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William Bradford, Andrew Highlands,

of the State of Pennsylania.
William Sutherland, John Moore, and

Robert Stephenson, John McCormick,

William McKinley,

of Ohio County, Va.
With reference to the cases of those who were made
prisoners by the cavalry, as well as of many pro-
scribed but not captured, formal investigations were
made under the direction of Judge Peters, in the
course of which it was made appai'ent that informa-
tion had been made against many who had really
been guilty of no offense against the government.
Many of those arrested were taken to Pittsburgh. Some
were released through the interposition of influential
friends, while others less fortunate were sent to Phil-
adelphia, where they were imprisoned for some

Of those who were arrested while the army was in
this region, one, and only one, w^as of Fayette County.
This was Caleb Mounts. He was taken East with the
forces of the right wing, but it was afterwards found
that he was innocent, having been in Kentucky at the
time when the riotous proceedings occurred. In re-
gard to the taking of this person, Findley says,
"Isaac Meason, a judge of Fayette County, followed



Judge Peters near forty miles into Bedford County,
and ofiered liiniself and Judge Wells, of Bedford,
both of them acknowledged friends of the government,
as liail lor the ]iris(iiier, hut was absolutely refused.
As Mr.,,n knew that tlie j.risoner was guilty of
no crime, which cvidcritly apiicarcd (o be the case by
no bill being found against him on his trial, he and
Mr. Wells complain of the judge for not admitting
him to bail on their application. Judge Peters being
well known to be a man of feeling and humanity, his
conduct in this and several other instances can only
be accounted for from his apprehension that it was
necessary that a considerable number of prisoners
should be brought down in order to prevent the in-
flammatory part of the army from committing out-
rages at leaving the country." This last remark of
Findley seems too clearly absurd to require contra-
diction. <.)iily two prisoners were taken by the army
in Westmoreland County. One of these was after- discharged for the reason that no bill was ibund
against hiju. The other, a very ignorant man of most
violent tem])er, and said to be subject to fits of tempo-
rary insanity, was found guilty of setting fire to the
house of the Fayette County collector, Benjamin
Wells, and was sentenced to death, but was rejirieved,
and linally pardoned by the President of the United
States. The principal witness against this man on
Ills trial was said to have been a chief leader of the
rioters who attacked Wells' house, but one of those
included in the ])ardon of the commander-in-chief

In August, llO't, general pardons to those who had
been implicated in tlie insurrection and who had not
subsequently been indicted or convicted were pro-
claimed by President Washington and Governor
Mifflin, in pursuance of the agreement made in the
previous year at Pittsburgh by the United States and
Pennsylvania commissioners.



Immediatei.y after the declaration of war by the
United States against England, in 1812, recruiting
was commenced in Fayette County for the formation
of companies to take the field in the government ser-
vice. The first company completed was that of
Thomas Collins, of Uniontown, which marched from
the county-seat in August of that year. The service
of this company was performed at Oswego, Sackett's
Harbor, and other points along the lake frontier iu
Northern New York, under Maj. John Herkimer.

A company raised and commanded by Capt. John
Phillips was completed, and left the county at about
the same time as Ca]it. Collins', and served in the
same command under Mnj, Herkimer.

Capt. James Whaley, of Connellsville, raised and
commanded a company which left the county in Sep-
tember of the same year. On the day of their de-
parture from Connellsville they were entertained at
the public-house of David Barnes (afterwards the
Page House), where they were addres.sed in a patriotic
strain by Fatlier Connelly, and after the conclusion
of these ceremonies moved across the river to a camp
in the limits of the present borough of New Haven.
Thence they marched to Pittsburgh, where they were
mustered into the service Oct. 2, 1812. The company
being assigned to duty under Col. Robert Patterson,
moved from Pittsburgh to Fort Meigs, and was incor-
porated with the forces that fought in the campaign
under Gen. William H. Harrison, afterwards Presi-
dent of the United States.

Capt. Andrew Moore, of Wharton township, raised
and commanded a company, which was mustered on
the 2d of October, 1812, and served under command
of Brig.-Gen. Richard Crooks.

Capt. Joseph Wadsworth's company was raised in
Fayette County, and mustered into service at the
same time as Moore's and Whaley's companies, and
served with the latter under Col. Robert Patterson.

Capt. Peter Hertzog, of Spring Hill township, com-
manded a company recruited by him in Fayette
County. It was mustered into service Oct. 2, 1812,
and was assigned to duty with the forces of Gen.
Richard Crooks.

A company of light dragoons was raised by Capt.
James McClelland, and mustered into service for one
year on the 5th of October, 1812. This company
formed part of a squadron under command of Lieut. -
Col. James V. Ball.

Capt. John McClean commanded a company of in-
fantry raised in Fayette County and vicinity in 1812.
Its principal service was at Erie, Pa.

The companies of Capt. William Craig and Isaac
Linn went from Fayette County in the early part of
1813. These companies, with that of Capt. McClean,
were in the force of one thousand militia commanded
by Col. Kre-i Hill, and stationed at Erie, Pa. Volun-
teers frimi this command were engaged on Commodore
Perry's scjuadron at the time of the battle of Lake
Erie and capture of the British fleet, in consideration
of which service the Legislature passed a resolution
directing the Governor to present a silver medal, en-
graved with such emblematic devices as he might
think proper, to each man (if a citizen of Pennsyl-
vania) who so volunteered.

Capt. James Piper, of Uniontown, raised and com-
manded a company of Fayette County volunteers,
who served with the Filth Detachment Pennsylvania
Militia, under Col. James Fenton, at Buffalo, N. Y.,
in 1814.

Capt. Valentine Giesey, of Brownsville (who had
been first a sergeant, and afterwards a second lieu-
tenant in Capt. Joseph Wadsworth's company), raised
a company numbering one hundred and eighteen



men and officers, who left this county in November,
1814. Jiist before their departure the Rev. William
Johnson, pastorof the Presbyterian Church at Browns-
ville, preached a patriotic sermon from the text,
"Cursed be he that doeth the work of the Lord de-
ceitfully; and cursed be he that keepeth back his
sword from blood."' The company m.irched hence
to Baltimore, Md., but while on their way there they
were met by a messenger bearing orders for their re-
turn. The eagerness of officers and men for active
service was so great, however, that while the com-
pany halted and remained at Hagerstown, Capt.
Giesey pushed on to Washington City, where by
his importunity he prevailed on the Secretary of
War to accept the services of the company, and order
them forward to report to Gen. Scott, at Baltimore.
On arriving there, Capt. Giesey, accompanied by his
second lieutenant, Shuman, repaired to the headquar-
ters, where he reported to Scott in person. The
general examined the captain's order, and remarked,
in some surprise, " What ! from Western Pennsyl-
vania?" "Yes, sir, from Western Pennsylvania,"
answered Giesey. " Well, Capt. Giesey," said the
general, " you must have a very patriotic company of
men." " I hope I have, sir," replied the captain.
Gen. Scott continued the conversation for a short
time, expressing the hope that the men of the com-
])any might have an opportunity to show their sol-
dierly qualities, and finished by ordering them to
duty with the Second Regiment of Maryland Militia.
Three days later the company left Baltimore for
Annapolis, where they remained until after the
declaration of peace, when they were mustered out
of service and returned to their homes.

The rolls of the above-mentioned companies (ex-
cept Capt. Giesey's) are here given as copied from tlic
"Muster-Roils of the War of 1812-14," published
under authority of the Slate.

Capt. Thomas Colliks' Co.mpaxy.

Pay-roll of Capt. Thomas Collins' company of United
States volunteers, lately under the command of
Maj. John Herkimer, in the service of the United
States, discharged at Oswego. Commencement
of service, 27th August, 1812; expiration of
service, August 26th, 1813.


Marshall, J. H.

Fell, Mahlon, dead.


1 This incident, as also the ftccount of tlio compfiny which fullows it
is fimiifl in tlie ZfroicnTOi«c rimw iif Ans. 30, 18G1, lis rehlted hy Cu])t
Gooj-ge Shiiniiin, wlio wjis second licntennlit uf the cunipany, Juhi

Price, Benjamin; promoted to

April 1, 1813.
McFarland, William.
Beeson, Henry, Jr.
Craig, James.


Colhoun, James.
Trusedale, Allen.
Tibbs, John.
Gard, Moses.

Updegrali; Willi:!
Cuntzman, John.

ited second sero-eant

Wood, Seth, apijoi

Woods, Clement.

Hibben, Thomas, appointed quartermaster-sergeant.

Springer, Job.

Taylor, John.

Price, Simon, eni])loyccl by Quartermaster Thomas,

Buffalo; extra duty.
Lynch, Daniel.
Turner, Hanson.
Pi-yor, Joseph.
Giln)an, Samuel.
Knapp, Jacob.
Farr, William.
Reyner, John.
Stewart, James.
Blceks, William.
Beeson, Henry W.
Henthorn, Noah.
McGuirc, Michael.
Butler, Orrick.

Salter, Samuel, discharged for inability.
Springer, David.

Y'ates, Samuel, Curloughed and unable to return.
Bayles, Henry.
Ebbcrt, William.

Butler, C'omldrl^ fiirlonghed and never returned.
Hoover, Phillip.
Goslin, Ilichanl, employed by Quartermaster Thomas,

Bufl'alo, extra duty.
Gaddis, Rice.
Shiles, Isaac.
Stoops, George.
Askeriis, TlK.mas.
Dixon, William.
Hart, William.
Hunsaker, Henry.
Barnes, Daniel, employed by Quartermaster Thomas,

Buffalo, extra duty.
Meason, George, died at Sackctt's Harbor.
Gaddis, Al.nor.
:\Iatt, .laiiirs.
.AlcCoy, William, employed by Quartermaster Thomas,

Bulfalo, extra duty.



JlcClcan, Moses, discharged for inability.

Flick, Gersliani.

Miller, Richard.

Jloore, Samuel.

Firestone, Daniel, died at Bufl'alo.

IJarnes, Otho.

llyshoe, Adam.

3[..rris, William.

Orange, Thomas.

Stilwell, James.

Stihvell, Joseph.

White, James.

Capt. John Phillips' Company.

Pay-roll of Capt. John Phillips' company of United
States volunteers, lately under the command of
Maj. John Herkimer, in the service of the United
States; discharged at Oswego, Aug. 26, 1813;
commencement of service, Aug. 28, 1812.

Pliillips, John.

Wood, Joseph.

Kalor, Frederick.
Kramer, Balthaser.
Kclley, Matthew.

Daugherty, Zadoc.
Shaw, James.
Phillips, Peter.

Nailor, John.
Daugherty, William.
Tipton, Thomas.
Dorff, Richard.
Cassady, Edward.
Caseman, John.
Black, James.
R image, James.
Hannahs, John.
UilT, Stephen.
Saiith, Thomas.
Bear, David.
Morgan, David.
Havel, Pliilip.
More, Sanniel L.

Hardin, Onto, ,lis,-I,arged Dccemlier Oth.
Parke, .lolm, fuilougli to April 1st. not returned.
Donney, MilUr, fmlougli to March Ut. not returned.
Darling, James discharged Decendjcr 'Jth.
O'Nail, ChaWo^.

Clovous, Matthias, disch.irged December 9th.
Bothwcll, John.
Ogle, Leu- is.
Parke. .Andrew.

I certify that the within e.xliibits a true statement
of Capt. John Phillips- company.

JcisKPH Wood,
Lieutcunnt United Sfaies Volanicci:f.

Capt. James Whaley's Co.mpaxy.

List of members of Capt. James Whaley's company,'
which marched from Connellsville, Fayette Co.,
Pa., to Pittsburgh, where it was mustered into the
United States service under Col. Robert Patter-
son Oct. 2, 1812 ; afterwards moved to Fort Meigs,
and served with the forces under Gen. Williani
H. Harrison.


James Whalev.

George Huey.

First Lieutenant.

iSscond Lieutenant.

First Sergeant.

Second Sergeant.

Tliird Sergeant.

Crawford S;)ringer.

Fourth Sergeant.

Abram Kilpatrick.

Aaron Agen.
Henry Hasclton.
John Marple.
John Robbins.
George Biddle.
Charles Long.

First Corporal.

Second Corporal.

Third Corporal.

Fourth Corporal.




Nicholas Wallace. Simon Ruffcorn.

.Tiiscph Walker. Abram Freed.

.\ndreu- Walker. William Fisher.

Robert Steivart. John Ashbill.

Levi Ebert. Thomas McCullough.

Jacob Stimrel. John Artist.

Robert Smilie. William Highger.

James Quigley. Robert McGlaughlin.

John Martin. Welden Ragan.

Josiah Martin. John Hessen.

Lewis Ruffcorn. John Hodge.


roll, 1


Michael Spencer. Amos Coiighanour.

Fuller, James.

George Ulery. Martin Beatill.

Shanks, Mathew.

Conrad Bowers. Benjamin Atkins.

Neighbours, William.

Peter Keffer. Adam Kirkwood.

Miller, John.

Daniel Midder. Daniel O'Bryan.

Russell, James.

AVilliam Baysinger. Thomas Matthews.

Low, Daniel, died since the time expired.

Silas Moody. John Miller.

Evins, John.

Eeuben Kinner. Thomas Durbin.

Tissue, Edward, volunteered for fifteen days.

Christian Mnrphy. George Oldshue.

Vanhauten, Cornelius, volunteered for fifteen days.

Jacob Hophouse. Henry Wcnlling.

Emberson, John, volunteered for fifteen days.

Jacob Somers. John Blake.

Campbell, Jonathan, volunteered for fifteen days.

David Buck. Davkl Thompson.

Wood, Lewis.

Aaron Thorp. James Ragars.

Wood, William.

Lewis, John.

Capt. Andrew Mooee's Company.

Freeman, Edward.

Pay-roll of a company of infantry commanded by

Kemp, Solomon.

Capt. Andrew Moore, in the service of the United

Kemp, William.

States from Oct. 2, 1812, until April 2, 1813,

Heaney, Isaac.

Second Regiment, Second Brigade, Pennsylva-

Reynolds, William.

nia Militia, commanded by Brig.-Gen. Richard

Swick, Martin.


Thompson, Aaron.


Mackelfresh, Eli.

Mooro, Andrew.

Harris, Joseph.


Robbins, John.

Flanigin, Andrew.

Whetzell, Andrew.

Fisher, Michael.


McKee, John.

Allen, Elisha.

McCauce, James.


Daughortv, Patrick.

Bailey, Andrew.

Yaiigcr, Henry.

Gallagher, John.

Mill.T, Prc^sley, dischr.rged December 14th.

Marrow, John, left sick at Canton, October 30th, and

Tiiarp, J.ili, left sick at Mansfield, December 23d.

returned home.

Wilson, William, discharged December 14th.

Swain, Hiram.

Inks, John, discharged December 14th.


Tharp, David, discharged October 19th.

Hughs, Reef.

Weer, James, discharged October 19th.

Brewin, Elias.

Coflier, James, discharged October 19th.

McClelland, William.

JIcKearns, Charles, left sick at Canton, October 30th.

Diinn, John, disciuirgcd December 20th.

Flick, Jacdb, left sick at Canton, October 30th.


Marble, Daniel.

Allen, David, discharged October 20th.

Canon, Daniel.

Brown, Solomon.

IVEcClean, Alexander.

Brown, Christopher.

Jackson, Robert.

Burt, Daniel, left sick at Canton, October 30th.

Elliot, Benjamin, discharged October 19th.

Bright, David, died since the time expired.

Leynard, Stephen.

Bardlow, Daniel, discharged December 19th.

McDole, Alexander.

Capt. Joseph Wadswoeth'.s Company.

Uptecraft, Jacob.

Pay-roll of a company of infiintry, commanded by

Jewell, William.

" Capt. Joseph Wadsworth, of the Second Regi-

Conquers, Samuel.

ment, Second Detachment, Pennsylvania Militia,

Mitchel, John.

Cdninianded by Lieut. -Col. Robert Patterson, in

Mitchel, Lewis.

the service of the United States. Commencement

Tissue, Sebastian.

of service, Oct. 2, 1812; expiration of service,

Sills, John.

April 2, 1813.

Steel, Isaac.

Lappin, Robert.


Gilliland, William.

Wadsworth, Joseph, died at Fort Meigs after the ex-

Gilliland, Adam.

piration of the tour.



Conrad, Jacob, died on his return
piration of the tour.

Craft, George, :

ined on tlie 22d of J:


Giesey, Valentine.
Wherley, Daniel, appointed clerk to the district pay

Gallahcr, Thomas, promoted to first sergeant.
Stickle, Henry, promoted to second sergeant.

Shaw, John, iiromoted to third sergeant and elected

ensign ; volunteered fifteen days.
Jloore, Alexander, promoted to fourth sergeant.
Jackson, John.
Coulter, Samuel.

Allison, William, discharged on the 22d of December ;

allowed fourteen days to go home.
Barton, Eoljcrt^, pnmint.d fourth sergeant.
Crosier, K.-nad,i, promntud lir.t corporal.
Hill, Joseph, pri.iiinu.i si,cn:i,l corporal.
Armstrong, John C, promoted third corporal.
Sayres, Reuben, promoted fourth corporal.
Tobs, Samuel.
Marthers, Robert.
McLnin, J

Kimber.Predy, volunteered at Fort Meigs, fifteen days,
after the e.x- Miller, Robert.
Stewart, Charles.

Walker, Francis, discharged Nov. 23, 1812.
Rails, William.
Winder, John, died at Fort Meigs, after expiration of

Misscr, Job.
Parker, .John L.
Misser, Joshua, discharged December 22d ; allowed

fourteen days home.
Moss, John.
Laughlin, Hugh, volunteered at Fort Meigs, fifteen

Nose, Robertson, volunteered at Fort Meigs, fifteen

Higinbothoin, George.
Burnet, Edward.
Donilson, James.

Bivins, Robert, volunteered at Fort Meigs, fifteen days.
Anderson, Richard.
Coon, John.
Rodgers, John.
Lewis, D.ivid, discharged December loth; allowed

fourteen davs home.
Doyle, .John.
Whipple, Joseph.
Reese, Philip.
Peters, David.
Moore, Anthony.
Walters, I'eter.

Frazier, Even, discharged Det'ember IGth ; allowed Rodgers, Jesse
sixteen .lays to go home. 1 I"'""''. J"''"-

Blana Thomas. Vickers, Able,

McCrurey, William.

Monteeth. .Tames, discharged December 1.5th ; allow
sixteen davs to go home.

ICelley, James.

Phillips, John.

Nahlon, Jonathan.

Homan, Ucal, discharged Oct. 2G, 1812.

Miller, Ephraim.

Amnions, George.

Chandler, Isaac H. •

Ammons, Jacob.

Miller, Eli.

Harford, Charles, discharged Oct. 17, 1812.

Shion, Jones.

Doney, Isaac.

Langiey, Jonathan, discharged Oct. 19, 181:

TjUce, Henry.

Hutchinson, James.

Hutchinson, Henry.

Hartman, Daniel, volunteered at Fort Meii

Pierson, Thomas.
Knap, D.miel.
Jovce, William.
West, William.

Clerk, James.
Crlder, John.
Fogle, Peter.
Carson, Thomas, d
Cook, John.
Murdock, Thomas,
Rees, .James.

:irged previous to first muster,
barged previous to first muster'T. Peter Hektzog's Cosipany.
Pay-roll ofCajit. Peter Hertzog's company of drafted
militia, attached to the Second Regiment, coni-
niandc.l !.y Cid. Patterson, in the service of the
Fnited Stall's, from Pennsylvania, Brig.-Gen.
Richard Crooks c.unmanding. Commencing of
service, Oct. 2, 1S12; end of service, April 2,
1815 (3?).


Hertzos, Peter.

ifteen Bowers, Joseph.

Overturf, J.

j Coombs, Edward.
Sangston, William.





Hamilton, James.

Crowsore, Christian.

Yander, Daniel.

Hall, Ephraim.


Lawriner, Philip.

Houpt, Jacob.

Vance, Hugh.

Freeman, Alexander R.

Patterson, Jesey.

Hanna, Robert.

Rogers, Stacy.

Capt. James A. McClelland's Company.


Pay-roll of a company of twelve month volunteers,

Black, Henry.

light dragoons, commanded by Capt. James A.

Harohberger, D.miel, volunteered fifteen days.

McClelland, in asquadron commanded by Lieut.-

Gnno, Jobn.

Col. James V. Ball, late in the service of the

Brin, William.

United States.

Debolt, Rezon, volunteered fifteen days.


Debolt, Tegarden S., volunteered fifteen days.

McClelland, James A.

Danold, Jonah M., volunteered fifteen days.
Blaney, William.

First Lieutenant.

Rifle, Jacob.

Gilmorc, Hugh, Oct. 5, 1S12; discharged April 2

Cronton, Abram.


Haf hill, Abram.

Second Lieutenant.

Antle, James.

Ramsay, Thomas, died March 25, 1813.

Reed, Jacob.


Robertson, Robert.

Care, Jobn.
Koupt, Tobias.

Porter, Thomas W., Oct. 5, 1812 ; discharged Oct. 21

1813 ; made first sergeant after death of F'. Hert-

Smith, Samuel, died March 22, )S13.


White, John, volunteered fifteen days; died April

Hertzog, Frederick, Oct. 5, 1812; died July 11, 1813


Messmore, George.

Rees, James, volunteered fifteen days ; died April 9th.

Balsinger, Christopher.

Wilson, Thomas.


Numbers, James.

Pollock, Stephen.

Getzendaner, John, volunteered fifteen days.

Lawrence, Gc(n-go.

Criss, Miceal.

Keckler, Jacob.

Stuart, James.


Getty, Solomon, volunteered fifteen days.

Axton, Jeremiali.

Getty, Joseph, volunteered fifteen days.


Holmes, John.

Morgan, Morris.

Defenbough, Daniel.


Proctor, William.

Messmore, Solomon.

AVilley, Richard.

Parshall, Nathaniel.

Rumble, Henry.

Hare, James, killed June .30, 1813.

AVynn, Jonathan.

Ackle, Jarob, killed May 1, 1813.

Hartmann, Melchi.

Turk.r, Jacob.

Parson, John.

Thompson, John.

Wilson, Hu;;h, volunteered.

Price, William.

Bowel, Bazael.

Coombs, John.

Balsinger, J.,hn.

Logan, James.

Hannah, Ei)liraim.

McDougal, Levi.

Province, Benjamin.

Thompson, Thomas.

Gilmore, David.

Willark, David.

Christoplicr, Gideon.

Watson, Joseph.

Wheaton, Benjamin, die.l May 30, 1813.

JMcCarty, Joel.

Breading, James.

McCarty, Hiram.

Graham, John.

Tipit, William.

Smith, John, died Oct. 1.5, 1813.

McCann, Hugh.

Williams, William.

Hardman, Philip.

aicClean, Thomas.

Rickets, Philoman.

Bowde, Thomas.

Owl, Jacob.

Vanshan, Thomas.

Feirst, George.

Martin, Scott.



Brown, Caleb.

Harrison, Isaac, died Aug. 13, 1S13.

Harrison, Jacob.

Dougherty, Samuel, discharged from service, time

not known.
Herrod, George.

Gritfin, James M., killed Dec. 18, 1812.
Smith, Jeremiah, August, 1813.
Brown, Samuel R., August, 1813; promoted April 2,


I do certify, on honor, that the within exhibits a
true roll of the men's names belonging to my trooji of
twelve month volunteer light dragoons, late in the
service of the United States.


Otpf.un Vnlt.d States Y. L. D.
Capt. John McCi.eax's Company.
Pay-roll of Capt. John McClean's company, belong-
ing to a regiment of Pennsylvania militia in the
service of the United States, commanded by Col.
Eees Hill, from the date of entering into service
to Nov. 5, 1813, inclusive.

McCIean, John.

Taylor, Beriah, resigned Aug. 17, 1813.
Gance, Jacob.
Tillard, Eobert.

Smith, Samuel, appointed adjutant Aug. 10, 1813.

Boyd, William.

Taylor, Joseph.

Barton, Joseph.

Death, John.

Routzenger, Adam, appointed sergeant July 14, 1813.

Foly, David, discharged July 27, 1813.
McFall, William, d.>chaigc.i July 14, 1813.
Cox, Levi, appuiutrd c.rpnral July 1, 1813.
Lewis, Thomas, aiipointed corporal July 1, 1813.
Gue, Josejih, appointed corporal July 15, 1813.
Byers, Andrew, appointed corporal July 1, 1813.

Roberts, William.

Donald, William.
Sample, Samuel.
Shaw, William.

Murphey, Barrich, discharged Aug. 14, 1813. '■

Edwards, John. I

McLaughlin, William, discharged Aug. 15, 1813.
Rankin, Robert.

Downer, Jacob, appointed surgeon's mate May 12,
1813. '•

Sharp, Levi.

Show, Eli.

Patrick, James.

Mattliias, Joseph.

Hamilton, Hance.

Campbell, Hugh.

Fuller, Thonuis, enlisted July 13, 1813.

Hopkins, Josiah.

Phillips, Evan.

Jlulvine, Edward.

Williams, William.

Golden, James.
I Martin, William.

Allison, Major.
I Lewis, Robert.

Law, John.

Simpkins, Amos.

Honian, Michael.

Hunt, D.miel.

Shepperd, Fermand.

King, Joseph.

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