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Dyce's Edition of Shakespeare. Article Quarterly Review No. 209. Jany. 1859.
Eaton, T. R. Shakespeare and the Bible. 1858. 1860.

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Shak. viz : King Lear, Cymbeline, and the Merchant of Venice. 1 2. Lond.
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50. 5. 85.

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an, from Little Captain Brazen to the worthy Captain Plume, to which is

added an answer to the said Epistle. In which the character of lago is
set forth, so as to be understood by the meanest capacity, folio. Lond. n. d.

an, to Mr. Pope, on verbal criticism, occasioned by Theobald's Shake-
speare and Bentley's Milton, folio. 1773.

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- on the Jubilee at Stratford upon Avon. 4. 17<>9.

- towards fixing the true Standards of Wit, Humour, Raillery etc. and an
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an, on the character of Hamlet, as performed by Mr. Henderson. Lond.

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Etchings to the illustrated Shakespeare: designed by Kenny Meadows.
Roy.- ft . London n. d.

Etymologist, a Comedy in three acts; dedicated to all the Commentators that
ever wrote, are writing or will write on Shakespeare. 1785.

Euphues Golden Legacie, found after his death in his Cell at Silexedra, be-
queathed to Philautus Sonnes, nursed up with their father in England,
fetcht from the Canaries by T. L. Gent.
4<. imprinted at London for John Smethwicke. 163-1.

,,The foundation novel of the Comedy of As You Like It".

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man, illustrated by a series of extracts in prose and poetry; introduced
by a brief memoir of Shakespeare and his writings. 8. Chiswick 1818.
2d. Edition London 1820.


Exegesis, new, of Shakespeare. Interpretations of his principal characters and

Pla^s on the Principle of Races. 80. Edinb. 1859.
Facsimile, of the letter mentioning Shakespeare in the Collection of the Earl

of Ellesmere. Privately printed.
Facsimiles (six) of all the known Autographs of Shakespeare, drawn by Harris,

on a \to. Sheet.

Faed, Thomas. Shakespeare and his Contemporaries. Print,
Fairhold, Home of Shakespeare illustrated and described. Engravings. Lond.1847.
Falstaff. The diverting history of the life, memorable exploits, pranks and

droll adventures etc. of Sir John Falstaff and miraculous escapes from the

wanton contrivances of the Merry Wives of Windsor as written by Shak-

speare. 8. (1750) -2nd Ed. 17^9.

- The Life and Exploits of that Extraordinary Character of Sir John Falstaff,
the Hero of Shakespeare, and companion of Henry, Prince of Wales; with
an account of the numerous Robberies and Offences committed by them ;
particulars of his amorous Adventures and Gallanteries at Windsor, with
Mrs. Ford and Mrs. Page; his conduct as a Captain at the Battle of
Shrewsbury, between Percy and Hotspur, a humorous Description of his
Soldiers, Trial and Conviction at Maidstone etc. With the Portrait of
Fal staff. So. Lond. n. d.

Original Letters etc. of Sir John Falstaff and his friends, now first

made public by a Gentleman, see ' White".

Life and Humours of Sir John Falstaff. 8. Lond. 1829.

The Life of Sir John Falstaff, illustrated by George Cruikshank, with

a biography of the Knight from authentic sources by Rob. Brough. 80.
Lond. 1^57.

Falstaff s Jests, or the Quintessence of Wit aud Humour, with a collection
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Wedding. I7iu).

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Farrago; containing Essays on Shakespeare, Boxing and other things, 2Vols

8". Tewkesbury. 1792.
Farren, G. An essay on Shakespeare's character of Shylock. 8. London 1833.

Observations on the laws of Mortality and disease, with an Appendix

on the progress of Mania, Melancholia, Craziness and Demonomania, as
displayed in the Characters of Lear, Hamlet, Ophelia and Edgar. Printed
for the Author. 1829.

Facts and Reasons in answer to Farren. 1833.

Fate of Majesty exemplified in the Barbarous Treatment of the Kings and
Queens of the Royal House of the Stuarts. 8. J. Roberts in Warwick
Lane, n. d.

,,Story of Macbeth"

Fechter's Version of Othello critically analysed see Ottley, Wilmot.

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1787. - 2nd Part 17SS.

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Shakespeare Cyclopaedia, or a classified and elucidated Summary of

Shakespeare's knowledge of the Works and Phenomena of Nature, (in
20 parts.) 8. 1SH2.

Fergusson, Dr. On the Madness of Hamlet (Article in the Quarterly Review

on Sir Henry Holford's Essay).
Finegan, F. T. An attempt to illustrate a few passages in Shakespeare's

works. 80. Bath 18U2.
Fisher, Clara. Catalogue of the various articles in Clara Fisher's Shakespearian

Cabinet, 80. Lond. I860.

- Remembrance of Shakespeare. Wood engravings of all the models. 80.
20 engrav. n. d.

Fletcher, G. Studies on Shakespeare with observations and the Criticism and

acting of certain plays. 80. Lond. 1847.
Footsteps of Shakespeare, or ramble with the Early Dramatists, roy. 12o.

London 1861.
Forster, R. H A few remarks on the Chandos Portrait of Shakespeare, bought

for the Earl of Ellesmere. 80. Lond. 1849. (50 Copies.)


Fragments, Curious, from a Manuscript Collection, ascribed to Shakspeare.

London 181 1.
Friswell, Hain. Life Portraits of William Shakspeare : a history of the various

representations of the poet; with an examination into their authenticity.

Illustrated by Photographs, roy. 8<>. London 1864.
Fronde, J. A. History of England, the Volume containing: The Reign of

Elizabeth. London 1803.
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new traits and traditions. 8<>. London 1862.
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p. 2749.

Garland of Shakspeariana (only 25 Copies printed, privately 1854).
Garrick, Dav. Ode upon dedicating a building, and erecting a statue to

Shakespeare at Stratford-upon-Avon. 4. London 1769.

Vagary, or England run mad ; with Particulars of the Stratford Jubilee.

8. 1769.

- Letter to Garrick concerning a Glossary to the Plays of Shakespeare,
with a Specimen. 1768.

A poetical Epistle from Shakspeare in Elysium to Mr. Garrick at

Drury Lane Theatre. 4. London 1752.

An Ode to Garrick. 80. London 1749.

Gems of Shakespeare. In Tilt's Miniature Classics. London n. d.
Genius, the, of Shakspeare, a Summerdream. London 17VI3.
Gerard. An Essay on Genius. London 1747. ipage 71, 363.)
Gervinus, G. G. Shakspeare Commentaries, translated by F. E. Bunnett.

2 Vols. 8. London 1862.
Gilchrist, 0. An examination of the charges maintained by Messrs. Malone,

Chalmers, and others, of Ben. Johnson's enmity, &c., towards Shakespeare.

8. London 1808.
Gildon, Ch. Some reflections on Mr. Rymer's ,,Short view of tragedy" and

an attempt at a vindication of Shakespeare. 1694. (In the miscellaneous

letters and essays. 8. 1694.)

- Remarks on the plays of Shakespeare. Reprinted at the end of 1th
Vol. of Rowe's Ed. 1709.

- Complete Art of Poetry, and Shakespeariana, or the most beautiful
topics and characters in all Shakspeare's plays. 12". London 1718.

Comparison between the two Stages, with an examen of the generous

Conqueror (includes Shakspearian critiques) 1702.

Giraud. The Flowers of Shakspeare. 30 plates. 4<. 1845.

Godwin. The life of Chaucer. (Vol. I. p. 49<>, 509, 512, Vol. IV. pag. 1S9.)

Goldsmith, 0. Vicar of Wakefield. Ch. II. pag. I*.

Goodall's. Shakspeare's Tercentenary Playing Cards. 1864.

Gough, H. T. Ode, inscribed with reverend Regard to the Memory of William

Shakspeare, the Immortal Bard. Ato 184S
Graves, H. M. Essay on the Genius of Shakspeare, with critical remarks on

the characters of Romeo, Juliet, and Ophelia. *. 182<>.
Green, C. F. The Legend of Shakspeare's Crab-Tree. Plates. 1857.
Green (Robert). Groatsworth of Witte, bought with a Million of Repentance.

Mo London 1592 (contains a notice of Shakspeare) reprinted with preface

by Sir E. Brydges. 4<>. 1813.

Gregory, Letters on Literature, taste and composition. Vol. II. pag. 252.
Grey, Zach. A word or two of advice to William Warburton, a dealer in

many words by a friend. With an appendix containing a taste of William's

Spirit of railing. 8. London 1746.

A free and familiar letter to that great refiner of Pope and Shakespeare

the Rev. Mr. Win. Warburton. s. London 1750.

- Critical, historical and explanatory notes on Shakespeare, with emendations
of the text and metre. 2 Vols. 8. Lond. 1 752. 2. Edit. 1 754. - 3. Edit. 1 755.

Remarks upon a late (Warburton's) edition of Shakespeare, with a long

string of emendations, borrowed by the celebrated editor from the Oxford
edition without acknowledgement; to which is prefixed a defence of the
late Sir Thomas Hanmer, Bart. 8. London 1751.

Griffith, Mrs. Elizabeth. The morality of Shakespeare's dramas illustrated.
London 1775. 8. 2 Vols 1777.


Grimaldi. Notes and Emendations on the plays of Shakespeare, from a recently

discovered annotated Copy of the late Joseph Grimaldi Esq. Comedian.

S. (a humorous squib on the late Shakspeare Emendations. 1854.)
Grinfleld, C. V. Pilgrimage to Stratford on Avon. I2.
Grinfield, C. V. Remarks on the moral Influence of Shakspeare's Plays; with

illustrations from Hamlet. S. 1850.
Guizot. Shakespeare and his Times, translated from the french. 8. London

18.V2 & IS57.
Guthrie, W., Essay on English Tragedy, with Remarks on the Abbe Le

Blanc's Observations on the EngUsh Stage. 8. London 1747, 1749.
Hackett, J. H. Falstaff, a Shaksp. Tract, privately printed. IS40.
Hall, J. Illustrations of Shakspeare. 8>. London' 17 73.
Hall, John. Select observat. on English Bodies ; or cures both empericall and

historicall, performed upon very eminent persons in desperate diseases

transl. from Latin into English by James Cooke. 12. London 1657,

1679, 16^3.

,,Hall married Shak. daughter Susanna in 1607, notices several family

Hall, Spencer. Letter to Mr. Murray on a New Edition of Shakspeare. 1841.
Hallam, H. Introduction to the Literature of Europe. Vol. II. & III.
Haliiwell, J. 0. The life of Shakespeare. 8. London 1827.

An introduction to Shakespeare's Midsummer- Night's Dream. 8. London


- Shakesperiana. A catalogue of the early editions of Shakespeare's
plays and of the commentaries and other publications illustrative of his
works. S. London 1841.

Illustrations of the Fairy Mythology of Shakespeare. 8. London 1845.

The life of Will. Shakespeare; including many Particulars respecting

the Poet and his Family never before published, 8. London IMv

The Remarks of M. Karl Simrock on the Plots of Shakespeare's Plays.

With Notes etc. 8. London 1850.

A lyttle Boke givinge A True and Brief Accounte of some Reliques

and Curiosities added of late to Mr. Halliwell's Shakspeare Collection
facsimile 1617. Only 25 Copies printed. 4o 1856.

Essay on the Character of John Falstaff. 12o.

Observations on the Character of Falstaff. 1 2. 1841.

Some Account of the Antiquities, Coins, Manuscript Documents etc.

illustrative of Shakspeare in the possession of J. 0. Haliiwell Esqr. Facsimile

and woodcuts; only 80 Copies printed. 1^52.
Traditionary Anecdotes of Shakspeare collected in Warwickshire in

1693. London 1838.

- Account of the only known Manuscript of Shakspeare's plays, compr.
some important variations and corrections in the Merry Wives of Windsor,
obtained from a play house Copy of that play recently discovered. 1843.

A few remarks on the Emendation ,,Who smothers her with painting"

in the play of Cymbeline, discovered by Mr Collier in a corrected Copy
of the second Edition of Shakspeare. 80.

A new Boke about Shakespeare and Stratford on Avon. 4o. London

1850. (75 Copies printed.)

Observations on the Shakesperian forgeries at Bridge water House, illus-
trative of a facsimile of the spurious letter of H. S. 4. London 1853.
(25 Copies)

A Garland of Shakesperiana, recently added to the Library and Museum

of 0. Haliiwell. 4o. 1^54. (25 Copies.)

Bill of Complaint in Chancery respecting Mr. Shakespeare's Legacy to

the Birth Place in Henley Street. 4. London 18">9.

Dorastus and Fawnia. " The foundation Story of Shakespeare's Winter's

Tale. Edit, by Halliwell. 4. London 1859. (26 Copies printed.)

Brief Hand-list of the Records belonging to the Borough of Stratford-

on-Avon, showing their general character, and Notes of the few Shakesperian
Documents in the same Collection. 12. London 1862. (50 Copies.)

A hand-list of upwards of a Thousand Volumes of Shakesperiana added

to the three previous Collections of a similar kind formed by J. 0. Haliiwell.
4. London 1862. (25 Copies.)


Halliwell, J. 0. Dictionary of OldEngl. Plays, existing either in print or manuscript,
from the earliest times to the close of the 17^ Century. 80. London I8b(>.

Hand List of the Early English Literature preserved in the Malone

Collection in the Bodleian Library. 80. London I860 (51 Copies.)

Skeleton Hand list of the Early Quarto Editions of the Plays of Shak-

speare with Notices of the Old Impressions of the poems. 8. London
I860 (25 Copies.)

Observations on some of the Manuscript emendations on the text of

Shakspeare. 80.

Curiosities of modern Shakespeare Criticism. So. Lond. 1853.

Shakespeare's Will, copied from the Original, in the Prerogative Court,

preserving the Interlineations and Facsimiles of the three Autographs of
the poet, with a few preliminary Observations. 4o.

Notices of Early Editions of Shakespeare. 14 pages. 8. Only 25 Copies

printed 1857.

- A Hand-List of Books, Manuscripts etc. illustrative of the Life and
Writings of Shakespeare, collected between the years 1842 and 1859.
Only 3o Copies privately printed 1859.

,,This Collection contains upwards of three hundred volumes, entirely
relating to Shakespeare."

Halpin, J. A. Oberon's Vision in the Midsumer Night's Dream illustrated by
a comparison with Lylie's Endymion. 8. London 1S43.

- The dramatic Unities of Shakespeare etc. 8. Dublin IS 49.
Hamilton, E. S. A. The Shakspeare Question: an enquiry into the Genuiness

of the M. S. Corrections in Mr. J. Payne Collier's Annotated Shakspeare
folio 1632 and of certain Shaksperian Documents, likewise published by
Mr. Collier; 8. London 1860.

Strictures on Hamilton's Inquiry by a Scrutator. 80. 1860.
Hamlet. An Attempt to ascertain whether the Queen were an Accessory,
before the Fact, in the Murder of her First Husband. 8.

Some Remarks on the Tragedy of Hamlet Prince of Denmark written
by Shakspeare. 80. London 1736.

- Slender's Ghost; Hamlet's Soliloquy imitated; a fit of the Spleen in
imitation of Shakespeare. 8<>. London 174^.

- Ophelias Airs in Hamlet, arranged by G. Nicks, fol.

Hanmer. Verses to Sir Thomas Hanmer on his Edition of Shakspeare's Works.
By a Gentleman of Oxford (W. Collinsi folio. London 1743.

The Castrated letter of Sir Thomas Hanmer, wherein is discovered the

first Rise of the Present Bishop of Gloucester's Quarrel with that Bart,
about his Edition of Shakspeare's Plays. 4<>. 1763.

- T. Preface to his Edition of Shakspeare. Oxf. 1744.

Harding. The whole historical dramas of W. Shakespeare, illustrated by an
assemblage of portraits of the royal, noble, and other persons mentioned,
together, with those of commentators, actors, and views of castles, towns,
etc. with short biographical and topographical accounts, 2 vols., 4<. and
imperial *>. London 1793. 2d. Edition 18JI.

Hardinge, George. Another essence of Malone ; or, the beauties of Shake-
speare's editor. In two parts. 8. London 1801.

- Miscellaneous Works. London 1818.

Hardy, R. B. Lectures on Shakspeare. 18<>. London 1834.

Hardy, T. Duffus. A Review of the Present state of the Shakspearian Contro-
versy. S<>. London 1860.

Hare, J. v G. The Victory of Faith, etc. London 1840. (pag 277.)

Hares, R. A Glossary or collection of words, names, and allusions to customs,
proverbs etc. which have been thought to require illustration in the works
of english authors, particularly Shakespeare and his contemporaries. 8.
London IS 23.

Harness, W. The life of Shakspeare, preface to his Edition 1825.

Harris, J. Dramatic Speculations: in his Philos. Inquiries Vol. II.

Harrison, Mr. The Infant Vision of Shakespeare, and other poems. 4<>. Lond.

Hartshorne, C. H. Book Rarities of the University of Cambridge with Notes, 1829.
Includes a Collection of Capel's Shakesperiana in Trinity College Library.

Hawkins, F. 'IV Origin of the English Drama. 3 Vols. Oxf. 1773.


Hayward, Th. Tlie British Muse, or a Collection of thoughts of our English
poets of the Ibt* &17*h Centuries, with passages from Shakspeare. 3 Vols.
12. London 1738.

Hazlitt, Will. Characters of Shakespeare's plays. IS 1 7. 4th Edition, edited
by his son. 8. London 1848.

Lectures on the dramatic Literature of the age of Elizabeth. 80. Lond.

1821. 3rd Ed. 1841.

Heath, Charles. A Revisal of Shakespeare's text, wherein the alterations
introduced into it by the more modern editors and critics are particularly
considered. 8<>. London 1765.

Shakspeare Gallery. 45 portraits.

the Portraits of Shakspeare's Heroines, imp. 80. 1848. London.

Heron iR. i. e. Pinkerton). Letters on Literature including Remarks on the
last Edition of Shakspeare. 1785.

Heywood, Thomas. Fayre Maide of the Exchange, with the merry humors
and pleasant passages of the Cripple of Fanchurch. 1637.

,,Contains a curious notice of Shakspeare's poem of Yenus and Adonis"

Hifferman, Paul. Dramatic Genius. Essay on Shakspeare. 1772.

Historiographer. The dramatic; or the British Theatre delineated. 12".
London 1735.

,,Criticism on Shakspeare's plays."

Histrionic Topography; or, the Birth IPlaces, Residences and Monuments of
distinguished Actors. S. London 1818.

Hoe. Wm. Shakspeare. Treasury of Subject Quotations synonymously
indexed, ho London 1863.

Holt, J. An attempte to rescue that aunciente English Poet and Play wrighte,
Maistre William Shakespeare, from the many errours falsely charged on
him by certaine new fangled wittes, and to let him speak for himself as
right well he wotteth, when freede from the many careless mistakings of
the heedless first imprinters of his works. 8. London 1749.

Remarks on the Tempest; or, an attempt to rescue Shakespeare from

the many errors falsely charged on him by his several editors, &c. 8.
London 1750.

Home, fl. Elements of Criticism Chap. 2 - 23.

Hornby, Extemporal Verses written at the Birth Place of Shakspeare. 8. s. a.
Howard, H. Visionary Interview at the Shrine of Shakespeare. 4<>. Lond. 1756.
Howard, F. Spirit of the Plays of Shakespeare, exhibited in a series of outline

Plates illustrative of the story of each play ; drawing and engravings by the

author with quotations and descriptions. 5 Vols. 8. London 1833 18M5.
Hows, J. W. The Shakespearian Reader; a Coll. of the most approved plays

of S. with introd. and notes. I2o. Ne\v York. 1850.
Huckel, Rev. John- Avon, a poem in three cantos. Birm. 175*. 4<. Lond.

1811. 12o.

Hudson, H. N- Lectures on Shakespeare. 2 Vols. 12. London and New- Y r ork 1848.
Hugo, Victor. William Shakspeare. His Life and Works, transl. from the

trench by A. Baillot. 1864.

Hume, D. History of England. Appendix to James I.
Humphreys, H. N. Shakespeare's Sentiments and Similes. Illuminated etc. 9.

London 1 851. 1864.
Hunt, Rich. The Bow of Jonathan, with the flower de Luce, in a funeral

lamentation upon Robert Lucy of Charlcote in the Country of Warwick.

\to 1757.
Hunter, Jos, Disquisition on the Scene, Origin and Date of Shakespeare's

Tempest, 1S39. (Only 100 Copies printed.)

New Illustrations of the Life, Studies and Writings of Shakspeare. 2

Vols 80. London 1845.

Few words in reply to Mr. Dyce's few Notes on Shakspeare. S".

- Reply to the animadversions of Mr. Dyce on the disquisition on the
Tempest. 1863.

- Henry VIII. adapted for Scholastic Study. 12o. London ISfiO.
Hurd. Disquisition on the provinces of the drama.

Hurdis, J. M. A. Cursory remarks upon the arrangement of the plays of
Shakesp., occasioned by reading Mr. Malone's essay on the chronological
order of those celebrated pieces. So. London 1792.


Jackson, Wm. Thirty Letters on varions Subjects. 12<>. London 1782, 1795.

Cont. Passages in Shak. explained.
Jackson, Z. Shakespeare's genius justified: being restorations and illustrations

of TOO passages in Shakespeare's plays, which have j afforded abundant

scope for critical animadversion, and hitherto held at defiance the pene-
tration of all Shakespeare's commentators. 8. 1818. 3rd Ed. London 1819.
Jacob, Ed. Lamentable and true tragedie of M. Arden, of Feversham in

Kent; with a preface in favour of its being the earliest dramatic work

of Shakespeare. 80. London 1770.
Jacob, Giles. The poetical Register, or the Lives of English Dramatick Poets.

2 Vols 8(. London 171920. "With Shakspeares portrait."
Jameson, Mrs. Characteristics of Women, moral, poetical and historical.

Portia, Beatrice, Juliet, Ophelia, Miranda etc. 50 Vignette illustrations.

2 Vols 1833.
Shakespeare's female characters. An appendix to Shakespeare's dramatic

works, bo. Lond. 1834, 2nd ed. 1840, 3rd ed. 1M3.
Jarvis, J. Correct detail of the ceremonies attending the Shakesperian Gala,

celebrated at Stratford-upon-Avon, on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday,

April 23, 24, and 25, 1827; together with some account of Garrick's Jubilee

in 1769. 8<>. Stratford-upon-Avon. 1827.

Ibbot, B. A fit of Spleen, in imitation of Shakspeare, (Dodsley's Collection.)
Jemmat, Catherine. Verses on seeing Mr. Barry perform the parts of Othello,

Romeo, Jaffier, etc. 4o. London I 7 66.
Jennens, Charles. The tragedy of King Lear as lately published, vindicated

from the abuse of the critical reviewers; and the wonderful genius and

abilities of those gentlemen for Criticism set forth, celebrated and extolled.

80. London 1772.
Jephson, J. M. Shakespere, his birthplace, home and grave. A pilgrimage

to Stratford on Avon in 1863, with photographic illustrations by E. Edwards.

small 4. 1863.

Jerningham, E. The Shakspeare Gallery. A Poem. 4o. 1791.
Jervis, Sw. Proposed Emendations to the text of Shakspeare's Plays. 80.

Lond. 1860.

Jest Book. The Hundred Merry Tales, or Shakspeare's Jest-Book. 12o. Lond.

Specimens of a New Jest Book: also Annotations upon Shakespeare,

with various other matters never before published. I2. London. 1810.

Immortality, the, of Shakspeare. A Poem. 4<. 1784.

Ingleby, C. M. The Shakspeare fabrications, or the M. S. Notes of the Perkins
folio shown to be of recent origin : with an Appendix on the Authorship
of Ireland Forgeries. I2. Lond. 1859.

- Complete View of the Shakespeare Controversy concerning the authen-
ticity and Genuiness of Manuscript matter affecting the works and Biogr.
publ. by Collier as the fruits of his researches. 80. Lon. 1861.

Interview. The Interview, or Sir John Falstaffs Ghost; a poem inscribed to
David Garrick Esq. 4. London 1766.

Introduction to the School of Shakespeare. 80. s. 1. & a.

to Shakespeare's pi ys ; containing an Essay on Oratory. 80. Lond. 1774.

Johnson, Sam. Miscellaneous Observations on the Tragedy of Macbeth, with

Remarks on Sir T[homasJ H[anmer's] edition of Shakespeare: to which
is affixed Proposals for a new edition of Shakespeare, with a specimen.
12". Lond. 1745.

Proposals for printing, by subscription; the dramatic works of W.

Shakespeare, corrected and illustrated. 80. Lond. 1756.

Johnson's Dr. preface to his edition of Shakespeare's Plays. 8. Lond. 1765. 1858.
Jones, H. Clifton: a Poem, to which is added an Ode to Shakespeare, in

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