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c. Margaret, born March 6, 1831; married Rev.

C. N. Williams, M.A., Rector of St. Andrews,
Heresford, England.

d. Eueretta Vivian, born December 8, 183 i.

3. Jane, married Capt. George Gregory, 19th Light




Walter Forsyth (son of John, see p. 8) was Provost of
the College and Subdeaneries of Glasgow, mentioned in the
Acts of Scottish Parliament for 1678. He married Mar-
guerite, daughter of Capt. James F'orsaith, of French marine,
by Marguerite Denys, daughter of Gov. Nicolas Denys,
Vicomte de Fronsac in Seigneurial Order of Canada. His
sons were James and Alexander (see p. 19).

James Forsayth, born Ayrshire, 1678, captured during
King William's Irish Campaign (at age of 13 years), with a
relative who favored the cause of the Stuarts. He himself
in I 71 5 was said to have been a captain in the Earl of Marr's
uprising for the Stuarts and obliged to leave the country with
his family, going to Ireland. His wife was Margaret, daughter


of Hugh Montgomerie, of County Ayr, Major of Royalist
Cavalry, who had been a "Signer for the King in 1660."
His children were: I, Matthew (below) ; H, Alexander; HI,
Thomas, of County Cork (see p. 22).

I. Hon. Matthew,* born County Ayr, 1699 (see p. 68) ;
married Esther, daughter of Robert Graham. He died 1790.
His children were :

1. Matthew, born in Ireland, was a Loyalist and went off
as a physician in the Royal Navy.

2. David,! born in Ireland. Ensign in Chester Company,
ist New Hampshire Regiment; wounded, Ticonderoga, and
died May 21, 1778.

3. Jonathan, I born in Ireland. Soldier in Chester Com-
pany, I St New Hampshire Regiment; killed, llconderoga,
July 9, 1777.

4. Esther, died unmarried.

5. William, § born in Ireland, 1740. Ensign in the Royal
Provincial Regiment, 1763-7; married Jane Wilson (see p.
71). He died in 1808. His children were:

a. Matthew, settled in what is now Manchester, N. H.

b. James, a physician, an alumnus of Dartmouth

College, a son of whom. Dr. F. F. Forsyth,
was one of the founders of the Weymouth
(Mass.) Historical Society, and a contributor
to the History of Weymouth.

c. Da\id, Captain of the Deering Rifles.

d. Thomas, II born September i, 1775 (see p. 72).

*" Chase's Hist, of Chester," pp. 524, 109, 127, 129, 130, 140, 142, 144, 152, 259, 456,
621, 231; "Town Papers, N. H.," Vol, XL, p. 309; Vol. IX., pp. 109, 115; "State
Papers, N. H.," Vol. IX., pp. 109, 115; "Granite Monthly," Vol. VIII. The name is
spelled on the Chester Records Forsayth, Forsaith, and Forsyth. Some descendants
follow the first, others the last, way of spelling. He liad an estate in Ireland for which
his descendants lodged papers.

t" Hist. Col. N. H.," Vol. VII., p. 83; " Chase's Hist, of Chester." p. 524; "State
Papers, N. H ," Vol, XIV., pp. 554, 034.

% " Chase's Hist, of Chester," pp. 377, yn).

§" Provincial Papers, N. H.," Vol. VI , p. 767; " Town I'apers, N\ 11.," Vol. -XL, pp.
493, 497, 498; Vol. IX., p. -759; " Hist, of Hillsborough County (N. H.)."

II " Burke's Colonial Gentry," Vol. II. " Dufaure's Notes sur les Emigre's." "Amer
ica Heraldica, American Ancestry," Vol. VII.


He married Sallie Pray.* His children were :

i. Jane, born 1810, married R. P. Illsley, of Port-
land, whose daughter, Elizabeth, married
Hon. Boise de Veber, M. P. and Mayor of
St. John, N. B., in 1886, a descendant
of Col. Gabriel de Veber of the Prince of
Wales' American Regiment of 1776-83.

ii. Hamilton, born 18 12. Army of Texas, 1834.
Captain on staff of Gen. Mirabeau B.
Lamar. Died, Galveston, 1839.

iii. Sarah Ann, born 18 15, married, as second
wife, Hon. W. P. Preble, LL.D., Judge of
the Supreme Court of Maine, F'irst Presi-
dent of the Grand Trunk Railway of Canada
(1854), and U. S. Minister to the Nether-
lands, etc. They had one son, Edward,
married to Caroline S., daughter of George
Capron, Newton Centre, Mass.

iv. Eleanor, born 18 17, married Samuel Sawyer,
of Portland. Their son, George, died at
New Orleans, 1853.

V. P'rederic, Vicomte de Fronsac, of Montreal
and Portland, born 1819, see p. 73. He
married Harriette Marie, daughter of Maj.-
Gen. Joseph Scott Jewett, of Scarborough
(see p. 88). His children, Frederic Gregory,
Vicomte de Fronsac, born, Montreal (see p.
75), and Thomas Scott (see p. 80).

vi. George, born 182 1, Lieutenant 78th U. S. C.
Troops, 1863, Assistant Q. M. and A. A. G.
with rank as Major, at camps at Washing-
ton, 1865 ; customs officer at Sitka, Alaska,
afterwards removed to Fresno ; married

* " Sabine's American Loyalists " ( Hamilton ).

Note. — Sallie Pray, born 1778. Admiral Pray, born 1746. Mary Hamilton, born
1760. Colonel Hamilton, born about 1735.


Albertina, daughter of Capt. Albert Jewett,
of Portland ; their daughter Albertina mar-
ried Dr. Macallester, of Honolulu,
vii. Caroline Augusta, born 1823 ; married James
Albert Macnabb, of Greenock, Scotland, a
cousin of Sir A. N. Macnabb, of Canada.
e. Robert, whose sons were Samuel C. and Rodney.
/ Josiah, barrister at Goffstown, an alumnus of
Dartmouth College, whose son, Hon. William
L., is justice of the Boston Municipal Court
g. Hannah, married a Mr. Paige.

6. Robert,* born Chester, 1746; Lieutenant in the War
of ^TJ^-'^Z ; married Mary, daughter of Deacon William
Tolford, of Walnut Hill. One of his sons was Robert, who
married Sarah Luvkin. His son Robert married Sabrina
Ramesay, and their son, James, was one of the prominent
men in New York State. He was president of the Rens-
salaer Polytechnic Institute ; president of the Renssalaer &
Saratoga Railway ; president of the Troy Bridge Company ;
Judge of the County Court ; Judge Advocate of Division ;
author on the Law of Contracts, etc. He married, ist, a
daughter of Hon. P^lisha Tibbetts, of New York City ; 2d,
a Miss Pumpelley, of the family of the explorer. His chil-
dren were: i, Robert, civil engineer and manager of the
Union Steel Company, of Chicago, and 2, James, Attorney-
at-Law, born i860, living at Riverside, the home of the
Pumpelleys, in Owego, N. Y.

7. Josiah,-]- born Chester; Lieutenant in W^ar of 1776-83;
married Kitt^', daughter of Caleb Richardson.

*" Chase's Hist. Chester," pp. ii8, 344, 446 ; " Provincial Papers, N. H.," Vol. \'n,
p. 755 ; " Town Papers, N. H.," Vol. XHL, pp. 196, 19S. 751 ; X'ol. \I., pp. 320, (185.

t" Chase's Hist. Chester," pp. 231, n:^, 383, 457, l^yo: " rown I'apcMs, N. IL," \„I.
XL, p. 315; " State Papers, N. H.," Vol. XL, p. 315.

Arms cjf Fcjksvih kk Tailzeki

Arms of Fors\ th of Failzerton


Capt. Alexander Forsyth, son of Walter, Provost of
Glasgow College and Subdeaneries, by wife, his cousin, Mar-
garet, daughter of Capt. James, and Marguerite (Denys de
Fronsac) Forsaith (see p. i 5), was born, Failzerton Manour,
Ayrshire, 1689 (see p. jj), prominent in Boston Chronicles ;
married, ist, Miss Elizabeth Evans, of Boston, December 12,
I 7 17; 2d, Miss Deborah Briggs, also of Boston, about 1730.
Returned to Ayrshire, Scotland, with his wife Deborah, and
son John, in 1763. His children, born in Boston, were:
I. Alexander, born October 20, 1721.
II. Robert, born August 18, 1723.


III. JoJui, born June 8, 1726; died September 8, 1727.

IV. JoJin, born November 5, 173 i (see below).

John Forsyth, son of Capt. Alexander, as above, filled
several offices in Boston, in the public trust, before returning
to Ayrshire, Scotland, with his father and mother in 1763,
among them being that of surve}'or of lumber and clerk of
the city market. After he returned to Scotland, he entered
the royal army stationed in Britain and attained the rank of
captain. His son born in Ayrshire was :

John Forsyth, born 1770; died 18 15. He was, like many
of his family, inclined to the military profession and, like his
father, attained the rank of captain in the British Army.
His children, born in Ayrshire, were:
I. John, born 1805 ; died 1892.
II. William (see below).
III. James, born 18 10; died 1858, in Ayr, Scotland.
William Forsyth, son of Capt. John, as above, born,
Ayrshire, November 8, 1807 ; died, Roxbury, Boston, Decem-
ber 12, 1876. He came to Boston with his brother John in
1828, but John returned to Ayrshire, Scotland, in 1835.
William settled in Brookline, a suburb of Boston, where most
of his children were born, but later he resided in Roxbury,
now a part of Boston, where he died. For about a quarter of
a century he was connected with the Boston Belting Company,
the original manufacturers of vulcanized rubber-goods in the
United States. He married Jane, daughter of Hamilton
Bennett, Fsquire, of near Buxton, England, who was born
November 15, 181 5; died, Roxbury, Boston, September 8,
i860. He was a man of the highest character for integrity,
a characteristic which all his children inherited. His children
were :

I. William, born November 9, 1839; died July i,

II. Jolni Hamilfoii, l^orn March 9, 1842. superintendent,
Boston Belting Compan\-.



III. Anne Jane, born November i8, 1843 i ^^^^ Septem-
ber 7, 1848.

IV. Margaret Bennett, born August 24, 1845 ; died
April 8, 1890.

V. Mary Elizabeth, born December 11, 1847; died
September 5, 1848.

VI. James Bennett, born February 2, 1850 (see p. 78),
general manager, Boston Belting Company.

VII. Thomas Alexander, born April 12, 1852, manu-
facturing agent, Boston Belting Company.

VIII. George Henry, born November 27, 1854, assistant
manager, Boston Belting Company.

Arms of Hamilton-
Dukes OF Hamilton and Abercorn
(See pp. 20, 72 and 80)

Arms of Bennett

Earls of Tankarville

(See pp. 20 and 79)




Thomas,* died in Cork, Ireland, in 1768, son of Capt.
James (see p. 15). Mary, his widow, survived him, leaving a
private estate. Issue :

I. Robert, merchant in Cork; married Catherine,
daughter of Thomas Campion, Esq., and had :
a. Thomas, married Mary Ann, relative of St. John
Grant, of Kilmurray, Fermo)-. Issue :
i. T?^^/.'^'/-/, born 1807; curate in Bristol; married

r^anny ; died 1840, leaving a daughter,

Frances Jane, author of poems " Armos
ii. Thomas Gifford, born 1808; H.M. Attache
to the Embassy at Morocco ; musician and
poet; married ist, Rose D'Aguilar; 2d,

* Arms of Failzerton confirmed to this family : Crest ; a griffin's liead between two
wings displayed, vert. Motto : " Loyal an Mart."


Lucy H., daughter of Colonel O'Toole, of

iii. Catherine.
iv. Mary.
V. JoJin Braharjon, artist, settled at Bunbury,

Western Australia, in 1845.
vi. Eliza.

2. John, born 1735 ; Pensioner at Trinity College,

Dublin, 1749; Fellow 1762, with degree of D.D.;
Archdeacon of Cork, 1781 ; fine classical scholar ;
died unmarried, 1 78 1 .

3. Margaret, died unmarried.

4. Samuel, entered H.M. Customs Service at Cork,

1752 ; appointed by the Viceroy, Inspector Gen-
eral of Customs for Ireland, Dublin, July 24,

1776; married Margaret ; died 1801 ;

buried at St. Ann's, Dublin. Issue :

a. John, A.B., appointed Vicar of Leighmoney,

March 30, 1826; priest at Cloyne, Sept. 29,
1786; in 1803 was "Threshers Lecturer " in
Cork; died Sept. 16, 1820; buried at St.
Nicholas, Cork. He married Anne Courtenay,
and had :
i. Thomas, educated at Trinity College, where he
distinguished himself by classical attain-
ments ; barrister at law ; Queen's counsel ;
Recorder of Cork ; died 1879.
ii. Samuel.
iii. Robert.
iv. Charlotte.
V. William.
vi. John, Curate of Upper Shandon, Cork.

b. Robert, A.B., scholar at Trinity College, 1780;

priest at Cloyne, 1784; rector of Kilfithmone,
County Tipperary, 1798; married Jane,


daughter of Hugh Evans, Esq., of Cashel.
He was author of the "History of our Lord
and Saviour." Issue :
i. Samuel, settled in HaUfax, N. S. Captain in

the British Army there,
ii. Robert.

iii. RicJiard Martin,* studied medicine in DubHn
and Edinburgh; degree of M.D., Edinburgh,
1827; degree of Surgery, Glasgow,' 1828;
at Hotel Dieu and other hospitals, Paris ;
settled at Templemore, Ireland ; married
Kate Craven, daughter of W'm. Chadwick,
Esq., of Ballinard, Tipperary ; his children
were :

Richard William, who entered H.M. Mili-
tary Service in 1863, served in India;
retired in 1884, as brigade surgeon
and lieutenant-colonel ; married Mar-
garet, daughter of Rev. J. Baird, had
issue : Amy, Kate, Gordon William,
Noel Francis, settled at Whitechurch
House, Cappagh, County W'aterford,
Kate P" ranees.

John C. C, entered medical profession ;
died of fever in forest of West
Africa while emploN'cd in an expe-
Jane Iv, married Dr. Robert '\ . Huston,
no issue,
iv. John, commanded the "Indian Queen " in the
Merchant Marine, and made the shortest

*Named for his uncle Col. Richard Martin, .M. P., of liallinahinch, County Gahray,
Ireland, and of the same family as Martin of Tullyra Castle, Gahvay, so celebrated in the
annals of Ireland. lie was the pioneer of the legislation against cruelty to animals in

the I'arlianifnt of (irwU Britain.


voyage then known between Liverpool and

c. Charlotte, married Richard Martin, Esq.

d. Elizabeth, married the Rev. Charles Smith.
c. A daughter, unmarried.


James Forsyth, 3d son of William of Dykes (see p. 8)
left quite a posterity, who are considerably scattered. One
of his sons was :

William Forsyth, of Barmuckety, who married Jean
Thomson. Their children were :

I. James, married at Cromarty, Sept. 20, 1720, Katherine
Morison ; died 1739, leaving:

I. Williavi* merchant and magistrate at Cromarty,
born 1 721; married, ist, Mary Russell; 2d,
Elizabeth, daughter of Re\-. Patrick Grant, of
Duthcl, Strathspey, incumbent of Nigg, Rosshire.
Issue :

a. William.

b. Patrick.

c. James.

d. William.

Life of William Forsyth, by Hugh Miller.


e. Isabella.

f. Margaret. All died in infancy.

g. John, born Cromart}-, 1779; in civil service of

Bengal; married at Calcutta, 18 16, Mary Ann
Farmer ; his daughter, Mary Elizabeth, born
Calcutta, 18 1 7, married Henry H. Harw^ood,
J. P. and D.L. for County Middlesex, whose
children are Henry W. Forsyth Harwood, Bar-
rister of the Inner Temple, editor of the Gene-
alogist (1903), another son, and a daughter.

h. Catharine, married Isaac Forsyth, of Elgin.

/. Isabella, married Alex. Mackenzie, Captain in
Royal Marines, and grandson of Sir Roderic
Mackenzie, 2d Bart, of Scatwell.

2. Ann, born 1725.

3. JoJin, settled at Dingwall.

4. Arthur, merchant.
II. Elspet, born 1704.

HI. Alexander, born 1707; merchant and magistrate at
Elgin; married, ist, Margaret Ross; 2d, Ann, daughter of
William Harrold, by wife, a Miss Gordon, daughter of Gor-
don, laird of Cairnfield, Banffshire. Mr. Harrold was a fol-
lower of Prince Charles Edward Stuart, and was robbed of
everything by the brutal followers of the brutal Duke of
Cumberland. Mr. Forsyth was one of the most prominent
citizens of Elgin. He had 21 children, of whom a few
were :

1. JoJin, married Sophie, daughter of Rev. Patrick

Grant, of Nigg, Rosshire, and his daughter Ann
married Adam Longmore, of the Court of Ex-
chequer, Edinburgh.

2. Elizabeth, married Thomas Stephen, Provost of

2). Joseph, born Elgin; author of the "Antiquities,
Arts and Letters of Italy," etc.


4. Isaac; author of " Memoire of Joseph Forsyth " ;
married Catherine, daughter of William Forsyth,
of Cromart)-, and had :
a. Elizabeth.
/;. Isabella.
c. Catherine.

,'/. Ann, married William Duncan Macandrew, of
Liverpool and Elgin, whose sons are Major-
General Isaac Forsyth Macandrew, of the
Bengal Staff Corps, and William Macandrew,
r. Justina, married Arthur Uuff, Sheriff-clerk of


Alexander Forsyth, supposed to be son of Alexan-
der, of Elgin, merchant and magistrate (see p. 27), married
Margaret, daughter of William Temple, of County Aberdeen,
a partisan of the House of Stuart, to which family he was
related, as well as to the Barclays and Lord Gordon, of Hunt-
ley. Their children were: i, Alexander; 2, William [born at
Kirkpatrick, married Jane Livingston in 1788, and had a,
John, born 1789 ; h, Nancy, born 1792 ; c, Mary, born 1794 ;
d, Jane, born 1 796 ; c, Peter, born 1 799 ; /, Nellie, born
1801 ; g, Alexander, born 1803]; 3, James (went to Lon-
don); 4, Peter; 5, Jonathan; 6, Hugh; 7, Andrew (see
below); 8, Thomas; 9, Bartholomew; 10, Nathaniel; 11,

Andrew Forsyth, son of Alexander, at the age of 20,
went to London with his brother James, who presented
him to their relative. Lord George Gordon. He accompanied
Lord Gordon to Philadelphia, being employed b\- that nobleman



for seven years. Afterwards he entered into mercantile
partnership, finally doing business for himself. He married
I St a widow, Cooper, whose maiden name was Elizabeth
Hopewell, and had one son, James, who died at Natchez,
Miss., at the age of 40, unmarried. At her death he
married for 2d wife, Agnes, daughter of Col. James Longh-
ead, by wife, Catherine Finney (daughter of Robert Finney
and Catherine Fleming, of Holland). James Longhead was
son of James Longhead and Miss Glenn, daughter of Captain
Glenn of the English Navy, who was present at the siege of
Derry. Mrs. Longhead, daughter of Captain Glenn, lived to
the age of 1 18 years, residing when she died with her daughter,
Mrs. McDowell, in Chester County, Pa. Their son, James
Longhead, entered business at Philadelphia as burgomaster.
He entered the war of the American Revolution, first as a
dispatch bearer for General Washington, then as a colonel of
infantry. When the British troops occupied Philadelphia in
that war. Colonel Longhead's wife, with those of others who
were fighting against His Majesty's troops, were sent out of
the city, and unfortunately compelled to bear those hardships
from which even the innocent are obliged to suffer in war-
time — and above all in a civil war, like the American Revo-
lution. Agnes, the daughter of Colonel Longhead, who
married Andrew Forsyth, could with difificulty obtain the con-
sent of her parents to her marriage with one not an active
revolutionist, at which time her father had returned to Phila-
delphia and was elected Mayor, and Lord Cornwallis had sur-
rendered at Yorktown to the I^'rcnch (icneral de Rochambeau
and the French fleet sent to aid (icncral Washington and
Congress. One of the princii)al officers entertained by
Andrew Forsyth after his marriage was the Marquis de
LaFayette. About 17H5, Andrew moved to Lebanon and
went into partnership with a brother Scot. .Andrew died at
the age of "j^ in Danville, Pa., leaving the following:
I . James.


2 . Ca then lie.
3- John.

4. Elizabeth.

5. Williavi Temple.

6. Hellen.


Three brothers, Alexander, John, and a third (from the
Aberdeen Forsyths), sons hkely of Alexander (see p. 27), are
given below :

I. Alexander, born July 5, 1787. Came to Martha's
Vineyard, 1808. He settled in Maine, and married at Farm-
ington, Deborah, daughter of Ephraim Norton, grand-uncle of
Lillian Nordica, the prima donna. His children were :

\ . James Brandcr, born, Farmington. Mayor of
Chelsea, Mass., two terms. He was a physician
of high standing. He married Octavia Augusta,
daughter of Joseph Bacon, president of the Hrantle
Bank of Boston. His children were :

a. Sarah E., married Allen E. Fugles, M.l)., surgeon

U. S. N.

b. Auuic, d. s. p.

c. Margaret ilopkins, married Arthur Trait, Boston.

d. Isabella, d. s. p.



2 ^//^;v7/w, born, Farmington. Merchant in Gardiner,
Me. ; married Emily Williamson, relative of Wil-
liamson, the historian. Children :

a. Martha, married Charles Duren, Chelsea.

b. Ale.xander, born 1875, Gardiner.

3. Elisabeth, born, Farmington, September 3, 1813 ;

married Henry Stone. Children :

a. Lucy Augusta.

4. George, born, Farmington, July 9, 18 15. Mer-

chant ; married Rebecca, daughter of Samuel
Richardson, of Princetown, Mass. Children :
^7. Harriette A., married John Ouincy Adams, of
Derry, N. H., now of Chelsea, whose son,
William R., married Addie, daughter of Edwin
Smyth, of East Boston, and has a daughter,
Hester Forsyth Adams, born 1893.

b. Isabella Instance, d. s. p.

c. Walter, born, Chelsea, married Angie E., daughter

of Capt. E. B. Winchester, Boston. Children :
i. Annabella, d. s. p.
ii. Ernest \\'., d. s. p.

d. James Brander, born, Chelsea, 1855, of the firm

of Stone & Forsyth, Devonshire Street, Boston ;
married Ruth, daughter of Capt. Clifton
Blanchard, U. S. V.

5. Alexander, born, Farmington, 18 19. Gentleman


6. William, born, Farmington, 1822, d. s. p.

II. John, born, Aberdeen, 1 79 1. He came to Newburgh,
N. Y., where he married Janet Currie. Children :

I.John, Doctor of Divinity and LL.D., educated at

Edinburgh. Professor at Princeton College, N. Y.,

and Chaplain at U. S. Military Academy, West

Point; died 1887, without issue.

2. Robert Alexander, born, Newburgh, N. Y., 18 14;


married Charlotte Pierson, daughter of Samuel ■
Williams, of Newburgh ; died 1873. Children: I

a. Mary W., married E. A. Wikes, of Poughkeepsie,

and had Mary Forsyth and Forsyth Wikes.

b. George Wallace, born 1854; married Emily

Vermilye, daughter of John E. Burrill, of New
York city.

3. Isabel/a, born, Newburgh, married Mr. Little.

4. James Christie, born, Newburgh, married at Kings-

ton, N. Y., Mary Catherine, daughter of Severyn
Bruyn, son of Lieut. -Col. Jacobus Severyn Bruyn.
III. The Third Son went to South America, and one of
his descendants was the late Faulkner Forsyth.


Robert Forsyth was born in Scotland, about 1754. He
came to Fredericksburgh, Va., before the American Rev-
olution of 1776-83. He became interested, like so many in
the Southern Colonies, in the republican philanstery, and
entered the army of Congress. He became captain in Lee's
Light Horse, 1776; Major, 1777; Deputy Quartermaster-
General of the Southern Army, 1778 ; and A. D. C. to General
Washington ; member of the Virginia Order of Cincinnatus,
1783; appointed U. S. Marshal of Georgia, 1786; killed in
performance of duty, 1794; buried with funeral honors by
the Order of Cincinnatus ; a monument was erected to his
memory at Augusta, Ga. ; Congress voted a sum of money
for the education of his children ; he married Mrs. Fanny
(Johnston) Houston, a widow, sister to Judge Peter Johnston,
of Fredericksburg, and aunt of Lieut.-Gen. Joseph E.
Johnston, C. S. A. Issue :
a. Robert, died, aged 19.


d. John,* born in Fredericksburg, October lo, 1780;
member of Society of the Cincinnati ; ist Attorney-
General of Georgia, 1808 ; Representative of U. S.
Congress, 18 13-18 18; Minister Plenipotentiary to
Spain, 1 8 19- 1822; Representative of U. S. Con-
gress, 1823-1827; Governor of Georgia, 1 828-1 830 ;
U. S. Senator, 1830-1834; Secretary of State for
United States, 18 34-1 841 ; died in Washington,
October 22, 1841 ; introduced the culture of nan-
keen cotton into America ; Georgia erected a mon-
ument to his memory in the Congressional Burying
Ground at Washington ; married Clara, daughter of
Hon. Josiah Meigs, LL.D., first president of the
University of Georgia, and son of Col. Jonathan
Meigs of the war of 1776. Issue :

1. Julia, born 1803 '> niarried Hon. Alfred Iverson,

Judge of Supreme Court of Georgia, U. S.
Senator, and general in Confederate Army.

2. Mary,^ born 1807; married Arthur Shaaff,

Georgetown, D. C.

3. Clara, born 18 10; married Capt. Murray Mason,

U. S. N., afterwards commodore in Confederate
Navy, son of Gen. John Mason, of Virginia,
whose brother was U. S. Senator James M.
Mason, and whose sister was Mrs. Sidney
Smith I>ec,| mother of Gen. Fitz-Hugh Lee
{nephew of (len. Robert E. Lee, Commander-in-
Chief of the Southern Confederacy); a daughter
of Clara ?\)rsyth Mason married C\ipt. S. B.
Davis, C. S. A., living in Alexandria, \'a.

*" Virginia Hist. Coll."; '' Wliyte's Hist, of Ga. "; "Van Hoist's Hist, of U. S. ";
" Bench and Har of Ga.," Vol. II., etc. The- family estate in Georgia was about 50,000
acres, with about 10,000 additional in Louisiana.

t A daughter of Mary (Forsyth) .ShaatT nianied Richard Tighlinau lirice, grandson

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