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Shakspeariana from 1564 to 1864. An account of the Shakspearian literature of England, Germany, France and other European countries during three centuries, with bibliographical introductions online

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Online LibraryFranz J. L. ThimmShakspeariana from 1564 to 1864. An account of the Shakspearian literature of England, Germany, France and other European countries during three centuries, with bibliographical introductions → online text (page 3 of 16)
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1826 Singer's Edition. 10 Vols. 80.

1827 Whittirigham's Edition. 8 Vols. 32.
1832 Valpy's Cabinet Edition. 15 Vols. 1840.

1838 T. Campbell's Edition. I Vol. roy 80. 1852. often reprinted.
Tilt's Miniat. Edition. 8 Vols. 32. 1839.

Charles Knight's Pictorial Edition. 8 Vols. roy. 80. IS45, 1864.

1839 Barry Cornwall's Edition (Illustr. by Meadows). 3 Vols. imp. 8<. 1846. etc

1841 J. Payne Collier's Edition. 8 Vols. 8.

1842 Knight's Library Edition. 12 Vols. 8.'
1847 do. Standard Edition. 7 Vols. roy. 8".

1851 Halliwell's Edition. 4 Vols. 8b.
Hazlitt's Edition. 5 Vols. 12". l53, 1859.
Phelp's Edition. 2 Vols. roy. So. 185^.

1852 Lansdowne Edition. 1 Vols. S>. IS59.
Knight's Edition. 1 Vols. 8".

do. National Edition. 6 Vols. 8".

1853 Halliwell's magn. Edition. 15 Vols. Folio.

Collier's amended Edition from M. S. notes of the Folio. 1632. 8 Vols. .
do. l Vols. imp. 80.

1857 Alex. Dyce's Edition. 6 Vols. 80.

R. Grant White's Edition (Boston). 12 Vols cr. 8.

1858 Collier's. 6 Vols. 80.
Staunton's Edition. 3 Vols.

i860 Cowden Clarke's Edition (New- York). 1 Vol. roy. R.

1862 Chamber's Household Edition. 10 Vols. 12<>.

1863 Bowdler's School Edition, post 80.

1864 W. C. Clark and W. A. Wright's "Cambridge Edition." 8 Vols. SKI.

Dyce's Second Edition. 8 Vols. 80.


1b64 Rowe's New Edition. s.

Staunton's Edition with Notes. 4 Vols. So.

Reprint of first Folio Edition by Booth.

Reference Shakspeare by Marsh.

First Folio of 1623 reproduced by Ho ward. >taunton, Photo-Lithography,

Charles and Mary Cowdeii Clarke's Edition. 4 Vols. b.

do. roy. *.

Cassell's Illustrated Shakspeare.

Keigtley's Elzevier Edition. 6 Vols. 12".

Nimmo's Edition. 2 Vols. 12*.

Knight's Stratford Shakspeare.

do. Re-issue of the Pictorial Shakspeare.

The Globe Edition of the Works of William Shakspeare , edited from

the best texts by William George Blacke and William Aldis Wright.
Cambridge one Vol. roy. fsc. 8. 3s 6</.


A catalogue of pictures in the Shakspeare-Gallery. 8. London 1787.
Account of the second commemoration of Shakspeare in 1830.

- descriptive, of the Gala-Festival at Stratford-upon-Avon in commemor.
of the natal day of Shakspeare. 80. Stratf. 1827.

descriptive of the second Royal Gala-Festival in commemoration of the

natal day of Shakspeare. 80. Stratford-upon-Avon 1827 and 1*30.

A comparative review of the opinions of Mr. James Boaden (editor of the
Oracle) in February, March and April 1795 and of James Boaden Esq.
(author of Fontainville forest etc.) in February 1796, relative to the Shak-
speare manuscript, by a friend to consistency. S. London 179<'>.

Addison. The Spectator "No. 40. 141. 279. 419.

A dictionary of quotations from Shakspeare. 12o. London 1824.

A disquisition on the scene, origin, date, etc. etc. , of Shakspeare's Tempest.
In a letter to Benjamin Heywood Bright Esq., from the Rev. Joseph
Hunter. 8. London 1836.

Adresses, accepted; to which are added, Macbeth Travestie, and Miscellanies
by different hands. 12. London 1813.

A few concise examples of errors corrected in Shakspeare's plays. 8. Lond. 1818.

Agreeable Variety, the, being a miscellaneous collection in prose and verse,
from the Works of Shakspeare, Milton, etc. by a Lady. 8. Lond. 1724.

Albert, [the Rev. John Armstrong] Sonnets (40) from Shakespeare. So. Lond. 1791.

Album: or, Warwickshire Garland, Songs illustrating. 4<. IW'L

A letter to George Hardinge, Esq., on the subject of a passage in Mr. Stee-
vens preface to his impression of Shakspeare iby Collins). 4. Lond. 1771.

A letter from M. de Voltaire to the French Academy on the merits of Shak-
speare, with a dedication to the Marquis of Granby, and a preface by the
Editor. 8. London 1777.

Allen, J. A. The Latnbda-Nu. Tercentenary poem on Shakspeare. 1864.

Allot, Rob. England's Parnassus, or the choicest flowers of Modern poets. 8.
London 160(1.

" Extracts from Shakspeare."

A lyric ode on the fairies, aerial beings, and witches of Shakspeare. 4 ( >.
London 1776.

Analysis of the Illustrated Shakspeare of Thomas Wilson. Fol. 1 820.

An answer to certain passages of Shakspeare in Mr. Warburton's preface of
his edition of Shakspeare; together with some remarks on the many er-
rors of false criticisms in the work itself. 8. London 1748.

An essay on the character of Hamlet, as performed by Mr. Henderson, at the
Haymarket. 8. s. a.

Annotations by Johnson and Steevens, and the various Commentators upon
Hamlet and Titus Andronicus. So. 17^7.

on Plays of Shakspeare, Privately Printed. 8". York |R|0.

- on the* plays of Shakspeare. Publ. with Scholey's Edition. 2 Vols. 8.
London 1819.

Antiquary, the. A farce in two Acts ( satire on Sh.ik. Antiquaries . 1 2.
London 1S08.


A parallel of Shakspeare and Scott. 12o. London IS35.

A poetical epistle from Shakspeare in Elysium to Mr. Garrick at Drury-Lane-

Theatre. 4<. London 1752.
Apollonius of Tyre. The Anglo Saxon Version of the story of (upon which

is founded) the Play of Pericles, attributed to Shakspeare , with a literal

translation by B. Thorpe. 8. 1834.
Arrowsmith , R." W. Letter to the Editor of " Notes and Queries " on the

Questionable Credit of that Periodical , and the Shakspeare adulterations.

8. London 1858.
A second appendix to Mr. Malone's supplement to the last of the plays of

Shakspeare. So. London 1783.
As you like it, the Music composed by Sir H. Bishop. Folio. 1825.

Seven Ages, composed by C. Horn. Folio.

- do. by Arne. Folio. 1740.
Attempt to rescue Maister Shakspeare "see Holt".

an, to illustrate a few passages in Shakspeare's Works. 1802.

Avon, a Poem. London 1758.

Ayscough , S. An index to remarkable passages and words made use of by
Shakspeare. 8<. London 1790. Dublin 1791. Lond. 1M>7, 1827 and 1842.

Bacon, D. The Philosophy of the Plays of Shakespeare unfolded. 8. Lon-
don 1857.

Badham, C. Criticism applied to Shakspeare. fi. Lond. 1846.

Bailey, S. The Received Text of Shakespeare's Dramatic Works and its im-
provement. So. Lond. 1*42.

Baker, D. E. Biographia dramatica. Second Edition. Lond. 1812.

Balmanno, Mrs. see "Lines ".

Barckley. Sir Richard. Discourse on the Felicitie of Man ; or his Summum
Bonum. 4. Printed for William Ponsonby 1598. 1603.

"This work contains at pp. 24 and 25, the story of the Induction to
the Taming of the Shrew."

Barclay. An examination of Mr. Kenrick's Review of Dr. Johnson's edition
of Shakespeare, s. Lond. 1766.

Barret, J. Shakespeare Fresh Chiseled on Stone. 8. n. d.

Baretti, J. Discours sur Shakspeare et sur Mr. de Voltaire. 80. Lond. 1777.

Barnstorff, D. Key to Shakespeare's Sonnets, translated from the German by
T. J. Graham. 80. Lond. 1862.

Beale, M. Lecture on the Times and Play of Richard III. 80. Lond. 184J.

Beauties, the, of Shakspeare and Sterne, with some account of his life. 2 Vols.
I2. London 1819.

of Shakspeare by Dodd. 24. 1840. see Dodd.

do. I2o. 1853 and I^Gu.
Illustrated I2. 1853.

Becket, A. A concordance to Shakspeare, suited to all the editions; in whL-h
the distinguished and parallel passages in the plays of that justly admired
writer are methodically arranged : to which are added three hundred notes
and illustrations entirely new. 80. London \~^~.

Proposals for printing by subscription , in two large vols. 80. " Shak-
speare set free ; or , the language of the poet asserted." 80. Lond. 1 s 12.
- Shakspeare's Himself Again: or, the language of the poet asserted:
being a full but dispassionate examen of the readings and interpretations
of the several editors. 2 Vols. so. London 1815.

Beeton. Shakespeare Memorial, a Collection of pictures and paragraphs about

Shakespeare, folio. 1 864.
Beisly, Sidney. Shakespeare's Garden , or the plants and flowers named in

Shakspeare's Works, defined and described. 1864.
Bell. Shakespeare's Puck and his Folkslore, illustrated from the superstitions

of all Nations, but more especially from the earliest religions and rites of

northern Europe and the Wends. 1S52.

The missing Years in the life of. Shakespeare

Bellew, J. C M. Shakespeare's Home at New Place, Stratford upon Avon.

Bible Truths, with Shakespearian Parallels. 12 Lond. 1862.


Bicknell, J. Laurens. Original Miscellanies (including an Analysis of Hamlet).

Birch, W. Inquiry into the Philosophy and Religion of Shakspeare. 8<. 1 848.

Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine V. p. 217. 220.

Blount, Sir Thomas Pope. Remarks upon Poetry with Characters and cen-
sures of the most considerable poets whether ancient or modern (a life
and several notices of Shakspeare). 1094.

Boaden, J. A letter to George Steevens, Esq., containing a critical examina-
tion of the papers of Shakespeare, published by Mr. Sam. Ireland, with
extracts from Vortigern. S. Lond. 1796.

An inquiry into the authenticity of various pictures and prints, which,

from the poet to our own times, have been offered to the public as por-
traits of Shakespeare. Illustrated by accurate and finished engravings by
the ablest artists from such originals as were of indisputable authority.
8. Lond. 1824.

Remarks on the sonnets of Shakespeare, identifying the persons to whom

they are addressed, and elucidating several points in the poet's history.
8. Lond. 1837.

- Comparative Review of the Opinions of Jac. Boaden in 1795 and in 1790
relative to the Shakespeare M S S. s. 1796.

Bonn, Henry, G. The Biography and Bibliography of Shakespeare, embellished
with 19 illustrations. Printed for the Members of the Philobiblon Society
(40 Copies) square 4. Whittingham 1803.

Book, the, of Shakespeare Gems in a Series of 45 Landscape Illustrations
of the most interesting Localities of Shakespeare's Dramas, 8. Lond. 1845.

Bowdler, Thomas. A letter to the editor of the British Critic, occasioned by
the censure pronounced in that work on the editions of Shakespeare by John-
son, Pope, Bowdler, Warburton, Theobald, Steevens, Reed and Malone, et
hoc genus omne, all the herd of these and Mei-Cominses of the British
School. 8. Lond. 1823.

Boydell. Notice to the Subscribers of Boydell's Edition of Shakspeare. fol.
Lond. 1791.

- Account of the Origin of the Shakspeare Undertaking. 8. Lond. 1791.
Bracebridge, C. H. Shakespeare no Deerstealer. 8. Lond. 1862.

Brae, A. E. Literary Cookery with reference to matter attributed to Coleridge
and Shakspeare. 8. Lond. 1855.

- Collier, Coleridge and Shakspeare, a Review. 8. 1S(50.

British Curiosities in Art and Nature giving an account of Rarities both an-
cient and modern. 12. London 1721 "with notice of Shakspeare and
> Stratford."

Britton, John. Essays on the Merits and Characteristics of Shakspeare's
Writings. 8. Lond. 1819.

- Remarks on the Monumental-Bust of Shakespeare, at Stratford-upon-
Avon, with two woodcuts representing front and profile views of the Bust.
8. Lond. 1816.

Remarks on the Life and Writings of W. Shakespeare. 8. Lond. 1814.

revised isi8. privately printed.
Brooker, Luke. Springs of PI vnlimmon. A poem with notes (relates to Henry V.

8. 1834.
Brome, R. Antipodes, a Comedie, acted in the yeare 1638, at Salisbury Court

in Fleet Street (a curious play, an allusion to Shakespeare, at sig. C. 2.) 1640.
Brown, C. A. Shakespeare's autobiographical Poems, being his Sonnets clearly

developed, with his Character, drawn chiefly from his works. 80. Lond. 1838.
Brough. see "Falstaff."
Bucknill, Dr. J. C. The Psychology of Shakspeare. 80. Lond. 1859.

- Remarks on the Medical knowledge of Shakspeare. Lond. 1 860.
Burton. Shaksperiana Burtonensis; being a Catalogue of the extensive Col-
lection of Shakspeariana of the late W. E. Burton of New- York. 8. 1800.

Caldecott, T. "Hamlet" and "As You like it"; a specimen of an edition of

Shakespeare. S. Lond. IM9. 2d. Ed. 1832.
Campbell, T. Remarks of Life and Writings of Shakspeare (Moxon's Edition

of S.). 1S33.
Campbell, Lord, John. The legal acquirements of Shakspeare considered. 12.

London 1859.


Capell, E. Notes and various readings of Shakespeare, or Extracts from di-
verse english Books that were in print in that author's time; evidently
shewing from whence his several Fables were taken and some Parallel of
his Dialogue. Also farther Extracts, or which contribute to a due under-
standing of his ^SVritings or give a Light, to the History of his Life, or
to the dramatic history of his Time. 4. London 1759. 2nd. edition, with
additions, 3 vols. 1779 80.

Prolusions; or select pieces of Ancient Poetry, containing Edward the

Third, a play thought to be made by Shakespeare. 8. 1760.

Capell. A few Words in defence of Edward Capell, occasioned by a criti-
cism in the Times Newspaper. 4. Lond. 1861 (privately pr.).

Carey, G. Saville. Shakespeare's Jubilee, a masque. 8. London 1769.

Caryl, J. English Princess, or the death of Richard the Third. 4. 1667.

Catalogue of the Household furniture and Effects at New-Place, Stratford
upon Avon 1861.

of Mr. Capell's Shakesperiana presented by him to Trinity College Cam-
bridge and printed from an exact copy of his own Manuscript. London

of the pictures in Boydell's Shakespeare-Gallery, 8. London 1792.

of some Books in the possession of H. Jadis Esq. in Bryanstone Square.

Royal-8 , London. Privately printed. 1826.

of the books, paintings, etc. of the late Samuel Ireland Esq. 8. Lon-
don 1801.

of the various articles contained in Clara Fisher's Shaksperian Cabinet,

with plates. 1830.

Caulfield, T. Vocal Music in Shakspeare's Plays.

Chalmeriana ; a collection of papers occasioned by reading Chalmer's supple-
mental apology. 8. London I8i)0.

Chalmers, A. Biographical Dictionary, Article: Shakspeare.

Chalmers, G. An apology for the believers in the Shakespeare papers, which
were exhibited in Norfolk-Street. 8 n . London 1797.

A supplemental apology for the believers in the Shakespeare-papers,

being a reply to Mr. Malone's answer which was early announced, but
never published, with a dedication to G. Steevens and a postscript to T.
J. Mathias. London 1799.

An appendix to the supplemental apology for the believers in the sup-
posititious Shakespeare papers. s<>. London 1800.

An inquiry into the incidents from which the title and apart of the story

of Shakespeare's Tempest were derived, and its true era ascertained. 8.
London 1815. Only 40 Copies printed.

Chalmers. Antenor's Letter to George Chalmers, author of an apology for
the believers in the Shakspeare Papers; and ot a Postscript to the Apo-
logy. * f London 1800.

Characters, Modern, from Shakspeare, alphabetically arranged. 12. 1778.

Chedworth, Lord. Notes upon some of the obscure passages in Shakespeare's
plays, 8. London 1805. (Privately printed.)

Chester, Rob. Love's Martyr, or Rosalin's Complaint etc. with some new Com-
positions of modern Writers, 4. Lond, 1601,

"Some of these Compositions are by Shakspeare."

Cibber, T. Familiar Epistle to W. Warburton. 8, Lond. s. d.

Lives of the poets. Vol. I

A letter from Cibber to Pope. Lond. 1742,

- A letter to Colley Cibber Esq. on his transformation of King John. 8.
Lond. 1745.

Citation and examination of W, Shakspeare, etc,, touching deer-stealing. 1 2.
London 18H4. see Landor.

Clarke. M, Cowden. Shakspeare Proverbs, or the Wise Saws ot our wisest
poet. 1847, 48, 49.

Mrs. Concordance to Shakspeare. roy, 8, 1844 2nd. E. 1S48,

Girlhood of Shakspeare's Heroines. 3 Vols, 12. 18502.

Shakspeare's Characters chiefly subordinate. Demy. 8. London 1863.

Cliffords Notes on Dryden's Poems (cont. notices of Shakspeare's plays). 1687.
Coleridge, S. T. Rote's and Lectures upon Shakspeare, 2 Vols, 12, Lori-
don 1849,


Collection of Prints from pictures painted for the purpose of illustrating the
dramatic Works of Shakspeare by the artists of Great Britain, Roy.-Fol.
2 Vote, London I $03,

Collier, J. P. New facts regarding the works of Shakespeare. 8. London 1835.

New particulars regarding the writings of Shakespeare. 8. London 183<>.

- Further particulars regarding the writings of Shakespeare. 8. London 1840.

- Shakespeare Library: a collection of the stories, novels, and tales, used
by Shakespeare as the foundation of his plays. 8, London 184041.

Memoirs of Edward Alleyn, founder of Dulwich-College : including some

new particulars respecting Shakespeare, Ben. Johnson, Massinger, Marston,
Dekker etc. 8. London 1841.

The Ghost of Richard the Third. 8 London 1844,

Diary of Philip Henslowe, from 1591 to 1609, From the Original at

Dulwich-College etc, 8. London 184f>,

Memoirs of the Principal Actors in Shakespeare's Plays. 8, London 1846.

A Dissertation on the imputed Portraits of Shakespeare. 8. London 1851.

Life of Shakspeare, with a history of the early English Stage, 8". Lond.


History of English Dramatic Poetry to the time of Shakespeare, and

Annals of the Stage of the restoration, 3 Vols. 8. 1831,

Extracts from the Registers of the Stationers Company. 1557 70, with

notes and illustrations. 2 Vols. 1848/9,

Reasons for a new Edition of Shakspeare's Works. 2. Ed. 1842.

Reply toMr.N, E S, A, Hamilton's "Inquiry into the imputed Shakspeare

Forgeries, 1 860.

New facts regarding the Life of Shakspeare. 1835. Privately printed.

Notes and emendations to the text of Shakspeare's Plays, from early

Manuscript corrections in a Copy of the folio 1632 in the Possession of J.
Payne Collier, Esq. forming a supplementary volume of the works of
Shakespeare. 8. London 1853.

Colman. Prose on several occasions. Vol. II. Lond. 1787.

Comedy of Errors, Music in, by Sir H. Bishop. Folio. 1819.

Commentary. Specimen of a Commentary on Shakspeare. 1794. 8.

Congal and Fenella, a tale in the Story of Macbeth. 8. 1791.

Conolly, John. Study of Hamlet, fsc. 8. 1 863.

Cooke, T. An Epistle (in verse) to the Countess of Shaftesbury, with a Pro-
logue and Epilogue on Shakspeare and his writings. Folio. Lond. 1742.

Cooper, J. G. The Tomb of Shakespeare, a poetical vision. 4. London 1755,
2nd. edition 1755.

Corney, B. The Sonnets of Wm. Shakespeare: a critical disquisition suggested
by a recent discovery. 8. Lond. 1862. (Privately printed.)

Cornwallis, Sir W. Essa}^es of certaine Paradoxes. In Prose and Verse.
2 parts. I8i>. London 1600 1. (Reference to Shakespeare.)

Courtenay, H. Commentaries on the historical plays of Shakespeare. 2 Vols.
8. London 1840.

COX, Frederick. Lecture on the Genesis, Life and Character of William Shak-
speare. 8. Leicester 1^53. (Privately printed).

Craik, G. The English of Shakspeare; illustrated in a philological Commen-
tary on his tragedy of "Julius Caesar." 8. 1 856.

Criticism. Cursory Criticism on the Edition of the Works of Shakspeare
published by Ed. Malone. 1792.

- Of Verbal Criticism, an Epistle to Mr. Pope, occasioned by Theobald's
Shakespeare, and Bentley's Milton. Folio. 1733.

Croft, J. A. Select collection of the beauties of Shakespeare, with some
account of the life of Shakespeare. 8. York 1792.

Annotations on plays of Shakespeare; Johnson and Steevens edition. 8.

York 1810. (Privately printed.)

Croft, Z. (C. Kelsall.i The first sitting of the committee on the proposed

monument to Shakespeare; taken in short-hand. 8. Cheltenham 1825.
CrokerJ. Crof ton. Walk from London to Fulham (cont. a Shakespeare paper). 1 860.

Remarks on an Article inserted in the papers of the Shakespeare Society

on Massinger's play. Believe as yon list. 8. Lond. 1849. Privately printed.

New Readings of Shakespeare's Tempest. 1 2. n. d.

Cumberland, R. The Observer. No. 55 -5S 6.


Cunningham, P. A Selection from Oldys's Mss. Notes to Langbairie's Dramatic

Poets. 8. London 18M.

Cupid's Cabinet Unlock't, or the New Academy of Complements, Odes, Epi-
grams, Songs and Sonnets, Poesies, Presentations etc., with other various
fancies, created partly for the delight, but chiefly for the use of all Ladies,
Gentlemen and Strangers, who affect to speak Elegantly, or write Queintlv.
12. n. d.

"Falsely attributed to Shakespeare."
Curiosities of Shakspearian Criticism. I ^53.
Curling, H. Shakespeare the poet, the lover, the actor, the man. A Romance.

3 Vols. 8. 1849.
Davenant (SirW.). Madagascar, with other Poems. Second Ed. 1648.

"At page 34 is an Ode "In Remembrance of Master William Shakespeare."
Davies (John). Microcosmos, the Discovery of the Little World, with the go-
vernment thereof; 4. Oxford 16<M.

"At page 215 mention is made of Shakespeare and Burbage, as actors."

A Scourge for Paper-Persecutors. 4<>. London 1824. 1825.

"Allusions to Shakspeare's Venus and Adonis."

Davies, Th. Memoirs of Garrick. 2d. Ed. Lond. 1780. (Vol.1 p. 1 13- IS
277, Vol. II 275.)

Dramatick Micellanies, consisting of critical observations on the plays

of Shakespeare: with a Review of his principal Characters, and those of
various eminent writers, as represented by Mr. Garrick and other cele-
brated Comedians. With Anecdotes of dramatick Poets, Actors etc. 3 Vols.
8. London 1784.

Denman, T. see Edinburgh Review. May 1828.

Dennis, J. The impartial Critic; or, some observations on Mr. Ryrcer's late
book, entitled: "A Short view of tragedy" 4. London 1692, 1693, 1697.
"One of tlie earliest and rarest of Shakespeariana ; it is a reply to
Rymer's attack on Shakespeare."

- An essay on the Genius and writings of Shakespeare, with some letters
of criticism to the Spectator. 8. London 1712.

Life of Dennis the Renowned Critick, in which are some observations on
most of the poets (incl. Shakespeare) not written by Mr. Curll. (8. Lon-
don 1734.)

Deverell, Rob. Hieroglyphic and other Antiquities, in treating of which many
favourite Pieces of Butler, Shakespeare etc. are explained. 6 Vols. 8".
London 1816.

Dictionary of Quotations from Shakespeare. 1 2. London 1 843.
Dirill, Ch. (Richard Sill). Remarks on Shakespeare's Tempest containing
an investigation of Mr. Malone's attempt to ascertain the date of that
play; and various notes and illustrations of obscure readings and passages.
80. London 1797.
Dodd, Wm. B. A. The Beauties of Shakespeare, regularly selected from each

play. 2 Vols. 12. London 1752.
Dolby,* Th. The Shakesperian Dictionary, forming a general index to popular

expressions and striking passages in Shakespeare. 8". Lond. 1 832.
Dolby, T. F. The Apotheosis of Shakespeare (in verse). 8. Lond. l^4S.
Done, John Polydoron; or a Miscellanea of Morall, Philosophicall and Theologi-
cal Sentences 1 2. Printed at London by Tho. Cotes for George Gibbes. 1 63 1 .

"Xotice of Shakespeare at page 32."

Donne, J. Poems (Epitaph on Shakespeare at page 165) 1633.
Douce, Francis. Illustrations of Shakespeare and of ancient manners: with
dissertations on the clowns and fools of Shakespeare; on the collection
of popular tales entitled Gesta Roinanorum and on the English Morris
dance, gr. ** u . Lond. IM9.

Douglas, Bypolitus, Earl of, containing some Memoirs of the Court of Scot-
land, with the Secret History of Mackbeth, King of Scotland. S. 1708.
Downes. Roscius Anglicanus. Review of the english Stage. Lond. 17^9.
Drake, J. Ancient and Modern Stages survey'd (cont. curious early specimens

of Shakspearian criticism). 1699.

Drake, Nathan. Shakespeare and his time, including the biography of the
poet, criticism on his genius and writings, a new chronology of his plays,
a disquisition on the object of his sonnets, and a history of the manners,


customs and amusements, superstitions, poetry and elegant literature of
his age. With a portrait and autograph. 2 Vols. 4. Lond. 1817.
Drake, Nathan. Noontide Leisure, including a Tale of the days of Shakspeare.
2 Vols. 8. 1824.

- Memorials of Shakespeare with Essay and Notes or Sketch of his
character and genius by various writers. 8. Lond. 1828.

Dramatic Magazine. Lond. 1830. pag. 12, 35760; 1831. pag. 12, 44-50.
Souvenir: being Literary and graphic Illustrations of Shakspeare and

the British Drama. s. Lond. 18.11.
Dryden, J. Essay on dramatic poesy. Lond. 1668.
Dubois, E. The Wreath; selections from Sappho, Theocritus, Bion and Mo-

schus, Greek and English; to which are added Remarks on Shakespeare.

H. Lond. 1799.
Duff, W. Critical observ. on the writings of original genius. 2 Vols. Lond.

1767- 70. (pag. 127 153.)
Dyce, A. The Old Play of Timon. Now first printed etc. 8. Lond. 18V2.

Remarks on Collier's and Knight's Shakespeare. 8. Lond. 1830.

A few Notes on Shakespeare; with occasional Remarks on the Emen-
dations of a Copy 1632 in the Possession of Mr. Collier. 8. Lond. 1853.

- Strictures on Mr. Collier's New Edition of Shakespeare. 1859.

Memoir of Shakespeare, Preface to the Poems of Shaks. Lond. 1832.

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