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The Prindle genealogy. embracing the descendants of William Pringle the first settler, in part for six, seven and eight generations, and also the ancestors and descendants of Zalmon Prindle for ten generations, covering a period of two hundred and fifty-two years, 1654-1906 online

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Online LibraryFranklin Cogswell PrindleThe Prindle genealogy. embracing the descendants of William Pringle the first settler, in part for six, seven and eight generations, and also the ancestors and descendants of Zalmon Prindle for ten generations, covering a period of two hundred and fifty-two years, 1654-1906 → online text (page 9 of 26)
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' O painful tho't, yet we must know
The grave's the place where all must go.
If dear, good, wise and just they be.
Yet death's their lot. as here we see."

Child, horn in Sharon:

1. Lyman Gould'% b. Dec. 23, 1769; d. 1837.

5. William GouldS b. May 14, 1740. Went to parts un-


6. Sarah Gould\ b. Sept. 4, 1743; m. April 8, 1764, Dr.

Preserved Porter, son of Daniel Porter, of Water-

Children, bapt. St. James Ch., Waterhury:

1. Hannah Porter^ b. Nov. 10, 1766; m. Joseph


2. Lavinia Porter^ b. July 21, 1767; m. Dr. Joseph


3. Isaac Porter% b. July 3, 1770; d. June 25, 1772.

4. Isaac Porter", 2nd, b. March 27, 1774.

5. Jesse Porter", b. Oct. 31, 1777.

7. David GouldS b. Nov. 16, 1745; m. Nov. 4, 1772,

Mary Brewster, who was b. 1752, and d. March 12,
1840; d. April 19, 1824.
Children :
1. Vinson Gould", b. Aug. 1, 1773; m. 1808, Rev. Mind-

110 Prindle Genealogy.

well Woodbridge, who d. 1838; d. April 6, 1841.

2. Mary Gould"', b. May 1, 1775; d. 1790.

3. James Brewster Gould"', b. Sept. 10, 1776; d. So.

Carolina, 1810. Physician.

4. David Gould'', Jr., b. Oct. 23, 1778; m. (1) Amelia

Smith; m. (2) Beulah Moulton; d. 1857.

5. Sarah Gould', b. 1780; m. Dr. James B. Downs;

d. Aug. 23, 1835.

6. Rachel Gould% b. Jan. 29, 1783; m. Cyrus Swan;

d. 1870.

7. Betsey Gould\ b. July 14, 1786; m. 1812, Rev.

Sylvester Woodbridge, who was b. 1790, and d.
1863; d. 1851.

8. Almira Gould', b. Dec. 15, 1787; m. Dec. 2, 1812,

Dr. John Sears, son of Stephen, who was b. 1784,
and d. 1886; d. Jan. 1, 1872.

9. William Ripley Gould% b. May 27, 1789; m.

Eunice York, of Stonington, Conn. ; d. Pottstown,
Pa., July 2, 1868. Clergyman.
10. Mary Gould^ b. Oct. 16, 1791; d. June 7, 1796.
8. Annis GouldS b. July 31, 1748; d. Feb. 28, 1753.
V. Dorothy^ (twin), b. Jan. 19, 1706-7; m. (1) March 18,
1733-4, Elnathan Botsford, son of Samuel and Hannah
( ) Botsford. (This was the first Quaker mar-
riage recorded as celebrated in New Milford.) She m.
(2) Gideon Benedict, whom she also survived, and d.
aft. Nov. 16, 1750.
1. Elijah Benedict^ b. Sept., 1738.
vi. Daniel", b. June 2, 1709; m. (1) Jan. 17, 1732-3, Abigail
Oviatt, dau. of Thomas and Sarah (Waller) Oviatt;
m. (2) Oct. 4, 1737, Phebe Fed.

He was a successful farmer, though not prominent
in town offices. He united with the First Church in
1727, and was among those who " fell away to Quaker-
ism " in 1731, but in 1743 he united with the Church
of England enterprise that began about that time.

He and his son Aaron appear in Vermont land trans-
fers, but it is not certain that Daniel rem. there. In

Descendants of Samuel-. 11]

the petition to the King for a grant of land in Verraont,
in 1762^ the names of Daniel and Aaron Prindle appear
among the 23 petitioners there named. In 1751 he des.
himself as of New Fairfield.

His will, dated Newtown, April 16, 1774, probated
May 3, 1776, mentions: Wife Phebe; Sons Aaron, David
and Daniel; Daughters Phebe Hallocke, wife of Ben-
jamin; Hannah, wife of Benjamin Main; Rachel Marsh,
wife of John; Elizabeth, wife of Simeon Leach, and
Lois Prindle.

/ 1. Aaron^ b. Nov. 7, 1733; rem. to Vermont; prob. the
Aaron whose name appears in the " Prindle Patent "
dated 1762.

2. Phebe*, b. Dec. 31, 1738; m. 1755, Benjamin Hallocke

(or Halleck), who d. in 1786, ae. 66.

Children, horn j^rob. in Cornrvall:

1. William Halleclr, b. Feb. 1, 1756; m. 1781, Lucy

Church, of Sharon. 8 ch.

2. Daniel Halleck'', b. Mar. 21, 1758.

3. Benjamin Halleck", Jr., Feb. 1, 1760; d. North-

lield, ^lass., in 1837; m. Clarissa , who d.

1832, ae. 63 yrs.

1. Joel Halleck'', b. 1805; d. 1815.

4. Lucy Halleck", b. .

3. Hannah*, b. Feb. 26, 1740-1; m. Benjamin Main.

4. David*, b. Jan. 19, 1742-3; m. Jemima Leach, dau. of

Amos and Mary Leach; rem. to New Fairfield.

5. Rachel*, b. Dec. 30, 1744; m. Feb. 14, 1771, John

Marsh, prob. of Dover.

Children :

1. Esther Marsh", b. Dec. 24, 1771.

2. Lois Marsh", b. Oct. 23, 1773.

3. Phineas Marsh", b. Jan. 30, 1776.

4. Lucy Marsh", b. March 13, 1778.

5. Abraham Marsh", b. July 9, 1780.

6. Elizabeth*, b. June l6, 1747; m. Simeon Leach.

112 Prindle Genealogy.

7. Daniel*, b.

8. Mar\^ b. ; m. James Leach.

9. LoisS b. ; d. after 1774.

vii. ABIGAIL^ b. Dec. 30, 1711; m. (1) 1730, Abraham Gillett,
son of Eliphalet Gillett, of Milford; m. (2) Benjamin
Brown; d. aft. Nov. l6, 1750.

Children :

1. Hannah Gillett^ b. July 21, 1730; m. March 5, 1760,

Nathaniel Taylor, Jr., 2nd son of Rev. Nathaniel
and Tamar (Boardman) Taylor. This Tamar was the
dau. of Rev. Daniel Boardman.

Children, horn in Netv Milford:

1. Elizabeth Taylor^ b. July 22, 1761.

2. Deidemia Taylor^ b. Nov. 21, 1763.

3. Catharine Taylor^ June 30, 1765.

2. Abigail Gillett\ b. July 19, 1732.

3. Jonathan Gillett^ b. Dec. 16, 1734, and per. others,
viii. Mary-', b. Nov. 14, 1713.

ix. Obedience^ b. May 13, 1716; m. Jan. 20, 1736-7, Elkanah
Bobit (or Bobbitt, or Babbett).

Children, horn in New Milford:

1. Elkanah Bobit^ Jr., b. Dec. 5, 1737.

2. Eleanor Bobit% b. Dec. 5, 1738.

3. David Bobit\ b. Aug. 6, 1739.

4. Mary Bobit\ b. April 15, 1741.

5. Lois Bobit^ b. March 30, 1743.

6. Warren Bobit*, b. May 1, 1745.

7. Annis Bobit*, b. March 28, 1747.

8. Daniel Bobit*, b. April 28, 1749.

9. Elizabeth Bobit*, b. July 16, 1751.


Eleazer- Prindle {\Yilliani^), son of William and Mary (Des-
borough) Prindle, was born in New Haven, Conn., June 7, 1669;
married Elizabeth Andrews, daughter of Thomas Andrews, of Mil-
ford, formerly of Farmington, Conn.; and died abt. 1713. He
settled in Milford, at a place called Burwell's farms, and was one
of the original proprietors of New Milford, in 1712. He was a
blacksmith and preacher.

Eleazer was left the homestead in consideration of his taking
care of his parents in their latter days, and was twenty years old
when his father died. In 1697 he and his mother sold ten acres
from the north end of the homestead to Joseph Smith. His mother
died probably about 1700-1701, and in 1702 Eleazer sold the house
and remaining land, of seven and one-half acres, to Isaac Jones
and Gershom Brown, of New Haven.

This Isaac Jones had an interesting ancestry, which it may be
well to refer to in this connection here. His father was William
Jones, son of one of the judges that condemned Charles I. to
death, and himself deputy governor of this Colony for over thirty
years. His mother was Hannah, daughter of Theophilus Eaton.
Jones sold his one-half interest in the place, in 1705, to Brown, in
whose family (with possibly the exception of one transfer) it re-
mained, without subdivision, for 150 years.

The year before he sold the remainder of the homestead, Eleazer
had taken steps toward locating in Milford, influenced doubtless
by the settlement there of his brothers Samuel and Ebenezer.
In 1701 he bought four and one-half acres in Oyster Meadow
Plain of Jeremiah Canfield, and in 1702 as much more of John
Ford in the same neighborhood, and probably married soon after.

Administration on his estate was granted to his widow, Eliza-
beth, July 6, 171s. The inventory included the house and barn
and land in Milford, <£150; land in Wallingford bounds, 83 acres,
<£70; "spelling book and sermon book, 4 shillings," etc., the es-
timated value after payment of debt* being about £275.

The widow Elizabeth married, 2nd, and before February 3,
1714, Mr. John Bronson, one of the first settlers of Waterbury,
Conn. He was appointed guardian of the children for their father's


11-t Prindle Genealogy.

estate;, and Joseph Prindle, of West Haven, for their estate at
Oranage by Stratford River, wliich they inherited from their ma-
ternal grandfather, Thomas Andrews.

Children, born in Milford:
i. Jonathan', b. July 1, 1704, O.S.; m. May 4, 1732, Rachel
Hickox, dau. of William and Rebecca (Andrews) Hickox,
dec'd, wdio was also one of the original families of
Waterbury; settled in Waterbury near Center Square,
in 1726, where he d. AprillO, 1782. She was b. May
16, 1710, and d. Nov. 24, 1798, ae. 88.

Upon his mother's removal to Waterbury, she brought
her son Jonathan with her and bound him as an ap-
prentice to Isaac Bronson, of Waterbury, to learn the
art or trade of shoe making and tanning. His name ap-
pears on a list of petitioners to the General Court, Oct.
4, 1732, for exemption from the old parish rates during
the winter months, and the privilege of having a min-
ister at their own expense during this time, etc., which
was granted and the privilege allowed for four years;
also, May, 1738, on a list of heads of families included
within the limits of the new society with the number of
persons in each, by which it appears that his family com-
prised seven persons at this time; also, in 1742, on a
list of subscribers to a building fund for an Episcopal
Church; also, April 20, 1743, on a list of persons to
whom John Judd conveyed a lot of ground for the new
church, donated by him; and also, April 22, 1744, on
a list of petitioners to the Assembly for parish priv-
ileges to enable them to lay taxes for building a church,
which was not granted.

In Oct., 1752, he was appointed by the General As-
sembly Lieutenant of " the Company or trainband,
parish of Westbury, in the town of Waterberry."

Children, born in Waterbury :
1. Eleazer*, b. March 20, 1733; m. Oct. 18, 1752, Anna
Scovill, dau. of Rev. William Scovill, son of Ser-
geant John Scovill, and gr. son of John, of Waterbury
and Haddam; d. May 3, 1814, ae. 81'^ and was bur.

Descendants of Eleazer-. 115

at Gunntown^ in town of Oxford, Conn. She was b.
March 25, 1731, and d. April 17, 1789.

His gr. stone contains also the following inscrip-
tion: "Abigail Prindle, Died June 3, 1812, ae. 75,"
who may have been his second wife.

He was the Rev. Eleazer Prindle who helped to
establish the Episcopal Church in Waterbury, and his
name appears on a list of " the Churchman of Water-
bury," in 1764, entering into an agreement "to hold
public worship in Westbury on those Sundays when
there was no preaching in Waterbury," until a church
could be built there.

Chauncey^, Rev., b. Oxford, Conn., July 13, 1753;
m. Roxanna Bronson, dau. of Samuel Bronson, of
Waterbury, who was b. Oct. 29, 1755, and d. Oct.
22, 1840; d. Aug. 25, 1833, ae, 80; and both were
buried at Gunntown.

He entered Yale College in 1772, graduated as
A.B., July 17, 1776, and received the degree of
A.M. in Sept., 1779- He prepared for the ministry,
and was admitted to the Holy Orders of Deacon in
St. John's Church, Stamford, by the Rt. Rev. Bishop
Seabury, in June, 1787, and was ordained Priest
in St. James' Church, Xew London, by the same
Bishop, Feb. 24, 1788.

When in deacon's orders he officiated as lay
reader in the Episcopal Church at Westbury at
a salary of £30, "to be paid in beef, pork, butter,
tallow, wool, flax, or any sort of grain," and con-
tinued as rector until his resignation in 1804. He
was for several years rector of the churches at
Naugatuck and Oxford, having been the first min-
ister of the parish of St. Peter's at the latter
place, and was rector of Trinity P. E. Church, Sey-
mour, Conn., in 1815.

It is said of him that " he was a most worthy
and indefatigable man, and it is related as an in-
stance of his punctuality in the discharge of duty.

Il6 Prindle Genealogy.

that on one occasion, when he was to preach at
Waterbury, he found the Naugatuck much swollen
by a flood, and rather than fail in his apjDointment
he plunged in on his horse and swam the stream.
He was noted for a sound and forcible intellect
and stern integrity, and was orthodox and firm
in principles. He was a useful minister."

Upon a memorial tablet in St. John's Episcopal
Church, Waterbury, is written the following in-
scription :

Commemorative of

the faithful labors

in this parish of

The Rev. James Scovill


The Rev. Chauncey Prindle

A.D. 1759-1804

Their Record is on High

Upon his gr. stone in Gunntown is the following
inscription :

to the memory of

the Rev.

Chauncey Prindle

who died Aug. 25 1833

AE 85

The deceased was a graduate of Yale College
and received his ordination to the ministry in the
Protestant Episcopal Church from the hands of
the Rt. Rev. Samiiel Seabury. For a period of
nearly twenty years his time was devoted to the
united charges of Christ Church, Watertown, and
St. Peter's Church, Plymouth. Subsequently at
different periods he had the pastoral charges of the
churches in Oxford, Salem and Bethany.

He lived to exercise the ministry for a period
of fifty years.

And this stone is erected by his remaining friends
and parishioners as a token of their high regard for
his character, his zeal, his fidelity, his talents and
his worth, both as a man and as a minister.
"Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord."

Descendants of Eleazer-. 117

On his right is a stone inscribed:
to the memory of


widow of the late

Rev. Chauncey Prindle

who died

Oct. 22 1840

AE 85

Children :
^n Annah% b. Sept. 9, 1777; d. Jan. 13, 1863, ae. 85;
m. Benjamin H. Judd, son of Joel Judd, who
was b. Sept. 30, 1770, and d. May 26, I860.
Children, born prob. in Watertown:
1. Minerva Judd', b. June 29, 1800; m. Dec. 24,
1822, Lyman Welton, son of Thomas Wcl-
ton; d. June 2, 1874.

Children, born in Waterbury:

1. Henry A. Welton^ b. Dec. 2, 1823; d.

April 2, 1903. 1 ch.

2. Franklin L. Welton^ b. Dec. 11, 1827; d.

Nov. 1, 1886. 2 ch.

3. Nelson J. Welton^ b. Feb. 15, 1829; m.

Frances R. P. Lyon, of New York. s.p.
Res. Waterbury, Conn.; civil and hydraulic

A lineal descendant of Richard Welton
said to have been the first male child of
European parents born in Waterbury, on
Sept. 27, 1769, and was b. in house occupied
by Richard and his descendants for 132 years,
the property having passed through six gen-
erations by inheritance.

His ancestors on both sides were staunch
Episcopalians, and he has served St. John's
Church for many years as parish clerk, ves-
tryman, and senior warden; and in the Sun-
day School for more than 50 years.

He has been city engineer for over 30
years, and served the city in various other

118 Prindle Genealogy.

official capacities ; and was representative to
the General Assembly, in 18(jl.

He is a 33 deg. Mason, Past Grand Com-
mander Knights Templar of Conn., etc., etc.
2. Chauncey Judd'. 3. Jannett Judd^ 4. Uri

2. SARAH^ b. Nov. 10, 1781; m. (1) Josiah Beards-

lee; m. (2) Caleb Baldwin; res. Newtown Cen-
ter, Ct.

3. HANNAH^ b. Feb. 2, 1784; d. suddenly, July 28,

1823, ae. 39; bur. in the North Ground, Oxford.

4. Nabby", b. Dec- 14, 1792; m. Ira Smith; d. in

New Haven, Oct. 28, 1827, ae. 34; bur. at Gunn-
2. Sarah^ b. Dec. 18, 1763; m. May 23, 1783, Levi
Bronson, son of Seba Bronson, who was the largest
land owner in the vicinity and a " Quirrester " in
the Westbury Church. He was b. in 1765.
Children, horn in Waterbury :

1. Eleazer Bronson", b. .

2. Mary Bronson^, b. ; m. 1803, Jared War-


3. Olive Bronson". 4. Anner Bronson". 5. Nancy

Bronson". 6. Lovisa Bronson". 7. Chauncey
Bronson". 8. Anna Bronson". 9. Wheeler
Bronson". 10. Lovinus Bronson".

2. Jonathan*, b. July 20, 1735; d. Feb. 17, 1736-7.

3. Rachael^ b. March 29, 1738; m. April l6, 1758,

Hezekiah Brown, son of Deacon Samuel Brown from
Boston. He was a Loyalist. In Oct., 1775, certain
inhabitants presented a memorial in the case of
Hezekiah Brown:

That he had said that the Congress ought to be
punished for putting the country to so much cost and
charge, for they did no more good than a 23arcel of
squaws ; that it was an unnecessary expense, and the
Assembly had no right to do it; that Boston had
wrongfully undertaken to quarrel about the tea, and
we had no hand in it; tliat our General Assembly was
as arbitrary as the Pope of Rome when it cashiered

Descendants of Eleazer". iif)

Captain Bronson and Ensign Scovill (who belonged
to the Northbury Compan^^ which was so disaifected
toward the cause of American liberty that the Co. was
dissolved and these two men cashiered), and that he
would not go one step further for the relief of the
people of Boston than he was obliged to go."

Two months later, laws were enacted that any per-
sons defaming Congress or the General Assembly
should be deprived of arms and office, and should
be punished by fine and imprisonment or disfran-
chisement. He was tried and deprived of hold-
ing any further military office. He left Waterbury
not long after and joined the British in New York,
where he received a Captain's commission, and died
there Aug. 27, 1777.

His wife, the dau. of Lieut. Jonathan Prindle, re-
mained loyal to the cause of the Colonies, and the
real estate of her husband, which had been confiscated
because of his giving help to the enemy, was re-
stored to her.

Children, horn in Waterbury:

1. Zere Brown^, b. Sept. 18, 1759.

He went away with his father in 1776 and
joined the enemy on Long Island. After his
father's death he returned to Waterbury " convinced
of his error," and gave himself up to the civil au-
thority. He was fined by the Superior Court £30,
and ordered not to leave the town. In 1783 he pre-
sented a petition for discharge that he might labor
for the support of his mother in Watertown, which
was not granted.

2. Hannah Brown% b. Jan. 19, 1762; d. June 3, 1781.

3. Olive Brown^ b. Jan. 25, 1764; m. Bela Blakeslee.

4. Hezekiah Brown% b. Dec. 10, 1765; d. March 12,


5. Jonah Brown^ b. Oct. l6, 1767.

6. Rachel Brown% b. Jan. 14, 1770; m. Oct. 3, 1786,

Preserved Hickox.
Children :
1. Samuel Hickox^ b. March 8, 1787-8.

120 Prindle Genealogy.

2. Salla Maria Hickox", b. May 17, 1789.

7. Joanna Brown=, b. April 23, 1774.

8. William Warner Brown^ b. 1776.

4. REBEKKAH^ b. Feb. 7, 1739-40; m. July 10, 1760, Noah
Judd, son of Lieut. John and Mercy (Bronson) Judd,
who was b. Oct. 13, 1737, and d. Sept. 3, 1822, ae.
85; d. Waterbury, March 19, 1838, ae. 99.
Children, horn in Waterbury :

1. Jemima Judd=, b. Aug. 10, 1761; m. Samuel Wood-


Children :

1. Hannah Woodward", b. May 20, 1783.

2. Enoch J. Woodward", b. Jan. 15, 1786.

2. Hervey Judd% b. May 5, 1763; bapt. April 14, 1765

— the first recorded baptism in St. John's Church;
m. and rem. to Coventry^ N. Y.

1. Noah Judd", b. Feb. 19, 1783.

2. Eri Judd", b. Jan. 17, 1787.

3. Susan Judd", b. June 9, 1790.

4. Harvey P. Judd", b. June l6, 1805.

3. Michael Judd^ b. Feb. 19, 1765; d. Oct. 30, 1843;

m. Welton; rem. to Oneida Co., N. Y.

Children :

1. Rebecca Judd", b. March 28, 1784; d. 1840; m.

Arthur Gary. 7 ch.

2. John W. Judd", b. Dec. 11, 1790; d. 1843. 9 ch.
8. Jemima Judd", b. July 11, 1792; m. Samuel

Adams; rem. to Wis. 7 ch.

4. George B. Judd", b. March 26, 1801. Dist. Atty.,

1850, Herkimer Co., N. Y. 10 ch.

5. Sally Judd", b. April 2, 1803; m. Samuel Mallary,


4. Hannah Judd^ b. ; d. Nov. 13, 1773.

5. Eleazer Judd^ b. Aug. 22, 1769; d. April 25, 1838;

was Col. of Militia; m. (1) Sarah , who d.

Jan. 8, 1809; m. (2) Lydia , and had

1. Samuel Judd". 2. Benjamin Judd". 3. Sarah
Judd", and perh. others.

Descendants of Eleazer-. 121

G. Susanna Judd", b. 1771; m. Ebenezer French; d.
Oct. 31, 1832.

7. Leverett Judd^ b. 1774; m. Olive C. Stiles; d. Beth-

lehem, Conn., Dec. 11, 1841. She d. Feb. 20, 1848.

Child? en :
1. Garwood Judd^ 2. Anna Judd^ 3. Daniel
Judd*^. 4. Erasmus Judd*^, 5. Leverett P.

8. Bethel Judd% b. 1776; m. ; d. . He

was graduated from Yale College in 1797; rec'd
degree of D.D. from Washington College in 1831;
was rector of Episcopal Church, New London,


1. Henry B. Judd«, b. ; d. July 27, 1892. He

entered the West Point Military Academy, July
1, 1835; was graduated with standing of No.
14 in his class, and appointed 2nd lieut. 3rd
Artillery, July 1, 1839; promoted to 1st lieut.
Dec. 26, 1840; capt. Feb. IS, 1850, and major
4th Artillery, Nov. 1, 1861, and was retired Nov.

21, 1861. He was brevetted capt. for gallant and
meritorious service in the ^Mexican war, and It.
col. and col. for faithful and meritorious services
connected with the mustering, organization, and
disbanding of the volunteer army of the U. S.
during the Civil war.

9. Hannah Judd% 2nd, b. Jan. 4, 1779; m. in Conn.,

Feb. 10, 1799, Asael Dunning, who was b. Oct.
24, 1778; rem. to Ind. and Iowa. She d. April 25,
I860. He d. in Indianapolis in 1830.

Children :

1. Elsia Dunning^ b. Conn., April 15, 1803; m. in

Ohio, June 15, 1820, John Elliott.

2. Bethel Judd Dunning"', b. Aug. 13, 1805; m. May

22, 1823, Charith Hultzc; d. Nevada, Iowa, 1874.

3. Juliet Dunning*', b. July 5, 1807; m. in Ind., Dec.

31, 1823, John Beal.

122 Prindle Genealogy.

10. Jonathan Judd'\ b. 1782; was rector of Epis. Church,

Cambridge, Mass. ; m. and had
1. Spencer Philpot Judd'', who grad. Wash. Coll.,
and d. ae. 25 to 30 yrs.

11. Elijah Judd% b. 1784; d. Dec. 24, 1794.

5. Hannah*, b. Dec. 23, 1742; m. as his 1st wife, July 6,

1763, David Arnold; d. July 21, 1766.
Children :

1. Jonathan Arnold'-, b. May 16, 1764.

2. Smith Arnold% b. March 31, 1766.

6. Sarah% b. ; d. July 20, 1749, in 7th year of age.

7. Jonathan^ b. June 21, 1748; ui. Oct. 13, 1768, Mar-

garet Hall; d. bef. 1782. (This was probably the
Jonathan mentioned in Vermont Revolutionary Rolls.)
Children, horn in Waterhiiry :

1. Ele^ (Eleazer.?), b. Jan. 3, 1770.

2. Michael^ b. Dec. 16, 1771; m. Sarah CrofFord, who

was b. N. Y. City, Jan. 15, 1774, and d. Jan. 12,
1844; d. 1806. Rem. prob. to Oswego Co. N. Y.
Children :
1. Bethuel^ b. Conn., July 29, 1793; m. Flavia
Grenell, who was b. Conn., June 9, 1801, and d.
Corunna, Mich., March 3, 1859.

Children, 1st eight born Mansfield, N. Y.,
others, Lapeer, Mich. :

1. William^ b. Sept. 3, 1818; d. Ind., July 19,


2. Holland^ b. May 2, 1820; d. Mansfield, April

19, 1887, unm.

3. Charles^ b. May 23, 1822; d. .

4. Sarah^ b. March 8, 1824; m. Lapeer, Mich.,

July 2, 1842, Samuel Young; res. 1898,
Corunna, Mich. 4 ch.

5. Israel^ b. Nov. 12, 1825; res. 1898, Mich.

6. Esria^ b. Oct. 20, 1827; d. , s.p.

7. John W.^, b. July 23, 1829; m. Josephine Hunt;

res. 1897, Mansfield. 3 ch.

8. Eunice^ b. May 8, 1831; m. Herring-

ton; res. 1898, Mich. 1 ch.

Descendants of Eleazer-. 123

9. Olive', b. Aug. 29, 1833; m. Doane.

10. Rodney', b. Aj^ril 20, 1835; d. Corimna, Mich.,

June 19, 1860, s.p.

11. Maria', b. July 18, 183-; m. Eaton;

d. April 1, 1873, s.p., Akron, Ohio.

12. Horace', b. Oct. 6, 1840; d. Akron, O., April

22, 1875.

13. Margarette', b. June 18, 1844; d. .

2. Margaret*', b. Dec. l6, 1795; m. John M. Hunter.

3. WiLLiAM% b. Nov. 27, 1798; m. (1) June 4, 1819,

Frances Spencer, who Avas b. Feb. 1, 1801, and d.
July 1, 1829; m. (2) Oct. 25, 1829, Abigail
Scranton, who was b. West Springfield, INIass.,
June 20, 1812, and d. Chicago, 111., Oct. 13, 1898;
d. Morris, Hi., June 20, 1875.

Children, by 1st marriage:

1. Michael S.^, b. Canada, 1820; d. 1844, unm.

2. William W.', b. Canada, 1823; m. Mary A.

Hunter; d. Lockport, 111., May 15, 1891.

3. Sarah J.', b. Canada, 1826; m. Edgar M. Ross;

d. Cincinnati, Sept. 19, 1896.

4. John J.', b. Oswego, N. Y., 1828; d. 1829.

Children, by 2nd marriage:

5. Augustus^ b. Nov. 10, 1830; d. Nov. l6, 1830.

6. Frances E.'^, b. ; m. (1) Harrison Gil-

lett; m. (2) John S. Thompson.

7. Almira M.', b. 1836; d. 1836.

8. Almira A.', b. 1837; m. (1) Wm. A. Kiersted;

m. (2) Charles Wood.

9. Charles F.^, b. 1843; m. Nancy J. Humphrey;

d. Streator, 111., May 6, 1890. He was a soldier
of 76th 111. Vols., 1861-65.
10. Michael', b. 1846; m. Electa Lindsay; res.
1897, Chicago, 111.

4. JoHN^ b. Oct. 2, 1799.

5. OLIVE^ b. 1802; m. John Hamilton.

6. Mariah% b. ; m. Hamihon Hunter; d.

Dec. 18, 1866.

124 Prindle Genealogy.

8. David*, b. July 8^ 1751 ; m. Hope Wetmore, dau. of In-
crease Wetmore; set. in Watertown; d. April 8, 1813.
Children :

1. Rachel^ b. Oct. 15, 1775; m. Dr. Reuben S. Wood-

ward, of Watertown; d. Watertown.
Children :

1. Lucina Woodward", b. 1792; m. Newton;

res. 1885, Litchfield, Conn.

2. Sherman Prindle Woodward", b. Feb. 15, 1807;

res. 1895, Watertown, Conn.

2. LiNus^, b. ; m. dau. of Robert Pope; rem. to

Vienna, Ohio.

Children :

1. Horatio Nelson'', b. ; m. Lydia Everett;

set. Liberty, Ohio.
Children :

1. Samuel Linus", b. Jan. 1, 1823; m. 1863, Nancy

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