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Court, in session at Philadelphia^ March 31, 1835.
The eight gentlemen whose names had been stricken
from the roll appeared by their attorneys, who pre-
sented the following bill of exceptions :

'•FIrsi. The Court of Common Pleas of Fayette County erred
in consiilcring the saiil attorneys as the authors of a letter to tl}C
Hon. T. H. Baird, under date of 3d October, 1S34, liable to the
penalty of being struck from the roll for an alleged libel upon
the court.

"Second. The court below erred in considering that by the
writing or publishing of the said letter the said attorneys did
'misbehave themselves in their offices of attorneys' respec-

" Third. The court below erred in considering that by the
■writing or publishing of said Utter the attorneys had dep.-irted
from their obligation to behave themselves in the office of at-
torney within the court according to the best of tlicir learning
or ability, and with all good fidelity as well to the court as to

" Fnu'ih. The order of the court below that the names of
the .Slid attorneys be struck from Ihc list is unconstitutional,
illegal, and oppressive, and the same should be forthv\ith re-
versed and annulled."

Messrs. Dallas and Ingersoll were the attorneys for
the gentlemen of the bar, and J. Sergeant for the
proceedings of the Court of Common Pleas of Fay-
ette County. Lengthy arguments were made. After
due deliberation the opinion of the court was de-
livered by Cliief Justice C. J. Gibson, who thus an-
nounced its decision :

" In conclusion it appears that a case to justify the removal
of the respondents has not been made out, .and it is therefore
considered that the order which made the rule absolute bo
vacated and the rule discharged, that the respondents be re-
stored to the bar, and that this decree bj certified to the Com-
mon Pleas of Fayette County."

" Decreed accordingly."


In this list the names are given of persons who
have held county offices, and also of those, resident
in Fayette County, who have held important offices
in or under the State or national government.

Robert Orr,' appointed 17S4.

.lames Hammond, appointed Nov. 21, 17S6.

Joseph Torrencc, .appointed Oct. 25, 1787; :

30, 1-S9.
Josrph Huston, nppointO'l Nov. It, 17'J0.
James Paull, appointed ITa.'S. Collins, appointed Nov. 1, 179G.
Abraham Stewart, appointed Oct. 26, 1799.
James Allen, appointed Oct. 2S, 1302.
Piorson Sayres, appointed 1 803.
Jacob Ilarbaugh, appointed ISOS.
Andrew Byers, appointed Nov. 7, ISll.
Morris Morris, appointed Nos-. 17, ISU.
John AVithrow, appointed Oct. 29, 1817.
Daniel P. Lynch, appointed 1820.
George Croft, appointed 1823.
William Sailors, appointed Oct. 30, 182G.
John A. Sangston, appointed Oct. 22, 1829.
Gideon Johns, appointed Oct. 22, 1832.
Matthew Allen, appointed Nov. 11, 1835.
George Meason, appointed Oct. 20. 1838.
William Morris, elected Oct. II, 1841.
Wesley Frost, elected Oct. 8, 1S44.
William Snyder, elected Oct. 12, 1847.
Matthew Allen, elicted Oct. 8, 1850.
James McBride, elected Oct. 11, 1853.
Samuel W. Boyd, elected Oct. 14, 185C.
Eli Cope, elected Oct. 11, 1S59.
Thomas Brownficld, elected Oct. 14, 1862.
Samuel W. Boyd, elected Oct. 10, 1805.
David L. Walker, elected Oct. 13, 1S6S.
Isaac Messmore, elected Oct. 10, 1871.
Calvin Springer, elected Nov. 3, 1874.
Edward Dean, elected Nov. fi, 1S77.
James II. Hoover, elected Nov. 2, 18S0.

^ For more than three years afier Fayette Itecanie a separate connt^'
it reniaineil unJer the jiMisdiction ..f the sherilTof Westinoreland. lief-
crence to this, .is well ,is to tin- fact Unit tlie ..ilior n.unty offices wore at
first hclil in coinmon with Wi.-t,ii n -I,,-!, H I .luid in the fullowir.g
iften \'\- l>i.: , M, I..H..!^^,s to PresiJi-nt John

" U.vioxTOw.N, February 2, 1784
nception of tlie law for diviilinj; We
atficer uf any kiiirl except such as wi

, Westmoreland.'

ulflic ill this as liefore the dii
crformance of it in this coun

belief voted for tliein

; Tonx, lltli July, 1784.

. p.lge 101. Case of Au



aim Dougla",! n|i[iuiiitcd Oct. G, 17S3: resigned Deecn

ici, I'SOS.

\rd 'Wiliiara Lane, ai.pointcd Jan. 1, 1 ''09.

St. Clair, a|ppomted Apnl 6, ISIS; Feb. 12, 1S2I.

B. Treioi, ammintcd January, 1822.
las jMcKibben, a]i|niinted May 12, lb24.
s T.«M, ..i.|...iutc.l .S(.|.t ..(I, lh25, Dec. 2, lb2G.
> M. lice-..,,, ..i.iH.iiitcd Tcb i. is 111, .Tan. 2J, 1S33.

14, 1845
lot. 14, 1

iiid llu-kins, eleitcd iict. 1

crt T. (J ill.ivvay, elected Oct. 10, lso4.

mas 1!. Se .right, elected Oct. 1.3, 1857; Oct. 9, ISOO.

ige W., elected Oct. I ■ IM'. ■ n, t 'i I^i.c,.

1 K. McDiinald, elected Oct 1 l-i i ii i s is7j.

idi M. Ogle\ce, elected \..i. -' Is" \ i ., l^rs.

aias B. Seaiight, elected, i, Issl

CouNTv Commissioners.
.— Zacharinh Connell. Joseph CaMvvell. Thomas Caddis
'.— Jauics riiilvy, Jan..- IIa..jii,.,nd. Thomas Gaddis.

t. Xathaniel
, Thomas Co:
t?, Caleb JIu




James Allen


1 Mo,





Jesse Beesoi

. Jail

es Wi




John Fullo.

. Am





, An.he.v Oli



s Mor,





s, Willia.n li


1, Gc

.-ge De



— Willi

... lli.>

na.-.i. .Mi.r.i.


s. Da

id How




,n Ilo.

nai.1, David


a. J.i

.n Mill



— Diivh


■d, John iMill

r. Ja

ucs C





James C....ip

lell. J

jhn S




M'll, Ji.l.n SI.
Ja^pei- Wh..

■w. .


r, iberr




■ Wlii-I

tiim-. Jnhn I


, Alio





s, Abel Cainpl

ell, M





-Abel Campbell, Willia.n C



J.ilin C



e follow

ig men

orial of Krhra

m Do



for III

aMi .0.1

fii.....lin Peiiji.


I Aid,

ves, X. 1



III. H.ii

iral h-

Ii.' S.ipi-eme E.vecutiv

e Coun

cil of the Cumraon-

" PniLlDEl.PIin, 2a October, 1783.
51.'. Duiiglass reeeivca the apiioi

"Enin-viM Douglass.
.against W,lliam McCleer

—William Cunningham, John Clark, Thomas Boyd.

—John Clark, Thomas Boyd, Morris Morris.

-Thomas Boyd, George Craft, Harris AV. Colton.

—Harris W. Colton, John Sparks, Amos Coojier.

-17. — Amos Cooper, William Hart, James Todd.

—William Hart, James T.3dd, Griffith Roberts.

—James Todd, Griffith Roberts, Moses Vance.

— Griffith Roberts, Moses Vance, Isaac Core.

— Moses Vance, Isaac Core, Andrew Moore.

— Isaac Core, Andtew Moore, Abner Greenland.

—Andrew Moore, Abner Greenland, Robert Boyd.

— Abner Greenland, Robert Boyd, Nathaniel Mitchell.

—Robert Boyd, Nathaniel Mitchell, Jesse T.aylor.

— Nathaniel Mitchell, Jesse Tayloi-, Abner Greenland.

—Jesse Taylor, Abner Greenland, Hugh Espey, Jr.

—Abner Greenland, Hugh Espey, Jr., Robert Patterson.

-30.— Hugh Espey, Jr., Robert Patterson, James Adair.

— Hugh Espej', Jr., James Adair, Andi-cw Hertzog.

— Andrew Hei-tzog. Hugh I'^spey, Jr., James H. Patterson.

— James II. Patterson, Andrew Hertzog, James Adair.

—James Aihiii-, James H. Patterson, Peter Stentz.

— Peter Stentz, James Adair. Joseph Gadd.

— Joseph Gadd, L. Hunt, Robert Long.

—Isaac L. Hunt, Robert Long, E. P. Oliphant.

-Robert Long, E. P. Oliphant, John W. Pliillips.

—John AV. Phillips, Squire Ayres, Jesse Ant,im.

—Squire Ayres, Jesse Antrim, James Allison.

—Jesse Antrim, James Allison, Thomas McMillan.

—James Allison. Thomas McMillan, Hugh Espey.

-Thomas McMillan, Hugh Espey, Thomas Duncan.

— lli.-l. K-p.y. Thomas Duncan, Robert Bleakley.

— I'liiiina- liuiiian, Robert Bleakley, P. F. Gibbons.

— Uniii II lil.akli'y, P. F. Gibbons, Leo Tiitc.

— P. F. Gibbons, Leo Tate, H. D. Overholt.
—Lee Tate, H. D. Overholt, William Crawfoid.

— H. D. Overholt, William Crawford, John Bcatty.
—William Crawford, John Realty, Jacob llaldcman.
—John Bcatty, Jacob llaldcman, Jacob Wolf.
— Jacob Ilaldeman, Jacob Wolf, Joseph Cunningham.
—Jacob Wolf, Joseph Cunningham, Mark R. Moore.
—Joseph Cunningham, Mark R. Moore, David Deyarmon.
— Mark R. Mooie, David Deyarmon, Jacob F. Long.i-

18jG.— David Deyarmon, Jacob F. Longanackcr, Tho.nas

1857.- Jacob F. Longanacker, Thomas Brownfield, John V.

1S5S.— Thomas Brownfield, John V. Reese, W. K. Gallabe,-.
1869.— John V. Reese, W. K. Gallaher, Robert McDowell.
18G0.— W. K. Gallaher, Robert McDowell, John Schnattcrly.
I8GI.— Robert McDowell, John Schnattcrly, George A. Nolan.
1SG2.— Jolin Schnatterly, George A. Nolan, Samuel Shipley.
1SG3.— George A. Nolan, Samuel Shipley, William Jones.
18G4.— Samuel Shipley, William Jones, II. Humphreys.
ISGj.— William Jones, H. Humphreys, Wm. L. Smith.
ISGG.— H. Humphreys, Wm. L. Smith, G. Roberts.
1SG7.— AVm. L. Smith, G. Roberts, John Brooks.
18GS.— G. Roberts, John Bi-ooks, David H. Wakefield.
1SG9.— John Brooks, David H. AFakefield, James Snyder.
1870.— David H. Wakefield, J.ames Snyder, C. S. Sherrick.
1S71.— James Snyder, C. S. Sherrick, David Newcomer.
1S72.— C. S. Sherrick. David Newcomer, Robert Hagen.
1873.— David Newcomer, Robert Hagen, Isaac Hurst.
1874. — Robert Hagen, Isaac Hurst, Jesse Reed.
1875.— Isaac llui'st, Jesse Reed, James Cunningham.
1878.— Geo.-ge W. .Shaw, Thomas Hazen, Hugh L. Rankin.


Clerks of the Board of Commissioners.

Joseph Trevor, Jan. G, 1S21.
Henry W. Beeson, Jan. 19,

Richard Bceson, Jan. 20, 1823.
J. B. Miller, Oct. 23, 1826.
William Gregg, Nov. 4, 1S27.
James Piper, March 4, 1828.
Joseph Giidd, Oct. 23, 1S3S.
Rich. Ilusliins, Nov. 16, 1842.
Alex. MoClean, Dec. 1, 1S4S.
Joseph Gadd, Jan. 1, 1S5B.
Geo. Morrison, Aug. 27, 1858.
F. Reynolds, Nov. 16, 1863.
L. P. Norton, April 3, 1866.
Geo. Morrison, Jan. 1, 1874.

John Ward, April 21, 1797.
Morris Morris, 12. 1798.
Samuel Milhous, Jr., Jan. 23,

Charles Porter, Jr., Jan. 20,

Thos. Mcason, Nov. 25, 1801.
A. Oliphanf, March 15, 1802.
Thos. Meason, April 30, 1802.
Jesse Beeson, Nov. 23, 1802.
Morris Morris, April 25, 1808.
John Roberts, Oct. 23, 1811.
Joshua Hart, Oct. 18, 1816.
Isaac Core, Dec. 23, ISIG.
Bcnj. Barton, Oct. 18, 1819.

County Treasurkrs."
Ephrnim Douglas, appointed Oct. 13, 1784.
James Allen, appoinled 1800: Jan. 22, 1801 ; 1802.
Christian T.arr, appointed Feb. 3, 1803; 1804.
Dennis Springer, apjiointed Nov. 26, 1804.
William Broivnrield, appointed Jan. 9; 1SU8.
Morris Morris, appointed Jan. 6, 1814.
Jesse Beeson, appointed Dec. -9, 1814.
Thomas Ilnddon, appointed Jan. 2, 1818.
Dennis Springer, appointed Jan. 1, 1821.
Joshua Hart, appointed Dec. 22, 1822.
James Boyle, appointed Jan. 2, 1826.
Alfred Meason, appointed January 1, 1829.
George Meason, appointed Aug. 24, 1831.
AVilliam Crawford, appointed Jan. 2, 1835.
James F. Cannon, appointed Jan. 1, 1838.
John F. Foster, appointed Jan. 1, 1839.
William B. Roberts, elected Oct. 8, 1839.
Hiram Seaton, elected Oct. 10, 1843; rc-eleeted Oc-t. 1
Nathaniel Mitchell, elected Oct. 12, 1847; re-elected

Hugh Espcy, appointed Nov. 5, 1850; elected Oct. 14,
Dennis Sutton,

4, 1845.
Oct, 9,


nted Feb. 28, 1852.

Joseph L. Wylie, elected Oct. 11, 1853.

William Bradraan, elected Oct. 9, 1855.

Jacob Crow, elected Oct. 13, 1857.

Isaac Hurst, elected Oct. 11, 1859.

John Tiernan, elected Oct. S, 1861 ; re-elected Oct. 1.3, 186;

AVilliam Darlington, elected Oct. 10, 1865.

William S. Strickler, elected Oct. 8, 1867.

Richard Campbell, elected Oct. 12, 1869.

John S. Roberts, elected Oct. 10, 1871.

James McDonald, elected Oct. 14, 1873.

Justus Dean, appointed to fill vacancy.

Christian Aries, elected Nov. 4, 1875.

Michael W. Franks, elected Nov. 5, 1878.

Registers of Deeds, Recorders of Wills, and Clerki

THE Orphans' Colrt.2
Alexander McCIean, appointed Dec. 6, 1783; Jan. 30, li

April 6, 1818; Feb. 12, 1821; May 12, 1824; Dec.

1826; Feb. 4, 1830; Jan. 23, 1833.
John KefTcr, appointed Jan. 30, 1S34.
Robert Barton, appointed Jan. 13, 1836.
James Piper, appointed Feb. 6, 1S39; elected Oct. 8, 1839.

Joseph Gadd, elected Oct. 11, 1842; Oct. 14, 1845; Oct. 10,

Peter A. Johns, elected Oct. 14, 1851.
John Collins, elected Oct. 10, 1854.
James Darby, elected Oct. 1.3, 1857; Oct. 9, 1860.
George Morrison, elected Oct. 13, 1S63; Get. 9, 1866.
Joseph Beatty, elected Oct. 12, 1869; Oct. 8, 1872.
John W. Darby, elected Nov. 2', 1875; Nov. 5, 1878.
Charles D. Conner, elected November, 1881.

Henry Beeson, appointed Nov. 21, 1786; Oct. 25, 1787; Nov.

5, 1788; Oct. 30, 1789.
Jesse Beeson, appointed Jan. 24, 1812; April 15, 1815; Oct.

29, 1817.
Robert D. Moore, appointed Dec. 14, 1820: March 12, 1824;

Jan. 22, 1827.
James C. Cummings, appointed Nov. 5, 1829 ; JIarch 12, 1833.
John Townsend, appointed Nov. 3, 1835.
H. C. Matthews, appointed March 12, 1836.
James C. Cummings, elected Oct. 12, 1841.
Robert M. Walker, elected Oct. 8, 1844.
Upton L. Clemmer, elected Oet. 12, 1847; Oct. 10, 1848.
James Brownfield, elected Oct. 14, 1851.
Andrew Patrick, elected Oct. 12, 1852.
James Fuller, elected Oct. 12, 1858; Oct. 8, 1861.
William H. Sturgeon, elected Oct. 11, 1S6J.
William R. Seman, elected Oct. 8, 1S67.
John Finley, elected Oct. 12, 1869.
James C. Henry, elected Oct. 11, 1870.
James L. Trader, elected Oct. 10, 1871.
B. F. Brownfield, elected Nov. 5, 1874.
Joseph T. Shepler, elected Nov. 8, 1877.
J. D. Sturgeon, elected Nov. 2, 1880. ■


1769-72.— Arcliibald McClean, A. Lane, Ale.iander McClean,

Moses McClean.
1772-1828.— Alexander McClean.
1828 to August, 1836.— Freeman Lewis.
August, 1836, to March, 1837.— William Griffith.
June, 1837, to November, 1839.— William Calvin.
1839 to March, 1843.— John I. Dorsey.
March, 1843, to 1850.— James Snyder.
James Snyder, elected Oct. 2, 185(1; Oet. 11, 1853.
Martin Dickinson, elected Oct. 14, 1850 ; Oct. 11, 1S59; Oct. 14,

1862; Oct. 10, 1865.
Andrew J. Gilmore, elected Oct. 1.3, 1868; Oct. 10, 1871; Nov.

3. 1874.
Julius Shipley, elected Nov. 8, 1877.
John D. Boyd, elected Nov. 2, 1880.


The earliest official record having reference to the
auditors of Fayette County is an entry found in an
old book in the eommissioncrs' office, which a])pears
to be the first book of their minutes, viz. :

" Whereas at a Court of Common Pleas, held at
Union Town for the County of Fayette, the fourth

' Appointed by Hie commissioners until 1834, when the offlce I
- This office was hcia Ly appointment till 1S30, when it tjccamc ol



Monday in June, in the year of our Lord one thou-
sand seven hundred and ninety-one, Before Edward
Cook, Esquire, President of said Court and Associate
Justices of the same.

" Pursuant to the Act of Assembly entitled An Act
to provide a more eflfectual method of settling the
public accounts of the Commissioners and Treasurers
of the respective counties, the court appointed Alex-
ander McClean and Nathaniel Breading, Esquire, and
Presley Carr Lane, Gentleman, Auditors for the fol-
lowing year."

The following list embraces the names of auditors
of Fayette County and the years in which they served
as fully as can be ascertained :

1792 (nppointcJ in .June). — .\lesandcr McClcan, Presley Carr

Lane. John Wilson.
1793-9.1 (appointed June IS).— Samuel King. Ale.xandcr JIc-

Cioan, Presley Carr Lane.
1"9S.— Jobn Lyon, Alexander McCIcan. Jacob Bowman.
1799-lSOl.— Jacob Bowman, A. McClean, Matthew Gilchrist.
1S09-10 (elected October).— Joseph Torrcnce, William Lynn,

Thomas Collins.
1815.- .Matiluu Cilcliiist. John P.oberts. Thomas Haddcn.
1S16.— William Xutt, John Roberts, Matthew Gilchri^t.
1S17.— William Xutt, John Bouvier, Matthew Gilchrist.
ISl 8-19.— Henry W. Beeson. John Bouvier. Willium Ewin,?.
1S30.— Henry W. Beeson, Andrew Oliphant, UMIiani Ewing.
1S2I.— Ilonry W. n.■.■=...^ V-l r, „.pi:,.!l, Willinm Ewing.
1S22.— W,1Im:„ !■■, , r ,•.,., , ■, -Mnuel Cleavinger.
1S2:!.— AI..1 iH, I . - . . , . Kllis Bailey.

1824-2a.-S;m,i,..i ,', ,M,,;, :. i: [:, i;,,|,y, John Fuller.
1S26.— Ellis Bayky, .lolm Fuller, E. Douglas, Jr.
1827.— E. Dou-Ias, Jr., Alexander Clear, Joshua Wood.
1S2S.— Alexanler Clear. Joshu i Wood, James Adair.
IS29.— Joshua Wood, Sqiiir.; Ayrcs. Amos Cooper.
1S.30.— .Squire Ayrcs, Amo- Cooper. Jolni Atliinson.
IS31.— John Alkinson, Il.iiry Eb.rt, Itirhard Taylor.
1832.- Ri.'liardTaylor, An.lrew M-nrr. W.llinu -nyder.
1S33.— Alhlr./w Mnore. WiU.inii Sn v^lrr. CI,,!,,,,,! \\....,1.


1835.— Clement Wood. William Dryson. X. McCormick.
1836.— William Bryson, N. McCormick, John Bufhngton.
1837.— X. McCormick, John Buffington, John Morrison.
1838.— John Buffington, John Morrison, William Bryson.
1839.— John Morrison, William Bryson, Benjamin ILiyden.
1840.— John .Morrison. Bcnjaniin llayden, P. W. Morgan.
1841.— Benjamin llayden. P. W. Morgan, W. D. JIullin.
1S43.— P. W. Mor-;in, \\ . I). Mullin. John Gadd.
1S43.— W. II. .Mullin, .John Gadd, Joseph Krepps.
]S44.-.lnhn (lad. I, .lo-cph Kn.pps, S. P. Challant.
lS4,i.— Ilavid n.yanonn, S. P. Chalfant, Edward Hyde.
1846.-."^. P. Ihall.uil, Ivlward Ilydc, P. A. Johns.
1847.— Edward llyd-, P. A. Johns, Jacob Wolf.
1848.— P. A. .lolin-, .lac ib Wolf, William Elliot.
1849.— Jar.d, Woir, WUlian, Elliot, A. II. Pattcrson.
1850.- Williao, i;ilh,f, A. 11. Pattcrson, David Deyarmon.

1851.- A. n. Patf.r- Haiid Ucyarmon, John G. Ilertig.

1852.- David Deyariunii, J,,l,„ c. Hertig, John W. Skiles.
1863.— John G. H.rti,.-, .].,\,n W . Skiles, George W. Litman.
1854.- John W. SUilcs. Gcirgc \V. Litman. Jacob Newmycr. Jr
1855.- George W. Litman, Jacob Xewmyer, Jr., David P

1858.— John Brooks, Moses Hazen, Charles G. Turner.

1859. — William Hazen, Charles G. Turner, Andrew Fairchild.

IS60.— Charles G. Turner, Andrew Fairchild, Peter Cunnin-
I ham.

1S61.— William Hazen, William J. Stewart. PeterCunningham.

1802.- John 11. Bunker, Peter Cunningham, William J. Stew-

1863.- John R. Bunker, Peter Cunningham, Andrew Stewart,
i Jr.

' 1864.— John R. Bunker, Andrew Stewart, Jr.. Job Strawn.

1865.- Andrew Stewart, Jr., Job Strawn, H. L. Hatfield.
I 1860.- Job Strawn, William B. Barris, D. W. C. Dumbauld.
i ]8f,7.— M'illiam B. Barris, D. W. C. Dumbauld, Thomas J.
i Burton.

. 1868.— D. W. C. Dumbauld, Thomas J. Burton, Finley Cha'.-
i fant.

1868.— Thomas J. Burton, Finley Chalfant, Josiah H. Miller.

1870.— Finley Chalfant, Josiah H. Miller, George B. Clcmmer.

1871.— Josiah U. Miller, George B. Clcmmer, Matthew M. Pat-


cob Xewmyer, Jr., David P. Luiz, John Brooks
ivil P. Lutz, John Urooks, Moses Hazen.

1872.- George B. Clcmmer, Matthew M. Patte

1873.— Matthew M. Patterson, Stephen Hawkins, James W.

1874.— Stephen Hawkins. Abel Colley, Xicholas McCuIlough.
j 1875.— Samuel B. Rothermcl, AVilliam G. Yard, George W.
I H ss.

1878.— George W. MeCray, George M\ Kern, Joseph .M. Camp-


The first two justices of the peace in the territory
now embraced in what is now Fayette County were
Capt. William Crawford and Thomas Gist, appointed
May 23, 1770, for Cumberland County. Crawford
Avas reappointed for Bedford by Governor Penn in
1771, and again upon the erection of Westmoreland
in 1773, when he was made presiding justice, but his
j commission was revoked in 1775, on account of his
having sided with the partisans of Virginia in the
controversy between the States. Upon the erection
of Yohogania County { Va.), in 1776, he was appointed
presiding justice in the courts of that county.

The following is a list of the justices of the peace
of Fayette County from its erection till 1790, with the
dates of their commissions :

John G.addis, March 19, 1784. W. McClelland, Aug. 27, 1785.
Alex. McClean, " " , Edward Cook, Nov. 21, 1780.

James Finley, " " : Eph. Wallers,

John Meason, June 1, 1784. James Coyle, March 31, I7S7.

Robt. Richey, Scjit. 14, 1784. ' Jjieob Stewart,
Andrew Uabb, Jan. 24, 1785. ' W. G. Wilson, Aug. 25, 1789.
James Xcal, Feb. 5, 1785. ' Thomas Gregg, July 22, 1790.

H. McLaughlin, Feb. 18, 1785. Abr'm Stewart, Aug. IS, 1790.
Xath. Breading, •'

Upon the division of the county into justices'
districts in 1803, the following named were elected
justices :

District No. ].— Jonathan Rowland.

2.— Robert Riehey, Zadok Springer.
" 3. — James Robinson.
" 4. — Jeremiah Kendall.
" 5.— Thomas Gregg, Isaac Rogers, Wm. Ewing.


District No. 6.— Hugh Loughlnn.
7.— John Patterson.
'* 8. — Joseph Morrison.
9.— Matthew Gilchrist.

10.— William Boyd, John Mcason, George J
thias, M.athew Gaut.
■■ 11.— Andrew Trapi).
" 12.— John Potter.

The following-named persons were justices of the I
peace in Fayette County in the year 1808 :
AVilliam Boyd, John Patterson, Hugh Laughlin, Thomas Gregg,
Robert Hichic, Jonathan Rowland, Matthew Gilchrist, An-
drew Trapp, Jacob Bowman, Josei>h Morrison, Isaac Rog-
ers, Willi'im Ewing, Jeremiah Kendall, George Mathiot,
Matthew Gaut, Zadock Springer, James Robinson, Robert
Smith, Andrew Oliphant, John Wood, Isaac Hastings,
Abraham Trembley, AVilliain Roberts, Joseph Lyon, James
Wilson, Hugh Shotwcll, James Cathcart, James Francis,
Elias Eaylis, Thomas Williams, James Allen, David How-
ard, Jesse Evar.s.

The names of justices holding office after this time
are given in the histories of the several townships.

Justices of the Peace and of the Court of Commox Pleas.
At the organization of the county the justices of
the peace and of the Court of Common Pleas resident
in the county and appointed under the jurisdiction of
Westmoreland County were Philip Rogers, Eobert
Adams, John Allen, Eobert Ritchie, and Andrew
Rabb. Appointments made from Oct. 9, 1783, to
1791 (at which latter date "judges learned in the
law" were made presidents of the court) were as
follows :

Eph. Douglass, Oct. 9, 17S.3.
Alex. McClean, Oct. 31,1783.
John Meason, June 1, 1784.
Kobt. Ritchie, Sept. 14, 1 784.
Andrew Rabb, Jan. 24, 1785.
Jas. Neal, Feb. 5, 1785.
Hugh Laughlin, Nov. 6, 1785.
Nath'l Breading, " "

Phesidi-NG Justices of the

Wm. McClelland, Nov. fi, '85.
Edward Cook, Nov. 21, 1786.
Eph. Walter, " "

Jacob Stewart, March .31, '87.
W. G. Wilson, Aug. 25, 1789.
Thomas Gregg, July 22, 1790.
Abrm Stewart, Aug. IS, 1790.

QuAiiTEK Sessions.'
Philip Rogers, December term, 178:!.
Philip Rogers, March term, 1784.
Alexander McClcan, June term, 1784, to June, 1785.
John Allen, June term, 1785.

Robert Ritchie, September, 17S5, to December, 17Sfi.
Alexander McClean, December, 178C, to June, 17S7.
Edward Cook, June, 1787, to June, 1791.
Associate Justices.
nyn.— Nathaniel Bre.ading (died 1821).
1791.— Isaac Meason (died ISIS), James Finley (dice
1792.— Edward Cook (died ISOS).
1S21.— Charles Porter (held till 1841, when const
1S.3S2 went into effect).

1 The senior justi^
as president of the courts
tion Wits filled by "judges
amier Addison was the first

-' UndiT the constitutioi

of the Co.

riciis ;i

1828.- Samuel Nixon (held till 1S41, when constitution of 183S

went into effect).
1841.- Robert Boyd, Eli Abrams.
1845.— James Fuller, John Huston.
1850. — George Mcason, John Dawson.
1851.- Thomas Duncan, John Brownfield.
1861.— William Hatfield, Alexander Crow.
1866.— Provance MoCormick, Alexander Crow.
1S71.— D. W. 0. Dumbauld, S.amuel Shipley.
1876.— D. AV. C. Dumbauld, Griffith Roberts.^

President Judges.

The office of president judge of the courts of this
judicial district has been held by the following resi-
dents of Fayette County, viz. :

Nathaniel Ewing, 1838 to 1848.

Samuel A. Gilmoro, Feb. 25, 1848, to October, 1S61, and No-
vember, 1865, to May, 1873.

John K. Ewing, November, 1864, to September, 1865.

Edward Campbell, 1S73.

Alpheus E. Willson, October, 1873 (still in office).

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