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Shakspeariana from 1564 to 1864. An account of the Shakspearian literature of England, Germany, France and other European countries during three centuries, with bibliographical introductions online

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Stratford Edition. 6 Vols. 12o. 21s. Griffin,
the Tempest edit, by J. M. Jephson. 18o. Is Qd. Macmillau.

1867 Gleanings from the Comedies of S. 32fo. Is 6d. Nimmo.

Plays, ed. by Thomas Keightley. 6 Vols. 32w0. in case. 21s. Bell & D.
The Prince's Shakspeare. A Selection of the plays, ed. by the Rev.

Duncan Mathias. post. So. 6s. Bentley.

Merchant of Venice, ed by Clark & Wright. I2o. is. Macmillan.
Richard the Second, with Introductions. 12o. 2s. Simpkin.

1868 ed. by Ch. Knight. 12o. is. Routledge.

ed. by Howard Staunton, new Edition. 8 Vols. Roxburgh. 50s.


IS68 with Life and Glossary. 12o. is. Is 6rf and 3s 6rf. Warne.
IM;<. ed. by Ch. Knight, illustrated. 12o. 3s 6rf. Routledge.

separate plays, with notes by Hunter for Students. Each play. U.


Julias Caesar by Denison, new Edit. SJ>. 6*. Parker.
Macbeth by Ckrk and Wright. 12o. is 6<7. Macmillan.
Midsummer Nights Dream, with 24 Silhouettes. Folio. 3U6rf. Longman.
Richard the Second, ed. by Clark & Wright. 12o. is Gd.
1870 Hudson's School Shakspeare. Plays of S. selected and prepared for use-
in Schools, Clubs, Classes and Families ; with Introduction and Notes
by Rev. Henry Hudson. 12o. Boston. 125 6rf.

IV 71 A new variorum Edition of Shakespeare. Edited by Horace, Howard
Furness. Vol. I. Romeo and Juliet. 80. pag. 524. 24s. Phila-
delphia. Lippincott. (If this Edition be ever finished it bids fair
to be the best variorum Edition.)
Dramatic Works, with Notes and Biographical Notice by Robert Inglis.

12o. 1S71. 3s 6rf. Gall & J.
S's. Plays, Abridged for girls, by Rosa Baughan. So. London 1871.

4s fef. Washbourne.
Tempest, with notes by Jell Jephson. 2nd Edit. 1 s . Is. Macmillan.


Poems, edited, with a Memoir by Robert Bell, new Edition. I2o. London
1870. Is '6d. Griffin & Co.

new Edition. 12o. (Aldine Poets.) London 187(. \s rf. Bell & D.


Songs and Sonnets. Gem Edition. 16o. is5. 3* Hrf. Macmillan.
of S. illuminated. \to. London 1866. 22*'. Routledge.
selected and arranged by Henry Staunton, with 10 drawings by John
Gilbert, fsc. 4fo. London 1862.

and a Lover's Complaint reprint of 1609. So. London 1870. :j$ fid,
J. R. Smith.


Abbott, E. A. Shakspearian Grammar. Elizabethan and Modern English. 12".

London 1869. 2s 6rf. '2nd Ed. 1S71. 6s. Macmillan.
Adlard, 6. Amye Robsart and the Earl of Leicester and Kenilworth. A

history' of Kenilworth Castle, together with memoirs and correspondence of

Sir Robert Dudley son of the Earl of Leicester. London 1870. 12*.

J. R. Smith.
Aird, Thomas. An article, entitled i; My Library" in the Old Bachelor, contains

excellent and lengthy remarks on Shakspeare.
Amyot, Th. The old Taming of the Shrew, upon which Sh. founded his comedy,

reprinted from the Edition of 1594 and collated with the subsequent

editions of 1596 & IG07. London 1841.
Arrowsmith. W. R. Shakespeare's Editors and Commentators. So. London

1865. [s f>d. Smith.

Autographs (the) of Shakspeare. Leisure hour. No. 643.
Bailey, Sam. The received Texts of Shakspeare's dramatic writings and its

improvement. So. Vol. H. IM'.r.. 125. Longman.
Bartolozzi, Shakspeare's Twelfth Night, after Hamilton, print. 80.
Bathurst. C. Remarks on the differences of Shakspeare's versification in

different periods of his life. 80. London 1857.

Becket's Dramatic Miscellanies, edited by Dr. Beattie. 2 Vols. *e. London 1838.
Beever, Susanna, Book of Reference to remarkable passages in Shaksp. with a

separate Index to each play. 12o. London 1871. 2s Gd. Bull & Co.

Bsli , W. Shakspeare's Birth. A lyric Ode for 4 voices (without .

representing: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Time 23rd April 15(14. Place,

Stratford on Avon. 80. London isr.l.

Bible truths with Shaksperian parallels. 2nd Edition. I Mil.
Bible. Ideas of Shakspeare derived from the Bible, see Gentleman's Mauazinc.

1831. II. 257.
Blackwoods Magazine Vol.69. June 1851. Eschylus, Shakspeare. Schiller.

do. Vol. 72. October 1862. Corneille and Shakspeare.
Blair, Hugh. Lectures on Rhetoric and Belles Letters. 2 Vols. Mo. London

173. Lecture lf> on tragic, 47, on comic poets.
Boydell, J. & Nicol. A Catalogue of the pictures in the Shakspeare Gallery

Pall Mall. 80. London 1790.

Bradshaw, C. B. Shakspeare and Company, a Comedy. 80. 1845.
Brady. Lines written by Charles Brady on visiting the Shrine of Shakspearo

in Stratford Church, n. d. a Broadside.
Browne, Henry. Sonnets of Shaksp. solved. 80. London 1870. is \\d. J.

R. Smith.
Bucknill, J. C. Mad Folk of Shakspeare. Psychological Essays, '2m f Edit.

1868. p. 80. 6s (>d. Macmillan.

Budd. Thos. D. Shakespeare's Sonnets, with Commentaries. 12o. Philadelphia

1869. 6s.

Carlyle, Thorn. Shakspeare in his "Lectures on Heroes." 1840.
Cartwright, Robert. New Readings in Shakspeare. 80. London isw;. 2.v.

J. R. Smith.
Chateiain, de. Shakespearian Gems, in French and English Settings. 12o.

London 1867 '6s v>d. Tegg.

Chateaubriand. Sketches of English Literature translated. London is:w.
Chedworth, Lord. Letters from the Rev. Thos. Crompton from 1780 to 1795

(Shaksp. matters). Norwich 1840.
Collier, T. The life and death of Gamaliel Ratney, a famous thief of England

executed at Bedford, 26 March 1605 ed by Collier. Mo 1866,

,,Cont. a reference to Shakspeare."
Collier, Coleridge and Shakspeare by the Author of "Literary Cookery." 80.

London 1860. 5s. Longman.
Coote, H. C. Shakspeare at Paris in 1604. See Athenaeum 1865. Jany 21.

Notes & Q. No. 174,
Corney, Bolton. An argument on the assumed birth-day of Shakspeare reduced

to shape A. D. 1864 (privately printed).

When was Shakspeare born? Notes & Q. No. W.
the Word '-Cue" in S. Notes & Q. No. 173.
the prices of the Shakspeare Quartos. Notes & Q. No. 189.
Cox, J. (Mayor of Stratford) The Tercentenary ; a retrospect of the tercentenary

festival. 80. 1865.

Craik, G. L. Learning and Literature in England. Vol. 111. pag. 174 isii.
Cunningham, G. G. English Nation. Vol. II pag 405 411. (Article on

Shakspeare.) 1863.
Curling, Cap. H. Geraldine Maynard, a tale of the days of Shakspeare. 3 Vols.

80. London 1864.
Balgleish. Walter Scott. The Shakspeare Reader, with Notes, historical

and Grammatical, post. 80. London 1871. 3s. Nelson.
Dale, R. W. Genius the Gift of God. A Sermon on the terceut, of the birth

of Shakspeare preached at Stratford -I. April 1864.
Daniel, Georg. Sale Catalogue of his Splendid Library of Shaksperiana. Old

Elizabethan Ballads, and Objects of Art and Vertu. 10 days sale. roy-^<\

London 1864.
Daniel, P. A. Notes and conjectural emendations of certain doubtful passages

in Shakspeare's plays. 8". London 1870. 3s Gd.

Descendants of Shakspeare's sister Joan. Notes &Q. IM'.I. No. 121. pag. 341.
Dodd's Beauties of Shakspeare. 12<>. 1865. 3s. Tegg.

18. 1865. 3s 6rf. Moxon.
Douce, Francis. Illustrations of Shakspeare. The first Edition. 2 Vols. so.

London 1807.

,,The plates in this Edition are much ihuu- than ill the "2nd Ed.
publ 1839.


Douce. On the Anachronisms and some other Incongruities of Shakspeare.

London 17 ?
Drake. N. Shakspeare and his time. Reprinted, at Paris, one Vol. So. 1843.

do with 42 highly finished Steel engravings and 38 large Woodcuts
Dryden. The Grounds of Criticism in Tragedy. London 1679. (a reply to

Rymer. i

Eclectic Review. Shakspearian Criticism, Decbr. 1853.
Ellis, Alex. J. On Early English Pronunciation with especial reference to

Shakspeare and Chaucer. Containing au investigation of the correspondence

of writing with speech in England from the Anglosaxon Period to the

present day. part I. 1869. 10*-.
Emerson. R. W. Essay on Representative Men. 1S55.
Epitaph of Shakspeare. Notes & Q. 1864. No. 116.
Essay on the faults of Shakspeare. London 1774.
Falstaff. Essay on. 18o. London 1789.
French , G. R. Shakspeareana Genealogica. Identification of the Dramatis

Personae inS's. historical plays from King John to Henry the $th. Notes

on Characters in Macbeth and Hamlet. The Shakspeare and Arden Fa-
milies and their connexion, with Tables of Descent. Compiled by G. Russell

French. 80. pag. 580. London 1869. 15s. Macmillan.
Garrick and the Shakspeare Jubilee in 1769. (Temple Bar, Mag. 1864. June.

the Whiteheads, the Stratford Jubilee. Notes & Q. 135.
Gibson, R. L. Shakspearean Gems, newly collected and arranged with a life lot'

Wm. Sh. embracing the most recent discoveries. !8o. Halifax 1865. I.v6rf.
Giles, Henry. Human Life in Shak. Boston 1869.
Gilfillan, 6. Literary Portraits. Vol. I. blh Edit. London 1856.
Gleanings from the Comedies of Shaksp.. new Edit. 32o. 1869. is. Nimmo.
Green, H. Shakspeare and the Emblem Writers: an exposition of their

Similarities of thoughts and expression. Preceded by a view of the Emblem

book literature down to A. D. 1616 med. to illustr. by 250 woodcuts.

London 1870. Triibner.
Hackett, James H. Notes and comments upon certain plays and actors of

Shaksp. with criticism and correspondence. New York. Ib63.
Hall, H. T. Shaksperean Statistics. 12o. Cambridge 1S65. 6rf.
Haliiwell. Miscellaneous Illustrations of the life of Shaksp., the history of

Stratford- on- Avon , and the annals of the early english stage, chiefly from

inedited MS.S. (3 parts.) 1864. (only 10 Copies printed.)

An historical account of New Palace Stratford-upon-Avon, the last

residence of Shaksp. Folio. London 1864.

unpublished Shaksp. MS.S. of the late Mr. Caldecott. Notes & Q.

1864. No. 12v

Shakspeare's Journeys between Stradford and London. Notes & Q.

132, also by '-Crux." Notes & Q. 134 & 135.

A brief hand list of the Collections respecting the life and works of

Shaksp. of R. Wheeler (400 Copies printed). Chiswick Press 1863.

Stratford-on-Avon (Rose, Shamrock & Thistle Magazine. Decbr. 1863.
Stratford-upon-Avon in the Times of the Shakspeares, illustrated by

extracts from the ancient Council books of the Corporation of that town.

Fol. London 1864. (30 Copies only printed.)
Harting. J. E. Ornithology of Shakespeare critically examined. So. London

IS 11. 12$ (>d. Van Voorst
Harvey. Shakspeare's Biography. London 1825.
Heraud, J. A. A new View of Shakspeare's Sonnets. (,,Temple Bar.")

Vol. V. 5366. April 1S62.

Shakspeare: His inner Life as intimated in his works. London 1865.

deny. So. 2-b\
Here and There in England, with Pilgrimage to Stratford-upon-Avon. bo.

London 1871. ss. J. R. Smith.
Herne's Oak. A descriptive history of this celebrated tree, mentioned by Shaks.

in the Merry wives of Windsor and lately fallen in Windsor Park.

Illustrated by Perry. 10'. London 1867. Booth.
Hitchcock, E. A. Remarks on the Sonnets of Shakspeare, with the Sonnets.

Shewing that they belong to the hermetic class of writings. 2WEdit. 16o.

New York 1867.


Holmes, 0. W. Shakspeare. Atlantic Monthly. New York. June isiiJ.
Holmes, N. Authorship of Shakspeare. i'2o. New York 1S6U. 10\ (>ii
Howell (Thos.j. A few stray thoughts on Shakspeare. post. y>. London

1867. 2* Qd. Bosworth.
Howitt, W. Homes and Haunts of the British Poets. Pag. 2940. London

Hudson, H. N. Shakspeare, his life, art and Characters. With a historical

Sketch of the origin and growth of the Drama in England. 2 Vol-

1871. Gin, Br. Boston.
Hugo, F. V. Commentary on the Merchant of Venice, translated by E. L.

Samuel. London 1863. Is.
Hunter, R. E. Shakspeare and Stratford-upon-Avon , with a full Record of

the Tercentenary Celebration; photogr. illustrat. 1864.
James, H. Comments on the Commentators on S. with preliminary observations

on his genius and writing. 80. London 1807.
Jervis (Swynfen). A Dictionary of the Language of Shakspeare. Mo London

1867. 12*. J. R. Smith.

Ingleby, C. M. The text of Shaksp. Englishman's Mag. No. I. January 1865.
Inventory of Shakespeare's goods. Notes & Q. No. 121.
Keightley, Th. The Shakspeare expositor : an aid to the perfect understanding

of Shakspeare's plays. 80. London 1867. 76- bd. J. R. Smith.
Kellogg, A. 0. Dr. Shakspeare's Psychological Delineations of Insanity, Im-
becility and Suicide. New York 1866.
Kelly, Win. Notices illustrative of the Drama, and other popular amusements

chiefly in the 16 &17*h Centuries, illustrat. of Shakspeare and his contempo-
raries. Extracted from, the Chamberlain's Accounts and other Manuscripts

of the Borough of Leicester. So. London 1864. J. R. Smith.
Kemble, C. Shaksp. Readings; ed. by R. J. Lane. 3Vols. post 80. London

1869. 18*. Bell & D.

Knight, Ch. Shakspeare and his writings in "Store of Knowledge." 3 Numbers.
Shakspeare Studies. 2 Vols. So. 1850. New Edition 1867. 80. 6*.

Lambs, C. Tales from Shakspeare. With coloured Illustrations. 80. London

Latham, H. Sertum Shaksperianum subnexis aliquod iuferioris Notae Floribus.

1st Edition, privately printed "Oblatum Amicis." Oxon. 1863. '2nd Edit.

Oxon. 1864.

Learning of Shakspeare, Gentleman's Mag. 1833. I. 415.
Lewis, Goodwyn Shakspearean Creations. Illuminated by Sam. Stanesby.

Square. So. London 1865 21*. Griffin.

Lightfoot, W. J. Shakspeare in Kent. Notes & Q. 1864. No. 147.
Lowell ; Shakspeare Memorial Exercises on the Ter- Centenary celebration of
the birth of Wm. Shakspeare. April 23, 1864 by the Citizens of Lowell.

Mass. 80. 1864.
Lowell, James Russell. Among my Books. London 1^70. (Essay "Shakspeare

once more.") Macmillan.
Lofft, R. E. Some Remarks on the play of Hamlet 80. (for private circulation.)

1869. Bury St. Edmunds.
Lyttleton, Lord. Ephemera, contains a few thoughts about Shakspeare. So.

Mackray, J. Shakspeare's Birth place, Museum and Library at Stratford.

Notes & Q. 1865. No. 189.
, W. D. Entries respecting the family of a Thomas Shaxspere, copied

from the Parish Register of St. Mary Magdalene, Oxford. Notes & Q.

1865. No. 189.

Massey, Gerald. Shakspeare and his Sonnets. Quarterly Review. 1864. No. 230.
Shakspeare Sonnets, never before interpreted: his private friends

identified, together with a recovered likeness of himself. So. London 1%6.


Meadows, A. Hamlet: an Essay, so. Edinburgh 1S71. \s. Maclachlau.
Momsen, Tycho. On Romeo & Julia and Hamlet. Athenaeum 1S5 7. 7*^ February.
Monument, commemorative of the Tercentenary Aniversary of Shaksp. in the

Central Park. New York. 80. 1865.


Mottoes and Aphorisms, arranged alphabetically. i2o. London 1869. 2.v fid.

Miiller, Max. Chips from a German Workshop. Vol. III. contains an Essay :

Shakspeare l*-64. go. 1^70. London. Longman.
Nare. Correct "Hare's Glossary into Nara> Glossary," new Edition with

additions by J. 0. Halliwell and Thomas Wright. 2 Vols. 8. London

1872. J. R. Smitt. 2U.
Neele, H. Literary Remains. Lectures on English Poetry; Characteristics of

Shakspeare etc. London 1S30.

Neil, Sam. The Second Shakspeare. Fol. 1632. Notes &Q. IS64. No. I Hi.
Jonson's Lines on Shaksp. Portrait N. & Q. 1864. No. 121.

- S. Home described. 12". Warwick 1ST!. \x.

Nicolson, Brinsley. Parallel passages in Shakspeare and Daniel. Notes & Q.

1865. No. 174.

Notes, Some, on Shakspeare'8 Characters and Writings by a Student. 80.

London 1867. 4^ 6^/. Hamilton.
Passages from Shaksp. selected and translated into German. 16o. London

1866. 3* M. Triibner.

Pedigree of Shakspeare, as evidenced by the Registers and Inscriptions at

Stratford-on-Avoii, and by the will of the Poet, dated 1616 the year of

his death. Notes & Q. 1864.

Philosophy, the, of Shakspeare. I2o. I C 67. Edinburgh. 5s. Olivier & B.
Poole, John. Travestie of Hamlet, with burlesque annotations. New York.

(for private Circul.) 1866.
Popular Encyclcpaedie (on Shakspeare.) VoL 6. part. 2. pag. 213 -1S-

Blackie & S.
Preston, Mary. Studies in Shakspeare : a Book of Essays. Fsc. Philadelphia

1*69. 6s 6rf.
Programme, the Official, of the Tercentenary festival of the birth of Shakspeare

to be helt at Stratford. Also an account of the poet's life and guide to the

town. So. London 1864. Cassell.
Proceedings at the 4th Shakspeare festival, given by the Urban Club at the

St. John's Gate. London (privately printed for Members only) 1867.
Quotations from Shakspeare arranged by E. Routledge. 12o. 1866. 2.? 6d.
ftuincy. de. On Knocking at the gate in Macbeth. Vol. 13. pag. 192198.
Rambler, Ike. (A Roman Catholic Journal). What was the Religion of

Shakspeare 1858. March to May.
Ramsay. A. Shakspeare in Germany (where?) Date V
Reed, H. Lectures on english history and tragic poetry as illustrated by Shak-

speare. 80. London 1862.
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literary. So. London 1%7. Simpkin & Co.
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an analysis of his leading Tragedies & Comedies. 8. New York 1^70.

1 D. 75 C.
Rushton. W. L. Shakspeare illustrated by old Authors. 80. London 1867.

part 1 & 2. Longman.

Shakspeare's Euphuism. An. attempt to illustrate certain passages of

S's. plays by reference to the Euphues of his contemporary Lyly. post

^o. ss. London 1871. Longman.

Shakspeare's Tenures. (Herrig's Archiv. Vol. 31. part 3.)

Illustrated by the Lex Scripta (Herrig's Archiv. Vol. 32 part 1 & 2).


Shakspeare's Testamentary Language. 12o. 1869. 2s. Longman.
Rye, Wm. Br. England as seen by Foreigners in the days of Elizabeth and

James the first. Comprising the translations of the Journals of the two

Dukes of Wirtemberg in 1592 and 16 lo. both illustrative of Shakspeare,

with extracts from the travels of foreign Princes and others. \to. 1^65.

15s. (25 on large Paper f 2. 2s.). J. R. Smith.
Shakspeare. Authograph, a new. (In an Aldine Edition of Ovid 1502 in the

Bodleyan Library.* Athenaeum 1865. Jany 28.

- Bond, a new Notes & Q. 1864. No. 121.
Family. Notes & Q. 1*5. No. 189.

- in France. Cornhill Mag. 1865. February.


Shakspeare. Jest Book. A hundred merry tales from the only perfect copy
known. Edited by Herm. Oesterley. 60. London 1866. J. R. Smith.

- Gems; in a Series of Landscape Illustrations. 80. London 1870. \2s6d.

- Memorial. Folio. 1865. Is od. Beeton.

- Notes. Dublin University Magazine. 1864. No. 1 & 2.

- Sentiments and Similes. Illuminated in the Missal Style by H. N.
Humphreys. 4o. London 1864. Longman.

- His Birthplace, with coloured Illustrations. Nelson 1859.

- Commemorated. (Temple Bar Mag.) March. 1864.

Illustrated ; or the Novels and Histories on which the Plays of Shakspeare
are founded. 2 Vols. 12o. 1753, a third Volume was published 1754.

- as a Moral teacher. Leisure Hour No. 644.

Tercentenary Monument Committee. (Prospectuses, List of Members etc.,

May 1863 to July 1864.)

- the National Shaks. Committee and the late Mr. Thackeray. 80. 1864.
(privately printed.)

~ Portraits. (Leisure Hour No. 643.

- Playing Cards by Marsh 1863.

- Properties at Stratford. Leisure Hour 644.

- Scholars, All the year round 1861.

considered ethnologically and phrenologically. Anthropological Review.

1864. May.

- Will. A photographic reproduction. 80. London 1864.

- Will, edited with descriptive letterpress by Friswell. 4o. London

- Ye Comic. With 12 drawings by Wm. Gray. 2 parts. 80. Oliver 1864.
Scharf, G. On the principal portraits of Shaksp. 12o. 1864. Spottiswood.
Simpson, (Rich.). An Introduction to the Philosophy of Shakspeare's Sonnets.

80. 1868. 35 6rf. Triibner.

Sonnets. Remarks on the Sonnets of Shaksp. with the Sonnets, showing that
they belong to the Hermetic Class of writings and explaining their general
meaning and purpose. By the Author on Alchemy. So. New York 1865. 10s.

Statistics of Shakspeare Literature. Notes & Q. 1864. No. 116.

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- The Shaksp. Treasury of Wisdom & Knowledge. 80. New York 1869.
Ss Qd.

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Tercentenary (The) of Corydon: A Buccolic Drama in 3 Acts by Norres

Homo. 12o. Oxford 1864. (A Satire on the doings of the National Shaksp.

Committee. )

Thew. Shaksp's. Hamlet, after Fuschi folio print.
Thimm, Franz. Shakspeariana from 1564 to 1864. An Account of the Shaks-

pearian Literature of England, Germany, France and other European

Countries, during Three Centuries, with Bibliographical Introductions.

Second Edition. Containing the Literature from 1864 to 1871. London

1872. 80.
Taylor. The Bee, or a Companion to the Sh.-Gallery, containing a Catalogue

of all the pictures. 1789.
Thorns, W. Three Notelets on Shak. I. Shakspeare in Germany. 2 The Folk

Lore of Shaks. 3. Was Shakspeare ever a Soldier? 12o. London 1864.

J. R. Smith.
The Stratford Bust of Shakspeare. Notes & Q. 1864. No. 116.

- The Kesselstadt Mask of Shakspeare. Notes & Q. 1864. No. 121.
Treasury of Thought from Shakspeare. 12o. London 1866. 5s. Griffin.
Was Shakspeare a Lawyer? being a Selection of passages from Measure for

Measure. By W T. 80. Cloth 1871. London. Longman.
Wellesley, N. Stray Notes on the Text of Shaksp. 80. London 1865. Murrey.
Wetherell, J. Shakspeare Readings (Jul. Caesar, Act H, S. 1). Athen. 1865.

May 20.
Whipple, E. P. Shaksp. the man and the dramatist. Article in the Athlantic

Monthly. New York. June 1867.

>le, E. P. The growth, limitation and toleration of Shaksp. Genius.

Athlantic Monthly. August 1867.
Whise. Shakspeare and his birth place. London 1860.
White, Richard. Memoirs of the Life of William Shakespeare, with an Essay

toward the Expression of his Genius and an Account of the rise and

progress of the English Drama. Boston 1865.

- Evenings with Shakspeare 1SG4.
Wiseman, Cardinal. William Shakespeare. A Lecture. London 1865 5s.

Hurst & B.
Wood, Dyson. Hamlet, from a Psychological point of View. 80. London IS70.

Longman. \s.

Words, a few, in reply of the animadversions of Mr. Dyce on Mr. Hunter's
disquisitions on the Tempest 1839 and his new Illustrations of Shaksp. 1845.

80. London 1853.




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