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entered Charlestown, Va., and camped there. About
the end of October it moved across the Shenandoah,
crossed the ridge, and entered the Loudon Valley.
Thence it marched by way of Warrenton, Va., to a
position near Falmouth, on the Rappahannock.

The regiment, with its brigade, took a prominent
part in the terrible battle of Fredericksburg on the
13th of December, charging bravely up to the enemy's
impregnable position behind the stone wall which
stretched along the front of the bristling heights,
and losing in the assault eighty-eight in killed and
wounded, this being over two-fifths of its entire
strength. After this battle the regiment, being so
greatly reduced in numbers, was consolidated into a
battalion of four companies, under command of
Lieut.-Col. Mulholland. The battalion was engaged,
and fought well, at the battle of Chancellorsville, on
the 2d of May, 1863, saving the guns of the Fifth




aine Battery from capture after its horses were
nearly all killed or wounded, its caissons blown up,
its gunners fallen, and the enemy within a few hun-
dred yards, rushing forward to take it. After the
light the battalion recrossed the Rappahannock, and
again encamped near Falmouth, where it remained
about six weeks, and then marched northward to the
field of Gettysburg, where it was again engaged, but
without very heavy loss. In the later operations of
the year the battalion participated, and after the close
of the Mine Run campaign it retired across the Rap-
idan, on the 2d of December, and went into winter-
quarters at Steveusburg. Early in the spring of 1864
the regimental organization of the One Hundred and
Sixteenth was resumed, it having been raised by re-
cruitment to a strength of eight hundred men.

In the Wilderness campaign the regiment fought in
most of the battles which took place, from the Kapi-
dan to Cold Harbor, losing one hundred and sixty-
nine killed and wounded and forty missing.

Moving with the army from Cold Harbor, it crossed
the James River on the 14th of June, and arrived in
front of Petersburg on the 15th. On the following day
it became engaged, losing thirty killed and wounded
and sixteen missing. During the remainder of the
year it took part in many of the engagements fought
by the army investing Petersburg, among which were
those of Williams' Farm, Strawberry Plains, Deep
Bottom (where it lost very heavily). Ream's Station
(two engagements), Boydton plank-road, and Hat-
cher's Run. In the final campaign of the spring of
1865 it fought at Dabney's Mills, and at Five Forks
on the 31st of March. After the surrender of the
Confederate army under Lee, the regiment moved to
Alexandria, Va., where four of its companies (A, B,
C, and D) were mustered out on the 3d of June. Tlie
other companies were mustered out of the service at
Washington on the 14th of July.


1 !»t Fiedciicks-
Keserve Cuips,

Joliu O'Neill, cnptiiin, ni

l.iir!,-, Vii., Dec. 13, 1862

April It, 1803.
John n. ■WiUner, c.ipliiin,

oMer June -':i, 1805.
riitrick Ciisey, first lieutenant, must, in Sept. 1, 1SG2; died j

pliiii, Ph., NuvenibiT Oili, of wounds received Oct. 7, loC2.
Janu'S D. Cope, first lieutenant, must, in March 17, 1SG4 ; captured at

Williams' Karai, Va, Juno 22, 1S04; com. captain June 22,1805;

must, otit Willi company July 14, 1805.
Bernard Longhery, second lieutenant, must, in Sept. 3, 1802 ; disch. May

in Aiuil 7,1804; discli. by general
t riiiladel-


! Jan, 27,


iger, second lieutenant, must, in April 7, 1804 ; captured

at Ream's Stalioci, Va., Aug. 25, 1864; com. quartermaster June 3,

1805 ; must, out with company July 14, 1805. ^
niesE. Julifr, fli>t sergeant, must, in March 31, 1804; wounded at

rive Folks, Va., March 31, 1865; absent in hospital at muster out.
K. Crathamel, first sergeant, must, in July 31, 1802; wounded at

Fredericksburg, Va., Dec, 13, 1802; not on muster-oiit roll,
■miiel A.Clear, sergeant, must, in Feb. 2!), 1804; pro. from corporal

Jlay 29, 1804 ; must, out with company July 14, 1805.
in. H. Sembonor, sergeant, must, iu Feb. 20, 1804: pro. to" sergeant

April 10, 1804 ; must, out with company July 14, 1805.

James Collins, sergeant, must, in Feb. 29, 1804; pro. from corporal Dec.

2G, 1804 ; must, out with company July 14, 1805.
Alex. Cliisholm, sergeant, must, in Feb. 29, 1804; pro. from corporal

June 1, 1804; must, out with company July 14, 1805.
Edwai-d Pence, sergeant, must, in Feb. ;9, 1804; died at Annapolis, Md.,

June 24lh, of wounds received at Petersburg, Va., Juno 10, 1804.
Thomas P. Crown, sergeant, must, in Aug. 4, 18G2; trans, to Co. A

Jan. 2G, 1803.
Joseph Slinker, sergeant, must, in Aug. 1, 1802 ; trans, to Co. A Jan. 20,

Daniel Root, sergeant, must, in Aug. 12, 18C2 ; killed at Fredericksburg,

Va., Dec. 13, 1802.
William U.Tynoll, sergeant, must, in Aug. 12, 1802; wounded at Fred-
ericksburg, Va., Dec. 13, 1802 ; pro. to second lienlenant Co. C May

1, 1863.

Stephen B. Becket, corporal, must, in March 7,1804; pro. to corporal

April 10, 1804; wounded at Petersburg, Va., June IG, 1864; must.

out with company July 14, 1805.
Lloyd Patterson, corporal, must, in jrnrcli Tm. 1804; pro. to corporal

June 4, 1804; must ..M » li I, ■ . iii|. u i , J n :i 1 1. ivo:.,
Andrew J. Scesc, c.ii| i ' i Mi i .1; pro. to corporal

March 10, 1805; in ' II, 1805.

George W. Ganoe,corii.ii. I, -i m Ajir i, 1-M |.ic. to corporal June

2. 1805; must, out Willi cm; any July 14, 1SC5.

Wm. 11. Nyciim, corporal, must, in Feb. 20, 1804; captured; pro. to

coriioral June 2, 1805 ; must, out with company July 14, 1805.
Epbraiin Keim, corporal, must, in Feb. 24, 1804; pro. to corporal June 2,

1805 ; must, outwith company July 14, 186.').
George J. Cruise, cor|>oral. must, ill March 30, 1804 ; wounded at Tolo-

potomoy, Va., May 31 ,1804; and at Five Forks, March 31,18G5 ; trans,

to Co. G, Istli Regt., Veteran Reserve Corps ; disch. by general order

Aug. 14, 1605.
Timolby M. Iiierney, cor|ioral, must, in March 1.3,1804; wounded at

Five Folks, Va., March :'.l, 1805 : absent in hospital at muster out.
Robert J. BrownsfieM, ( i;..: i', itm.i n. leb. 20, 1804; died June 12lli,

of wounds recpiv.'.l ii i in > mi , r„urt House, Va., May 12,1804 ;

laiib'd ill National ( ■ ; \ :._i. ii.

Thomas Wallace, curiHu.,1, nm-i m An- 7, 18C2 ; trans, to Co. D

Eugene Brady, corporal, must, in Aug. 15, 1802; trans, to

Co. D Jan. 20,


Michael J. McKenna, corporal, must, in Aug. 11, 1802;

rans. to Co. D

Jan. 20, 1803,

George P. Snyder, corporal, must, in Aug. 0, 1862 ; trans

to Co. D .Ian.

20, 1803.

Charles McLaughlin, corp,.ral, must, iu July 29, 1802 ; t

rans. to Co. D

Jan. 20, 1803.

George Mahoffey, corporal, must, in Aug. 5,1802; disci

. on surgeon's

20, 180:5.
,rge Allen,

Parkes A. B.
C. Burkhol.l
Henry J. B.

Aug. 0, 1802 ; not on muster roll.
Aug. 8, 1802; killed at Fredericks-

Co. D Jan.
). D Jan. 20,

51, .1

i, llil.L.s liiu


r Brooks, m


d Blair, Jr,


Campbell, n
el Chisbulm


) 1

11 W. Chiiinm



ich 22



liiim A. Coun,


t I

. 20, isa.


hael Clemnic



rcli :ji


J C 1



veil ai



n.ird Ci.m-v, II

isl. ill

\ ^

(1, 18(V.


iHkinh Puiiii, 1

list, ii


2, 1SU2


1. II. riilmoi,.,


i 1

20, IS


.lusopli J Smitli,
Juliil W. Smitli,
D;iniel Sickles, l
JoliiiSw,..-ii,..v, I

Mieli:..'l <... iM
JoliM ^ , . 1


,-lie.t T.n


1.1, mi

-t. ill Aug. r.-, 1


wind Tn



nSq.t. 1,1802.


Ivvunl W


belt, n

ust. in S.-pt. 2,


e«t..u L'l



in April 1,1804

Ik'iijiiiuin, must, in Fit.. 10, 1S04.

Tlii.s regiment was made up of three companies from
Somerset County, and one from each of the counties
of Westmoreland, Mercer, Union, Monroe, Venango,
Luzerne, and Fayette, tlie last named being " H"
company, commanded by Capt. Jo.'hua M. Dushane,
of Connellsville.

The regimental rendezvous was at Camp Curtin,
Harrisburg, where the companies were mustered
into the service as they arrived during the month of
August, 1862. On the 1st of September the organi-
zation of the regiment was effected, under the follow-
ing-named field-officers: Colonel, Robert P. Cum-
mins, of Somerset County ; Lieutenant-Colonel, Alfred
B. McCalmont, of Venango ; Major, John Bradley, of
Luzerne County. Within two days from the time its
organization was com|ileted the regiment moved to


Washington, D. C, where it was first employed in
the construction of fortifications for the defense
of tlic city. In the latter part of September it was
moved to Frederick, Md., wliere it remained a few
■weeks, and early in October marched to Warrenton,
Va., it having been assigned to duty in the Second
Brigade, Third Division (the Pennsylvania Reserves)
of tlie First Corps. From Warrenton it moved to
Brooks' Station, on the Richmond, Fredericksburg
and Potomac Railroad.

The men of the regiment first smelt the smoke of
battle at Fredericksburg, on the 1.3th of December.
The Reserve ilivision formed a part of Gen. Franklin's
grand division, and at noon on the 12th crossed the
Raiii>aliannoek, and took up a position for the night
along tlie river-bank. Early on the following morn-
ing the division crossed the ravine wliich cuts the
plain nearly parallel witli the river and formed in
line of battle. Tlie One Hundred and Forty-second
Regiment was deployed on the left of the division,
Bup|)orting a battery. Finally the order was given
to charge, and the regiment went forward with a
cheer, but was met by a fusilade so deadly that its
advance was checked. "Exposed to a destructive
fire, from which the rest of tlie brigade was shielded,
it could only await destruction, without the privilege
of returning it, and with no prospect of gaining an ad-
vantage ; but with a nerve which veterans might envy
it heroically maintained its position till ordered to
retire. Out of five hundred and fifty men who stood
in well-ordered ranks in the morning, two hundred
and fifty in one brief hour were stricken down. After
this disastrous charge the division fell back to the
position west of the ravine which it had occupied on
the previous day, where it remained until with the
army it recrossed the river on the niglit of the loth,
and two days after went into winter-quarters near
Belle Plain Landing.'"

In February, 18(5.3, the regiment, with the Reserves,
was sent to the defenses of Washington, and remained
there there till hite in April, when it again moved to
the Rappahannock. During the progress of the great
battle of Chancellorsville, which occurred a few days
later, it was held iu readiness for service, and remained
for many hours under a heavy artillery fire, but did
not become actually engaged. After the battle it re-
crossed the river with the army, and reoecupied its old
camp near the Rappahannock until the advance of
the army to Gettysburg. In that great* conflict the
regiment fought with conspicuous bravery on the 1st
and 3d of July, not being called into action but held
in reserve during the struggle of the 2d. Its losses
in the entire battle were one hundred and forty-one
killed and wounded and eighty-four missing (most of
whom were made prisoners), a total of two hundred
and twenty-five. Among the wounded were Col.
Cummins (mortally) and Capt. Dushane, of the Fay-
ette County company.

During the remainder of the year 18G3 the regi-
ment took part in the general movements of the army
(including the advance against the enemy's strong
position at Mine Run), but was not actively engaged
in biTttle. Its winter-quarters were made near Cul-
peper, Va.

On the 4th of May, 18(U, it left its winter-quarters
and moved across the Rapidan on the campaign of
the wilderness. At noon on the 5th it became hotly
engaged, and fought with determination, holding its
ground stubbornly until near night, when it was
forced to retire. Its losses were heavy. Among the
killed was Lieut. George H. Collins, of " K" company.
On the Ctli it again saw heavy fighting along the line
of the Gordonsville road. On the 7th it moved to
Laurel Hill, and held jiosition there until the 13th,
when it moved to Spottsylvania Court-House. There
it remained a week throwing up defenses, and a great
part of the time linder heavy artillery fire. On the
21st it again moved on, and in its advance southward
fought at North Anna, Bethesda Church, and Tolo-
potomoy, arriving at Cold Harbor on the Gth of June.
Moving thence across the Chickahominy to the James,
it crossed that river on the 16th, and took position in
front of Petersburg. Its firet fight there was on the
18th, on which occasion it succeeded in dislodging the
enemy in its. front, and held the ground thus gained.
It took part in two actions on the line of the Weldon
Railroad, also in that at Peebles' Farm (September
30th), and others during the operations of the sum-
mer and fall. On the Gth of February, 18G5, it fought
and suffered considerable loss in the action at D.ib-
ney's Mills.

Breaking its winter camp on the 30th of JIarch, it
participated in the assault on the enemy's works ou
the Boydton plank-roail, and again fcju^ht at Five
Forks on the Istof A|)ril, sulfering scvcir lo,s. Eigiit
days after Gen. Lee surrendered at Appomattox, and
the brigade of wliich the One Hundred and Forty-
second formed a jiarl iiiovi'd to liurkesville Station as
a guard to stores and other ])roperty caplurod from
the eneiny. After n stay of tw(. weeks at liiukesville
the regiment was mdered to re'.eisliurg, and moving
thence by way of Uiehmond to Wushingto;i, D. C,
was there mustered out of service ou the 20tli of May,

Jusliin M. Dnslmnc, captain, nnist. in Aug. 18, ISC2; disoli. by O. O.
May 15, ISIlj.

D.iliii-1 W. Dull, fiist lieutenant, must, in Aug. 30, 1S02 ; disch. on sur-
geon's cc-i lifuMtc May -i', isr, ;,

George II. Cm -.Ir.-i 1, -t in \ii, I'l.lMVi; pro.fnnnfir.t

Isaac Flam I-.. Ii ,lri li.ii i. :, mi, n, i-i i i \ii,: 1 ' i. 1 sr,2 ; pu). fnini fir^t

■Jii, isi.l ; rli. rl i,t City I'uint, Va., Feb. 15, 1S05, of wounds receiveil

llngli Caaien.ii, sefon.l lieutenant, must, iu Aug.lS,lSB2; disch. ou sur-



r,I, I- I-.., . , 1:,-: .,...,,.:

h,ii-t iii \.,, 10, 1802; pro. to corporal

Lloyd Johnson, must, in Slarch 30, 1864.

'][\ , '/\

1! ' i 1 t.i fii.8t sergeiiut April 1,

Jos.-ph N. Jolinstou, must, in Aug. W, 1864.
J.din n. Kern, must, in Auf;. 19, 1862.


l!i,;,, 1 ■, ■ ■■•■■_

: .1 1 , Ai :„.. 19,1802; killed at FrcJ-

Singleton Kimmel, must, in Aug. 20, 1802.
AU-.taudcr Koorer, must, in Sept. 20, 1802.


,:. W -■-■.,' :,.'.-■

Aiiij.19, 1802; wounded at Petersburg,

Isiiac Kerr, must, in Aug. 19, 1862.

\ , >, , : 1 - ■ , . . .

1. 11. Junes, 1605.

Henry Loughrey, must, in Aug. 10, 1862.


'iT^s,;.-, ' ' ""^"'"''"

1 ii. Aug. 10, 1802; disch. by G. 0. May

John Loughrey. must, in Aug. 20, 1802.
Leonar.l May, must, in Aug. 26, 1802.


icsX. Walter, sergeant, niu

t. in Aug.l0.1S02; pro. to corporal Sept.

John Milts, must, in Sept. 2, lsr,2.

1,1804; to sergeant Feb.

1S05; must, out with comliany May 20,

William Miller, must, in Sepl. 10, 1802.


Freder ck Martin, must, in Aug. 10, 1802.


i 1 li. Hood, sergeant, must.

n Aug. 10,1802; disch. on surgeon's cer-

Kiithan W. Morris, must, in Aug. 19, 1802.

liticate March 10, 186a.

Eobert McLaughlin, must, in Aug. 19, ISO-i.


.i.elll. Dull. seigeaut, must

in Aug. 10, 1SC2 ; pro. to sergeant-major.

Henry Xich.dsoi.. must, in Aug. 19, 18G2.

d.ite uukuowu.

JarobOber. must, in Aug 2li, 1802.


.iiisun Balsl'.}-, sergeant, mi

St. in Aug. 10, 1S02; trans, to Vet. Res.

William II. Pol tcr, must, in Aug. 20, 1802.

Cuips .May 1, 1JG4.

John Rowen, must, ill Aug. 20, 1802.


..[■a It, Uruuri. si..;;..aill, n...

t. ill An-. 10, ls,;j; trans, to 2d Battery,

William Rite •, nii„l. in An,. 20, 180-2.

C.illla.l 1 l;:.i, liiu.I 11, Ml, 11, i>,;j.
Jeniin l: .1 , .1 - -1,. 1802.
Matt!,, l: - . ^ ! ..IS.;,.


\ . 1 • . : 1- ,iiiber21tli,or


-1 1 , All. i', 1 - ; .|i..4Jiily2Tth, of

Galm.I l,'.!-_, 1,1,-1 Ml .\,,. :■■, l-,:j.

v.. , , ,. : . ,> . t luilvs!

org, l>a., July f.lSoa.

LeviStuoei, lonstin Aug. 10, 1802.


:,.. - I- . ' . 1, liillat.

a Aug. 19, 1802; captured; diedatUich-

William II. Sheppard, must, in Aug. 19, 1862.

in . . , , 11 . •.'. 1, 18G.J.

William Shirley, must, iu Aug. 19, 1862.


.1,11 l.s:.,.., :.:,,, .;|,ural,ni Aug. 19, 1.<!C2; wounded at Peters-

Jacob Sayb.r, must, in Sept. 211, 1862.

biiig, Va., Apiill, ISOo; di

ch. byG.O.Jnnea,180.5.

John n. Stonffer, must, in Aug. 19, 1862.


les U. Oouuell, roi'lioral, nu

St. in Aug. 19, 1S02 ; wounded at I'etere-

L. W. Sh.illeiiborger, must. In Au','. 19, 1SC2.

l.urg.Va., March -B.lSi;:;;

disch. by G. 0. June 3, 180.5.

Clayton Vance, niusf. in Aug. 19, 180.'.


les .Mills, iu,| .,:,!, ,,.„-: i

All, 1 ' l-i-:; to corporal March

William Will!, ,111-, ,, -• i„ .= ,t ;r,.lS0.2.

14, l.*l; inn.i ■ ' • ,

, ,: •. 'i 1 .". 1805.

Charles II. Wl, ,11, , n ,- , \ . 1 1,1802.


i Hre-I„l,r, ,
\-.,, A|a,l 1, 1.

\ - , wounded at Petersburg,

Jacob 0. Walk,, , -,,,. l,sGi.
William 11. Wliii,],,., „,„.i ,;. -|,t -J,,, 1802.


M,.: , 1. !■ ., ,,, -' ■ '.'

■ ■, 11 .'J . inu. to corporal



lo, 1SC5.

in \.i, 1 ., 1 ,J. h. 1, .March lU, I80:i.
t. ill Aug. 10, 1S02 ; disch. by G. U. May



li.inill. Sha«-,coriioi-al,mi

St. in Aug. 10, 1862; trans, to Co. E, 9th

K'.gt., Vet. Ites. Corps, Utt.

30, 1803; disch. by G. 0. June 29, ISOo.

WAR OF Till- KECELLrOX-(r„„(,-„„o(0.


al.amEiclier,eori.oral, mus

. in Aug. 19, 1S02; trans, to Co. D, Utl.

I!egt., Vet. Ites. Cul'lis, Oct

:!U, 1503 ; disch. by G. 0. July 7, l'>0o.

The Fouiteenth Cavalry.


ir.v Kur;z, corporal, must, iu Aug. IS, ISliJ ; trans, to Vet. Eos. Corps

The Foui-teenth Cavalry, or One Hundred and


itiel.l ;;. Hood, Corp iral, mil

St. iu Aug. 19, 1802; trans, to 2d Bait.,

Fifty-ninth Regiment of the Pennsylvania Line, was

Vet. Re... Corps, I^eb. 2, 15b

; disch. by G.O.July 20, 1S05.

raised in the summer and fall of 1862, under autiiority


ah E U.ilsley, coriloral, ui
icUabuig, Va., Dec. lli,lSbi;
id li. Gallatin, corporal, mu

1st. iu Aug. 19,1802; killed at Frcder-

given by the War Department to James M. Schoon-


,t iu Aug. 19, ISC2.

niaker, of Pittsburgh, who was atthat time a line-

r. idles.

officer in the First Maryland Cavalry.. The regiment


was principally made up of meu. recruited in the


i'lV, :",'"' ';:';'


counties of Fayette, Washington, Allegheny, Arm-
strong, Lawrence, Warren, Erie, and Philadelphia.
Fayette County contributed three companies, viz.:


in-'o'.ull'.i''li"|'|''t. ioA.',:!'. 1

" 15" company, Capt. Zadock Walker; "E" company,


x,r,.llu,.,,,„n-t.n, .-.,.,,,. J.


Capt. Ashbel F. Duncan ; and " F" company, Capt.

Jus„..,l, r,.„,.l ,..„., in Vm

-'vi ISO'

Calvin Springer.


d,k.usClllluil.;;;..u„, loil^t. i

Aug. 10, 1SC2.

The regimental rendezvous was first at Camp Home,


lesCuuley, ,„u,r. .11 .\M-. l;i

and afterwards at Camp Montgomery, near the city


le.- Ihill, lM...t. ill .\.i-. -c.


of Pittsburgh. There, on the 24th of November, the



I'i 'ww

Fourteenth completed its organization under the

nr viZ'"^ur!l!"\"^'

following-named field-officers: Colonel, James M.



. n, 1802.

Schoonmaker; Lieutenant-Colonel, William Blake-
ley: Mijors, Thomas Gibson, Shadrajch Foley, and
John M. Daily. On the same day the regiment left
its camp and proceeded to Hagerstown, Md., where
the men were mounted, armed, accoutred, and drilled.


h.mll.ll,,,,,,,.,,,,,-, ,,, A

1. 1J.1S02.

On the 28th of December it moved to Harper's Ferry,

J,.,su I.igralMin,; must! in Aug!


and encamped on the road leading thence to Charles-



town. In that vicinity it passed the winter, engaged
in picketing, scouting, and occasionally skirmishing
with the enemy's guerrilla bands which infested the
Shenandoah Valley and the passes of the Blue Ridge.
In May, 18G3, the Fourteenth moved to Grafton,
W. Va., where it was attached to Gen. Averill's
cavalry division, and for two months succeeding was
engaged in constant marches and skirmishings with
the forces of the enemy under "Mudwall" Jackson,
Jenkins, and other Confederate leaders, but without
incurring much loss. On the evening of the 4th of
July information of the great battle of Gettysburg
was received, and the regiment thereupon was moved
at once to Webster, W. Va., thence to Cumberland,
Md., and from there, after two or three days' delay, to
Williamsport, Md., where it joined the Army of the
Potomac. Advancing on the track of Gen. Lee's
retreating columns, on the 15th of July it skirmished
with the rear-guard of the enemy near Martinsburg,
and a few days later marched to Winchester. On the
4th of August it moved with Averill on his raid to
Eocky Gap. It was slightly engaged at Moorfield,
W. Va., again more heavily at Warm Springs, and
on the 26th and 27th of August took gallant jxart in
an action with the cavalry and infantry forces under
the Confederate Gen. Jones, near Greenbrier, White
Sulphur Springs, holding its ground most obstinately,
but at last compelled to retreat with a loss of eighty
in killed, wounded, and missing. On the 31st the
command reached Beverly, having been on the march
or engaged with the enemy constantly for twenty-
11 days, traveling during that time more than six
hundred miles.

After some weeks of comparative rest, the regi-
ment again moved (November Istj with Gen. Averill
iOn another long raid to the southward. Passing
[through Huutersville, Pocahontas Co., on the 4th,
lit proceeded to Droop Mountain, where the enemy
was found intrenched and prepared to fight, but was
driven from his position with considerable loss and
pursued to Lewisburg, but not overtaken. The regi-
ment, with the rest of Averill's command, returned
to Now Creek, on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.
Again, on the 8th of December, the Fourteenth was
faced southward, bound for Salem, on the Virginia j
and Tennessee Railroad, which point was reached on
the 16th. There the troops destroyed railroad track,
bridges, and an immense quantity of army stores
gathered there for the use of the Confederate army,
in all more thau three million dollars in value.
Having thus accomplished the object of the expedi-
tion, and knowing that the enemy would concentrate
in force for his destruction, Averill at once commenced '
his retreat northward, but this was only accomplished j
with the greatest ditficulty. " On the 20th, at Jack- I
son's River, the Fourteenth, while in the rear strug-
gling with the trains, which could with difficulty be
moved, the horses being worn out with incessant
marching, was cut off from the culu:iin bv the de-

struction of the bridge, and was supposed at head-
quarters to have been captured. Gen. Early [Con-
federate] had demanded its surrender under a flag of
truce, but setting lire to the train, which was com-
pletely destroyed, it forded the stream and made good
its escape, rejoining the main column between Calla-
han's and White Sulphur Springs. That night the
command swam the Greenbrier, now swollen to a
perfect torrent, and crossing the Allegheny Mountains
by an old bridle-path, and moving the artillery by
hand, it finally reached Hillsboro', at the foot of
Droop Mountain, at midnight and encamped."' The
regiment reached Beverly on the 2oth. The regiment
lost in the expedition about fifty men killed, wounded,

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