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The Prindle genealogy. embracing the descendants of William Pringle the first settler, in part for six, seven and eight generations, and also the ancestors and descendants of Zalmon Prindle for ten generations, covering a period of two hundred and fifty-two years, 1654-1906 online

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Online LibraryFranklin Cogswell PrindleThe Prindle genealogy. embracing the descendants of William Pringle the first settler, in part for six, seven and eight generations, and also the ancestors and descendants of Zalmon Prindle for ten generations, covering a period of two hundred and fifty-two years, 1654-1906 → online text (page 11 of 26)
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19, 1870.

5. Mary Faustina Hodges" (twin), b. Dec. 19,


6. Charles Howard Hodges", b. April 15, 1872.

7. Samuel Lewis Hodges", b. June 17, 1874.

2. Maria", b. Feb. 28, 1813; m. Daniel Pickett, of

Bethel, Conn., who d. Feb. 28, 1867, ae. 62; d.
Youngstown, O., Sept. 15, 1876, ae. 63.
Children :

1. Mary Ann Pickett^, b. ; m. Levi S.

Clark ; rem. to Cleveland, O.
Children :
1. Myron Clark". 2. Charles Clark".
3. Clarence Clark".

3. William Beers', b. May 1, 1815; m. Jan. 9, 1852,

Maria Shejoard, dau. of Sueton and Dymah Ann
(Hurd) Shepard, who was b. March 9, 1821, and
d. Oct. 1, 1897, ae. 76; d. May 23, 1903.
One son:
1. William HuRD^ b. iMay 30, 1854; m. Oct. 21,
1878, Elizabeth Ford; res. Newtown, s.p.

4. Angeline^ b. Aug. 23, 1817; m. (1) Czar Plumb;

m. (2) Homer Hayes; m. (3) Harson Twitch-
ell; m. (4) C. C. Warner.

5. MARY^ b. Feb. 23, 1820; m. S. W. Trowbridge,

of Waterbury, who d. there June 17, 1900; d.
Waterbury, Oct. 21, 1900, ae. 80.
Children :
1. Charles Trowbridge^, d. ae. 5 yrs. 4 mos.

Descendants of Joseph^. 143

2. Julia Frances Trowbridge^ d. ae. 8 yrs. 6 mos.

3. Frank W. Trowb^idge^ b. ; m. ;

res. Waterbury^ Conn. 4 ch.

2. Maria% b. Jan. 12, 1787; d. Aug. 31, 1802, ae. 14.

3. Polly ANN^ b. March 16, 1790; d. March 7, 1870,


4. Charles W.^ b. Sept. 17, 1799; res. White Plains,

N. Y.

4. Lazarus", b. March 30, 1763; m. Joanna Glover; d.

Hartford, N. Y., abt. 1845-7.

Children, born in Newtown:

1. Lazarus Glover*', b. Aug. 1793; m. twice; d. Argyle,

Washington, Co., N. Y., Nov., 1875.

2. Sally'', b. — — —; ni. William Hall; d. Verona,

N. Y.

3. Joanna*', b. ; m. Earrette; d. Hart-

ford, N. Y.

5. Philemon\ b. Dec. 5, 1766; m. Feb. 6, 1789, Nannie

Ferris, dau. of Zachariah, who was b. Nov. 10, 1770,
and d. Feb. 26, 1811 ; rem. abt. 1798 to Canaan, Conn.,
and aft. to Unadilla, N. Y., where he d. Jan. 11, 1847.

Children, horn in Netvtown and Canaan:
1. ZACHARIAH^ b. Nov. 27, 1789; m. Huldah Botsford;
d. in 1869. His will, dated Unadilla, Otsego Co.,
N. Y., March l6, I860, "at the age of 69 years,"
proven June 3, 1869, mentions his wife Huldah
Prindle, and son Julius, who was appointed execu-
tor. Witnesses, H. G. Prindle, Norwich, Chenango
Co., N. Y., and Charles E. Prindle, Unadilla, Ot-
sego Co., N. Y., with affidavit of H. G. Prindle at-
tached stating that the witness Charles E. Prindle
died in 1862.

Children :

1. WILLIAM^ b. ; d. unm.

2. Russell^ b. ; res. Little Genesee, N. Y.

3. Horace G.^ (Judge), b. ; m. May 10, 1884,

Mrs. Alice A. (Green) Cummings; d. Norwich,
N. Y.

144 Prindle Genealogy.

4. Julius B.^^ b. ; res. Norwich, N. Y.

5. Charles", b. ; m. Marcia E." Prindle, his

cousin, dau. of Joseph"; d. Washington, D. C, a
soldier of the civil war; killed in battle.

6. Charlotte", b. ; res. Wells Bridge, N. Y.

7. Celestia", b. ; dec'd.

2. Joseph^ b. Newtown, Conn., March 20, 1791; m.
Roxana Jakways (Jacques.''), who was b. Canaan,
July 13, 1798, and d. 1882; d. Nov. 13, 1869, ae.
78 ; rem. to Canaan.

Children :

1. Harriet E.', b. March 27, 1817.

2. John Chauncey", b. Sept. 27, 1820; m. Sarah

Michael, of Canaan.

3. Cyrus Glover", b. July 2, 1822; m. Thayer,

of Dutchess Co., N. Y.

4. Lyman Baldwin", b. June 29, 1824; m. Cornwall,

Conn., April 22, 1849, Caroline E. Hanchett, who
was b. Aug. 4, 1829, and d. Oct. 6, 1885, ae. 56;
res. Waterbury, Conn.

Children :

1. George Lyman^, b. So. Lee, Mass., March 31,

1850; d. Sept. 5, 1864.

2. Lola Montez^ b. W. Goshen, Conn., March 29,

1856; m. Aug. 23, 1887, George B. Dillon.

3. Lena Mary*, b. Litchfield, Conn., Aug. 29, 1858;

d. Nov. 13, 1868.

4. Edward Joseph^, b. Litchfield, Oct. 2, 1861; m.

Nov., 1888, Bertha J. Benson.

5. Nathaniel Bissell*, b. Litchfield, June 1, 1863;

m. July 3, 1891, Carrie E. Hawley.
Children, born in Derby:

1. George Lyman^ b. Dec. 18, 1892.

2. Hattie Hawley^ b. May — , 1896.

6. Edith Roxanna^, b. Litchfield, Dec. 1, 1869; m.

Dec. 25, 1892, Henry F. Kuntz.

5. HuLDAH A.^ b. Feb. 19, 1829; m. Henry Bissell,

of Sharon, Conn.

Descendants of Joseph". 14,5

6. Marcia E.^ b. ; m. Charles^ Prindle, her

cousin, son of Zachariah% who was killed in the
civil war; res. Bantam, Conn.
S. HuLDAH^ b. Aug. 23, 1793.

4. PoLLY^ b. Aug. 27, 1796.

5. SETH^ b. May 30, 1798; m. ; d. Norwich,

N. Y.

Children :

1. Russell B.', M.D., b. Aug. 12, 1822; m. (twice);

rem. abt. 1835 to Unadilla, N. Y. Grad. of Gen-
eva Medical College.

2. SusAN^^ b. .

3. Beers", b. ; res. Chicago, 111.

4. Elizur HJ, b. Newtown, Conn., May 6, 1829; m.

— ; rec'd a liberal education; studied law;

Dis't Att'y, Chenango Co., N. Y., 1860-62; mem-
ber of State Assembly, 1863; member of
N. Y. State constitutional convention, 1867-
68; Representative from New York to XLII Con-
gress, 1871-73; d. Norwich, N. Y., Oct. 7, 1890.

5. Delia A.^, b. — -; m. Warren L. Scott; res.

Norwich, N. Y

6. Samuel B.^, b. ; res. Chicago, 111.

6. Cyrus" (Rev.), b. Canaan, Litchfield Co., Conn., April
11, 1800; m. (1) Feb. 12, 1824, Mrs. Huldah
(Joiner) Stevens, dau. of Col. Martin Joiner, of
Moriah, N. Y., who was b. Ira, Rutland, Co., Vt.,
July 27, 1800, and d. New York City, Oct. 12, 1832;
m. (2) April 19, 1833, Mary F. Joiner, sister of
1st wife, who d. June 2, 1834; m. (3) Jan. 26, 1835,
Mary Jenison, dau. of Josiah and Susan Jenison,
who is still living in Cleveland, O., at the advanced
age of QG years. He died Cleveland, O., Dec. 1,

Dr. Cyrus Prindle was a Methodist minister of
much prominence in New England and New York,
and had for many years many important churches
under his care at Troy, Albany, Lansingburg, N. Y.
City and other important points.

146 Prindle Genealogy.

He left the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1843
in consequence of its attitude in regard to slavery,
and was one of five or six other anti-slavery minis-
ters who organized the Wesley an Methodist Con-
nection of America, at Utica, N. Y., in that year.
He was editor of "The Wesleyan," the official paper
of the Wesleyan Connection, at Syracuse, N. Y., for
twelve years. After the abolition of slavery and
the changed attitude of the Church with regard to
slavery he, in 1868, returned to the M. E. Church,
and was cordially received and highly complimented
by the Bishop for his anti-slavery work in years

He had among his friends and correspondents
such men as Charles Sumner, Benjamin Wade,
Joshua R. Giddings, John P. Hale, Gov. Briggs, of
Mass., and many other prominent anti-slavery men
in Church and State.

He was converted at the age of 15, having been
awakened at the first Methodist prayer-meeting he
ever attended. He united with the M. E. Church
early in 1817; was licensed to preach in February,
1821; admitted to the New York Conference in
May of that year, and appointed to the Plattsburg
circuit, which extended from Lower Canada to
Elizabethtown, Essex Co., N. Y., necessitating
about 300 miles travel. From that time until 1874
he continued in the active ministry, a period of over
53 years, with but a single month's relaxation from
regular work.

In papers somewhat voluminous, written by him
since his superannuation, the following interesting
statement has been selected:

"In consequence of my profound convictions as
to the terrible sin and snare of slavery, and the at-
titude of the Church toward it at the time, I, in 1843,
united with others in the organization of the 'Wes-
leyan Methodist Connection of America,' and acted
with that body until 1867, when, believing that they
had performed the denominational mission to which

Descendants of Joseph^. 147

they were appointed, I reunited with the Methodist
Episcopal Church, and joined Erie Conference,
after which, by the change of Conference lines, I
became a member of the East Ohio Conference.
This step to which I then pledged myself was
the great event of my life, and I then considered,
and have ever since, that I was urged to take it by
moral compulsion. A truer heart never beat for
the Methodist Episcopal Church than mine had been
for the preceding 27 years. But the position she
had taken in her constituted authorities upon the
great sin of slavery, the persecutions she was in-
flicting upon many who were 'remembering those
in bonds as bound with them,' left no alternative but
either to disobey the command of God or dismem-
ber myself from the Church of my early choice,
and under the circumstances I could not hesitate
in the decision I made.

"This was no hasty step, nor one growing out of
disappointed ambition, but one that involved the most
sacred principles of divine truth and human duty,
which afforded me an illustration of the meaning of
cutting oft' the right hand and plucking out the
right eye.

"The act of leaving the Methodist Episcopal
Church in 1843 was the most painful I ever per-
formed, and that of re-uniting with said Church in
1867 the most unalloyed and satisfactory, and I still
believe that both acts, luider the circumstances, were
just and fitting. I have been an unprofitable servant,
and have nothing to rely upon but the mercy of God
in Christ Jesus, into whose hands I now commend
my soul for the vast future."

Dr. Prindle was a man of rare purity of char-
acter, a true friend of the oppressed, of intelligent
and positive convictions, a hater of shams and un-
compromisingl}' righteous.

Children of Cyrus and Hiddah:

1. Jane Eliza', b. Weybridge, Vt., Nov. 25, 1824;

m. (1) James E. Hill, of Charlotte, Vt., by whom
she had four children, two of whom, Frank E.
HilP, and Elizabeth E. HilP, res. in 111.; res.
Clinton, Iowa.

2. Mary Loraine^ b. Leicester, Vt., Nov. 23, 1826;

148 Prindle Genealogy.

m. Berlin Webb, of Ferrisburg, Vt. ; d. Rock-
ford, 111., Dec. 17, 1864. He d. in Chicago,
after 1864.

Children :

1. Henry M. Webb^ b. ; d. Rockford, 111.

2. Callie Webb^ b. ; m. Brainerd;

res. Chicago, 111.

3. Delia Ann', b. Hoosick, N. Y., Nov. 28, 1828; d.

N. Y. City, Dec. 17, 1831.

4. Helen Maria^ b. Pittsfleld, Mass., Jan. 10, 1831;

m. Sept. 3, 1852, Henry Cram, who d. in 1882;
res. N. Y. City.

Children :

1. Helen L. Cram^ b. Sept. 19, 1854; teacher

Howard Seminary, West Bridgewater, Mass.

2. Fannie M. Cram«, b. Oct. 26, 1856; m. 1881,

Charles Culver Johnson; res. N. Y. City.

Children of Cyrus and Mary (Jenison):

5. Homer Edgar', b. Shelburne, Vt., Aug. 31, 1839;

res. Cleveland, O. ; unm.

6. John Q. Adams^ b. Middlebury, Vt., April 9, 1842;

m. Sept. 22, 1869, Martha Elizabeth Lewis, dau.
of Edward Lewis, of Cleveland, O., who was b.
Cleveland, Aug. 27, 1849, and d. there Oct. 30,
1886; rem. to Richardton, North Dakota, where
he res.

Children, born in Cleveland:

1. Edgar LEWIS^ b. June 26, 1870; res. Cleveland.

2. Frank Herbert^ b. July 2, 1872; res. Glendive,


3. Frederick ALFRED^ b. Jan. 6, 1874; res. Cleve-


4. James Harry^ b. July 7, 1876; res. Cleveland.

5. Mary HELEN^ b. July 12, 1878; res. Cleveland.

6. Lewis EDWARD^ b. May 24, 1881; d. Dec. 26,


7. William LEWIs^ b. June 10, 1883; res. Glad-

stone, North Dakota.

Descendants of Joseph^. 149

7. Martha Frances^, b. Ferrisburg, Vt., May 27,
1844; m. Col. George Truesdell; res. Washing-
ton, D. C.

Children :
1. George Frederick TruesdelP, b. .

7. Maria^ b. March 18, 1802.

8. BETSEY^ b. Jan. 5, 1804.

9. Philemon^ Jr., b. Dec. 22, 1805; m. Jan. 14, 1826,

Sybil Root, dau. of Samuel and Anna Root, wlio

was b. Jan. 25, 1803, and d. July 14, 1840, ae. .S7.

Children :

1. Edward Theron^, b. near Norwich, Conn., Nov.

26, 1826; m. Detroit, Mich., April 6, 185.S,

Esther Louise Clay, who was b. Detroit, Oct. 24,

1834, and d. Aurora, 111., July 12, 1904. He d.

Aurora, Jan. 31, IPOO.

Children, all but first two born in Aurora, III.:

1. Frances EsTHER^ b. Detroit, May 30, 1854; d.

Aurora, Dec. 9, 1868.

2. William Edward^, b. Galesburg, 111., Jan.

17, 1857; m. Freeport, 111., May 6, 1884,
Adelaide Frances Crandall.
1. Mary Louise^ b. Aurora, April 21, 1886.

3. Owen CLAY^ b. April 20, 1859; d. Sept. 1, 1859.

4. Lizzie Amelia^, b. Sept. 12, I860; d. Dec. 12,


5. HARRIET^ b. March 30, 1863; d. Feb. 7, 1865.

6. Grace«, b. Nov. 15, 1865; d. Dec. 17, 1868.

7. Frederick James^, b. April 26, 1868; m.

Chicago, 111., Dec. 31, 1896, Katharine Terry.
Children, born Cleveland, 0. :

1. Laura WINNIFRED^ b. Feb. 6, 1898.

2. George Edward^ b. Jan. 9, 1870.

8. Frank Clay®, b. Jan. 6, 1873.

9. George Truesdell®, b. Jan. 6, 1873; m. Mil-

waukee, Wis., July, 1896, Ida Applegate.
Children :
1. Grace Dorothea^ b. April 23, 1897.

150 Prindle Genealogy.

2. Charlotte Marjory^, b. Jan. 13, 1900.
10. WiNSLOW Wells^ b. May 5, 1876.

2. Helen', b. .

8. Francis", b. ; d.y.

4. George Sidney^, b. Great Barrington^ Mass., March
30, 1836; m. (1) June 29, 1865, Ann Sander-
son, dau. of Sharon and Mary K. (Petrie)
Sanderson, who was b. Dee. 17, 1843, and d.
July 25, 1874; m. (2) Sept. 29, 1875. Lucy
Gray, dau. of Nathan and — — — (Brown)
Gray; d. Washington, D. C, Nov. 5, IQOl.

He went West when a young man, and lo-
cated at Galesburg, 111. At the outbreak of the
Civil war he enlisted in the 7th 111. Infantry,
and was mustered into service as corporal of Co.
C, July 25, 1861, to serve three months; was
mustered into service again Sept. 10, 1862, as first
sergeant Co. H, 124th 111. Infantry Vols., and
discharged May 22, 1863; enlisted May 23, 1863,
at Columbus, Ky., for the general service, and
appointed hospital steward, U. S. A. on the same
day; and honorably discharged as such at Wash-
ington, D. C, January 10, 1867.

He was for some time chief clerk of the
Record and Pension Division of the War Dept.,
and soon after took up the study and practice
of patent law, and until his death, for a period
of more than 35 years, he was a successful and
active practitioner. For many years he was as-
sociated with the late Philip G. Russell until the
death of the latter, in July, 1900.

He was a member of the G. A. R. ; also a
mason and member of Lafayette Lodge, F. & A.
M., Washington, D. C. He was a member of the
Calumet and Union League Clubs, of Chicago;
also of the Lawyers' Club, of New York, and of
the Century Club, of W^ashington, D. C.

He was a graduate of National University, and
one of Washington's most respected citizens.

Descendants of Joseph'. 151

Children, by 1st marriage:

1. Frank Petrie*, b. Washington, D. C, July 31,

1866; m. Frances Montross, dau. of Charles
and Jennie Elizabeth (Depew) Montross, who
was b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Dec. 10, 1866; res.
Stamford, Conn.

1. Edith Montross^ b. Elgin, 111., April 11,


2. Mildred Louise^ b. Elgin, 111., Sept. 26, 1894.

3. Edgar Francis^, b. Washington, D. C, Aug.

28, 1896; d. ae. 4 mos.

4. Ruth Sybil^ b. Washington, D. C, July l6,


5. Paul Wesley^, b. Stamford, Conn., Aug. 8,


2. Edwin JAY^ b. Washington, D. C, Nov. 5,

1868; m. Dec. 1, 1890, Mabel Louise Prouty,
dau. of Emerson F. and Harriet (Fowler)
Prouty, who was b. Brattleboro, Vt., March 15,
1869; res. East Orange, N. J. Patent attorney.
Children, born in Washington:

1. Sidney Edwin^ b. Nov. 1, 1893.

2. Margaret Sanderson^ b. Aug. 18, 1895.

3. Lucy GRAY^ b. Aug. 6, 1905.

Children, by 2nd marriage:

3. LucY^ b. ; d. ae. 20 mos.

4. SiDNEY% b. ; ae. 4 or 5 yrs.

5. George Brown«, b. July 20, 1881; res. Prince-

ton, 111.

10. ANN^ b. Dec. 29, 1807; m. Ransome Stone.

11. Lyman^ (Rev.), b. Jan. 3, 1810; m. (1) April 6,

1830, Martha Wright, who was b. Lester, Vt., Nov.
18, 1807, and d. West Chazy, N. Y., Aug. 21, 1881;
m. (2) Jan. 3, 1882, Susan Prentis, who was b.
Dec. 18, 1825, and d. Jan. 10, 1903; d. Waitsfield,
Vt., Aug. 17, 1885.
1. Remsen MoRRIS^ b. Lester, Vt., March 22, 1831;

152 Prindle Genealogy.

m. Nov. 18^ 1850, Cynthia J. Twitchell, dau. of
Timothy William and Pamelia (Marsh) Twitchell,
of Weybridge, Vt., who was b. Feb. 19, 1828,
and d. May 21, 1863; d. Waitsfield, Vt., May 23,

Children :

1. Eluizer Morris*, b. Charlotte, Vt., Sept. 9,

1851; m. June 16, 1875, Katharine Bowman,
dau. of Jacob and Letitia (Fry) Bowman, of
Carrolton, 111., who was b. Oct. 1, 1852; grad.
Illinois State Normal School; principal of High
School ; fruit grower and dairyman ; res. Rood-
house, 111.

Children :

1. Leverett Eluizer'', b. White Hall, 111.,

April 28, 1876; m. Dec. 30, 1902, Lulu

Children :
1. Katharine Louise^" b. April 23, 1904.

2. Julia Grace'', b. Hodgeman, Kan., Feb. 13,

1879; grad., 1906, American School of Os-
teopathy, Kirksville, Mo. ; osteopathic phy-

3. Lyman Richard®, b. Hodgeman, Kan., July

27, 1880.

4. John Bowman^ b. Earned, Kan., Nov. 22,


5. Ned Evans'', b. Earned, Kan., Jan. 7, 1883.

6. Florence Alice", b. Grainfield, Kan., Dec. 18,


7. George Williard", b. Grainfield, Kan., Sept.

20, 1890.

2. Eyman TIMOTHY^ b. Virden, 111., Feb. 9, 1857;

m. June 9, 1881, Susan E. Hill, dau. of George
and Sarah (Rix) Hill, of White Hall, 111.; d.
Sept. 3, 1893.

Children, born White Hall, III. :
1. Remsen George", b. Feb. 17, 1882; res. Kan-
sas City, Kan.

Descendants of Joseph^. 153

2. Frank Eluizer^ b. Dec. 8, 1883; res. Los

Angeles, Cal.

3. Lyman William", b. Oct. 10, 1885; res.

Kansas City, Kan.
2. Jerome V.', b. in Vt., Aug. 20, 1834; m. Ferris-
burg, Vt., Sept. 2, 1855, Mary Webb, dau. of
Aaron and Lumira (Wheeler) Webb; d. No. Fer-
risburg, Vt., Nov. 3, 1861, of fever supposed
to have been contracted while in the Army in
Virginia in the summer of that year.

He was a soldier of the Civil war, having en-
listed in Burlington, Vt., May 9, 1861, as private
in Co. H, 1st Regt. 3 mos. Vols.; was in battle
at Great Bethel, and mustered out Aug. 15, 1861.

Children :

1. Lyman de Berlin®, b. March 15, 1855; m. Mol-

lie Wheeler, of West Chazy, N. Y.; res. Los
Angeles, Cal.

1. Martha Frances", b. Nov. 10, 1879; res.
West Chazy, N. Y.

2. Martha Lumira®, b. June 1, 1859; d. June 3,

3. William', b. July 11, 1841; d. Aug. 27, 1842.
6. HuLDAH% b. 1777; m. Joel Sanford, of New Milford,
who d. Sept. 14, 1842, ae. 67; d. "Oct. 4, 1839, ae.
62 yrs. 3 mos. 2 das." Both were bur. in Bridge-
water cemetery, near New Milford.

Children :

1. Harriet Sanford^ b. Oct. 31, 1796.

2. David Curtis Sanford^ b. Jan. 23, 1798; judge.

3. Julia Maria Sanford^ b. May 9, 1803; m. A.


4. Charles Grandison Sanford^ b. Feb. 14, 1814.

V. Abel* ("Lieut."), b. Feb. 13, 1733; m. June 3, 1761,
■^ Amarj'llis Toucey, dau. of Rev. Thomas and Hannah

(Clark) Toucey; d. Aug., 1777, "killed at the Battle of

154 Prindle Genealogy.

In a deed of Sept. 21^ 1773^ he describes himself as
of Lanesborough, Berkshire Co.^ Mass.

She was b. Sept. 11, 1739; m. (2) Major Thomas
Bull; d. Dee. 10, 1800, ae. 61 yrs.

He served in tlie Crown Point Expedition, as ap-
pears from the following record:

"Camp at Fort William Henry
"Oct. 13, 1756.
" This may certify that the men within mentioned not
present at muster are at the places against Each of their
names annexed and are absent for no other Reason than
those assigned and are part of the Effectives of the Com-
pany under my Command.

"Stephen Lee, Lieu. Col.
"Abel Prindle, Clerk of Company."

"Camp at Fort William Henry
"Oct. 13, 1756.
" Then Mustered Captain John Woods Company in
Colonel Andrew Wards Regiment In the Provincial
Troops Raised by the Colony of Connecticut for Re-
moving the French Encroachment at Crown Point &c.
Being One Captain, Two Lieut's, Four Serjents, one
Clark, four Corporals, One Drummer and Fifty three
privates men Such as are not markt In the margin being
Present On the Spot and those Markt are Certified to
be absent at the places and for the Reasons assigned
against their Respective names and for no Other Reason.

" Henry Liddell,
" Muster Master General."
" Present at this Muster & attest to ye facts

"John Winslow."

Among the names mentioned on this Muster are
found those of John Prindle and Isaac Prindle — the lat-
ter being noted as " sick at Fort Edward."

He was appointed, March, 1758, 1st Lieut, of 6th
Co., 4th Regt., Col. John Read, Colonial Troops; also
March, 1759, and March, 1760, 1st Lieut, in Capt.
Israel Kimberly's Co., 3d Regt., Col. (afterward Gen.)
David Wooster; and March, 1761, 2nd Lieut, of 2nd
Co., 2nd Regt., Col. Nathan Whiting.

Descendants of Joseph^, 155

From Massachusetts Manuscripts^, Vol. 11.^ on a List
of Detachments under John Hawk, dated Nov. 17, 1759
— the original of which is in the Library of Congress —
is found the following record:

" ColP Woosters Connecticut Regiment, allowed two
shillings & Eight pence Sterling for each man ; being for
eight days, commencing the Twentieth & ending the
Twenty Seventh both Inclusive; at fourpence Sterling
per day, the time Judg'd necessary to March from
Northfield to Hartford.

Abel Prindle, Lt., 2s-8d.

Fort No. 4, on Connecticut River, Nov\ 17th, 1759.

Received of Lieutenant John Small of the Royal
Highland Regiment the above mentioned sum five Pounds
four shillings Sterling being the Allowance for Thirty
Nine persons as above of ColP Wooster's Connecticut
Regt. under my Command.

" Reuben Ferres, Capt."

See also Note 12, Appendix.

He also served in the Revolutionary war, as appears
from the following abstract from the Revolutionary War
Archives of the State of Massachusetts :

"Abel Prindle: appears with the rank of Private
on Pay Roll of Capt. Ebenezer Newell's Co., Col. Sy-
mond's regt. Time of service, 6 days. Company marched
from Lanesborough to Meloomscuyck, Aug. 14, 1777, on
an alarm. Mileage (35 miles) allowed said Prindel."
Vol. 21: 135.

The latter place named is the present Walloomsac,
N. Y., where the " Battle of Bennington " was fought,
August 16, 1777.

In this connection the following extract from the
History of Berkshire Co., Mass., Vol. II., p. 104, will
be found interesting:

" When the alarm went through the Berkshire towns
that the stores at Bennington were to be attacked by
the Hessians under Col. Baum, this town (Lanesboro)
furnished its contingent, and three of the soldiers per-
ished in battle. So intense was the feeling against tlie
tories that in the town records, beautifully written and
bordered with heavy black lines, is the following tribute

156 Prindle Genealogy.

to the two officers who were then killed: 'Lieutenant Abel
Prindle, of Lanesboro, in the County of Berkshire, State
of Massachusetts Bay, departed this life on the l6th day
of August, anno Christ 1777, being shot through the head
at Bennington fight, supposed to be done by one Solomon
Samuel Bunnel, a Tory and neighbor townsman of his
who had turned to the enemj'^ and was found under arms
and taken prisoner at Bennington fight, who confessed
he had done his best to kill his neighbor. The poor
man not only received his mortal wound by this infidel,
but was taken out of time and sent into the eternal world
of spirits instanteously, that is, not one moment of time
to think or prepare himself for his great last change;
but we have reason to believe God will be merciful to
those who died in so just a cause.

" Thus departed this life as good a friend to the
American cause, perhaps, as ever yet was born, and we
trust there is laid up for him a crown of glory."

In " Williamstown and Willioms College," by A. L.

Perry, 1899, p- 113, is found this further reference:

" Captain Daniel Brown took up from Lanesboro a
fine compan}^ of 46 men, mustered in on the 14th and six
days in service, of which the two lieutenants, Isaac
Nash and Abel Prindle, were killed in battle, and these
two names are inscribed in the town records as those of
patriots and martyrs, while the General Court afterwards
reimbursed the town of Lanesboro in 160 pounds of
powder and 580 pounds of lead and 240 flints, expended
at Bennington from their own stock."

Children, horn in Newtown, Conn.

1. Armenal^, b. Jan. 15, 1762; m. Asa Stoddard, son of

Israel Stoddard, of Woodbury, Conn., who was b. Sept.
4, 1762, and d. Dayton, Ohio, April 11, 1842; d. Wood-
bury, Nov. 8, 1825, ae. 6S yrs.

2. Phebe^ b. Feb. 4; bapt. Feb. 11, 1763.

3. Currence^ bapt. Nov. 5, 1765; m. 1783, as his 1st

wife, Nathan Preston, of Woodbury, son of Jehiel
and Betterus (Mitchell) Preston, who was b. Jan. 20,
1756, and d. Sept. 20, 1822; d. June 24, 1797.
\ 4. JosiAH% bapt. Oct. 26, 1766.

11^ vi. Joel*, b. Nov. 19, 1734; m. May 22, 1757, Sabra Kim-

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