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president, and J. M. Kurtz, secretary, treasurer, and
superintendent. One of the objects in view in the
formation of the company was to supply the borough
with water, which is authorized in the incorporation,
and which will doubtless be accomplished in the
near future.

No official account is found of the officers elected
on the 7th of April, 1806, the first election after the
incorporation of the borough. From careful exami-
nation of the minutes it appears that the following-
named persons composed the first Council, viz. : Geo.
Mathiot, Caleb Trevor, James Blackstone, James
Francis, Charles ^Villiams, David Barnes, Joseph
Rogers; Town Clerk, John B. Trevor; Treasurer,
Joseph Rogers. The following extracts and lists are
from the borough records :

' elected
net Trevoi

the 6th of Af
\nthony Banni

Piige; High

mcs Black-
stable, An-,



drew Ellison ; Samuel Trevor having nn equal number of voles

for burgess nnd Council, dei-lined serving in the former enjmcity ;

of course no ohnioo was mude for burgess on that day ; i J. B.

Trevor, town clerk; Joseph Rogers, treasurer.
"CoxciLiCM Teiitium."

ISOS.— Burgoss, Jnmes Blackstone; Town Council, Samuel
Trevor, Charlrs Williiims, Anthony Banning, .lames Fran-
cis, .lohn Page, Jonas Coalstock, and Daniel Rogers; Town
Clerk, John B. Trevor ; Treasurer, Joseph Rogers.

1809.— Burgoss, Abraham Baldwin; Town Council, Joshua
Gibson, George Malhiot, Caleb Trevor, .lohn Lamb, Isaac
Meares, Charles Wells, James LafTerty ; Town Clerk, J. 1).
Mathiot; Treasurer, John B. Trevor.

1810. — Burgess, Abraham Baldwin; Town Council, Dr. James
Estcp, Dr. Robert D. Moore, John Fuller, David Barnes,
Daniel Coughenuur, Jcsae Taylor, Joseph Rogers ; Town
Clerk, John Lamb; Treasurer, John Page.

1811. — Burgess, John Lamb; Town Council, Daniel Rogers,
Caleb Trevor, Elisha Clayton, Charles Williams, David
Stewart, James Francis, Richard Hardin; Town Clerk,
Joshua Gibson; Treasurer, John Pago.

1812. — Burgess, John Lamb; Town Council, Abraham Bald-
win, Caleb Trevor, Charles Williams, Otho L. Williams,
Daniel Couglienour, James Lafferty, Robert Long; Town
Clerk, Joshua Gibson ; Treasurer, John Page.

1813.— Burgess, John Lamb; Town Council, Caleb Trevor,
Charles Williams, .John M. Burdctte, Jacob Kuhn,
Kirk, Michael Gilmore, Daniel S. Norton ; Town Clerk,
Otho L. Williams; Treasurer, Abraham Baldwin.

1S14.— Burgess, Daniel S. Norton; Town Council, Joseph Bar-
net, William Kirk, James Francis, Isaac Meares, Charles
Williams, Robert Long, John Fuller ; Town Clerk, Otho L.
Williams; Treasurer, Abraham Baldwin.

1815.— Burgess, Isaac Meares; Town Council, Elisha Clayton,
Janics Shaw, John M. Burdette, Elijah Crossland, Daniel
G. Norton, Hiram Herbert, Robert D. Moore; Town Clerk,
David Stewart ; Treasurer, Abraham Baldwin.

1816.— Burgess, Isaac Meares; Town Council. William D.-ivid-
son, George Mathiot, John Lamb, Robert Long, Charles
Williams, James Francis, John Ileinbaugh; Town Clerk,
Jonathan Kurtz; Treasurer, Abraham Baldwin.

1817. — Burgess, Isaac Meares ; Town Council, Abraham Bald-
win, George Mathiot, Caleb Trevor, Charles Williams,
Robert Long, Elijah Crossland, John Adams; Town Clerk,
John Boyd; Treasurer, Elisha Clayton.

1818. — Burgess,, John Boyd ; Town Council, Isaac Meares,
Abraham Baldwin, Caleb Trevor, Robert Long, James
Francis, Esq , Alexander Johnston, Henry Welty ; Town
Clerk, William G. Turner; Treasurer, Elisha Clayton.

1819.— Burgess, John Boyd; Town Council, George Mathiot,
Henry Welty, Robert Long, John Lamb, Frederick Bierer,
Caleb Trevor, William Lytle; Town Clerk, Dr. Charles
MeLane ; Treasurer, Elisha Clayton ; Sexton and Inspector
of Cordwood, Peter Stillwagon ; Dog-killer, Adam Snider.

1820.— Burgess, John Lamb; Town Counci), John Fuller,
Michael Trump, Richard Crossland, Daniel Coughcnour,
Timothy Buell, Frederick Bierer, Jesse Taylor; Town
Clerk, Charles MeLane; Treasurer, Robert D. Moore.

1S21. — Burgess, Isaac Meares; Town Council, John Lamb,
Michael Gilmore, Robert Long, Samuel Page, Hiram Her-
bert, Asher Smith, Michael Trump ; Town Clerk, Charles
MeLane; Treasurer, Lester L. Norton.

I An election was called on the 25th July, and James Blackstone, Jr.,
IB elected burgess, and James Leonard high coustuble in place of El<

1822.— Burgess, George Mathiot; Town Council, Abraham Bald-
win, Michael Trump, Elisha Clayton, Hiram Herbert, Her-
man Gebhart, Caleb Trevor, Asher Smith; Town Clork,
Caleb Trevor; Treasurer, Alexander Johnston.

1823.— Burgess, Carlos Alonzo Norton ; Town Council, Isaac
Meai-es, Joseph Keepers, Moses McCormick, Theophilus
Shepherd, William Mifford, Josiah D. Stillwagon, Samuel
Page; Town Clerk, Isaac Meares; Treasurer, Alexander

]824.—Burgcss, Abraham Baldwin; Town Council, Robert D.
Moore, Daniel Rogers, George Mathiot, William Davidson,
Henry AVolty, Michael Trump, Hiram Herbert; Town
Clerk, Isaac Meares; Treasurer, Alexander Johnston.

1825.— Burgess, Abraham Baldwin; Town Council, William
Davidson, Asher Smith, William Balsley, Joseph Keepers,
George Marietta, Richard Crossland, William Clemens;
Town Clerk, William Clemens; Treasurer, Lester L. Norton.

1826.- Burgess, Caleb Trevor; Town Council, Robert Long,
Jose]>h Herbert, Samuel Trevor, Thomas Keepers, James
Collins, John B. Stewart, Isaac Taylor; Town Clerk, Wil-
liam Davidson; Treasurer, Josiah Kurtz; Teachers in the
Borough School-House, John Fleming and David S. Knox.

1827.— Burgess, Herman Gebhart ; Town Council, Andrew Still-
wagon, Robert Long, Joseph Trevor, Henry Welty, Michael
Trump, G'-orge Marietta, William R.Turner; Town Clerk,
Josepli Trevor; Treasurer, Josiah Kurtz.

182S.— Burgess, Lester L. Norton; Town Council, Hiram Her-
bert, Samuel Pago, Jonas Coalstock, Wm. Davidson, Her-
man Gebhart, Thomas Keepers, Richard Crossland; Town
Clerk, Joseph Barnett ; Treasurer, Josiah Kurtz.

1829.— Burgess, Robert Long; Town Council, Abraham Bald-
win, Samuel Page, John W. Philips, James Collins, Caleb
Trevor, William Ballsley, William Davidson ; Town Cleik,
Caleb Trevor; Treasurer, Josiah Kurtz.

18.30.- Burgess, John Fuller; Town Council, Joseph Trevor,
Joseph Rogers, Valentine Couglienour, Alexander T. Keep-
ers, Henry W. Lewis, George Marietta, Herman Gebhait;
Town Clerk, Henry W. Lewis; Treasurer, Henry Black-

lS31.—, Josiah Kurtz; Town Council, Samuel Marsh.ill,
Isaac Taylor, John Wilson, Samuel Page, Michael Truuip,
John B. B.)swell, Andrew J. Stillwagon; Town Clerk,
Michael B. Loore; Treasurer, Robert Long.

1832.— Burgess, ; Town Council, John W. Philips,

David Shellenberger, Samuel Marshall, James Collins,
Jacob Conrad, Richard Crossland, Samuel McCormick ;
Town Clerk, Henry W. Lewis; Treasurer, Caleb Trevor.

1833.— Burgess, AVilliam Davidson; Town Council, Caleb
Trevor, Hiram Herbert, Lester L. Norton, James G. Tur-
ner, Josiah Kurtz, AVilliam Neal, Valentine Coughcnour;
Town Clerk, Henry W. Lewis; Treasurer, Joseph Herbert.

1857.2- Burgess, Joseph Johnston ; Town Council, Samuel
Crossland, John Fuller, Jonathan Enos, Joseph Trump, N.
C. McCormick, Bateman Goe; Town Clerk, R. M. Murphy.

1858. — Burgess, Joseph Johnston ; Town Council, Joseph Trump,
Jonathan Enos, H. B. Goe, N. C. McCormick, John Fuller,
Stephen Robins; Town Clerk, R. M. Murphy.

1859.— Burgess, R. M. Murphy; Town Council, H. B. Goe, N.
C. McCormick, John Fuller, Stephen Robins, T. R. David-
son, Lutellus Lindley; Town Clerk, Joseph Johnston.

I860.— Burgess, John K. Brown ; Town Council, John Fuller,
Stephen Robins, Lutellus Lindley, Joseph Herbert, Jona-
than Enos, Stephen McBride; Town Clerk, Joseph John-
ston; Treasurer, H. B. Goe.

- No records can be found coveiing the period from 1833 to 1837.



1S61. — Burgess, Abrnham Gallantine; Councilmen, Lutcllus I
Lindley, Joseph Herbert, Jonathan Enos, Stephen McBride, |
John Fuller, Samuel Freeman ; Clerk, Joseph Johnston.

18G2.— Burgess, Benjamin Pritchard; Councilmen, Jonathan
Enos, Stephen McBride, John Fuller, Samuel Freeman,
Joseph Herbert, I.utellus Lindley ; Clerk, Joseph Johnston.

ISC?..— Burgess. Benjamin Pritchard; Councilmen, John Fuller,
Samuel Freeman. Joseph Herbert, Lutellus Lindley, John
D. Frisbee, John Kili)iiiriok : Clerk, Joseph Johnston.

] 864. —Burgess, James X. Walker; Councilmen. Joseph Her-
bert, L. Lin. lley. John D. F.isbee, John Kilpatrick, Joseph
Trump, Samuel Page; Clerk, Joseph Johnston.

:S65.— Burgess, James N. Walker; Council, John D. Frisbee,
John Kilpatrick, Joseph Trump, Samuel Page, Joseph
Herbert, John Crossland ; Clerk. Joseph Johnstrm. j

1S66.— Burgees. Thomas M. Fee; Council, Samuel Page, John j
Cooley, Joseph Herbert, John Greenland, David Connell,
Joseph Keepers; Clerk. Josq.h T. McCormick.

ISOr.—Burgess, R. T. (iailoway : Council. James Herbert, John
Greenland, David Connell. Joseph Keciiers, Josiah Kurtz,
J. W. Coulter; Clerk, J. T. McCormick. !— Burgess, Samuel J. Co.t. I

1,S69.— Burgcs - , Samuel J. Cox ; Council, Robert B. Cox, David
Welsh, Jonathan Enos, Henry N. Stillwag.m. John Kil-
patrick, James McGrath, Samuel Freeman: ClerK, J. T. '

1S70. — Burgess, Samuel J. Cox; Council, John Kilpatrick,
Jonathan Enos, William Hannum, John Bcatty, John R.
Murphy. John D. Frisbie, John McGrath; Clerk, Joseph
T. McO.rmick : Trca.-urer. John D. Frisbee.

1871.— Burgess, Benjamin Pritchard; Council, James John-
ston. J"hu D. Fri.-bce. Edward Dean, Joshua Vance,

Samuel;-. V- M.nin, Joseph Marietta ; Town Clerk,

Jose|ih T. M ■ ■ V ■ i-nrer, John D. Fiisbee.

1872. — Burgi - . I' I nikinbergur; Cciuncil, Joshua

M. Dueli;niir, I i:; - id -i l.r, John D. Frisbee, Benjamin
F. Bacr, J. .ho Kilp..tnck. lieorge W. Foust ; Town Clerk,
Joseph T. McCormick ; Treasurer. Provance McCormick.

1S73.— Burgess, Bei.jaioin Fraokinberg.r ; Council, Dr. John
R. Nickel, Jonathan En..s, David Mahoney, Henry Shaw,
James Cunningham, S. P. S. Franks ; Clerk, David Barnes ;
Treasurer, Josiah Kuttz.

1874.— Uurgess. Benj.imin Frankinberger ; Town Council. Dr.
John R. Ni.-kel. James Cunningham. S. P. L. Franks,
Gorge W. Stilhvagon. Joseph Marietta, Jacob M. Llewel-
lyn ; Town Clerk. Davil Barnes ; Treasurer, Josiah Kurtz.

lS7.i.— Burgess. James E. Stillwagon ; T.iwn Council, James C.
Calhoun, David L. Walker, .M. B. St.iuffer, W. Kilpatrick,
Ihouias Adams, Samuel Heffley; Town Clerk, Lee H.

1876.— Burgess, Joseph F.Torry; Town Council, David Black-
burn. Joseph T. McCormick, James Cunningham, Henry
Porter, John T. Hedrick. Joseph Johnston: Town Clerk,
l':r.u_- .M. Newcomer: Treasurer, Josiah Kurtz.

1877. Bur!;ess, J. Eminett Stillwagon; Town Council, Joseph

Johnston. Joseph T. M.-C.ruii.k. Thomas V. Edmonds,
Provance Buttermore, Jano- Moiirath. John T. Redrick ;
Town Clerk, Henry P;.g...; Treasurer. Lester P. Norton.
1878. — Burgess, Benjamin Pritchard; Town Council, Joseph
T. iMcCormick, Provance Buttermore, Thomas V. Edmonds,
Hugh, George Enos, Peter J. Stouffer; Town

I'ld this year under different authority; both
.i.l. The court .uderod u new election for bur-
Larcli, ISOtl, by direction of court, election wiib

Clerk. Henry Page; Treasurer, L. P. Norton; Attorney,
P. S. Newmeyer ; Borough Engineer, Samuel M. Foust.
1879. — Burgess, Joseph Johnston ; Town Council, Hugh Still-
wagon, Rockwell Marietta, Chris. Balsley, William
Hannam, Joseph M. Kurtz, Lloyd Johnston; Clerk,
Henry Page; Treasurer, Lester P. Norton.
1880.— Burgess, Joseph Johnton ; Council, J. T. McCormick,
James McGrath, H. B. Balsley, J. R. Balsley, J. W. Rulter,
William Hannam; Clerk, Samuel M. Foust; Treasurer,
Lester P. Norton.
1881. — Burgess, John Kurtz; Council, Lloyd Johnston, Henry
Wickham, B. F. Boyts, E. Dunn, J. H. Purdy, W. S.
Hood; Clerk of Council, J. S. McCaleb; Treasurer, Lester
P. Norton.

Connellsville township lies on the east and north- side of the Youghiogheny River, extending from
the stream baclc into the mountains. The river forms
its southern as also all of its western boundary, ex-
cept where for a short distance at its northern end it
joins the township of Tyrone, and excepting also that
part where the borough lies between it and the river.
On the north and north-northeast it joins Bullskin
township, and on the east and southeast it is bounded
by Springfield. Next to the Youghiogheny, its largest
and most important stream is Mounts' Creek, which
enters the river just below the borough. The popu-
lation of the township by the census of 1880 was
thirteen hundred and sixty-six.

The earliest inhabitant of any part of the territory
now comprised in Connellsville township was Provi-
dence Mounts, who came before 1772,'-' and settled on
a tract of four hundred acres of land lying on the
Youghiogheny River, and extending from Broad Ford
to, and a considerable distance up. Mounts' Creek,
which stream received its name from him. On this
tract he built his log hou.>e and erected a mill, at
which he also carried' on wool-carding. At the time
of his death, in or about 1782, he had received no
warrant for the tract on which he settled more than
ten years before. It was afterwards warranted and
surveyed to his son Abner, Sept. 7, 1786. Providence
Mounts left a will, devising property to his sons, Ca-
leb, Joshua, Jesse, Asa, and Abner. These emigrated
to Kentucky, and the property passed into possession
of Stewart H. Whiteliill, and in 1826 was purchased
by Alexander Johnston.

Next south of Mounts' tract, on the Youghiogheny,
was that of William McCormick, whose very early
settlement has been mentioned in the history of the
borough of Connellsville.

Above the borough and in the southeast part of the
township, at a place which afterwards became known
as "Trump's Hollow," settled John Trump, son of
Henry Trump, who located farther to the southeast,

- His name is found in the asgossment rolls foi
Coimty (wliicli then embraced all that is now Fa,v

fit year of Bedf..rd
), in the towusliip
! present towusliip



near the mouth of Indian Creek, in what is now the
township of Springfield. John Trump, at his settle-
ment in what is now Connellsville township, erected
a small saw-mill, but never gave much attention to
running it. He spent most of his time in hunting
deer, bears, and bees, having usually a large number
of swarms of bees, and selling a good deal of honey.
He lived a very secluded life, the greater part of
which was spent in hunting. Mr. Joshua Gibson
says he was personally acquainted with John Trump
for more than fifty years, and in all that time never
saw him but twice in the borough of Connellsville.
He died since the year 1875, at his home in Trump's
Hollow, at the age of seventy-two years. Michael
Trump, a brother of John, settled in Connellsville
borough, where he lived for many years, and died
there. He was a good millwright and carpenter, and
a highly respected citizen.

John Gibson came from Chester County, Pa., in
1793, and was concerned with Isaac Meason and Moses
Dillon in the erection of the old Union Furnace, in
Dunbar township. In 1795 he removed with his wife,
his sons, Thomas, Joseph, Joshua, and James, and
his daughter Elizabeth,' to the McCormick tract, a
portion of which (about ninety-two acres) he had
purchased, where now are the ruins of the stone mill
on the river. Here he built a stone house on the bank
of the river, also a grist-mill, saw-mill, rolling- and
slitting-mill, and nail-shop, having a tilt-hammer in
operation. All these buildings are now in ruins, ex-
cept the stone house, which is owned hf the railroad

Of the sons of John Gibson, James died while a
young man, at the old stone house ; Thomas lived in
the south part of the township, where Joshua Gibson
(Joseph's son) now lives. He was interested in the
Mount Etna Furnace, and had a saw-mill and large
landed property both in Connellsville and in the State
of Ohio. Joshua (son of John Gibson) was drowned
at the Yough Forge in 1808. Joseph was concerned
with his brothers in their various enterprises, and was
the owner of the land where is now Gibsonville.

Joseph Page, a native of New Jersey, emigrated to
Fayette County in 1801, and on the 26th of October
in that year purchased of Zachariah Connell the
tract of three hundred and two acres called "Confi-
dence," which had been warranted to John Mugger
Dec. 20, 1773, and which passed from Mugger
through the hands of John yanderen to Connell.
On that tract, where Joshua Gibson now lives, stands
an old mill, built by the Pages. In the erection of
this old mill, Noah Miller was the millwright, and his
two sons were his assistants. The race, one-fourth of
a mile in length, was dug by James Rogers.

The sons of Joseph Page were Jonathan, John,

1 riis brother, Nathaniel Gibson, also came to Fayette County and
settled at Little Falls, where he built a furnace and forge. He after-
wards moved into Connellsville borongh, where he curried on a mill sev-
eral years, and then removed to Ohio, where he died.

Samuel, Joseph, and William. Jonathan was a shoe-
maker, and lived in the house still standing near
Joshua Gibson's. He removed to the borough of
Connellsville, where he followed his occupation (shoe-
maker), and where he died. His daughter Rebecca
married D. S. Knox, well known to the citizens of
Connellsville and Brownsville. She is still living,
and resides at Brownsville, as does also her sister,
Miss Mary Page.

Samuel Page (son of Joseph) purchased his father's
property July 5, 1814, and in 1815 purchased the
tavern stand known as the Banning House, in Con-
nellsville, and lived there many years. His son,
Henry Page, still lives in Connellsville. A daughter
of Samuel married William Templeton, of Brady's
Bend, Pa. Another daughter married John C. Bee-
son, of Uniontown. Joseph Page (son of Joseph)
lived and died in New Jersey. William married a
daughter of Zachariah Connell, and removed to the

Jacob Buttermore, with his brothers, Peter and
George, were early settlers in Connellsville. The
two former lived on Mounts' Creek. George's loca-
tion was on the Mount Pleasant road. They were
farmers aud teamsters, in the latter capacity working
at the hauling of goods between Connellsville and

William Glenn came from Ireland, and settled in
the vicinity of the old Etna Furnace. He was killed
at or near that place in 1830, by a fall from the frame
of a house. He had two sons, Nathaniel and Wil-
liam, the latter of whom emigrated to Kentucky.
Nathaniel lived at the furnace, and worked there
and at the other works in the vicinity nearly all his
life. He is still living, about two miles east of Con-
nellsville, near McCoy's Spring, at about the age of
eighty-one years.

Azariah Davis lived in the mountains, about five
miles southeast of Connellsville borough. He was
employed at the salt-works that were built by Isaac
Meason in 1810-11. He lived to an advanced age,
but moved away from the place in his later years.
He was a blacksmith by trade, and was celebrated in
all this section of country as a rapid and untiring

John Lemon, from Cecil County, Md., settled here
at an early day. He worked as a foundryman nearly
all his life, and died on the furnace lands. He was
noted as a man of extraordinary memory.

James Carr, an Irishman, was an early settler. He
was an ore-digger. In his later years he moved to a
new location on the Allegheny River, where he lived
till his death, at the extraordinary age of one hun-
dred and five years.

An early settler named Langebaugh lived in the
mountains, about two miles southeast of Connells-
ville borough, in a "Hollow" which still carries his
name. He was a mighty hunter. Little or nothing is
known of the time of his settlement or when he died.



" Actora Tom,'" a man part negro and part Indian,
was well known in Connellsville township in the
years that succeeded tlie close of tlie last war with
Britain. He was a worker in the forges, and had the
rei)Utation of being the strongest man west of the
AUeglienies. It was said of him that he could carry
two forge-hammers at once, one under each arm,
each weighing fully six hundred pounds; run an arm
through the eye of each hammer ; and that he could,
and did, throw a fifty-six-pound weight over the
drum-beam of the forge (about fourteen feet high) by
the power of his little finger alone.

Amos Pritchard was a forge-man in Connellsville
township. Afterwards he removed across the Youghio-
gheny, and died in Dunbar, at the old forge on Dun-
bar Creek. JIaj. Benjamin Pritchard, of Connells-
ville, was his son.

John Rcist' was an early settler in the township.
He was a fanner, fisherman, and ferryman. He was

living at Broad Ford at about the beginning of the , , „

'^ , , , . Jacob Buttennor

present century, and remained there lor many years. ! p^,^^ ButtermoK

He had a small plat of land cleared, and his log I George Buttermo

dwelling stood on the bank where is now the pnmp- Francis Barclny.

house of the railroad company. This was afterwards , Dnniel Bulsley.

replaced by a stone house. Below it lay the large J"'"' Bamhart.

canoe, or "dug-out," on which he ferried passengers I ^^ >"'n"i Balsley
to and fro across the Youghiogheny. He also had an
oil-mill, which was in operation as late as 1823.

Samuel Ailing, early settler, shoemaker.

James Robbins, stone-mason, a great hunter.

Aaron Ilobl)ins, bricklayer and fisherman.

Tillard, tavern-keeper on the mountain, three

j miles east of Connellsville borough.

John and Martin Stouffer carried on a little grist-
mill on the Youghiogheny, a mile below the borough,
which in dry times did grinding for a large section of
! country. It was in operation in 1823, but how long
it continued in use is not known. It fell into decay,
and was never rebuilt.

Following is a list of taxable* in Connellsville
township (including the borough) in 1823, the year
in which the township was set off from Bullskin :

John Adams.
AVilliain Andrews.
Eli Abrahams.




ell Beale.
Mr. Joshua Gibson recollects the following-named [ tj„,o,i,_ b„^|

Frederick Biercr.

persons as having been among the early inhabitants
of the township, viz. :

Robert Dunsmore, worked at the Yough Forge.

John Kirk, worked in the oil-mill,

Alexander McDowell, forge-man.

James St. John, forge-man.

James Richie, forge-carpenter.

Tlionias and William Baylis, forge-men.

George Speelman and Daniel Jones, forge-men.

John Shoup and John Shoup, Jr., millers at forge-

Jacob Summers, here about 1795, worked in Gib-
son's rolling- and slitting-mill.

John English and Aaron Merryman, worked in

Barney Call, rolling-mill man and blacksmith,
died in the anny.

Levi McConnick, rough-carpenter.

Aaron Thorp, a very tall man, worked in rolling-

Moses Thorp, worked in rolling-mill.

William Waugh, here as early as 1800, worked at
making wrought nails many years.

Samuel Gibson, miller at John Gibson's mill, below
Connellsville borough.

John Barnhart, an old resident, lived near steiel-


Stephen Bishop.

Esther Balsley.

George Balsley.

James Bartholt.

Mahlon Broomhall.

Robert Bail.

Abraham BaldwtD.

John Boyd.

William Brown.

John Cofiuan.

William Clemens.

Elisha ChvUon.

Abraham Clayton.

Elijah Crossland.

Richard Crossland.

Valentine Coughcnnur.
i Thomas Cumberland.

Henry Collins.
I Zephaniah Carter.
i William Clements.

Jonas Coalstock.

Hugh Cameron.
' Elijah Corrcll.
I Daniel Coughcnour.

Rachel Clayton.

Margaret Connell.

Charles McClane.

Adms. of Zachariah Co

William Davidson.

Jonathan Dewct.

Dempscy i, Work.

Robert Dougherty.

John Davis.
Ezra Davis.
John Eicher.
Joseph Freestone.
Ezckiel Foot.
John Fairchild.
John Fuller.
James Francis.
Azel Freeman.
Gebhart A Smith.
Herman Gebhart.
Penncl Garret.
Michael Gilmorc.
Thos. and Jos. Gibs.
John Gibson.
Samuel Gibson.
John Hinebaugh.

AVilliam Hawk.
Stoddart Huntley.
Daniel Harshman.

William Jervis.
Stewart Johnston.
Alexaniier Johnston.
John Jones.
Thomas Jarrett.
Daniel Jones.
Baker Johnston's exr's.
Thomas Johnston.
Roger Johnston.
Joseph Keejjers.

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