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The Prindle genealogy. embracing the descendants of William Pringle the first settler, in part for six, seven and eight generations, and also the ancestors and descendants of Zalmon Prindle for ten generations, covering a period of two hundred and fifty-two years, 1654-1906 online

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Online LibraryFranklin Cogswell PrindleThe Prindle genealogy. embracing the descendants of William Pringle the first settler, in part for six, seven and eight generations, and also the ancestors and descendants of Zalmon Prindle for ten generations, covering a period of two hundred and fifty-two years, 1654-1906 → online text (page 4 of 26)
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32 Prindle Genealogy.

March 6, 1709-10.— Deed, Ebenezer Prindel of Milford to W™
Gold of INIilford, " certain house and house lott Wing in Milford
containing half an acre more or less bounded north south east &
west by comon land . . . for £24- country pay."

May 17, 1713. — Deed, Ebenezer Prindle of Newtcwn to James
Prime of Milford " all my right of lands in Milford Comons as
sequestered land, for 42 shillings in currant money."

Witnesses: Theophilus Baldwin & Enos Prindle.

Newtown town records show, among other early transfers, the

January 19, 1703. — Deed, to Ebenezer Prindle of Milford
" from Lemuel Eells of Milford all my right title and interest in
and unto a place called Newtown as will more fully appear by the
Grant of the General Court." Also on

March 2, 1709- — Deed to Ebenezer Prindle o£ Milford, from
Lemuel Eells of Milford; showing that up to this time he had not
removed to Newtown.

In May, 1708, the Colonial Legislature gave a town grant, leav-
ing it to the people to choose between Preston and Newtown for a
name; and

In March, 1710, the name of Ebenezer Pringle appears as one
of twenty-two proprietors in " An a countt of a Division of Land
laid out by the Committee for Newtown, each lot Contauning 20
acres," etc., when he was allotted five lots on the west side of the

In May, 1711, the town was given the right to elect local offi-
cers, a town clerk, constable, surveyor, etc., and these officers were
obliged to go to Danbury to take the oath of office, and

On September 24, 1711, at a meeting of the proprietors, Eben-
ezer Prindle was appointed surveyor of highways.

In October, 1711, the town was incorporated and granted the
right to elect townsmen, or selectmen, and at a meeting held at the
house of Daniel Foote, December 4, 1711, Ebenezer Pringle, Samuel
Sanford and John Piatt were chosen select men, thus inaugurating
the first town government. He was also re-elected in 1712 and
following years.

In 1711 he was also appointed surveyor of the land purchased
from the Indians.

On December 4, 1711, at the second town meeting held that day,
he was appointed on a committee of three to consider the matter

Descendants of Ebenezer-. 33

of establishing a grist mill on Pond brook and to draw articles con-
cerning the same.

Ebenezer Prindle was one of the thirty-seven original proprie-
tors of Newtown in 1710. Each settler had a lot of certain given
dimensions on the main street; and it was recorded on November 18,
1713, that " Ebenezer Prindle hath taken his pitch South westerly
of Chestnut Ridge, length north and south 140 rods, width 80
rods," which was doubtless the original Prindle home lot.

The minutes of following town meetings contain many refer-
ences to Ebenezer as a prominent citizen, as well as to his children,
as time passed on. The land records show many transfers since
then made in the names of Ebenezer, his children and their descend-
ants down to the jDresent time, more than three hundred of which
have been examined for data relating to this branch of the family
for use in this compilation.

By the will of Ebenezer Pringle (signed Prindle) of Newtown,
Conn., dated June 26, 174'(), and probated August 8, 17'iO, he gives to
his "son Joseph one acre of Land adjoining to his house lot, bounded
north on the highway South on his Brother Ephraim's land and
west on his Brother Jehoshaj^hat's land; also my Dwelling House
and my house lot or Home lot, . . . excepting two acres at
the West Side or end, and that my Son Jehoshaphat shall have the
privilege of passing and repassing and laying wood on the west
side of his dwelling house, sd Home Lot is bounded Northerly by
the home Meadow, Easterly and southerly by common land or the
highway. Provided he shall pay all my Debts and Legacies here-
after mentioned for which my movable Estate is not sufficient.

To my son Jonathan, £00-05-00.

To my son Nathan, ,£10-00-00.

To my son Ephriam, two acres of meadow land adjoining the
North end of my home lot which two acres I bought of Edward

To my son Jehoshaphat, my Barn and two acres of Land be-
ing the westerly side or end of my Home lot and meadow, which
two acres is bounded northerly on the home meadow. Westerly on
^Sloses Stilson's land Southerly on the highway and Easterly on that
part of my home lot I above gave to my son Joseph.

To the children of my son Benjamin Pringle Deceased twenty
shillings to each of them when they come to the age of 26 years."

His sons Joseph and Jehoshaphat were named as executors.

The inventory of his estate, dated August 16, 1740, made by
Samuel Ferris and John Northrop, amounted to ,£263-11-10.

34 Prindle Genealogy.

i. Ebenezer", b. ; d. 1758, unm. (prob.).

The town records of Fairfield, Conn., show:

March 15, 1756. — Deed, Robert Meeker to Ebenezer
Prindle, of Fairfield, Sj'i acres in Adams Long Lot in
Fairfield, also

April 27, 1757. — Ebenezer Prindle, of Fairfield, to
Ebenezer Lyon, of Fairfield, 8J4 acres, a part of Adams
Long Lot, for £42 New York money.

His will, dated Fairfield, Conn., May 17, 1758, and
probated November 6, 1758, gives

To " Mr. William Stevens of sd Fairfield Twenty
Pounds and all of ye remainder of my Estate real &
personal I Give and bequeath to my Brother Enos
Pringle and to my sister Elizabeth Roots."

William Stevens was named as executor ; and the in-
ventory, dated December 1, 1758, made by William Hall
and Jonathan Walker, was valued at £69-12-01. All
of the land in said inventory was located in the Parish of
Redding, Conn,
ii. Sarah', bapt. Milford, Conn., July 4, 1703; m. July 19,
1715, John Foote, son of Daniel and gr. son of Nathan-
iel Foote, of Stratford, the first settler.

Children :

1. Sarah Foote\ b. Oct. 30, 1715.

2. Elizabeth Foote^ b. May 14, 1717.

3. Nathan Foote^ b. Oct. 24, 1719-

4. John Foote\ b. Nov. 29, 1721.

5. Phebe Fcote^ b. — ; m. Dec. 4, 1751, Timothy

Treadwell, son of Benjamin, of Fairfield, Conn.

6. Peter Foote\ b. 1725.

7. Hannah Foote\ b. 1727.

iii. Enos"', bapt. Milford, July 4, 1703; d. Greenwich, Conn.,

The town records of Newtown show this single trans-

August 30, 1715. — Deed, John Read to Enos Prindle.
Also that he was witness to a deed. May 17. 1713.

Descendants of Ebenezer-. 35

Benjamin Prindle, of Greenwich, was appointe'd ad-
ministrator of his estate, with bond dated December 3,
1724; and inventory taken December 18, 1724, by Joseph
Ferris and Ebenezer Renels, valued at .£21-08-03.

In the administration account it is stated that the de-
ceased (who is called brother by the administrator) was
partner with several people in Norwalk, Conn., in build-
ing a mill. He died probably unmarried. ^ ,^,
10. iv. Joseph^, b. New Haven, Conn.; m. (1) Mary Adams; m.
(2) Sarah Kimberly; d. Nov. 11, 1772.

V. Benjamin'', bapt. ]Milford, Conn., July 4, 1703; m. ;

d. Greenwich, Conn., 1733, leaving children who were
heirs to his father's estate and mentioned in his father's
will, in 1740, but whose names are not known. Inventory
of Benjamin's estate, dated Greenwich, Feb. 6, 1733, and
valued at £3i-7-8, was made by Caleb Knap and Na-
thaniel Huested.

Note. — It has been thought that the Enos Prindle
who m. Deborah Jones of Milford, Jan. 16, 1750, and
had ten children, was a son of Benjamin, but the proof
is still lacking. Orcutt's History of Derby gives an in-
complete record of this family. One of the sons, Enos
Jones, was a soldier of the Revolutionary war, 1777-
1786. Another son, John, served under Gen. Wooster
at the siege of Boston.

This note is here made Avitli the hope that it may
lead to the discovery of further facts relating to the
descendants of Benjamin and the ancestry of this Enos
and John,
vi. JoNATHAN^ bapt. July 4, 1703; m. Mar. 1, 1731, Elizabeth
Thompson, dau. of Capt. Samuel Thompson; rem. to

Wallingf ord ; d. .

Newtown land records show transfers from him in
Oct., 1732, in which he describes himself as of Cheshire
and Wallingford; and in June, 1733, as of Wallingford.

Children :

1. Ebenezer*, b. Oct. 7, 1731; d. Jan. 10, 1772.

2. Keziah*, b. Mar. 14, 1733; m. Mar. 19, 1759, Isaiah


3. Phebe*, b. Jan. 14, 1735; m. Jan. 29, 1755; Moses

36 Prindle Genealogy.

Frost, son of Samuel, of Waterbury, Conn.; d. bef.

Children, born in Waterhury:

1. Jams Frosty b. Jan. 3, 1757.

2. Anne Frost % b. Aug. 12, 1759.

4. Ezra*, b. Jan. 23, 1737.

5. Damaris*, b. Sept. 1, 1738.

6. Anne^ b. Dec. 30, 1740; m. Nov. 19, 1761, Lot Hud-

son, who d. Jan. 29, 1771.

Children :
1. David Hudson^ b. Mar. 2, 1763 (and perh. others).

7. PATIENCE^ b. Sept. 20, 1755.

vii. Nathan^ b. April 7, 1704; m. May 9, 1728, Mary Richa-
son, dau. of John Richason, dec'd, who was b. Feb. 14,
1706-7; rem. to Waterbury, Conn., abt. 1727, with his
cousin Jonathan, son of Eleazer-, of Milford; d. July 8,

He was a clothier, and had a grant of two acres of
land up Great Brook in 1727-8, provided he would build
a fulling mill in four years. Nathan and Mary sold
their house and mill to their brother Nathaniel Arnold in
1737, who in turn conveyed it to Ephraim Warner, Jr.,
and Ebenezer Judd, described as "4 acres with a house,
shop, Fulling mill and tainters thereon, the press. Iron
plate and other material for dressing cloth, lying east-
ward from the town by the highway to Buck's Hill."

Children, born in Waterbury :

1. Nathan*, b. and d. Feb. 1729-30.

2. Elizabeth*, b. April 5, 1731; m. Smith.

3. Phebe*, b. Oct. 24, 1733; m. (1) 1755, Moses Ford;

m. (2) Aug. 16, 1761, Cornelius Graves, as his 2nd

Children :
1. Jacob Graves^ b. July 12, 1762.

4. John*, b. Nov. 19, 1735; d. in 1760; supposed to have

lost his life in the expedition against Canada, in that
year, to which reference is made in his will as follows:

Descendants of Ebenezer-. 37

In the name of God Amen^ ye 5th day of May in
the year of our Lord A.D. 1760, I John Prindle of
Waterbury in the County of New Haven and Colony
of Connecticut being going in the Expedition against
Canada, being of perfect mind and memory Thanks
be to God for it, Now calling to mind the mortality of
my Body and knowing that it is appointed for all
once to die. Do make and ordain this to be my last
Will and Testament that is to say. Principally and
first of all I give and recommend my Soul to God who
gave it Nothing doubting but at the General Resur-
rection I shall receive the same again by ye almighty
Power of God, and as touching such worldly Estate
wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me, in this life,
I give and dispose of ye same in ye following manner
and form.

Imprimis, I give and bequeath unto my brother
Nathan Prindle and to my sister Phebe Prindle ten
Pounds lawful money to be taken out of my Estate,
first after my debts are paid, and then the rest of my
Estate to be equally divided among all my sisters and
brothers. Equally divided for Quantity and Quality,
Nothing Excepted or Reserved, to be by them in such
proportion fully possessed and Enjoyed forever after
all my laAvful debts and Legacies are paid by my Ex-
ecutors which will be hereafter mentioned and I do here-
by Disallow Revoak and Disanull all and every other
and former Wills Testaments Legacies and Bequests,
Ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my
last Will and Testament and I constitute Obadiah
Schovill and Ezra Brownson to be my Executors to
this my last Will, in Witness whereof I have hereunto
set my hand and seal ye day and year above written.

Signed sealed & Published Pronounced and De-
clared by ye above sd John Prindle.

John Prindle (seal)

Thomas Brownson

Anna Brownson

Susanna Brownson


This Will was " allowed and accepted to be re-
corded," at a Court of Probate held in Woodbury, De-
cember ye 4th, 1760.

Inventory of the estate was made Nov. 17, 1760,
by Stephen Upson and Andrew Brownson, appraisers,

38 Prindle Genealogy.

and filed by the Executors, December ye 2nd, 1760,
amounting to £88-11-9, less Debts and Charges of

The Court of Probate held at Woodbury, Dec. 2,
1760, apijointed Lieut. Stephen Upson, Mr. William
Adams and Mr. Andrew Brownson, all of Waterbury,
" to distribute sd Estate to the natural Brother and
Sisters of ye sd deceased," and to make return to the
Court of their doings.

A return of the distribution, made in Dec, 1760,
was made to the Court, Feb. 20, 1784, as follows:

To Nathan Prindle, 32 acres of Land in
the west part of the Township of

Farmington £l6-00-00

To Elizabeth Smith (sundry items of Invt.) 10-08-07

To Phebe Prindle. . " * " " " 21-16-08

To Mary Williams " " " " 12-02-11

To Sarah Prindle " " " " 9-18-07

To Ruth Prindle. . . " " " " 12-07-02

5. Mary*, b. Oct. 23, 1737; m. Dec. 12, 1705, Daniel Wil-

liams, son of Daniel Williams of Wallingford, dec'd.


1. Phebe Williams'', b. Nov. 23, 1756; d. July 7, 1758.

2. Anne Williams'% b. Oct. 10, 1759; d. May 3, 1762.

6. Sarah*, b. Feb. 21, 1740-11; d. aft. Dec. 1760.

7. Ruth*, b. March 18, 1742; m. (1) Dec. 3, 1761, Gideon

Seymour, son of Stephen Seymour; m. (2) 1785, Asa


1. Sarah Seymour^ b. June, 1762; d. Nov. 2, 1775.

2. Thankful Seymour^ b. Feb. 25, 1764.

3. Silva Seymour^ b. Oct. 26, 1765.

4. Almira Seymour^ b. Dec. 4, 1767.

5. Selah Seymour', b. July 5, 1769; d. prob. Oct., 1775.

6. Sala Seymour', b. April 14, 1771.

7. Ruth Seymour', b. Jan. 28, 1773.

8. Lydia Seymour', b. Dec 12, 1774.

9. Sarah Seymour', b. Sept. 5, 1776.
10. Selah Seymour', b. May 21, 1778.

Descendants of Ebenezer-. 39

11. Salmon Seymour'', b. Nov. 2, 1779; m. Dec. 22, 1805,

Clarissa Graves; d. Westmoreland, N. Y., March 23,

12. Gideon Seymour', b. May 22, 1782; d. March 28,

8. NATHAN^ 2nd, b. Feb. 6, 17-11-5; m. (1) Hannah
, who d. Oct. 10, 1783; m. (2) Mrs. Eliza-
beth Clendenning, widow, who d. Nov. 9, 1821; d.
July 8, 1837; rem. from Westbury, Conn., to North-
field, Mass., where he was appointed ferryman by the
town in 1771, and continued in charge for many years,
when it was known as Prindle's ferry. This ferry
was established in 1686, when it was known as the
"Moose plain ferr}-."

His name appears on a muster roll of Col. Whit-
ing's regt. in 1761.

He was also a soldier of the Revolution, his name
appearing on a list of "names of men enlisted at
Northfield in Dec, 1776, to go to Danbury."

In Vol. 12 of "Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in the
War of the Revolution," the following record appears:

"Prindle Nathan. — Sergeant, Capt. Reuben
Petty's Co., Lieut. Col. Samuel William's regt.; en-
gaged Dec. 16, 1776; discharged March 19, 1777;
service, 3 mos. 15 days, including 12 days (240 miles)
travel home."

In the seating of the church of 1780, he was as-
signed No. 33, along with Nathan Flint, John Field
and Eunice Field; and in that year he and Titus
Dickinson were allowed to have their proportion of
school money among themselves. He was chosen one
of the survcA'^ors at the town-meeting of March 3,
1800, and in 1818, he and 48 others living on the west
side of the river petitioned to be set off into a new

1. Mary^ (Polly), b. Waterbury, Aug. 1, 1770; d. Nov.
26, 1788, just after having been "j)ublished to Joel
Goss, Nov. 1, 1788."

40 Prindle Genealogy.

2. Sarah% b. 1774.

3. JoHN^ b. May 4, 1776; m. July 22, 1802, Esther

Page, who d. July 17, 1852, ae. 72; d. Northfield,
Mass., Nov. 27, 1822.

Children, born in Waterhury :

1. RuBY^ b. May 19, 1803; m. Jacob Moody.

2. Eliza A.", b. Aug. 31, 1804; m. Dec. 23, 1824,

Hubbard Phelps.

3. Charlotte'', b. Oct. 12, 1805.

4. Martha^ b. Sept. 7, 1807.

5. Mary*', b. Dec. 20, 1808.

6. Lucretia", b. May 19, 1810.

7. Harriet% b. Aug. 19, 1811.

8. Hannah", b. March 16, 1814.

9. John F.", b. March 5, 1816.

10. Tryphena", b. Aug. 22, 1822; d. Aug. 27, 1823.

4. RuBY^ b. Sept. 28, 1780; d. May 3, 1796.

5. HANNAH^ b. Feb. 6, 1783.

6. Nathan^ 3rd, b. July 22, 1786; m. Betsey Fowler,

who d. March 17, 1850, ae. 53; d. May 15, 1857.

Children, horn in Waterhury :

1. Thomas C.% b. Aug. 15, 1816.

2. Betsey", b. Dec. 10, 1817.

3. RoswELL H.", b. Sept. 18, 1819; d. Jan. 15, 1853.

4. James Dwight", b. June 17, 1821; m. West Cam-

bridge, Mass., Mary G. Cook; d. Nov., 1894,
in R. R. accident.

5. Lydia^ b. April 8, 1823; res. Portland, Ore.

6. John R.", June 21, 1825; res. in Northern Vt.

7. Lucy", b. Feb. 14, 1827; m. Wyliss; res.

Derry Depot, N. H,

viii. Ephraim^ b. April 19, 1707; m. (1) Elizabeth , who

d. March 14, 1756, ae. abt. 50; m. (2) Feb. 23, 1757,
Mary Sherman ; d. .

Children :
1. Ephraim*, Jr., b. Aug. 14, 1730; bapt. Sept., 1750;
m. Abigail Stilson, dau. of Benjamin Stilson, who was



Descendants of Ebenezer-. 41

was b. Oct. 4, 1729, and rec'd into full covenant in
the Cong. Church, Newtown, May 15, 1757; d. .

Children, born in Newtown:

1. Alexander^ b. Feb. 20, 1749-50; m. Oct. 20, 1771,

Silence Frisbee, "both of Sharon." Rem. to Little
Hoosack, N. Y., and to Manchester, Vt.


1. Elizabeth^, b. Little Hoosack, N. Y., July 29,


2. ABIGAIL^ b. Little Hoosack, N. Y., Dec. 8, 1776;

m. Feb. 4, 1796, Benjamin Purdy 3rd, of Man-
chester, Vt.

Children, horn in Manchester, Vt.:

1. Chauncey Purdy", b. April 22, 1797.

2. Lyman Purdy", b. March 5, 1799.

3. William Purdy", b. May 6, 1801.

4. Benjamin Purdy", Jr., b. Aug. 16, 1803.

5. Eliza Purdy', b. Sept. 4, 1805.

6. Rhoda Purdy", b. Nov. 28, 1807.

7. Harmon Purdy", b. April 27, 1810.

3. Syntiiia'^ (or Rhoda?), b. Little Hoosack, N. Y,,

July 8, 1779.

4. DAVID^ b. June 15, 1784, in ^Manchester, Vt.

5. DANIEL^ b. Manchester, Vt., June 8, 1786; m. aht/S'^^^'^.

1^12, Sylvia Mclntyre; sup. to have d. in Madi-
son, Wis., in 1875. >(' ^'-<,'^vj«^f;4{w^ vw. /''o-W^ ?/^(<9-*«/mj(;I/ ///*oftt

2. Abigail^, b. Sept. 14, 1751.

3. Elizabeth^ b. March 12, 1754.

2. Isaac* ("Isacaa"), b. July 27, 1733; m. Elizabeth

; d. abt. 1768.

3. James*, b. Aug. 5, 1736; m. Newtown, Jan. 22, 1759,

Anar Turner; d. Newtown, Nov. 9, 1800. JAMES^
Jr., witness to deed June 12, 1771.

4. Abijah*, b. Feb. 13, 1740; m. Dec. 4, 1765, Jemima

Hubbell, who d. Oct. 5, 1815; d. Newtown, Feb. 10,

He was a soldier of the Revolutionary war, having
served from May 9 to Oct. 6, 1775, in the Northern

42 Prindle Genealogy.

Dept.^ and then enlisted at Newtown, April 25, 1777,
for the war, and served until June 8, 1783, in the
8th, 5th and 2nd Conn. Regiments. He was granted
a pension Sept. l6, 1818.

Children, horn in Netvtown:
— 1. Nancy^ b. Oct. 10, 1766.

2. BuLAH", b. June 7, 1769-

3. JoHN^ b. June 3, and d. Aug. 14, 1771.

4. Elizabeth^ b. May 10, 1774.

5. Ebenezer^, b. Aug. 20, 1777.

6. Daniel^ b. July 2, 1786.

7. Keziah% b. Dec. 25, 1788.

8. Sally=, b. Sept. 6, 1790; d. Aug. 14, 1864, ae. 74.

9. Zerviah^ b. SejDt. 25, 1792.

10. LucY^ b. June 25, 1794.

11. Damaris^ b. Dec. 20, 1796.

12. AzuBAH% b. April 8, 1798.

5. Abiel* (or Abial), b. Nov. 3, 1742; m. Alice Stillson,
dau. of Benjamin Stillson; lived and died near Cream
. Hill Lake, Cornwall, Conn. He was a soldier of the
French and Indian wars ; also of the Revolutionary
war, as a private, for three months, in Col. Wyllis'
Regt., authorized by the Council of Safety, June 30,
1780, to meet the requisition from Gen. Washington,

Children :
1. Warren^, b. — ; m. .

Children :
1. Warren'' Jr., b. .

2. Samuel'^, b. ; m. — , and had ch.

3. Harmanus'', b. ; m. , and had ch.

Joseph^ b. ; lived to a good old age, but d.


"He was quite a character in his day; an in-
dulgent boy, who played truant, and grew up a
slave to a hard task master, even his ungoverned
passion. In his youth he had some ambition, and
aspired to the study of Latin, and to making jDoetry."
Here is one stanza:

Descendants of Ebenezer-. 4.3

"Dr. Frank
He felt so crank,
He danced like a dandy, O;
He jumped so high
He hit the sky,
And thought he'd got Miss Pangman, O."

3. Alice^ b. ; m. Barnes.

4. Anna'"', b. ; lived to a good old age and died

ix. Jehoshaphat'*, b. July 12, bapt. July 17, 1709; m. (1)
March 7, 1735, Hannah Smith, who d. May 8, 1744.;
m. (2) Feb. 19, 1745, O. S., Hannah Basten; d. in 1812,
ae. 103 yrs.

"This may certify that Jelioshaphat Prindle and
Hannah Smith were joined together in the holy bonds of
matrimoney on the Seventh day of March 1734-5 at the
parish of West Haven by me the subscriber.

"As witness m}?^ hand Sa Johnson."

"Jelioshaphat Prindle and Hannah Basten (2nd wife)
was joyned in ye marriage Covenant By Mr John Beach
Missionary Feb'y ye IQth old Stile, A.D. 1745." —
Church records.

In 1739 he was assessed forty dollars on the Grand
List of Newtown, for "Faculty," according to the custom
of those early days. By "faculty" was meant superior
wisdom and judgment above that of their neighbors.

Children by 1st marriage:

1. Hannah^ b. April 10, 1736; m. Joseph Griffen.

2. John*, b. Oct. 28, 1737; d. prob. 1763, unm.

By his Will, dated Newtown, May 19, 1759, and
probated at Danbury, Oct. 24, 1763, he bequeaths his
property to his sisters Hannah, wife of Joseph Grif-
fen, and Lucy Prindle, and his brothers Austin and

3. Lucy* ("Luse"), b. July 4, 1739; m. French.

Children (prob.):
1. John French", b. 1764; living in Newtown Dec. 12,
1836, when he deposes that Peter Prindle, the
soldier of the Revolutionary war, was brother to

44 Prindle Genealogy.

his mother, he himself being at that time 72 yrs.
old, etc.

4. Austin^ b. April 15, 1742.

5. William*, b. May 2, 1744; m. . "Wife of Will-

iam Prindle, died 10 Dec., 1769, ae. 25."

Children hy 2nd marriage :

6. Eldad*, b. June 26, 1746; m. Sept. 24, 1768, Keturah

Smith ; rem. to Gloucester, Mass. ; describes himself as
of Redding in a deed dated Feb, l6, 1806.

Children :

1. ELIAKIM^ b. Aug. 23, 1769; m. June 20, 1787, Betsey


Children :

1. Olive% b. 1789; d. May 7, 1806.

2. David", b. 1791; rem. to Maine. "Susannah James,

b. St. John, N. B., 1798; mar. David Prindall,
Nov. 19, 1817. She d. a widow."

3. Daniel Smith*', b. 1792; m. Mary Burnham; d.


4. William'', b. Aug. 2, 1794.

5. Charles*', b. April 2, 1796.

6. SusAN^ b. Feb. 14, 1799-

7. EDWARD^ b. March 12, 1802.

8. James Lufkin*', b. March 7, 1805; rem. to Canada.

9. Betsey*', b. Nov. 3, 1808.

2. Susannah^ b. March 14, 1774; rem. to N. Y.

3. Sally^ b. March 20, 1779.

4. Esther Allen^ b. April 11, 1783.

7. Daniel*, b. March 30, 1748. (A Daniel Prindle, d.

in Newtown, April 19, 1820. Jamima Prindle, an in-
fant dau. of a Daniel and Jamima Prindle, of Stam-
ford, Conn., was bapt. there by Rev. Ebn. Dibble,
April 26, 1770.— St. John's Ch. Rec, Stamford. A
Jamima Prindle d. in Redding, April, 1848, aged 78,
with birthplace given as Newtown. — Redding Prob.
Rec. (prob. this dau.).

8. Olive*, b. March 4, 1750; m. Oct. 26, 1766, Noah

Descendants of Ebenezer-. 45

Parmley, Jr.; d. soon after prob. as "Noah Parmley,
Jr., and Uniss Gillette were m, July 14, 1768."
I. Anna* ("Anner"), b. Feb. 13, 1752; m. Oct. 23, 1769,
Edward Foote, of Newtown, who d. Oct. 14, 1835,
ae. 92; d. Nov., 1826.

Children, born in Newtown:

1. Olive Foote% b. Nov. 26, 1770; m. Ira Starr.

2. Austin Footed b. March 14, 1773; d. Sept. 12, 1773.
J. Huldah Footed b. July 12, 1774; m. Andrew Jud-

son; rem. abt. 1800 or later to Wisconsin.

4. Anna Foote\ b. Dec. 3, 1775; living in Newtown,


5. Lucina Foote% b. Sept. 22, 1777; m. 1804, William

Taylor; d. Sharon, 1835, leaving 3 or 4 eh.

6. Catharine Footed b. July 18, 1779; d. Oct. 31,


7. Austin Foote", 2nd, b. June 1, 1781; lived in So.

America ; ra. in N. Y. ; d. in New Orleans, leaving
wid. and 5 ch.

8. Edward Allen Foote^ b. May 12, 1783; m. in

Perrysville, N. Y. ; d. in Indiana, Oct., 1846, leaving
a dau.

9. Ziba Footed b. July 20, 1785; drowned April 30,

1806; grad. Yale Col., 1805.

10. Winthrop Foote^ b. Nov. 30, 1787; d. Bedford, Ind.,

in 1849.

11. Nisan Foote'', b. May 9, 1790; m. (1) Miss Smith,

of Derby, and (2) in Philadelphia, Pa.

12. Prosper Alonzo Foote% b. July 16, 1792; m. Aug.

7, 1813, Clarinda Williams, dau. of Thaddeus
Williams, of Bethel, Conn.; rem. 1813 to Wabash,
Ind.; d. Sept. 10, 1831, s.p.

13. Catharine Maria Foote% b. Aug. 17, 1794; m- (0

1812, Baldwin, of Derby.; rem. 1818,

to 111., where he d. in 1822; m. (2) 1824, Capt.

Abram Hawkins, U. S. Army; m. (3)

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