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The Prindle genealogy. embracing the descendants of William Pringle the first settler, in part for six, seven and eight generations, and also the ancestors and descendants of Zalmon Prindle for ten generations, covering a period of two hundred and fifty-two years, 1654-1906 online

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Online LibraryFranklin Cogswell PrindleThe Prindle genealogy. embracing the descendants of William Pringle the first settler, in part for six, seven and eight generations, and also the ancestors and descendants of Zalmon Prindle for ten generations, covering a period of two hundred and fifty-two years, 1654-1906 → online text (page 13 of 26)
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172 Prindle Genealogy.

1878, Ida Pratt Cargill; Vice-Pres't Phoenix Life
Ins. Co., Hartford, Conn.

1. Marjorie Peet Moore^ b. Oct. l6, 1888.

2. William Cadwell Moore^ b. May 20, 1898.

4. Prindle Peet'', b. Feb. 2, 1828; d. Sheffield, Mass.,


5. Laura Button Peet^ b. Feb. 22, 1830; m. June 9,

1853, E, Lloyd Goodwin, of Cleveland, Ohio, who
was b. 1818, and d. 1884.

6. John Winthrop Peet^ b. Sheffield, Mass., 1832; d.

there 1839.

7. Timothy Cullen Peet^ b. June 6, 1835; went to

Indian country.

8. William Winthrop Peet% b. March 19, 1838; m.

Harriet R. Ticknor, who was b. 1846; res. Chicago,


1. Harvey T. Peet^ b. 1868; m. Annie E. Rhode.

2. William B. Peet% b. 1870.

The compiler desires to gratefully acknowledge his indebted-
ness to Mr. Daniel Brewer Childs, of New York City, for having
contributed the foregoing record of Joanna* Prindle and her de-
scendants, and the accounts of the allied Brinsmade and Peet
families, with which latter he is connected by marriage, as stated.


Joel-* Prindle {Joseph^, Ehenezer"^, William}), son of Joseph
and Sarah (Kimberly) Prindle, was born in Newtown, Conn., No-
vember 19, 1734; married, Wilton, Conn., May 22, 1757, Sabra
Kimberly, daughter of Gideon and Mary (Osborne) Kimberly,
who was born July 8, 1736. (For Kimberly ancestry see Appen-
dix, Note 3.)

They removed to Sandgate, Vt., where she died February 9,
1798, and where he also died August 11, 1809. His will dated
July 20, 1809, and probated November 6, 1809, mentions "my
two children now living (viz.), Zalmon and Clory, and my grand-
children, the children of my two daughters, Bethia Gilbert, and
Mable Taylor, deceased."

Sandgate Land Records show that Joel, with his two brothers
Jonathan and Nathan, each bought 50 acres of land in the West
part of the town from James Hard, of Arlington, Vt. — the town
adjoining — on January 26, 1784, the consideration in each case
heing the same — eight pounds — and each calling himself as of
Newtown, Conn. ; also Joel Prindle, of Newtown, deeded, February

11, 1788, to his " son, Zalmon Prindle, of Sandgate," certain land
there, the consideration being "love and affection;" also that
Joel Prindle, of Newtown, Conn., bought, August 11, 1794, an-
other 50 acres of land from James Hard, of Arlington, the con-
sideration being the same in this case — eight pounds ; also that
Joel Prindle and Zalmon Prindle, of Sandgate, Vt., bought, No-
vember 2, 1803, from Jonathan Prindle, of Newtown, certain
land in Sandgate, the consideration in this case being $150,

Children, horn in Newtown, Conn. :

12. i. Zalmon^ b. Jan. 11, 1758; m. May 13, 1784, Mary

Williams; d. Aug. 19, 1811.

ii. Sabra^ b. Oct. 8, 1760; d. June l6, 1772.

iii. BETHIA^ b. Aug. 17, 1762; m. Oct. 8, 1785, David Gil-
bert, son of John and Betsey (Gregory) Gilbert, who
was b. July 4, 1761, and d. Sept. 7, 1814; d. Dec. 12,
1794. He m. (2) June 6, 1796, Betsey Nichols, who
bore him two children: Nichols, b. Sept. 3, 1797, and
Nancy, b. Jan. 13, 1800, and d. Oct. 18, 1805.


174 Prindle Genealogy.


1. Sabra Gilbert^ b. May 12, 1786; d. Sandgate, Vt,

Nov. 15, 1830, unm. In a deed dated Oct. 7, 1829,
it appears that Sabra Gilbert, of Sandgate, Vt., for
the consideration of $9.84, deeded to Zenas Prindle,
of Sandgate, all her right and title in the estate of
her grandfather, Joel Prindle, late of Sandgate, de-
ceased ; and also " my share of my brothers and sisters
shares of said estate of Joel Prindle, which is Gregory,
John and Betsey Gilbert."

2. John Gilbert", b. Jan. 8, 1788; d. May 11, 1816.

3. Elizabeth Gilbe^t^ b. April 20, 1791 ; d. July 10, 1821.

4. Gregory Gilbert'', b. Nicholas' Farms, Trumbull, Conn.,

May 6, 1794; m. Newtown, Conn., June 20, 1815,
Huldah (Ferris) Adams, who was b. Newtown, March
19, 1793, and d. Sandgate, Oct. 17, 1834; d. (prob.
Pittsford, Vt.) Oct. 28, 1844.
1. Zachariah Ferris Gilbert^, b. Sandgate, Feb. l6,
1816; m. Sept. 10, 1841, Jerusha Banks, who was b.
Bedford, N. Y., Oct. 11, 1820; d. (prob.) Pitts-
ford, Vt., Oct. 12, 1870.

1. Augustus Prindle Gilbert^ b. Jan. 18, 1843;

d. Oct. 16, 1843.

2. Nancy Ferris Gilbert^ b. Nov. 21, 1846.

iv. JoHN^, b. Jan. 10, 1766; m. Bethia Skidmore; d. Newtown,

Nov. 12, 1801, s.p.
V. MABEL^ b. March 10, 1770; m. (prob.) May 12, 1791, as
his first wife, Isaac Taylor, who was b. Aug. 21, 1768,
and d. June 27, 1831, and bur. in Berkshire, Newtown,
Conn.; d. Newtown, April 24, 1798. He m. (2) Re-
becca Northrop, wid. of Amos.

Children (and perh. others) :
1. Isaac Taylor*', b. Jan. 20, 1792; m. Anna Shepard, who
was b. June 3, 1794, and d. Aug. 24, 1838; d. June
14, 1844.

Children :
1. Ammon Taylor'^, b. Dec. 11, 1812; rem. to Sandgate.

Descendants of Joel*. 175

2. Alonzo Taylor', b. July 26, 1814; d. in infancy.

3. Isaac Taylor, b. Oct. 4, 1816; d. Dec. 6, 1817.

4. Isaac Taylor^ b. Aug. 29, 1818; m. Phebe Ferris;

rem. (prob.) to Pittsford, Vt.
vi. Gloriana^ or Clorinda (called " Clory " in her father's
will), b. Oct. 3, 1774; d. Sandgate, Vt., June 20, 1824,

Note. — Upon the Sandgate land records there appears a deed,
dated February 2, 1811, from Arthur and Mabel Chadwick, then
calling themselves as of Stamford, N. Y., transferring to Zenas
Prindle, of Sandgate, their interest in the estate of Joel Prindle,
late of Sandgate, deceased. From which it would appear that this
Mabel Chadwick was a granddaughter of Joel Prindle and a
daughter of Mabel (Taylor) Prindle or Bethiah (Prindle) Gilbert,
daughters of Joel; but no further trace of the relationship has been


" One generation passeth away and another generation cometh."

— Eccl. i, 4-'


Zalmon^ Prindle {Joel*, Joseph^, Ebenezer', William^), son
of Joel and Sabra (Kimberly) Prindle, of Newtown, Conn., was
born in Newtown, January 11, 1758; married South Salem, West-
chester Co., N. Y., May 13, 1784, Mary Williams, daughter of
Abraham and Mary (See) Williams, of the Manor of Phillips-
burg, near Tarrytown, Westcliester Co., N. Y.

They removed to Sandgate, Vt., in 1786 and settled on " Prindle
Hill," where he died August 19, 1811, and was buried in West
Sandgate. He was a soldier of the American Revolution, 1776-
1783.^ — See Note 4, Appendix.

She was born in Phillipsburg, N. Y., June 23, 1766; died Fort
Edward, N. Y., March 19, 186l, at the advanced age of 95 years,
and was buried in West Sandgate. — See Note 5, Appendix.

Children, horn first two in Tarrytown, N. Y., and the
others in Sandgate, Vt. :
i. Joel WILLIAM^ b. March 6, 1785; d. March 14, 1785.

13. ii. Zenas", b. April 17, 1786; m. (1) Hannah Cogswell; m.

(2) Melissa Watkins; d. Oct. 14, 1872.

14. iii. JoEL^ 2nd, b. Aug. 16, 1789; m. (1) Pliebe Cogswell; m.

(2) Hester Brown; d. abt. 1825.

15. iv. Abram", b. Aug. 5, 1792; m. Betsey Ann Kimberly; d. May

3, 1852.

16. V. Sabra", b. April l6, 1795; m. Joel Dunning; d. Feb. 17,


vi. Mary« ("Polly"), b. Jan. 7, 1800; d. (living in


vii. Amos®, b. Aug. 11, 1803; d. . In a letter to his mother

dated New York, March 1st, 1824, he says, " I am going
to work for George Fox this year. He lives in West
Farms, 12 miles from New York." He also inquires
after the health of his sister " Polly," and this is the
last definite information learned concerning him, or her.



Descendants of Zalmon^^ . . . Ebenezer-. 177

17. viii. CYRUS^ b. Sept. 21, 1806; m. (1) Amy Skidmore; ra.

(2) Mrs. Nancy McLenithan; d. Dec. 26, 1869.

18. ix. Zalmon", Jr., b. June 18, 1811; m. Minerva Wright; d.



Zenas'' Prindle {Zalmon^, Joel*, Joseph^, Ebenezer-, William^),
son of Zalmon and Mary (Williams) Prindle, was born in Tarry-
town, N. Y., April 17, 1786; married 1st, Hannah Cogswell,
daughter of Ferris and Mrs. Phebe (Bristol) Cogswell, nee Hawley,
of Sandgate, Vt. ; married 2nd, August 28, 1843, Melissa Watkins,
daughter of Dr. John and Parthena Watkins, of Sandgate; died
there October 14, 1872, and was buried in West Sandgate burying

Hannah Cogswell was born in Sandgate, August 16, 1786; died
September 6, 1842, and was buried in West Sandgate. She was an
Episcopalian, but on December 4, 1836, she was received into the
fellowship of the Moravian Church, in Camden Valley, of which
her husband was then an active member and officer. (For Cogswell
ancestry see Note 6, Appendix.)

Melissa Watkins was born in Sandgate, July 10, 1801; died
there July 14, 1872, and was buried in West Sandgate.

He was a large and successful farmer, a prominent and in-
fluential citizen, and filled many important town offices. At tlie
organization of the ^Moravian Church in Camden Valley, just over
the New York State line adjoining the town of Sandgate, on Sep-
tember 29, 1834, he was elected one of the board of trustees, " thirty
votes being polled," and on September 30 was one of eleven per-
sons received into its fellowship, and on February l6, 1835, was
elected its treasurer. He actively assisted in the building of the
meeting-house, and lost an ox by the breaking of its leg while
hauling timber for the framework. Its first pastor, Rev. Charles
Bleck, came to Camden in November, 1832, preached at Sandgate
and Russell's :\Iills, called also Eagleville, N. Y., and served the
church from 1835 to 1838. The church was disbanded March 29,
1869, by removal of the last minister, Rev. Benjamin Rickscckcr,
who served from July 27, 1859, " after a service of nine years and
eight months amid many trials and difficulties."

178 Prindle Genealogy.

Children, born in Sandgate :

19. i. Semantha% b. Oct. 19, 1805; m. (1) Roswell Tuttle;

m. (2) Lemuel Hawley; d. Aug. 31, 1863.

20. ii. Desmond", b. May 11, 1810; m. Delia Tucker; d. Jan. 11,


21. iii. Hawley^ b. Feb. 29, 1812; m. Olive Andrew; d. Aug. 27,


22. iv. Phebe Maria^ b. Aug. 27, 1817; m. Edwin Clark; d. June

10, 1874.

23. V. Sarah Ann% b. April 3, 1824; m, Zachariah H. Randall;

d. May 27, 1904. "

24. vi. Albert Watkins^, b. Dec. 8, 1844; m. Juelma Smith.


Joel*' Prindle {Zalmon^, Joel*, Joseph^, Ebenezer-, William^),
son of Zalmon and Mary (Williams) Prindle, was born in Sand-
gate, Vt., August 16, 1789; married 1st, Phebe Cogswell, daughter
of Ferris and Mrs. Phebe (Bristol) Cogswell, nee Hawley (sister
of Hannah, who married Zenas Prindle, brother of Joel), of Sand-
gate, who was born there April 9, 1792, and died November 19,
I8I9, "aged 27 years, in the full triumph of Christian Faith,"
and was buried in West Sandgate; married 2nd, Hester Brown,
daughter of John and Susannah Brown, of Newcastle, Westchester
Co., N. Y., and died in Westchester, N. Y., about 1825. She was
born in Newcastle, December 17, 1797; married 2nd, as his third
wife, Olh-e^, Trahon; and died Elizabeth, N. J., December 25,
1878. She was lirst buried in the New York Bay Cemetery, Jersey
City, N. J., and on Sej^tember 5, 1883, was removed with her hus-
band, Oliver Trahon, from there and reinterred in Evergreen Cem-
etery, Elizabeth, N. J. Susannah Brown, the mother of Hester,
married 2nd, Jesse Grant, who is said to have been in some way re-
lated to Gen. U. S. Grant. For Cogswell ancestry see Note 6,

Amos Prindle, brother of Joel, in a letter to their mother,
dated New Yo;rk, March 1, 1824, says: "Joel is well, and his
family. He has three children, two girls and a boy. He is going
to live at 330 Front Street." The name of Joel Prindle appears
in the New York city directory of that year as living at that num-


17H()- 187:2


Public library

^^9ltr, Lenox and Tllden^



Descendants of Zalmon^, . . . Ebenezer". 179

ber, and his occupation is given as that of a carpenter. The three
children referred to by Amos were doubtless those by his i^nd
marriage. It is stated that he was an overseer or superintendent
of a large farm for a Mr. Beatty, in Westchester, shortly before
or at the time of his death, about 1825.

He was a deeply religious man, and when on his death bed,
having lost his little son Walter, about two years and a half old,
by drowning, he had the little body brought to his bedside from
which he conducted the funeral services, preaching the sermon him-
self, and closing with " Farewell, little one ! Papa will be with
you soon," He died of consumption the same week.

25. i. Maria^ b. Nov. 4, 1811; m. William LeVere; d. Dec. 15,

£6. ii. Mary^ b. ; m. Frederick Parker; d. , 1838.

27. iii. SusAN^ b. Westchester, N. Y., May 22, 1821; m. (1) Ed-

ward Nodine; m. (2) Menzies Rayner; d. Feb. 28,
iv. WALTER^ b. Westchester, N. Y., about 1823; d. by drown-
ing, ae. abt. 2% years.


Abram^ Prindle (Zalmon^, Joel\ Joseph^, Ehenezer-, William^),
son of Zalmon and Mary (Williams) Prindle, was born in Sand-
gate, Vt., August 5, 1792; married Betsey Ann Kimberly, daughter
of Abel B. and Currence (Prindle) Kimberly, of Sandgate, who
was his second cousin. (For Kimberly ancestry see Note 3, Ap-

She was the granddaughter of Nathan* (who was the brother
of JoeP) and Ann (Bristol) Prindle, of Newtown, Conn., who re-
moved to Sandgate, where she was born October 18, 1795.

They removed to Hebron, N. Y., in 1854, where Abram died
May 3, 1852. She died in Camden Valley, N. Y., in May, 1867,
and both were buried in West Sandgate. He was a farmer.

Children, horn in Sandgate, Vt.:

28. i. Currence', b. May 28, 1816; m. Luther Wood; d. Dec.

21, 1878.

180 Prindle Genealogy.

29. ii. Abel', b. May 18, 1817; m. Hannah Snow; d. Dec. 27, 1883.
SO. iii. John Steele^ b. July 15, iS25; m. Jane Thompson.


Sabra^ Prindle (Zalmon^, Joel\ Joseph^, Ehenezer'-, William^),
daughter of Zahnon and Mary (Williams) Prindle, was born in
Sandgate, Vt., April I6, 1795; married July 18, 1821, Joel Dun-
ning, of Dorset, Vt. They removed to Conneautville, Pa., where
she died February 17, 1872.

Children :
i. Anna Dunning", b. Oct. SO, 1829; m. (1) Dec. 2, 185S,
Samuel G. Prusia, who d. Feb. 18, 1863, and by whom
she had two children, both now deceased; m. (2) Nov.
16, 1870, T. J. Collins; d. Jan. 30, 1891, without fur-
ther issue, this branch of the family thus becoming ex-


Cyrus® Prindle {Zalmon^, Joel*, Joseph'^, Ehenezer-, William^),
son of Zalmon and Mary (Williams) Prindle, was born in Sand-
gate, Vt., September 27, I8O6; married 1st, Amy Skidmore, daughter
of Philo and Elizabeth (Patterson) Skidmore, of Sandgate, who
was born June 10, 1809, and died January 20, 1854, having borne
him eight children, and was buried in West Sandgate; m. (2) Mrs.
Nancy (Knapp) McLenithan, widow of Austin McLenithan, who
died without issue; died December 26, 1869, and was buried in
West Sandgate. He was a farmer.

Children, horji in Sandgate, Vt.:

31. i. Mary", b. Jan. 26, 1828; m. Nathan Hurd ; d. Nov. 13,

ii. Elizabeth^, b. June 6, 1829; res. West Rupert, Vt., unm.
iii. JuLiA^ b. 1830; d. July 21, 1852, unm.

32. iv. Henry Ballou^ b. May 22, 1835; m. Mary F. Jones.

33. V. Maria^ b. April 18, 1839; m. Clark Snow.

34. vi. Weston^, b. April 7, 1842; m. Virginia Bonneville.

35. vii. Anna^ b. March 19, 1845; m. James R. Scott,
viii. Amelia^ b. April 6, 1850; d. Nov. 4, 1850.

Descendants of Zalmon% . . . Ebenezer". 181


Zalmon*^ Prindle {Zalmon^, Joel'', Joseph^, Ebenezer-, Wil-
liam}), son of Zalmon and Mary (Williams) Prindle, was born
Sandgate, Vt., June 18, 1811; died in Fort Edward, N. Y., 1858,
and was buried there.

He married Minerva Wright, daughter of Abner and Polly
(Brown) Wright, of Hartford, N. Y., who was born April 24, 1814,
and died in Boston, Mass., August 25, 1880, and was buried in
Forest Hills Cemetery there.

Children :
i. Warren E.', b. Sandgate, Sept. 7, 1836; d. Dec. 20, 1835.

ii. Byron", b. ; d. when abt. 15 years old.

iii. Clarissa', b. ; died young.

36. iv. William Amos', b. Dec. 14, 1842; m. Sarah A. Skidmore;

d. July 24, 1904.

37. V. George Henry', b. 1844; m. Jeannette C. Jack; d. Nov.

30, 1900.

38. vi. Ellen M.', b. ; m. (1) Peter Bains; m. (2)

James Reid.

vii. .

viii. — ; d. young.


Semantha' Prindle (Ze?^«s^ Zalmon^, . . . Williav}),
daughter of Zenas and Hannah (Cogswell) Prindle, was born in
Sandgate, Vt., October 19, 1805; married 1st, Roswell Tuttle,
of Sandgate, who was born there December 4, 1810, died August
6, 1846, and was buried there. He was twice elected as town
representative to the State Legislature, 1841-42. She married
2nd, " ?»Lajor " Lemuel Hawley, son of David and Bethiah Haw-
ley, of West Arlington, Vt., where she died August 31, 1863, and
was buried there.

Children, horn in Sandgate, Vt.:
S9. i. Roswell Grant Tuttle«, b. Sept. 3, 1838; m. Carrie M.

Hanaman; d. March l6, 1871.
40. ii. Hannah Augusta Tuttle^ b. Feb. 19, 1845; m. Richard

A. Derrick,

182 Prindle Genealogy.


Desmond" Prindle {Zenas^, Zalmon^, . . . William^), son of
Zenas and Hannah (Cogswell) Prindle, was born in Sandgate, Vt.,
May 11, 1810; married March 1, 1832, Delia Tucker, daughter of
Dr. Herman and Polly (Watkins) Tucker, of Sandgate, who was
born June 16, 1812, and died Fort Dodge, Iowa, January 11, 1880.

He was a prominent and influential citizen; a captain of the
State militia; representative of his native town in the State Legis-
lature; justice of the peace, and for several years served as select-
man and in other offices. He was a farmer. They removed in
1873 to Fort Dodge, Iowa, where he died January 11, 1886, and
both were buried there.

Children, horn in Sandgate, Vt.:

41. i. Daniel Webster^ b. March 20, 1834; m. Lucy M. Hurd.

42. ii. Homer Willis^ b. Feb. 19, 1836; m. Elizabeth Morse; d.

Jan. 26, 1896.

43. iii. John Ferris^, b. April 11, 1838; m. Frances A. Smith;

d. Sept. 13, 1883.

44. iv. Charles Herman*, b. July 12, 1840; m. Mary L. Richards.

v, Caroline Melissa*, b. Aug. 28, 1842; d. Ft. Dodge, Iowa,

March 6, 1877, unm.
vi. Emeline Eliza* (twin), b. Aug. 28, 1842; d. Sandgate,
Aug. 12, 1851.

45. vii. Sarah Maria*, b. Dec. 6, 1845; m. Ezra G. Hamilton,
viii. Solon Burroughs*, b. Sept. 9, 1848; d. San Antonio, Texas,

March 15, 1880, unm.


Hawley''^ Prindle {Zenas^, Zalmon^, . . . William'^), son of
Zenas and Hannah (Cogswell) Prindle, was born in Sandgate, Vt.,
February 29; 1812; married October 22, 1838, Olive Andrew,
daughter of Reuben and Martha (Oatman) Andrew, of Arlington,
Vt., who was born there January 12, 1811. She was a grand-
daughter of Sylvester Andrew, and also of Isaac Oatman, both of
whom were soldiers of the Revolutionary war.

For Andrew and Oatman ancestry, see Notes 7 and 8, Appendix.

They removed to Arlington, Vt., in April, 1850, where she died

Descendants of Zalmon^, . . . Ebenezer". 183

March 15, 1864, and was buried there in St. James churchyard.
He removed in October, 1868, to Chillicothe, Mo., where he died
August 27, 1883, and was buried in St. James churchyard, Ar-
lington, Vt.

He was a prominent citizen; filled several to^vn offices; was
justice of the peace in Bennington County, Vt., for many years;
and served in the Vt, State militia, having been commissioned by
Gov. Palmer as 1st lieutenant, 6th Company, 2nd Regt, 1st
Brigade, 2nd Division, June 2, 1835. He was a farmer.
Children, horn in Sandgate, Vt.:

46. i. Harrison^ b. Sept. 19, 1839; m. (1) Alice Miner; m. (2)

Mrs. Phebe ( ) Austin; d. March 31, 1901.

47. ii. Franklin Cogswell^, b. July 8, 1841; m. (1) Gertrude

A. Stickle; m. (2) Sarah A. Cranston; m. (3) Mrs.
Fidelia E. (White) Mead.

48. iii. Martha^, b. Aug. 9, 1846; m. Reuben Barney, M.D.


Phebe Maria^ Prindle {Zenas^, Zalmon^, . . . William^),
daughter of Zenas and Hannah (Cogswell) Prindle, was born in
Sandgate, Vt., August 27, 1817; married 1854, Edwin Clark, of
La Crosse, Wis., where she died June 10, 1874, without issue.


Sarah Ann^ Prindle {Zenas'^, Zalmon^, . . . William^),
daughter of Zenas and Hannah (Cogswell) Prindle, was born in
Sandgate, Vt., April 3, 1824; married January 1, 1845, Zachariah
Hurd Randall, son of Levi and Annie (Hurd) Randall, of Sand-
gate, who was born there August 11, 1825. They removed in 1845
to Brookfield, in the then Territory of Wisconsin, and from thence
in 1849 to Appleton, Wis., where she died May 27, 1904, aged 80,
after a wedded life of more than 59 years, and where he still
resides. He is a farmer. He was a soldier of the Civil war,
serving in the Wisconsin Volunteers. In early life he was called
" Ryer " so much that he afterwards assumed that name. (See
Note 9, Appendix.)

Children :

49. i. Viola RandalP, b. May 8, 1854; m. John R. Fox.

184 Prindle Genealogy.


Albert Watkins" Prindle {Zenas^ , Zalmon^, . . . William^),
son of Zenas and Melissa (Watkins) Prindle, was born in Sand-
gate, Vt., December 8, 1844; married March 18, 1866, Juelma A.
Smith, daughter of Cornelius V. and Harriet (Randall) Smith,
of Sandgate, who was born there August 8, 1847. He is a farmer,
and resides in West Sandgate, Vt.


50. i. Schuyler W.^ b. June 18, 1869; m. Margaret Willis,
ii. Harriet W.^ b. March 4, 1872; d. Jan. 30, 1876.

iii. Arthur C.% b. May 19, 1875; d. Aug. 8, 1890; accidentally
killed by the falling of a tree.

51. iv. Emma Francelia-, b. Sept. 15, 1877; m. John M. Peek.


Maria" Prindle {Joel^', Zalmoir', . . . William^), daughter
of Joel and Phebe (Cogswell) Prindle, was born in Sandgate, Vt.,
November 11, 1811; married William LeVere, who died in West-
chester, N. y., March 28, 1870, ae. 66 yrs. 10 mos. and 13 days;
died New York, December 15, 1895, and was buried in Evergreen
Cemetery, Brooklyn, N. Y.


52. i. Phebe Maria LeVere®, b. 1831; m. Theodore Green; d.

June 20, 1890.
5S. ii. William M. LeVe^e^ b. March 8, 1832; m. (1) Jane E.
Reynolds; m. (2) Mrs. Elizabeth A. Baldwin; d. Aug.
17, 1877.
iii. Ellen LeVere^ b. abt. 1836; d. Jan. 26, 1896, in New
York; buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Brooklyn, N. Y.,
54. iv. Emily Oatman LeVere^ b. Dec. 24, 1837; m, Frederick
Wiltse; d. Oct. 5, 1905.
V. Thecdore Franklin LeVere^, b. June 6, 1846; d. Brooklyn,
N. Y., May 16, 1861; buried in Evergreen Cemetery,
vi. Josephine LeVere^ b. March 20, 1852; d. Dec. 16, 1867;
buried in Evergreen Cemetery.

Descendants of Zalmon^^ . . . Ebenezer". 185


Mary" Prindle (JoeV\ Zalmon% . . . William^), daughter
of Joel and Hester (Brown) Prindle, was born in Westchester,
N. Y., ; m. Frederick Parker; d. .

Children :

55. i. Mary Eleanor Parker^ b. abt. Oct., 1838; m. John
Wesley Earle; d. April 15, 1881.


Susan''^ Prindle (Joel''', Zalmon^, . . . William}), daughter
of Joel and Hester (Brown) Prindle, w^as born in Westcliester,
X. Y., ^lay 22, 1821; married 1st, as his second wife, Edward
Nodine, who died New York, September 17, 1842, ae. 24 yrs. ;
married 2nd, New York, August 6, 1844, Menzies Rayner, a de-
scendant of Pierre Bontecou, a French Huguenot, and son of Rev.
Menzies (b. Hempstead, L. I., Nov. 23, 1770, and d. New York,
Nov. 22, 1850) and Rebecca (Bontecou) Rayner (b. New Haven,
Conn., March 13, 1777, and d. New York, March 22, 1862; m.
Enfield, Conn., July 5, 1795, and both bur. in Greenwood Cemetery,
Brooklyn, N. Y.), Avho was b. Hartford, Conn., March 20, 1810,
and d. Burlington, N. J., Aug. 10, 1890; d. Trenton, N. J., Feb.
28, 1858.

Children, all by 2nd marriage:

56. i. Sarah Emma Rayner-, b. June 9, 1845; m. William H.


57. ii. Susan Rayner^ b. July 22, 1849; m. William Carrick.
iii. Menzies Bontecou Rayner^ b. Trenton, N. J., Sept. 23,

1856; d. Janesville, Wis., Jan. 11, 1873.


Currence^ Prindle {Abram\ Zalmorv', . . William'),
daughter of Abram and Betsey Ann (Kimberly) Prindle, was born
in Sandgate, Vt., May 28, 18] 5: married July 1, 1840, Luther
Bliss Wood, son of Luther and Katharine (Roberts) Wood, who
was born in Pawlet, Vt., January 3, 1815, and died in Eagle,
Clinton Co., Mich., December 15, 1854, and was buried there; died

186 Prindle Genealogy.

in Dorset, Vt., December 21, 1878, and was buried there. (For
Kimberly ancestry, see Note 3, Appendix.)
Children :
1. Myron Wood^ b. Sandgate, Vt., May 1, 1841; res. West

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