of a foot company, - - - - 100


Commiffion for G. Godard as lieut. of militia company, - loi

— G. Godard as captain of a foot company, - - - - io6

— " as furvcyor, - - - - - - 1 06

— J. Buttery as captain of a foot company, - - - - 106

— J. Palmer as fpecial commiflioner, - - - - 1 1 1

Cooper, Thomas, licence to take up lands, - - - - 109

Corporal punifliment allowed, - - - - - -21

Council Minutes, - - - 8, 9, 14, 16, 18, 19, 23, 29, 32,

35, 36, 40, 73, 91, 94, 104, 107

Courts, order for holding

Cranfield, Goy. of Ne\y Hampfhire on Indian affairs.

Crimes, inquiries againft, . . . . .


'ebts, exemption from, to thofe \yho fettle,

Dennis, Lawrence, letter to,
Dep. Sec. J. Weft appointed, - - -
Diforders at Pemaquid, . - . .

Dogs, number limited to one in a family,
Dongan, letter to New Hampfliire,

'' Goy., on Indian affairs,
Dudley, Goy., on Indian affairs.
Drunkenness prohibited, - - - -
Dymond, Ifrael, trial of, for murder.


ntry of yeffels, regulations concerning,

European news, - - - -

Excife may be leyied,

Expenfes of engaging the Mohawks,

112, 123,

35> 40

- 114


- ^1

66, 6-]

- 93

- 91

33. +0





jO ilLeries, regulations of, -

Fort, regulation of.

Fort, supplied,

French hoililities expefled,

French take Pemaquid, in 1696,


'odard, Giles, commiffions of, -
Grahsim, James, licence to take up land.


17, 18, 21, 35, 37, 75, 81

19. 21, 33, 41

17, 112

26, 27, 90

- 134

rchinfon, capt. E., claims under difallowed.




ndian affairs, -
peace with,

•, 19, 21, 33, 36, 46, 71, 90, 91
- 27, 93


Indians not to be trufted for goods, - - - - 19, 22
Indian houfc to be built at Pcmaquid, - - - - 23

Indian hoftilities, - - - 8,31,43,60,88,90,91,133
Inftrudlion to capt. Manning, 120

I oflyn, letter to, 58

Jefuits kept with Mohawks by the French of Canada, - - 91

Jordaine, Juftice, letter to, - - - - - - -42

Joflyn, Mr., houfe to be built or hired for, - - - 44

Jury, trial by, fecured, - - - - - - "H?

Juftices commiffioned, - - - - r 38, 102, 113

Juftices, form of the oaths of, - - - - - - 119


.elfon, John, informed againfl, . - - . - 89

Kennebeck, fettlers encouraged, - - - - - "79

" fort fnlicited to be built at, - - - - 87

" Indians, prowefs of, - - - - - ' 9^

Ketches, delivery of, - - - - - 9, 11, 15, 23, 29

Knapton, Capt., Ictcers to, - - - - - - 24,31

" commiffion of, as juftice of peace, - - - 38


and to be given to aflual fettlers, - - - 36, 79, 80

Law, abfence of, complained about, - - - - - 82

Letters to Pemaquid, - - - 6, 24, 31, 41, 42, 44, 58, 66

Licences for taking up lands, - - - - 107, 108, 109

Liquors, fearches for, in houfes and cellars allowed, - - - 122

Lovelace, Gov., letter of, - - - - 6


.anning, Capt., complaint againft, - - - - - 99

" commiffion of, as captain,

" inftruftions to, as colledlor,

Martha's Vineyard, commiffions for,
Matthews, Tho., fent to N. Y. a prifoncr,
Merry Meeting, block-houfe at, . . -

Military power oppreffive, - - - -
Miniftry to be fupported, - - - - ■

Mohawk's, incurfion of, ....

" Jefuits with, . . . -

*' to be engaged againft eaftern Indians,

Murder, commiffion for the trial of, -


antucket, commiffions for.
New Dartmouth,
























, ^0,

















, 94


New Hampfliire, letter to Governor of.
New Town fettlcrs ot, encouraged.


ath of jullices of the peace.

Orders for government of Pemaquid, - - i6, 19,

" for delivery of fort at Pemaquid, -


- 93

- 119

32, 40, 46, 75

- 47

A aimer, capt. John, commiffion of, as commiffioner,

Paffes for ftiips to fail to Pemaquid, ...

Pattifhall, R., complained againft, - - - -

" informs againll John Kelfon,

Peace with Indians, ..-.-.

Pemaquid captured by French, ...

" furrendered to Maffachufetts, - - .

" remonftrance againft furrender of.

Petition of Wm. Bowditch for a ketch, - - -

" from Pemaquid, - - - - -

" from New Dartmouth, ....

PofTeffion of Pemaquid aflerted by New-York,




.afhly, John, trial of, -

Remonftrance againft furrender of Pemaquid, -
Reprefentative, one allowed to New York gen. affem.
Roades, C, fent to New-York a prifoner,
Rofwick Ifland confirmed to John Weft,
Rum forbidden in fort, . . . . .

" adulteration of, prohibited, ...

k3agadahock magiftrates, limitation of fuits before, -

" houfes at, - - - - -

Search for liquors diredled, - . - - ■

Settlements rcftrifled, . . . . -

" inftrudlion for regulation of,

Sharpe, Thomas, commiffion of, as commander, -

" " letter to, - - - -

Sheepfcott river, fettlement, . - . -

Sherif at Pemaquid, John Allen, appointed,
Skinner, Francis, commiffion of, as commander, -

" inftrudlions for government,

" letter to, - - - -

Smvth, Tho., liccnfc to take up lands, -

1 1 1

135. 136

- 27

- 132

- 15
- 70, 81, 104

- 94> 95

105, 107, 124

- 33. 40

- 132

- 73. 98

- 125

19, 21

- 35

- 77, 85

- 122

- 18, 87

- 75

41. 44. 47

- 48, 87

- 73

- - 46

- 109

INDEX. vii


Spragg, John, licenfe to take up lana, - - - - io8

Summerfet Ifland granted to John Spragg, - - - - 107

Supplies, complaint concerning, . . . . . 8^

Surrender of Pemaquid directed by King, - - - -131

Surveyor, commiffion of Giles" Godard as, - - - - 106


rade regulated at Pemaquid, - - - - 16, 20, 75

" reftrifted to Pemaquid, - 18, 33, 36, 37, 80, 86, 105

Tradefmen may be admitted to fhare in fettlement, - - - S^

Trading houfes may be built, - - - 20

VV aldrop. A., colleftor of quit rents, - - - - 105

Wells, Mr., to fail for England, 48

Weft, John, Rofwlck Ifland granted to, - - - - - 125

" " commifTioned as juftice of peace, - - - 38

" " deputy fecretary at Pemaquid, - - - - no

Woodrop, Alex., fub-colledor and receiver, - - - 74


|He obfcurity which has involved
the hiftory of that portion of Maine
included within the patent of the
Duke of York, while under the ducal
government, has long been felt and
acknowledged,^ and hiftorians in their
accounts of this period, have been obliged
in the abfence of authentic documents,
to rely upon flight and imperfed: data.
The following papers now for the firft
time printed, it is believed, will add much
to our acquaintance with the annals of the
fediion known as " Pemaquid and its depen-
dencies -," in the early records of New- York.
The dependance of a part of Maine
upon the government of New-York,
originated as follows : William Alexander,
Earl of Sterling, Secretary of the kingdom
of Scotland, having been previoufly con-
cerned in extenfive grants in Nova Scotia^

^ Vide, Williamfon's Hift. of Maine, i, 228 et feq. — Coll.
of Maine Hift. Soc, ii, 229-237: — ib. iv, 209, &c.

'^ The Nova Scotia Charter was granted March 9, 1621, confirmed
and enlarged by a second patent, Sept. 10, of the fame year. Wil-
liamfon's Hift. of Maine, i, 223 — Sullivan's Hift. of Maine,
124 — Coll. of Maine Hift, Soc., i, u.

and in the operations of the Plymouth
Company, received by lot, in 1635,* one
of the three divifions into which the ter-
ritory of Maine was divided upon the
diffolution of that Company. The fhare
thus received, extended from the Kenne-
beck to the St. Croix rivers, and embraced
feveral grants previously made, upon which
fettlements had been commenced.

In 1663, the Earl of Clarendon, on
behalf of the Duke of York, purchafed
of Henry, then Earl of Sterling, his inte-
reft in American grants,^ including, be-
fides that of Maine, the title of Long
Ifland, Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, ^
and other iflands adjacent, and in 1664,''^
the Duke of York received from his Royal
brother a Charter for thefe territories and

* Thefe lots were drawn Feb. 3, the grants executed April 22, and
the charter of the company furrcndered June 7, of that year. Coll.
of Maine Hift. Soc, i, 42-44 — Coll. of New Jersey Hift.
Soc, ii, 38.

* The confideration of this purchafe was £3,500, but upon failure
of payment, a life annuity of £300 was, in 1674, agreed upon, payable
out of the net profits of revenue arifmg from the colony, which proving
infufficient, an order was iffued in 1689 for the arrears to be paid out
of the funds of the Colony. New-York Coll. Hift., iii, 606.

* A fmall edition of a volume embracing the New- York official
records concerning Nantucket and adjacent illands, prepared by the
editor of this volume, has been printed under the patronage of the
Hon. John V. L. Pruyn, of Albany, for diftribution among public

■* March 12. Vide Patents, i, 109, Secretary's Office, Albany.-

others, then held by the Dutch, fince
known as New- York, New Jerfey and

The New- York records do not fhow
what jurifdidiion was aflerted over the
eaftern portion of the Duke's territories
prior to the reduction of New- York by
the Dutch in 1673. Upon that occafion
the General Court of Maffachusetts, under
pretext of a furvey that included the
territory, took pofTeffion of the Pemaquid
fettlements, organized a local government, '
and in July, 1674, ^ court was held under
this authority within the Duke's territories.
Upon the reftoration of New- York to
the Englifh, by the peace of Weftminfter,^
a new patent, embracing the fame terri-
tory, was taken out by the Duke of York, ^
and upon the arrival of governor Androfs,
meafures were taken to re-eftablifh this
authority throughout the government.
Civil and military commiffions were ifTued,
and upon the organization of a General
Affembly in New-York in 1683, and

* Williamfon's Hift. of Maine, i, 443 — Coll, of Maine
Hift. Soc, i, 131.

"^ Feb. 9, 1674, ^^^- ^'

' June 29, 1674, Vide Smith's Hift. of New-York, (1814)
61 — Dunlap's Hift. of New-York, i, 129.

the divilion of the colony into counties^
" Pemy-Quid, and all the Territories in
thofe Parts, with the Iflands adjacent,"
were erected into the county of Cornwall,
and entitled to fend one member to the
General AfTembly.' This connection
continued until the fucceffion of the Duke
of York to the throne, when by a royal
order^ thefe territories were annexed to
the New England government.

The following papers are arranged
chronologically, with references to the
originals in the New-York Secretary's
office. The occurrence of a line of
afterifks, denotes an omiflion of matter
relating to other fubjecfts, and a row of
periods, indicates a lofs of part of the
record. The original orthography has
been followed, except in the ufe of capital
initials in names of perfons, where fmall
letters had been employed.

* Nov. I, 1683. Orig. Laws, MSS. ii. — Livingrton& Smith's,
&c., Ed. Laws, i, 6. — The aft organizing counties was re-cnaftcd
Oft. I, 1 69 1. It will be feen that Gyles Goddard aftually repre-
fcnted Cornwall county during one feffion.

'^ This order was dated Sept. 19, 1686, Deeds viii, 75, Secre-
tary's office, Albany.


P E M A Q^ U I D


EXTRACT from the Grant to the Duke
of York, Dated 12th March Ao 16.
Car. 2.d 1664..

[Patents i. 109.]

iHarles the Second by the Grace of
God King of England Scotland
ffrance & Ireland Defender of the
ffaith &c To all to whom thefe p'nts
fhall come Greeting : Know yee that wee
for diverfe good Caufes and Confideracdns
us thereunto moving Have of our efpeciall
Grace Certaine knowledge and meere mo-
tion Given and Granted And by thefe
prefents for us our heires and fucceflb'^'
Do Give and Grant unto our Deareft
Brother James Duke of Yorke his heires

and Affignes All that part of the Maine
Land of NeA^ England begining at a
Certaine place called or knowne by the
name of St Croix, next adjoyning to
New Scotland in America and from thence
extending along the fea coaft unto a cer-
taine place called Petuaquine or Pema-
quid and fo up the River thereof to the
furtheft head of y^ fame as it tendeth
northwards and extending from thence
to the River Kinebequi, and fo upwards
by the fhorteft courfe to the River Canada
northwards : And alfo

[Here follows a grant for the province of New-York and parts of
Maflachufetts and Connedlicut, New Jersey, Delaware, &c.]

Lre to ye Inhabitants of Pemaquid.

[General Entries iv. 258.]

Gen"^'. It might feem ftrange to you
that in foe long diftance of time thofe
parts under his Royall Highness Patronage
and Protection, of which you are Memb"
& Inhabitants have not been affumed in
any particular care & Governm^ as Sub-
ftitute to his Royall Highness, by whofe
Grace and Indulgence I am (under him)


appointed Governo^ of all his Territoryes
in America ; And truly I might juftly
have fallen under yo'^ Cenfure of RemifT-
ness, were I not allwayes in Expedacdn
that Affayres would have been perfected
by my worthy PredeceiTo'^ Coll: Nicolls,
to whom the fole managery of that Busy-
ness was committed ; neither could I ever
doubt of the perfecting of it, had it not
been interrupted by an Active & furious
warr, in w^*" Expedition hee moft fadly,
(yet as bravely) laid down his Life at his
Masters ffeet;' All expectations from him
being now wholly extindt, It is a Duty
incumbent on mee to ered: a fuperftrudlure
on that ffoundation, which hee in his
Lifetime worthily aimed at ; To which
end I fhall delire you, ffirft to give mee
a true ftate of yo*" Affayres, as they now
ftand -y next That you would tranfmitt to
mee a modell of fuch a Governm^ as fhall
bee moft conducing to the Happyness of
that Colony, both to its fafety Traffick,
& Increafe of Inhabitants, promifing upon
the reception of that Scheme, not only

' Coll. Richard Nicolls was flain in a naval engagement with the
Dutch, in the fervice of the Duke of York, in 1672. A monument
is erefted to his memory in Amphil Church, Bedfordfhire, England.


to Inveft you w^^ ample power to Exercife
yo' Authority both to Ecclefiaftick as Civill
Affayres, but will bee ready on all Occa-
fions to bee affifting to you in the Prefer-
vation of all yo' Rights and Intereft againft
any linifter Obftrudlions ; Thus defiring
to heare from you by the firft Opportunity,
I heartily recommend you to the All-
mighty's Protection, & remaine

Yd^ Very AffeSionate ffriendj

Fort James on ye Ifland Manhatans ^ ^^^ * EOVELACE.

in N: Yorke, fFeb: i6th i67§.

Council Minutes.

[Council Minutes vol iii. Part II. Page 117.]

At a Councell Sept 8th 1676.

Prefent The Governo*"
Capt Brockhols The Secretary
Capt Dyre.

•^ -^ -^

A Letter coming from Bofton to the
Governor from M' Abr Corbetts who lives
to the Eaftward, in the Dukes Patent,

relateing the deftrudion of the Eaftern
parts near Pemaquid &c by y^ Indians,
in the month of Aug^ laft, about the 20^^
day of the month, The fame being read
and confidered of,

Refolved, to fend a floope to Pifcataway
Salem and Bofton, to invite and bring as
many of the Inhabitants particularly
ffifhermen as will come driven from the
Dukes Territoryes, and parts Eaftward,
and to fupply them with Land in any
part of the Government they fhall chufe.

^F ^ ^

[New- York Colonial MSS. xxvii.]

At a Councell held in N. Y. the
5^^ day of Jan 1677.

Vpon a L"^^ from the Go: of Bofton
dated No: 13^^ brought hither by M' W"'
Bowdifh the 2^ inft. deiiring and order
for the delivery of the Ketches at Pema-
quid, to their own'', of which faid M""
Bowditch with M"" W"" Duvall is faid to
be oner, And the faid M"" Bowditch on y^


behalfe of himfelfe & M"" Duvall offering
fecurity to pay falvage or what other
Charges their Ketch fLall be adjudged unto
by the Go: alleadging alfo that the f^
Ketch lyeing at fhee doth will bee quite
spoyled, & alfo will loofe the fifhing fea-
fon this fpring for which they make ready
in ffeb"", & is comonly efteemed to bee
worth double y^ it is the reft of the yeare.
The fame being particularly taken into

Refolved That an order be given to y^
f^ M"" Bowditch on behalfe of himfelfe &
M' Duvall for the delivery of the f Ketch
unto him or whom hee fhall appoint, hee
giving fecurity to the value of the Ketch
here to pay falvage, or fuch other charges
as fhee fhall bee adjudged unto, at the
returne of the Governo""

An order hereupon for the delivery
A bond of 400^^ for paym* of 200
Tho Del: & W"^ Bowditch of Salem.
W"" Bowditch of Salem in N: Engl
Merch & Tho Delavall of New-Yorke
Merch a blank fum bound to Edm Andros
Efq Go. in this his R H. Territoyes in
America his Succeflb' & Affignes.


(The foregoing paper was endorfed as
follows :)

To Capt Caefar Knapton, Comand''

You are hereby defired to caufe the

Ketch of .... to bee

deliuered unto M' W" Bowditch or his
order, according to the order of Council
hereunto annexed hee having given in
fufficient fecurity for the doing whereof
this fhall bee yo'' difcharge

Given under my hand the 7^^ day of
January 1677

Copie of a Letter to the Go: of Bofton,
N. Y. Jan 7. 1677.

[New- York Colonial MSS. xxvii.]

Yo.^ of No:^ 13.'^ by M.^ Bowditch,
directed to our Go : or in his abfence to
his dep: arrived not here till the 2^ inst,
which was almoft 6. weekes after his de-
parture. The contents whereof relate to
the delivery of the Ketches at Pemaquid


to the Owners, Its fuppofed you meane
the former owners, Otherwife y® fortune
of the warre had apparently made them
change Maft/' It could have beene right,
thofe perfons had made their claymes or
applicacdn for them foon'", probably ere
this they had from Coinander Knapton,
but feverall Reports coming that fome of
thofe own''" have P they had rather the
Indyans had kept their Ketches, then that
they fhould come into the hands of New-
Yorke Governm* might in part bee the
occalion why no other order was fent
thither, then for their apprizem^ and not
broft here the rugged winter feafon fetting
in feeming to forbid their removall till

Your opinion about the delivery of the
veffels as well as captives, which you un-
derftand by the Go/ Letter, to bee men-
tioned in the peace, feemes to bee followed
with fome paffion in the following claufe,
that if they were not delivered for the
benefitt of the right Own'' that loft them,
you fhould not know to underftand his
mocons, for I fuppofe they will appeare
to have tended to y^ Gen.''" good of his


Ma*'^^ fubjedls in thofe parts as well as the
interefts of the Governm*, & will always
bee our aime to ad: with charity and juf-
tice towards o"" neighbo'"^ as well as others,
& which we could have the like retaliation
from them, then fhould wee not bee fo
often Cenfured & Condemned :

It cannot but bee admited that you fo
often repeate the overtures of peace be-
tweene us & y^ Indyans wrote to you of
from Pemaquid, as you fay & that unleffe
the vefTels were d"^. as well as captives
you fbould not comply on any other termes,
fince if you will againe perufe o"" Letters
you will find that the conclufion wee had
made was a pofitive peace beyond any
overtures or cefTacdn of Armes, & our
fending to you, was onely to acquaint
you, that we had as neighbo''^: & fubjeds
to one Pr. encluded you if you pleafed,
and if you had refufed it, upon any nice
termes not comprehended in the Agreem\
wee had made, the prejudice would have
redounded to your felves, & allthough
afterwards by a collaterall Agreem^ wee
got the Ketches to bee encluded, it was
not becaufe you mentioned you otherwife

fhould not comply Sec, but out of a defire
to the publick Good of his Ma"" fubjeds,
without any private aymes or pretence of
particular advantage otherwife :

The which that you may find will bee
made Good by deeds as well as words, I
have with the advice of the Councell
upon the application from M*" Bowditch
given order for the delivery of the Ketch
wherein hee is conferned hee giving fecu-
rity to anfwer what falvage or other
charges there may be adjudged unto at
the Go: returne, which you may bee
confid/ will not bee unreafonable. And
in any .... elfe fhall not bee wanting
to continue fr . . . correfpondence with
o^ neighbo'^ being
Hoi^i^ S."^

Yo."" moft humble Serv.^
N. y. Jan. 7. 1677. A. B.^

[Council Minutes vol iii. Part II, Page 153.]

At a Councell June 9, 1677.

A propofall being made by the Gover-
nor whether it would bee advifable to

Anthony Brockholls.


fend to take PoiTeffion and afTert the
Dukes Intereft at Pemaquid, & parts
adjacent Eaftward, according to his Roy"
H' Pattent or nott,

Upon confideracdn had thereupon. It
was thought advifeable fo to do, And
that if we make Peace with the Indyans
there the MaiTachufetts to bee comprized
if they Pleafe.

All the ffifhermen & old inhabitants
to be reftored and Protected.

[New- York Colonial MSS. xxvii.]

To Cap^ Anthony Brockholes & the Reft
of y^ Councell of y^ Government of

The Humble Peticdn of William
Bowditch of Salem in New
Engl'^ Merch'


That yo"" Pef being bound for Pema-
quid in the month of March paft, to
receive his Ketch, brought there by the


Indyans, for y^ which he had an Order
of Councell, he made purchafe from the
Owners of two other Ketches lying there,
that had likewife been brought in by the
faid Indyans, which faid Ketches, if fome
fpeedy care bee not taken about them
will be altogether fpoyled & ufelefiTe,
haveing layd hall'd up in a Creeke all
this winter, where they are alfo subject
to the Hazard of being fired, by fome
malicious Indyan of whome there is too
much fufpicdn.

You'' Pet' doth therefore moft humbly
prai, that hee may have an Order to be
poiTefft of the f"^ two Ketches, in like
manner as hee had for the former, & hee
fhall give fecurity to pay all fuch falvage
and charges as they fhall be adjudged to
pay, at the returne of the Governo/

And yo"" pet" will ever pay &c.

[Council Minutes Hi. Part II. 163.]

At a Councell 2^ Augs^ 1677

Cap^ Brockholes &;c Lett'' from Pemaquid

of 12^^ & 13^^ of July read.

Ordered fending to or feeking the In-
dyans not allowable, but if they apply &


fubmitt according to the Inftruccdns to

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