Franklin Cogswell Prindle.

The Prindle genealogy. embracing the descendants of William Pringle the first settler, in part for six, seven and eight generations, and also the ancestors and descendants of Zalmon Prindle for ten generations, covering a period of two hundred and fifty-two years, 1654-1906 online

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Online LibraryFranklin Cogswell PrindleThe Prindle genealogy. embracing the descendants of William Pringle the first settler, in part for six, seven and eight generations, and also the ancestors and descendants of Zalmon Prindle for ten generations, covering a period of two hundred and fifty-two years, 1654-1906 → online text (page 15 of 26)
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V. Carrie Emma Earle", b. June 1, 1862; d. July 10, 1862.
vi. Jennie Van De Water Earle-', b. July 4, 1865; d. April

11, 1866.
vii. Hattie Eugenia Earle^ b. Aug. 21, 1871; m. George F.

Dege; d. abt. 1895, s.p.
viii. Harry Augustus Earle", b. April 4, 1875; d. July 26,


56. Sarah Emma Rayner.

Sarah Emma Rayner^ (Susan', JoeP, Zalmon^, . . . Wil-
liam'^), daughter of Menzies and Susan (Prindle) Rayner, was
born in New York, June 9, 1845; married Trenton, N. J., June 9,
1864, William H. Long, son of William (b. England) and Ann
Elizabeth Long, of Trenton, N. J., who was born there January 1,
1843; res. Burlington, N. J.


79. i. Florence Pauline Long^ b. May 3, 1865; m. Joseph W.


80. ii. Henry Carrick Long^ b. Nov. 14, 1868; m. Mattie Clark,
iii. Lulu Hester Long'', b. Janesville, Wis., Dec. 29, 1871; d.

Trenton, N. J., Nov. 25, 1879-
iv. Sarah Emma Long^ b. Burlington, N. J., April 2, 1880.

57. Susan Rayner.

Susan Rayner^ (Susan", JoeP, Zalmon^, . . . William^),
daughter of Menzies and Susan (Prindle) Rayner, was born in
Trenton, N. J., July 22, 1849; married Philadelphia, Pa., Dec. 24,
1868, William Carrick; res. Ocean Grove, N. J.

200 Prindle Genealogy.

81. i. Thomas Carrick", b. Sept. M), 1871'; m. (1) Grace
W'yc'lvoii'; in. ('i) Louise Martiiiia.
ii. Vernon Rayner Carrick', li. riiiladelijliia, I'a., .Iin. 1.
IS7!): 111. Pliiladelpliia, June \i, 11)01, Adile Laird (<\\\;
n s. ^\'cst Pluladeli)]iia, Pa.
iii. Allyn Barclay Carrick'', b. Phil idelpliir), I'a.. Jan. -'I,
l.sM: 1.1. J5radley J5eacli, X. d.. Dia'. .':., liJOo, \in|n
Pnui'irs, d;ui. ol" Stewart and Georu;iaiiia l!<l^x•rs; n h. New
iv. William Stanley Carrick'', h. PluLuKlphla, I'a., May 1;;,

ISS;"); ri s. Ocean Ciro\c, N. J.
V. Robert Menzies Carrick', b. Ocean Grove, N. d., Aug. [),
1887; res. Philadelphia, Pa.

FiJAXK d\AiF,s^ PuiNOLK {John Steele', Ahnnii^'. /filnion^,
. . . irUlidVi'^). son of John Steele and .lane 11. i riinni])S()n)
Priiidlf, ^vas 1)orn in Salem, N. Y., Septeml)cr 11, 18.';8; married
]\l)riiar\- Jl, J 80^2, Bessie S. Stinehfleld, daugliti r ol' Lortai/o M.
and Miranda 1-. (Steward) Stinchfield, of Martin Co.. Alinn.. where
slie was born September 28, 1871, and where lie died NoNianbi r (i,
I'jDJ, and Mas buried in Garden Cit}-, Minn. She married :Jiid,


i. Edward^, b. Aug. 31, 1893; d. March 1.5, 1895.
* ii. Raymond Leon"^ b. June 13, 1895.
iii. Wayne^ b. Sept. 23, 1897.

Anna Mary^ Prindle (John Steele'', Abram^, Znlmon^, . . .
William'^), daughter of John Steele and Jane PL (Thompson)
Prindle, Avas born in Vernon, Minn., June 21, 1865; married 1892,
Oscar Slade, of Salt Lake City, Utah, where he died February 19,
1901, without issue; res. Spokane, Wash.


Margaret^ Prindle (John Steele^, Abram''', Zalmon'^,
Willia7n^), daughter of John Steele and Jane H. (Thompson)

Descendants of Zalmon^, . . . Ebenezer-.


Prindk", was born in Camden \'alley, Washington Co., X. Y., Janu-
ary 1 i-, 1867; married October 30, 1898, Judson Allen Thompson,
son ol George and liachel (Bangs) Thompson, of Kingston, Idaho,
who was born in Mankato, La Ray township, Minn., July ;;(), 1866.
They remo\ed in 18^9 to Cotaldo, and in ipOl to Dudley, Idaho,
where they now reside. He is a farmer.


^NIattie Best^ Prixdle (John Steele', Abram''', Zalnion^,
. . . IVilliain^), daughter of John Steele and Jane II. (Thomp-
son) Prindle, was born in Garden City, Minn., Sejitenibtr 11, 1869;
married ^Nlny 13, 1886, Philip Sheridan Quinn, son ol" l)a\ id and
jNIary (^McQueen) Quinn, of Mankato, ]Mi]in., wJicrc lu; was born
Sejitember 8, 186-1; removed in 1888 to Salt Lake City, Utah, and
in 1893 to Spokane, Wash., where they now reside.
i. Hazel Quinn'\ b. Salt Lake City, Utah, Nov. 19, 1889.

62. Huldah Louise Snow.

Huldah Louise 'Snow*, (Maria~, Cyrus^', Zalmon^, . .
TVilli(ivi^), daughter of Clark and !\Laria (Prindle) Snow, was born
in Sandgate, Vt., November 11, 1864; married December 4, 1883,
John B. Sherman, of Salem, X. Y., who was born in Hebron. X'^. Y.,
INIarch '21, 186l; res. South Cambridge, X^. Y.
Children :
i. Belle Maria Sherman^ b. Salem, X. Y., Oct. 31, 1884.
ii. Frank Hawley Sherman^ b. Salem, X. Y., Sept. 18, 1887.
iii. Fannie Etta Shermam', ]). Salem, X. Y., Xov. l6, 1889-
iv. Jay Sherman'', b. Arlington, ^"t., Sept. 9, 1892.


Amy Margaret^ Prindle (JVestnn~, Cijrns''', Zahnmv', . . .
William^), daughter of Weston and Virginia (Bonneville) Prindle,
was born in Rujiert, Vt.. July 15, 1873; married Septem])er ~>. 1892,
Arthur Mercier, son of Philagone and Adaline (Bonneville) Mer-
cier, of Montreal, Canada, who was born there March 12, 1868;
res. Montreal, Canada.

202 Prindle Genealogy.

Children, born in Montreal:
i. Henrietta Jeanne Mercier , b. Sept. 14, 1893.
ii. Eveline May Mercier', b. Sept. 27, 1894.
iii. Eudore Emile Mercier^ b. May 21, 1896.
iv. George Hector Mercier^ b. Feb. 28, 1898.
V. Mary Mance Mercier', b. April 10, 190O; d. April 23,

vi. Edward Albert Mercier^ b. June 2, 1902; d. June 14,

vii. Ernest Wilfred Mercier", b. Aug. 26, 1903.


George Elmer® Prindle (George Henry', Zalmon^, Zalmon^,
JVilliam^) , son of George Henry and Jeannette C. (Jack)
Prindle, was born in New York, November 10, 1870; married Sep-
tember 1, 1890, Maria Theresa Kearn, daughter of William and
Lucinda Kearn, who was born in Michigan, May 10, 1873; res.
Muscogee, Indian Territory.

i. Ida Gertrude^, b. Denver, Col., Aug. I6, 1891.


Harry Edward® Prindle (George Henry^ , Zalmon^, Zalmon^,
mon^, . . . William^) , son of George Henry and Jeannette C.
(Jack) Prindle, was born in New York, April 2, 1873; married
June 30, 1896, Marguerite Louise Bogert, daughter of Abram H.
and Louise Elizabeth (Baddeley) Bogert, of London, England,
who was born Oakland, N. J., January 24, 1873; res. Mount Vernon,
N. Y. ; architect.

i. Harry Arthur Bogert'', b. New York, Jan. 26, 1897.
ii. Mary Jeannette®, b. Pelham, N. Y., Dec. 23, 1898; d.

April 6, 1900.
iii. Helen Marguerite^ b. New Paltz, N. Y., Oct. 10, 19OO.
iv. George BADDELEY^ b. New Paltz, N. Y., Dec. 19, 1902;

d. Bisbee, Arizona, May 24, 1904.
V. Frederick Benedict''', b. Bisbee, Arizona, Oct. 3, 1904.

Descendants of Zalmon% . , . Ebenezer-. 203


Ida May* Prindle (George Henry', Zalmon^, Zahnon^, . . .
William'^), daughter of George Henry and Jeannette C. (Jack)
Prindle, was born in New York, September 18, 1876; married June
11, 1902, Rev. Barr Gifford Lee, son of George W. and Delight
(Baldridge) Lee, of Covina, Cal., who was born in Tumwater,
Wash., Aug. 17, 1870; res. Salem, Ore.


Daniel Webster''^ Jr. (Daniel TV.^, Desmond'', Zenas'^, Zal-
mon^, . . . William^) , son of Daniel Webster and Lucy Maria
(Hurd) Prindle, was born in Fort Dodge, Iowa, March 11, 1872;
married September 3, 1895, Lucy Rife, daughter of William Vol-
ney and Melvina (Venble) Rife, of Pulaski, 111., who was born
October, 1872; farmer; res. Villa Ridge, Illinois.

Children, horn in Villa Ridge, III. :

i. Caroline^^ b. July 29, 1896.

ii. MabelI", b. March 6, 1898.
iii. Melvina^^ b. Dec. 25, 1899-
iv. Edward Hurd", b. June 9, 1901.


Grace Mary'' Prindle (John F.^, Desmond' , Zenas^, Zalmon^,

William^), daughter of John Ferris and Frances Ann

(Smith) Prindle, was born in Belleville, Wis., March 15, 1870;

married September 17, 1890, Albert Simon Tobias, son of Rev.

Simon Albert and Leah Anna (Staeger) Tobias, of Naperville, 111.

i. Frances Leah Tobias", b. Kangley, 111., Sept. 21, 1891.

69. Eugene Desmond Hamilton.

Eugene Desmond Hamilton^ (Sarah M.^, Desmond'', Zenas^,
Zalmon% . . . William^), son of Ezra G. and Sarah Maria
(Prindle) Hamilton, was born in Sandgate, Vt., August 6, 1867;
married September 28, 1891, Emma Throw, daughter of Napoleon
and Emma (Casanaw) Throw, of Fort Dodge, Iowa, who was born
in Brandon, Vt., January 7, 1866; res. Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

204 Prindle Genealogy.


Frank Miner" Prindle {Harrison^, Hawley' , Zenas^, Zalmon^,

William''-), son of Harrison and Alice (Miner) Prindle,

was born in Manchester, Vt., February 7, 1862; married Haywards,

Cal., April, 1893, Kathryn, daughter of Lyman P. and Eunice

(White) Carpenter, who was born in River Falls, Wis., June 4,

1865; res. New York.

Children :

i. Carlyle Marshall^", b. San Francisco, Cal., March 7, 1894.


Harry Augustus" Prindle {Franklin C", Hawley'', Zenas^,
Zalmon^, . . . William^), son of Franklin Cogswell and Ger-
trude Alida (Stickle) Prindle, was born in Philadelpliia, Pa.,
August 31, 1872; married Key West, Fla., April 19, 1900, Fred-
erica Patterson, daughter of Hon. George Bowne and Ida (Bethel)
Patterson, of Key West, Fla., who was born there June 21, 1881;
res. Germantown, Pa.
Cliildre7i :
i. Franklin Patterson^", b. Orange, N. J., Jan. 6, 1903.


Gertrude Elizabeth" Prindle (Franklin C.^, Hawley^ , Zenas^,
Zalmon^, . . . William''-) , daughter of Franklin Cogswell and
Gertrude Alida (Stickle) Prindle, was born in Philadelphia, Pa.,
July 3, 1874; married Brooklyn, N. Y., July 14, 1899, Francis
Gilbert, son of Newton and Mary Ann (Chandler) Gilbert, who
was born October 30, 1855; res. East Orange, N. J.
Children :
i. Gertrude Frances Gilbert^'\ b. East Orange, N. J., June

27, 1900.
ii. Olive Cornelia Gilbert^", b. East Orange, N. J., Jan. 13,

73. Reuben Barney, Jr.

Reuben Barney" (Martha^, Hawley'', Zenas^', Zalmon^. . . .
William^), son of Reuben and Martha (Prindle) Barney, was born

Descendants of Zalmon^, . . . Ebenezer-.


in Chillicothe, Mo., January 5, 1869; married January 5, 1892,
Anna Reynolds, daughter of Richard W. and Mildred (Towner)
Reynolds, of Chillicothe, who was born October 28, 1870; res.
Chillicothe, Mo.; physician and surgeon.
Children :

^- ". infant son, b. July 28, and d. July 29, 1894.

ii. Reynolds Barney^o, b. Chillicothe, Mo., Dec. 2, 1896.
iii. Olive Barney^^ b. Chillicothe, Mo., Feb. 12, 1899.

74. Percy Canfield Barney.

Percy Canfield Barney^ {Martha^ Hawley\ Zenas\ Zalmon\
. . . William^), son of Reuben and Martha (Prindle) Barney,
was born in Chillicothe, Mo., May 11, 1871; married Troy, N. Y.,
June 15, 1893, Clara Belle Doughty, daughter of Martin and Ma-
tilda (Bernard) Doughty, of Troy, N. Y., who was born April 16,
1870; civil engineer; res. Brooklyn, N. Y.
i. Constant Benjamin Barney^", b. Charlesto^vn, Mass., Nov.
17, 1899.

75. Mortimer Delleville Barney.

Mortimer Delleville Barney^ (Martha^, Hawletf, Zenas'^,
Zalvion^, . . . William}), son of Reuben and Martha (Prindle)
Barney, was born in Chillicothe, Mo., Dec. 8, 1875; married June 8,
1899, Nellie A. Williams, daughter of George Edward and Rebecca
Frances (Carson) Williams, of Fordham, Mo., who was born in
Utica, Mo., March 11, 1875; i^hysician; res. Oklahoma City, O. T.
Children :
i. Mortimer Delleville Barney^'', b. Chillicothe, Mo., April

1, 1900.
ii. George Edward Barney^^ b. Chillicothe, Mo., May 30,
1902; d. March 14, 1903.

76. Hawley Nathan Barney.

Hawley Nathan Barney", (Martha'^, Hawley'', Zenas^, Zal-
mon^, . . . William^), son of Reuben and Martha (Prindle)
Barney, was born in Chillicothe, Mo., August 12, 1877; married

206 Prindle Genealogy.

San Francisco, Cal., November 26, 1903, Eva Turley, daughter of
John and Mildred (Masterson) Turley, of Kansas City, Mo., who
was born in Harrisonville, Mo., June 6, 1884; physician; res. Point
Richmond, Cal.

77. Franklin Theodore Green.

Franklin Theodore Green** (Phebe M. LeVere^, Maria' , JoeP,
Zalmon'', . . . William^), son of Theodore and Phebe Maria
(LeVere) Green, was born in North San Juan, Cal., May 5, 1863;
married November 12, 1884, M. Georgia Rooker, daughter of James
C. and Susan (Pinch) Rooker, of San Jose, Cal., who was born in
Austin, Nevada, March 12, 1865; removed 1888 to San Francisco,
Cal. ; analytical chemist; res. San Francisco.

i. Alice Rooker Green^°, b. Austin, Nevada, Sept. 27, 1885.
ii. Helen LeVere Green"', b. Austin Nevada, Dec. 23, 1887.

78. Charles Henry Earle.

Charles Henry Earle^ {Mary Parker"^, Mary'', Joel^, Zalmon^,
. . . William'^), son of John Wesley and Mary (Parker) Earle,
was born in New York, January 31, 1857; married September,
1880, Ida Lavinia Conner, daughter of Gregory and Jerusha Ann
(Ball) Conner, of New York, who was born in New York, August,
1857; res. New York, N. Y.

i. Edmund Percy Earle", b. New York, June 29, 1881; res.

New York. dU^t4M-icdci,

79. Florence Pauline Long.

Florence Pauline Long^ (Sarah E. Rayner^, Susan'', JoeP,
Zalmon^, . . . William^), daughter of William H. and Sarah
Emma (Rayner) Long, was born in Bordentown, N. J., May 3,
1865; married April 17, 1886, Joseph W. Holmes; res. Trenton,
N. J.

Children :
i. Helen Rayner Holmes", b. Trenton, N. J., June 21, 1887.
ii. Vernon Jonah Holmes", b. Trenton, N. J., July 18, 1889-

Descendants of Zalmon^ , . . Ebenezer-. 207

iii. Ruth Bontecou Holmes^°, b. Trenton, N. J., Feb. 11,

iv. Stanley Holmes^^ b. Trenton, N. J., April 7, 1896; d.

Trenton, March 2, 1897.
V. Horace Allyn Holmes^^ b. Trenton, N. J., Nov. 19, 190O.

80. Henry Carrick Long.

Henry Carrick Long^ (Sarah E. Rayner^, Susan\ JoeP, Zal-
mon^, . . . Willia77i^), son of William H. and Sarah
Emma (Rayner) Long, was born in Bordentown, N. J.,
November 14, 1868; married Camden, N. J., September,
1887, Hattie Clark; res. Camden, N. J.
i. Vida Vanelia Long", b. Camden, N. J., Aug. 12, 1888.
ii. Elva May Long^'\ b. Burlington, N. J., May 10, 1890.
iii. Edith Long", b. Camden, N. J., Oct. 3, 1891; d. Nov. 15,

iv. Phineas Bishop Long", b. Camden, X. J., Feb. 1, 1893.
V. Olga Debra Long"', b. Camden, N. J., July 29, 189i.

81. Thomas Carrick.

Thomas Carrick'' (Susan Rayner^, Stisaii', JoeP, Zalmon^,
. . . William^), son of William H. and Susan (Rayner)
Carrick, was born in Philadelphia, Pa., Sejstember I6,
1874; married 1st, Asbury Park, N. J., January 4, 1897,
Grace Wyckoff, daughter of Blanchard and Mary (Mc-
Clure) WyckofF; married 2nd, Providence, R. I., No-
vember 26, 1903, Louise Martinia, of London, England;
res. Ocean Grove, N. J.

i. Eilene Edith Carrick", b. New Brimswick, N. J., March
4, 1898; res. Los Angeles, Cal.


"These sought their register among those that were reckoned by
genealogy, but it was not found." — Nehemiah vii, 6Jf.


Of this Abijah Prindle it is only known that he was an orphan
and supposed to have been an only child, brought up by Benjamin
and Ruhamah Billings, in Canandaigua, N. Y. He was born bef.
1787, and died bef. 1813. He married in Canandaigua, abt. 1807

(prob.), Jane Peters, dau. of Abijah and Nancy ( ) Peters,

of Philadelphia, who was born July 27, 1787, and died, Canan-
daigua, Sept. 30, 1874. The family tradition has it that Abijah
Peters " fought in thirty- two battles by land and sea " in the Revo-
lutionary war; and it is probable that he removed to western New
York when the public lands there were opened for settlement to
veterans of the Revolution, as the records show him to have been
a sergeant.

This Abijah Prindle was accidentally killed, about 1811, by
being dragged by an ox he was leading, leaving two young
children, Nancy and Abijah, the latter then an infant. His widow,
Jane Peters Prindle, married, 2nd, Aug. 21, 1813, Isaac LeGore
(of Montreal, Canada), by whom she had eleven children, all but
four of whom died young. Her second husband brought up little
Abijah Prindle as one of his own, and in such a fatherly manner
that the latter never knew that Isaac was not his father, and was
called by his name as Abijah LeGore, until he himself came to
marry when he was informed as to the facts, and his mother told
him he ought to resume his own proper name of Prindle, which he
did, but retained also the name of LeGore, as Abijah LeGore

So far all attempts to trace his parentage and ancestry have only
met with failure ; and this much of his history is now noted here with
the hope that it may lead to further information from any source,
which will be most gratefully received by his descendants.
Children :
i. Nancy^ b. Sept. 4, 1808; d. in infancy.


Unlocated Branches.


ii. Abijah LeGore-, b. Canandaigua, N. Y., Feb. 25, 1810
(?); m. May 3, 1832, Caroline Miriam Pearl, dau. of
James and Lydia (Tobey) Pearl, of Bennington To^vn-
ship, Wyoming County, N. Y., who was b. Nov. 14, 1813,
and d. abt. 1855. Shortly after the death of his wife
he rem., in 1855, with his family and son-in-law, Don
Carlos Newton, to Batavia, Kane Co., 111., and d. in
Piano, 111., March 12, 1883.

He was a soldier of the Civil war, serving with his
two sons in Co. D, 52nd Regt. 111. Vols., of which his
son-in-law, D. C. Newton, was captain, and fought in
the battle of Pittsburg Landing.

Children :
1. Jane Catharine^, b. Bennington, N. Y., March 2, 1833;
m. (1) Bennington, May 18, 1853, Norman J. Colton,
who d. Jan. 7, 1854. Soon after his death she rem.,
with her father's family, to Batavia, 111., where she
m. (2) May 5, 1856, Rev. Elijah Hanson Gammon,
who d. there July 3, 1890. He was the founder of
Gammon Theological Seminary, Atlanta, Ga., and a
trustee of Northwestern University, Evanston, 111.
She d. Batavia, 111., Dec. 22, 1892.

Child, hy 1st marriage:

1. Norman James Colton^ b. March 28, 1854 (posth.) ;

d. from injuries received in street car accident in
Chicago, ae. abt. 14 yrs.

Child, by 2nd marriage:

2. Charles Samuel Gammon*, b. Sept. 2, 1857; d. 1876,
. while away at school.

X> w< Mary Maria", b. Bennington, June 3, 1835; m. Oct.
27, 1853, Don Carlos Newton, who d. Batavia, 111.,
Oct. 8, 1893. They had three sons who d. in infancy,
and a dau., May Newton*, who d. ae. abt. 6 yrs. He
was one of the founders of The Newton Wagon Co.,
of Batavia; was captain of Co. D, 52nd 111. Vols., in
which his father and brothers-in-law also enlisted in
1861, and served two years. Res. Batavia, 111.

>^ ^. Lucy Richards", b. Pine Hill, N. Y., April 11, 1838;

210 Prindle Genealogy.

m. Batavia, May 5, 1856, Elisha Foote, Jr.; res.
Batavia^ 111.


1. Carrie P. Foote^ b. May 15, 1857; d. Dec. 22, 1861.

2. Frank E. Foote^ b. Oct. 3, 1859; d. Dec. 28, 1861.

3. Lillian M. Foote\ b. Sept. 21, 1861; m. Nov., 1888,

as his 2nd wife, Charles Husted More, of Fort
Dodge, la.; d. Batavia, May 3, 1891.

1. Carl Newton More^ b. June 25, 1890.

4. Jennie Foote\ b. Sept. 5, 1863; m. Batavia, 1884,

Rev. Wm. H., Crawford, D.D., now Pres't of Al-
legheny College, Meadville, Pa.


1. John Raymond Crawford^ b. July, 1886. A. B.,

1906, Allegheny College.

2. Lucy Pearl Crawford^ b. 1893.

5. Lyle M. Foote*, b. Aug. 18, 1865; m. Piano, 111.,

May, 1906, May Speitel; res. Chicago, 111.

6. James E. Foote^ b. Aug. 18, 1869; d. Nov. 1, 1870.

7. Mary Prindle Foote^ b. St. Joseph, Mo., Aug. 28,

1871; m. Racine, Wis., 1890, Oscar Cooley; res.
Batavia, 111.

8. Charles N. Foote*, b. Jan. 15, 1874; d. St. Joseph,

Mo., May 3, 1874.
A^ James Pearl^ b. Bennington, N. Y., March 9, 1841 ; m.
' Evanston, 111., Sept. 24, 1867, Mary Adaline Cornell;

enlisted, I86I, in Co. D, 52nd 111. Vols., and fought
in the battle of Pittsburg Landing; sup't Newton
Wagon Co., Batavia, till 1891; vice-pres't Piano Mfg.
Co., 1891-1904; res. Batavia.

Children :

1. Albro Bishop*, b. Chicago, 111., April 22, 1869; m.

Batavia, Oct. 4, 1894, Bertha Hollister; sup't New-
ton Wagon Co. ; res. Batavia, 111.

2. Martha Caroline*, b. Chicago, 111., July 3, 1872; m.

Batavia, Feb. 27, 1900, Eden C. Griffin; res.
Omaha, Neb.

Unlocated Branches. 211

1. Mary Prindle Griffin^ b. Sept. 4, 1903.

3. James Pearl^ Jr., b. Batavia, June 27, 1876; m.

Meadville, Pa., Oct., 1901, Elizabeth Patton, of
Hartstown, Pa.

1. James Pearl^ 3rd, b. Nov. 1, 1903.

4. Carl^ b. Batavia, Oct. 10, 1882; d. Aug. 10, 1883.
Jason Richard^, b. Bennington, N. Y., Dec. 20, 1844;

m. Chicago, 111., May 15, 1872, Isabella Arents Heden-
berg, dau. of John Wesley Hedenberg (1820-1902), of
Lexington, Ky., and Isabella (Challacombe) Heden-
berg (1827-1892), of Devonshire, England, and later
of Macoupin Co., 111.; d. Evanston, 111., Oct. 9, 1900.
He enlisted, 1861, in Co. D, 52nd 111. Vols., with his
father and two brothers in the Company of which his
son-in-law, D. C. Newton, was captain, and served
throughout the Civil war, taking part in the battle of
Pittsburg Landing, the Atlanta camjDaign, Sherman's
March to the Sea, and the grand review at Washing-
ton, 1865.

He was a sergeant and a member of George H.
Thomas Post, No. 5, G. A. R., Chicago, from its or-
ganization until his death in 1900.

In June, 1902, his widow rem., with her five un-
married children, to Elm Grove Farm, near Bon Air,
Chesterfield Co., Va.

Children :

1. Miriam ELISABETH^ b. Odell, 111., April 24, 1873.

A.B., Northwestern University, 1896 (Phi Beta

2. Arexts LeGore*, b. Piano, 111., April l6, 1875; m,

Milwaukee, AVis., March 5, 1902, Irma Cilka Chapek
(who was b. April l6, 1875); res. Chicago, 111.

3. Richard Hedenberg*, b. Chicago, 111., Nov. 10, 1877;

farmer; res. Elm Grove Farm, Bon Air, Va.

4. Edith IsABELLA^ b. Chicago, 111., Dec. 2, 1879;

grad. Armour Institute School of Domestic Science,

212 Prindle Genealogy.

Chicago, 1901 ; taught Domestic Science in Jacob
Tome Institute, Port Deposit, Md., 1904-5.

5. Catharine Sarah*^ Chicago, Aug. 15, 1882. Ph.B.,

Northwestern University, Evanston, 111., I9O6; grad.
Armour Institute School of Domestic Science, 19OI.

6. Lucy Adelaide*, b. Chicago, June 25, 1885.

6. LeGore^, b. 1847 (?); d. 1862. He enlisted, in I86I,
as a drummer boy in the 52nd Regt. 111. Vol. Infantry,
but served in the ranks in Co. D with his father and
brothers; died of typhoid fever contracted at Pitts-
burg Landing, and is buried in the National Cemetery,
at Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis, Mo.

Note. — The foregoing record was furnished by Mrs. Isabella
A. (Hedenberg) Prindle, of Bon Air, Va., who will be very glad
to receive any further information concerning the parentage of this
Abijah Prindle.


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is now known of this John Prindle is that he was
w Milford, Conn., from which place he removed,
i Solomon and John, to Williamstown, Mass., and
lill. And as they were among the early settlers
and their descendants have been identified with
brief reference to its early days may be found

e of Aix-la-Chapelle, in 1748, which resulted in
;ing of the old French wars the following year.

T*««Tj^TT +-<-* Vk£k -ru-t n r\ r\ *-* + 4- l^t ^^ ^■%r^\*,



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r. 7, 1733. Removed to Vsr-
.) Married——? Di3d ^llliajia-
iras dra^Ti up April - 13, 17^7,
.737, names eldest eon Solomon
^ / 19 to the following children
^ Son Solonon, daughter liartha

Residue of estate to be equa-
n eons Solomon and John, In-
aores of land, which Iq no
11 farm, where the brothers
soended tc the next generation
se to the New York state line
he Vermont line. It is iiot&mot

^arly times UTaes,, Vermont,
ted long and fiercely over
y line a.

ttefield, ivfa.=38,. Lib. 9, p^/.t-QB

n the Plains of Abraham, tlie old route to the
iss. and Conn., which had for h.'ilf a century
an ambush, hand-to-hand conflict, and sudden



^^t^< —


About all that is now known of this John Prindle is that he was
a merchant of New Milford, Conn., from which place he removed,
with his two sons Solomon and John, to Williamstown, Mass., and
settled on Birch Hill. And as they were among the early settlers
of Williamstown, and their descendants have been identified with
its history, some brief reference to its early days may be found

After the peace of Aix-la-Chapelle, in 17-i8, which resulted in
the temporary closing of the old French wars the following year.

Aaron, born IIov. 7, 1733. Removed to Ver-
ODt(iDe: page 111) Married— —T Diad ^illiarria-

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