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Shakspeariana from 1564 to 1864. An account of the Shakspearian literature of England, Germany, France and other European countries during three centuries, with bibliographical introductions online

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Saint-Beuve, Jules Janin, Alf. Michiels, de Lamennais, Hippolyte
Lucas, and many others whom we could cite, have also written with
no less originality than genius, on the great dramatist.

That the old prejudice against Shakspeare should every now
and then revive and shew itself is natural, and will probably continue
for some time to come. The last effort in this direction was made
by M. Ponsard,* in 1856, in his Discourse in the Institute of
France, when he was received as a Member. It would have been
unnecessary to notice this discourse, (for it is profitless), were it not
for the reply which M. Nisard gave it, and which we may take as an
expression of the ideas which prevail at the present moment amongst
the French, on that subject. Mr. Nisard replied to the attack on the
bard of Avon thus : "Another point on which I should be somewhat
"more liberal than you, is relative to Shakspeare. Of all that you have
"expressed so brilliantly I would guard what tends to his glory, and
"I would put aside the restrictions to his fame, not as unjust, but
"because the truth does no longer require them. Time has elevated
"Shakspeare above criticism, probably because it has raised him above
"eulogium. The very words 'beauties' and 'defects' belong to a rela-
tive language, out of the pale of which special terms must be sought
"if it is desired to define the charm, or to characterize the imper-
fections of these astonishing works. Shakspeare has had the same
"destiny as Homer. After that famous quarrel of the ancients and the
"moderns in which admirers and opponents Boileau as well as Perrault
" committed the mistake of representing the author of the Iliad as
"a literary man working regularly at his desk, the Homer who remains
"is a Homer transfigured, presiding over the great choir of men of
"genius, and naked, in the midst of personages whose costume indicates
"their nation and their age, as if the matter related not to the inhabi-
tant of a country nor to the contemporary of an epoch, but to the genius
"itself of poetry. Like Homer, Shakspeare appears to us, in his turn,
"in a tranquil and mysterious distance, withdrawing from the curiosity
"of erudition, which fatigues itself in seeking out a man where there is
"only one of the most wondrous sources of creative poetry. With
"Homer, with Shakspeare, we are placed on lofty pinnacles, from which
"the eye cannot distinguish anything of what passes below. I do not
"ask them for any account of the faults which they may have com-

* "Discours prononces dans la seance publique tenue par 1'Academie frangaise
pour la reception de M. Ponsard". 1856.


"mitted Homer in creating a first model of beauty, from which has
"emanated the very idea of art and of its rules and Shakspeare in
"not being acquainted with them. Why be astonished that these geniuses
"are imperfect? If poetry itself has dictated their verses, it is a human
"hand that has written them down."

Two new editions are now (1864) in course of publication, the one
is by Guizot, the other by Francois Victor Hugo. They bear additional
testimony that Shakspeare, by the sheer force of his genius has won the
complete (if somewhat tardy) appreciation of the French nation. The
last French book on "Shakspeare" is by Victor Hugo, it is a sort
of poetic effusion on the dramatist; and sufficiently shows that Shak-
speare will always be appreciated by a great and artistic mind.



17761783 Shakespeare (avec des notes des editeurs anglais: Warburton,
Steevens, Johnson, Mrs. Griffith etc., et des Remarques tirees de la
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corr. par F. Guizot (on plutot Mad. Guizot, n6e Dillon), et A. P
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phique et litteraire sur Shakespeare, par F. Guizot. Paris, Ladvocat,
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the most eminent commentators. Accurately printed from the cor-
rect and esteemed edition of Alexander Chalmers in two volumes
with nearly 200 wood and steel engravings. 2 Vols. gr. 8. Paris
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