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The Prindle genealogy. embracing the descendants of William Pringle the first settler, in part for six, seven and eight generations, and also the ancestors and descendants of Zalmon Prindle for ten generations, covering a period of two hundred and fifty-two years, 1654-1906 online

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Online LibraryFranklin Cogswell PrindleThe Prindle genealogy. embracing the descendants of William Pringle the first settler, in part for six, seven and eight generations, and also the ancestors and descendants of Zalmon Prindle for ten generations, covering a period of two hundred and fifty-two years, 1654-1906 → online text (page 5 of 26)
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Story; d. 1833.

14. Charlotte Foote', b. May 13. 1797; m.

Barnum, of Bethel, Conn., and had 6 ch.

46 Prindle Genealogy.

10. Mary^ b. Dec. 20, 1753.

11. Allen*, b. Jan. 12, 1755; was in the Revolutionary

Army, and killed by the British at the capture of
Fort Washington, N. Y., Nov. l6, 1776.

12. Peter*, b. Jan. 17, 1757; m. (0 Mary Patton ; m.

(2) Sarah ; d. Stratford, Conn., Jan. 28, 1840.

He was a soldier of the Revolutionary war, having
served at various periods each year, as private in
5th Conn. Regt. from May, 1775, to Oct. 1777, then
as sergeant until discharged in the summer of 1780.
He was present at the battle of White Plains, and
in a skirmish at Horseneck, in 1776, he was severely
wounded by a musket ball in the neck. "He was a
good and faithful soldier." From the records of the
Treasury Dept. it is stated that "Peter Prindle, cer-
tificate No. 28,674, late a sergeant in the Revolution-
ary Arm}', was paid a pension at $120 per annum
from March 4, 1831, to January 28, 1840, date of
death. He died at Stratford, Conn., leaving a widow,
Sarah Prindle, to whom the accrued pension was paid."
He lived in Tompkins and Genessee Cos., N. Y., with
some of his children and grandchildren prior to 1834;
visited other children and grandchildren in ]\Iichi-
gan Territory in 1835-6; then returned to Newtown,
Conn. ; and had a grandson, William" Prindle, living
in Bergen, Genessee Co., N. Y., in 1836. John French,
aged 72 years, of Newtown, deposed Dec. 12, 1836,
"I have known Peter Prindle since I was a child.
He is Brother to my Mother." (She was prob. Lucy*'

1. William^ b. 1811; m. Mary Ann Castleman, who d.
in 1842, ae. 30; rem. to Marshall, Mich.; d. July,

Children :
1. GEORGE^ b. near Byron, N. Y., 1833; m. Christine
Turner; rem. to Marshall and Kalamazoo, Mich.;
d. Nov. 14, 1889. Perh. other ch. also living hi
Western New York in 1834.

Descendants of Ebenezer-. 47

Children, born in Kalamazoo:

1. William Martin^ b. Sept. 23, 1863; m. Jan. 18,

1888, Mina Nettie Merrill, who was b. April
23, 186.); 1 ch., Muriel^ b. Minneapolis,
Minn., July 28, 1893; res. Diiluth, Minn.

2. Edward Major", b. Nov. 18, 1865; m. Minnie

Wiborn; 3 eh., Gladys"", Beth® and Wiborn^.

13. JABEZ^ b. Aug. 23, 1759; m. Susannah ; de-

scribes himself as of Southbury, Litchfield Co., Conn.,
in a deed dated Newtown, Sept. 14, 1803, in which he
joins with John Prindle, of Coeymans, Albany Co.,
State of New York, in a transfer of certain land to
Samuel Prindle, for a consideration of $800.


1. Maria% b. Oxford, Conn., June 9, 1801.

2. Russell^ b. 1807; m. (1) Mary — , who d,

Alvord, Mass., Aug. 4, 1846, ae. 38; m. (2) Jan.
8, 1848, Lucinda Church.

Children :

1. HENRY^ b. 1843.

2. Frances H.% b. 1849.

14. Ame* (Amy.?), b. Oct. ll<, 1762.

X. Elizabeth^ b. ; m. May 21, 1710, Samuel Root,

son of Caleb, dec'd, of Farmington, Conn., who was b.
Nov. 12, 1712, and d. May 17, 1778; d. June 30, 1785.


1. Still-born, July 25, 1742.

2. Mercy Root^ b. Sept. 10, and d. Oct. 10, 1744.

3. Samuel Brown Rcct\ b. Aug. 22, 1750; m. June 16,

1778, Rhoda Root.

1. Wealthy Root", b. March 13, 1779-

4. Enos Rcct^ b. March 26, 1753; m. Feb. 1, 1778, Martha

Robberts, dau. of Abial, Jr.

Children :
1. Moses Root\ b. Nov. 11, 1778.

48 Prindle Genealogy.

2. Samuel Root% b. Feb. 18, 1781; m. Jan. 1, 1803,

Rebekah Prichard, dau. of Benjamin, dec'd.

Children :

1. Martha Julia Root^ b. April 1, 1804.

2. Philomelia Root'', b. Dec. 18, 1805.

S. Hannah Emeline Root'', b. Aug. 11, 1808.

4. Samuel Homer Root^ b. April 6, 1810.

5. EHza Rebekah Root'"', b. April 14, 1812.

6. Sally Maria Root'% b. June 4, 1814.

7. Benjamin Edson Root''', b. Sept. 20, 1816; d. Sept.

20, 1816.

8. Mary Root'', b. May 14, 1819-

3. Elizabeth Root', b. April 23, 1783.

4. Levy Root% b. May 19, 1785.

5. Chauncey RootS b. Sept. 22, 1787; m. Jan. 1, 1823,

Polly Button.

6. Elias Root% b. Aug. 14, 1789.

7. Encs Prindle Root% b. Nov. 30, 1792.

8. Benjamin Root'% b. Aug. 2, 1795.

9. Martha Delia Root^ b. May 20, 1797.

r>. Joseph Root\ b. May 22, 1755; m. Jan. 19, 1777,
Mary Russell; d. bef. m. of son William, Nov. 11,

Children :

1. John Rcot% b. Dec. 28, 1777.

2. Salmon Root', b. March 12, 1779-

3. Lyman Root% b. March 22, 1781.

4. Lucy Root-', b. April 30, 1784.

5. Joseph Root\ b. May 23, 1786.

6. Harvey Root% b. July 28, 1788; d. March, 1795.

7. Russell Root% b. March 6, 1791; d. March, 179">.

8. Polly Root', b. May 13, 1793.

9. Sally Root', b. April 22, 1796.

10. William Russel Root'% b. Sept. 20, 1798; m. Nov.
11, 1826, Clarissa G. Terril, dau. of Amos.

6. Elizabeth Root^ b. Jan. 21, and d. Jan. 28, 1758.

7. Salmon RootS b. July 9, 1759; d. May 22, 1773.

8. Elizabeth I?oot\ b. June 22, 1761.


Joseph- Prixdle (Willicnn^), son of William and Mary (Des-
borough) Prindle, was born in New Haven, Conn., June 11, 1663.
He married August 19, 1686, Mary Brown, daughter of John-
(Francis^) and Mary (Walker) Brown, of New Haven, Mr. James
Bishop officiating, who was born there May 2, 1664.

His father deeded him, in 1689, one acre of land at the N.E.
corner of his homestead, near the corner of what is now Elm
Street and Second Avenue, in W^est Haven, and also one-fourth
acre on the S.W. corner. On December 10, I69I, he bought of
Peter Mallary, Sr., six acres near Elm Street and Union Avenue,
where is now the residence of Mr. Edw. G. Mansfield, and there
built a house. He describes himself as a house carpenter, as dis-
tinguished from a ship carpenter. He sold this shortly after to
Peter Mallary, Jr., and on February 8, 1697-8, bought of Jonathan
Atwater, for 24 pounds, a tract of 88 acres located about two and
one-half miles from West Haven, and which is described in the
deed as lying "upon ye hill commonly called the half way liill as
they goe to Milford." A part of this land is believed to have
been the nucleus of the homestead, which remained in the Prindle
family for 173 years.

The hill naturally took the name of "Prindle Hill," and the
farm came to be called "Scotland," at just what time is now un-
certain, but it was so named and known for at least the last 7-')
years of the Prindle occupancy. He is belicA'cd to have been, with
Rev. Samuel Johnson, one of the founders of the Episcopal Church
in West Haven.

He died :March 18, 1737-8, and in the record of his death is
called "Mr. Joseph Prindle," a title of distinction in tliose days.
A small red sandstone slab marks his grave, the inscription now
being nearly illegible, whereon he is entitled "Serjeant."

In his will, dated December 12, 1728, and probated May 29,
1738, he gives to his wife the use of the whole of his estate, and
after her death to Joseph, he to pay the following legacies:

To Samuel, 100 pounds above what he has had already; Tn
Hepzibah and Mary, 50 pounds each; and to the children of Joel,
40 pounds, or 10 pounds each. His son Joseph, Jr., was named


50 Prindle Genealogy.

executor. John Trowbridge, Jos. Whiting and Hannah Whiting
were witnesses. His estate was valued at 808 pounds.

Children, horn in West Haven:

i. JoANNA% b. ; d. July, 1688.

ii. JoHN^ b. 1691 or 1692; m. May 28, 1717, by Mr. Abraham
Bradle}^, Hannah, dau. of Daniel and Hannah (Beeclier)
Clark, and gr. dau. of Eleazer and Phoebe (Prindle)

Children :
1. William^ b. June 27, 1718: d. .

iii. SAMUEL^ b. Nov. 11, 1693; m. April 24, 1718, by Mr.
Samuel Bishoi^, Mary Smith; d. 1767. His father deeded
him land in Newtov/n, Conn., in 1715, and he deeds to
Piatt, in 1723-4, when he prob. rem. to Danbury, Conn.
His will, dated July 6, 1765, and probated April 30,
1767, mentions his wife Hannah (2nd wife.^) and son
Moses. Lawyer.

Children :

1. "Esther*^ dau. of Samuel Prindle, b. New Haven, Feb.

1, 1718-19.

2. Moses*, son of said Samuel, b. Norwalk, Aug. 4, 1725.

3. Joseph^ July 17, 1730." — Hall's Record, Norwalk,

iv. Joel-', b. Jan. 28, 1695-6; m. Oct. 15, 1718, by Mr. Samuel
Bishop, Jemima Benham, dau. of Nathan Benham, who
was b. Sept. 21, 1700; d. Feb. 23, 1725-6. She m. (2)
July 9, 1729, John Morgan.
Children :

1. WiLLLVM*, b. Oct. 2, 1719; d. while a prisoner at Louis-

burg, July 4, 1747. unm.

2. Sarah^ b. 1721 ; m. Oct. 2, 1744, Andrew Ives; rem.

to Wallingford, Conn. ; d. .

3. Lois*, b. , 1724; m. — Bristol; rem. to

Wallingford, Conn.

4. Joel*, b. Jan. I6, 1725-6; m. and had a son.

1. Joel^', and perh. others. In a deed given by Joel*, of
Danbury, in 1755, he mentions his "father Joel and
grandfather Joseph." Revolu. soldier.

Descendants of Joseph-. 51

V. Hepzibah', b. May 15, 1698; m. June 24, 1724, Abial

Robards, of Wallingford.
vi. Mary", b. Feb. 1, 1701-02; m. Dec. 21, 1726, John Bristol,

Jr. (John-, Henry^), of New Haven, Conn.; d. .

He m. (2) Oct. 30, 1734, Justina Merwin.

Children of John and Mary:

1. Joseph BristoP, b. Oct. 17, 1727.

2. Thankful Bristol, b. July 9, 1729.

3. Cornelius Bristol, b. March 11, 1731-2.

vii. Joseph-', Jr., b. March 7, 1703-4; m. July 27, 1727, O.S.,
by Rev. Jonathan Arnold, Elizabeth Thomas, dau. of
Daniel {Daniel'-, John^,) and Eunice (Brown) Thomas,
of West Haven, who was b. abt. 1705, and d. March
24, 1783, ae. 78; d. West Haven, Nov. 10, 1771.

A few days after his marriage, Joseph received from
his father by deed one-half acre of land — being a part
of his farm — ^with the new house thereon; and by his
father's will he became the owner of the homestead
where he lived and died, leaving an estate of 6S5 pounds,
7 shillings, two-pence. His will, dated Jan. 15, 1770,
bequeathed to his wife one-third of the movable and the
use and improvement of one-third of the real estate. His
daughter Elizabeth was to be allowed to dwell with her
mother while she lived, and afterwards to have, if im-
married, the use of her father's part of the house, which
eventually was to go to Elijah. The remainder of the
estate was to be divided into 15 parts, 4 going to Elijah,
3 to Joseph, and 2 each to the others. Joseph and
Elijah were made executors.

Children, horn in West Haven:
I. BETTY^ b. Oct. 7, 1728; m. June 8, 1758, Rev. Ebenezer
Knibloe, of Amenia, N. Y., who was b. in Scotland,
Oct. 7, 1729, and bapt. Oct. 8 in old church in Edin-
burg, and d. of consumption, Dec. 20, 1785, ae. 56.
She d. in 1809.

During the Rebellion in Scotland, in 1745, Mr.
Knibloe favored the interests of the Pretender, and
upon the defeat of that unfortunate Prince he came

5^ Prindle Genealogy.

to this country. Soon after his arrival he became
acquainted with many theological students who were
pursuing their studies at Yale College, and with the
faculty of that celebrated institute of learning, and so
became a regular visitor at its examinations and com-
mencements. And it was upon one of these journeys
that the following interesting incident occurred, as
extracted from an old paper now in possession of a

"About a year after his settlement at Phillips
Patent, N. Y., in the fall of 1757, while on his way to
commencement which then took place at the beginning
of the fall term, he became somewhat belated on a
dark and stormy night and lost his way some two or
three miles west of New Haven. While traveling along
he hears a lad whistling in the distance, and ajjproach-
ing him states his difficulty and requests the young
man to set him on the right road. The lad informs
him that the road is quite obscure for a stranger on so
dark and inclement a night, and invited him to his
father's house, and tells him that he and his brothers
will put him on the right track in the morning. Weary
with some sixty miles of travel on horseback since
morning, he follows the young man to his father's
house. Received with the frankness so common in that
day by the lad's parents, the mother and sisters pre-
pared a supper for the stranger guest.

"In the meantime the father finds the stranger to
be from the bonnie land of Scotland, even from the
very neighborhood from which his own grandfather
came to this country. Thus thej^ were old friends at
once, and it was late the next day when our hero was
set on his way to the City of Elms, with the re-
quest that he should call on his return home.

"On the return call it appears a contract of mar-
riage was made between him and the eldest daughter,
Betty Prindle. The honored father and the two eldest
brothers objected, as he was a Dissenter (Calvinistic
Presbyterian), but Betty met their objections by say-
ing that he was little less than a Churchman, since on
his mother's side a birthright Churchman to remotest
generations, and on his father's side by many links.

That Betty's intercession was successful, is shown

Descendants of Joseph-. 53

by the following copy of their marriage record from
an old Scotch Bible:

"To the glory of God and the profit of the Church
and Commonwealth as we earnestly hope and desire,

"The Rev. Mr. Ebenezer Knibloe, Minister of the
Gospel at Amenia near Sharon, was married with
Miss Betty Prindle, of New Haven, by the Rev. Mr.
Elijah Sill, ^Minister of the Gospel at New Fairfield,
upon Thursday, about 8 o'clock at night, being the
eighth day of June, Anno Domini 1758."

He was for more tl>an 25 years minister of the
Round Top meeting-house, in the south part of Sharon,
Conn. He was a Loyalist during the Revolutionary
war, and is said to have relinquished the ministry in

"He was a sound and sensible man, a good preach-
er, and apparently a sincere christian. They lived at
Amenia Union a long time until their death."

Children, born in Amenia, probably:

1. William Ebenezer Knibloe", b. Sept. 10, 1760; d.

March 6, 1812.

2. Stephen Joseph Knibloe^ b. July 11, 1763; d. July

11, 1837.

3. Elizabeth Knibloe-', b. Jan. 9, 1765; d. March 2,


4. John Prindle Knibloe^ b. Aug. 12, 1766; d. March

8, 1812.

5. Mary Prindle Knibloe^ b. April 13, bapt. April l6,

1769; d. Feb. 20, 1841.

6. Elijah Knibloe% b. March 6, 1771; d. March 12,


2. Elizabeth*, b. Aug. 9, 1730; bapt. at Guilford, Conn.,

by Rev. Samuel Johnson, April 9, 1742; d. 1813, ae.
83, unm.

3. Joseph*, 3rd, b. Feb. 14, 1732; bapt. at Guilford, by

Rev. Samuel Johnson, April 9, 1742; d. April 20,
1814; m. (1) Lois Clark, half-sister of Martha, who
m. his bro. Charles*, and dau. of Ebenezer Clark, of
West Haven, who was b. 1729, and d. May 12, 1767,

54 Prindle Genealogy.

ae. 38; m. (2) Mrs. Elizabeth (Trowbridge) Candee,
widow of Ezra, who d. April 28, 1806, ae. 74-.

By the removal of his brothers and sisters, he
became the owner of the homestead in West Haven,
where he lived and died. He was for many years a
warden of Christ Church, and naturally a Loyalist
during the Revolutionary war.

It is related that when the British fleet Avas at
anchor off Oldfield shore, at the time of Tryon's In-
vasion, the Prindle boys carried them some beef. The
West Haven people hearing of this came up to Scot-
land to arrest them, and upon inquiring for the boys
at the door were told they were there or had been
only a short time before. The house was searched,
but the boys, having observed their apjjroach, left by
another door and escaped to the woods. This occurred
in the old home then located across the road from the
present one, but which was pulled down immediately
after building the latter, about 1827.

Children, born in West Haven:
1. Joseph^ b. Aug. 28, 1757; m. April 9, 1788, by Rev.
Bela Hubbard, Lois Beecher, dau. of Isaac and
Esther (Hodge) Beecher, of W^est Haven, and grt.
gr. dau. of Eleazer and Phebe- (Prindle) Beecher;
d. Sept. 4, 1824, while on a visit in W^atertown,
Conn. She was b. W^est Haven, Sept. 20, 1760, and
d. Aug. 28, 1819.

One Child, born in West Haven:
1. Elizabeth^ (Betty), b. Sept. 5, 1789; m. Bryan
Clarke, who was b. Nov. 2, 1785, and d. July 13,
1827; d. New Haven, Dec. 9, 1875.

Children, born in West Haven:
1. Joseph Prindle Clarke', b. Sept. 5, 1811; m.
(1) Oct. 9, 1834, Lydia E. Loi'd, of New
Haven, who was b. Nov. 12, 1812; m. (2) Sept.
4, 1842, Laura Cook, of New Haven; m. (3)
Mary M. Kirk. He d. New Haven, Jan. 22,

Descendants of Joseph-. 55

Children, born m New Haven:

1. Cornelia Maria Clark^ b. Aug. 2, 1835; m.

Oct. 2, 1858, Robert B. Johnson.

2. Lydia Matilda Cla^ke^ b. March 22, 1839;

m. Dec. 31, 1 86"3, Leonard E. Clark. 1 ch.,
res. New Haven.

3. Elvira Amelia Clarke^ d. Aug. 17, 1850, ae.

4 yrs. 3 mos.

2. Alpheus Bryan Clarke', M.D., b. May 11,

181-i; m. March 16, 1835, Elizabeth Little; d.
Dec. 15, 1869. Grad. Yale Med. Sch. in 1850.
Was a successful physician in Holyoke, ]Mass.,
and later in Brooklyn, N. Y.
Children :

1. Alonzo J. Clarke^ b. Feb. 23, 1836, dec'd.

2. Mary Prindle Clarke% b. June, 1839, dec'd.

3. Charles Bryan Clarke^ b. June, 1844, dec'd.

4. Emma Elizabeth Clarke^ b. July 10, 1847,


3. Mary E. Clarke^ b. Jan. 18, 1816; m. Oct. 1841,

Nelson Burwell; d. New Haven, Dec. 2, 1893.
Children :

1. Ella Augusta BurwelP, b. Nov. 5, 1844; m.

July 16, 1874, Charles D. Kinney, of New
Haven. 1 son, Arthur H. Kinney^ b. Sept.
13, 1878; res. N. H.

2. Marion Adella BurwelP, b. Aug. 24, 1851;

res. New Haven.

4. Jane Clarke', b. July 9, 1817; m. Denison Hall;

d. Oct. 16, 1850.

1. Alonzo B. HalP, b. 1844; m. (1) Mary Lam-

bert; m. (2) Amelia Emeric; m. (3) Julia
Stevens; m. (4) Harriet Stevens; res. New
Haven. Druggist, 2 ch.

2. Jane C. HalP, res. in Brooklyn, N. Y.

5. Charlotte Clarke", b. July 7, 1818; m. Richard

Treat Merwin, of New Haven; d. Mar. 3,

56 Prindle Genealogy.

Children :

1. Frank Merwin^ b. 1844.

2. Thomas Merwin^.

3. James Merwin'*, res. N. Y.

4. Virginia Merwin^, res. N. Y.

5. Emma Merwin^ m. Robert Wallace, of N.

Y., and 10 others.

6. Lois Clarke', b. June 28, 1820; d. in Brooklyn.

7. Linus L. Clarke^ b. July 18, 1821; m. 1842,

Maria E. Merrick', dau. of Joseph*^ and Cor-
nelia (Kelsey) Merrick, and gr. dau. of Josiah
and Martha^ (Prindle) Merrick, who was b.
1822, and res. Linden, N. J., where he was
accidentally killed by the cars.

Children :

1. Alpheus Clarke^, b. dec'd.

2. Eleanor Clarke-, b. ; m. Abiah Bay-


3. Frances Clarke^, b. .

4. Celia Clarke", b. ; m. Walton Ellis.

5. Josephine Clarke^ b. ; m. William


8. Lucena Clarke', b. Dec. 18, 1824; d. May 10,

1878; unm.
; 9. Lucretia Clarke^ (twin to Lucena), b. Dec. 18,

1824; m. Denison Hall, as his 2d wife.

Children :

1. Charlotte HalP, b. ; m. Charles K.

Edgerton; res. Brooklyn, N. Y.

2. Edward Prindle HalP, b. ; res.

Brooklyn, N. Y.

2. AsAEL^ b. 1759; d. at sea. May 8, 1785, ae. 26.

3. Lois^, b. Feb. 1, 1761; m. West Haven, by Rev. Bela

Hubbard, D.D., April 7, 1784, David Lambert,
of Milford, Conn., son of David and Martha (Nor-
throp) Lambert, wlio was b. Dec. 28, 1758, and d.
Mar. 16, 1837; d. Dec. 28, 1842.

In 1806 they rem. with three of their children

Descendants of Joseph". 57

to Sharon, Conn., traveling through the then wilder-
ness country on horseback, and settled a few miles
south of the present village of Sharon, where he
bought a large tract of land from one Barney To-
bey, a part of which still remains in possession of
the family, and retains its original name of the
" Tobey Lot."

He was a soldier of the Revolutionary war.

Children, born in Nerv Haven:

1. David Lambert'^ prob. d. young.

2. Mary ("Polly") Lambe^t^ b. 1786; d. May 28,

1856; unm.

3. Enoch Lambert'% b. Sept. 19, 1789; m. Dec. 26,

181 9, Azibah Richards, dau. of Capt. John Rich-
ards, of West Haven ; d. .


1. John Richards Lambert", b. Feb. 2, 1821; d.

Feb. 15, 1876.

2. Charlotte M. Lambert', b. July 19, 1823; d.

3. George Benjamin Lambert", b. July 2, 1826;

d. April, 1890.

4. David Edward Lambert", b. Mar. 26, 1832; d.

May 11, 1891.

5. Ephraim Lott Lambert', b. Dec. 24, 1836; d.

Nov. 19, 1895.

4. David Lambert", b. Mar. 4, 1792; d. Jan. 8,

1840; unm.

5. Lois Lambert'', b. Jan. 9, 1796; m. Aug. 16, 1818,

George White, son of John and Martha (Keeler)
White, who was b. Feb. 26, 1793, and d. Dec. 13,
1877; d. June 23, 1856.

1. Charles Sands White", b. Jan. 14, 1821 ; d. Nov.

22, 1896.

2. Chauncey Lambert White^ b. Mar. 20, 1825;

d. Mar. 19, 1901.

3. Lois Martha White^ b. Mar. 12, 1831.

58 Prindle Genealogy.

6\ Sarah ("Sally") Lambert% b. 1798; d. Aug. 25,
1872; unin.

7. Elizabeth ("Betsey") Lambert% b. 1801; d. Jan.

IS, 1872; unm.

8. Martha Northrop Lambert", b. Sept. 4, 1804; d.

Mar. 10, 1812.
4. Charles^ b. May 27, 1763; m. Jan. 6, 1785, by Rev.
Bela Hubbard, Sybil Clark, dau. of Samuel Clark,
of Oyster River; d. Mar. 4, 1841; rem. to Sharon,
Conn., in 1814.

He lived more or less with his uncle Charles* at
New Haven, before his marriage. His home was
the old house on the right-hand side of the road
leading to Scotland, and the one which Elizabeth,
his father's sister, was given apart for her life use.
After the death of his father, in 1814, he removed
to Sharon, Conn., induced to go there perhaps be-
cause his sister Lois and her family had gone there
eight years before, and also because his daughter
Sybil, who married Anson Prindle, and his son
Samuel were then living there. He bought a farm
on Gay Street (so-called), about two miles from
the village, where his grandson Charles', son of
Samuel J.", is now living, and owner of the farm
■which still remains in the possession of the family.
Children, horn in West Haven:

1. AsAHEL°, b. May 1, 1786'; d. Aug. 22, 1864; unm.

2. Esther Abigail", b. Nov. 25, 1789; d. Oct. 15,

1873, ae. 84; unm.

3. Sybil Ann% b. April 11, 1791 ; m. Anson^ Prindle,

son of John* {JosepJi^' -, William^) , who was b.
Sept. 15, 1781, and d. Sept. 18, 1844; d. Mar. l6,
1858, ae. 66. Both bur. in Sharon.

Children {7th generation on mother's side,
and 6th generation on father's side):

1. John"'", b. Aug. 25, 1811; d. May 15, 1886;


2. JuLiA^'", b. July 14, 1813; d. Sept. 21, 1884,


Descendants of Joseph-, 59

3. Charles L."' % b. Sharon, Sept. 14., I8I6; d. May

8, 1902, ae. 85; unm.

He was born at the old Prindle place on
Sharon Mountain, about three miles east of
Sharon village. After some years on the farm
he sought mercantile pursuits, and first went
into the store of his uncles, Samuel and Mark
Prindle, and later engaged in the manufacture
of clocks in Bristol; abt. 1850 he went to
Brooklyn, N. Y., and engaged in the dry goods
business at 21st Street and Third Avenue; a
few years later he engaged in the coal and
lumber business, and also dealt in real estate.
He returned to his old home in Sharon abt.
1850, and soon after rem. to the village where
he spent his remaining years. He served as
town clerk, town treasurer, justice of the peace,
and was judge of probate. He was of a quiet,
unassuming, reserved nature, upright and hon-
est in all his business dealings, and his devo-
tion to his church and religious duties was

4. Edwin"' % b. Sharon, Feb. 10, 1818; m. Lancas-

ter, O., Jerusha S. Hill; rem. to Genoa, Wis.


1. Charles H.®' % b. Lancaster, O., ; m.

Eva D. Shumway.

1. Frank-''% b. ; m. Blanche Hall.

2. Julia Abbie*'' ', b. Lancaster, O., ; m.

W. M. Hall.
Children :

1. Edward HalP' ^ b. .

2. Grace Hall''- ^ b. .

3. William Edward^- ', b. New Lisbon, Wis.,

; m. Xetta E. Delap.

Children :
1, Mabel''' % b. .

60 Prindle Genealogy.

2. Cecil^' % b.

3. Angie"' % b.

4. Wesley"' ^, h.

5. Mary»'«, b. -

5. Hiram Clarke'-*', b. Mar. 10, 1822; m. Jan. 11,

186'5, Julia Ann Handlin, who was b. June 28,
1840; d. Sharon, Aug. 13, 1886.

Children :

1. Joseph Bailey®- % b. Jan. 4, 1870.

2. Wayne Arthur®- ', b. June 20, 1872.

3. Betsey Abigail®-', b. Feb. 11, 1877.

4. Hiram Edwin®-", b. July 29, 1881.

5. Lucretia Alma®-^ (twin), b. Feb. 19, 1884.

6. Leonard Elmer®- ' (twin), b. Feb. 19, 1884.

6. Horace'-", b. Aug. 25, 1824; m. Celia A.'^ Prin-

dle, dau. of Horatio N.** (Stephen^, Joseph*,
Joseph^', Joseph", William^) and Abigail
(Downs) Prindle, of West Haven, who was b.
Aug. 23, 1838, and d. Mar. 1, 1892; d. Sharon,
July 1, 1886.

Children, born in Sharon:

1. Helen Olivia®-^-®, b. Dec. 1, 1866.

2. John®' '- ®, b. July 18, 1871 ; d. April 27, 1873.

3. Anna Louise®-^-®, b. Dec. 15, 1873; d. Hart-

ford, Conn., Dec. 4, 1903.

4. Eva®-'-®, b. Feb. 15, 1875; m. Jan. 4, 1905,

Joseph Stanley Welles, of Wethersfield,

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