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Locke. —

May. 13. Baptized Elisabeth Hammock w° then Entred Into Gov' — Also
Baptized at y'^ same time Olive Richards —

May. 20. Baptized Ebenezer Grow at Newington

May. 27. Baptized jNIary & Sarah Babb at Barrington

June. 13. Baptized Daniel Jennes at his Fathers House

June. 14. Baptized Susanna Kenny at her own House Being Sick She took
y« Baptismal Gov' upon Her

June. 17. Baptized William Ham & Sarah Tompson. Daughter of Noah

July 22. Baptized Bethena Allard.

Aug. 12. Baptized John Jennes & Izett Bussel

Sep. 9. Baptized Moses Downs.

Sep. 16. Baptized Joseph & Mary Dam, twins —

April 1. 174:0. Baptized Lydia Kenny Being Sick At her Fathers House
who dyed Soon after.

April. 20. Baptized Jonathan Richards

May. 11. Baptized Timothy Roberts & Esther Gops

June. 6. Baptized Nathan Horn At his Fathers House Being Sick

June. 8. Baptized Rebecca Bickford.

June. 15. Baptized Kezia Knight.

June. 22. Baptized Hannah Main my Daughter.

June. 29. Baptized Jonathan Young & his Wife Anna who then Entred In-
to Gov' Also Baptized their Ghildren viz. Hannah, & Jean Young. Also At
ye Same time Baptized y« widow Elizabeth ,Drown Being near to 70 year of
age & her Sou Samuel Drown w" both Entred Into Gov' & then Baptized
his son Solomon.

Aug. 3. Baptized Anna Forst

Aug. 24. Baptized John Jennes

April. 5. 1741. Baptized Gharity Tebbets.

April. 12. Baptized Elizabeth Hayes.

May. 3. Baptized Abigail Wentworth.

May. 24. Baptized Agnes MacNeal Her mother Jean Mcneal then Entred
Into Gov'.

Samuel Whitehouse Entred Into Gov' & was Baptized & his Son

Daniel MacNeal Entred Into Gov'.

Baptized Dorothy Babb of Barrington.

Eleonour Berry Renewed her Bai)tismal Gov' & then Baptized
, Henry Allard, \t Elizabeth Bussell
Baptized Richard Howard at Barrington.

Baptized Hannah Herd

Mary The wife of Ithamar Sevey Renewed her Baptism' Gov*

Baptizol Benjamin Herd & Hannah Jennes.

Baptized Shem Drown & Abigail Sevey.











John Berry












Septem^ 6. Hannah y^ Wife of James Plaice Renewed her Baptismal Gov'
Then Baptized hei' child Hannah —

Sept. 13. Abigail wife of Benj'' Tebbetts Entred Into Cov' & was then
Baptized. Bai:)tized also her Children Benjamin Daniel Ebeuezer & Abigail
Tebbetts. also at y' time Baptized David Plaice.

Sep'. 27. Baptized Sarah Jennes & Hannah Hodgdon.

Oct. 4. Baptized Icabod Blagden —

Dec. 13. Baptized Elizabeth Downs & Sarah Richards.

Dec. 20. James Gray Stephen Berry & Abigail Tebbetts Renewed their
Baptismal Covenant. Also Thomas Hammock & Solomon Tebbetts Entred
Into Cov' & were Baptized

Dec. 27. John Hammock Jnn"" & Elizabeth Pearl Entred Into Cov' & were

Jan? 3. Martha Kenny Entred Into Gov' & was Baptized.

Jany. 10. William Ellis John Richards Sarah Layton & Lydia Layton All
Entred Into Gov' & were Baptized — at y'= Same time Mary y*^ Wife of William
Ellis Renewed her Baptism' Gov'

Feb. 7. Abigail Plaice & Abigail Walker Renewed y'' Baptis^ Gov'.

Feb. 14. Baptized Ephraim Chamberlain.

Feb. 28. Baptized Lazarus Rawlins at Newington,

March. 14. Baptized Hannah Forst of Barrington.

March. 16. Baptized Susanna Locke at y<* Neck Lecture

April. 18. 1742. Baptized Samuel Cops & Elizabeth Forst.

May. 16. Baptizd Jonathan, John, William, & Abigail Ellis. & Richard

Baptized Sarah Cater at Spi'uce Greek
. Baptized Joshua Knight.
Baptized Lois Hodgdon —

Baptized Temperance Bickford & Sarah Richards —
Baptized Sarah Roberts & Elizabeth Dearing.
Baptized Daniel Berry Son of Joseph Berry.
Baptized Samuel Drew. Baptized James Shute of Barrington
Solomon Drown Entred Into Covenant & was Baptized also
lis Child Jonathan.
Aug. 29. Benjamin Tebbetts Entred Into Gov' & was Baptized & then
Baptized two of his Children viz William & James —

Dec' 13. Baptized Paul Tebbetts upon his Sick & Death Bed
Dec. 26. Nathaniel Son of Paul Tebbets Entred Into Gov' & was Baptized
— Also Baptized Henry, Paul, Israel, Josiah, & Joyce Tebbetts Children of y«
Widow Sarah Tebbetts
Jany. Baptized Drown of Samuel Drown —

Feb. Baptized Jonathan White House

March 6. Baptized Gershom Downs Ebenezer Drown and Hannah Hayes
1743. Baptized Mary Horn Baptized Mary Gate at her Fathers House at

Barrington — Baptized Anne Coleman Baptized Edgerly Baptized a child

for Humphrey ChatBurne at Berwick IMr. Wise BajJtized Isaac Millers child.
Name Jean

Sep. 15. Baptized Daniel Berry at his Fathers House. He dyed
Sep' 18. Baptized Rebecca Herd. Baptized John Forst. Baptized Rebecca
Dec. 4. Baptized Jean MacNeal.

Dec 11. Baptised Ann Berry Daughter of Joseph Berry —
Feby. 5. 1743/4 Baptized my Daughter Abigail Main v:° v/as Born Jan^
27. 1743/4 About 9 at Night —
March 25. 1744 Baptized Moses Jennes
April 29. Baptized Moses Cops & W™ Trickey. —
July. 29. Baptized Sarah Blagdon —
Sep. Baptized David Richards Son of Sam' Richards.

Plaice -














Baptized h


Nov 4. Baptized Sarah & Jean Dam Children of Elnathan Dam —

JanJ-. 13 1741/0 Baptized Paul Horn.

JanJ' 21. Baptized Sampson Babb at Barrington.

Jany 27. Baptized John Bickford

Feby. 3. Baptized William Berry & Mary Hodgdon —

Feb^. 24. Baptized Tiiomas Coleman & Betty Knight
• iMareh. 3. Baptized Gershom Wentworth —

March 24. Baptized liebecca White House.

April 7. 1745. Baptized Benj* Forst —

April 28. Baptized ]\Iary Roberts —

May 5. Baptized Pegge Door —

June Baptized Abigail Tebbetts —

June 19. Baptized Mary Shute at Ban-ington.

Juno 30. Baptized Thomas Wentworth Son of Kich.'^ Wentworth

July 28. Baptized Jane Richards —

Oct' 27. Baptized Ephraim Forst 'of Barrington —

Dec. 12. Baptized W™ Babb & Jean Sevey

Feb. 12. 1745/6 Baptized Esther Howard at Barrington Lect

March 3. Phillip Door Jun'' & his wife Lydia Entred into Cov' & his Wife
was Baptized & their children Rich'^ Elizabeth JNIary Olive Lydia & Phillip

March 23. Joseph Cook Entred into Cov' & was Baptized & his child
Abio-ail. Also Abr"'" Plaice Entred into Cov' & his Child Ebeuexer was Bap-
tized Also Baptized James Downs —

May 25. 1746. Baptized Aron Jennes Mary M<"Neal & Mary Cops —

May 28- Baptized marj" Jennes & Jenny Herd

June 8. Baptized Nath'"^Raynes at York old Parish.

June 15. Baptized Betty Main at York old Parish.

June 25. Baptized Joseph Cate & Elizabeth Hayes at Barrington

July. 4. My Daughter Mercy Main was Born three quarters of an Hour
After'Six of the Clock in y« morning, & She was Baptized on July 6th 1746 —

Nov"" 9. Baptized Molly Door — "

jSToV 23 Baptized Abigail Young

Nov 30. Baptized Thomas Davis & Abigail Odihorn at Durham -^_

Mai-ch 15-1746/7 Baptized Joseph Bickford —

jNIarch 22. Baptized David Allard —

Mai'ch 28. Baptized Jean MacCrelis —

July 5. 1747 Baptized Sarah Forst —
Baptized Ebenezer Horn
. Baptized Edward Lock
Baptized John Herd

Baptized John Berry son of Stephen Berry Jun''
Baptized Ebenezer Tebbetts & Josiah Wentworth
. Then Recieved Jn" Beck Into Cov' with y"= lower or Second Chh
in Portsm° & Baptized his child Elizabeth Beck Also at y^ Same Time Bap-
tized Hannah Eliot & John Forst

Feb. 14. 1747/8. Then Recieved Perkins Ayer Lito Cov' with y« South Chh
In Portsm" & Baptized his Child & Seven Children more at y« Same Time

Feb. 21. Baptized two children at y*^ first chh In Portsm°

Feb. 28. Bai)tized two children at y« South chh in Portsm°

March 20. Baptized Ben]'' Merrey Son of Benj'^ Merrey at Rochester

April. 17. 1748. Reuben Herd Renewed his Bajjtismal Cov*. Baptized his
Son Shadrach Herd — Baptized at y^ Same Time Lydia Blagdon —

Api'il 24. Baptized Samuel Herd Whitehouse

July. 17. Baptized Mary Bickford Daughter of Rich'i Bickford.

Sep"" Baptized Anna Cops —

Nov"" 6. Recieved Charles Roger & Mary his Wife into Cov' & Baptized
yr Son John Roger —





Sep -









Jany. 9 1748/9 Baptized Samuel Sevey, when Dangerously [sick] at his
Father Ithamar Seveys House —

March. Baptized Mercy Cook.

April. 23. 1749 Baptized W'" Horn & W" Horseman at Dover —

May. 28. Baptized Elizabeth Babb —

June 4. Baptized Jonathan Bickford & Job Allard.

June 11. Baptized Susanna Forst w" was born y'= Same Day —

July. 16 Baptized Samuel Winget.

July 23. Baptized Lydia Marden Daughter of Jn" Marden.

July 30. Abner Dam & his Wife Renewed yr Cov' Baptized yr Child Jona-
than Dam at y'' Same time — Also Baptized Robert M'^Crelis —

Aug. 20. Baptized James Door Son of Phillip Door Henry Door Son of
Henry Door & Mary Triekey.

Sep'' 3. Baptized Sarah Iloi-n Eleonor wife of W" Chamberlain Ju° was
Baptized at y" Same time as also their child William — y'' Lord Increase ys
Little flock still more abundantly —

Sep. 17. Noah Cross Renewed his Baptismal Cov* with this Church

Octob"" 29. Baptized Joshua Edgerly & Stephen Wentworth

Dec"" 31. Baptized Phebe Horn of Summersworth —

June. 3. 1750 Baptized Benj'' Son of Benj'' Berry Betty Ham Daughter of
Jon* Ham & Jean Rogers

June. 10. Baptized Betty Whitehouse —

June Baptized John Merry Son of Benj* Merry.

July. Baptized Triphena Berry Daughter of Step" Berry Jun^

July 1. Peter Cook Jun'' & Abraham Eutred Into Gov' with this Chh &
were Baptized Also at the Same Time Baptized Jou*^ Downing Cook Son
of Peter afore'^'^ & Phebe Cook Daughter of Abra"' Cook Afores'^ Baptized
Also Job Forst Son of Joshua Forsli of Barrington —

Aug. 5. Joseph Walker Jun"" Renewed his Baptismal Cov* with ys Chh
Baptized his Child John Walker

Aug. 12. Dan' Winget & his wife Mary Renewed their Baptismal Cov'
with ys Chh Baptized their Son William

Sep"^ 2. 1750 Baptized Olive Garland & Hannah M<=Neal

Sep. 9. Baptized Hannah Jenues Abitiail & Sarah Roger —

Octob''. 7. Baptized Pheua Jeunes Daughter of Mar'' (?) Jennes

Octo"^ 28. Jn° Piummer & his wife Renewed their Baptismal Gov' Bap-
tized yr Child Elizabeth Also Baptized Patience Bickford at y« Same lime.

Dec"" 9. Baptized Lydia Forst Daughter of Benj" Forst

Dec'" 19. Baptized Hannah & Ben]" Drew at their Fathers House when
Sick —

Jany 20. Baptized Elizabeth Roger

Jany 27. Baptized Esther Whitehouse Daughter of W"' Whitehouse —

Feby 10. 1750/51. Baptized Jethro Horn Son of AVilliam Horn

Feby. 25. Baptized Mary Lock at Her Fathers House when Sick.

April. 7-1751. Baptized Jon" Young Son of Tho" Young —

April 14. Sarah y'^ wife of Joseph ' Pearl Renewed Her Baptismal Govt
with this Chh At the Same Time Baptized their child Icabod Pearl-

April 28. Abigail Richards Eutred into Gov* & was Baptized. At y«
Same time Baptized Mesheck Herd son of Reuben Herd —

May. 4. Job Clements Renewed his Baptismal Cov*.

May. 19. Baptized Deborah Tebbetts —

May 26. Baptized & Recieved Into full Comunion with ys Chh Elisabeth
y« AVife of Barnaby Palmer— also Baptized Joseph Coleman & Moses Dam —

June. 16. Icabod Corson & his Wife Abigail Jn*^ Plaice & his Wife Lucey,
Anna y« Wife of Tho« l^oung all Renewed yr Baptismal Cov* with this chh
at y« Same Time Baptized "their Children Kezia & Icabod Corson Mary
Plaice. Baptized Also James Bickford — Baptized Molley & Margaret Palmer
Children of Barnaby Palmer —


July. 7. Baptized Abiel Daughter of Abr*" Cook.

July. 14 IJaiitized ^lartha Drew Daughter of Tho^ Drew —

July 21. Baptized Ebenezer Hanuah & Elizabeth Clemeuts y« Childreu of
Job Clemeuts — At y*^ Same Time Baptized Dorothy Wiuget. Isaac Libbey
& his wife Sarah Took y<" Cov' upon ym Baptized his wife Sarah Libbey —

Aug. 11. liainized Trustham Herd son of Jn" Herd —

Sep^ 22. Baptized Bethena Cook Daughter of Peter Cook Jun-"

Sep"' 29 Baptized Elihu Hayes Sou of Hezekiah Hayes of Dover y« Same
Day ra' Cushing Batized at Rochester Ann & Elisabeth young Childreu
of Jon'* Young & Betty Corson Daughter of Icabod Corson.

Nov 24. Baptized Dolley Mighill.

Dec'' 8. Baptized John Chamberlain & Jonathan Palmer

Jan>' 21. 1752. Baplized Rawlings Blagdon & Joseph Berr}'^ at y*^ Neck —

Feb. Baptized Deborah Rawlings Daughter of Edw"! Rawlings.

April. 12. Baptized Surah Door & Rebecca Trickey —

May. 3. Baptized Mary Roger

May 31. Baptized 7 Children at Barrington viz: Richard Babb (s ?)

June. 14. Baptized Phebe Doore & Abigail Ham —

June 28. Abra™ Pearl Admitted Into Cov' & was Baptized his Wife Re-
newed Her Baptismal Gov' Baptized yr sou Paul Also Baptized Ja"
Knowles. & Joseph Cook —

July. 26. Baplized Joseph Plummer — Abigail Jennes & Elisabeth Mac-
Crelis — Lade Xelson of Barriugton Recieved his Baptismal Cov' with ys
Chh Baptized his child

Aug 23. Baptized Tabitha Foy

Sep"" 6. Baptized Lydia Jennes Isaac Wentworth

Sep. 13. Baptized ^lartha \yhitehouse

Oct. 4. Baptized W"' Horn Sou of W" Horn of Summersworth

Oct. 11. Baptized Hannah Merry

Nov'' 8. Baptized Jonathan & David Jennes —

Feb-^ 25. 1753 Baptized Robert Walker

April 8. Baptized Sarah Daughter of Jn° Plaice

May 13. Baptized James Roger Son of James Roger Jun""

May 27. Baptized Enoch Winget — Moses Bicktbrd & Rebecca Forst.

June 3. Baptised Abednego Herd

June. 7. Baptised Richaid Plaice upon his Death bed at his Fathers
House — y<= son of James Plaice —

June. 10. Baptized Elizabeth & Comfort Sevey —

June. 11. Baptized Joseph Plaice son of James Plaice.

June 14. Baptized Lydia & Jon" Plaice children of James Plaice

June 17. Baptized Joseph Door & Daniel Horn —

June 24. Baptized Paul Herd & John Pearl.

Jul}' 8. William MH'ee & his wife Renewed yr Baptismal Cov' Baptized
yr Child John —

July 15. Ebenezer Chamberlain Renewed his Baptismal Covt & his Wife
Lucretia took y" Covt upon her & was Baptised also Baptised yr child

July 22. Baptised Daniel McNeal & Sarah Dam —

July 29. Baptized Joseph Allard Rachel Bickford & John Bickford also
Sarah Dam

Aug. 5. Baptized Deborah & Dolly Plaice —

Aug. 12. Baptized Deborah Dam Daughter of Eln" Dam

Aug. 19. Baptized James Colemau —

Aug. 25. Baptized Billy Pevey at his Fathers House

Sept. 2. Baptized Daniel Pevey »& Nathaniel Cook

Sept 9. Baptized Susanna Richards John Winget —

Sep"^ 16. Benj* Richards & his Wife Renewed yr Baptismal Cov' Bap-
tized yr Child Bartholomew —


Sep'' 23. Ebenezer Plaice Juii'' & liis Wife took y« Cov' upon ym Baptized
his wife Love & his son Moses

Oct. 11. Baptized Ellis Farnam & Eliphalet Baisdell at Towow

Oct. 14 Nov'' 4. Baptized Esther Young daughter of Jon* Young —

Nov' 19. Baptized James Chamberlain Son of W"' Chamberlain

Dec 16. Baptized Timothy Young son of Tho^ Young

Feby. 7. 1754. Baptized Joshua Corson —

Feby. 17. Baptized Moses Mighill Son of Jn° Mighill

Feby 24. Baptized Jean Herd.

Marcli. 31. Baptized Charles Baker Son of Charles Baker

April. 14 Baptized Mary Knowles & Jn° Richards —

April 21. Baptized Joseph Nelson —

April 28. liaptized Hannah Roger Daughter of Charles Roger

June. 30. Baptized Paul & Stephen Tebbetts Twins yr Parents Henry &
Anna Tebbetts Renewed yr Baptismal Cov' at y* Same Time —

July. 14. Baptized Richard Glarland of Barrington & Anna Door (?) of
this Town Children —

July 21. Baptized Sarah Bickfurd Daughter of John Bickford —

Baptized Trickey July. 7th.

Aug. 4. Paul Farnam & his wife Elizabeth came before this Church &
Renewed their Baptismal Gov' — At y Same Time Baptized y"" Child Mary
Farnam —

Aug. 25. Baptized Lois Berry Daughter of Stephen Berry Jun""

Sep'' 1. Dorcas y'= wife of Eleazar Hodgsdon took upon Her y« Baptismal
Cov' & was Baptized —

Sep. 8. Baptized Daniel y^ Sou of Benj^ IMerry —

Sep"". 15. Lemuel Bickford & his Wife Renewed their Baptismal Gov*
Baptized yr Child Hannah Also y" Baptized Lear Rawlings & Moses Forst —

Sep"" 22. David Layton took y'' Cov' upon Him & was Baptized His Wife
Anna Renewed Her Baptismal Cov' at y<= Same Time Baptized their child
DoUey —

Oct. 6. Nathan Allen & his Wife Renewed y' Baptismal Covt — Baptized
yr Child Joseph.

Oct'- 20. Baptized Lydia Allard & Molley Bickford

Oct. 27. Baptized Sarah Miller

Nov' 3. Baptized James Burnam

Nov 10. Baptized Beard Plummer

Nov 17. Nath' Tebbetts & his Wife Renewed their Cov' Baptized their
Children viz: Sarah Henry & Mary — Also Baptized Mary Wallingford — .

Dec"" 8. Wentworth Hayes & Mary his AVife Renewed their Baptismal
Covenant Baptized their Child Amos Main who was Born Octob'' 25. 1754
about two of the clock in y<^ afternoon. Also Baptized Mark Jennes —

Jan''. 19. 1755. Baptized Betty Young Daughter of James Young w° y'^
Solemnly promised to Bring up that & all his Children Agreable to y^ Bonds
of y'^ Cov' & to Continue Himself yrin all his Days —

Feby. 9. Ba{)tized Moses Son of Capt Tim° Roberts at his Fathers House
Being Dangerously Sick — y« Same day Baptized William Sou of Tho'
Pevey —

March 16. Abigail y« wife of Daniel Page Renewed her Baptismal Gov'.
Ba])tized yr child Joseph Page —

March. 23. Baptized Richard Wentworth Sou of Richd. Wentworth

April. 10. Baptized John Coleman at his Fathers House He Being Dan-
gerously Sick —

13. Baptized Charles Tracey Whitehouse, Abigail Whitehouse, Sarah Drew,
John Layton INIary Dam, Jonathan Horn & Keziah Plaice —

April 20. Baptized James Piaice & Sarah M'^Fee.

May. 18. Baptized Betty Ham & Sarah Richards —

June 22. Baptized .Tames Berry Son of Ephraim Berry — Tho* Witherel




3. ]












. 11.


Enlred Into Govt & was Baptized His Wife Renewed Her Gov' at y^ Same
Time Baptized their child

June 29. Joseph Tompson ICntred into Gov' & was Baptized at y^ Same

time liis Wife IJenewed her Daptism' Govt — [Tliis is recorded again

on another page as June 22.]

July 20 Baptized Elizabeth Bickford Child of Rich'^ Bickford —
Baptized Susanna Berry daughter of Benj" Berr}'
Baptized Elizabeth Winget Daughter of Sam' Winget
Baptized Joseph Herd & E!)enezer Ghamberlain
Baptized Abigail Gook Daugliter ot Peter Gook Jun''
l^aptized Dollee & IMary Plaice cliildren of Abr" Plaice —
Baptized Samuel Palmer & Elizabeth JNPXeal —
Baptized Lydia Harden — .
1756. Baptized Prudence Lock & Mercy Young

March Baptized Ebenezer corson & Baptized Samuel Forst

IMarcli 21. Love y* Wife of Gharles Baker Entred Into Gov' & was
Baptized. At y* Same Time Baptized Joseph Richards Son of Jn" Richards &
James Witherell —

May 0. Baptized Tho« Young Jason Ghamberlain Gorafort Knowles Mol-
ley Bicktord & Daniel Pearl —

May 16. Baptized Susanna Garland Baptized Huldah Bickford so called
Her Master & ^lislress Jeunes Bro't Her to Baptism —

May 30 Baptized AV" Roger & Mary Door —

June 6. Baptized Tobias TwombJy.

June 20. Baptized Susanna Kenuey of towow who Took the Baptismal
Gov' upon Iler at y^ Same Time

June. 23. Baptized Sarah & Hannah Layton upon their mothers Acct at a
Lect at Jn" Laytons

July. 11. Baptized Sarah Pearl —

July 18. Patience Hartford & Hannah Pearl took y^ Govt upon them &
were Baptized At y'^ Same Time Baptized Icabod Allen Son of Nathan Allen

Aug. 22. Paul Jennes & his Wife Keturah Renewed yr Baptismal Govt.
Baptized yr child Betty —

Sep"". 5 Baptized Ralph Farnam Sou of Paul Farnam of Towow —

Dec"". 8. Baptized Benj* Weymouth Sou of Jn° Weymouth At his Fathers
House Being Dangerously Sick with Fitts —

Feb>' — 27. Baptized Edward Rawlings —

March 17. Baptized Sevcy at y'^ Lect at y'' Neck.

April. 10. Trustham Herd & his wife Renewed yr Baptismal Gov'. Bap-
tized yr child Rebecca. Baptized ^lary Berry at y<= Same Time

2-1. Baptized Moses ]Merry — Ellis Baptized at Towow Nath' Faruam
Susanna Fall Abigail Blaisdell Elizabeth M'^Greiis & Benj'' Door

1757 At y" ^Ministers Fast at Towow Baptized Mercy Faruam Jn° Blaisdell
Gershom Farnam

May 29. Jno Whitehouse «& W™ Horn Jun'^ Entred Into Covenant & were
Baptized, At y'= Same Time Baptized Whitehouses 5 Ghildreu Viz Joseph,
John, Jon"'. Judith, Elizabeth — Then Baptized W™ Horns Child Sam' Herd
& W™ ^lacfecs child James —

June. 12. Baptized Hannah Place Daughter of Jn° Place

July. 3. Baptized Abigail >fc Sarali Herd Twins of Ju° Herd

July 24. Peter Walliiigford Renewed his Baptismal Gov' Baptized his
Child Sarah ct Jona Jennes —

July 24. 1757 (Being Lords Day) My Grandaughter Elizabeth Hayes was
Born about 8 in y'^ Evening & Baptized July 31. 1757 Baptized Jacob Lay-
ton — Samuel Layton <S: Temperance Pevey

Nov'' Baptized Tho^ Baker Ephraim Ghamberlain Abner Dam Sarah

Dec 4. Baptized William Palmer —


May. 7. 1758. Baptized Thomas Chamberlain & Joseph Winget
May 28. Baptized Experience Kuowles.
June. 4. Baptized Sarah Trickey —


June 30. 1745. Married Jn° Scates & Abigail Hayes —
July 22 Married W'" Richardson & Abigail Plaice
July 28. Married Thomas Young & Anne Roberts
Dec. 12. Married Nath' Tebbetts & Hannah Corson —

Feb. 22. 1746. Married Samuel Downs & Anne Canney of Snmmersworth by a
Certificate from y« Parish Clerk I^.Iarried AVilliam Downs & Mercy Canney of
Summersworth by a Certificate from y Parish Clerk —

Aug: 27. 1747. Then Married Jonathan Young & Elizabeth Mundro by a Cer-
tificate from Y" Town Clerk —

jSToV 12. then Married Charles Roger & Mary Mc',dufEe by a Certificate from
y6 Town Clerk —

Nov"^ 26. Married James Roger Jun'' Lydia Layton by a Certificate from the
Town Clerk —

Dec- 20. Then :Married M - Joseph Langdon Jun'" & Mrs Mary Hunkin by a
Licence at Portsm" —

June 23. 1748. Then Married Abraham Pearl & Abigail Bickford of Roch-
ester —

June. 30. Then Married Daniel Cook of Sommersworth &^Judith Perkins of
Rochester —

Octo"- 6. Then Married W"' Gage & Mary Conner Both of Dover by a Licence
from y"^ Governour

Oct. 13. Then Married Abner Dam & Mary Dana by a Licence from y« Gov'^ —
NoV^ 14. Then Married Jon^ Hodgdou & Drusilla Horn by a Certificate from y«
Town Clerk

Nov 17. Then Married Sam' Emerson & Dorothey Chamberlain by a Certificate
from y*^ Town Clerk —

Dec"^ 5. Then Married Abra™ Cook & Jean Richards by a Certificate from y«
Town Clerk —

Dec'- 15. Then Married Benj=^ Stanton Hannah Jones of Summersworth by a Li-
cence from y*^ (tOV'' —

Aug. 20. 1749. Maried Gilbert Perkins & Charity Hartford —
Sep"^ 17. Married Joseph Walker & Margaret Downs.
April. 12. 1750 Married John Plaice & Lucey Jennes —
Nov 20, Married Jon'' Dam & Mercy Varney

Dec 3. Then Married Jn° Tuttle of Dover & Sarah Danielson of Barnngton by
a Certificate from the Town Clerk of Dover —

Mav 30. 1751. Married James Knowles & Experience Chamberlin
Oct"- Married Samuel Ricker of Summersworth & Mary Forst of Dover by y«
Governours Licence —

DeC^ 19. ]\rarried David Leigh ton & Anne Chamberlain
April 1. 1752 Married Henry Tt-bbetts & Anna Berry
April. 22. Married W"i aiacfee & Martha Allen
May 30. 1753 Married Benj'^ Webber & Allen of Towow.

June 10. Married Paul Farnam & Elizabeth Door —
Aug. 15. Married John Door & Hannah Edgerly —
Nov 11. Married Peter Wallingford & Abigail Wall<er —

Nov 29. Married Wentworth Hayes & my Daughter Mary Mam by the Gover
nours Licence —

Dec' 20. Married John Ellis & Judith Ash of Towow —
Dec- 26. Married Joseph Barb^ir & Mercy Lock —
Feby 21. 1754. Married Sam' Drown Jun' & Mary Sevey —
March. 7. Married :Moses Brown & Susanna Tebbetts


Oct: 31. Married .Tii° Canney & Elisabeth Krock of Summers-worth by a Certifi-

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