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The Prindle genealogy. embracing the descendants of William Pringle the first settler, in part for six, seven and eight generations, and also the ancestors and descendants of Zalmon Prindle for ten generations, covering a period of two hundred and fifty-two years, 1654-1906 online

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Online LibraryFranklin Cogswell PrindleThe Prindle genealogy. embracing the descendants of William Pringle the first settler, in part for six, seven and eight generations, and also the ancestors and descendants of Zalmon Prindle for ten generations, covering a period of two hundred and fifty-two years, 1654-1906 → online text (page 2 of 26)
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their family records, etc., while special acknowledgments are due,
and hereby gratefully made, to Mrs. Isabella A. (Hedenberg)
Prindle, of Bon Air, Virginia, for most valuable aid rendered and
for making available the extensive data which she has been patiently
collecting for several years past, and which was freely used in this
work; also to Miss Mary L. Hine, of West Haven, Conn., who has
furnished most of the early records of our progenitor, William^, and
his immediate family, as well as the line of Joseph", of Avhich she
is a descendant.

While much pains have been taken to make the individual records
correct, as to names, dates, etc., it is probable that errors will be
found; and it is earnestly requested that all such may be promptly
reported to the compiler, as well as any omissions or additions
needed to make the work more complete and useful.

Fr.\nklin C. Prindle.
Washington, D. C,

August, 1906.


Names of persons born Prindle are printed in small caps.

Names of persons intermarrying with female lines, and also of
their descendants, are printed in black faced type.

Figures in extreme left hand margin, opposite a name, indicate
that the family record of that person appears in the next genera-
tion, with the same number preceding the name.

The superior figure following a name indicates the number of
the generation of that person.

ae., aged.

abt., about.

aft., after.

bapt., baptized.

b., born.

bef., before.

bro., brother.

bur., buried.

Ch., Church.

ch., child, or children.

d., died.

dau., daughter.

d.i., died in infancy.

d.y., died young.

f., father.

gr., grand.


grt., great., gravestone.

1., living.

m., married.

mo., mother.

prob., probably.

rem., removed.

res., resides, or resided.

ret., returned.

s., son.

set., settled.

s.p., sine prole (without issue).

sup., supposed.

unm., unmarried.

wf., wife.

wid.. widow.




"And I found a register of the genealogy of them which cam*;
up from the first." — Nehemiah, vii., 5.


William^ Pringle (also spelled Prindle in his will), a native
of Scotland, the emigrant ancestor and progenitor of the family in
America, settled in New Haven, Conn., where he took the oath of
fidelity to the New Haven Jurisdiction, Theophilus Eaton, Gov-
ernor, on April 4, l654.

He is first mentioned in the New Haven Colonial Records as
" the Scotchman which lives at iSIr. Allerton's," who was one of the
Mayflower Pilgrims, Savage says that William Pringle " was a
proprietor in 1 685, and so was Joseph, who may have been a son."

He married, December 7, 1655, Mary Desborough, daughter of

Desborough (also spelled Disburrow in copy of ancient

records), Mr. Stephen Goodyear, magistrate, officiating.

His will was dated October 17, 1689, and probated June 5,
1690. Although the place of his burial is not now known, it is
supposed to liave been in the New Haven Green. She joined with
son Eleazer, as late as April 6, 1697, in a deed, and probably died
about 1700-01.

See Appendix, Note 1.

Children, horn in Neiv Haven:

2. i. Phoebe-, b. Mar. 16, 1656-7; m. Nov. 5, 1677; Eleazer

Beecher; d. ; set. in West Haven, Conn. 9 ch.

3. ii. John-, b. Oct. 5, 1608; m. (1) Mary Hull; ra. (2) Abigail

Hawkins; m. (3) Hannah Botsford; d. Nov. 25, 1734;
set. in Derby, Conn. 8 ch.

4. iii. Mary-, b. Mar, 8, 1659-60; ni. John Roach; d. Aug. 16,

1691 ; set. in Milford, Conn. 4 ch.

5. iv. Ebenezer-, b. Sept. 10, I66I; m. Elizabeth Hubby (or

Hobby); d. in 1740; rem. to Milford, and afterward set.
in Newtown, Conn. 10 ch.


2 Prindle Genealogy.

(j. V. Joseph-, b. June 11, 1663; m. Mary Brown; d. Mar. 18,
1737-8; set. in West Haven, Conn. 7 ch.

vi. Jonathan", b. June 7, 1665; d. , 1665.

vii. Sarah-, b. Oct. 19, 1666; prob. d. young.

7. viii. Samuel-, b. April 15, 1668; ni. (1) Dorothy Plum; (2)

Sarah Chapman; d. Sept. 20, 1750; set. in New Milford,
Conn. 9 ch.

8. i.x. Eleazer-, b. June 7, l669; m. Elizabeth Andrews; d.

, 1713; set. in Milford Conn. 3 ch.

9. X. Hannah-, b. Mar. 6, 1670-71; m. (probably) John Hull;

d. — ; set. in Derby, Conn. 8 ch.

xi. Joanna^ b. Feb. 2, 1672; d. July 26, 1673.


Phoebe- Prindle (William^), daughter of William and Mary
(Desborough) Prindle, was born in New Haven, Conn., March 16,
1656-7. She was mentioned as "my daughter Beecher " in her
father's will, and married, November 5, 1677, Eleazer Beecher,
son of Isaac (who was b. England, 1623, emigrated to America and
landed in Boston, June 26, 1637), who was born in New Haven,
May 8, l6o5, and died there March 2, 1726.

He was admitted into the Congregational Church of New Haven,
P September 23, 1785. His will, dated January 30, 1722-3, and
probated April 4, 1726, gives to his beloved wife Phoebe, his mova-
ble estate; to the child of his daii. Obedience, dec'd, 5 shillings; to
the three children of his son Eleazur, dec'd, 40 shillings apiece; to
his son Stephen, 5 shillings ; to his dau. Hannah Clark, 5 shillings ;
" having already given to my son Nathaniel 40 acres of 5th Divi-"
sion Land by deed, in consideration of his granting and confirming
about 70 acres of land at Pilgrim Harbor to my son Isaac Beecher,
I esteem that in full of said Isaac Beecher's portion, and therefore
he shall not demand nor receive any more of my estate"; to son
Nathaniel the remainder of his estate ; " he, the said Nathaniel
Beecher, to take care of and aiFord suitable maintenance to my be-
loved wife Phebe, so long as she lives or bears my name ; and also
take into his care and keeping my son Ebenezer Beecher, who I
desire may always live with Nathaniel so long as he lives, I having
given Nathaniel the more estate that he may carefully look after
that impotent cliild."

Nathaniel was named executor, and the estate inventoried at
£l47 1 s. 4 d. John Smith and Samuel Candee, Appraisers.

In 1680, when the 3d Division of common land was made, Elea-
zer's name appears on the list as having three in his family, with
<£13, and therefore he drew twenty acres of land.

In 1684, he and John Smith partitioned for a piece of land at
the foot of what is still known as Shingle Hill, in the western part
of town, but which was not granted them.

On M'ay 17, 1684, under the Act of 1667 authorizing such ac-
tion, Eleazer recorded to himself 10 acres on the "West Side"
(now West Haven), described as " that part of the 2d Division be-


4 Prindle Genealogy.

longing to Mr. Laniberton's quarter, and did at the first belong to
Robert Ceely (Seely), dee'd, bounded north and south by highways,
east by land of William Pringle, and west by Peter Mallary, Sr."
This piece was next adjoining, on the west, to his father-in-law,
William Pringle, between Main and Elm Streets, Union Street and
Third Avenue. Eleazer lived on this lot, for in after years he
speaks of it as " my house lot in West Haven," and probably was
living there at the time of William Prindle's death. His son,
Eleazer, Jr., became one of the first settlers in New Milford.

He seems to have returned to New Haven in later years, where
he died, March 2, 1726, and was buried in the Old Cemetery in
West Haven, where the following inscrijJtion is found upon his

Here lieth the Body of


Who died Mch. ye 2nd, 1726.

Aged 71 years.

His descendants long owned the southern part of this ten-acre
piece, and an old house with stone chimney was standing there as
late as 1893. The last of the name residing there was Miss Amy
Beecher, who died in 1836, ae. 78. St. Lawrence Church and rec-
tory (R. C.) now occupy the site of the old home of generations
of the Beechers.

Isaac Beecher, brother of Eleazer, was the ancestor of Lyman,
who was the father of Henry Ward Beecher and Harriet Beecher
Stowe, of the renowned Beecher family.

Children, born in New Haven:
i. Hannah Beecher^ b. June 23, 1679; m. Daniel Clark, son
of Jolm, who was b. June 28, 1677, and d. in 1783.


1. Hannah Clark^ b. ; m. May 28, 1717, Johx

rRiXDLE-' (Joseph-, William^), who was nephew of
Phoebe- Prindle, and b. abt. 1691.
1. William^'-*, b. June 27, 1718.


Descendants of Phoebe'-. 5

2. Mary Clark*, b. June 11, 1711; m. May 24, 1733,
George Clinton; d. Feb. 28, 1737. He m. (2) Nov.
8, 1837, Anna Hodge.

Children :

1. Obedience Clinton^', b. Mar. 25, 1734; d. Jan. 31,

2. David Clinton', b. 1736; d. Aug. 17, 1742.

3. Eunice Clark*, b. ; and others.

Nathaniel Beecher', b. Jan. 24, 1681; m. Hannah Clark,

sister of Daniel who m. his sister, Hannah Beecher^ ; d.
1751. She d. June 7, 1751, ae. 70, having made, the day
before, a nuncupative "will giving to her dau. Jostine
Bristoll her movable estate, also all of her lands and
meadows during life, and then to her two gr. ch., Samuel
and Barnabas Royce. Jas. Thompson, Geo. Clinton,
Margaret Smith and Eunice Clark were witnesses to the
will, and John Bristoll was appointed administrator.

Children :

1. Nathaniel Beecher*, Jr., b. ; m. Abigail ;

will dated Aug. 17, 1762, proven June, 1768. No rec.
of ch.

2. Isaac Beecher*, b. .

3. Steven Beecher*, b. .

4. Jostine Beecher*, b. ; m. Daniel Bristoll, son

of David and Judith ( ) Bristoll, who was b.

Oct. 15, 1702.

5. Beecher*, b. ; m. Royce.

Children :

1 . Samuel Royce^.

2. Barnabas Royce^.

iii. Ebenezer Beecher', b. Dec. 25, 1682; d. , unm.

He was an imbecile, and was, by his father's will, left in
care of his brother Nathaniel, to whom was given "the
more estate that he may carefully look after that im-
potent child."

iv. Eleazur Beecher", Jr., b. April 21, 1686; admitted to

Prindle Genealogy.

Cong. Church April 21, 1706; m. Nov. 30, 1704, Mrs.
Elizabeth (Peck) Welch, wid. of Thomas, and settled
in Milford; d. 1711, ae. 25, leaving no Will. The Court
appointed his widow Elizabeth admx. of the estate
and guardian of the three minor children, with surety.
He was a blacksmith and farmer.
1. Jerusha Beecher*, bapt. Milford, Sept. 2, 1705; m. (1)
June 5, 1722, Theophilus Baldwin (Theophilus'-,
Richard^); m. (2) Nathaniel Bostwick; m. (3)
David Noble, as his 3rd wife; d. Aug. 22, 1790, ae.
84 yrs. 11 mos.

Capt. Theophilus Baldwin was b. Milford, abt.
l64-4<; rem. to New Milford, where he was one of the
first settlers; admitted to the New Milford Church
June 19, 1727; d. May 1, H^j. He was appointed,
Nov., 1738, captain of the New Milford train-band,
a responsible office in those days, because of the
serious troubles with the Indians on the frontier, and
which he held for many years. He was also a Member
of Assembly for seven years.

Children of Theophilus and Jerusha, born in
New Milford:

1. Jerusha Baldwin', b. Sept. 4, 1723; joined Church,

March 7, 1711-2.

2. Elizabeth Baldwin^ b. Sept. l6, 1725; m. Feb.,

1750, Samuel Comstcck, of New Milford; rem.
prob. to iSliddletown, Conn.

3. Theophilus Baldwin"', b. June l6, 1728; m. (1) New

Milford, Nov. 2, 1748. Mary Noble; m. (2) Dec.
30, 1762, Eunice Noble, who d. March, 1778; m.
(3) Mrs. Martha Sherwood, wid., said to have been
a native of Milford, who d. March 20, 1828, ae. 83.
He d. :March 1, 1804. He was a Captain of Militia,
and was also in the Revolution.

Children born in New Milford and said to have
been all by last rvife:

1. Theophilus Baldwin'', 3rd., b. ; d. bef.

1798; m. nnd had 8 clu

Descendants of Phoebe-. 7

2. Mary Baldwin-', b. ; m. (1) Asahel Sher-
wood, and set. in Potsdam, N. Y. 3 sons; m. (2)

Thorpe, of Washington, Vt. ; d. abt. 1814,

without further issue.

S. Unia Baldwin^ or Eunice, b. ; m. (1)

David Lockwood, of New Milford; m. (2)
George Sherman. 3 eh.

4. Annah Baldwin-', b. March 11, 1781; m. Amos

Clark, of New Milford; rem. to Hinesburgh, Vt.,
where she d. s.p.

5. Martha Baldwin", b. ; m. Abel Gunn, of

New Milford. 6 ch.

6. Eli Baldwin^ b. ; m. abt. 1807, Anna

Gunn; d. New Milford, Oct. 9, 1822, ae. 40.
5 ch. He was Captain of Militia in war of 1812;
also justice of the peace.

7. , a son, bur. Nov. 20, 1783.

8. Daniel Baldwin", b. Nov. 20, 1786; m. Nov. 8,
1809, Susan Baldwin, dau. of John Baldwin of
]\Iount Tom, New ilVIilford, who was b. Aug. 29,


He was a Baptist minister; res. in North-
ville. New ^Milford, until April, 1846, when he
rem. to Farm Ridge, La Salle Co., 111., where he
d. Oct. 7, I860. She d. there Aug. 23, 1854.
10 ch., many of them in the ministry.

4. Martha Baldwin^ b. March 26, 1730; m. June 6,

1753, Ithiel Stone; res. north part of New Mil-
ford; had

1. Julius Stone", and perh. others.

5. Hezekiah Baldwin\ b. Sept. 26, 1732; m. April 5,

1759, Abigail Peet. In New Milford records he
is called "Lieut.", and was bv tradition a Lieutenant
in the French and Indian war, and said to have
been at Crown Point and Ticonderoga.

8 Prindle Genealogy.

Children, horn in New Milford:

1. Jerusha Baldwin'% b. Sept. 9, 1760; m.


2. Hezekiah Baldwin'', b. Mar. 25, 1762.

6. Isaac Baldwin'', b. March 17, 1735; m. Sept. 28,
1764, Hannah Davis, who was b. June 9, 1712, and
d. June 15, 1830; res. New Milford, where he d.
Dec. 16, 1811. He was in the battle of Danbury
in the Revolution.

Children, horn in New Milford:

1. Pamele Baldwin", b. Nov. 11, 1765; d. Oct. 2,


2. Nathan Gaylord Baldwin'', b. April 27, 1767;

m. Chamberlin; rem. to Monckton, Addi-
son Co., Vt.; d. Aug. 30, 1820. 4 ch.

3. Hannah Baldwin", b. Aug. 10, 1769; d. unm. She

joined the sect of Jemima Wilkinson (Universal
Friend), also called the "Jemimaites," and went
with her to Ontario Co., N. Y.

4. Isaac Baldwin", Jr., b. June 10, 1771; d. Feb.

27, 1781.

5. Patience Baldwin", b. July 3, 1773; d. at Noosuck

Falls, abt. 1825. unm.

6. Prudence Baldwin", b. July 3, 1773; m. Troop

Murdock, of Castleton, Vt. ; d. , leaving

two daus.

7. Martha Baldwin", b. Aug. 6, 1775; m.


8. Davis Baldwin", Aug. 8, 1777; m. Dec. 3, 1809,

Ann Richards, of T^^rringham, now Monterey,
Berkshire Co., Mass., dau. of Roswell Richards,
who was b. July 1, 1786; set. there after rem.
to Great Barrington, ^ass., where he d. March
7, 1842. 4 ch.

9. Noble Baldwin", b. Dec. 25, 1779; m. Sept. 17,

1803, Mary Hinman, dau. of Philo, of Oxford,
Conn., who was b. Oct. 26. 1779, and d. 1814;
d. in Northficld, New Milford, 1819.

Descendants of Phoebe-. 9

10. Elizabeth Baldwin^ b. Jan. 25, 1782; joined the

Baptist Church in I8il; m. Robertson Mum-
ford, of Monckton, Vt. Both d. there, s.p.

11. Lois Baldwin'', b. March 11, 1785; m. Charles

Churchill, of Salisbury, Conn. ; set. in Utica,
N. Y. 2 ch.

7. Israel Baldwin', b. March 19, 1736-7; m. Feb.,
1761, Elizabeth Warner, who d. Hinesburg, Vt.,
March 13, 1811, ae. 73; d. New Milford, March
16, 1778, of small jdox. They both joined Church
July 4, 1762.

Children, horn in New Milford:

1. Pamelia Baldwin'', b. Oct. 4, 1761; d. y.

2. Daniel Baldwin'', b. April 18, 1763; d. y.

3. Edmond Baldwin'', b. July 9, 1765; d. Sept. 28,


4. Pamelia Baldwin", b. July 2, 1767; m. (1) May

14, 1781, Reuben Gillett, and set. in Nichols-
ville, N. Y.; m. (2) Joseph Stearns, of Xichols-
ville; d. Sept. 28, 1867.

5. Daniel Baldwin'', b. Nov. 8, 1769; d. 1781.

6. Annis Baldwin", b. April 21, 1772; m. Nov. 24,

1791, Milton Clark, who was b. March 14, 1767,
and d. Aug. 11, 1824; d. May 3, 1824; res. Bris-
tol, Conn., and afterward Hinesburgh, Vt. 6 ch.

7. Edmond Baldwin'", b. July 6, 1774; m. March

10, 1795, Susannah Stone, of New Milford; rem.
1797 to Hinesburgh, Vt. Member State Legis-
lature, 1814-16. 9 ch.

8. Orange Baldwin'"', b. Nov. 15, 1776; m. Betsey

A. Gorham of New Milford, who was b. Nov. 7,

1776; rem. to Hinesburgh, Vt. 5 ch.

8. Asel Baldwin^ b. June 27, 1739; m. Aug. 13, 1766,

Esther Baldwin, dau. of Samuel, of New Milford,

who was b. Aug. SO, 1746. They joined the Baptist

Church in Northville, Conn., in 181 6, and set. there.

10 Prindle Genealogy.

Children :

1. Ann Baldwin^, b. March 20, 1767; d. June 21,


2. Sarah Baldwin", b. Jan. 10, 1769; m. Cyrenus

Stilson, of New Milford, wlio was b. 1772, and
d. 1846; d. 1844; set. in Meredith, Western New
York. 9 ch.

3. Esther Baldwin^, b. Nov. 15, 1770; ra.

Garland; d. Dover, N. Y., Oct. 6, 1802, leaving
2 ch.

4. Joel Baldwin% b. Aug. 22, 1772; ni. and set. in

Meredith, N. Y. ; d. Dec. 28, 1807. 3 ch.

5. Phebe Baldwin", b. July 14, 1774; m. Pelatiah

Bailey. 6 ch.

6. Asahel Baldwin", b. April 24, 1777; m. March

24, 1803, Tryphena Buck, of New Milford. 8 ch.

7. Israel Baldwin", b. Oct. 17, 1779; d. Sept. 11,


8. Lucretia Baldwin", b. June 3, 1782; m. Samuel

Goodsell. 3 ch.

9. Isaac Baldwin", b. June l6, 1787; m. Nov. 12,

1812, Amanda Drake, who was b. New Milford,
July 25, 1796; d. April 11, 1845. 8 ch.

She m. (2) Hitchcock; res. Preston,

9, David Baldwin^ b. Dec. 5, 1741; was a Congrega-
tional clergyman, and set. in N. Y., or N. J.
10. Anne Baldwin^ b. Nov. 24, 1744; m. Aug. 6, 1767,
Reverius Stilson, of New Milford, farmer.


1. , a son, b. May 18, 1768; d. Dec. 30, 1768.

2. Polly Stilson", b. March 17, 1770.

3. Anna Stilson", b. Feb. 9, 1772; m. Rev. Daniel

Hine, of New Milford, who was the last minister
of the Separated Church; d. Oct. 3, 1851.

4. Tamor Stilson", b. Aug. 23, 1774; d. Sept. 6, 1777.

5. Nicanor Stilson", b. May 3, 1776.

Descendants of Phoebe-. 11

6. Tamor Stilson^ b. March 17, 1778.

7. Urania Stilson^ b. Sept. 14, 1781; m. Elihu

Marsh, of New Milford.

8. Aurelia Stilson% b. May 23, 1783.

2. Eleazur Beecher^ 3rd, bapt. Milford, 1707; set. in
New Milford; mentioned in Will of his cousin Nathan-
iel, 1762.

S. Phebe Beecher*, bapt. Milford, Sept. 24, 1710; m. Nov.
6, 1728, Benjamin Ferris, son of Zachariah*
(Zax:hariah^, Samuel-, John^) and Sarah (Reed)
Ferris; rem. to Dutchess Co., N. Y., bef. 1752.

She was one of those who "fell away to Quaker-
ism," in 1731-32.

1. Zebulon Ferris% b. March 19, 1729; m. Ruth .

2. Reed Ferris^ b. Aug. 15, 1730; m. Anne Tripp.

3. Susannah Ferris% b. Sept. 8, 1732; m. Elijah Doty.

4. Phebe Ferris% b. 1734; d. young.

5. Lillias Ferris", b. July 9, 1736; m. Jonathan Akin.

1, Martha Akin^ b. ; m. William Taber.

Children :

1. Jonathan Akin Taber', b. ; m. Hannah

Kirby, and had George Kirby Taber^ as their
oldest child, who m. and had Martha A.
Taber", now res. Pawling, N. Y.

6. Benjamin Ferris'', b. Sept. 25, 1738; m. Mary How-


7. Gilbert Ferris-', b. March 15, 1740.

8. Edmund Ferris% b. July 4, 1748.

V. Thankful Beecher^, b. March 18, 1689; prob. d. young.

vi. , infant, b. and d. Dec, 31, 1690.

vii. Obedience Beecher^, b. , 1692; m. and left a dau.

mentioned in Will of Eleazer Beecher, Jan. 3, 1722-3.
viii. Stephen Beecher^ b. May 18, 1695; m. Feb. 25, 1720,

Susannah Hale; d. 1750. Will proven Aug. 1750. Adm.

12 Prindle Genealogy.

granted to widow Susannah and George Clinton of New
Haven under bonds of £2000. Inventory appraised at

1. Susannah Beecher*, b. .

2. Mary Beecher\ b. ; m. Brockit.

3. Obedience Beecher^ b. Jan. 27, 1721; m.


4. Steven Beecher*, b. Mar. 2, 1725.

5. Isaac Beecher*, b. .

6. Joseph BeecherS b. Oct. 2, 1728.

Under date of Feb. 2, 1754, Susanna, Steven, Obedi-
ence, and Susanna Beecher, Jr., unite in deed of
transfer to Isaac Beecher, Jr., all of ye sd Parish of
West Haven, all their right, and title, to 1/4 acre of
Home lot, 4 rods wide, and 10 rods long, running
lengthwise of sd lot; bounded south-easterly on ye sd
highway, south-westerly on ye sd homestead of Na-
thaniel Beecher, and ye sd north and easterly side
with lot belonging to ourselves.

ix. Isaac Beecher", b. April 7, 1698; m. (1) March 17, 1726,
Elizabeth Trowbridge, dau. of Dea. Thomas and Abi-
gail (Beardsley) Trowbridge, who was b. April 23,
1705, and d. prob. abt. 1732; m. (2) Jan. 11, 1737-8,
Thankful Blakeslee, dau. of John and Lydia Blakeslee,
who was b. Jan. 17, 1706-7, and d. Jan. 14, 1786; d.
West Haven, April 14, 1784, ae. 86.

His Will, dated March 12, 1770, probated 1784, men-
tions wife Thankful, sons John and Isaac, daughters
Elizabeth Clinton, Desire Benham, Thankful Reed, and
Phebe Northrop. Son John was made executor. He
owned the homestead containing 8 acres of land, situ-
ated on what is known as Ward's Corner, cor. of Elm
Street and Campbell Ave., West Haven, where he lived
and died.

His father-in-law, Thomas Trowbridge, was the first
deacon of the Church of West Haven, where he resided
uiilil his death, in 1750, ae. 91.

Descendants of Phoebe^ 13

Children of Isaac and Elizabeth:

1. Isaac Beecher*, Jr., called "Capt.", b. Jan. 8, 1727; m.
Feb. 14, 1751, Esther Hodge, who was b. 1729, and
d. Feb. 27, 1802; d. Oct. 26, 1814. Both bur. in
Old Cemetery, West Haven.

Children :

1. Esther Beecher^ b. March 7, 1752.

2. Sarah Beeche^^ Sept. 29, 1753; m. Merrills;

d. Dec, 1842, ae. 88.

3. Elizabeth Beecher^ b. 1755; m. Jeremiah Smith,

who was b. 1743, and d. July 19, 1834, ae. 91.

4. Ame Beecher% b. 1758; d. March 15, 1836, ae. 78,


5. Lois Beecher^ Sept. 20, 1760; m. April 9, 1788,

Joseph Prindle (Joseph*' ^' -, William^) who was
b. Aug. 28, 1757, and d. while on a visit in Water-
town, Conn., Sept. 4, 1824, ae. 67; d. Aug. 28, 181 9-

One child, born in West Haven:
1. Elizabeth*' (Betty), b. Sept. 5, 1789; m. Bryan
Clarke, who was b. Nov. 2, 1785, and d. July 13,
1827; d. New Haven, Dec. 9, 1875.

Children, born in West Haven:
1. Joseph Prindle Clarke", b. Sept. 5, 1811; m.
(1) Oct. 9, 1834, Lydia E. Lord, of New
Haven, who was b. Nov. 12, 1812; m. (2) Sept.
4, 1842, Laura Cook, of New Haven; m. (3)
Mary M. Kirk; d. New Haven, Jan. 22, 1862.

Children, born in New Haven:

1. Cornelia Prindle Clarke^ b. Aug. 2, 1835;

ni. Oct. 2, 1858, Robert Johnson.

2. Lydia Matilda Clarke^ b. March 22, 1839;

m. Dec. 31, 1863, Leonard E. Clark. 1 ch.,
res. New Haven.

3. Elvira Amelia Clarke^ d. Aug. 17, 1850, ae.

4 yrs. 3 mos.

14) Prindle Genealogy.

2. Alpheus Bryan Clarke", M.D., b. May 11,

1814; m. March 16, 1835, Elizabeth Little;
d. Dec. 15, 1869. Grad. Yale Med. Sch. in
1850; was a successful i^hysician in Holyoke,
Mass., and later in Brooklyn, N. Y.


1. Alonzo J. Clarke^ b. Feb. 23, 1836. Dec'd.

2. Mary Prindle Clarke^ b. June, 1839- Dec'd.

3. Charles Bryan Clarke^ b. June, 1844. Dec'd.

4. Emma Elizabeth Clarke^ b. July 10, 1847.


3. Mary E. Clarke^ b. Jan. 18, 1816; m. Oct.,

1841, Nelson Burwell; d. New Haven, Dec. 2,


1. Ella Augusta BurwelP, b. Nov. 5, 1844; m.

July 16, 1874, Charles D. Kinney, of New
Haven. 1 son, Arthur H. Kinney, b. Sept.
13, 1878; res. New Haven.

2. Marion Adella BurwelP, b. Aug. 24, 1851;

res. New Haven.

4. Jane Clarke^, b. July 9, 1817; m. Denison Hall;

d. Oct. 16, 1850.

Children :

1. Alonzo B. HalP, b. 1844; m. (1) Mary Lam-

bert; m. (2) Amelia Emeric; m. (3) Julia
Stevens; m. (4) Harriet Stevens; res. New
Haven. Druggist. 2 eh,

2. Jane C. HalP, res. in Brooklyn, N. Y.

5. Charlotte Clarke^ b. July 7, 1818; m. Richard

Treat Merwin, of New Haven; d. March 3,

Children :

1. Frank Merwin^ b. 1844.

2. Thomas Merwin^, b.

3. James Merwin^, res. N. Y.

Descendants of Phoebe-. 15

4. Virginia Merwin®, res. N. Y.

5. Emma Merwin®, m. Robert Wallace, of N.

Y., and ten others.

6. Lois Clarke^ b. June 28, 1820; d. in Brooklyn.

7. Linus L. Clarke", b. July 18, 1821; m. 1842,

Maria E. Merrick", dau. of Joseph^ and Cor-
nelia (Kelsey) Merrick, and gr. dau. of Josiah
and Martha^ (Prindle) Merrick, who was b.
1822, and res. Linden, N. J., where he was
killed by the cars.


1. Alpheus Clarke^ dec'd.

2. Eleanor Clarke'", m. Abiah Baylis.

3. Frances Clarke^.

4. Celia Clarke", m. Walton Ellis.

5. Josephine Clarke'*, m. William Hill.

8. Lucena Clarke" (twin), b. Dec. 18, 1824; d.

May 10, 1878. Unm.

9. Lucretia Clarke" (twin), b. Dec. 18, 1824; m.

Denison Hall as his 2nd wife.


1. Charlotte HalP, m. Charles K. Edgerton;

res. Brooklyn, N. Y.

2. Edward Prindle HalP, res. Brooklyn, N. Y.

2. Elizabeth Beecher^ b. Sept. 18, 1729; m.


3. Eleazur Beecher^ b. Feb. 17, 1731; d. July 27, 1746.

Children of Isaac and Thankful:

4. Thankful Beecher^ b. Nov. 11, 1738; m.


5. Desire Beecher*, b. abt. 1740; m. Benham.

6. John Beecher^ b. Sept. 26, 1744; m. 1766, Mary

Trowbridge, who was born 1745, and died in South-

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