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The siege of Charleston : by the British fleet and army, under the command of Admiral Arbuthnot and Sir Henry Clinton, which terminated with the surrender of that place on the 12th of May, 1780 online

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and joyful People.

John Wragg, John Davis,

William Glinn, Benj. Baker, Sen.,

John Stopton, John Fiflier,

John Rofe, Charles Atkins,

William Greenwood, Gideon Dupont, Jun.,
Jacob Valk, Jer. Savage,

James Cook, Andrew Reid,

Chriftopher Fitz Si- Zeph Kingfby,

mons, John CoUum,

Alex. Oliphant, John Smith,

Paul Hamilton, Lewis Dutarque,

Robert Wilfon, James McKiown,

Lonard Afkew, Wm. Burt,

Siege of Charlejiofi. i 53

And. McKenzie,
Robert Lithgow,
Wm. Wayne,
Ja. G. Williams,
James Rofs,
John Moncrief,
John Ward, Taylor,
Jock Holmes,
James Megown,
William Davie,
James Duming,
John Sprifd,
William Nervcob,
John Daniel,
Brian Fofkie,
Emanuel Marfliall,
And. Mitchell,
Farq. M'Collum,
Geo. Adamfon,
Wm. Valentine,
Chrifto. Williman,
D. Prendergrafs,
Daniel Bell,
Edward Cure,


John Watfon,
Anthony Montell,
James Lynch,
George Grant,
Abraham Pearce,
John Miot,
Frederick Auguftine,
John Webb,
Rob. Williams,
Alex. Macbeth,
John Robertfon,
John Liber,
Hugh Rofe,
Patrick Bower,
Thomas Tod,
Thomas Euftace,
Tho. Winftantly,
Cha. Ramadge,
William Bower,
Alexander Walker,
John Lyon,
Robert Phillip,
Robert Johnfton,
David Taylor,

154- Siege of Charlejlon.

Thomas Timms,
Tho. Buckle, Sen.,
Hopkins Prife,
Geo. Denholm,
Roger Brown,
James Striftland,
Henry Welfli,
William M'Kimmy,
Michael Hubert,
David Bruce,
John Gray,
Tho. Dawfon,
James McKie,
Charles Bourhomeau,
John Bury,
Daniel Boyne,
Peter Lambert,
Henry Booklefs,
Wm. Edwards,
Tho. Buckle, Jr.,
Henry Ephram,
John Hartley,
James Carmichael,
Samuel Adams,

John Latuff,
John Gulfnoez,
John Barfon,
Ja. Donavan, Jun.
Nicholas Boden,
Ja. M'Kenzie,
Ifaac Clarke,
John Durft,
William Cameron,
John Ruffel,
John Bell,
John Hays,
James Guillaudeau,
John Ralph,
Samuel Bower,
John W. Gibbs,
George Young,
Jos. Milligan,
Anthony Geaubeau,
Wm. Smith,
James Robertlon,
Richard Dennis,
Benjamin Sinker,
John Bartels,

Siege of Char lejl on. 155

Cha. Shutts,
Alex. Smith,
John M'Call,
John Abercrombie,
Jofeph Jones,
Henry Branton,
John Callagan,
Archibald Carlbn,
Thomas Clarry,
Charles Snitter,
James Rach,
Peter Dumont,
Edward Legge,
Aaron Locook,
William Ruffel,
James Hartley,
Wm. Layton,
Nicholas Smith,
Andrew Stewart,
John Hardley,
John Parkinfon,
Hugh Truir,
Lewis CofFere,

William Miller,
John Burgefs,
Thomas Hutchinlon,
Thomas Elfe,
Alexander Harvey,
John Pafford,
Tho. Phepoe,
Samuel Knight,
Tho. Elliot,
Thomas Hooper,
Robert Lindfey,
Thomas Richardfon,
Thomas Saunders,
Henry HardortF,
Arch. Brown,
Thomas Coram,
Andrew Thompfon,
William Farrow,
William Arifam,
Tho. Deighton,
Robert Paterfon,
John Love,
Alexander Ingles,
William Mills,

156 Siege of Char lejlon.

Hugh Kirkham,
John Johnfton,
Geo. R. Williams,
William Niibett,
George Cook,
Peter Procue,
Gilbert Chaliner,
Arch. Downs,
Jos. Wyatt,
James M'Linachus,
William Jennings,

James Duncan,
James Blackburn,
Samuel Perry,
Mathias Hunkim,
Edm. Petrie,
Alex. Johnftone,
James Fagan,
James Bryant,
James Courtongue,
John Cuple,
Rob't Beard, »
James Snead,

Patrick McKam,

Stephen Townlhend, Cha. Burnham,

Cha. H. Simmonds, Rob. Mclntofh,

Ifaac Leffence,
Ifaac Marych,
Allard Belin,
Henry WeKh,
John Gronley,

G. Thomlbn,
John Wells, Junior,
John Wagner,
Michael Quin,
Walter Rofewell.

\CharleJlown, June ^, 1780.

[The Names in the above Lift are from the Royal Gazette of
June 24th, in which the Addrefs was reprinted.]

Siege of Char left on. 157


[From Rivington's Royal Gazette, No. 389, June 21, 1780.]

THE following journal contains ?)iany
Particulars of General Sir Henry
Clinton and Vice Admiral Arbuth-
not's Operatiojis in South Carolina, which have
not hitherto bee?i detailed.

Camp IvIning's Plantation,
Oppoiite Charleftown, Apr. 2.
In my Laft I informed you that we were
to march into the Country. Accordingly
the Brigade commanded by General Pat-
terlbn, confifting of the 71ft Regiment,
commanded by Major M'Arthur, Light
Infantry by Major Graham, difmounted of
the Legion by Major Cochrane, American
Volunteers by Lieutenant Colonel Fergu-
fon, York Volunteers by Colonel Turnbull,
South Carolinians by Colonel Innis, North
Carolinians by Colonel Hamilton, and a
Company of Dragoons, in Number about
fifteen Hundred, marched from Savannah up

158 Siege of Charlejlon.

the Augufta Road the 5th of March, we
thought Augufta was the Objed:, as the
Inhabitants had collefted great Quantities
of Stores there, and fortified themfelves ;
but after marching forty Miles up the
River, we crolfed into South Carolina, at
a Place called the Two Sifters, and en-
camped in the Field that General Moultrie
was in laft May, when our Army was
removing from Charleftown. The 1 3th
Colonel Fergufon, with his Volunteers, and
Major Cochrane of the Legion, were or-
dered forward to fecure the Paftes at Bee
Creek, Coofawhatchee, and Tully Finny
Bridges, about twenty-fix Miles in Front
of the Army ; this we eff^efted.

Upon our Arrival we heard of two Par-
ties of Rebels, mounted on Horfes, in Front
of us. The 14th, towards Evening, Colonel
Fergufon went in Purfuit of one Party,
and Major Cochrane in Purfuit of the
other. We got to our Ground at nine
O'clock in the Evening, at McPherfon's
Plantations. The Rebels had juft left the

Siege of Charlejioft. 159

Ground we took up. Major Cochrane,
being piloted through Swamps and bye
Roads, came towards Morning juft in Front
ot us, where he expedted he had found the
Rebels ; we likewife waiting for them.
At lart our Picket gave the Alarm, when
the Legion rufhed upon them, and drove
them to our Poft, where we were ready to
receive them. Charge, was the Word on
both Sides. The unhappy Miftake was
foon difcovered, but not before two Soldiers
of ours and one of the Legion were killed,
and feveral badly wounded on both Sides.
Colonel Fergufon had a Bayonet run
through his left Arm. Lieutenant M'-
Pherfon, of the Legion, wounded in the
Hand and Shoulder by a Bayonet. It was
melancholy enough to fee Col. Fergufon
difabled in both Arms ; but thank God he
is pertedtly recovered again. The i8th,
we marched to Saltketcher River. The
Rebels had dertroyed the Bridge, and about
eighty, commanded by Major Ladfon, were
a Mind to have a little Amufement by

i6o Siege of Charlejlon.

firing acrois the River at us. We humored
their Motion by fixing a Company of the
Legion to return their Fire. Meanwhile
the Light Infantry and Remainder of the
Legion palled the River below the Bridge,
and came upon them in the Rear before
they were aware of them, and charged
them. One Captain Mills and 6 Privates
were killed ; tour badly wounded, being
bayoneted in many Places; and one Prifoner
that luckily efcaped the Bayonet by fcreen-
ing himfelf behind Major Wright, who
faved his Life. Maior Graham of the
Light Infantry, and Major Wright of the
Georgia Loyalifts, both llightly wounded
on the Occafion, and two Privates ; but not
fo as to hinder them from marching.

The 2 1 ft, Col. Tarleton came up from
Beaufort, where he had been to get Horfes
for his Dragoons, his being loft on the
Paffage. He joined us at Horfe Shoe.
From that, we marched to Jackfonburgh, a
Village fituated on Ponpon River, about
thirty Miles diftant from Charleftown. On

Siege of C liar left oji. i6i

the 23d, after crofling Ponpon River, Tarle-
ton, with his Dragoons, fell in with a Party
of Rebel Militia, Dragoons, at Lieutenant
Governor Bee's Plantation. He killed Ten
on the Spot, and took four Prifoners.
• We arrived at Stono Creek on Wallace's
Bridge the 25th, when the Commander in
Chief paid us a Vilit from James' Illand ;
26th and 27th, crofled where Wallace's
Bridge formerly flood, and Rantole's Bridge,
both within a Mile of each other.

This Day, Colonel Hamilton of the
North Carolinians, and Dodtor Smith of
the Hofpital, went forward about a Mile to
Governor Rutledge's Houfe. It was im-
mediately furrounded by three hundred
Light Horfe, and they made Prifoners.
This was a Trap for the Commander in
Chief, and a very good One, they hearing
of his Vilit on the 26th, and not knowing
he had returned.

The 28th, arrived at Alhley Ferry, where
we met the Britifh Heffian Grenadiers and
Light Infantry. The Fulileers and Yagers

1 62 Siege of Charlejion.

crofTed the River early the 29th, and pro-
ceeded towards the Rebel Works.

30th, they were reconnoitering ; the
Rebel Works kept a conftant Fire upon
them. The Commander in Chief would
not fuffer the Britifli to return the Fire.
Unluckily, Lord Caithnefs, Commandant
of the 76th Regiment, was badly wounded
with a Ball through his Body. One Yager
killed and feveral wounded.

We have juft broke Ground upon the
Neck, and ihall (liortly have fixty Pieces
of Cannon ready to play upon the Town,
none lefs than twenty-four Pounders, We
have two Batteries finillied at the Mouth
of Wapoocut, direftly oppolite the Town.
On One, there is mounted lix 32 Pounders;
on the Other, two and a Howitzer.

The Rebels are very ftrongly Fortified,
determined to defend their Works. Sulli-
van's Illand is very ftrong, and fo fituate as
to fire upon our Shipping for a Mile each
Way. They are waiting for a fair Wind
to come acrofs the Bar. When the Ship-

Siege of Charlejion. 163

ping gets up, we fhall have them entirely
lurrounded, as they are already upon three
Sides of them by Land.

We have jull had News from Penfacola.
The Spaniards have made an Attack there.
A Fleet was fent from the Havana, but,
poor Dogs, they got totally defeated. When
making their Way off, a Gale of Wind
fprung up and drove their Shipping afliore.
The moft of them are loft with all their

I have now fent you all the prefent News,
good and bad, juft as happened. Hope in
my Next, to be able to acquaint you of
Charleftown being in our Polleffion.

Charlestown, May 19, 1780.
My Laft, I wrote from Lining's Planta-
tion, on Afliley River. We marched from
thence the 12th of April, in Order to fecure
the Pafl'es that lead to Town acrofs Cowper
and Wando River, to prevent Succours
going in, and cut off their Retreat, (liould
they attempt to come out ; likewife dif-

164 Siege of Charlejlon.

perfe all Parties that were gathering around
our Lines, which we efFefted.

13th: We joined the Britifli Legion at
Goofe Creek, fixteen Miles from Town.
In Company with them, marched to Monk's
Corners, fixteen Miles further, where we
furprifed a Party commanded by General
Huger, confilHng of Colonels Walhington,
Polallci and Harvey's Light Horfe. Major
Bernie, of Polafkie's was killed, two Lieu-
tenants and fixty Prifoners taken ; thirty
Waggons loaded with Provilions intended
for the Town, and fixty famous Horfes,
belonging to their Light Horfe.' Thefe

' American Accounts ftate their Lofs as thirty Dragoons and
the Baggage of the Corps. Mr. Stedman, a Britidi Hiftorian,
makes the following Statement :

" Forty-two Wagons, one hundred and two Wagon Horfes,
and eighty-two Dragoon Horfes, and feveral Officer's Horfes ; a
Quantity of Ammunition, Flour, Butter, Clothing, Camp and
Horfe Equipage, Harnefs for all the Wagons, all the Officer's
Clothing and Baggage, together with five Puncheons of Rum,
fix Hogdieads Mufcovado Sugar, four Barrels Indigo, a Quan-
tity of Tea, Coffee, Spices, Nails in Cafks, fome French Cloth,
three Barrels of Gunpowder, Swords, &c., found in a Store,
which was fet on fire and blown up by the Careleflhefs of a Sen-

Siege of Charlejion. 165

were foon converted into Britifli Light
Horfe. After marching, countermarching
and fortifying the different Palles, &c., we
arrived at Lamprie's Point, the 1 3th of
April, and took Port where the Rebels
intended to fecure their Retreat, when they
could keep the Town no longer. After
putting it in a proper State of Defence,
Col. Fergufon, with a Party, marched down
and took a fmall Redoubt at Haddrell's
Point, half a Mile from Sullivan's Illand.
7th of May, Col. Fergufon obtained

tinel. The Lofs of the Americans in iVIen was Major Bernie,
of Pulafki's Legion of Dragoons, and three Captains, one Lieu-
tenant, and two Privates, killed; fifteen Privates, one Captain,
and two Lieutenants, laken Prifoners, including the Wounded.
Major Bernie was mangled in a moil: (hocking Manner: he had
feveral Wounds, a fevere One behind his Ear. This unfortunate
Officer lived feveral Hours, reprobating the Americans for their
Conduft on thisOccafion; and even in his laft Moments curfing
the Britifh for their Barbarity, in having refufed Quarter after
he had furrendered. The Writer of this, who was ordered on
the Expedition, afforded every Affiftance in his Power, and had
the Major put upon a Table in a Public Houfe in the Village,
and a Blanket thrown over him. The Major, in his laft Mo-
ments, was frequently infulted by the Privates of the Legion."

1 66 Siege of Char leji on.

Permiffion to attack Fort Moultrie, on
Sullivan's Illand. Upon our March, we
received Intelligence that the Fort had

I continued my March, led by Curiofity
to fee this Fort that has done us fo much
Mifchief, and which the Rebels boafted we
could never take. It is, indeed, the ftrong-
eft Fort ever built by Hands. No Labour
has been fpared to complete it. You can
have no Idea of its Strength without being
Infide of it ; therefore it would be needlefs
tor me to defcribe it. They have moved
fome of their Cannon to Town fince we
have inverted their Lines. Still their re-
mains thirty-one Cannon mounted, a Num-
ber of Shells, a ten Inch Brafs Mortar,
fixty Calks of Powder, three thoufand
Cannon Cartridges, forty thoufand Mufket
Cartridges, and a large Quantity of Pro-
vifions. It would be impollible to ftorm
it ; and none but cowardly Rafcals would
ever give up fo ftrong a Poft.

Fifth of May, Captain Hudfon, of the

Siege of Charlejlon. 167

Navy, fummoned the Fort. Lieut. Col.
Scott, who commanded, fent out for An-
fwer, " Tol, lol, derol, lol. Fort Moultrie
will be defended to the laft Extremity."

The Sixth, Capt. Hudfon fent Word to
Col. Scott he had given him Time enough
to confider of it, and made his Propofals.
It he did not fend an Anfwer in a Quarter
of an Hour, he would iform it, and put
every Man to the Sword. At this, Mr.
Scott fent out, begging a Ceffation of Hof-
tilities; that the Fort would furrender upon
the following Terms :

The Officers, Continentals and Militia,
to march out with the Honours of War,
and be allowed to wear their Side Arms ;
the Continental Officers to be allowed
Paroles, and Militia Officers and Soldiers
to be allowed Paroles, to remain at their
refpecflive Homes till exchanged. Granted
by Captain Hudfon. The feventh, they
marched out, and Capt. Hudfon marched
in, took Polfellion, leveled the thirteen
Stripes with the Duft, and the triumphant

1 68 Siege of Char lejlon.

Englifli Flag was railed on the Staff. This
(hocked the Gentry in Town. In the
Morning of the eighth. Sir Henry Clinton
fummoned the Town. General Lincoln
defired a Ceffation of Arms till eight
O'clock ; from eight to twelve, and fo on,
till Tuefday, four O'clock in the Afternoon,
when Sir Henry Clinton receiving a very
infolent Requeft, which was, that the
French Officers and Soldiers might not be
conlidered Prifoners, but be allowed to take
the Frigates lying in the Harbour, with
all their Property, and be allowed a Cartel
to go unmolefted to France. Sir Henry
Clinton replied, that by their Requeji, he
could 7iot Juppoje they expeBed an Anfwer ;
that the firing (hould commence at eight
O'clock, which it did ; and all Night there
was the moft tremendous Cannonade ever
heard ; Carcafes thrown into the Town,
and Shells, with an inceffant fire of Muf-
ketry. We advanced under Cover of our
Fire very rapidly, and erected a Work
within their firff Abattis.

Siege of Charlejion. 169

Wednefday, the tenth, finding we were
in earneft, they fliewed a Flag. Our firing
ftill continued without taking Notice of it.
A Carcafe thrown into the Town fet it on
fire, and burnt feveral Houfes. At eleven
O'clock they fliewed another Flag which
was accepted. They then begged for the
Terms that had been offered the laft Truce
which Sir Henry Clinton granted. Friday,
the twelfth, they marched out. General
Lellie, at the Head of the Royal Fufileers,
marched into Town. The Grenadiers took
Poffeffion of the Gates.

The Return of Prifoners, including the
Militia, &c., is from 7 to 8,000.

The General has appointed Capt. Na-
thaniel Philips to be Superintendent of the
Revenues and Cuftoms, and Mr. Simpfon
of the Police.


lyo Siege of Charlejlon.


Baltimore, June 13, 1780.

LIEUTENANT Col. Ternant pailed
through this Town Yefterday with
Difpatches for Congrefs, which con-
tain the Surrender of Charleftown. It took
Place on the 12th of May laft. The Siege
was condufted by the Enemy with great
Vigour, and their third parallel Line carried
within a few Yards of our Works. The
Garrifon were feveral Days without Pro-
vifions before the Capitulation was com-
pleated. Too much cannot be faid in
Praife of the Defenfe. The Place was
held till longer Reliftance would have been
mere Madnefs ; nor could further Refin-
ance have anfwered any good Purpofe.
The Enemy had opened Batteries for 34
Days, during which Time the Garrifon
fuftained a continuous Cannonade, Bom-
bardment and Fire of Mufquetry, which
was returned on their Part with great

Siege of Charlejlon. 171

Spirit. We loft in killed and wounded,
and capitulated with about 1,800 regular
Troops. The Terms of Capitulation are
very honourable ; fuch as the Troops of
the greateft Nation need not be afhamed
of. The Property of the Citizens are
lecured. The Militia return Home on
Parole. The regular Troops had every
military Honour ftipulated. The Officers
allowed their Horfes, Baggage, and Side-
arms. But the whole Particulars of this
Event, which, though unfuccefsful, refledts
great Reputation on our Arms, will be
given in our next Paper. The Capitulation
was clofed with the following Letters :

[This Correfpondence is given in Brack-
ets on Pages 87 to 115 of this Volume.]

During the Siege of Charlefton about
30 American Officers loft their Lives.
Their Names will be regiftered with other
Heroes in the Annals of their Country,
and be embalmed to all Pofterity.

We are allured that the Britifti Army
have fuffered greatly during the Siege of

172 Siege of Charlejlon .

Charleftown, their whole Lofs being efti-
mated at 2,000. Some perifhed by the
Sword, fome fell Victims to Fatigue and
Difeafe, and others judged it prudent to run
away. — New 'Jerfey ^Jourjial, ii. No. Ixxi,
June 21, 1780.


[From Rivington's Royal Gazette, No. 389, June zl, 1780.]

LAST Saturday Evening the Inhabit-
ants of this City were made fu-
premely Happy by the fafe Arrival
of his Excellency General

Sir Henry Clinton^

from the Conqueft and complete Reduilion
of the Province of South Carolina ; his
Excellency having reftored Peace and per-
fedl Decorum amongft the Inhabitants of
that opulent, populous and very important

Siege of Charlejiofz. 173


[From the Philadelphia Packet. J

Philadelphia, June 17, 1780.
" T AST JVednefday Rvening, arrived
I J Lieiitenajit Colonel Ter7iant, with
the followifig D if patches from Ma-
ior General Lincoln to Co7igrefs.

"Charles-town, May 24, 1780.

" Sir : The inclofed Papers will inform
Congrefs of each important Circumftance
which has occurred in this Department,
fince I did myfelf the Honour to write
them, on the 9th Ult., by Mr. Cannon.

" They will hereby obferve, that after
every Effort and Exertion, made by a
Handful of brave Troops, contending with
numberlefs Hardlliips and Difficulties (to
all which they moft cheerfully fubmitted),
we were reduced to the fad Neceffity of
Treating with Sir Henry Clinton, and ac-
ceding to the Terms of Capitulation which
accompany this Letter.

174- Siege of Charlejion.

" I fhall not at prefent go into a Detail of
the Matter, as I expeft to reach Congrefs
before this ; but fhould I not. Lieutenant
Colonel Ternant, who is the Bearer of this
Letter, will be able to give a minute State
of Things. I muft beg leave, therefore, to
refer Congrefs to that Gentleman, and to
allure them that his fteady Attention to
Duty and Zeal for the Service, entitle him
to every Refpeft.

" I have the Honour to be,

" With the higheft Regard and Efteem,
" Your Excellency's moft obedient Servant,

"B. Lincoln.

" P. S. Lieutenant Colonel Ternant will
be able to inform Congrefs what has
caufed fo much Delay in getting off the

[Here followed the twenty-four Letters
•which paffed between his Excellency Sir
Henry Clinton, Commander in Chief, and
Mr. Lincoln, the Rebel General.]'

• Omitted in Riviriglon's Gazette.

Siege of Charlejlon. 175

Retiirti of the Killed a?id Wounded during the

Killed — I Colonel, i Aide-de-Camp, 6
Captains, 3 Lieutenants, 10 Serjeants, 68
Rank and File, Continentals.

Wounded — i Major, 2 Captains, 5 Lieu-
tenants, 1 8 Serjeants and 1 14 Rank and File,

The Militia and Sailors being in a dif-
ferent Part of the Town, fuffered no Lofs.

Return of the Continental Troops, Prifojiers

of War, including the Sick and Wounded.

Major General Lincoln.'

Brigadiers : Moultrie, Mclntofli, Wood-
ford, Scott, Du Portail, Hogan.

Colonels 9, Lieut. Colonels 14, Majors
15, Captains and Captain Lieutenants 84,
Second Lieutenants and Enligns 32, Non-
Commiffioned Officers 209, Drums and
Fifes 140, Rank and File 1,977.-

1 General Lincoln was exchanged in the Fall of 1780.
■-^ // is ever cujtomary with the Rebel Commanders, when they
publijh Returns of their Killed, Wounded and Pri/oners, to J up-

176 Siege of Charlejion.

The Number of Deferters from our
Army, from the 29th of March to the 12th
of May, amounted only to 20.

Publiflied by Order of Congrefs.

Charles Thomson, Secretary.


JUNE 23, 1780. " * * * A Letter
of the 22d, from Major General Lin-
coln was read, informing Congrefs of
his Arrival in Philadelphia, and that, ftim-
ulated by the double Motive of Regard to
the Honour of Congrefs and his own Re-
putation, he embraces the earlieft Oppor-
tunity of requeuing that, agreeably to the
Refolution of November 28, 1777,' an En-

prefs entirely the Meitlion of their Militia, who joined to the avowed
Return of Mr. Lincoln, e/icreafes the Number of Prif oners taken
at Charlefiown, to upwards of Seven Thoufand.

' " Refohed, That whenever any Expedition, which may be
undertaken, either by Sea or Land, by Order or at the Expenfe
of the United States, fhall fail in the Execution, or whenever
any Important Poll, Fort or Fortrefs, Garrifoned and Defended
at the Expencc of tiie United Stales, (liall be evacuated, or taken

Siege of Char left on. 177

quiry may be immediately made into the
Caufes of the Lofs of Charleftown, which
has been announced to Congrefs, and into
his Condud: as principal Officer of that
Poft when it was given up : whereupon,

" Refolved, That the Commander in Chief
be directed, as foon as Circumftances fhall
admit, to caufe an Enquiry to be made into
the Lofs of Charlef-Town, in South Caro-
lina, and into the Condu6t of the faid
Major General Lincoln, late the Com-
manding Officer in the Southern Depart-
ment, and caufe the Proceedings of the
Court of Enquiry to be laid before Con-

by the Enemy, it be an eftablifhed Rule in Congrefs, to inftitute
an Enquiry into the Caufes of the Failure of fuch Expedition, or
into the Lofs of fuch Poll:, Fort or Fortrefs, and into the Con-
du£l of the principal Officer or Officers conducing the Expedi-
tion fo failing, or commanding the Poft, Fort or Fortrefs fo
evacuated or taken by the Enemy; the Enquiry fo inllituted to
be conduced in fuch Manner as Congrefs fhall deem beft adapted
for the Inveftigation of Truth in the refpeftive Cafes."

The above general Rule was adopted in Connexion with In-
quiries into the Caufes of the Evacuation of Fort Mercer, and
the Failure of an Expedition againft Rhode Ifland.


178 Siege of Char lejion.

[From Rivington's Royal Gazette, No. 389, June 21, 1780.]

South Carolina.

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