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The Prindle genealogy. embracing the descendants of William Pringle the first settler, in part for six, seven and eight generations, and also the ancestors and descendants of Zalmon Prindle for ten generations, covering a period of two hundred and fifty-two years, 1654-1906 online

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Online LibraryFranklin Cogswell PrindleThe Prindle genealogy. embracing the descendants of William Pringle the first settler, in part for six, seven and eight generations, and also the ancestors and descendants of Zalmon Prindle for ten generations, covering a period of two hundred and fifty-two years, 1654-1906 → online text (page 21 of 26)
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Yard at Philadelphia in charge of public works of improvement

He was commissioned a Civil Engineer in the Navy, April 17,
1869, by General Grant, then President, and continued on duty
at the old Philadelphia Navy Yard, and later assigned to the new
League Island Navy Yard, of which he was its first civil engineer.
He made the first plans for the development of this new navy yard,
designed and constructed the first buildings and other improvements
there, and resigned January 1, 1876, to return to the private prac-
tice of his profession as civil and mechanical engineer in Phila-
delphia. In 1879 he was urged to re-enter the naval service, and
offered his former position, which he accepted with the purpose of
making it his life work, and was again commissioned a Civil En-
gineer, U. S. Navy, by President Hayes, on July 22, of that year,
and ordered to duty at the New York Navy Yard.

Since then he has served as civil engineer at the navy yards
and stations at Portsmouth, N. H. ; Boston, Mass. ; Newport, R. I. ;
Brooklyn, N. Y. ; League Island, Pa.; Norfolk, Va. ; Port Royal,
S. C. ; Key West, and Pensacola, Fla. ; Mare Island, Cal. ; Puget
Sound, W^ash. ; Yerba Buena Island, Cal., and Honolulu, H. I. The
construction of the Naval Training Station on Yerba Buena Island,
jn San Francisco Bay, 1898-90, of which he was the civil engineer,
,was his last important work.

His last official duty on the active list of the Navy was per-
formed at the Naval Station in Honolulu in 1900, and from there
— broken down in health for the second time — he was invalided
home and transferred to the retired list on February 27, 1901, on
account of physical disability incurred in the line of duty, and
with the rank of Rear-Admiral. His naval record thus shows a
long and honorable service as a staff officer of the navy, in the
steam and civil engineer corps, in every grade of rank from that
of midshipman, in 1861, to that of rear-admiral, in 1901, the latter
having been conferred under authority of an Act of Congress grant-
ing retirement of veterans of the Civil war, with creditable records,
with the rank of the next higher grade. At the time of his re-
tirement the subject of this sketch had reached the rank of captain
— the highest in his corps — in the regular course of promotion,
and thus attained the next higher rank of rear-admiral upon his

During his active service he was actively and aggressively in-
terested in the advancement of his corps as an important branch of

272 Prindle Genealogy.

the naval service, and in securing suitable recognition of its proper
position as such. And it has been conceded that the final estab-
lishment of the Civil Engineer Corps, as a permanent staiF corps
of the Navy, with a civil engineer at its head as chief of the bureau
of yards and docks having charge of the public works at navy
yards and stations, was largely due to his earnest, persistent, and
long-continued efforts.

He was engineer and secretary of the American Dredging Com-
pany, Philadelphia, in 1876-7, and in the fall of 1876 visited Eng-
land, Scotland, Belgium, Holland and Germany to examine into
the systems of dredging machinery in use in those countries.

He was employed as engineer and superintendent of the Caro-
lina Oil and Creosote Company at Wilmington, N. C, 1889-90,
while on leave of absence, and the latter part of the time as its
secretary and treasurer also, when the entire charge and manage-
ment of the business was confided to him.

He was elected a director and vice-president of the Aztec Oil
Company, one of the pioneers of the famous Kern River oil field
in California, upon its organization in 1900, and upon his re-
tirement from active service in the navy became its president.

He was elected a Member of the American Society of Civil En-
gineers in 1874, and of the Institution of Civil Engineers of Great
Britain in 1883, and while stationed at Philadelphia, Boston, and
San Francisco he was admitted to membership in the Franklin In-
stitute, Boston Society of Civil Engineers, Technical Society of
the Pacific Coast, and the University Club, at these places.

He is a member of the National Geographical Society, and the
National Genealogical Society, at Washington, D. C. ; and also
connected with several patriotic societies, being a Companion of
the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States, of the
Naval Order of the United States, and of the Society of American
Wars, and a Compatriot of the Society of the Sons of the Ameri-
can Revolution.

He is Past Master and life member of Crescent Lodge, No.
493, Free and Accepted Masons; also life member of Temple
Chapter, No. 248, Royal Arch Masons, and of St. Alban Com-
mandery. No. 47, Knights Templar, all of Philadelphia, and mem-
ber of the Grand Lodge of Masons of Pennsylvania.

Politically, he is a Lincoln Republican ; and in religion, a
stauncli and earnest Baptist by faith and practice. He was bap-
tized and received into the fellowship of the Baptist Church, Shafts-
bury, Vt., on June 3, I.86O, and during his residence in many parts
of the country he has transferred his affiliations and membership
successively to the following Baptist Churches: Fifth Avenue,
New York City; Tabernacle, Philadelphia, Pa.; First, in Pierre-
pont Street, and Washington Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; First, San

Appendix. 273

Francisco, and Bakersfield, Cal. ; and First, Washington, D. C.
Several of these churches he has served as deacon or trustee, or
both, one for a time as clerk, and was for many years a teacher
and earnest worker in the Sunday school and Young People's So-

He is a descendant of six soldiers of the Revolutionary war,
three of whom — Abraham Williams, Ferris Cogswell and Zalmon
Prindle — were ancestors on the paternal side, and three — -Charles
Andrew, Jr., and Sylvester his son, and Isaac Oatman — ancestors
on the maternal side. Abraham Williams was also a soldier of the
Colonial wars.

He was born on the old " Phillips' place " in West Sandgate,
Vt., that being known as the part of the town lying west of " The
Notch," at the summit of the ridge through which the main road
passes, and the old house in which he was born, which is still stand-
ing, is located on the west side of the Rupert road, it being the
first house north from the junction with the main road, and about
a mile from the " Notch." The next house north, on the opposite
side of the road, is upon the old " Horton place," where his great-
grandmother, Mary (Williams) Prindle, and her mother, Mary
(See) Williams, lived together as widows for a while, and where
the latter died in April, 1834, aged 91 years 9 mos.

He has been three times married: 1st, May 19, 1864, to Ger-
trude A. Stickle, who bore him seven children- — four of whom died
in infancy and early youth — and died Sept. 15, 1876; 2nd, Sept.
25, 1878, to Sarah A. Cranston, who died April 22, 1892, and 3rd,
April 8, 1896, to Mrs. Fidelia E. (White) Mead.

NOTE 11.
Military Service in Revolutionary War.

List of soldiers, bearing the name of Prindle or Pringle, who
served in the Revolutionary war, as shown by the records of the
War Department, Washington, D. C. Abstracts of service rendered,
in individual cases, may be obtained upon application to the Hon,
Secretary of War.

Abijah Prindle, private, 1st, 2nd, 5th and 8th Conn. Regi-
Elexander Prindle, sergeant, 3d Artillery, Continental

Eneas Prindle (borne also as Enos Prindle), private, 2nd

Conn. Regiment.
Enos Jones Prindle, sergt. major, 2nd Art. Regt., Con-
tinental Troops.
Ezra Prindle, private, 7th Connecticut Regiment.
Joel Prindle (rank not stated). Van Vechten's Regt., N. Y.

Joel Prindle (rank not stated), Warner's Regt., Vermont

Joel Prindle, private, 2nd Regt., Light Dragoons, Con-
tinental Troops.
Jonathan Prindle (rank not stated), Herrick's Regiment,

and Ebenezer Allen's Detachment, Vermont Militia.
Joseph Prindle, sergeant, 3d New York Regiment.
Joseph Prindle, private, Warner's Regiment, Continental

Joth Prindle (rank not stated), Ira Allen's Regiment, and

Captain Wallace's Detachment, Vermont Militia.
Jotham Prindle, private. Van Schaick's New York Batallion,

and 1st New York Regiment.
Moses Prindle, private, Simond's Detachment, Massachusetts

Peter Prindle (rank not stated), 5th Connecticut Regiment

Samuel Prindle (rank not stated), Simond's Detachment,
Massachusetts Militia, and 5th Connecticut Regiment
Samuel Prindle, corporal, 1st Massachusetts Regiment.
William Prindle (rank not stated), 6th Regt. Light Horse,
'■ Zalmon Prindle, private, 2nd, 5th, and 8th Connecticut

Doctor Pringle (borne also as Prindle), private, Warner's
Regiment, Continental Troops.


Appendix. 275

Ezra Pringle (borne also as Prindle), private, Warner's
Regiment, Continental Troops.

George Pringle, private, 10th Pennsylvania Regiment.

James Pringle, corporal, 1st South Carolina Regiment.

Joel Pringle (borne also as Prindle), corporal, Warner's

John Pringle of Delaware (rank and organization not
stated) ; also (borne as Pindell), private, 1st Maryland

Joseph Pringle, private, 10th Pennsylvania Regiment.

Thomas Pringle, private, Stickney's Regiment, New Hamp-
shire Militia.

Thomas Pringle (rank not stated), 4th Maryland Regiment.

Timothy Pringle (also as Prindle), Sergt. Warner's Regt.,
Cont. Troops.

William Pringle (rank not stated), 7th Maryland Regiment.

William Pringle (rank not stated), 8th Regiment, Con-
tinental Troops.

List of pensioners, bearing the name of Prindle, who served in
the Revolutionary^ war, as shown by the records of the Pension
Bureau, Washington, D. C. Abstracts of their military history, in
individual cases, may be obtained upon application to the Hon.
Commissioner of Pensions. Many additional items of interest, of a
personal character, may also be found upon examination of the
papers on file accompanying individual applications for a pension.

Further additional information may, in some individual cases, be
obtained upon application to the Hon. Auditor for the Interior De-
partment, Washington, D. C.

Samuel Prindle, Conn. Line File

Peter Prindle, Conn. Line

Jotham Prindle, Vt. & N. Y. Line

Enos J. Prindle, N. Y. Line

Joel Prindle, Conn. Line

Abijah Prindle, Conn. Line

Samuel Prindle, Mass. Line

Polly (Mary) Prindle, wid. of Zalmon Prindle,

Conn. Line

Samuel Prindle, Conn. Line

(This last application was rejected for want of sufficient proof.)






























276 Prindle Genealogy.

Pensioners of 1812 War.

James Prindle, N. Y. Militia Orig

Caroline, widow of Harvey Prindle, N. Y. Militia. Ctf
Mary, widow of Daniel S. Prindle, Navy. . . . ,

Elizkbeth, widow of Eli Prindel, N. Y

Betsey, widow of Asa Prindle, N. Y

Roxana, widow of Joseph Prindle, Conn ....

Charles Prindall, D. L. U. S. Art. 1836

(This last claim was rejected).

From "Record of Connecticut Men in the War of the
Revolution, War of 1812, and Mexican War, 1775-1848," Adjt.
Gen. Office, Hartford, 1889.

P. 236. Zalmon Prindle, of Newtown, enlisted Feb. 23, 1777,
for during the war, as private in Company of Capt. Samuel Com-
stock (from Wilton), Eighth Regt., Col. Chandler, "Connecticut
Line."— Formation of 1777-1781.

P. 345. Zalmon Prindle, paid from January 1, 1781, to De-
cember 31, 1781, as private in Capt. Comstock's Company, Fifth
Regt., Lt. Col. Comndt. Sherman, "Connecticut Line." — Formation
of 1781-1783.

P. 365. Zalmon Prindle, on Size Roll of Capt. Monson's
Company, Feb. 1, 1783, Second Regt., Col. Heman Swift, "Connec-
ticut Line." — Formation of January- June, 1783, as having enlisted
from Newtown, on February 3, 1777, for the war.

P. 70. Abijah Prindle, enlisted as a private in 8th Company,
Captain Joseph Smith, of Newtown, Fifth Continental Regt., Col.
Waterbury, May 9, 1775, and was discharged October 6th.

Note. — This Regiment was raised on the first call by Act of

Legislature, April-May, 1775; recruited mainly from Fairfield

County, Conn.; time of service expired December, 1775.

It marched to New York in June and camped at Harlem ;

and about Sept. 28, it marched, under orders of Congress, to

the Northern Department, Gen. Schuyler's, and took part in the

operations along Lakes George and Champlain.

P. 236. Abijah Prindle, from Newtown, enlisted April 25,
1777, for the war, as private in Cajjt. Comstock's Company, Eighth
Regt., Col. Chandler, "Connecticut Line." — Formation of 1777-

p. 349. Abijah Prindle, paid as private in Capt. Brigham's
Company, Fifth Regt., from January 1, 1781, to August l6, 1781.

P. 636. Abijah Prindle, on list of pensioners, as private from
Conn., of the Revolutionary War.

P. 636. JoTHAM Prindle, on list of pensioners, as private,
N. Y., of the Revolutionary War.

Appendix. 277

P. l63. Enos Prindle, private in Company of Capt. John
Mills^ of Fairfield^ Second Regt., "Connecticut Line," Col. Webb,
enlisted August 1, 1777, for the war; died October, 1778.

P. 631. Enos Prindle, promoted to Sergt. Major, Lamb's
Artillery, in June, 1781.

P. 285. Enos J. Prindle, from Derby, Conn., in lists of Ser-
geants of Col. Lamb's Artillery, 1777-1783; enlisted June 2, 1777;
corporal June 2, 1777; promoted Sergeant October 1, 1779; paid to
Jan. 1, 1780.

P. 636. Enos J. Prindle, discharged in Northern Depart-
ment, November 20, 1775, from 10th Company, Capt. Samuel Peck
of South Milford, First Continental Regt., Gen. Wooster's, re-
cruited in New Haven County.

P. 225. Ezra Prindle, private in Company of Capt. Phineas
Beardsley, of New Fairfield, Seventh Regt., Col. Swift, "Connec-
ticut Line," 1777-1781, enlisted January 14, 1777, for 3 years.
"Des. April 1, 1777."

P. 259. Ezra Prindle, private in Col. Seth Warner's Regt.,
1777-1781, enlisted March 29, 1777. "Cont. to '81."

This Regt. was recruited from the Hampshire Grants, Mass.,

and Conn., and served in the Northern Dept., as at Bennington

and Saratoga. It was disbanded January 1, 1781.

P. 40. John Prindle, private in 3rd Company, Capt. Jabez
Thompson of Derby, Conn., First Continental Regt., Gen. Wooster's,
enlisted May 15, 1775, discharged December 20, 1775.

This Company served in the siege of Boston.

P. 70. Peter Prindle, private in 8th Company, Capt. Joseph
Smith of Newtown, Conn., Fifth Continental Regt., Col. Water-
bury, 1775, enlisted May 15, 1775. "Deserted."

This Regiment was recruited mainly in Fairfield County. Its

record is identical with Gen. Wooster's, or the First Regt.,

up to the siege of St. John in October, it having first marched

to New York under Wooster, and then to the Northern Dept.

Term of service expired December, 1775.

P. 69- Samuel Prindle, private in 8th Companj^, Capt. Joseph
Smith of Newtown, Fifth Continental Regt., Col. Watcrbury, 1775,
enlisted June 22, 1775; discharged December 3, 1775.

(Note. — That Abijah, Peter and Samuel Prindle, all enlisted
and served in this Company).

Connecticut Militia, War of 1812.

P. 105. Joseph Prindle, private in Capt. Seth Comstock's
Company, served from September l6, 1813, to November 1, 1813.

Jonathan Prindle, private in Capt. John Buckingham's Com-
pany, served from September 12, 1814, to October 20, 1814.

Eleazer Prindle, from New London, private in Capt. Samuel

278 Prindle Genealogy.

Waugh's Company, served from August 3, 1813, to September 16,

Norman Prindle, from New London, Q. M. Sergeant, Lt. Col.
Tim. Shepard, served from August 3, 1813, to September l6, 1813.

John Prindle, from Bridgeport, private in Capt. Chas. Park's
Company, served from July 12, 1814, to September 9, 1814.

From "Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Revo-
lution." Vol. 12.

Prindle, . (This name also appears under the form of

Prindal, Prindel, Prinles).

Prindal, Eldad." — Private, Capt. John Abbott's Co., Col. Na-
thaniel Wade's Regt. ; entered service July 10, 1780, 3 days pre-
ceding marcli; discharged Oct. 11, 1780; service, 3 mos. 12 days,
at West Point, including travel (200 miles) home; regiment raised
for 3 months.

Prindel, Abel. — Private, Capt. Ebenezer Newell's Co., Col.
Symond's regt.; service, 6 days; company marched from Lanes-
borough to Meloomscuyck Aug. 14, 1777, on an alarm. (This is
the present town of Walloomsac, N. Y., where the "Battle of Ben-
nington" was fought, Aug. 16, 1777).

Prindel, Moses. — Private, Capt. Oliver Belding's Co., Maj.
Caleb Hyde's detachment of militia; entered service July 8, 1777;
discharged July 21, 1777; service, 14 days, in Northern depart-

Prindel, Nathan. — Sergeant, Capt. Reuben Petty's Co., Lieut.
Col. Samuel William's regt.; engaged Dec. 16, 1776; discharged
March 19, 1777; service, 3 mos. 15 days, including 12 days (240
miles) travel home.

Prindel, Samuel. — Capt. William's Co., Col. John Paterson's
regt. (26th) ; order for bounty coat or its equivalent in money
dated Fort No. 3, Charlestown, Oct. 27, 1775.

Prindle, Jotham. — Private, Capt. Wendell's Co., Col. Goose
Van Schaick's (1st New York) regt.; muster roll for Jan., Feb.,
and March, 1781, dated West Point; enlistment, during war; also
(late) Capt. Mendell's Co., Col. Goose Van Schaick's regt.; muster
roll for April, 1781, dated at West Point.

Prindle, Moses. — Private, Capt. Amos Rathbun's Co., Col.
Benjamin Simond's detachment of Berkshire Co., militia; muster
roll dated Ticonderoga, Feb. 25, 1777; entered service, Dec. l6,

Prindle, Samuel, Stockbridge. — Private, Capt. Thomas Wil-
liam's Co. of Minute-men, Col. John Paterson's regt., which marched
April 22, 1775, in response to the alarm of April 19, 1775, from
Stockbridge and West Stockbridge to Cambridge; service, 13 days;
also, Capt. Thomas William's Co., Col. Paterson's regt.; muster

Appendix. 279

roll dated Aug. 7, 1775; enlisted May 5, 1775; service, 3 mos. 4
days; also. Company return (probably) Oct. 1775; also, list of men
raised by the town of Pittsfield for Continental service, as returned
by Capt. John Strong, Lieut. Stephen Croofoot, Capt. William
Foord, and Capt. William Francis; joined Capt. Stoddard's Co.,
Col. Vose's regt. ; term, 3 years ; also, list of men raised to serve
in the Continental Army from Capt. Isaac Marsh's (1st Stock-
bridge) Co.; residence Stockbridge; engaged for town of Stock-
bridge; joined Capt. Stoddard's Co., Col. Vose's regt.; term, 3
years or during the war; also, list of men mustered between Jan.
20, 1777, and June 1, 1778, by Truman Wheeler, Muster Master for
Berkshire Co.; Capt. Stoddard's Co.; reported received State bounty;
also, Corporal, Maj. Cogswell's Co., Col. Vose's regt.; Continental
Army pay accounts for service from March 1, 1777, to March 1,
1780; also, Capt. Orringh Stoddard's Co., Col. Vose's regt.; muster
roll for Dec, 1777, sworn to at Camp near Valley Forge; also,
same Co. and regt.; muster rolls for Nov. and Dec, 1778, Jan.,
Feb., March and April, 1779, sworn to at Providence; enlisted
March 1, 1777.

Prinles, Johx, Xew Salem, (probably). — Private, Capt.

Ebenezer Goodall's Co. of Minute-men, Col. Woodbridge's regt.,
which marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775; service, 7 days.

From "Vermont Revolutionary Rolls/' 1905.

P. 49-50. Jonathan Prindle, on Pay Roll of Capt. Parmalee
Allen's Co., in Herrick's Regt. of Rangers, for the advanced pay
engaged by the authority of the State of Vermont at £l per man
• per month.

"Jona. Prindle; entered July 15; discharged Dec 3,

(1777.^); 142 days in service; amt. of pay £4.14.8."

Pay Roll approved in Council, Bennington, June 16, 1778.

P. 137-8. Jonathan Prindle, on Pay Roll of Capt. Parmalee
Allen's Co., of Rangers for service done the United States in the
year 1779-

"Jonathan Prindle; entered service Aug. 1; discharged Nov.

17; 109 days in service; pay per month <£2.0.0. ; total 16.7.4."

Sworn to at Sunderland, November 19, 1779-

P. 287. Jonathan Prindle, on Pay Roll of Capt. John
Stark's Co. of Militia, in Col. Ira Allen's Regt., for service done
in defense of the Northern Frontier of this State, by order, in
October in the year 1780.

"Jona. Prindle; entered service Oct. 12; 21 days in service;

44 miles travel; amt. mileage, 14.8; per day and rations, 1.4;

total, 2.2.8."

Pay Roll approved at Pay Table Office, Arlington, June 6, 1781.

P. 176. JoTH Prindle, on Pay Roll of Capt. John Stark's

280 Prindle Genealogy.

Co. in Col. Ira Allen's Regt., for service done for the two alarms
at Skeensborough and Ticonderoga about the 1st of April last, A.
D., 1780.

"Joth Prindle; 7 days in service; 74 miles travel; amt. travel

1.4.8; pay per day and rations 1.4; total 1.14.0."

Svporn to at Arlington June 6, 1781 ; Pay Roll approved at
Pay Table Office, Arlington June 7, 1781.

P. 328. JoTH Prindle, on Pay Roll of a detachment of men
that was ordered to Castleton for a tour of fourteen days on Dec.
1, 1780, to be under the command of Capt. Wallace, which said
orders were countermanded before the fourteen days were out (6
men in all).

"Joth Prindle; 6 days in service; 22 miles travel; amt. at 4^

per man 7.4; total including rations 15.4."

Pay Roll approved Pay Table Office, Arlington, June 6, 1781.

P. 464. JoTH Prindle, on Pay Roll of Capt. Samuel Willard's
Co. of Militia, in Col. Ira Allen's Regt. for service done in de-
fence of the Northern Frontier of this State in Oct. 1781, per

"Joth Prindle; entered service Oct. 23; 9 days in service; 22

miles travel; pay at 4*, 7.4; total 0.19.4."

Pay Roll approved at Pay Table Office, Arlington, Jan. 9, 1782,
and paid at Treasurer's Office, Sunderland, Jan. 1782.

P. 636. Joel Prindle, on a list of Capt. Gideon Brownson's
Co., Col. Warner's Regt., Montreal, Feb'y. 26, 1776. "Deserted."

P. 833. Joel Prindle, on a list of enlisted men in Col. Ethan
Allen's Green Mountain Boys, who were at Quebec in 1776.

(Copied from "New York in the Revolution as Colony and
State," page 62).

From "New York in the Revolution as Colony and State," by
James A. Roberts, Controller. 2nd Edition, Albany, 1898.

P. 25. Jotham Prindle, private in 1st Regt., The Line, Col.
Goose Van Schaick.

P. 45. Joseph Prindle, private in 3rd Regt., The Line, Col.
James Clinton and Col. Peter Gansevort.

P. 62. Joel Prindle, private in Col. Ethan Allen's Regt., The
Green Mountain Bovs, Major Brown's Detachment, at Quebec, in

P. 64. Enos J. Prindle, private in 2nd Regt. Artillery, The
Line, Col. John Lamb.

P. 124. Joel Prindle, private in 13th Regt. Albany Co.
Militia, Cols. John McCrea and Cornelius Van Vechten.

P. 253. Benjamin Prindle, private in 1st Regt. Orange Co.
Militia. (Land Bounty Rights.)

P. 253. David Prindle, private in 1st Regt. Orange Co.
Militia. (Land Bounty Rights.)

Appendix. 281

From "New York in the Revolution." — Fernow, 1887.

P. 177. JoTHAM Prindle, enlisted Oct. 24, 1776, for the war,
in Capt. Fink's Co. ; transferred to Caj)t. Wendell's Co. ; served to
end of war.

P. 183. JoTHAM Prindle, on Muster Roll of Capt. John
Wendell's Co., 1st Battalion, New York Forces in service of the
United States, commanded by Col. Goose Van Schaick, Feb'y 9-


P. 204. Josh Prindle, private, 6th Co., Capt. Aaron Aorson,
3d Battalion, 3d Regt., N. Y. Line, Col. Gansevoort; corporal Dec.
1, 1776; 3 years Sergt. Dec. 4, 1777, discharged Dec. 7, 1777.

P. 245. Enos Jones Prindle, sergt, major, 2nd New York

P. 449. Alexander Prindle, sergeant, Capt. Shaw's Co., Col.
Van Rensselaer.

Note. — The term "deserted" or "deserter" which is occasion-
ally found opposite a soldier's name on the old muster rolls, etc.,
was not always one of reproach. Many of those who were thus
called merely absented themselves for a time and then rejoined their
commands, without question. Others are described, in the docu-
ments, as having afterward "Joined and served to the end of the
War," or "Joined and afterwards died."

The term "absent" would more correctly describe the real con-
duct of many of the soldiers. In the Land Bounty Rights there is
often a serious doubt whether the word "deserted" refers to the
Soldier or his claim on the land.

NOTE 12.

Military Service in French and Indian Wars.
From Connecticut Historical Society, Collections, Vol. IX.
— French and Indian War Rolls, 1755-1757, and 1758-1762.

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