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was finally discharged from service at Valley Forge
Jan. 1, 1778, by reason of expiration of its term of
enlistment. During its period of service the com-

2 In Febniiiry, 1"
paid to Col. Williiii
wliicli is a part of I

nd equipping liia regluipnt,


pany fought at Long Island, White Plains, Trenton,

Princeton, Quibbletown (N. J.), Brandywine, and

Germantown. Following is a roll of the company :

Erwin, Joseph, Westmoreland County, appointed
March 9, 1776 ; commission dated April 6, 1776 ;
promoted captain in Ninth Pennsylvania.
First Lieutenant.

Carnaghan, James, from second lieutenant ; missing
since the battle, Aug. 27, 1776 ; a/ter release he
repaired to headquarters, in December, 177G, and
served as a volunteer at Trenton and Princeton ;
promoted first lieutenant in Eighth Pennsylva-
nia on Jan. 15, 1777.

Second Lieutenants.

Carnaghan, James, appointed March 1(3,1776; pro-
moted first lieutenant Oct. 24, 177(5.

Sloan, David, from third lieutenant, Aug. 9,1776;
killed in battle at Long Island, Aug. 27, 1776 ;
left a widow Mary and daughter Ann, aged eleven,
in 1789 residing in "Westmoreland County.
Third Lieutenants.

Sloan, David, appointed March 19, 1776; promoted
second lieutenant, to date from Aug. 9, 177G.

Brownlee, Joseph, commission dated April 1.5, 1776;
promoted second lieutenant Oct. 24, 1776; miss-
ing since the battle of Long Island, Aug. 27, 1776.

Lindsay, William.

Eoddy," Samuel.

Dugan, Jaiues.

Justice, John.

Drum and Fife.

Howard, George.

Gunnon, John.

Geyer, John, drummer-boy (eleven years of age), son
of Peter Geyer, below ; wounded in the heel at
Germantown; discharged Jan. 1, 1778, at Valley
Forge; was a stone-mason, residing in Metal
township, Franklin Co., in 1821.


Anderson, ;Martin.

Bentley, James.

Brown, Anilrew.

Brownfield, Daniel, missing since the battle, Aug. 27,

Brownlee, John, April 1, 1776; discharged Jan. 1,
1778 ; resided in Donegal township, Washington
Co., in 1814.

Bryson, Andrew, April 1, 1776 ; drafted into the artil-
lery at Brandywine ; discharged Jan. 1, 1778 ;
resided in Bedminster township, Bucks Co., in

Carnahan, Joseiih.

Dunnough, William.

Dovle, Sylvester.

Fitzgerald, Henry.

Forsyth, James.

Gunnon, Jeremiah, missing since the battle, Aug. 27,

Guthry, John, missing since the battle, Aug. 27, 1776.

Guthry, William, missing since the battle, Aug. 27,

Geyer, Peter, enlisted at Hannastown ; discharged at
Valley Forge Jan. 1, 1778 ; wounded by a bayo-
net in the groin and by a ball in the leg at Ger-
mantown. His wife, Mary, went with his com-
pany as washer-woman, with her son John, above
mentioned, and accompanied the regiment in all
its marches ; she was eighty-six years of age in
1821, then residing in Cumberland County; she
had three other children, — Jacob, Mary, and

Henderson, Edward.

Hennan, David.

Hennan, John. ■

Henry, John, missing since the battle, Aug. 27, 177G.

Heslet, Robert.

Holiday, William.

Johnson, Robert.

Kelly, Philip, missing since the battle, Aug. 27, 177(j.

Leech, Archibald, discharged Jan. 1, 1778 ; resided iu
Armstrong County in 1811.

Leech, James.

Leonard, James, discharged Jan. 1, 1778; resided iu
Warren County, Ohio, in 1831, aged eighty-seven.

McClelland, David".

McCollister, James.

McCord, William.

McKenzie, Andy, ''a volunteer," missing since the
battle, Aug. 27, 1776.

Miller, Peter, resided iu Bedford County in 1819.

Moor, William, missing since the battle, Aug. 27,

Moll, William, missing since the battle, Aug. 27,

Nail, James.

Nelson, James, missing since tlie battle, Aug. 27,'

Nelson, William, wounded in the left knee; missing
since the battle, Aug. 27, 1776 ; resided in West-
moreland County in 1789.

Orr, David.

Riddle, John.

Riddle, Robert.

Roddy, Patrick.

Sims, John.

Singlewood, Stephen, missing since the battle. Aug.
27, 1776.

Stamper, Charles, missing since the battle, Aug. 27,

Stone, Allen.

Stoops, John, mi.ssing since the battle, Aug. 27, 1776.

Twifold, William, missing since the battle, Aug. 27,



Waddle, William, April, 1770; discharged Jan. 1,
177S; resided in Westmoreland County in 1819.

Watterson, John.

Wead, Maurice.

Wilkinson, Angus, missing since the battle, Aug. 27,
Three sergeants were also captured, but the roll

does not indicate which.

The Eighth Regiment of the Pennsylvania Line
was raised under authority of a resolution of Con-

1, d.ited July 15, 1776 ("Journal," vol. i. 411-19),
for the defense of the western frontier, to garrison the
posts of Presquelsle, Le Bojuf, and Kittanning, to con-
ist of seven companies from Westmoreland and one
from Bedford County. On the 29th of July, 1776, the
Convention of Pennsylvania, then in session, having
recommended for field-officcys of this regiment Col.
Eneas JIackey (written also McCoy), Lieut.-Col.
George Wilson (of New Geneva, now Fayette County),
and Maj. Richard Butler, they were elected and ap-
pointed as such by Congress. A resolution of Con-
gress having given to the committees of Westmore-
land and Bedford Counties the right of naming the
company otRcers, they were so named (as in the roster
hereafter given), and on the 14th of September, 1776,
Congi-ess accepted them and ordered commissions.
On the 2211 of September Congress elected David Mc-
Clure chaplain, and Ephraim Douglass quartermaster
of the regiment. On the 23d of November Congress
directed the Board of War to order the regiment to
march with all possible expedition by the nearest
route "to Brunswick, N. J., or to join Gen. Washing-

vherever he may be." On the 4th of November
the regiment received orders to march to Amboy,
N". J., whereupon Lieut.-Col. George Wilson wrote
from the regimental rendezvous to Col. James Wilson
IS follows :

"Ketaxian, Dec. 5Ui, 177G.

" D'' Colonall : Last Evening We Rec^ Marching
jrdors, Which I must say is not Disagreeable to me
mder y"^ Sircumstances of y' times, for when I enter'd
nto y" Service I Judged that if a necesety appeared
:o call us Below, it would be Don, therefore it Dont
:ome on me By Surprise ; But as Both y" Officers and
Men understood they Ware Raised for y° Defence of
° Westeran Frontiers, and their fameleys and sub-
tance to be Left in so Defenceless a situation in their
xbstence, seems to Give Sensable trouble, alth° I Hope
We Will Get over it. By Leving sum of ower trifeling
ers Behind who Pirtend to Have More Witt then
ieven men that can Rendar a Reason. We are ill
Provided for a March at this season, But there is
lothing Hard under sum Sircumstances. We Hope
Provision Will be made for us Below, Blankets,
3ampe Kittles, tents, arms, Regimentals, &c., that
■ve may not Cut a Dispisable Figure, But may be
Enabled to answer y"' expectation of ower Countre.

"I Have Warmly Recommended to y' officers to

Lay aside all Personall Resentments at this time, for
that it Would be construed By y" Worald that they
made use of that Sircumstance to Hide themselves
under from y" cause of their countrie, and I hope it
Will have a Good Efect at this time. We Have isliued
y° Neceserey orders, and appointed y° owt Parties to
Randevous at Hanows Town, y" 1.5"' instant, and to
March Eineditly from there. We have Reoomended
it to y" Militia to Station One Hundred Men at this
post until further orders.

" I Hope to have y° Plesure of Seeing you Soon, as
we mean to take Philodelphia in ower Rout. In y'
mean time, I am, With Esteem, your Harty Well-
wisher and H'''° Ser',

" G. Wilson.
" To Col. James Wilson, of the Honorable the Cont.
Congress, Phila."

Until the 5th of December, 1776, the regiment was

styled in the quartermaster's receipts " the Battalion

commanded by Col. Eneas Mackay," but at that date

it is first styled "The Eighth Battalion of Pcnn'a

j troops in the Continental service," showing that it

I had then been assigned to duty in the Continental

I Line. The regiment marched from Kittanning on

i the 6th of January, 1777, and it and the Twelfth

Pennsylvania were the first regiments of the Line in

the field. The next notice of it is found in the " Life

of Timothy Pickering" (volume i., page 122), in the

following reference to the Eighth Pennsylvania :

" March 1, 1777, S.itunlay.

" Dr. Putnam brought me a billet, of which the
following is a copy :

" ' Dear Sir : Our Battalion is so unfortunate as not
to have a Doctor, and, in my opinion, dying for want
of medicine. I beg you will come down to-morrow
morning and visit the sick of my company. For that
favor you shall have sufficient satisfaction from your
humble servant,

" ' James Pigott,
" ' Capt. of 8 Batt. of Pa.

'" QviDBr.ETOWx, Fi-li, 28, 1777.'

" I desired the Dr. by all means to visit them. They
were raised about the Ohio, and had travelled near
five hundred miles, as one of the soldiers who came
for the Dr. informed me. For 150 miles over moun-
tains, never entering a house, but building fires, and
encamping in the Snow. Considerable numbers, un-
used to such hardships, have since died. The Colonel
and Lieutenant-Colonel among the dead. The Dr.
informed he found them quartered in cold shattered

The regiment was stationed at Bound Brook, N. J.,
in the winter and spring of 1777, where it was attacked
by the British and defeated, with the loss of a number
of men. Lieut.-Col. George Wilson, of New Geneva,
died of pleurisy at Quibblttown, N. J., in February
of that year.


Cols. Mackey and Wilson having died, Daniel
Brodhead became colonel, Richard Butler lieutenant-
colonel, and Stephen Bayard major. When Morgan's
rifle command was organized, Lieut.-Col. Butler was
made lieutenant-colonel of it, and Maj. James Ross,
of the First Pennsylvania, became lieutenant-colonel.
According to a return signed by the latter, dated
" Mount Pleasant, June 9, 1777," the number of men
enlisted between the 9th of August and the 16tli of
December, 1776, was six hundred and thirty ; enlisted
since the 16th of December, thirty-four; making a
total of six hundred and eighty-four. The strength
of the respective companies was:

Capt. David Kilgore's Company . . 3 55

Capt. Samuel Miller's " . . 4 82

Capt. Van Swearingen's " . . 3 71

Capt. James Pigott's " . . 4 55

Capt. Wendel Ourry's " . . 4 54

Capt. Andrew Mann's " . . 4 58

Capt. James Montgomery's Company . 2 57

Capt. Michael Huffnagle's " .4 70

Capt. Lieut. John Finley's " .2 77

Capt. Lieut. Basil Prather's " . 3 69

From the total, thirty-six were deducted as prison-
ers of war, fourteen missing, fifty-one dead, fifteen
discharged, one hundred and twenty-six deserted.
Lieut. Matthew Jack, absent from April 13th,
wciunded. Ensign Gabriel Peterson, absent from
April 17th, wounded. Capt. Moses Carson, deserted
April 21st. " First Lieut. Richard Carson, deserted.
Acjuila White, ensign, deserted February 23d. Joseph
^IcDolo, first lieutenant, deserted. Thomas Forthay,
ensign, deserted. Alexander Simrall, second lieu-
tenant, cashiered. David McKee, ensign, dismissed
the service. Ephraim Douglass, quartermaster, taken
by the enemy March 13th.

Capt. Van Swearingen, First Lieut. Basil Prather,
and Second Lieut. John Hardin,' with their com-

>i!jiuitiou as brig^tdii

1 to the bravery and efficiency of Lieut.
11, of Fiiyette County, during liis tci-in of
from a Ic-tter written by Gen. James Wil-
JM, on the occasion of his tenJeriiig Uis
.(Ijutaut-general of Pennsylvania, in 17S4,

th- F.lection for Fayette County, Major
r ;!i Sheriff 's Office ; permit me briefly to
In 1 I - lueiif, without detracting from Ihat to tjie Command-
deed) of a Lock of Hair,
ufficient for me, Sir, to
EPS your administration

mauds, were detailed on duty with Col. Morgan, ancl
greatly distinguished themselves in the series of ac-
tions that resulted in the surrender of Gen. Burgoyne at
Saratoga. These commands consisted of picked ritlc-

j men out of all of the companies of the Eighth Penn-

A return dated Nov. 1, 1777, shows the strength ■•{
the regiment present: colonel, major, two captain-,
six lieutenants, adjutant, paymaster and surgeon, si.r-
geant-major, quartermaster-sergeant and druin-majnr,
twenty-nine sergeants, nine drums and fifes, one hun-
dred and twelve rank and file fit for duty, twenty-
eight sick present, seventy-seven sick absent, one
hundred and thirty-nine on command ; total, three
hundred and fifty-one. Prisoners of war, one sergeant
and fifty-eight privates. Capt. Van Swearingen,
Lieut. Basil Prather, and Lieut. John Hardin nn
command with Col. Morgan. Vacant oflSces : lieu-
tenant-colonel, four captains, three lieutenants, eight

, ensigns, chaplain, and surgeon's mate. Lieut.-Col.

1 Ross resigned after the battles of Brandywine and

On the 5th of March, 1777, the regiment was or-
dered to Pittsburgh for the defense of the western
frontiers, and by direction of Gen. Mcintosh, Cul.

[ Brodhead made, aboutthe 12th of July, a detour up the
West Branch to check the savages who were ravagin.;-
AVyoming and the West Branch Valley. He was at
Muncy on the 24th of July, and had ordered Caiit.
Finley's company into Penn's Valley, where two of the
latter's soldiers, Thomas Van Doren and Jacob Shed-
acre, who had participated in the campaign against

j Burgoyne, were killed on the 24tli, in sight of Potters

i fort, by the Indians. (Pennsylvania Archives, O. S.,

1 vol. vi. page C66.) Soon after. Col. Hartley with lii-

! regiment relieved Col. Brodhead, and he proceeikl

j with the Eighth to Pittsburgh.

I A montlily return of the troops commanded by C"'..
Brodhead in the Western Department, dated July
30, 1780, gives the strength of the Eighth Pennsyl-
vania: colonel, lieutenant-colonel, major, two captains,
three lieutenants, four ensigns, adjutant, paymaster,
quartermaster, surgeon, surgeon's mate, sergeant-
major, quartermaster-sergeant, one drum and file
major, ten sergeants, ten drums and fifes, one hundred
and twenty rank and file fit for duty, four sick, Ium
furloughed, eight on command, three deserted, >ix
joined the Invalid Company.

In a letter from Gen. William Irvine to Gen. Wa-li-
ington, soon after he took command at Fort Pitt,
dated Dec. 2, 1781, he says, "I have re-formed tin
remains of the late Eighth Pennsylvania into two
companies, and call them a detachment from the
Pennsylvania Line, to be commanded by Lieut.-Col.
Bayard." [The first company, Capt. Clark, Lieuts.
Peterson and Reed ; second company, Capt. Brady,
Lieuts. Ward and Jlorrison.]

Capt. Matthew Jack, in a statement on file, says,
" In the vcar 1778 the Eighth was sent to Pittsburrrh


to guard the frontier^ and placed under the command

of Gen. Mcintosh ; that they went down to the

mouth of the Beaver, and there built Fort Mcintosh,

and from that went, upon Mcintosh's command, to

the head of the Muskingum, and there built Fort

Laurens. In the year 1779 went up the Allegheny,

j on Gun. Brodhead's expedition, attacked the Indians

: and defeated them, and burned their towns. On the

, return of the regiment, its time having expired, it was

. discharged at Pittsburgh." For a full account of the

services of this regiment in the West, the reader is

, referred to " Brodhead's Letter-Book," published in

I the twelfth volume, first series, of Pennsylvania Ar-

; chives.

Van Swearingen was probably the most noted cap-
tain in the Eighth Pennsylvania. On the 19th of
September he and a lieutenant and twenty privates
were captured in a sudden dash that scattered Mor-
gan's men. He fell into the hands of the Indians,
but was rescued by Gen. Fraser's bat man (one who
takes care of his officer's horse), who took him before
the general. The latter interrogated him concerning
the number of the American army, but got no answer,
except that it was commanded by Gens. Gates and
Arnold. He then threatened to bang him. " You
may, if you please," said Van Swearingen. Fraser
then rode ofl', leaving him in care of Sergt. Dunbar,
who consigned him to Lieut. Auburey, who ordered
him to be placed among the other prisoners, with
directions not to be ill treated. Swearingen, after
Burgoyne's army was removed to Virginia, made
especial exertions to have Dunbar and Auburey ex-
changed. Swearingen was the first sheriff' of Wash-
ington County in 1781 ; resided in now Fayette
County, opposite Greenfield. His daughter became
the wife of the celebrated Capt. Samuel Brady (also
of the Eighth Pennsylvania), so conspicuous in the
annals of Western Pennsylvania.

EosTEE OF Field and Staff Officers of the
Eighth Pennsylvania.

Mackey, Eneas, of Westmoreland County, July 20,
1776 ; died in service, Feb. 14, 1777.

Brodhead, Daniel, from lieutenant-colonel, Fourth
Pennsylvania, Marcli 12, 1777; joined April,
1777; transferred to First Pennsylvania, Jan.
17, 1781.

Lieutenant- Colonels.

Wilson, George, July 20, 1776 ; died in service at
Quibbletown, February, 1777.

Butler, Richard, from major, March 12, 1777, ranking
from Aug. 28, 1776 ; transferred to lieutenant-
colonel of Morgan's rifle command, June 9, 1777 ;
promoted colonel of Ninth Pennsylvania, rank-
ing from June 7, 1777 ; by an alteration subse-
quent to March 12, 1777, Kichard Butler was

pl.aced in the First Pennsylvania, and James Ross
in Eighth Pennsylvania.

Ross, James, from lieutenant-colonel First Pennsyl-
vania; resigned Sept. 22, 1777.

Bayard, Stephen, from major, ranking Sept. 23, 1777;
transferred to Sixth Pennsylvania, Jan. 17, 1781.


Butler, Richard, July 20. 1776; promoted lieutenant-
colonel March 12, 1777.

Bayard, Stephen, March 12, 1777, ranking from Oct.
4, 1776; promoted lieutenant-colonel, to rank
from Sept. 23, 1777.

Vernon, Frederick, from captain Fifth Pennsylvania,
ranking from June 7, 1777 ; transferred to Fourtli
Pennsylvania, Jan. 17, 1781.


Kilgore, David, died July 11, 1814, aged sixty-nine
years four months and twelve days ; buried in
the Presbyterian graveyard of Mount Pleasant
(Middle Church), Westmoreland County. — Letter
of Nannie H. Kilgore, Oreensburg, July 23, 1878.

Miller, Samuel, died in service, Jan. 10, 1778; left a
Avidow, Jane Cruikshank, who resided in West-
moreland County in 1784.

Van Swearingen,' Aug. 9, 1776. Van Swearingen had
been in command of an independent company, in
the pay of the State, from February to Aug. 11,
1776, in defense of the frontiers in Westmoreland

Piggott, James ; on return June 9, 1777, he is marked
sick in camp,

Ourry, Wendel.

Mann, Andrew; on return of June 9, 1777, lie is
marked sick in quarters since May 2d.

Carson, Moses, left the service April 21, 1777.

Miers, Eliezer.

[The foregoing captains were recommended by the

committees of Westmoreland and Bedford Counties,

and directed to be commissioned by resolution of Con-
gress of Sept. 14, 1776.]

Montgomery, James, died Aug. 26, 1777 ; his widow,
Martha, resided in Westmoreland County in 1824.

Huffhagle, Michael, died Dec. 31, 1819, in Allegheny
County, aged sixty-six.

Jack, Matthew, from first lieutenant; became super-
numerary Jan. 31, 1779; resided in Westmore-
land County in 1835, aged eighty-two.

Stokely, Nehemiah, Oct. 16, 1777; became supernu-
merary Jan. 31, 1779; died in Westmoreland
County in 1811.

Cooke, Thomas, from first lieutenant ; became super-
numerary Jan. 31, 1779; died in Guernsey County,
Ohio, Nov. 5, 1831.

1 Tlie names of the captnins appear, on the first return found, in tlie
orOer iudicated above, but date of commissions cannot be ascertuiued.
riobally thej' wcic all dated .4ug 0, 1770, as Van Sivearirjgen's.


Dawson, Samuel,'from Eleventh Pennsylvania, July
1, 1778; died at Fort Pitt, Sept. 6, 1779; buried
in First Presbyterian churchyard in Pittsburgh.

Moore, James Francis, from Thirteenth Pennsylvania,
July 1, 1778.

Clark, John, from Thirteenth Pennsylvania, July 1,
1778 ; transferred to First Pennsylvania, July 17,

Carnahan, James, from Thirteenth Pennsylvania,
July 1, 1778; transferred to Fourth Pennsylva-
nia," Jan. 17, 1781.

Finley, Joseph L., from Thirteenth Pennsylvania,
July 1, 1778 ; brigade-ra.ijor, July 30, 1780; trans-
ferred to Second Pennsylvania, Jan. 17, 1781.

Finley, John, from first lieutenant, Oct. 22, 1777;
transferred to Fifth Pennsylvania, Jan. 17, 1781.

Crawford, John, from first lieutenant, Aug. 10, 1779;
transferred to Sixth Pennsylvania, Jan. 17, 1781.

Brady, Samuel, from captain lieutenant, Aug. 2, 1779;
transferred to Third Pennsylvania, Jan. 17, 1781.
Captain Lieutenant.

Brady, Samuel, commission dated July 17, 1776 ; from
Sixth Pennsylvania; promoted captain Aug. 2,

First Lieutenants.

Moseley, Robert (written Moody in the return), re-
signed May 1(3, 1777; resided in Ohio County,
Ky., in 1820, aged sixty-nine.

Cooke, Thomas, promoted captain.

Finley, John, promoted captain Oct. 22, 1777.

Jack, Matthew, lost his left hand by the bursting of
his gun at Bound Brook, N. J. ; promoted captain
April 13, 1777.

Hickman, Ezekiel.

Carson. Richard, left the service in 1777.

ilcGeary, William, resigned April 17, 1777.

McDolo", Joseph, left the service in 1777.

[The foregoing first lieutenants were commissioned

under the resolution of Congress of Sept. 16, 1776.]

Richardson, Richard, returned June 9, 1777, as re-

Pratlier, Basil, returned Nov. 1, 1777, as on command
with Col. Morgan from June 9th; resigned April

Hughe-, John, Aug. 9, 1776; resigned Nov. 23,1778;

resided in AVashington County in 1813.
Crawford, John, from second lieutenant, April 18,

1777 ; promoted captain Aug. 10, 1779 ; promoted

to Second Pennsylvania, with rank of captain,

from April 18, 1777.
Hardin, John, July 13, 1777 ; Nov. 1, 1777, returned

as on command with Col. ^lorgan ; resigned in

1779;afterwar.l-i;rii..I.i]iii Hardin, of Kentucky ;

murdered by the linliuns. near Sandusky, Ohio,

in 1791.— Tr7///»^r»/N M.moirs.
Mickey, Daniel, became supernumerary Jan. 31, 1779.
Peterson, Gabriel, July 26, 1777; died in Allegheny

Countv, Feb. 12, 1832.

Stotesbury, John, from old Eleventh Pennsylvania,
commission dated April 9, 1777 ; he was a pris-
oner in New York for some time ; transferred to
the Second Pennsylvania, Jan. 17, 1781.

Neilly, Benjamin, from ensign, Oct. 4, 1777.

Finley, Andrew, on return of Nov. 1, 1777, marked
sick since October 16th ; retired in 1778; resided
in Westmoreland County, 1813.

Amberson, William, in 1779 he was deputy muster-
master-general ; resided in Mercer County in

Read, Archibald, vice Joseph Brownlee, Dec. 13, 177S ;
died in Allegheny County in 1823.

Graham, Alexander, I'ice Basil Prather, April 1, 1779.

Ward, John, April 2, 1779; transferred to Second,
Pennsylvania, Jan. 17, 1781.

Second Lieutenants,
Thompson, William, Aug. 9, 1776 ; resigned May 17,

Simrall, Alexander, Aug. 9, 1776 ; left the army in

1777 ; resided in Jefterson County, Ohio, in 1834,

aged eighty-eight.
Guthrie, James, Aug. 9, 1776.
Rogers, Philip, Aug. 9, 1776.
Smith, Samuel, Aug. 9, 1776 ; killed at Germantown,

Oct. 4, 1777.
Mountz, William, Aug. 9, 1776; resigned April 17,

Beeler, James, Jr., Aug. 9, 1776.
Crawford, John, Aug. 9, 1776; promoted first lieu-
tenant, April 18, 1777.
[The foregoing second lieutenants were commis-
sioned under resolution of Congress, Sept. 14, 1776,
dating as above.]
Owine, Barnabas, marked on return of Nov. 1, 1777,

as command in the infantry.
Carnahan, John, resigned in 1779.
Neilly, Benjamin, promoted to first lieutenant, Oct. 4,

Kerr, Joseph.
Simmons, John.
Wherry, David.

Mecklin, Dewalt, resigned Ajiril 17, 1777.
Weaver, Valentine.
Reed, John.
White, Aquila, left the army Feb. 23, 1777; resi(

in Montgomery County, Ky., in 1834.
[The foregoing ensigns were commissioned under a
resolution of Congress of Sept. 14, 1776.]
Forshay, Thomas, left the service in 1777.
McKee, David, left the service in 1777.
Peterson, Gabriel, on a return of June 9, 1777, he ia

marked absent, wounded, from April 17, 1777;

promoted to first lieutenant, July 26, 1777.
Guthrie, John, appointed Dec. 21, 1778.
Morrison, James, appointed Dec. 21, 1778.



Wyatt, Thomas, appointed Dec. 21, 177S ; resided at
St. Louis, Mo., in 1834, aged eighty.

Cooper, William, appointed April 19, 1779.

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