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Copyright, 188f>, by Everts, Peck & Ktchards.

JAS. if. RODGKltS I'ltlNTlNG 'OMl'ANV.



Chapter 1 895-905 Chapter XVI . . .

Civil History — Coimty l.irgnnized — County-Seat Con- 1 Dnnoannon Boiunj^li.

t*st — Pnblic Buildings — Election Districts — Civil
List, 1820-1825— PopnUition.

Chapter II 905-916

Bench aud Bar uf Perry LVumty.

Chapter III 916-934

Physieiiins ol Perry County — .Sketeli of Medical St>

Chapter IV 934-943

EtluL-ational Progress— Ttnu*liers' in:r(itute— County

Chapter V 943-962

Borougli of New Blui>mrieM.

Chapter XVIT. . .

Centre Township.




Chapter YI . . . .

Tyrone Township.


Chapter VII 980-985

Landisbnrg Burougli.

Chapter VIII 985-996

Tohoyne Townslnp.

Chapter IX 996-1008

Jackson Township.

Chapter X 1008-1033

JMadison Towushiii.

Chapter XI 1033-1046

Saville Township.

Chapter XII 1046-1057

Carntll Township.

Chapter XIII 1057-1062

Rye Township.

Chapter XIV 1062-1067

Boronch of Marysville.

Chapter XV 1067-1074

Penn Township.

Chapter XVIII 1091-1096

Wheatfield Townsliip.

Chapter XIX 1096-1105

Juniiita Township.

Chapter XX 1105-1110

Tusearora Township.

Chapter XXI 1110-1114

Liverpool Township.

Chapter XXII 1114-1121

Liverpool BoroUjxli.

Chapter XXIII 1121-1126

Newport Borough.

Chapter XXIV 1126-1131

Oliver Township.

Chapter XXV n;'.l-1134

.Aliller Townsliii>.

Chapter XXVI 1134-1140

Greenwood Town-^hip.

Chapter XXVIl 1140-1142

Millerstown Borough.

Chapter XXVIII 1142-1145

Buffalo Township.

Chapter XXIX 1145-1162

Spring Townsliip.

Chapter XXX 11(J2-11(>4

Howe Township.

Chapter XXXI nr,4-lir,8

Watts Township.

Chapter XXXII 1108-1170

New Butfalo Borough.



Chapter I 1171-1183

Erection of Northumberland sind Union Counties —
Tlie Officers' Land AsKOciation— County-Seat and
County Division Contests— Civil List of Union-

Chapter II 1183-1226

Bench and Bar.

Chapter III 1226-1234

Medical Profession.

Chapter IV 1234-1239

Ai;ri<'nltiiral Matters— A Ciuinty Society — Bnttalo
Viilley Farmers' RTiitual Fire Assuciatinii.

Chapter V 1239-1292

Borough of Lewishiirgh.

Chapter VI 1292-1310

Buffalo T'lunship.

Chapter VII 1310-1320

East. Biiffhio T'lHiisliip.

Chapter VIII 1320-1330

Union Township.

Chapter IX 1330-1340

Kelly Township.

Chapter X 1340-1354

White fteer Township.

Chapter XI 1354-1362

West Biiffiili.T..wnsliip.

Chapter XII 1362-1379

Milflint>nrii Borough.

Chapter XIII 1379-1397

Hnrlley Tmvnsliip.

Chapter XIV 1397-1399

Biiroiigli of Hartleton.

Chapter XV 1399-1407

Lewi^ Tnwnsliip.

Chapter XVI 1407-1415

BnTc.iiirli i>( Nph Berlin.

C;h AFTER XVII 1415-1420h

Lime> Tinvii^hip.

Chapter XVIII 1420h-1420r

, Gregg Township.


Chapter I 1421-1424

Organization — (Uvil HisliMy— Roster uf Ulticors,
18,W to 1SS,5— Po|Milnlion.

Chapter IT 1424-1443

Ronili nnii of 8nyilor Connty— Biogrnpliical

Chapter III 1443-1460

Medical Profession of Snyder County — A Successful
Pioneer Phy.sician— County Medical Society — Bio-
graphical Sketches.

Chapter IV 1460-1465

Eilncvilion.'d Matters— C' on Snlionl .Measures
— County 8u]>erintondents.

Chapter V 1465-1468

The ('nunty .\,iirii-iiltural Society and Crangcs.

Chapter VI 1468-1490

The Boroiin'h of Seliu's drove.

Chapter VII 1490-1497

The Horougli ol lliikilehnrg.

Chapter VIII 1497-1504

I'cnn Tii;\iisliip.

Chapter IX 1504-1514

l"leaver 'I'ownsliip.

Chapter X 1514-1518

West Beaver Township.

Chapter XI 1518-1522

Centre Townsliip.

Chapter XII 1522-1527

Perry 'l'(»«'ustii]i.

Chapter XIII 1527-1530

West l^erry 'I'ownsliip.

C^hapter XIV 1530-1547

Washington Townslii)',

Chapter XV 1547-1554

chapman Township.

Chapter XVI 1554-1557

MiilJle Creel; 'I'ownship,

Chapter XVII 1557-1569

Frauldin Township.

Chapter XVIII 156!t-1572

Jaeksou 'IVwnsliiii.

Chapter XIX 1572-1576

Union Townsliip.

Chapter XX 1576-1580

Monroe Township.

Chapter XXI 1580-1586

Adams Township.

Chapter XXII 1586-1590

Spring Townsliip.



Alienuiu, Samuel l-i:V2

Backus, W. II HrjO

Beiiver, George ll.'ilt

Beaver, Thomas I.'i2(i

Biagman, Jacob 1583

Burner, Jacob 1112

Boyer, Daniel S 14)j4

Bucber. J. C .. H91

Cameiuii, William _ 12t;o

Church, First, of Delia's drove 147ii

Court-Hijuse, Perry County 900

Court-House, Sny<Ier County 14'22

Court House. Union County 117'J

Crouse, Jere 1404

Derr. I.mlwi-;:, Mill nf 1241

Diven, James L 979

Eby, James B 930

Erleomeyer, C. G 1537

Farley, Jacob 135:1

Folimer, Djini«l T420p

Gaat, Henry ; 1376

Gobble, Rev. A. K - 1414

Gud>kunst, C 1420r

Gundy, Jacob 12:1(5

Hassinger, Joseph ir)89

Ilassinger, J. S 15r8

Ilench, Nicholas 1044

Himmelreich, George W 1307

Hoffa, Cyrus 1198

Holnian, M. B 1120 I


Ilower, Charles i4:jr,

.lackson, W. \V iqcg

Johnston, Alexander. 995

Jubiiston, George 994

Jinikin. B. F 909

J^i'^tler. D 1031

Kb ckner, l»avid 1362

Liuculii, Richard V. B 1397

Liuii, Janiea F 1210

Linn, J. IMeirill 12I6

Loomis, J. It 128(3

Map of Lewisburgh 104,)

Marshall, James 1195

Sbliityre, Charles J. T 912

McCIure, A. K io2s

Sliddlcswarth, Abram K 1515

Middleswarth, Ner 14.J5

Milhken, 1>. B o23

Miller, Charles 1500

Miller, Enocli.. VMS

Miller, George F 1212

MiHsionary Institute 1470

Morgan, John E 1,139

Mortimer, Frank 901

Motzer, Martin io32

Moyer, J. G ispS

Oake-s, John H 1420o

Pawling, S. B 13^11

Pellnian, Oliver K 1420g

Pellman, Samuel 1420f



Pontius, Emilnni'l 123K

Pontius, .lohii N 1311")

Itengler, Daniel I:!II3

Rouse, John 104G

Schaffle, Dr. S. W. W 12.S8

Schnure, Georgi- 148(1

Sfh.icli, G. Alfred ... H'.H'.

Sclioch, .lolin A : l.'iia

Slmffer, .John W 12iiJ

Shiliellimy's 1.332

Sliin.lel .1. G. L 1428

Shrinei, .Idseph W 1300

Singer, J. E 920

Sliler^Eli 12011

Smilli, .1. A 1430

Snyiler, Governor S 1478

Snyder, Mi88 Blurv K 1480

Snyder Mansion 1481

Spech, Moses 1513


Sponsler, W. A 911

Springniaii, Augustus 1540

Stiidden, William 1.3,50

Striikler, M. B 927

Toomey, Emanuel 1104

Tre.s5lor, Colonel John 971

University of Lewisburgh 1283

Wagenseller, B. F 1453

Wagenseller, V. R U47

Wagner, George A 1161

Walls, John 1196

Weiser, George B., Jr 1458

Weist, John 1044

Willard, Rev. Philip 974

Witmor, Daniel 1427

Wolfe, Charles S 1218

Wright, Silas 941

Yoder, Moses . 1348



Civil History — The County Organized— Couuty-Seat

Contest— Public Buildings — Klectiun Districts —

Civil List, 1820-86— ropulaliou.

Perry County was erected by act of Legis-
lature approved Marcli 22, 1820. Its territory
wa'S the soutliern part of the Indian purchase of
July 6, 1754, and was separated from old Cum-
berland County by the "Kittoehtinny," or Blue
Hills. The land of the New Purchase was all
embraced in Cumberland County, and the north-
ern part was formed into counties, of which ;
Mifflin (1789) was the last, many years before
Perry was organized. The territory, at the time
of the formation of Perry, was embraced in
seven townships, of which Tyrone was erected
in 1754; "Toboine," 1762 ; Rye, 1766; Green-
wood, 1767; Juniata, 179-3; Buffalo, 1798; and
Seville, in 1817. These townships were all set-
tled before any movement was made to form a .
new county. The increasing population of the i
territory, the distance from the county-seat ;
(Carlisle) and the high range of mountains they
were compelled to cross combined to induce the
inhabitants to present petitions to the Legisla-
ture of the State, asking for a county to be
formed from the territory north of the Blue
Hills. • The matter was considered, and resulted :
in the passage of an act erecting part of Cum-
berland County into a separate county, to be
called " Perry," which -was approved by the
Governor March 22, 1820.

Section 1 enaclod that "from and after the first
day of September, 1820, all that part of Cumberland
County lying north of the Blue Mountain, beginning
on the summit of the Blue Mountain, where the

Franklin County line crosses the same, and running
thence along the summit thereof an eastwardly course
to the river Sujquehanna ; thence up the west side of
the same to the line of Mifflin (now Juniata) County ;
thence along the Miffliu County line to the Juuiata
river; thence along the summit of the Tuscarora
Mountains to the Franklin County line; thence along
the Franklin county line to the place of beginnino-,
be and the same is hereby declared to be erected into
a separate county to be called Perry."

Section 9 authorized the Governor, before tlie 1st
day of September following, "to appoint three disin-
terested persons, not resident in the county of Cum-
berland or Perry, whose duty it should be to select a
proper and convenient site for a court-house, prison
and county offices, within the limits of the county of
Perry, as near the centre as circumstances should
admit, having regard to convenience of roads', terri-
tory, population and accommodation of the people of
the territory,'' and provided that, "having viewed the
relative advantages contemplated by the People, thev
should report on or before September 1 following,
and they, or a majority, should describe and limit the
site or lots of land they had chosen, and transmit
such report to the Governor."

Section 10 authorized that " the Commissioners of
the County take a deed of the lot chosen as the
county site, and also authorized them to assess, levy
and collect money to build a court-house and prison."

Section 16 provided that "all prisoners of Perry
County be kejit in the Cumberland County Jail for
the term of three years, or until the Commissioners of
Perry County shall have certified to the Court that a
Jail is erected and approved bv the Court and Grand

Section 19 provided that "the poor-house estab-
lishment (which was included in the County of
Perry) should continue to be conducted as heretofore
for the term of four years from and after the passage
of this act, and at the expiration of the four years the
Commissioners of Cumberland County shall remove
their paupers into their own County."

Contest F(jr Location of County-Seat,




— The commissioners appointed by the Gover-
nor to locate a site for the county-seat of Perry
were William Beale, David Maclay and Jacob

A strife began among the citizens concerning
the locations and the places, contending for it
were as follows :

"1, Landisburg ; 2, (Cedar Run) Toboyne township ;
3, Douglas's, near Greenpark ; 4, EUiottsburg; 5,
Power's (Captain William); 6, Casper Lupfer's; 7,
George Barnett's ; 8, Reider's Ferry (Newport) ; 9,
Across Juniata from Millerstown ; 10, Clark's Ferry."

Four separate commissions were appointed
before it was finally settled. Meetings were
held over the county objecting to sites selected
and petitions in protest were sent to those having
authority. Landisburg started a subscription
list, a copy of which is here given :

"We, the undersigned, feeling a deep interest in
the location of the public buildings in the County of
Perry, being desirous that the same may be fixed in
Landisburg, believing that no scite has or can be of-
fered so near the centre of said County and of the
population thereof, which also embraces the import-
ant advantages contemplated in the Act of Assembly
erecting said County, to wit, the intersection of roads
and the convenience and the accommodation of the
people, generally, believing also that a liberal sub-
scription towards defraying the expense of the public
buildings would extend that accommodation by light-
ening the burden of taxes upon the poorer class of
citizens and thereby relieving the great inconvenience
which they would sutfer from an increase of taxes,
during the present extraordinary dilficulties and em-
barrassments under which they labour, and that the
advantages arising from the division, and erection of
the county would be equalized, by throwing the bur-
den of the expense for buildings upon those who will
be more immediately benefited thereby, and thus
give general satisfaction to the citizens of the county,
and confiding in the judgment and integrity of the
Commissioners appointed by his Excellency, the
Governor, to fix the scite for said buildings, do hereby
agree and obligate ourselves to pay unto the Commis-
sioners, who may be duly elected at the general elec-
tion in October next, within three years from the date
hereof, in yearly or quarterly payments, as the said
County Commissioners may direct, the sum or sums
annexed to our several names respectively or to fur-
nish materials for the public buildings, or labour for
their erection, according to our respective subscrip-
tions. The time of payment to be computed from
the thirteenth day of June, A. D. one thousand eight
hundred and twenty, and the Subscriptions to be bind-
ing and obligatory only in case and provided the scite

for the aforesaid buildings shall be fixed iu Landis-


" William Parven $100

Jacob Stroop 100

Samuel A. Anderson 100

Martin Swartz 50

Jacob Fritz 50

Abraham Fulwiler, to pay in hailing,

Labour & Materials 50

John Diven 30

Henry Wingert 20

Andrew Mat eer.... 20

Rees Cadwnllader 5

Abraham Kistler, Jr 10

William Charters 10

William Smith, in work 10

John Ross 10

George Waggoner 100

Joseph Wilson 20

Thomas Craighead, Jr 10

Jesse Ewen 10

John Abercrombie 3

Samuel Stroop, in materials 100

John Kennedy 2

Fred Linthurst 3

Samuel Ross 5

John Foose, Jr 5

Henry Guss 4

Leonhart Keek 25

Howland Cautz 20

Henry Hohenshilt 10

William G. Kennedy 10

William AVilson 50

Abraham Bear 20

Abraham Shade 50

Joseph H. Kennedy 25

Daniel Stambaugh 50

George Fry 25

Jonathan D. Elbarger 50

Jon.athan Ross 10

John Parball 25

Jacob Stambaugh 50

Benjamin Bosler 10

Henry Hippie 10

Samuel Linn, in work 50

Henry Lightner 00

Allen Nesbett 50

Amos Cadwallader 25

Joseph McKan 20

Christian Lemon 15

Francis Patterson 15

John Colhoon 15

Henry Titsel 30

Peter Bower 15

Conrad Hallman 10

Samuel Misser 3

Conrad Correle 3



George Bloom 2

Robert Welch 10

Samuel McGaughey 10

Nathaniel C. Winston 10


Toboyne township presented the following
subscription. It is thought the location here
intended was near what is now known as Cedar
Run, iu Madisau township :

"We, the subscribers hereunto annexed, do bind
ourselves, our heirs and assigns, to pay unto the per-
son or persons legally authorized to receive the same,
the sums set opposite to our respective names — pro-
vided the offer is accepted & the site for the seat of
Justice is finally fixed as offered by Helfenstine & Ury,
in Toboyne township, Perry County, and said sums
we do obligate ourselves, our heirs and assigns to pay
in three equal installments — the first payment to be
paid on the first day of April, 1821. The balance in
two equal annual installments from said first day of
April, 1821.

" ToBOYXE Township, June 22, 1820.

"Ury & Helfenstine $500

Abraham Bower 400

William Owings 300

Joseph McCIintock 100

Henry Ernest 100

Samuel McCord 100

John & .Jacob Beaver 100

Owen Bruner 100

George Douglas 200

Thomas Addams 100

Jas. Morrison 100

George Hollenbough oO

George Gutshall 50

Solomon Bower 50

John Clark 50

James Johnston 50

George Black 50

John Stambaugh 50

HenrT.- Wentz 20

Jacob Briner '. 20

John Garber 25

Conrad Hollenbough 20

Conrad Ernest 50

[German name] 15

Allen Nesbit 50

Nicklas Borrall 100

Robert Adams 30

Michael Kern 7

.Ja's Adams (low'r) 25

[German name] 20

Jno. Maxwell 75

"This subscription is all good, and we have no ob-
jection on condition that the seat of Justice is fixed,

as within stated, that it be made a condition that Five
thousand Dollars be advanced towards the public
buildings according to the conditions within stated
and any addition requisite to this subscription we
guarantee payment. Helfenstine & Ury.

" Five thousand dollars."

The following was oifered by Casper Lupfer,
who then lived on the William A. Sponsler
farm, near Bloomficld :

"Proposals by Casper Lupfer to the Commissioners for
the scite of Justice in and for Perry County.
"To the Honorable William Beals Esquire David
M'Clay Esquire and Jacob Bucher Esquire Commis-
sioners apointed by the Govenor of the Common-
wealth of Pennsylvania to view that part of Cumber-
land County lying north of the blue J[ountain which
is to Constitute the County of Perry in the Common-
wealth of Pennsylvania after the first day of Septem-
ber next and there in fix upon a proper and conven-
ient Scite for a Court house prison and County ofiices,
within the aforesaid County of Perry. I Casper Lup-
fer having a Plan in the centre or thereabouts suita-
ble in my opinion for the scite of Justice in and for
Perry County. I there fore invite your Honorable
Body to come and view the scite for the Court House
prison and County ofiices on My Plantation aforesaid
and if you can think with me that my scite is suitable
for the Court House prison and County offices. I do
here by bind myself my heirs Executors and adminis-
trators firmly by these Presents that I will Make and
Execute a deed of Conveyance to the Commissioners
of Perry County or to any person or persons lawfuly
authorized to Receive the title for the Scite for the
Court House prison and County ofiices, Grattis and
without any fee or Reward what Ever to be for the
only jjroper use benefit and behoof of the County of
Perry for ever, whith a warantee there unto anexed
to warrant and define the above said scite for the
Court House prison and County offices, the Right of
the above said Tract of Land is on a patent granted
to Jacob Lupfer tested the fifteenth day of may in the
year of our lord one thousand Seven Hundred and
Eighty Eight and of the Commonwealth the Twelfth
and now Confirmed to me the said Casper Lupfer.
But if by some unknown Circumstance I shall not be
able to Make and Execute a deed of Conveyance in
My life Time so as aforesaid. I hereby impower and
direct my Heirs Executors and administrators
to Execute a deed of Conveyance for the above
said scite for the Court House prison and County
offices with out recovering any fee or Considera-
tion for the same for the only proper use and
behoft' for the County of Perry for ever in witness
whore of I have here unto set my hand and seal
the 16 day of august in the year of our lord one thou-
sand eight Hundred and Twenty and the Common-
wealth the forty fifth

' Casper Lupfer [seal.]



"Signed sealed and delivered to the Commissioners
aforesaid in presents of

" Matthew McBride
" Wm Power Jr."

A. Addanis, W. Waugh, J. Purcell, C. North,
W. North and Benjamin Leasse, inhabitants of
Millerstown and vicinity, offered a site on a
farm in Raccoon Valley, opposite Millerstown,
then owned by Henry Lease.

The commissioners, after spending twelve
days in examining sites offered, decided upon a
site about two miles west of Bloomfield, on the
farm of William Powers. Their report is as

" Courses and distances of the lines ran by the Com-
missioners, Ac, in locating the site for Public

Buildings in Perry County, Aug't 17th, 1820.

" Located for Court House and County office — Begin-
ning at the Willow tree nearest the house of Wm.
Power, thence S. 68 W. 87 perches to a corner on a
street ; thence

" N 22 W 15 perches & 111 feet to Corner of Public
Ground, thence

" S 68 feet to a post ;

" N 22 W 180 fefet post ;

"N 63 E 160 feet post;

" S 22 E 180 feet post & beginning.

" For Jail — From the last post mentioned & N 22
W 20 feet across an alley to a post, thence

" N 22 W 180 feet to post & stones,

"S 68 W 160 to Chestnut post,

" S 22 E 180 to post & stones,

" N 68 E 160 to forementioned |)lace of Beginning,
excluding the alley."

On the back of this bit of paper are indorse-
ments as follows :

" David Maclay,

W^. Maclay, W. Beales, & J. Buchcr,

Commissioners, &c., Gentlemen."

These commissioners met first in June, 1820,
and made their selection August 16, 1820.

A public meeting was held August 26, 1820,
at Landisburg, in protest against this action.
A resolution passed at the meeting opposed the
site as a place having no intersection of roads,
no direct intercourse with adjacent counties,
destitute of good water, good mills or even mill-

At the meeting of the next Legislature the
citizens of the county asked for another commis-
sion, whicli was granted by an act passed April
2, 1821, which provided for their ajjpointment

before May 1, 1821, and directed that they
should examine sites and make their report on
or before June 1st.

They were appointed and located a site at
Reider's (now Newport), at -which indignation
meetings were held in different parts of the
county protesting against the location at that
place, it being seven miles from the centre of
the county. In consequence of the protest, an
act was passed and approved March 11, 1822,
in which Moses Rankin, of York, James Hind-
man, of Chester, Peter Frailey, of Schuylkill,
David Fullerton, of Franklin, and James
Agnew, of the county of Bedford, M'ere appointed
commissioners to select a site for the county-seat,
and report on or before June 1, 1822.

These commissioners decided upon Landis-
burg as the county-seat.

Four days later (June 5th) a meeting of the
citizens of five eastern townships Avas held at
the house of John Koch (Blue Ball, Juniata
township), when Frazer Montgomery, John
Harper and William Waugh were chosen to
dr.ift an address to the citizens of the county on
the subject.

The address recited at length the reasons why
the county-seat should not be located at Landis-
burg, which was within three miles of the Cum-
berland Comity line, and closed by reciting that
the selection was unjust to the county at large.
On the 16th of October, 1822, a meeting of the
citizens of Juniata and Buffalo townships was
held at the house of Meredith Darlington for
discussing the merits of county-seats. Francis
McCowen was appointed chairman and Wil-
liam Power, Jr., secretary. Resolutions were
passed favoring the site first located in Lime-
stone Valley, at William Power's, which is
situated in the centre of the county.

A petition was drawn up, which stated that
three different commissions had been ap-
pointed under acts of Legislature, and the last
commi.ssion had moved the location to Lan-
disburg, eight miles to the west of the centre of
the county, within three miles of the Cumber-
land County line, and a distance of thirty -four
miles from the eastern settlement. It further
requested that the site be where selected by the
first commissioners, which was stated to be



"the admitted centre of territory and population
as near as eircuiustances will admit."

On the 16th of JSTovember, 1822, a meeting
was held at the house of John Fritz (Bark
Tavern), in Rye township, for the purpose of
electing delegates to recommend to the citizens
of that and other townsiiips to elect on Decem-
ber 7th (election-day) two citizens in each town-

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