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honour of the Jubilee. 4o. Bristol 1779.
Jones, G. Tecumseh etc., with Oration on the Life of Shakespeare. M. 1844.

The first Jubilee Orations upon the life, Character and Genius of

Shakspeare, pronounced at Stratford 24 April 1^36.

Jones, Winter. Observations on the Division of Man's Life into Stages prior

to the Seven Ages of Shakespeare. 4o. Lond. I860.
Jordan, J. Welcombe Hills, near Stratford-upon-Avon, a Poem, historical and

descriptive. 4. 1777.


Ireland, Jobn. Shukesperiana, selected from the Letters and Poems of the

late Mr. John Henderson. 80. London 1786.
Ireland, Sam. Pict. Views on Avon - with observ on the publ. Buildings

and other works of Art in its vicinity. 80. Lond. 1792.
Ireland, W. H. An authentic account of the Shakespearian Manuscripts. 8".

Lond. 1796.

An investigation of Mr. Malone's claim to the character of scholar or

critic; being an examination of his "Inquiry into the authenticity of the
Shakespeare manuscripts." 8. London 1797.

Vindication of his conduct respecting the publication of the supposed

Shakespeare manuscripts; being a preface or introduction to a reply to
the critical labours of Mr. Malone. So. Lond. 1796.

- Forgeries: Miscellaneous Papers, Legal Instruments under the hand of
Win. Shakespeare. 80. Lond. 1796.

- The confession of W. H. Ireland; containing the particulars of this
fabrication of the Shakespeare manuscripts , together with anecdotes and
opinions (hitherto unpublished) of many distinguished persons in the literary,
poetical, and theatrical world. 8 Lond. 1805.

Judith, a Sacred Drama, as performed in the church of Stratford-upon-Avon,
on occasion of the Jubilee. 4<. Lond. I7H9.

Julius Caesar (Shakespearesi rendered into Latin by H. Denison. go. 1856.

Kelly, Mich. Hamlet's Letter to Ophelia versified, composed for, and dedicated
to Miss Abrams. S. I SOD.

Kemble and Cooke in Richard the Illrd. So. Lond. ISO I.

Kemble. A short Criticism on the Performance of Hamlet by Mr. Kemble.

So. 17^9.

Kemble, John Philip. Macbeth re-considered ; an essay intended as an answer
to part of the remarks on some of the characters of Shakespeare, bo.
Lond. 1786.

Essay on Macbeth and Richard III. An Essay in answer to some remarks

on someibyWm.Whateleyi of the Characters of Shakespeare, ho. Lond. 1817.

Kenny, Th. Life and Genius of Shakespeare. 1864.

Kenrick, W. A review of Dr. Johnson's new edition of Shakespeare. In
which the ignorance or inattention of that editor is exposed and the poet
defended from the persecution of his commentators. 8. Lond. 1765.

- A defence of Mr. Kenrick's Review of Dr. Johnson's Shakespeare; con-
taining a number of curious and ludicrous anecdotes of literary biography.
By a friend. 80. Lond. I7HH.

"introduction to the school of Shakespeare, held on Wednesday evenings,

in the Apollo, at the Devil Tavern, Temple Bar. To which is added a
Retort courteous on the Critics, as delivered at the second and third
Lectures. *o. Lond. 1773.

- FalstaiFs Wedding: a Comedy, written in imitation of Shakespeare. 17fi<>.
King Henry the Fourth, being a specimen of Shakespeare's plays, furnished

(in imitation of the Waverly Novels) with the manners and costums of the
age in which the drama's plot is laid. 2 Vols. 80. Lond. 1826.

King Henry the Fifth, Music in, by J Isaacson, folio. 1858.

King Henry VI. Essay on the Authorship of the three parts of King Henry VI.
8 . Carnb. ISM).

King Henry the Sth. Music in, by J. L. Hatton. fol. 1855.

King Lear, history of, revived by Tate. small So. 1771.

- Three Essays on Shakespeare's King Lear by Pupils of the City of
London School. 1851.

Kitchiner. Collection of Vocal Music in Shakspeare's Plays from the original
M. S. and early printed Copies in the possession of Dr. Kitchiner. ISHil.

Knight, Ch. Studies of Shakespeare, forming a Companion Volume to every
Edition of the text. ^o. London 1849.

Biography of Shakespeare. 8<>. Lond. 1^43.

Old Lamps or New? A plea for the Original Editions of the text of

Shakespeare, forming an Introductory Notice to the Stratford Shakespeare.
I gn3.

Lamb, Ch. Tales from Shakespeare. 1 Vols. P2. Lond. ISO". Frequently reprinted.
Lamb, Ch. Essay on the Tragedies of Shakespeare, considered with reference
to their fitness for Stage Representations. S. lin Lamb's Works.)


Lamb, C> Specimens of early dramatic poetry. Lond. I fi 08.

Lander, W. S. Imaginary Conversations. Shakespeare and Elisabeth. 8. Lond.

- Citation and examination of Shakespeare and others before Sir T. Lucy,

touching Deer Stealing in 1582. 8. Lond. 1834.
Langbaine, G. Momus Triumphans, or the Plagiaries of the English Stage

exposed in a Catalogue of Plays. (Several Notices of Shakespeare pag. 21

and 22.) 1688.

Langford, J. A. The Shakspeare Tercentenary year, poems in Memoriam. 1864.
Lansdowne. Three Phiys, the Jew of Venice altered from Shakspeare. 1713.

Lord George, Granville, Works of. 3 Vojs. !2o. Lond. 1730.

"Contains Merchant of Venice alterations".

Lardner'S Cyclopaedia. The Life of Shakspeare. 1837.

Latham, Eevd. H. Sertum Shaksperianum subnexis aliquot aliunde Excerptis
Floribus. I2mo. London 1864.

Lennox, Mrs. Ch. Shakespeare illustrated; or the novels and histories on
which the plays of Shakespeare are founded, collected and translated from
the original authors, with critical remarks. 3 Vols. 12. Lond. 1753 54.

Letter from Mr. Desenfans to Mrs. Montague. 80. Lond. 1777.

on Shakspeare 's Authorship of the two Noble Kinsmen. 8. Edinburg 1833.

on the Natural history of Insects mentioned in Shakspeare's plays.

Woodcuts 1838.

Letters from Snowdon, descriptive of a Tour through the Northern Counties

of Wales. 8. 1770.

This little work contains the earliest tourist's account of Snowdon, and
a curious notice of King Lear as acted in Wales.
Lines, adressed to T. Crofton Croker, Esq. F. A. S. by Mrs. Balmanno, on his

acquisition of Shakspeare's Gimmel Ring. Woodcuts. 4<. New York 1857.
Linley, W. Dramatic Songs to all Shakspeare's Dramas 2 Vols. fol. 1820.
Literarius, Th. (ps.) A familiar address to the curious in english poetry,

more particularly to the readers of Shakespeare. 8. Lond. 1784.
Literary and graphical illustrations of Shakespeare and the British Drama.

Nearly 200 engravings on wood by Harvey and others. 80. Lond. 1831.
Lloyd, Rob. Shakespeare : an epistle to Mr. Garrick, with an Ode to Genius.

4o. 1760.
Lofft, C. Aphorisms from Shakespeare arranged according to the plays etc.

with a preface and notes, numeral references to each subject and a copious

Index. 80. Bury 1812.
Lowndes. Shakspeare and his Commentators, from Lownde's Bibliographer's

Manual, portrait by Worthington, only 52 Copies privately printed 1831.

Bibliographer's Manual new Edit. Part VIII contains: Shakespeariana

by Henry G. Bohn. The most perfect account of all the various Editions
and of the single plays of Shakespeare ever published in England. Lond. 1864.

Luders, A. An essay on the character of Henry the Fifth , when Prince of

Wales. So. Lond. 1813.

Lyndon, C. Concordance of Select Quotations from Shakespeare. 12<. Lond. 1850.
Macbeth. Original Music in Macbeth, as composed by Math. Locke, arranged

from the score and adapted for the Pianoforte by B. Jacobs n. d. folio.

The Introductory Symphony, Airs, Recitations, Dances and Choruses in

the Tragedy of Macbeth in score composed by Matthew Locke. First
performed about 1674, corrected by Dr. Boyce. folio.

ditto, for Pianoforte by Loder, with historical account of the Music

by Reinbauld. folio. 1840. Frequently republished by others.

Scotch Airs used in Macbeth, in Score, by Sam. Arnold, fol.

A key to the Drama; containing the life, character and secret history

of Macbeth. 12o. Lond. 1768.

Shakspearian Criticism and Acting (Westminster Review, December 1843).

and King Richard III. An Essay in Answer to J. B. Kemble. 80. Lond. 1817.

reconsidered, an Essay intended as an answer to part of Whatley's

remarks on some of the characters of Shakspeare. 1786.

with Introduction and notes by Dalgleish. 12o. Lond. 1862.

the tragical history of Macbeth; a new Song 8<. 1815.

Mac Chaff. A. Letter to the Editor of the Glasgow Argus on Collier's new

edit, of Shakespeare. 8<>. Lond. 1842.

Macdonell, Essay on the Tragedy of Hamlet, with Notes. 1843.



Macdonell. An Essay on the Play of the Tempest. 8. Lond. 1S40.

Macgregor, R. 6. Othello's Character. So. Lond. 1852.

Mackenzie, H. On Hamlet, in the "Mirror" 1780 Nr. 99100,

Macnight, Thomas. Shakspeare "a prize Essay" on the historical plays of

Shakspeare. 8<>. 1850. .,,

Madden, Sir Fr. Observations on an autograph of Shakespeare, and the

orthography of his name. 80. Lond. 183^.
Maginn, Dr. On Farmer's Essay on the learning of Shakspeare. (Frazer's

Magazine i$:J9.)

- Shakspeare Papers; or, pictures grave and gay. 8*. 1859.

Malone's Caveat against Booksellers, respecting an edition of Shakespeare

attributed to him. 80.

Malone's Hand-list of Early Engl. Literat. see Halliwell.
Malone, Edm. Another Essence of Malone, or, the beauties of a Shakespeare

editor. 80. Lond. 1801.

Enquiry into the Conduct of Edinond Malone Esq. concerning the manuscript

Papers of John Aubrey, in the Ashmolean Museum. Oxf. M>. Lond. 1797.

- The Life of Shakespeare. With an Essay on the phraseology and metre
of the Poet and his Contemporaries by Boswell. 8<. Lond. 1S2I.

- Chronology of Shakespeare's plays. I8 ( >. Lond. s. a.

A supplement to the edition of Shakespeare's plays published in 1778;
containing additional observations by several of the former commentators,
to which are subjoined, the Genuine Poems of the same Author, and seven
plays that have been ascribed to him, with notes by the editor and others.
2 vols. 80. Lond. 1780.

Letter to Dr. Farmer relative to the edition of Shakespeare published

in 1790. So. Lond. 1792.

- Prospectus of an intended edition of Shakespeare, in 15 vols. Royal-8.
4. Lond. 1792.

- A dissertation on the three parts of Henry VI. 8. Lond. 179'?.

Proposals of an intended edition of Shakespeare in 20 Vols. Royal-8.

Fol. Lond. 1795.

An inquiry into the authenticity of certain miscellaneous papers and

legal instruments, published Dec. 24. 1795 and attributed to Shakespeare,
Queen Elizabeth and Henry, Earl of Southampton, illustrated by fac-similes
of the genuine handwriting of that nobleman and of her majesty, a new
fac-shnile of the handwriting of Shakespeare never before exhibited, and
other authentic documents. 80. Lond. 1796.

Appendix to the above tract. 8. Lond. 1809.

A Second Appendix to Mr. Malone's Supplement. Lond. 17S3.

Preface to his Edition of Shakespeare. 1790.

Historical account of the rise and progress of the English Stage and of

the economy and usages of the ancient theatres in England. 1790. i8i0. 1821.

- An account of the incidents from which the title and part of the story
of Shakespeare's Tempest were derived, and its true date ascertained. 80.
Lond. 1M>8. 80 Copies printed.

Man and wife; or the Shakespeare Jubilee, a comedy in 3 acts (by Geor.

Colman). 8. s. 1. 1770.
Marsh, J. B. Shakespeare's Riddles, selected by M. 16o. 1862.

- The Reference Shakespeare, containing 1 1 ,000 references compiled by

John Marsh, Manchester. 18(54.
Mason, J. M. Comments on the last edition of Shakespeare's plays. So. Dublin

I7!*5. Lond. 1797.

Comments on the plays of Beaumont and Fletcher with an appendix

containing some farther observations on Shakespeare extended to the late
editions of Malone and Steevens. 80. Lond. 1797.

Additional comments on the plays of Shakespeare, extended to the late

editions of Malone and Steevens. 8. Lond. IT 98.

- Comments on the several editions of Shakespeare's plays. 8*>. Dublin 1807.
May, Geor. A guide to the Birth-town of Shakespeare and the poet's rural

haunts. 12<>. Eversham. 1847.
Meadows, Kenny. Etchings illustrative of the plays of Shakespeare, with

Quotations. 80. Lond. 1846.
- Points of Humour. Lond. 184145.


Melmoth, Courtney. The Shadows of Shakespeare, a Monody occasioned by

the death of JVIr. Garrick. 4<>. 1779.
Memoirs of the Shakspeare's Head in Covent Garden by the Ghost of

Shakespeare. 2 vols. 12<>. 1755.
Merchant of Venice. The Songs composed by Th. A. Arne. fol. 1740.

- The novel from which the Play of The Merchant of Venice, written by
Shakespeare, is taken, translated from the Italian: to which is added, a
translation of a novel from the Decamerone of Bocaccio. 80- Lond. 1755.

Meres, Francis iMaister of Artes of both Universities). Palladis Tamia. Wits
Treasury, being the second part of Wits Commonwealth. 12<>. Lond. 159^.
"It contains the eai-liest notice of Shakespeare's plays."

fflerridew. A Catalogue of engraved portraits of Nobility, Gentry etc. con-
nected with the County of Warwick, incl. list of all genuine engravings
of Shakespeare. 4. Coventry 1849.

Merry Tales from Shakspeare. 12o. Lond. 1845.

Michel, Nich. The Shakespeare Festival, or the Birth of the World's poet.
An ode. 1 864.

Midsummer Night's Dream. Merry conceited Humours of Bottom the Weaver,
a Droll composed out of the Comic Scenes of the Midsummer Night's Dream
about. A. 1). 1646. 12<>. Chiswick Press 1860 only 30 Copies printed.

- Six Songs in Harlequin's Invasion, Cymbeline, and Midsummer Night's dream,
by Th. Aylward. (Score.) fol.

- The Fairies, an Opera, composed by J. C. Smith, fol. 1755

- The Music composed by Sir H. Bishop, fol. 1816.

- The Songs by C. E. Horn, folio.

- The Songs and Music by Mendelsohn-Bartholdy. fol.
Miscellaneous Observations on the Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark,

with a preface , containing some general remarks on the writings of
Shakespeare. b. Lond. 1752.

- Papers and legal instruments under the hand and seal of William
Shakespeare: including the tragedy of King Lear and a small fragment of
Hamlet from the original Manuscript. With a facsimile. 4o. Lond. 1796.

Mitford's Cursory Notes on Beaumont and Fletcher and Shakespeare. 1856.
Modern characters from Shakespeare, alphabetically arranged. 12. Lond. 1778.
Moncrieff, T. Shakspeare's Festival; or New Comedy of Errors, a Drama in

2 acts. 1 80. Lond. 1830.
Montague, Elizabeth, Mrs. An essay on the writings and genius of Shake-

speare compared with the Greek and French dramatic poets. With some

remarks upon the misrepresentations ofMons. de Voltaire. 80. Lond. 1769.

Frequently reprinted.
Montemayor. Diana of George of Montemayor, translated out of Spanish

into English by Bartholomeus Yong, or the Middle Temple, gentleman.

folio. Edm. BolHfant

"A portion of the Plot employed by Shakespeare in the Two Gentlemen
of Verona, is found in this work."

Monthly Review. 18 19, Aug. 1824, Decbr. 1828, May.
Monument. Proposals for erecting a Monument to Shakespeare. 8<v 1837.
Moral Sentences and Sentiments, culled from Shakspeare, compared with

Holy Writ. 80. Lond. 1847.

Morgan, A. A. The mind of Shakespeare, as exhibited in his works. 1 860.
Morgann, M. An essay on the dramatic character of Sir J. Falstaff. 8.

Lond. 1777.
Morris, C. An essay towards fixing the true standard of wit and humour,

raillerie, satire and ridicule ; to which is added an analysis of the characters

of a Humorist, Sir John Falstaff, Sir Koger de Coverly and Don Quixote.

S<. Lond. 1744.

Murphy, Arth. The Life of D. Garrick. 2 Vols. So. Lond. 1801.
Music. Collection of Vocal Music in Shakespeare's Plays, from the Original

MSS. and early printed Copies in the possession of Dr. Kitchiner, arranged

for piano by Addison.

- Dramatic Songs to all Shakespeare's Drames, selected by Linley. 2 Vols. folio.

- The Shakspeare Vocal Magazine. 50 Songs. Lonsdale 1864.

- The Shakespeare Album for Pianoforte, 100 favorite Airs by the most
eminent Masters. Lonsdale 1862.

lire's <Arebdeaeo). A Glossary; or, s eoBretfai of words pirates,

, '.-^A:.' I.:'-'-." - . '::' v.;>r, ^ ; : -,;: -
M Aa oijir. ^ *- -** -



larci Glossarr, enlarged by Haffiwefl aadWr^iit, 2 Vob, S. Land.
Beato, I P, Views of &atfi*-pos>Aroaeljn^

- - - - - - - *- -,J* ' "


fede, E Litenuy

Mffl, I- Shjkcipcswc; * errtidJ Iw^pnuiiy

Forgeries e, which hare appealed m remote and recent Literature.

Lo.vJofc iBwl. 1v,J.
lew, PML le. Cursory remarks o> some of die aneieiit Engibb

rV'TW celebrated letter of'Sir Thomas Hanmer, in the
of die EiogESphia Brtemmea, wherein b dbeovered tie rbe of

Ihe Bafcop of Gloueester 4 * ooarrel wWi die kmet, abotK fab eiUkw of
Sfaakeapeaie's pbj^ to wtidi is added an impartial aemat of die
extraonfinary means used to snncw fie remarkable letter, *. aod foL

Lwjdon {HSL

las. Kotes on Shakespeare. *t London 1*61.
fj Letter o Boydeffsedj&m of Shakespeate's works, 4. LowL 17*t.
'Account of die Origin of the Shakspeare uadertakimr fBoydeffst 1791,
Bessfter. Letter to HM Xossker, occasioned by her first appearance on

the .Sutifr. v.jn. Bemarki M th* m^r^j rf her p hvi n ^
tes nd tieries Many AT '

Motes and aieriei. Many Articles and References etc. fc

lesjf on the Shakspcnan Forgeries at Bnogewater house, facs- only
2 Copies privately printed 1$3.

on Mr. Kemble in die characters of C^to, Wobey, and Corioianus. <-.

London 1%I7.

Odfe Or. . - ..,: - ;- " a-/J :- - : - "/.- -, '...- - /- .-. ; . - - '- -,,- ;,,.:.

ie. '!' lyric Ode on the Fairies, Aerial Beings aad Witches

a Statue to Shakepeare. 1
Varieties in rerse, indodine: Songs for tbe celebration of

Birdi-day. *. I 23. <PrivateIr printed.^
Optiok fiiaiM of HMBOTS; or the Touchstone of a Golden Tempaaliue, ftonL
illostnthre of the Merchant of Veniee. 12*. 1639,

Oripial letters. Ac. of Sir J, Fabtaff; selected Iron gemtne
weieh have been in the possession of Dane Quietly and ber
(by Jasaes White) li. London 1797.


Bemarki on Shakspeare*s Othello by W. K. Anderson's Bee
-90, 132

Otbelio ift Hell, and die Infant widi a Branch of Olive*. 12*. Lond.
Ottley on Feehter's Version of ,1.


Ireland, Esq. . Lond. 1796.

Parallel of Shakspeare and Scott. 12o. Lond. 1S35.

Parr, Wobtenholme, A. M. Tbe story of die Moor of Venice, translated
from the Italian whh two essays on Shakespeare, and preliminary obser-
vation*. 8. Lond. 1795.

Passage*, selected by distinguished personages on the great literary trial of
Vortigern and Bowena, a Conn-Tragedy; Whether it be or be not from
the immortal pen of Shakespeare." 4 rob. 1?. Lond. 1795 179S. (By
Sir Bate Dudley and hb Lady.)

Pattern*, R. Letters on the natural history of the Insects mentioned in
Shakespeare s plays, portraits, and cuts. !. Lond.

Pearce, W. Tbe Haunts of Shakespeare, a poem. 4. Lond. :


Peck, Fr. H. A. Explanatory and Critical Notes on fivers

Shakespeare, Printed in his

..New Memoirs of the life and writings of John Milton." 4*. Loud. 1740.
Percy, Th. Essay on the origin of the English Stage, particularly die historical

plays of Shakespeare, S. Lond. I79X
rides. The Anglo Saxon Version of the Story of Apoflonias of Tyre,

upon which is founded the Play of Pericles ; with transL by Thorpe. 8*.

Lond. IS34.
Pnilalethes * oi. F. Webb). Shakespeare's manuscripts in the possession

of Mr. Ireland, examined, respecting the internal and external evidences

of their authenticity. 8. Lond. 1796.
Philosophy, the, of Shakspeare, delineating in 750 passages selected from his

plays the multiform phases of the human mind. S, 1^57, 2nd Ed. 1864.
Pilon. *Fr. An Essav on the Character of Hamlet, as performed by llr.

Henderson at the tiavmarket. S. Lond. (I777?i ascribed to Thomas Davies.
Pinks, W. J. Country" Trips: a Series of Descriptive Visits to Places of

various interesting 'parts of England, (cont. Shakspeare. IS*. Lond. 1860.
Fitmam, J. R. The school of Shakespeare, or plays, and scenes from Shak-
speare illustrated for the mse of schools. With glossarial notes selected

from the best annotators. S. Lond. ^22.
Planche, J. R. The costume of Shakespeare's Historial Tragedies. King John,

Henry the Fourth. As you like it. and Hamlet. 64 coloured plates drawn

by Kenny Meadows: with biographical and critical notices by Planch&

4*Vols. "lS23 2-x

Costumes of Shakspeare's Comedy As yon fike ft, with notices. 18

flBapllll. J. H." A. Observations on Hamlet, and die motives which induced
Shakespeare to fix on the story of Amleth. S-. Cambridge 1796.

An appendix to observations on Hamlet: being an attempt to prove
that Shakespeare designed that tragedy as an indirect censure on Mary
Queen of Scots. St. Lond. 1797.

Poile. J. Hanriet Travesrie. ISM.

Pope. A. Preface to his Edition of Shakspeare. 1728.

Answer to Mr. Pope's Preface to Shakespeare in a letter to a friend

by a Straffing Plaver. S. 1729.

Portrait of S. The Stratford Portrait of Shakspeare and the Athenaeum.

lv.1. Privatelv printed.

Powftall, ReTt All Shakspeare weighed in an even Balance. 1S64.
Prefaces the and Annotations of the various Commentators om Shakspeare.

2 Vols S Lond. 1^05.

Prescott Kenr. An E^sav on the L-^nin? of Shakspeare. 4. Camb. 1TT4.
Shakespeare. Kara "Avis in Terra. 4-. Cambridge 177 L

Remarks on Shakspeare. S. Lond. 1792.

Price, Th- The Wisdom and Genius of Shakespeare, comprising Moral Philo-
sophy, Defineations of Character, Paintings of Nature and die Passions,
with 700 Aphorisms and Miscellaneous Pieces, with select and original
Notes and Scriptural References. . Lond.l*3S. Second Edition. l*5X
Prior, Sir James. Life of Edmomd Maloae, Editor of Shakspeare. S. Lond.

IS 1ft to January 1S29.
Prologues spoken at the
young Ladv. S. Lond.


- A Collection and Selection of Prologues and Epilogues; commencing
with Shakespeare and concluding with Garrick. <*. 4 Vols. 1779.
sail for printing the dramatic works of Shakspeare. Lond. 1 '
H. J. Comments on die commentators of Shakespeare, with prefiminary
observations on his genras and writings, and on the labours of those
who have endeavoured to elucidate diem. 8. Lond. 1^07.
fefiev I8:fi No. 70. 1^34 Xr. 101.

Life of Shakspeare. EncycL Britanniea, voL XX. separate Edit
12. 1S64.

lutim, H. H. Philosophy of Shakespeare, extracted from his Plays S.
Loud. 1S41.

i ^-t.

Proceedings of die Sheffield Shakspeare Club from l
fnliCies. Collection of the most celebrated Pro

Theatres of Drnry Lane and Lincoln's Inn. By a


Ranters Ranting, the, with the apprehending, examinations and confessions
of John Collins, J. Shakespear, Tho. Wiberton and five more which are
to answer the next Sessions, and several songs or catches which were sung
at their Meetings, large woodcut. 4<. London printed by B. AIsop 1650.

Readings from Shakspeare by the Author of Aids to Development. 12.
Lond. 1848.

Reed, Lectures on English Literature and on English history as illustrated
by Shakspeare. 12o. 1860.

Reflections, Critical, on the Old English Dramatic Writers. S- Lond. 1761.

Relics, Precious; or the Tragedy of Vortigern rehearsed; written in imitation
of the Critic. 80. Lond. 1796.

Religious Extracts from Shakspeare. 1843.

and Moral Sentences culled from the works of Shakspeare, compared

with sacred passages, portrait after Jansen. 1847.

Remarks on Mr. John Kemble's performance of Hamlet and Ei chard III. (by
H. Martin.) 80. Lond. IS02.

- upon a late edition of Shakespeare; with a long string of emendations
borrowed by the celebrated editor from the Oxford edition without
acknowledgement. To which is prefixed a defence of the late Sir Thomas
Hanmer, Bart, adressed to the Revd. Mr. Warburton, preacher of
Lincoln's-Inn. 8- s. 1. & a.

on some of the Characters of Shakspeare. 80. 17^5.

on the differences in Shakspeare's versification in different periods of

his life, and on the like points of difference in poetry generally. 12". 1857.

Retrospective Review 1823 No. VII pag. 3SO 88.

Review of the Shakesperian Literature iNo. V of the Archaeologist). 8-

Richard III. A Parody on the Text Scene in Richard the 3rd. 8- Lond. 1818.

Richard, W. C. The Shakespeare Calendar, or Wit and Wisdom for every
day in the year. 16o. New- York l*>50.

Richardson, W. A philosophical analysis and illustration of some of Shake-
speare's dramatic characters. 8<>- Lond. 1774. 17S<. 1785.

Cursory remarks on tragedy, on Shakespeare and on certain French and

Italian poets, principally tragedians. 8- Lond. 1774.

Essays on Shakespeare's dramatic characters of Richard III., King Lear,

and Timon of Athens, with an Essay on the Faults of Shakespeare and
additional observations on the character of Hamlet. 12- Lond. 1784.

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