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The siege of Charleston : by the British fleet and army, under the command of Admiral Arbuthnot and Sir Henry Clinton, which terminated with the surrender of that place on the 12th of May, 1780 online

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H. Clinton.
Major General Lincoln.

No. X.
Sir : As more Time has been expended
in consulting the different Interefls than I
fuppoled there would be, I have to requeft
that the Truce may be continued until four

(Signed) B. Lincoln.

His Excellency Sir Henry Clinton.

No. XL

. Articles of Capitulation propofed by Major Gen. Lincoln .

Art. L That all Ads of Hoffility and
Work ihall ceal'e between the Befiegers and
Belieged, until the Articles of Capitulation

Siege of CharIeJ}on. 99

fhall be agreed on, iigned and executed, or
colledtively rejedted.

Art. II. The Town and Fortifications
fhall be fiarrendered to the Commander-in-
Chief of the BritiOi Forces, fuch as they
now ftand.

Art. III. The Continental Troops and
Sailors, with their Baggage, (hall be con-
ducted to a Place to be agreed on, where
they will remain Prifoners of War until
exchanged. While Prifoners, they (hall
be fupplied with good and wholefome Pro-
vifions, in fuch Quantity as is ferved out to
the Troops of his Britanic Majeily.

Art. IV. The Militia now in Garrifon
fhall be permitted to return to their re-
fpediive Homes, and be fecured in their
Perfons and Property.

Art. V. The Sick and Wounded (liall be
continued under the Care of their own
Surgeons, and be fupplied with Medicines,
and fuch Necellaries as are allowed to the
Britifh Hofpitals.

Art. VI. The Officers of the Army and

lOO Siege of Charlejion.

Navy fliall keep their Horfes, Swords, Pif-
tols and Baggage, which ihall not be
fearched, and retain their Servants.

Art. VII. The Garrifon (hall, at an Hour
appointed, march out with fliouldered Arms,
Drums beating, and Colours flying, to a
Place to be agreed on, where they will pile
their Arms.

Art. VIII. That the French Conful, his
Houfe, Papers, and other movable Property,
fhall be protected and untouched, and a
proper Time granted to him for retiring to
any Place that may hereafter be agreed
upon between him and the Commander-
in-Chief of the Briti£h Forces.

Art. IX. That the Citizens fhall be pro-
tected in their Perfons and Properties.

Art. X. That a twelve Month's Time be
allowed to fuch as do not choofe to con-
tinue under the BritiHi Government, to
difpofe of their Effefts, real and perfonal,
in the State, without any Moleftation what-
ever, or to remove fuch Part thereof as
they chufe, as well as themfelves and Fami-

Siege of Char left on.


lies ; and that during that Time, they, or
any of them, may have it at their Option
to relide occafionally in Town or Country.

Art. XI. That the fame Protedlion to
their Perfons and Properties, and the fame
Time for the Removal of their Effects, be
given to the Subjects of France and Spain,
as are required for the Citizens in the pre-
ceding Articles.

Art. XII. That a Vellel be permitted to
go to Philadelphia with the General's Dif-
patches, which are not to be opened.

(Signed) B. Lincoln.

Charles Town, May 8, 1780.

No. XII.

May 8, Half after Five.
Sir : As I wifh to communicate with the
Admiral upon the Subjeft of your laft
Letter, I have to delire that an Aide-de-
Camp may be permitted to pafs to the
Fleet for that Purpofe.

I have the Honor to be, &c.,
(Signed) H. Clinton.

I02 Siege of Charlejion.

May 8, 6 O'clock, P. M.
Sir: In Order to give the Articles of
Capitulation which you have propoled a
due Confideration, I propofe that the Cef-
fation of Hoftilities Ihall continue till
To-morrow Morning at 8 O'clock, and
that in the mean Time every Thing (hall
continue in its prefent Situation. If you
accede to this, you will pleafe to give me
immediate Information of it.

I am, Sir, &c.,
(Signed) H. Clinton.

Major General Lincoln.

No. XIV.
Sir : I accede to your Propofal, that Hof-
tilities fliall ceafe until To-morrow Morn-
ing, eight O'clock, and that in the mean
Time all Works lliall continue in their
prefent State.

(Signed) B. Lincoln.

His Excellency Sir Henry Clinton.

Siege of Char left on. 103

No. XV.
May 8, eight O'clock, P. M.
Sir: Your Anfwer to my Letter, pro-
pofing the Continuation of the Truce until
To-morrow Morning at eight O'clock,
only accedes to the Ceiration of Hoftilities,
and that in the mean Time all Works (hall
continue in their prefent State; but my
Propofition was, that until that Time, every
Thing fhould continue in its prefent Situa-
tion ; and my Meaning was, that there
Ihould not be an Attempt made to remove
any of the Troops, or deflroy any of the
Ships, Stores, or other Effedls whatever now
in the Town or Harbour. If your Idea is
the fame, I muft requeft you will exprefs
yourfelf more explicitly.

I am. Sir, &c.,
(Signed) H. Clinton.

No. XVI.

May 8, 1780.
Sir : In agreeing that the Truce (hould
be continued until eight O'clock To-mor-

I04 Siege of Charlejion.

row Morning, and all Works remain as
they were, I meant to accede to your Pro-
pofal, that every Thing fliould continue in
its prefent Situation, which I again alTent

(Signed) B. Lincoln.

His Excellency Sir Henry Clinton.


Articles of Capitulation^ as pr-opojed by Major General
Lincoln and anfwered by their Excellencies Sir Hemj
Clinton^ K. B., and Vice Admiral Arbuthnot.

Art. I. All Afts of Hoftility and Work
fliall ceafe until the Articles of Capitula-
tion are fully agreed to or rejefted.

Art. II. The Town and Fortifications,
with the Shipping at the Wharves, Artil-
lery, and all public Stores whatfoever, fliall
be furrendered in their prefent State to
the Commanders of the inverting Forces.
Proper Oflicers fliall attend from the re-
fpedtive Departments to receive them.

Art. III. Granted.

Art. IV. The Militia now in Garrifon

Siege of Char lejion. 105

lliall be permitted to return to their re-
fpedlive Homes, as Priioners upon Parole ;
which Parole, lb long as they defire, fhall
fecure them from being molefted in their
Property by the Britifli Troops.

Art. V. Granted.

Art. VI. Granted ; except with Refpecfl
to their Horfes, which will not be allowed
to go out of Town, but may be difpoied of
by a Perfon left from each Corps for that

Art. VII. The whole Garrifon Ihall, at
an Hour to be appointed, march out of the
Town to the Ground between the Works
of the Place and the Canal, where they
will depolit their Arms. The Drums are
not to beat a Britifh March, or Colours to
be uncafed.'

Art. VIII. Agreed; with the Reftriftion,

' This Condition was turned againft the Brililh Army at the
Surrender of Cornwallis, in which the vanquifhed Troops were
compelled to march out with Colors cafed, and Drums beating a
Britiih or a German March.


io6 Siege of Chariejion.

that he is to confider himfelf a Prifoner on

Art. IX. All Civil Officers, and the Citi-
zens who have borne Arms during the Siege,
muft be Prifoners on Parole; and with re-
fped: to their Property in the City, fhall
have the fame Terms as are granted to the
Militia ; and all other Perfons now in the
Town, not defcribed in this or other Arti-
cle, are notwithftanding underftood to be
Prifoners on Parole.

Art. X. The DifcLiffion of this Article,
of Courfe, cannot pollibly be entered into
at Prefent.

Art. XI. The Subjefts of France and
Spain fliall have the fame Terms as are
granted to the French Conful.

Art. XII. Granted ; and a proper Velfel,
with a Flag, will be provided for that Pur-

All public Papers and Records muft be
carefully prelerved, and faithfully delivered

Siege of Char left on. 107

to fuch Perfons as fhall be appointed to
receive them.

(Signed) H. Clinton,

M't Arbuthnot.
Camp before Charleftown,
May 9, 1780.


May 9, 1780.
Sir: In reply to your Anfwers on the
Articles of Capitulation I mufl: remark,
that in their prefent State they are inad-
miffible, and have to propofe that thofe
now fent may be acceded to. If any fur-
ther Explanation (hould be neceflary, I have
to propole alfo, that two or three Gentle-
men be appointed to meet and confer on
the Subjed:.

I have the Honour to be, &c.,
(Signed) B. Lincoln.

His Excellency Sir Henry Clinton.

ro8 Siege of Char lejion.

Alterations of Articles of Capitulation propofed by Major
General Lincoln.

Art. II. The Town and Fortifications,
with the Shipping at the Wharves, except-
ing thofe which are private Property, and
all public Stores, lliall be furrendered in
their prefent State to the Commander-in-
Chief of the Britifh Forces.

Art. W . The Militia now in Garrilbn
(hall be permitted to return to their re-
fpeftive Homes with their Baggage unmo-
lefted, and not be conlidered as Prifoners of

Art. VI. Such of the Officers as may be
unwilling to difpofe of their Horfes may
keep them.

Art. VII. This Article to ftand as firft
propofed, the Drums not beating a Britilh

Art. VIII. The French Conful never
having borne Arms and adting in a civil
Capacity, is not to be confidered as a Pri-
foner of War.

Art. IX. The Citizens and all other

Siege of Char left on. 109

Perfons now in Town, who are Inhabitants
of this State, fliall be fecured in their Per-
fons and Properties, both in Town and
Country, and not to be confidered as Pri-
foners of War.

Art. X. This Article to ftand as firft pro-
pofed. The Perfons who may claim the Pri-
vileges therein expreifed, giving their Parole
that they will not adt againft the Britilh
Government, until they are exchanged.

Art. XI. This Article to ftand as at lirlf
propofed, with the fame Reftridtions as are
mentioned in Art. X.

In Order to prevent Difputes, it is to be
underftood, that all Officers of the Conti-
nental Army who are Citizens ot this State,
be entitled to all the Benefits of Citizens,
with Regard to the Security of their Pro-

All public Records now in Town, ihall
be delivered to luch Perfons as may be ap-
pointed to receive them.

(Signed) B. Lincoln.

Done at C bar lef- Town, May (), 1780.

no Siege of Char left on.

No. XIX.

May 9, 1780.

Sir: No other Motives but thole of For-
bearance and Compaffion induced us to re-
new Offers of Terms you certainly had no
Claim to.

The Alterations you propofe are utterly
inadmiffible. Hoftilities will in Confe-
quence commence afreih at eight O'clock.
(Signed) H. Clinton,

M't Arbuthnot.

Major General Lincoln.

No. XX.
Charles-Town, May 11, 1780.
Sir: The fame Motives of Humanity
which inclined you to propofe Articles of
Capitulation to this Garrifon, induced me
to offer thofe I had the Honour of fending
you on the 8th Inffant. They then ap-
peared to me fuch as I might proffer and
you receive with Honour to both Parties.
Your Exceptions to them as they princi-

Siege of Charlejlon.


pally concerned the Militia and Citizens, I
then conceived were I'uch as could not be
concurred with, but a recent Application
from thefe People, wherein they exprefs a
Willingnefs to comply with them, and a
Wifli on my Part to leffen as much as may
be the Diftreffes of War to Individuals, lead
me now to offer you my Acceptance ot

I have the Honour to be, Sir,

Your moft obedient humble Servant,
(Signed) B. Lincoln.

No. XXI.

Camp before Charles-Town,

May 1 1, 1780.

Si?- : When you rejefted the favourable

Terms which were dicflated by an earnefl:

Defire to prevent the Effuiion of Blood, and

interpofed Articles that were wholly inad-

milTible, both the Admiral and myfelf were

of Opinion that the Surrender of the Town

at Difcretion was the only Condition that

I 12

Siege of Charlejion.

could afterwards be attended to ; but as the
Motives which then induced them are ftill
prevalent, I now inform you, that the
Terms then offered will ftill be granted.

A Copy of the Articles fliall be fent for
your Ratification, as foon as they can be
prepared, and immediately after they are
exchanged, a Detachment of Grenadiers
will be fent to take PolTeffion of the Horn
Work oppolite your main Gate. Every
Arrangement which may conduce to good
Order in occupying the Town, fliall be
fettled before Noon To-morrow, and at
that Time your Garrifon fball march out.

I have the Honour to be. Sir,

Your mofi: obedient humble Servant,
(Signed) H. Clinton.

Major General Lincoln.

[Head Quarters before Charles- ]
TOWN, I 2th May, 1780. j
Sir: We have to requeft you will propofe
fomeproper contiguous Buildingsin theTown
for the Refidence of the Privates, Prifoners of

Siege of Cha?'leJio?i. 113

War not to be on Parole. Thefe will be
of Courfe fuch as may in Difcretion be afked.
The Officers of the Army and Navy fhall
go to the Barracks at Haddrell's Point, and
Boats will be at the Wharves to carry them
at three O'clock.

The Militia muft depart as fpeedily as
poi^ble, and by a Report from you of the
Numbers departing homewards on Parole,
by the feveral Routes to the Country, Boats
fliall carry their Baggage to Stono Ferry or
Dorchefter, to Strawberry Ferry or to Cain-
hoy. Themfelves (liall be efcorted beyond
our neighbouring Pofts.

We beg from you a general Return of all
Perfons bearing Arms, and alfo of all Per-
fons yet in Town in civil Capacities.

As foon as the Detachment of Grenadiers
takes Polfeffion of the Horn Work, our
Deputies of Departments will meet yours,
who will deliver to them all portable Ef-
fects, and when your Troops (hall have
quitted the Town, the Garrifon deftined to
it Ihall march in.

114- Siege of Char Iefto?i.

Your Officers fhall be allowed to go to the
Extent of fix Miles from the Barracks, but
to pafs no River, Creek or Arm of the Sea.
We have the Honour to be, Sir, &c.,
H. Clinton,
M. Arbuthnot.
Major General Lincoln.
New Jerfey Joiir?ml, Jufie 21, 1780.]

Charlestown, May 12, 1780.
Gentlemen : I have fent you the Articles
of Capitulation, figned by me.

As it is Necelfary fome Matters fhould be
explained previous to their taking place, I
have directed Col. Ternant, as Commiffion-
er on my Part, to execute this Bufinefs, and
agree upon the Place to which our Troops
{hall be conducted.

I am forry unavoidable Delay has fo long
occafioned my Anfwer to be poftponed.
I have the Honour to be.

Gentlemen, &c.,
(Signed) B. Lincoln.

His Excellency Sir Henry Clinton,
and Vice Admiral Arbuthnot.

Siege oj Char left on. 115

[Camp before Charleston, |
May 12, 1780. I

Sir: Major Andre ' is appointed to con-
fer with Lieut. Col. Ternant on the Mat-
ters you delire to have explained, and to
agree upon the Place to which your Troops
fhall be conducted.

We have the Honour to be, &c.,
H. Clinton,
M. Arbuthnot.^
Major General Lincoln.]

• There formerly exifted a Tradition that Major Andre, then
afting as Adjutant General to Sir Henry Clinton, vifited Charlef-
ton during the Siege in the Charafter of a Spy. It was faid
that he appeared as a young Man, clad in Home-fpun, claiming
to be a Virginian, belonging to the Troops then in the City.
At another Time he was reprefented as a back Countryman,
who had brought down Cattle for the Garrifon to the oppofitc
Side of the River.

Thefe Rumors gained Credit upon the Capture and Execution
of Major Andre as a Spy a few Months after, and they appear
to bear the Marks of Truth. — Sargent's Life of Andre, 2z8.

2 New Jerfey Journal, ii. No. Ixxi, June 21, 1780.

n6 Siege of Char left on.

Return of Ordnance and Ammunition in
Charlejlon when furrendered to his Excel-
lency Sir Henry Clinton, K. B., Com-
mander-in-Chief of his Majejly s Forces,
&c., &c., the l^th of May, 1780.

Ordnance mounted on Carriages and
Beds, with Side Arms, &c.

Brafs Guns — i lix Pounder, 17 four do.,
3 do. Brafs Mortars — i ten-inch, one 9!
do., one 7} do, three 52 do., three 43 do.,
I eight-inch Brafs Howitzer. Iron Guns —
12 twenty-lix Pounders, 12 twenty-four
do., 29 eighteen do., 79 twelve do., 70 nine
do., 27 fix do., 40 four do., 6 three do., 3
Swivels half do., 2 Carronades, tour do.

Round Shot — Loofe, 40 twenty-lix Pound-
ers, 626 twenty-four do., 1,249 eighteen do.,
3,120 twelve do., 2,089 ni"e do., 500 fix
do., 700 four do., 100 three do. Cafe fixed,
with Powder — 3,236 four Pounders, 108
three do., 420 two do.

Shells Kmpty — -90 ten inch, 96 9! do,.

Siege of Char lejiofi. 117

150 8 do., 30 75 do., 40 64' do., 26 5* do.,
JOG 42 do. Hand Grenades, fixed, 212.

Shot, Grape a?id Cafe, unfixed — 15 twen-
ty-four Pounders, 96 eighteen do., 256
twelve do., 897 nine do., 214 four do.,
Mufket 2 cwt.. Double-headed 86 eighteen
Pounders, 209 twelve ditto, 40 four ditto.

Spunges, with Staves and Rammer Heads,
of Sorts z^f^. Ladles, with Staves, &c., of Sorts
209, Wad-hooks, with Staves, &c., 21.

Handjpi/ies, common 129. Iron Crown
Levers 41. Pikes, with Staves 80.

Cartridges, Flannel, filled — 220 nine
Pounders, 8 four Pounders. Paper, filled —
163 twenty-four Pounders, 422 eighteen
do., 455 twelve ditto, 671 nine do., 20 four
do., 100 three do. Muiket, filled with
Ball, 25,550, Carbine do. 7,796.

Carriages, fpare 2, 2 four Pounders, Cut-
laffes 71, Gyn's Triangle, wich Block com-
plete 3, Lanthorns, common 14, Match,
flow 2 cwt. Power corned, in Barrels 376,
Powder-horns 37.

Paper Cartridges, empty — 220 twenty-


8 Siege of Charlejion.

four Pounders, 941 eighteen do., 800 twelve
do., 990 nine do., 400 lix do., 1,000 four
do., 350 three ditto. Portfires, 6 Dozen.
Tin Tubes, 270 filled, 6,000 empty.

French Mujkets — in Store, 847, delivered
at the Abattis, 4,569.

Stands of Regimental Colours — 1 5.

A^. B. Large Quantities of Mufket Car-
tridges, Arms, and other fmall Articles, not
included in the above Return. The fcat-
tered Condition of the different Stores not
admitting of colleding them in fo (hort a
Time, a more exadl Account will be given
as foon as poffible.


Brafs Cannon, - - - 21

Mortars, _ _ - 9

Howitzers, - - - i

Iron Guns, - - - 280

Total, - - - 311

Befides the Ordnance taken in Fort
Moultrie, Lampries, Mount Pleafant, and
on board the Veffels, amounting, in the

Siege of Char left 071. 119

Whole, to 80 or 90 Pieces, and i ten-inch

(Signed) Peter Traille, Major,
Commanding the Royal Artillery.

Return of the Killed and Wounded of the
Troops under the Command of his Excel-
lency General Sir Henry Clinton, K. B.,
fro?n the Debarkation in South Carolina,
the wth of February, to the Surrender of
Charlejlown, the \2th of May, 1780.


Royal Artillery — 5 Rank and File killed;
7 ditto wounded.

\f Battalion of Light Infatitry — 8 Rank
and File killed; i Serjeant, 17 Rank and
File wounded.

2d Battalion of Light Infantry — 1 1 Rank
and File killed; i Lieutenant, 12 Rank
and File wounded.

Detach me tit of Light Infantry — 3 Rank
and File killed ; 7 ditto wounded.

\Jl Battalion of Grenadiers — i Serjeant,

1 20 Siege of Charlejlon,

4 Rank and File killed; 2 Lieutenants, i
Serjeant, 13 Rank and File wounded.

zd Battalion of Grenadiers — i o Rank and
File killed ; i Lieutenant, 1 1 Rank and
File wounded.

•jth Regiment — i Rank and File killed ;
2 do. wounded. Regiment — 4 Rank and File wounded.

T^T^d Regiment — i Rank and File killed;
2 do. wounded.

\zd Regiment — 2 Rank and File killed.

b'i^d Regiment — 4 Rank and File wounded.

6/\.th Regiment — i Rank and File wounded.

71// Regiment — 2 Enligns, 6 Rank and
File killed; i Captain, i Lieutenant, 14
Rank and File wounded.

Total Brit ijh — 2 Enligns, i Serjeant, 51
Rank and File killed ; i Captain, 5 Lieu-
tenants, 2 Serjeants, 94 Rank and File


Killed — 71ft Regt., Enligns McGregor
and Cameron.

Siege of CharUJlofi. 121

Wounded — 2 2d Grenadiers, Lieutenant
White; 33d do., Lieut. Bevor ; 42d do.,
Lieut. Grant ; 64th Light Infantry, Lieut.
Freeman; 71ft Regt., Capt. M'Leod, Lieut.


Jagers — 7 Rank and File killed; 14
Rank and File wounded.

Linjhig — 2 Rank and File killed; 7 do.

Lengercke — i Rank and File killed ; 15
ditto wounded.

Grajf — 2 Rank and File killed ; 2 Lieu-
tenants, 8 Rank and File wounded.

Hayne — 5 Rank and File wounded.

Total Geriiiati — 1 5 Rank and File killed ;
2 Lieutenants, 67 Rank and File wounded.


Wounded — Graff's Grenadiers, Lieuten-
ants Fritfch and Oethaufs.


New Tork Volunteers — 2 Rank and File
killed ; i ditto wounded.

122 Siege oj Charlejlon.

BritiJJj Legion — 5 Rank and File killed;
9 ditto wounded.

Soiith-Caro/ina Royalijis — 3 Rank and
File wounded.

Fergiifojis Corps — 5 Rank and File

Total Provincials — 7 Rank and File
killed ; i 8 ditto wounded.

Total Britijh, Germaiis, and Provincial —
2 Enfigns, I Serjeant, 73 Rank and File
killed; i Captain, 7 Lieutenants, 2 Serjeants,
179 Rank and File wounded.

A yoiir7ial of the Operations before Charlef-
town, to the Day of its Surrender to the
Britijh Forces.

When I wrote on the 6th of March,
our Army were lying at ditFerent Stations
on James Ifland, and the Implements of
War were gradually approaching the def-
tined Field of Adlion. The firft material
Event after that, was on the 20th, when
our Ships of War, viz., one ot 50, two 44,

Siege oj CluuleJloJi. 123

three 33, two 28, two 20, one 16 Guns,
and two armed Brigantines, got happily
over the Bar, and anchored in Five-Fathom-
Hole. Two Days after this, the Rebel
Ships anchored off Fort Moultrie, very
politely left their Stations and moved up to
the Town.

The Army proceeded, and were joined
about the 20th by Brig. Gen. Patterfon,
who marched through the Country from
Savannah, and brought with him a Quan-
tity of Horfes, Cattle and Negroes ; and on
the 30th, our light Troops and Jagers drove
the Rebels within their Works in Front of

The firft of April we broke Ground,
and the Work went on with very little In-
terruption. On the 7th the Rebels got a
Reinforcement, faid to be 700 Men from
Waihington, who had been lix Months on
their March. A Feu de 'Joy was fired, and
they rang the Bells all Night. It is the
general Wifli of the Army, and I really
believe the General would permit all the

124 Siege of Charlejlon.

Rebels in both Carolinas to march in un-
molefted, having no Dread of any Thing
but their Efcape. Their Joy was of very
fliort Duration ; for the Day following, the
Ships pafled the Great Fort Moultrie,
and anchored between Fort Johnfon and
the Town ; and on the 9th we were happy
to fee our good old Admiral, firm as a
Rock, fafe and found in Camp. The
whole Lofs on this Occafion was 14 Men
killed, 15 wounded, and a fore and mizzen
Top Mafl lliot away. Del'erters fay the
Rebels have fome Salt Provifions, Plenty
of Rice, Rum, and Sugar. They are fur-
prifed we have neither fummoned, fpoke,
or fired at them.

The Town was fummoned the loth, and
our Batteries opened the 13th Day, when
the Town was fired in feveral Places, and
four Houfes burnt. On the 14th we re-
ceived Advice that Col. Tarleton and Col.
Fergufon (they are Part of a Detachment
commanded by Colonel Webfter) did fur-
prife General Huger at Munk's Corner.

Siege of Char lej} 071. 125

The General efcaped; fo did Colonel Wafli-
ington. A French Major, who commanded
Polallvie's Horle, was killed with feven
others; 70 were taken; 200 Horfe, 80 of
which were Dragoons; 35 Waggons, and
Baggage ; a Number of Boats, with Rum
and Stores were deflroyed.

The 2 1 ft, produced a Flag from the
Rebels, afking Terms; their Demands were
unreafonable, of Courfe rejefted, and the
firing again commenced about 1 1 at Night.
The Day following the Reinforcement
landed from New York, and we are happy
in hearing that the Detachment with Col.
Webfter is fo well pofted on the Hobcaw
Side, that the Rebels cannot efcape. Well
knowing there is no created Thing can
equal Jonathan for a llippery Trick, we
were afraid his Efcape might be effefted
that Way, efpecially as there were a great
Number of Boats in Town, kept in Readi-
nefs for that Purpofe.

You know, my good Sir, a Town cannot
be properly defended without a Sortie. It

126 Siege of Char leji on.

is a French Word, a Word of the great and
good Allies. It founds well, and will help
Charles Thomfon and Company wonder-
fully, in manufad:uring the Account of this
Bufinefs, which muft be rendered into
French, into Spanifli, and, as his Holinefs
the Pope is as much a Friend to the Civil
and Religious Liberties of Mankind as the
other Two, doubtlefs he will be favoured
with a Copy in Italiano. On the Morning
of the 24th, as Monkies mimick Men, we
had a Sortie — fuch a Sortie as the Rebels

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Online LibraryFranklin Benjamin HoughThe siege of Charleston : by the British fleet and army, under the command of Admiral Arbuthnot and Sir Henry Clinton, which terminated with the surrender of that place on the 12th of May, 1780 → online text (page 5 of 10)