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1797. 1812.

Essays on Shakespeare's dramatic characters with an illustration of

Shakespeare's representations of national character in that of Fluclen. 80.
London 1812.

Essays on Shakespeare's Dramatic Character of Sir John Falstaff, and

on his Imitation of general characters. 8- Lond. 1789.

Proposals for engraving the Telton Portrait of Shakespeare. 8- Lond.


Riddle, J. E. Illustrations of Aristotle, on men and manners, from the works

of Shakespeare. 8- Oxford 1832.
Rider, W. Views in Stratford-upon-Avon and its viciuity, illustrative of the

biography of Shakespeare, accompanied with descriptive remarks. Folio.

Warwick and Leamington 1828.

Rimbault. Who was Jack Wilson, the singer of the Shakspeare Stage. 1847.
Ritson, J. The Stockton Jubilee, or Shakespeare in all his glory. A choice

pageant for Christmas Holidays. 12. Newcastle 1781.

Remarks, critical and illustrative, on the text and notes of the last

(Steeven's) edition of Shakespeare. 80- Lond. 1783.

The Quip Modest; a few words by way of supplement to remarks,

critical and illustrative, on the text and notes of the last edition of Shake-
speare , occasioned by a republi cation of that edition ; revised and
augmented by the editor of Dodslay's old plays. 80. Lond. I7SS.

Cursory criticisms on the edition of Shakespeare published by Edmond

Malone. 8- Lond. 1792.

Robert, C. William Shakespeare. 8. Bruxelles 1844.

Roberts, John. An answer to Mr. Pope's preface to Shakespeare, being a
vindication of the old actors who were the publishers and performers of
that author's plays. Where the errors of their editions are further accounted


for, and some memoirs of Shakespeare and the Stage history of his time
are inserted, which were never before collected and published, by a strolling
player. 8- Lond. 1729.

Robertson, T. Essay on the character of Hamlet. 40. Lond. I7S8.

Rodd, H. On the Chaudos Portrait of Shakspeare. Privately printed. 1849.

Roderick. Remarks on Shakspeare. In Edward's Cannons of Criticism.

Roffe, A. Essay on the Ghost-Belief of Shakespeare. (Privately published.) I S5I .

Romeo and Juliet, The Dirge in, composed by J. Lampe (Score), folio.
ditto by Arne. folio.

Rooney, pamphlet on the discovery of the rare Hamlet. Dublin

Rout, (the), or Despairing Candidate. A Parody on Shakespeare's King

Richard III. fol. Lond. n. d.
Rowe, N. The Tragedy of Jane Shore, written in imitation of Shakespeare's

style. 4o. Lond. 1714, 12. 1723, 28, 33, 35, 51, 74, 87.
Rowe. Prefaces to Shakespeare's plays by Dr. Johnson, Mr. Pope, Mr.

Theobald, Sir T. Hanmer, and Dr. Warburton, with some account of the

life of Shakespeare. 80. Lond. 1765.
Rudloff. Shakespeare, Schiller and Goethe, relatively considered. 12". Lond.

Rushton, W. L. Shakespeare a Lawyer. 8<>- Lond. 1860.

- Shakespeare's legal maxims. S- Lond. 1800.

Rymer, ThS. A short view of tragedy, its original excellency and corruption
with some reflections on Shakespeare, and other practioners of the stage.
80. Lond. 1693.

- The tragedies of the last age by the practice of the ancients and by
the common sense of all ages, in a letter of Fleetwood Shepheard. 8.
Lond. 1678. 1692.

Sand, George. Letter to Mr. Regnier, of the Theatre franc.ais, upon hia

adaptation to the french Stage of Shakespeare's As you like it. 80.

Lond. 1856.
Saviolo (Vincentio) his Practice in two Bookes, the first intreating of the Use

of the Rapier and Dagger, the second of Honor and Honorable Quarrels.

4o. Printed by John Wolfe, 1595.

This work is alluded to by Shakespeare in As You Like it.
Scadding, Revr. Dr. Shakespeare, the Seer the Interpreter. An address

delivered before the St. George's Society of Toronto. 24- Toronto 1864.
Scharf, George. On the principal Portraits of Shakespeare^ 1864.
Schlegel, A. W. Lectures on Dramatic Art and Literature, transl. by J. Black.

2 Vols. 80. Lond. 1818. 1840.
School for Satire; containing "Capell's Ghost, to Edm. Malone, Esq., editor

of Shakespeare", a parody. 80. Lond. 1 802.

Scott, W. Essav on the Drama see his Prose Works and Drake's Memorials.
Scriblerus, Marl. Explanations and emendations of some passages in the text

of Shakespeare, and of Beaumont and Fletcher. 80. Edinburgh 1814.
Severn, Ch. Diary of the Rev. John Ward, A. M. Vicar of Stratford-upon-

Avon, extending from 1648 to 1679. 80. Lond. 1839.
Severn, E. Anne Hathaway; or, Shakespeare in Love. 3 Vols. 1845. See

Shaksp. Novels.
Seymour, E. H. Remarks, critical, conjectural and explanatory upon the plays

of Shakespeare, resulting from a collection of the early copies with that

of Johnson and Steevens, edited by Is. Reed. Together with some valuable

extracts from the Manuscripts of the late Right. Hon. John Lord Chedworth.

2 Vols. 80. Lond. 1805.

- New Readings of Shakespeare. 4 Vols. 1 80. 1841.

Shakespeare Society Publications. Books illustrative of Shakespeare and of
the literature of his time. 80. Lond. 184153.


Memoirs of Edward Alleyn, Founder of Dulwich College. By J. P. Collier.
Gosson's School of Abuse. With Introduction, <&c.
Thomas Heywood's Apology for Actors. With Introduction, &c.
The Coventry Mysteries. Edited by J. 0. Halliwell, with Introduction and Notes.
Thynn's Pride and Lowliness. With Introduction, Notes, &c.
Patient Grissell. A Comedy, by Dekker, Chettle, and Haughton. With Intro-
duction and Notes, by J. P. Collier.



Extracts from the Accounts of the Revels at Court in Elizabeth and James's

Reighs. With Introduction and Notes by Peter Cunningham.
Ben Johnson's Conversations with Drummond. Introduction, &c. by David Laing.
First Sketch of the Merry Wives of Windsor. The Novels on which it is founded,

and an Introduction and Notes by J. 0. Halliwell.
Fools and Jesters, with Arrain's Nest of Ninnies, &c. Introduction, &c. by

J. P. Collier.

The Old Play of Timon. Now first printed. Edited by Rev. A. Dyce.
Nash's Pierce Pennilesse. With Introduction, &c. by J. P. Collier.
Heywood's Edward the Fourth, a Play, in Two Parts. Edited by Barron Field.


Northbrooke's Treatise. With an Introduction, &c. by J. P. Collier.
The First Sketches of the Second and Third Parts of Henry the Sixth. Edited

by J. 0. Halliwell.

Oberon's Vision Illustrated. By the Rev. A. J. Halpin.
The Chester Whitsun Plays - 'Part. I. With Introduction and Notes by Thomas

The Alleyn Papers, illustrative of the Early English Stage. With Introduction

by J. P. Collier.
Inedited Tracts (Honour Triumphant, IfiOfi, and Line of Life 1620), by John

Forde, the Dramatist. With Introduction by J. P. Collier.


Tarlton's Jests and Newes out of Purgatory. With a Life, &c. by J. 0. Halliwell.
The True Tragedie of Richard the Third, from a unique Copy, and The Latin

Play of Richardus Tertius, from a Manuscript. Edited by Barron Field.
The Ghost of Richard the Third. A Poem. Edited by J. P". Collier.
Sir Thomas More. A Play. Edited by the Rev. A. Dyce.
Vol. 1. of "Shakespeare Society's Papers," being a Miscellany of Contributions

Illustrative of the Objects of the Society.
The Taming of a Shrew. To which is added, the Woman lapped in Morel's Skin.

Edited by Thomas Amyot.


Illustrations of the Fairy Mythology of Shakespeare. By J. 0. Halliwell.
First Part and a portion of the Second Part of Shakespeare's Henry the IVth.

From a Unique Contemporary Manuscript. Edited by J. 0. Halliwell.
Diary of Philip Henslowe, from 1591 to 1609. From the Original at Dulwich

College. Edited by J. P. Collier.
Vol. II. of "The Shakespeare Society's Papers." Consisting of Miscellaneous


The Fair Maid of The Exchange. A Comedy, by Thomas Hey wood ; and Fortune

by Land and Sea, a Tragi-Comedy, by Thomas Heywood and William Rowley.

Edited by Barron Field.
The Marriage of Wit and Wisdom. An Ancient Interlude. From the Original

Manuscript recently discovered.

Memoirs of the Principal Actors in Shakespeare's Plays. By J. Payne Collier.
Rich's Farewell to Military Profession. From the unique Copy of the first

edition of 15S1.

Ralph Roister Doyster, a Comedy, by Nicholas Udall, and the Tragedie of Gorboduc,

by Thomas Norton and Thomas Sackville. Edited by W. Durant Cooper.
Part'll. of The Chester Whitsun Plays. Edited by Thomas Wright.
Vol. III. of ,,The Shakespeare Society's Papers." Consisting of Miscellaneous



The Moral Play of Wit and Science. Edited by J. 0. Halliwell.
Extracts from the Registers of the Stationers' Company of Works entered for

publication between 1 557 and 1570, with Notes and Illustrations by J. Payne

Collier. Vol. I.
Jnigo Jones. A Life of the Architect, by Peter Cunningham. Remarks on some

of his Sketches for Masques and Dramas; by J. R. Planche'. Five Court

Masques j edited from the Original Manuscript of Ben Johnson, John Marston,


&c. by J. P. Collier. Accompanied by Facsimiles of drawings by Inigo Jones,

and a Portrait from a Painting by Vandyck.


Vol. IV. of "The Shakespeare Society's Papers."
Vol. II. of Extracts from the Registers of the Stationers' Company, between the

years 1570 and 15^7. By J. Payne Collier.
An Engraving of the Chandos Portrait, by permission of the President, the Hi.

Hon. Earl of Ellesmere, by S. Cousins, A. R. A.
A dissertation on the imputed Portraits of Shakespeare, as an accompaniment

to the Engraving of the Chandos Portrait. By J. Payne Collier.
A Selection from Oldys's Manuscript Notes to Langbaine's Dramatic Poets. By

Peter Cunningham.

The First and Second Parts of the Fair Maid of the West, or a Girl worth

Gold. Two Comedies by Thomas Heywood. Edited by J. P. Collier.
The Remarks of M. Karl Simrock, on the Plots of Shakespeare's Plays. With

Notes &c. by J. 0. Halliwell.
The Royal King, and Loyal Subject (1837) and A Woman Killed with Kindness

(Iti07). Two Plays by Thomas Heywood, ed. by Collier.

Two histor. plays of the Life and Reign of Queen Elizabeth by Thorn. Heywood,

ed. by Collier.
The Golden Age (1611) and the Silver Age (16 13). Two Plays by Th. Heywood.

ed. by Collier.

John a Kent and John a Cumber, a Comedy by Anthony Munday. Also a view

of Sundry Examples, reporting many Strange Murders &c. A Brief and

true report of the Executions of certain traitors at Tyburn (1582) etc. by

Munday, edit, by Collier.

Defence of Poetry, Music and Stage Plays by Thomas Lodge. Also "An Alarm

against Userers and Forbonuis Prisceria by Lodge", edit, by Laing.

Shakspeare. An Appendix to Shakespeare's dramatic Works contents: the
life of the author; his miscellaneous poems; a critical glossary compiled
after Nares, Drake, Ayscough, Hazlitt, Douce, and other, with W. Shak-
speare's Portrait taken from the Chandos picture and engraved by C. A.
Schwerdtgeburth. Roy.-8. Leipzig 1826.

Shakspearian Anthology; comprising the choicest passages and entire

scenes selected from the most correct editions, post 80. Lond. 1830.

's Autobiographical Poems; being his Sonnets clearly developed with

his Character drawn chiefly from his Works by C. Armitage Brown, gr.
80. Lond. 1838. (see Brown.)

- W., a Biography, with 200 engravings. Roy.-8o. Lond. 1843.

containing the traits of his character, s. 1. 80. 1770.

William. From the Chandos Portrait in the possession of the Earl of

Ellesmere. Engraved by Samuel Cousins. Lond. 1849.

Essays, by a Society of Gentlemen at Exeter, comprising many interesting

papers on Shakspeare's Characters. 8.

A new Book about Shakspeare and Stratford on Avon, facsimile and

woodcuts. 75 Copies privately printed. 1850.

Almanack for 1849, and l<<50. London.

The Legend of Shakspeare's Crab Tree, with a descriptive account,

showing its relation to the Poet's traditional history. 4o. Privately printed.

- Familiar proverbial and select sayings from Shakspeare by John March.
80. Manchester 1863.

- Seven Ages of Man. Sqre. 16. 1864.

- Jest Book, being reprints of the Early Jest Books supposed to have
been used by Shakspeare. Edited by W. C. Hazlitt. 80. 1864.

Album for the Pianoforte, containing above 100 favorite, ancient and

modern airs, illustrative of Shakspeare and his time, including Music in
Macbeth, Tempest etc. 4. 1864.


Shakspeare. Calendar of Wit and Wisdom, for every day in the year. 18o.
New- York. 1849.
- Gallery, reproduced in 98 photographs by Booth. 4. 1864.

Gallery, containing a select Series of Scenes and Characters on fifty

Plates. S. 1792.

Gallery, Catalogue of Pictures in the Shakspeare Gallery. 1791.

's Garland; being a collection of new songs, ballads, roundelays, catches,

glees, comic serenades, &c., performed at the Jubilee at Stratford-upon-
Avon. So. Lond. 17H9.

Garland, or the Warwickshire Jubilee, being a Collection of Ballads,

etc. as performed in the Great Booth; at Stratford-upon-Avon, composed
by Mr. Dibdin, 2 parts. Queen Mab, or the Fairies Jubilee, a Cantata,
composed for the Jubilee, which was held in honour of the immortal
Shakespear, Sept. 6 and 7, 1769. The Mask in Amphytrion, composed bv
Mr. Dibdin. The Stratford Jubilee, as sung by Mrs. Lowe, at Finch's
Gardens. The Favourite Songs in the Comic Opera, I Viaggiatori Ridicoli,
del Sig. P. Guglielmi.

and Honest King George versus Parson Irving and the Puritans; front

by G. Cruikshank. 8. 1824.
's History of the Times ; or, the Original Portraits of that Author adapted

to Modern Characters. 1778.

Household Words of, illuminated byStanesby. roy !8o. Lond. 1845. 1864.

Jest Book, 3 parts. Part I. A C Merry Tales; II. Tales and Quick

Answers, very Mery, and Pleasand to Rede; III. Supplement to the
Tales and Qmcke Answers; Mery Tales, Wittie Questions etc. printed by
H. Wykes 1567. edited by S. W. Singer. 250 Copies Chiswick, reprinted

Jests. 80. about 1770.

A quaint and gross collection of anecdotes attributed to Shakspeare.
Very rare, usually without title.

Jests, or Jubilee Jester. 8. s. 1. 1795.

Illustrations of, comprised in two hundred and thirty vignette engravings,

by Thompson, from designs by Thurton. Adapted to all Editions. Roy.
80- Leipzig s. a.

illustrated by an assemblage of portraits and views, with portraits of

Actors, Editors, engraved by Harding. 4- Lond. 1793-1800.

ditto, 2 Vols. publ. by Jeffreys. Lond. 1811.

Illustrations of, by R. Smirke. 4 parts 1821.

Imposter. W. S's not an Imposter, bv an english Critic (G. H. Townsend).
12o. Lond. 1857. (A reply to Smith's was Lord Bacon the Authoj of
Shakspeare's plays.)

and Jonson. Dramatic verses. Wit Combats. Auxiliary forces Beaumont

and Fletcher, Marston, Decker, Chapman, and Webster, post 80. Lond.

compared with Holy Writ. 1843.

Library; a collection of the Romances, Novels, Poems and Histories

used by Shakespeare, as the foundation of his Dramas, now first collected
and accurately reprinted from the original editions with introductory
notices by J. P. Collier. 2 Vols. M. Lond. 1843.

Life of, Glossary, Observations, Prolegomena and Annotations, 1 8 parts,

with cuts from Thurston's designs. Lond. Bensley 1805.
-'s merry tales. 12<>- Lond. 1845.

a Miscellany. 1802.

Monument. First Sitting of the Committee on the proposed Shaks.

Monument. Taken in short hand by Z. Craft. Cheltenham 1823.

Moral Sentences and Sentiments from Sh. 8- Lond. 1850.

Philosophy, delineated in 750 passages, selected from his plays. 8- 1857.

Romances ; collected and arranged by Shakespeare II. 2 V ols. post S.

Lond. 1825.

Seven Ages, illustrated with woodcuts from designs by Mulready, Leslie,

Callott, Constable, Wilkie, Landseer, Hilton, etc. 4<>. 1810.

Seven Ages of Life, illustrated 4 1840.

All about Shakspeare illustr. with wood engravings by Thorn. Gilks.

from Drawings by Fritzcrok. 1864.


Shakspeare, his Birthplace, Home and Grave: a Pilgrimage to Stratford-on-
Avon, in the Autumn of 1863. With Photogr. Illustr. by Ernest Edwards.
Tercentenary Commem. 8- 1864.

's Character Cards. 1855.

Corespondence of Lewis, Theobald, Dr. Thirlby and Wm. Warburton

(In Nichol's Literary history of 19th. Cent.) 80. Lond. 1817.

Shaksperian Criticism. British Quarterly No. 78. April 1864.

Lond. Quarterly No. 43. April 18K4.

Criticism (see Retrospective Review). 1823. No. VII. page 380 88.

Criticism (Black woods Mag.) Febr. 1835.

's Day. A Plea for a Monument. 1864.

Gazette 1864 published every Thursday at 2. (only a few Nos. appeared.)

's House, Life etc. illustrated, see Illustrated Lond. News. 18th Sept. 1847.

Illustrated ; or the Novels and Histories on which the Plays of Shakspeare

are founded. 2 Vols 12- 1753.

- Life. A set of 1 2 Steroscopic pictures, comprising the most interesting
Spots connected with the poet's life. 1*64.

Literature, Review of (Archeologist No V.)

Pearls of Shakspeare. Brilliant Passages in his plays; illustr. by Meadows.

12o. Lond. 1859.

The History of Sophia Shakespear. 12<>. 1753.

New Exegesis of Shakspeare and interpretation of his plays on the

principle of Races. 8 rt - Edinb. 1 859.

Portfolio, 96 highly finished illustrations to his Works, by Robert Smirke

and Heath, small 4- Lond. s. a.

Portfolio: a Series of 100 line engravings from Pictures by Stothard,

Smirke, etc., and Portrait, fol. 1864.

Portrait, photogr. from the Original first folio. Ellis, folio 1864.

's Tercentenary Number of Chambers Journal. 1864.

's Tercentenary Festival. Official Programme of the Terc. Festival of the

Birth, of Shaksp. to be held at Stratford-on-Avon 23. April 1864. 9-
Tercentenary Pocket Keepsake and Almanack for 1864. Cassel. 48-

versus Harlequin, Pantomimical Drama performed at Drury Lane. 80.

Lond. 1820.

Ye Comic Shakespeare. With 12 drawings by Wm. Gray. 2 pts. 80.

Lond. 18H4.

Treasury of subject quotations, fr. 8- 1864.

Vocal Album, containing selections from the best settings of Shakspeare's

poetry for one, 2, 3 and more voices byArne, Purcell, Leveridge etc. 1S64,

Will of Shakspeare, copied from the Original, with facsimile of the

3 Autographs. 8- Lond. 1838.

Shaksperian Drolls, from a Rare Book (The Theatre of Ingenuity, 1699)
edited by J. 0. Halliwell, Esq. lS5i.

The Droll of the Bouncing Knight or the Robbers Robbed ; to which

is added the Droll of the Gravemakers, both constructed out of Shak-
speare's Plays about A.D. 1647, and acted at Bartholomew and other Fairs,
the impression limited to thirty copies, square 12o. Chiswick Press, 1860.

Shakespearian Museum, with portraits and plates. 4- Lond. 1794.

Shakesperian Novels :

Shakspeare and his friends by F. Williams. 3 Vol. 80. 1838.

The Youth of Shakspeare by Williams. 3 Vols. 80. 1839.

The Secret Passion by R. F. Williams. 3 Vols. 80. 1844.

Shakspeare the Poet, the Lover, the Actor, the Man, by H. Curling. 3

3 Vols. 1849.

' Anne Hathaway, or Shakspeare in love by E. Severn. 3 Vols. 8<>- 1845.
Shakesperiana. Catalogue of all the books, pamphlets, &c.. relating to
Shakespeare 8- London. Wilson 1827.

- See Gildon, Wilson, Halliwell, Lowndes, Thimm.

- A Hand-list of upwards of a thousand volumes of Shakesperiana, only
25 Copies printed by Whittingham and Wilkins. small 4- 1862.

- Literature. Article in Bentley's Quarterly Review No. 3.

Sherlock, M. A fragment on Shakespeare extracted from Advice to a young
Poet; and translated from the french. So. Lond. 1786.


Sherwin, J., M.D. Vindicatio Shakesperiana ; or, supplementary remarks on the
editions of Shakespeare, by Reed and others; with occasional illustrations
of some obscure and disputed passages. 2 vols. 4o.

(Xot printed. MSS. in the Library of the Lit. Inst. of Bath.l

Shirley, W. Edward the Black Prince, attempted after the Manner of Shake-
speare. 1750.

Short Viev of Tragedy, with some reflections on Shakspeare 1003.

Siddons. The life of Mrs. Siddons by Campbell. Lond. 1S34.

Memoirs of Mrs. Siddons by Boaden. 2 Vols. &

Silvayn, Alex. Orator, handling a hundred severall Discourses in forme of

Declamations, Englished by L. P. 4<>. Printed by Adam Islip, 1596.

"Containing Ihe Story of part of the plot of the Merchant of Venice."
Simrock, K. On the plots of Shakspeare, and Shakspeare Henry IV. from a

contemporary M. S. both edited by J. 0. Halliwell. 1 853.
Singer, S. W. The Text of Shakespeare vindicated etc. & Lond. 1S53.

"Against Collier's Xotes and Emendations".

Sir John Falstaffs letters, dedicated to Sammy Ireland. 12o. Lond. 1796.
Six Old Plays on which Shakespeare founded his Measure for Measure, Comedy

of Errors, Taming the Shrew, King John, King Henry IV. and V., King

Lear. 2 Vols in one. So. Lond. 1770. Nichols. 1779.
Skene, G. The Genius of Shakespeare, a Summer-Dream. 8. Lond. 1793.
Skottowe, Aug. The life of Shakespeare ; enquiries into the originality of his

dramatic plots and characters, and essays on the ancient theatres and

theatrical usages. 2 Vols. S- Lond. 1S24.
Smart, B. H. Shakspearian Readings. 12- Lond. 1*39.
Smith, W. Henry. Was Lord Bacon the author of Shakspeare's Plays? A

Letter to Lord Ellesmere. 80. Lond. 1856.

- Bacon and Shakespeare. An inquiry touching Players, playhouses and
play-writers in the days of Elizabeth. To which is appended an abstract
of a MS. respecting Tobie Matthew. 12o- Lond. 1857.

Some Remarks on the tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, written by

W. Shakespeare. So. Lond. 1736.

Somerset, C. A. Shakspeare's Early days, a historical Play. 12 Lond. 1812.
Songs, The, of Shakespeare, illustrated by the Etching Club, folio. 1843. 4-

- and Ballads, illustr. by the Etching Club. imp. 4o. Lond. 1853.

and Ballads of Shakspeare, illuminated by F.W.Gwilt.Mapleson, printed

in colours by T. Sinclair of Philadelphia. 4o.

and Sonnets, illustr. by John Gilbert, folio 1861, S- 1862.

do. by Staunton, illustr. by John Gilbert. 4o. 1864.

Songster's Pocket Book, or Jubilee Concert, a Collection of the Songs which

have been sung at the Stratford Jubilee. 12- Lond. 1770.
Sonnets, the, of Shakespeare (Westminster Review No. 23; July 1857.
Spalding, W. A letter on Shakespeare's authorship of the "Two noble

Kinsmen", a drama commonly ascribed to John Fletcher. 8- Edinburgh


Speed Theatrum Imperii Magnae Britanniae. Lond. 1616.
Spirit, the, of the Plays of Shakespeare, exhibited in a Series of outline

plates illustrative of the Story of each play, drawn and engraved by Frank

Howard. 5 Vols. So. Lond. !838.
Stack, Rich. An Examination of an Essay on the Dramatic Charakter of

Sir John Falstaff (Transact, of Irish Academ). Vol. II. 1788.
(Stafford, W.) An examination of certain ordinary complaints. Lond. 1751.
Staunton, How. Memorials of Shakspeare. Comprising the Poet's Will etc.,

illustr. with photographs; annot. folio. 1S64.

Songs and Sonnets Stratford-upon-Avon , Sweet William: a painted

Engraving of Shakespeare on a Sweet William flower. 4- 1864.

Steevens, G. Proposals for publishing an Edition of Shakespeare's plays. 8. 1766.

Letter to George Hardinge Esq. on the Subject of a Passage in Mr.

Steevens' Preface to his Impression of Shakespeare. 4o. 1777.

Preface to his Edition of Shakespeare.

Stephens, G. Shakespeare Story - Teller. Introductory Leaves, or, Outline
Sketches, with choice Extracts in the words of the poet himself. 8<>-

Strachey, A. Analysis of Shakspeare's Hamlet, being an attempt to find a
key to a great Moral problem. Lond. 1848.


Stratford Jubilee, a new comedy, with Scrub's Trip to the Jubilee, s. I. 1769.

lllustr. of Stratford-upon-Avon with a life of Shakspeare, and Account

of the Jubilee held in 1769. & Stratf. 1827.

Act for dividing and Inclosing certain common fields, etc. within the

Parish of Old Stratford, otherwise Stratford-upon-Avon. folio. 1774.

"Part of Shakspeare's estate laid in the common fields which enclosed
under this Act."

-upon- Avon, account of, description of the Mausoleum of Shakespeare.

12o. Stratford 1800.

Studies of Shakespeare, 12- Lincoln 1^09.

Symmons, C. The life of Shakspeare, preface to J. W. Singer's Edit, of

Shakespeare's Works. 1826.
Taylor, E. (or Richardson?) Cursory remarks on tragedy, on Shakespeare, and

on certain French and Italian poets, principally tragedians. 8- Lond. 1772.

2d. ed. 1774.
Taylor, C. Shakespeare Gallery, containing a select series of scenes and

characters with criticisms and remarks. 4- Lond. 1792.

- The beauties of Shakespeare, selected from his works, to which are
added the principal scenes in the same author. 8<>- Lond. 1778.

The Bee, or a comparison to the Shakespeare-Gallery, n. d.

Taylor, J. E. The Moor of Venice, Clinthio's Tale and Shakespeare. 80.

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