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tached service at muster out.
Ellis B. Johnson, first sergeant, disch. on surgeon's certificate May 23,

George W. Eamage, sergeant, wounded Sept. 10,1804; must, out with

company Nov. 22, 1804.
Thomas M. Harford, sergeant, must, out with company Nov. 22, 1804.

Edward D. Clear, sergeiut, must, out with c imti.v Xuv. 22, 1804.

LuciusBuntiug, sergeant, distil, n -m. mm . , , im, ,,i.^. i i 1."., 1802.
Henry J. MolUster, sergeant, 'li- 'I .-.( ! i.mi.8,18G4.

Tlioluus J. Black, sergeant, pt'i t • i_ i : ■ ■ i-' -

William E. Browii, seitieant, "■ i' i - pi - ' !-'■ . i-^. to Co. I,

ISSthliegt.r. V , .lull' - I- > I

Crawford H. Scott, i-i I ■ > I. il at muster out.

William K. Finuel.v, . i ■ > ■ i .l.taclieil service at muster out.

William J. Crawfonl, .. ii^ i il, ;- li , il.t.' iiuknoivn.

William E. Chick, coipural, tiaus. to Co. I, ISSth Itegt. P. V., Juno 28,

1S03; vet.
James Hackney, corporal, killed at Fair Oaks, Va., Slay 31, 1802.
Moses H. Hayes, corporal, died at New York, June 19, 1802; buiial

lecord July 23, 1802.
George W. Grovcr, corporal, killed at Morris Island, S. C, Aug. 30, 18G:i.
George W. Bevaii, curi.oral. killed in action May 20, 1804; buried iu

NHti.iii..! ' . Ill il, I ii.\ I'uiut, Va., Sec. A, Div. 1, Grave 10.

JohnBiihii ii-l, out with company Nov. 22, 1804.

John Stii, k, iiiiiM III,, 111 ii.i.ut conipan.v Nov. 22, 1804.

Albert W. Bolen.

C.rneliiis llene-y

Henry J. B.-1I.

Patrick llenesy.

William A. Brownflol.l,

must, in

UiiI.ert IluUton.

Oct. 22, 1801.

William X. llarri

Thomas Beiitty.


Levering Bittle. h; Jones

Milton e. Bradley, mns

. in Feb.

CliailrsE Kereni

20, 1804.

Wi.neil S. Kilgor

Andrew J. Bell.

Tha.ldeus Langhu

George W. Chick.

ThoniisP. Lily.

George Cunningham.

Joliii W. Ljun.

Isaac Campbell.

Johii Louis.

Henry C. Crago.

Andrew C.Lynn.

Jacob Defl-enbiingh.

John Letter, mus

Joselih Dull, must, in Feb. 10.1804.

James G. Lenhar

John Darby.

29, 1804.

Moses Freeman.

Milton F. Lenha

Johnson Maj horn.

24, 1804.

George W.Miller.

William Minerd.

Isaac MinerJ, must, in

Oct. 18,

James Minerd.


Nallian Morgan.

William McClellan.

E.uauuel Martin.

John McKuight.

Joseph Sechrist,

Michael 0-Conuer.


Elias Ogle.

S,,muel Smiley.

Andrew Ogle.

Jonathan Sheets,

Levi Ogle, must, in Feb.



William A. Pi-iilt, must.
1,1 02.

.1 March

Stephen Sanders.
John A.Sangston

William B, Perry, must.

n March

Jordan Strosnide

Samuel U. Kamage.

Wilson Scott.

lienjamin P.ager.

Jolm Thompson.

Thomas Bager.

Benjan.iu Taylor

George Wymcr.
Abner Woods.
William Wolf,

H. Q. Liidington, captniii, must, in Nov. 0,1801; diacli. on surgeon s cer-

tiliciite Feb. 8, li<C3.
Reason Snnirr, first lieutenant, must, in Oct. 12, 1861; di=ch. on sur-
geon's certificate Feb. 4, 1S02.
Andrew J. Gilmore, first lieutenant, must, in Nov. 0, 1801 ; pro. to first

lieutenant Feb. 10, 1802; discli. on surgeon's certificate July 21,

Samuel L. McHenry, firet lientemint, must, in Oct. 10, 1801 ; pro. from

sergeant-major July 21, 1802; to adjutant Sept. 1, 1802.
John T. Campbell, fir^t lieutenant, must, in Nov. 6,1801 ; pro. to second

lieutenant July 21, 1802; to first lieutenant Sept. 1, 1802; disch. on

sui-geou's certificate Feb. 23, 1803.
William F. Campbell, first lieutenant, must, in Oct. 12,1801; pro. from

sergeant to fiist lieutenant June 5, 1804; killed near Deep Bottom,


must, in Nov. 0, 1801 ; disch. on

it. in Nov. C, 1 801 ; pro. from first

■ith company Nov. 22, 1.S04.

. in Nov. 0, ISOl; disch. on sur-

7, 1802.

gcon s certihi
verSproul. first sergeant, must, in Nov. 6,1801; wounded Aug.

1804; absent on detached service at muster out.
:vanns Heasson, sergeant, must, in Oct. 12, 1801 ; pro. from corpi

July 111, 1804; must, out with company Nov. 22, 1804.
lliam H. Showman, sergeant, must, in Oct. 2.5, 1801 ; pro. from i

i'lo. from corporal
; pro. from corporal

disch. on surgeon's

. on surgeon's ceitifi-

ificale Jn

Gr ser

Jan. S, 1

II. Murplij

1 Nov. 0, 1801 ;c

ust. in Nov. G, ISGl ; disch. on surgeon's

1 Nov. 0.1801; died at Philadelphia June

iu No

ISOl ;


Louis P. Gilisoii, corporal, must, i
19,1804; must, out with com

James II. Miller, corporal, mu?t.
pro. to corporal July 19, 1SG4

James C. 1 : i

died Mil 11 iii-i i: ■ N
Sykes Banu-, luiiHual, mi

tiflcate Xi.i, 11, isi;-.
John C. Biouii,, 11

Henry C. Dean, corporal, i

Francis U. Morrison, corporal, must, in Nov. 6, 1801;

aud never returned to company.
Isaac Cossell, corporal, must, iu Nov. G, ISGl ; reee

never returned to company.

12. ISGl; pro. to corporal July

Xiiv. 2::, lsi;4.
li.lsi.l ; «..nnJedSeiit.,5, ISO:!;

1-, 1-1 , I'lu to. Corp. May 25,
i- ; i|.tiiredreb.22, 1804;

il I, 1802; absent on detiichedser-
. 0, 1801 ; died at Beaufort, S. C,

David S. Bailey, ;

D. Ross, must.
D. Rolland.


I'nnmfiiied Men.
Jan. 20, 18M.
in Fi.-l..2n, 1SG4.
I Jiin. 20, 1804.


The One Hundred and Twelfth Eegiment of the
Ponusylvania Line, designated as the Second Artil-
lery, was raised under authority granted in October,
18G1, by the War Department to Charles Angeroth, of
Philadelphia, to recruit a battalion (afterwards ex-
tended to a regiment) of heavy artillery. Recruiting
was commenced at once, and proceeded rapidly. One
of the batteries ("K") was made up originally of
men from Fayette, and its ranks were afterwards very
largely recruited from this county.

The regiment was organized in the early part of
January, 1862, with Col. Charles Angeroth, Lieut.-
Col. John H. Obcrteufler, and Maj. William Caiulidus
as its field-officers.

On the 25tli of February the regiment (excepting
Companies D, G, and H, which had previously been
placed on duty at Fort Delaware, below Philadelphia)
was ordered to Washington, and upon its arrival was
reported to Gen. Abner Doubleday, by whom it was
assigned to duty in the fortifications north of the city.
The three companies from Fort Delaware rejoined the
others on the 19th of March, and for more than two
years from that time the regiment remained in the
Washington defenses north of the Potomac. On the
26th of March, 1864, it was transferred to the Vir-
ginia side, and placed to garrison Forts Marcy and
Ethan Allen, near the Chain Bridge.'

On the opening of the spring campaign of 1864
the regiment was ordered to the front, and accordingly
embarked at Washington on the 27th of May, and
proceeded to Port Royal, on the Rappahannock River,
where it arrived on the 28th. From that place it
marched across the country, and joined the Eighteenth
Army Corps, under Gen. W. F.Smith, at Cold Harbor
on the 4th of June. There it was formed into three
battalions in order to secure greater facility in ma-
noeuvring. These battalions with the Eighty-ninth
New York Regiment formed the Second Brigade in
the Second Division of the corps.

Moving with the army across the James River, the
regiment took its position in the lines investing the
city of Petersburg, and during the mouths of June,
July, and August performed constant and severe duty


in the trenches from tlie Appomattox River to the Je-
rusalem plank-road, being in that time reduced from
an effective strength of eighteen hundred and thirty-
six to less than nine hundred. This number was in-
creased early in September by an accession to its ranks
of about four hundred men, the remnant of the Sec-
ond Provisional Artillery Regiment, which liad orig-
inally been formed from its surplus strength.

On the 20th of September the regiment moved with
the Army of the James across the river, and took part
in the operations which resulted in the capture of
Fort Harrison, and in which the First and Second
Battalions sustained a loss of over two hundred in
killed, wounded, and prisoners. Among these was
Lieut. John B. Krepps, of Company K, wounded,
and Lieut. Presley Cannon, of the same company,
killed, September 29th.

The regiment remained in its position near Fort
Harrison until the 2d of December, when it was
ordered to Bermuda Hundred, its term of service
being then within about a month of its close. At
that place a large number of the men re-enlisted as
veterans ; these, with the recruits who joined, amount-
ing to over two thousand men. The regiment, how-
ever, was not called on to do much more fighting.
After the evacuation of Petersburg by the enemy it
was ordered to duty in that city, and after the surren-
der of Lee's army the several companies of the Second
were distributed through the lower counties of Vir-
ginia to maintain order, and remained on this duty
till the beginning of 1866. On the 29th of January
in that year it was mustered out of service at City
Point, Va., and was soon after transported to Phila-
delphia, where its men were discharged on the 16th
of February. |

Clu-iiles W. Uu-I

ill Jan. 30, 1802; [iro. to coi
, 1SC4 ; to first eel'gcnut Ma

Jiiliics 11. l':n I :i, - N I i, tit I II ml iiiii~I, in .Ian. riO, 1SG2; pro. to cnr-
l»ii'al May •-"_', 1m;l: ; to siigraiit Apiil 10, 18U4: to first SLM-gciint.Iuiio
l,18n.-,; (..spcoii.l liuiitpuaut July 1,1803; must, out witli Lattery
.Tan. ■-".*, ItGfi ; vettM-an.

Rcziii L, Do Colt, first scrgmnt, must, in Jan. 0, 180-2; com. first lieu-
tenant Batt C. ISOtli nejrt. P. v., April 30, 1604; not mnstere.I; pro.
from private .\u;. 1, 1805; must, out with Lattery .Ian. SO, ISGG;

UesLaeli Hyatt, sergeant, must, in Jan. C, 18G2; pro. to corporal Jan.

20,1802; to sergeant Jan. 1,1803; must, out with battery Jan. 29,

18';3; veteran.
Jacob G. Draher, sergeant, mnpt. in Feb. 20, 1804; pro, from private Oct.

1, 1803 ; mnst. out with battery Jan. 29, ISOG.
George N. Trovence, sergeant, must, in Jan. G, 1SG2; pro. to corporal

.\pr;i 10, 1804; to sergeant Feb. 1, 1803; mnst. out wilh battoi-y Jan.

211,1600; veteran.
WilliiUu IC. Lluoper, sergeant, niu-l. in M.^i' li '.', l^i;4 ; pro. from private

Feb. 1, 18G3; to sergeant ua. 1, [:'.,:■ , iim.,L uut wilb battery Jan.

Samuel Witson, sergeant, must, in Feb. 9, 1804-; pro. to corporal May I,

1803 ; to sergeant Oct. 1, 1S05 ; must, out witli battery Jan. 29, ISOii.
William Harmony, sergeant, must, in Jan. 29, 1SG2; disch. ou surgeon's

cerlifi.ale Dec. 30, 1802.
Miles Ilaml, sergeant, must, in Nov. 19, 1801 ;,disi;h. on surgeon's cer-
tificate May 2, 18G2.
II. T. Davenport, sergeant, must, in Jan. 29, 1802; Oiseh. on surgeon's

cerliflcate Jan. 30, 1SG4.
Thomas Williams, sergeant, must, in Feb. 8, 1SG2; disch. Feb. 7, 1803, at

expiration of term.
John W. Cine, sergeant, must, in Jan. 29, 1802; disch. Jan. 28, 1803, at

expiration of term.
Eezin McBiide, sergeant, must, in Aug. 27, 18G2; pro. to corporal June

19, 1804; to sergeant May 1, 1805; ea|it«rcd at ChapiTi's Farm, Ya.,

Sept. 29, 18G4; disch. by G. 0. July 0, ISM.
William II. Martin, sergeant, must, in Aug. 27,1802; pro. to sergeant

Dec. 1, 1804 : disdi. by G O. June 28, ixn:..
John ll.Siiiitli,. !_-, i,i(, i„ii-f U. \mv 11,1-.:- |,ro. to sergeant Oct.

l,is';-, ■,■ ■ \ . : , I " .■ III.,

Amzi S. Fuller, caplain. must, in Feb. 11, 1802; com. lieutenant-colonel

ISOth Itegt. P. V. April 30, 1804; not mustered; disch. Feb. 21, 1805,

at exit! ration of term.
John B. Krepps. captain, must, in Feb. 11, 1802 ; wounded at Chiipin's

Farm, -Va., Sept.-29, 1804; pro. from first lieutenant May 3, 18G3 ;

must, out with battery Jan. 29, 1800.
Presley Cannon, first lieutenant, mnst. in Jan. 29, 1802; com. major

189th Uegt. P. V. April 30, 1804; not mustered ; killed at Uhapin's

Farm, Va., Sept. 29, 1804.
James II. Springer, first lieutenant, must, in Jan. 29, 18G2 ; disch. Jan.

28, 1803, at expiration of term.
Louis Fisher, fii-st lieutenant, pro. from first sergeant to second lieuten-
ant Jan. 24, 1805; to first lieiltcuant May 3, 1803; died at Peteis-

burg, Va., Sept. 0, 1805.
Peter Heck, first lieutenant, mnst. in Jan. 29, 1802; pro. from first ser-
geant to second lielitonant July 11, 1804; to first lieutenant May 3,

1803; disch. July 24, 1803.
John II. Cuisinger, second lieutenant, must, in Feb. 11, 1802; pro to

first lieutenant Batt. B Oct. 6, 1802.
Joseph L. Iredell, second lieutenant, mnst. in Dec..^.0, 18G2; com. captain

Batt. II, 189th Regt. P. V., April 30, 1804; not mustered; pro. to
' firat lieutenant Batt. L Oct. 0, 18G4.
George W. Webb, second lieutenant, must, in Dec. 18, 1801 ; pro. from

private Batt. F tu second lieutenant Dec. 9, 1803: com. captain Bait.

K, 189tb Itegt. l: v., April 30, 1804 ; pro. to captain Bait. F May 0,


I -Ian. -.".l, 1802; died at Fortress Monroe,
Niitiiiiial Cemetery, Hampton.
Feb. 10,1801; pro. to corporal Dec. 1,

y Jan. -29, 18G0.
Feb. 20, 1804: pro. tn corporal Feb. I,

V ,Tiiii, 2!', isiin: v,.tei'jin.

~-|il 'I, 1^1.:: : pi", to c.rporal Feb. 1,

III K.I. J., ;- I . in.i.lo corporal 31ay
. .1 I'l -I , I •' I . I-10. to Corp. Oct. 1,

Bobert A-r\ . .i|..i,il, mi: i Ml ~-|.l 'I, 1^.::

180,5; 1.111. ' 1,1 ■■ ■■! ' !':• i>- ,I,M. j;., 1^.,.

John T. S^a.r.-.i I n ' ,. m -t ... ,l,.li I-,

JohnT.Johi.-.i,..ii|.", .....-■ Ill ■:

18GJ; nil. .!,"..! «nl. t„.i.. .^ ,l,ri , . i-m
William Ha... >, I ..|.'ii.!. -. I !■ ,1

ISGj; 1.....I, -.1 ".II. I.,. 11. 1.1 ,i,,.. , ■ ;.
James K. All-..., ....[i-mI, ...n.i, i , ,i,i'. .' .

1803; m.i,^t. out mil. I.,ihi> ,1 n. . ., l-.i ..i..,,,n.
J. B. Everiiigliam, C...1 .i, ..,.i-l m LI' .'■, I ■. 1. |.r... to corporal 0.t.

1, 1803; must, out Mill. iMll.iy ,1 .n J., I -.,..
Chailes A Palmer, cori,,, lu.i.l. u. .J,u,..:.i, I5..I, pro. to Corp. Oct. 1,

1805; must, out with Lattery Jan.2t), Isi.O.
Eugene D. Sperry, corporal, must, in Feb. 23, 1803 ; pro. to corporal Oct.

Nicholas Miller, corporal, must, in Jan. 29, 1802; disch. on surgeon's cer-
tificate May 22, 180-2.

W. H. Poundstone, corporal, must, in Jan. 29, 1602; discb. Jan. 28,1803,
at expiration of term.

Morris Morris, corporal, must, in .Ian. 29, 1802; disch. Jan. 28, 1803, at


Oliver Tiite, corpora

l-.,lionof I.-nii.

An.lrcw J. Huikc-t.^

lSi;4; I
"Williiun l'<

J. 4, 1SC2; discli. Jiin 28, 18«, at Mpi-

:. ill Veb. l:', 1802 ; Jisch. Jnll. 28, 1SG5,

,11. 23s 1862; dfecli. Jiin. 2S, 1SG3, at ox-

Sppl. 20,1862; pro. to Corp. Dec. 1,,.
Oct. 2, lSf.2 ; disc-li. Oct. 2, 180i, at cx-

1 Feb. 11, 1SG2; missed ill ac;i.jn at

Va., Sept. 2», 1801.

John 51.

SL ill Feb. 20, 1S04 ; must,
t. in Dec. 18,1861: nuist.
ill Jaji. ", 1SC2; miist. ou
ill Jan. 15, ISGi; must, ou
Maicli 10,1804; captulei

out witbliat-

wttli battery
Willi battery
; died at .\n-
■oitrcsa Moll-

John Bird, must, in JIarcli 7, 1804.
James P. Brock, must, in Feb. 12, ISM
Sebastian Cragn.musl. in Juno 20, 1804
Joseph L. Caldwell, niiisl. in .Inn- ;;ii, 1
Helll-yC. Conner, 111.; - iii II. JT, !>•.
Charles W. Coaler, II, . i I i ■ l-.l
.John Core, must in i i i ' I I
llitrick Conway, nm-i n I I -J 1-1
Robert N-Chew, must, in l-'i b. 8, isol.
Peter Cruse, must, in Jan. 20, 1802.
Andrew W. Cniwfoixl. must, in Jan. 20.
W. H. Cnnningliam, must, iii Jan. 2(1, 1

I Cbei



. Coiile

ill IVI

Clark Cfcew, must, in Feb. 12,I8ftl.
Isaac N. Cioft, Miust. in Dec. S, lS(i:l.
Owen ». Crnsi., must, in Jan. 20, 1802.
Goerge W. Clabaiigli, must, in Feb. 22, ISM.
Abraliani Cros.«,miist. in Mardi -iO, ISKJ.

John Cam
Josiah Cai

St. iiiXov.C, l,>il«
. in JiMi. 2!>, 1802.


.lohn W. CliKson, must, in M»rch 2»,1SS4.
Christ"i>lier Coxe, must, in Jan.:',0, 1S04.
Benjalnhi F; Ciusaii, must, in Aug. 12, 1S04.
Hamier Denny, must, in Feb. 2. 1S0±
Henry Drake, must, in Feb. 24, 1S01.
William Drake, must, iu Feb. 20, ll-GI.
Itaviil D. Drake, liiu=t. in Feb. 2S, 1804.
John Dean, must, in Jan. 211, 180>.
Alexander'!'. Dougherty, must, in .»an. 2.1,1802.

, 180-J


t. in Fet.. 8, 1804.

Simon Dunmire, must ill Feb. 28, 1864.

Jac;.b Daniels, must

in March 2i'>, 1804.

Jacob M. Dean, iiiu-

.in Nov. n, 1802.

.\iidreK Donalilson,

nust. in !Marcli:!l,lS04.

David T. Filbert, mi

St. iu Feb. 12, 1804.

FraDcis J. EiiRle, nm-t. in FeJ.. 27, 1804.

■William 11. Everett,

niusl. in Feb. 10, r 04.

Thomas Everell, mi

s|. in Feb. 10, 1SI)4.

.John H. Easlou, mii

t. ill Feb. Ill, 1804.

John Evans, must, i

1 Feb. 2S, ISW.

Thomas Ell.^worlh, i

mst, inJan. I'>. lRr,4.

William D. Eckert,

iiist. ill Fc4i.lO, 1801.

Israel P. FalUvood, must, in Feb. 0, l.s04.

Francis Forepaugli,

uusl. iu April 14, 1804.

George F. Funk, mn

St. ill Feb. 1. 1.-04.

Frederick Fiicnil, m

i-t. iiiF.-1..4. 1804.

Andrew J. Farrier,!

ilKt. inNov. 0, 1SC2.

William Gray, must

in March a, IPO:'.

G«uge W.Giles, mi

St. in Feb. 10, 181V1.

William II. Go.mlej

,ransl.inMi.cb2, 1804

John Galvin, must.

1 MaivhUl, lsC4.



Alfred M. Gooley, n

1st. in .Ian. 2.1. 1802.

Isaac Giiffin. must.

uJan. 20, 18112.

Thomas Gist, must

1, Feb. lit, 1804.

James Gray, must, i

1 Aug. 28.1802.

Alaiison Gregory, m

•St. in Feb. 21, ISr.t.

Benjamin Groff, uin

l.illFeli. 2J, 1804.

Norman Green, mus

.iuFeb.2'J, lSi;4.

liobeit Gardner, must, in Feb. 17, 1804.

Isaac Groff, must.ii

Feb. 2i, 1801.

Gelson Ilauey, must

iu Dec. V,. ISCl.

Ebenezer Huff, mus

in Feb. 2!). 1804.

John Ilunter, must

in Jan. 1,1802.

Elijah Hawk, must.


Henry lliles, must.

n Jan. 2o,18G2.

Samuel llickle, mils

in Jan. 13 1862.


Jncob nana, must in Msrcll 12, 18C4.
Thomas Handsfurth, must, in Marcli 10, 18C4.
D. J. Henisicker, must, in Feb. 24, 18C4.
Henry Harrison, must, in Feb. 13, 1804.
Gcoige Humbertson, must in Feb. 3, 180*.
George R. Held, must, in Sept. 8, 1S03.
George \V. Hall, must, in Nov. 10, 1802.

Andrew llupkins, mu-1. in .l,,h J;i, I nj.
William W. Hoover, nuisl. in Keb, B, 1,^04.
Joliu W. H.dland.must. in Nov. 11, 1SU2.
Junies J. Hook, must, in Feb. 8, 18lii.
I'lirdou C. Ilewilt.

■ttMlliiini Hiithcock, must, in Ft-b. 20, 1804.
Josluni A. Hurt. must, in Feb. 10, 1804.
John Hiles, must, in Jim. 5, 1801.
George D. Hazen, must, in Feb. 13, 1S04.
James II. House, most, in Feb. 10, 1S04.
■William Hoekenbrock, must, in Feb. 27, ISC
Arehibuld Hj-ult, must, in Jan. 2'J, 1S02.
J. H. Iloikenlirock, nmst. in Feb. 27, 1801.

li.uH 'I II:. nil. M, iiLiist. in Jan. 11.1804.
.s.,i,i,,, 1 IMll.v, iinist. in Jan. 2.5, 1802.
.I.uiii, ll,,n.>, must, in Feb. 4, 1802.

vVilhan. ll,,r>e,i, ninsl. in >.in. 12, 1802.
John G. lloniniell, must, in Feb. 1, 1802.
S.J. Ilelm^.


2, 1804.

Jonathan >l ■
JohnMei-kn,^ :i
ElishaC. Milrh.
David Miller, must, in Jan. 2;t, 1802.
Christopher Merner, must, in Sept. 23, 18C4.
John H. Maraliall, must, in Jan. 20, 1802.
Stophon Meredith, nmst. in Jan. 20, 1802.
William Melson, must, in Jan. 29, 1802.
Benjamin F. Mackey, must, in Feb. 4, 1S02.
David Mnjr, must, in Jan. 30, 1804.
Teltzer Moose, must, in Feb. 22, 1804.
George Miller, must, in Feb. 20, 1804.
Henry Menden, must, iu Jan. 20, 1802.
David O. Morris, must, in Ann'. 27, 1802.
Alex. Millener, must, in Sept. 0, 180:1.
George N. Meekin
Newton Mortland,
CMiarles McCairoll

John M Mr\i.

Daniel M. I'. .

I JIarch 20, 1804.

Thomas K, M '

i . 1

Wesley V 1). 1.


>, i

, 1 -1. " ;,

William Meliir,


^t. 11

Sept. 27, 1

A. McGlanshlin



V. 11,1802.

John MeCann, n




0, 1802.

James T.M.ri:,

\nK. 20,18C

lUchard JI.Mi'

- pt.7, 180

I Islv:

William 11. JulmsoM, inn.t. in Jan. 20, 1802

.l.ullesJordan, must, ill Sept, 1,1803.
J..>epli Joliiisoli, must, in Feb. 13, 1804.
Benjamin Jones, n.ust. in Slaroli 2S, 1804.
Abraliam Jacoby, must, in Slarch 26, 1S04.



Chester Jaeoby, must, ill March :i7, 1804.
John Jackson, must, in March 17, 1804.
Joseph L. Jackson, must, in Feb. 18, 1801.
Benjamin F. James, must, in Aug. II, 1802

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ill Fcl

1 Feb,

, 1804.

Samuel Kirk, must, in Feb. It), 1804.
Samuel M. Kealor, must, in Feb. 10, 1864.
Monroe Kiintz, must, in March 28, 1804.
John Keener, must, in Nov. 11, 1802.
John Kauf, must, in March 27, 1804.
George Kline, iiiiist. in Marcli :;9, 1804.

lb Noiisong, must, in F.b. 10, 1804.
Timothy Nichols, must, in Jan. 20, 1802.
David Nunian, must, in Feb. 0, 18K4.
George NeEf, must, in Feb. 11. 1804.
Adam C. Nutt, must, in Nov. II, 1802.
George W. Nelson, nmst. in Jan. 27, 1802.
John Neal, must, in Aug. 27, 1SC2.
John M. Ostcrly, must, in Feb. 13, 1804.
Joshua Oyster, must, in Feb. 20, 1804.
John G. Oiikcs, must, in Jan. 30, 1S04.
James Oliphant, must, in Nov. 20, 1802.
Caleb O'Brien, must, in .March 311, 1804.
James Powell, must, in JIarcli 28, 1804.
Augustus A. rainier, must, in Feb. 3, 180
George W. Piffer, must, in Fcli. li'.. ]'"'•*■
MerrillG. Pingree, luii-t. m 1. i r. l-'i
Jacob H. Peterson, inn -I .,-]' ' in
James H. Porter, ninvi m - ,i l - I , j,
PeterM. Polins, i""-i .n Ml' -'
William Pe:,l.,., ,„H.t ih .l,,n 1 J, Inl,

.hin. Ih, lsi.4.

Josiah H. 1
H, W.Patl.
J. W. Pike


10, 1804.

L. Z. L. Linten, must, in Feb. 4, 1S02.
Charles Liuck, must, in Aug. 27, 1802.
John Lobacb, niu.t. iu Feb. 20, 1804.
William S. Leonard, must, iu March 25, 1804.
Josiali Luekey, must, iu Jan. 29, 1802.
Henry Leader, must, in Feb. 20, 1804.
Eobeit Leonard, must, in Nov. 11, 1802.
George Laybrancb, must, in Feb. 20, 1804.
James D. Lawrence, must. i,i Feb. 10, 1804.
George Muir, must, in Jan. 12, 1802.
Ale.x, B. Mahan, must, in Feb 0, 1S04.
Joseph Jlaloue,niust. in Feb. U, 1S04.

David D. Porter, must, in .Ian. 19, 1804.
William D. liicbanNun, niu>t. in Feb. 0, 1804.
Henry K".l-i' i, mn-i n, I , !■ 'j:!, 1804.
Aaron 11 H,, i , , M , \, J,".. 1804.

And. J. l:
John EisI
William .

F, I.. 24, 1864.


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all B. Rodgers


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s Richley.


\V.\R OF THE KEDELI.IOX— ('■„„(,■„„,,/).
Hundred and Sixteenth and One Hundred and Forly-second Regi-

The One Hundred and Sixteenth Regiment was
formed in the summer of 1862, its rendezvous being
at Jones' Woods, near the city of Philadelphia. One
distinctively Fayette County company ("K") was
embraced in its organization. The original field-
officers of the regiment were Col. Dennis Heenan,
Lieut.-Col. St. Clair A. Mulholland, and Maj. George
H. Bardwell.

Before the ranks of the regiment had been filled
("A," " F," and " I" companies being still but par-
tially recruited), on the 31st of August, it was ordered
to move forward at once to the front. Under this
order it moved (about seven hundred strong) to Wash-
ington, D. C, where it received arms and camp equip-
age, and marched thence to Rockville, Md., where
it was reported to Maj.-Gen. D. N. Couch. It had
been hastened to the field on account of the forced
retreat of Gen. N. -P. Banks down the Shenandoah
Valley, and the consequent advance of the enemy in
that direction, but before it arrived at Rockville the
immediate danger had passed, and Gen. Couch there-
upon ordered it back to Washington, whence, on the
21st of September, it moved across the Potomac and
to Fairfax Court-House, where it came under com-
mand of Gen. Sigel.

Ou the 6th of October it marched from Fairfax and
proceeded to Harper's Ferry, where it was incorpo-
rated with Gen. T. F. Meagher's " Irish Brigade," of
which the other regiments were the Twenty-ninth,
Sixty-third, Sixty-ninth, and Eighty-eighth New
York Volunteers. This brigade was the Second
of Gen. W. S. Hancock's (First) division of the
Second Corps, commanded by Gen. Couch.

The regiment, after having had a little experience
under a rather sharp artillery fire for about an hour,

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