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Davidson, Joshua, appointed April 19, 1779; resided
in Brown County, Ohio, in 1833, aged eighty-one.

McClure, Rev. David, appointed Sept. 12, 1776.

Huffiiagle, Michael, appointed Sept. 7, 1776.
Crawford, John, lieutenant, 1780.


John, July 20, 1776.


Douglass, Ephraim, Sept. 12, 1776; taken prisoner
while acting as aide-de-camp to Gen. Lincoln,
March 13, 1777 ; exchanged Nov. 27, 1780 ; pro-
thonotary of Fayette County in 1783; died in

* 1833.

Neilly, Benjamin, appointed in 1778.

Morgan, Abel, from old Eleventh ; resigned in 1779 ;

died in 1785.
Morton, Hugh, March 7, 1780.

Surgeo7i's Mate.
Saple, John Alexander, 1778.

Read, Archibald, 1778.

Muster-roll of Capt. Nehemlah Stokebfs company, in
the Eighth Pennsylvania Regiment of Foot, in the
service of the United States of America, commanded
by Col. Daniel Brodhead, talen for the months of
October, November, and December, 1778, and Janu-
ary, 1779.


Stokely, Nehemiah, Oct. 16, 1777 ; supernumerary,
Jan. 31, 1779.

First Lieutenant.

Hughes, John, Aug. 9, 1776 ; resigned Nov. 23, 1778.

\Vv:iit, Thomas, Dec. 20, 1778, on command at Fort
, Laurens.

Crawford, Robert, three years.
Hezlip, Rezin, three years.
Smith, John, three years, on command at Sugar

Anii>trong, George, war.


Bradley, Thomas, three years.

Jarret, William, three years, on command at Fort

Ackles, Arthur, three years, on guard at Block-house.

Stevenson, James, three years, on command at Sugar


Bower, Michael.


Bacon, John, war, at Fort Laurens.

Caldwell, Robert, three years, on command, making

Cline, George, three years.

Cooper, Joseph, three years, on command at Fort

Counse, Felix, three years.

Eyler, Jonas, war, on command at Fort Laurens.

Fisher, John, three years.

France, Henry, three years.

Handcock, Joseph, three years.

Hill, John, three years.

Holmes, Nicholas, three years.

Holstone, George, three years, on command at Fort

Keer, William, three years.

Lamb, Peter, three years, on command at Fort Lau-

Lewis, Samuel, war.

Lynch, Patrick, three years, on command, boating.

McCombs, Allen, three years.

McCaully, Edward, war.

McGreggor, John, war.

McKeehan, David, three years, on command at Fort

McKissan, James, three years.

McLaughlin, Patrick, three years.

Matthew, William, three years, on command, boating.

Marman, George, war, on command, recruiting.

Martin, Paul, three years, on command at Fort Lau-

Miller, George, three years, on command at Fort

Richard, Richard, three years.

Shaw, Jacob, three years, on furlough.

Shelhammer, Peter, three years.

Smith, Emanuel, three years.

Smith, Jacob, three years.

Smith, John, war.

Sommerville, William, three years, on command ; en-
listed Aug. 8, 1776, under Capt. Ourry ; October,
1778, appointed conductor of artillery ; see letters
to, Pennsylvania Archives, second series, vol. iii.
p. 246, etc.; he was appointed by President Jef-
' ferson postmaster at Martinsburg, Va., and died

there, March 18, 1826, aged seventy.

Steel, Thomas, war.
I Tracey, James, war, on guard.


Turner, William, three years.

AVebb, Hugli, war, on command, at Sugar Camp. j

AVilkie, Edward, war, on command, at Fort Laurens. '

FonT MclNTOSH, Feb. 21, 1779. j

Then mustered Capt. Stokely's company, as speci- i
fied in the above roll. |

Wm. Axuersox,
U.JUL Go,/., M.I).

I certify that the within muster-roll is a true state
iif the company, without fraud to these United States,
ur to any individual, to the best of my knowledge. i


Sergeant. j

I do certify that there is no commissioned officer
present belonging to the company.

Daniel Bkodhead,

Co!. 8th Pa. Eegt.

CoMMlssiON-Ens' OrnCE fok Aejit Accocnts, [

New York, July 19, 1780. j

This may certify that the above and foregoing is a
true copy of the muster-roll of Capt. Stokely's com-
pauy, tlie original of which is filed in this office.

Jxo. Pierce, M.G.


THE Eighth Pennsylvania Kegiment, Con- i


[Those marked (e) are taken from a list in the Sec- ;
retary's office of soldiers whose depreciated pay es-
cheated to the State.]

Allison, John, died in Versailles, Ky., June 16, 1823,
aged seventy-five.



Atkinson, Joseph,

Adams, George.

Abrams, Gabriel, Kilgore's company, 1776-79.
Aikins, Robert, resided in Bedford County, 1790.

Alcorn, James, transferred to Invalid Corps, July,

Allen, William, deserted August, 1778.
Anderson, Johnson.

Anderson, William, resided in Mercer County, 1800.
Anderson, George, resided in Westmoreland County,

1835, aged eighty-four.
Armstrong, George.
A.skins, George.

Askins, James, deserted August, 1778.
Atkins, Isaac.


Baker, Michael, died in Greene County, 111., Sept. 13,

Blake, William.
Byels, Joseph, of Piggott's company.


Bond, John.


Bacon, John.

Bannon, Jeremiah.

Beard, John, deserted August, 1778.

Berkett, Robert.

Berlin, Isaac, died in Crawford County, June 16, 1831, ,
aged seventy-six.

Berry, Michael.

Bess, Edward, Van Swearingen's company, 1776-7
also in Crawford's campaign ; died in Washing-
ton County, July 17, 1822, aged seventy-seven.

Bl.ike, Luke William.

Blake, Nicholas, enlisted August, 1776.

Blakeney, Gabriel, private at Long Island ; lieutenant
in Flying Camp ; captured at Fort Washington;
resided in Washington County, 1817.

Bodkin, James.

Booth, George.

Boveard, James, Kilgore's company, 177G-79 ; died in
1808, in East Buffalo township. Union County.

Boyer, Oziel, killed in action.

Brandon, Michael.

Bright, John [e]. :

Bristo, Samuel.

Broadstock, William.

Brothers, Mattliew.

Brown, John, resided in Armstrong County, 1825.

Burbridge, Thomas, Kilgore's company ; taken De-
cember, 1780 ; in captivity tliree years ; resided
in Westmoreland County, 1805.

Burket, Christopher.

Burns, Pearce, transferred to Invalid Corps, August,

Byan, David, August, 1777-79; Capt. Piggott's com-
pany; served at Saratoga under Van Swear-
ingen ; went West with regiment, 1778 ; at the-
building of Fort Mcintosh and Fort Laurens;
Pennsylvania pensioner, 1813.

Cavenaugh, Barney.
Cheselden. Edward.



Clarke, James.

Cooper, William, of Kilgore's company.

Crawford, Robert, Aug. 20, 1776-Sept. 15, 1779; re-
sided in Venango County, 1825.

Clark, David (e), Capt. Kilgore's company, April,


Cain, Bartholomew.

Cain, John.

Calahan, John.

Call, Daniel, resided in Westmoreland County, 1821.

Campbell, George, Mount Pleasant, Westmoreland
Co., 1786.

Carr, Daniel.

Carrenger, Martin.

Carswell, Joseph.

Carty, Richard.

Casevey, Patrick, deserted August, 1778.

Castile, Samuel.

Cavenaugh, John.

Cavenaugh, Patrick, enlisted at Carlisle in Capt.
Huffnagle's company; he saved Gen. Lincoln
from capture by the British in New Jersey;
afterwards express-rider for Gen. Greene; died
in Washington County, April 5, 1823, aged

Chambers, Andrew.

Chambers, Moses, from Ligonier; deserted August,

Chriswell, Joseph.

Churchfield, John, enlisted July, 1776; wounded in
the leg in the battle of Germantovvn ; resided in
Westmoreland County, 1835, aged eighty-six.

Clark, Benjamin, Kilgore's company ; wounded at
Bound Brook, 1777 ; also, in 1778, on march to
Fort Mcintosh; resided in Steubenville, Ohio,

Close, Robert.

Coleman, Joseph.

I Conner, John.

I Connor, Bryan, enlisted July 2, 1777.

I Conway, Felix.

i Cooper, Joseph,' deserted August, 1778; died Jan.

1 16, 1823, in Bedford County, aged sixty-eight.

] Cooper, Leonard, from Maryland; deserted August,

I Cooper, William, Aug. 17, 1776-September, 1779;
I resided in Venango County, 1810.
iCorner, Felix.
ICoveney, Felix.
f'ripps, John.

C^ritrlilow, James, enlisted August, 1776, in Capt.
Moses Carson's company ; served in all the Sara-
toga engagements under Lieut.-Col. Butler; re-
sided in Butler County, 1835, aged seventy-eight.

Crosley, Timothy.

Cruikshank, Andrew, Miller's company, Aug. 17,

1776-September, 1779; resided in Butler County,

Curtin, John.

Dennison, James.
Donnalson, William.

Davis, William, died in Muskingum County, Ohio,
in 1834, aged eighty-two.


Darragh, John.

Davis, John, died in Holmes County, Ohio, June 7,
1830, aged sixty-four.

Dempey, Thomas.

Dennis, Michael.

Dennis, Thomas, killed in April, 1779.

Dennison, Joseph (<?), transferred to Seventh Regi-

Desperett, Henry.

Dickerson, Henry, enlisted 1776 in Van Swearingen's
company, at Saratoga, etc. ; resided in Washing-
ton County in 1813.

Dickson, William.

Dolphin, Joseph.

Dougherty, James, alias Capt. Fitzpatrick, deserted
August, 1778, and executed for robbery.

Dougherty, Mordecai, brother of above, deserted
August, 1778.

Dowden, John.

Du Kinson, Joseph, killed in action.

Evans, Arnold (<r).

Edwards, Johtu

Evans, Anthony, promoted to fife-major, Third Penn-

Edwards, David [e).
Everall, Charles.


Font, Matthew.
Forbes, William.

Fitzgibbons, James.



Faith, Abraham, Capt. Mann's company, Aug. 15,
1776-Xov. 19, 1779; resided in Somerset County
in 1825, aged seventy-four.



F;iiighey, James, deserted August, 1778.

Finn, James, transferred to Invalid Corps.

Fitzgibbons, David.

Fossbrooke, or Frostbrook, John, resided in Bath

Co., Ky., in 1834, aged one hundred and four.
Fulton, Joseph, July 4, 1776.


Gladwin, John.


G.1lI.^gher, Mii-hael, June 7, 1776; deserted before he
reached the regiment.

Gallagher, J.,hn.

Germain, Henry.

Gibbons, David.

Gibson, Henry.

Gill, William, wounded in hand at Bound Brook ;
resided in Mercer County in 1833, aged eighty-

Girdler, James.

Glenn, Hug-h, killed in action.

Graham, Alexander, deserted August, 1778.

Graham, William, Capt. Kilgore's company ; resided
in Westmoreland County in 1811.

Greenland, James.

Grimes, John.

Guthery, Archibald, killed August, 1779.

Gwyne. Jo;>eph, June 7, 177C ; served three years ; re-
" sided in Greeue County in 1808.

Halpen, Joseph.

Hamill, Hugli, Finley's company, 1776-79; resided

in Westmoreland County in 1809.
Hancock, Joseph (e), Capt. jMann's company, 1777;

resided in Wayne County, Ind., in 1834, aged

Hanl.y, mVIim.'].
Hard'-ty, i il.ailiah, resided in Lawrence County, 111.,

in 1S33, aged seventy-one.
Harman, Conrad, died in Muskingum County, Ohio,

June 9, 1822, aged seventy-five.
Harvey, Samuel.

Hezlip, Rezin, Stokely's company; resided in Balti-
more in 1813.
Hayes, Jacob, from Brandywine, deserted August,

" 1778.
Hayes, Joel, from Brandywine, deserted August,

' 1778.
Hiere, David, deserted August, 1778.
Hoback, Philip, resided in Madison County, Ind., in

1820, aged sixty-four.
Hockle}^ Richard, Capt. Clark's company ; resided in

Westmoreland County in 1813.
Hotten, John, Aug. 2, 1876-Sept. 17, 1779; resided

in Westmoreland County in 1812.
Humbar, Nicholas.
Hunter, Nicholas [e).

Hunter, Robert, John Finley's company; wounded at
Bound Brook and Paoli ; resided in Westmore-
land County in 1808.

Hutchinson, John.


Jamison, John, Capt. Miller's company; enlisted in
1776, at Kittanning; served three years; resided
in Butler County in 1835, aged eighty-four.

Jennings, Benjamin, Sept. 9, 1776-Sept. 9, 1779, in

Kilgore's company; drafted into rifle command;

resided in Somerset County in 1807.
Johnson, Peter (e), resided in Harrison County, Ya.,

in 1829.
Jones, Benjamin, resided in Champaign County,

Ohio, in 1833, aged seventy-one.
Jordan, John, Westmoreland County.
Justice, Jacob, resided in Bedford Countv in 1820.


Kerns, Robert.

Kidder, Benjamin.

McKinney, or Kenney, Peter, Capt. Clark's company,
1776-79; resided in Butler County in 1835, aged

Kain, John.
Kairns, Godfrey.

Kean, Thomas, Aug. .23, 1776, Capt. Montgomery's
company ; he an indented servant of William
Kelly, Edward.
Kelly, Roberts.
Kelly, Thomas.
I Kemble, Jacob.
Kerr, Daniel.

Kerr, William, Capt. Miller's company, Aug. 1776-
I Sept. 9, 1779 ; resided in Westmoreland County in

Kildea, Michael, paid from Jan. 1, 1777-Ang, 1,

Lee, AVilliam, died in Columbiana County, Ohio, Jan.
; 6, 1828, aged eighty-five.


Lewis, Samuel.

Lucas, Henry.


Lacey, Lawrence.

Lacount, Samuel.

Landers, David.

Lawless, James.

Lecron, John.
1 Lewis,, of Brady's company ; resided in Mor-
I gan County, Ohio, in 1831.


Lingo, Henry, resided in Trumbull County, Ohio,
1834, aged seveuty-one.

Long, Gideon, resided in Fayette County, 1835, aged

Long, Jeremiah.

Luckey, Andrew, of Westmoreland County ; Miller's
company ; became teamster to Eighth Pennsyl-
vania ; discharged at Valley Forge ; resided in
F.iyette County, 1822, aged sixty-eight.

McClean, ■

McChire, John.
McGregor, John.



McAfee, Matthew.
Mairman, George.

Miller, John, killed in action.
McAlly, Edward.
McAnary, Patrick.
MeCarty, Jeremiah.
McCaulley, Edward.

McChristy, Michael, Capt. Van Swearingen's com-
pany, October, 1777.
McClean, Abijah.

McComb, Allen, of Mann's company, 177G-79; re-
sided in Indiana County, 1810.
McConnell, John, of Huffnagle's company, Aug. 28,
1776-Aug. 1779 ; died in Westmoreland County,
Dec. 14, 1834, aged seventy-eight.
McFee, Laughlin, killed in action.
McGill, James.
McGlauglilin, Patrick.

McGowan, Mark, enlisted in 1775, in Capt. Van
Swearingen's company for two years; Aug. 9,
1776, this company was broken up, and he re-
enlisted under the same captain in Eighth Penn-
sylvania, and served three years ; resided in Mer-
cer County, Ky., in 1830.
McGuire, Andrew.
Mclnamey, Patrick.

McKee, John, resided in Bath County, Ky., in 1830.
McKenney, Peter.
McKinney, John, Capt. S. Miller's company ; enlisted

Marcii, 1778.
Ml Kissick, Isaac.
3Irk'issick, James, Miller's company; resided in

Maryland in 1828.
-■\I. Mullen, Thomas, August, 1776-79 ; died in North-
ampton County in 1822.
Martin, George.

1 Maxwell, James, 1776-79, Capt. Montgomery's com-
■ pany ; resided in Butler County in 1822.
\ Mercer, George.

Merryman, William.

Miller, Isaac.

Miller, John.

Mitchell, James, Mann's company, 1776-79 ; resided

in Somerset County in 1810.
Mooney, Patrick.
Moore, John.
Moore, William, Capt. Jack's company, November,

Morrison, Edward.
Morrow, William, transferred to Invalid Corps, Au- "

gust, 1780.
Mowry, Christian.
Murphy, Michael.

Murray, Neal, August, 1776, Miller's company ; taken
at Bound Brook, April 17, 1777 ; released, and re-
joined at Germantown, where he was again taken
and made his escape.

Ox, Michael.

Parker, John.

Porter, Robert, resided in Harrison County, Ohio,
1834, aged seventy-one.

Paris, Peter, Invalid Corps, Aug. 2, 1779.
Parker, Charles, 1776-79; resided in Armstrong

County, 1818.
Pegg, Benjamin, Piggott's company, Aug. 13, 1776-
September, 1779 ; resided in Miami County, Ohio,
in 1834, aged eighty-two.
Penton, Thomas.

Perry, Samuel, Invalid Corps, September, 1778.
Pettitt, Matthew, resided in Bath County, Ky., 1834,

aged seventy-four.
Phillips, Luke, Aug. 28, 1776.
Phillips, Matthew.
Reed, Samuel.
Bidner, Conrad.
Robinson, Simon.
Rooke, Timothy.
Rourk, Patrick.

Sample, William.

Smith, John, 1776-Sept. 20, 1779; died in Indiana
County, 1811.

j Swan, Timothy, resided in Trumbull County, Ohio,
in 1834.

Seaton, Francis.

Sham, Michael, resided in Rowan County, N. C, in

1834, aged eighty-six.

j Shedacre, Jacob, Finley's company ; killed by the

Indians near Potter's fort, Centre County, July

I 24, 1778 ; had served under Morgan at Saratoga.

Shcdam, Jacob.
I Sheridan, Martin.



Slierlock, Edward, died in Ross County, Ohio, P'eb.
11, 1825, aged sixty-eight.

Shilhammer, Peter, resided in Westmoreland County
in 1S24.

Shuster, Martin.

Simmons, Henry, June 12, 1776, HufTnagle's company.

.Smith, Henry, resided in Rusli County, Ind., in 1834,
aged sixty-nine.

Smith, John, Sr., resided in Frederick County, Va.,

in 18.34, aged ninety.
'Smith, John, 2d, resided in Westmoreland County in

Smith, John, 3d, from Mifflin County; in Gurry's
company, October, 1777 ; re-enlisted from Third
Pennsylvania, Capt. Cook's; taken and scalped
at Tuscarawas.

Steel, Thomas.

.Stephen, Patrick, Capt. Kilgore's company, October,

Stewart, Charles.

Stewart, Francis.

Stewart, Samuel.

Stevenson, Samuel.

Stokely, Thomas, August, 1776 ; resided in Washing-
ton County in 1823.

Strajihan, William.

Stubbs, Robert.

Sutton, David.

Swift, John.

Taggert, William, transferred to Invalid Corps, July,

Tea, .John.

Tliarp, Perry, resided in Marion County, Ky., in 1834.

Turner, William, in Slokely's company, Sept. 17,
1776-79; resided at Connellsville, Fayette Co.,
in 1835, aged eighty-one.

Tweedy, George.

Van Doren, Tiiomas, Finley's company; served at
Saratoga; killed by the Indians near Potter's
fort, Centre County, July 24, 1778.

Vaughan, Joseph, enlisted in Capt. Samuel Moore-
head's company, April 24, 1776, served two years
and six months ; tlien drafted into Capt. Miller's,
and served six months; resided in Half-Moon
township. Centre Co., in 1822, aged sixty-two.

Verner, Peter, Invalid Corps, Aug. 2, 1779.

Woods, .Tolin, transferred to Invalid Corps.

Wyatt, Thomas, promoted ensign, Dec. 21, 1778;
shoulder-bone broken at Brandywine.

Ward, Matthias.


Wiiitman, John.

Henry, 1776-79 ; resided in Cumberland

Waters, Joseph, 1776-1779.
Watson, John, July 4, 1777.
Weaver, Adam, 1776-79, Kilgore's company ; resided

in Westmoreland County in 1821.
Wharton, William, resided in Pendleton County, Ky.,

in 1834, aged eighty-seven.
AVilkev, David, deserted August, 1778.
Wilkie, Edward.
Wilkinson, William.

Williams, John, Invalid Corps, Aug. 2, 1779.
Williams, Lewis, resided in Muskingum County, Ohio,

in 1834, aged ninety-two.
Williams, Thomas, killed in action.
Wilson, George, Capt. HufTnagle's company, October,

Wilson, William, resided in Trumbull County, Ohio,

in 1820, aged sixty-eight.
Winkler, Joseph.

Wolf, Philip, resided in Bedford County in 1790.
Wyatt, Thomas, promoted sergeant.
Wyllie, Owen.
Wynn, Webster.

Roll of Capt. JoHJf Clabk's Company,
" In a Defacht. from Penn. Line, Commanded by Stephen
Bayard, Esq., Lt. Colo., for the Jfont/is of Feb.,
March, cC- April, 1783."

Clark, John.

Paterson, Gab"'. Bryson, Samuel.

Crawford, John. Everly, Mich'.

McCline, John. Blake, Will™.

Baker, Mich'.

Lee, AV'.

Gladwin, John, McAfee, :Math-.

Jonston, Peter. dis- Marmon, George,
charged March 17, 1783.

Kidder, Benj". Edwards, Jno.

Bond, Jno. Kenny, Peter.


County in 1819.
Waine, ^Michael, deserted Au

3t, 1778.

Amberson, Johnston.
Atcbinson, Joseph, d

serted Sept. 7, 1783.
Bigget, Robert.
Boothe, George.
Cardwell, Joseph, d

serted April 1, 1783.
Caringer, Martin.


Carty, Rich''.
Ca.steel, Sam'.
Chalmers, And"
Clark, James.
Connor, John.
Conway, Felix.
Cripps, John.
Dinnis, Mich'.



I Dinnison, James.
i Dixon, Will™.
j Dorougli, John.
I Fossbrook, John.

Gibson, Henry.

Girdler, James.

Harmon, Conrad.

Hoetzley, Richard.

Hutchinson, John.

Jones, Benj".

Kerns, Godfrey.

Kerr, Dan'.

Landers, David.

Lingo, Henry.

Lucas, Henry.

Ma.xwell, James.

McAuly, Edward.

McCristall, Mich'.

McGill, James.

McGuire, Andrew.

Roll op Capt. Samuel Brady's Compaxy,

" Nov> Otpfain John Finley's Company of the Betachm''
from the Penn. Line, in the Service of the United
States of America, commanded by U Col" Stepli"
Bayard, for the months of Feb., March, & April,


Finlev, John.

Mercer, George.

Jliller, Isaac.

Mooney, Patrick.

Jlorrison, Edward.

Murphy, Mich'.

0.\-, Michael.

Parker, Charles.

Rooke, Timothy.

Smith, .John.

Sherlock, Edward, pris-
oner of war ; joined
Feb., 1783.

Steed, James, deserted 27""
March, 1783.

Stuart, Charles.

Tharpe, Perry.

Wliarton, Will".

Willson, Will™.

Winkler, Joseph V.

Brady, Samuel.

Mahon, John.

Fletcher, Simon.

Font, Matthew.
Cheselden, Edwa:
Allison, John.

Evans, Anthony.

Davis, Will™.
Adams, Robert.

Adams, George.

Anderson, George.
Bannon, Jeremiah.
Branon, Michael.
Brothers, Matthew.
Brown, John.
Cain, John.
Callahan, John.
Cavenaugh, Barney.


Ward, John.
rtcrniastcr-Serrjca n t.


Sample, Willian
Porter, Robert.



Swan, Timothy.

Whitman, John.



Coleman, Joseph,

June 11, 1783.
Crowley, Timothy.
Dimsey, Thomas.
Dolphin, James.
Evans, Arnold, deserted

June n, 1783.
Everall, Charles.

Fitz Gibbous, David.
Gibbons, David.
Gollacher, John.
Greenland, James.
Grimes, John.
Hanley, Michael.
H-obach, Philip, deserted

June 2d ; joined June

4, 1783.
Jordan, John, discharged

July 1, 1783.
Kelley, Edward.
Lacey, Lawrence.
Lacorn, John.
Martin, George.
McGloughlin, Patrick.
Merryman, W'".
Miller, John.
Mourey, Christian.
Phillips, Matthew.

Roairk, Patrick, died Sept.

2, 1783.
Robinson, Simon.
Sheredeu, Martin.
Sinister, Martin.
Simmonds, Henry.
Smith, John.
Steel, Thomas.
Strephan, William,
Stubbs, Robert.
Sutton, David.
Tea, John.
Terman, Henry.
Ward, Matthias.
Wilkinson, Will"'.
Williams, Lewis.
Winn, Webster.

(faded out), Hugh.

(faded out), Obediah.

John Finley, Capt.

After the form.ation of the military organizations
already mentioned, — viz.: the Eighth Pennsylvania
Regiment, the company which joined Miles' rifle
regiment, and the two "Virginia battalions raised by
Col. Crawford, — and the march of a detachment of two
hundred and forty Westmoreland County militia to
Philadelphia, under command of John Proctor, in
January, 1777,' no other troops were raised in the
Monongahela country for regular service in the Rev-
olutionary armies, though an independent company
was formed by Capt. Moorhead for special duty on
the frontier, and many men were afterwards raised
for expeditions against the Indians during the con-
tinuance of the war with Britain ; but it seems to
have been a fact beyond the possibility of denial that
in the mean time the sentiment of patriotism which
at the commencement of the war was almost uni-
versal among the people west of the Laurel Hill be-
came greatly diminished, if not entirely extinct, with
regard to a large proportion of the inhabitants of
this frontier region.

The existence of this state of feeling, and a partial
reason for it, was noticed by Gen. Brodhead, com-
mandant at Fort Pitt, in a letter written by him on
the 23d of September, 1780, in -which he said, "The
emigrations from this new country to Kentucky are
incredible, and this has given opportunity to dis-
affected people from the interior to purchase and
settle their lands." Again, on the 7th of December
following, the same officer wrote to President Reed,
" I learn more and more of the disaffection of the in-
habitants on this side of the mountains. The king of
England's health is often drank in company." And
he gave it as his opinion, gathered from the observa-
tion of many of his officers, including Col. John Gib-

omp-auieJ i

by Col.


son, that "Should the enemy approach this frontier
and offer protection, half the inhabitants would join
them." Afterwards Geu. Irvine (who succeeded Brod-
head as commandant at the fort) wrote: "I am confi-
dent if this post was evacuated, the bounds of Canada

Online LibraryFranklin EllisHistory of Fayette County, Pennsylvania : with biographical sketches of many of its pioneers and prominent men → online text (page 18 of 193)