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of Gen. Tench Tighlman, of Maryland.

I" Lee Family History."


4. Jo/ill* born in Augusta, Ga., 181 2; member of

Society of the Cincinnati (S. C.) ; Adjutant ist
Georgia Regiment in Mexican War; U. S.
Minister to Mexico, 1856; Mayor of Mobile,
i860; Confederate Commissioner Plenipoten-
tiary, 1861 ; the Chief of Staff of the Con-
federate Army of Tennessee, 1863 ; and author
of the " Proclamation of the South to the Peo-
ple of Kentucky"; since the war editor of
Mobile Register until his death in 1878 ; he
married Margaret, daughter of Latham Hull,
of Augusta, Ga., and had :
I. Charles, born, Mobile, Colonel 3d Alabama
Regiment, C. S. A. ; distinguished at battles
of Bull Run, Shiloh, Seven Pines, and about
Petersburg ; married Laura, daughter of
Lorenzo M. Sprague, and had as children :

1. Charles Sprague, born, Mobile, 1861.
[Member of the S. C. Society of the Cin-
cinnati, Superintendent Becker Leather
Compan)- of Milwaukee ; married Margaret,
daughter of Rev. C. F. Knight, 4th Bishop
of Milwaukee, their children being Elizabeth
Pickering, born 1891, and John, born 1892.]

2. Elizabeth Hunter, married Irwin M.
Meyer, died 1895 ; and 3, Margaret Angela,
died 1883.

5. ]^irginia, married George Hargraves, had Clara

F. ; married Capt. Chas. Wood, C. S. A., of
Iv)-, Albemarle County, \"a.

6. Anna E., born 1823.

* " Stevens' War between the States," Vol. II. ; " Davis's Rise and Fall of the
Southern Confederacy," Vol. II. ; " Southern Historical Papers ; Correspondence be-
tween the U. S. and C. S. Governments." John Forsyth, Jr., enjoyed the soubriquet
of '• Prince of Southern Journalists."


7. Rosa M., born 1823 ; married Wm. Aubrey, of

Baltimore, afterward of Cartersville, Ga., Com-
missary, C. S. A.

8. Robert* born in Augusta, Ga., 1826; Captain

1st U. S. Voltigeurs, Mexican War; Colonel
of Artillery, C. S. A. ; Commandant of Con-
federate Fortiiications in Mobile Bay ; married
Julia, daughter of Latham Hull, of Augusta,
Ga., and had :

1. John.

2. Angela.

3. Margaret.

* See " Correspondence between the U. S. and C. S. Governments."



Arthur Forsyth, from Scotland, son of WTlliam, of Bar-
muckety (see p. 26), settled first near Boston in the first part of
the 1 8th century. His children were John and Timothy, with
perhaps Gilbert and Jason, who went from Connecticut and
settled in King's County, Nova Scotia, before 1760.

I. John, son of Arthur, married a Miss Smith, of Lyme,
Conn., who claimed descent from the Princess Pocahontas.
Issue :

1. Russeli (hereafter).

2. Dana.

3. George, U. P2. Loyalist, list 11, District O, Depart-

ment Ontario, from Schenectady, N. Y.

4. A daiigliter, married Mr. Rathbone, of Albany, the

father of General Rathbone.
I. Russell (as above), physician in Albany; married
Sarah Seymour, of the family of Gov. Horatio
Seymour, Issue :


a. Douglas.

b. William Wallace, married Cornelia Kane

Strong, niece of Dr. Kane, the explorer,
and descendant of Governor Winthrop.
Issue :
i. Emily Howe, married Herman Bruen, of

New York, and had Emily Howe and

ii Sarah Seymour, married Matthias Ellis, of

South Carver, Mass., their daughters

Zaidee (who married Thos. T. Gaff, of

Cincinnati) and Helena,
iii. Russell, married Helena Annette, daughter

of Benj. Davies K. Craig, of New York

City, and had Beatrice.
H. Timothy, son of Arthur, married , and had:

1. George (hereafter).

2. David.

3. Sanfo7'd.

4. Frederic.

George (as above), married Lucy, daughter of Abner
Howe. He died 1821. Issue:

1 . Orlando.

2. Amanda M., born 1806; married Darwin Hill, of

Clarkson, N. Y., and had :

a. Cornelia Frances, born 1832 ; married Thos.

South worth, Holly, N. Y.

b. Helen Louise, born 1834 ; married E. Brad-

ford Greenleaf, Milwaukee.

c. Mary Seymour, born 1836; married W. H.

Rogers, Mount Vernon, O.

d. Harriet Evelyn.

e. Emma Amanda.

3. Russell.

4. Lucy, born 1812; married Hon. J. D. Perkins.


5. George Hamilton, born 18 13; married Julia Har-

man. He died 1857. Issue:

a. Lucy.

b. Amanda.

c. William.

6. Anne, born 18 15; married W. M. Gorham, M.D.,

Newbargh, N. Y.

7. Jane.

Arms of Denys de la Thibaudiere, de Froxsac, de Bonnaventure,



Jehan Denys, born in Honfleur, France, in the early half
of the 15th century, was one of the boldest, most experienced
and renowned of the navigators of France. He commanded
an expedition to the coast of Brazil in 1504. In Dionne's
History of New France, he is described as the "First of the
Norman French to become acquainted with the shores of
Newfoundland in an authentic manner." In 1506, he pub-
lished, at Honfleur, his chart of the eastern coast of Canada,
Cape Breton and the Gulf of St. Lawrence. His name is
inscribed in the " Registre de la Charite at Confrerie de Notre
Dame de Honfleur," an order founded in 1457. In the same
register are the names of his son Jehan and of his grandson
and great-grandson Jehan. 'i'his latter married Marguerite,
eldest child of David de h'orsyth, lord of Dykes, in Scotland,
and Commissioner of Cilasgow in 1594 and \'icomte de I'^ron-
sac in France. One of the sons of jehan Den)s, tlie exi)lorer.
was :



Pierre Denys, who became established in Tours and was
Intendant of Finance for Tours. His sons were : Pierre
Denvs de la Barodiere, a magistrate of Tours and enrolled in
the nobility, and Mathurin (below).

Mathurix Dexvs, Sicnr dc la Thibandicrc, was captain in
the Royal Guard of King Henry HI. It is related, that, on
the 7th of May, 1589, the King, being besieged in Tours by
the rebels and leaguers under the Due de Mayenne, was so
closely pressed that he was obliged to rely for safety on the ef-
forts of Denys, who was killed at his side by the thrust of a
pike. Denys was buried at Saint Symphorien, a suburb of
Tours, with royal honors. He married Mile. Aubert, presum-
ably of the family of Aubert, the explorer. His son was :

Jacques Dexys, Siciir de la TJiibaudiere, who was an officer
of distinction in the army of King Henry HI, having suc-
ceeded his father as Captain of the Royal Guard. He mar-
ried Marie, daughter of Hughes Cosnier de Beseau and sister
of Emelien Cosnier, one of the " Hundred Gentlemen of the
King." His sons were :

I, Nicolas; 2, Simon, ancestor of the Denys de Bonnaven-
ture and de la Ronde families (to follow) ; 3, Jacques, captain
in the army, afterwards quartermaster-general of the armies
of the King, killed at Candie, in the naval battle of the Vene-
tians ; 4, Henri, killed in Italy in the regiment of the Royal

Nicolas Dexys, Vicomtc dc Fvonsac, son of Jacques (as
above), was born at Tours in 1598. He and his brother
Simon were provided for in the inheritance of Capt. Jehan
Denys and his wife, Marguerite (Forsyth) Denys, of Honfleur,
which included their ancestral claims in Canada, or New
France, into which country these two brothers went (see de
Fronsac succession, p. 65). He married Marguerite de la
Faye. His children were :

I. Richard, for whose family, see de P"ronsac succes-
sion, p. 68. His daughter Anne de Fronsac


married Jean Mercian, non-commissioned officer in
Quebec Garrison in 1 709, whose children were :
a. Agathe, born 171 2; b. Jean B., who married
and had an only child also named Jean B. Mercan,
born 1749, married, at Repentigny, 1768, Marie,
daughter of J. B. Baudoin, and had an only child,
Marie Joseph, who married 1792, at Repentigny,
Augustin Duval (descendant of Francois Duval,
Seigneur Duponthant, in Brittany, who canie to
Quebec before 1657 and whose wife was Marie
Giguelle of Ponsol, Brittany). His children were :
I, Augustin Duval, born 1792, and 2, Marie
Angelique Duval, born 1795.
II. Marguerite, married, at Honfleur in France, her
cousin, James Forsaith of Failzerton, a captain
under the King of France.


Simon Denys, Seigneur de la Triuite, brother of Nicolas,
Vicomte de Fronsac, was born at Tours in 1599. He came
to Canada as Captain in the Regiment Carignan-Salieres,
where he was distinguished in the Indian Wars. He was
made Receiver General for the Company of New France at
Quebec. He married, ist, Jeanne Dubreuil, daughter of the
Procureur du Roi du Breuil of Tours; 2(1, r'rancoise du Tar-
tre. His children were :

I. Pierre, born, l^'rance, 1630, Sie/z/t/c/a /\(>U(/e,undcv

which head sec.
II. Charles, born, France, 1638, Sieiir de ]'itri\ untlcr
which head see.
HI. Fran(^-oise, born 1644, married Michel LeNeuf,
Seio/ienr du Herissou.


IV. Catherine, born 1646.
V. Paul, born 1649, Sicitr dc St. Simoti, under which

head see.
VI. Marguerite, born 163 i, married Michael Cresse.
VII. Barbe, born 1652, married Antoine Pecody-de

VIII. Simon Pierre, born 1654.
IX. Marie, born 1656.
X. Claude, born 1657. Deacon.
XI. Gabrielle, born 1658.

XII. Charlotte, born 1663; married Pierre Dupas ;
secondly, Pierre Boucher.

XIII. Jacques, born 1664.

XIV. Marie PVangoise, born 1666; married John Outlan ;

secondly, Noel Chartrain.
XV. Jean Baptiste, born 1669.
Pierre Dexvs, Sicur dc la Ronde, eldest son. [His spon-
sors were Sieur du Breuil and Nicole du Ruisseau, wife of
Hurban Chomalus, Procureur du Roi de la Prevote de Tours]
as above. He was grand master of forests and waters of
New France; married 1655, at Quebec, Catherine, daughter
of Jacques Le Neuf, Sieur de La Poterie, member of the
Superior Council, by wife Margaret Le Gardeur. He was
brother of Matheu-Michel Le Neuf, Sieur de Herisson, Lieut.-
Gen. for the king. Pierre died 1708. Children:

I. Marguerite Renee, born. Three Rivers, 1656; mar-
ried 1672, Thomas de La Nouguere ; sec-
ondly, Jacques Alex de Fleury, died 1722.
II. yacques, born 1657.
III. Simon Pierre, born 1659, Seig-neiii- de Bojuiaven-
ture ; Chevalier and King's Lieutenant in
Acadia in 1689; captain of frigate, Royal
French Navy, 1691 ; announced relief at
Quebec, captured several English prizes, even
at the gates of Boston, and took them into


Port Royal. He failed to capture Pemkrut,
but his arrival and conqviests on the coast of
Acadia in 1695 * raised the spirits of the pro-
vincials. He defeated the Boston man-of-war
" Sorlings " off St. John. In 1707 he was
one of the most energetic naval commanders
against the PInglish. He married Genevieve,
daughter of Louis Couillard, Sieur de I'Es-
pinay ; secondly, Jeanne Janiere, of Hom-
bourg. Children :

a. Charles, born i6(S7, died 1688.

b. Claude, Scig?ic!ir dc Bonnavcnturc, Chevalier of

the Royal and Military Order of St. Louis,
Admiral of P'rance ; married, 1748, Louise,
daughter of Louis Denys, Sicur de la Rondc,
by wife Louise, daughter of Rene Louis Char-
tier de Lotbiniere, Councillor for the King,
Lieut.-Gen. Civil and Criminal. Claude was
also Major of the Battalion of Isle Royal. He
returned to P'rance with the P'rench Naval and
Military forces in 1760 and died from wounds
received at Louisbourg. He had a son, Claude
Charles (see p 50), and daughter, Marie
Louise, born, Louisbourg, 1758.
IV. Marie Angcliqiic, born 1661 ; married Charles

V. Claude, born 1663.
VI. Fraiicoise yeaiine, born 1664; married Guillaume
Bonthier ; secondly, Nicolas D'Aillcboust.
Seigneur de Menteth.
VH. Catherine, born 1666.

VIII. Marie Charlotte, born 1668; married Claude (V^
Ramezay, Governor of Montreal, who built
the Chateau de Ramezay there, 1705.

* Charlevoix, " Nouvelle France."



IX. Joscpli, Priest-Recollect.
X. Xicolas, born 1669.
XI. Pierre, born 167 I.
XII. Marie Louise, horn \6y\; married Pierre D'Aille-
boust, Seio:neur d'Aro-enteuil.


XIII. Louis, born 1675; Sieur de la Ronde ; married

Louise Chartier de Lotbiniere (as below).

XIV. Aiuie Ursnle, born 1677 ; married Fran^oise

Louis Denys de la Ronde, son as above, of Pierre, a
captain of a detachment of Marines. First Captain Comman-
dant of troops sent by the King to Acadia. Chevalier of the
Order of St. Louis, etc., married Louise, daughter of Rene
Louis Chartier Lotbiniere. Lieut. -Gen., etc., and son of Louis


Therandre Chartier de Lotbiniere, Lieut .-Gen. of the Prevote
of Quebec. He drove the English from Acadia. Royal
Envoy sent to New England, 171 1, by the Governor, Count
de Costabelle. Most likely he is the Sieur de La Ronde
mentioned by Garneau as introducing the manufacture of salt
into Canada. Three of his children were :

L Francis Paul Deny s,hoxVi. 1722; Sicnr dc la Thibcan-
dicrc, officer ; married Marguerite, daughter of
Alex. Celles-Duclos, son of Gabriel, Sieur du
Sailly, Civil and Criminal Judge at Montreal in
1652. Children :

a. Louis, born ; b. Paul, Royalist, killed in

War 1777; c. Marie A., born at Detroit, 1757;
d. Elizabeth, born 1 760.
II. Pierre Denjs, born, Quebec, November 11, 1726,
Seigneur de la Ronde, etc. (see page 51).
III. Philippe Denys, Sieur de la Ronde ; captain of a de-
tachment of marines; married, Quebec, 1753,
Louise Marguerite, daughter of Jean Baptiste
Gaillard, son of Guillaume, Seigneur de ITsle et
Comte de St. Laurent, Royal Councillor, etc.
Children :

a. Philippe Ambroise, born 1753.

b. Roch, born and died 1755.


Charles Dknvs, Sieur de / 7//-^ and Sieur de la I'rinite,
second son of Simon, Sieur de la Trinite, councillor for the
king; married, 1668, Quebec, Catherine, daughter of Charles
de Lostelnau, of St. Nicolas dcs Champs, Paris, tlied 1703.
Children :

I. Catherine Philippe, born 1672.
II. Marie Gabrielle, married, 1687, Pierre Descayrac.


(See p. 51)


III. CJiarlcs, Sicur de litre, councillor of the king;
married, at Lorette, 1700, Charlotte, daughter of
Jean Chretien. Children :

a. Charles Amboise, born, Quebec, 1700 ; died 1701.

b. Charles Paul, born 1702; died 1703.


Paul Denys, third son of Simon Denys, Siair dc la
Triniti\ was Sieur de St. Simon. He was grand provost of
the " Marechaussee " ; married, Quebec, 1678, Marie Made-
leine, daughter of Jean Dupeyras, Sicur dc Santcrrc; secondly,
Marie Theresa, daughter of Ignace Duchesnay, Sicitr dc Beau-
port. He died 1737. Children:

L Catherine, born 1679 ; married Dominique Berge-
ron ; 2d, Guillaume Gaillard.
n. Louis Madeleine, born 168 1.
HT Marie Angelique, born 1684.
IV. Marie Antoinette, born 1686.

V. Charles Paul, born 1688; Seigneur de St. Simon;
royal councillor and provost of the Marechaussee ;
died 1748; married Marie Joseph, daughter of
Louis Prat, captain of the Port of Quebec.
Children :

a. Marie Louise, born 17 14; died 17 17.

b. Marie Angelique, born 17 16.
e. Jean Paul, born 17 17.

d. Matheu Paul, born 171 8.

e. Louise Frangoise, born 1722.
/. Marie Madeleine, born 1724.

g. Marie Jacquette, born and died 1729.
h. Anne Charlotte, born, Charlesbourg, 1730.
/. Paul Charles, born 1733.

J. Antoine Charles, born 1734; died at Leszanne,
Hayti, 1785.


k. Catherine Angelique, born 1736.

/. Louis Achille, born 1738.

;//. Hugues Mathurin, born and died 1739.

;/. Guillaume Mathurin, born and died 1741.
VI. Elizabeth, born 1690; married Mathurin Collet.
VII. GuiUaunic EnianncI Theodore, born 1693 ; Sieur
de ]ltre ; married Marie Joseph, daughter of
Raymond Blaise Des Bergeres, captain of
Marines and major-commandant at Three Ri\^ers.
Children :

a. Theodore Mathieu, born 1724; captain French

Royal Navy, made prisoner by the English,
1759, afterwards entered the British Navy as
captain ; died, England.

b. Marie Noelle, born 1725.

c. Pierre Marie, born 1727 ; died 1730.
VIII. Alexandre, born 1696 ; priest.

IX. Marie Anne, born 1698 ; married Michel Berthier.
X. Jean, born 1702.
XI. Charhdte Fran(^oise, born, Charlesbourg, 1704.

Claude Charles Denys (see p. 46), Sieiir de la Ronde
de Bonnaventiire ; born October 19, 1749, captain in Royal
French navy, chev'alier of the Order of St. Louis, Elector of
the nobility of Aunis (France) in 1787. He was a royalist who
died in emigration in 1801. He had married in 1790 Jeanne
Pelagic de Butler, one of the family of the Irisli Dukes of
Ormonde in P' ranee. His children were :
I. Ainedie Denys (see below).

II. AdolpJie Denys de Bonnaventiire, born 1799, d. s. p.

Amedie Denys de Bonnaventure, born 1796 ; died 1890.
Officer and Chevalier of the Legion of Honor, under Napoleon,
and Knight of the Order of King Charles HI of Spain. He
married Mile. Laurisseau and had :


I. Charles (see below).
II. AcJiille Denys de Boiuiavciititre, born 1832, married,
1857, Emelie de Montlaur de Bonnecarere and had,
I, Olum ; 2, Marie Louise; 3, Charles, born i860,
married M. de Chauvigny and had, a, Henry, born
1893; b, Guy, born 1897; c, Pierre, born 1898.
III. Eugenie de Bonnaventnre, born 1834, married M. de
Chievres and had, a, Zenobie de Chievres, born
1859; married, 1886, the Comte de Nucheze.
Chakles Denvs de Boxxaventure (as above), born
1830; died 187 1 : paymaster of marines at La Rochelle ;
married Clemence de \'illedon de Courson and had Louis
(as below).

Louis Uexys de Boxxavexture, born i860, councillor
in France of the Seigneurial Order of Canada (1902-3), re-
siding at Aytre, Charente Inferieure ; married 1886, Marthe
de la Rochelrochard and has :
I. Elizabeth, born 1887.
II. Jean, born 1889.


Pierre Dexvs de la Roxde (see p. 48), born, Quebec,
November 11, 1726. He died May 7, 1772. His sponsors
were the Marquis de Vaudreuil and Ursule Aubert. He was
Major in the Marines sent into Louisiana, and also Chevalier
of the Order of St. Louis. His magnificent estate was situ-
ated at Algiers, near New Orleans. He married, 1757,
Madeleine, widow of Louis Xavier Chalmet de Lino, lieuten-
ant in the Marines. She was daughter of Ignace F. de
Broutin, captain and engineer, and commandant of the Nat-
chez Port, by wife, Madeleine Lemaire. He was relative of
the Marquis de Vaudreuil, last French governor of Canada.
His children :

I. Louise, born 1758, at New Orleans, married Col.
Don Andre Almonaster-Y-Roxas (son of Don Miguel Jose


Almonaster by his wife, Donna Maria Juanna de Estrada- Y-
Roxas, both of noble birth and nativ^es of Mayrena, Anda-
lusia, Spain). He was Knight of the Royal Order of King
Carlos III, colonel, king's lieutenant-governor and president
of the Council of Louisiana for King Charles III. Don
Almonaster is buried in front of the altar of St. Francis of
Assissis, beneath a marble slab on which is engraved his
name and arms, his royal honors, and the enumeration of his
deeds — he having founded the cathedral of St. Louis, the
palace of justice, the presbytery, several schools for children
and a hospital for lepers. By this marriage there was one
daughter :

Michela Leonarda, born 1795 ; married Joseph C.
Delfau de Pontalba, lieutenant in the French
Marine Corps, commandant of the Cotes des Alle-
mands on the Mississippi, son and heir of Xavier
Delfau, Baron de Pontalba, officer in the army of
King" Charles III, of Spain.
II. Marie Therese, born 1759, married Don Juan Pieto,
New Orleans.

III. Pierre (below).

Pierre Dexvs de la Roxde (as above), born. New
Orleans, 1762; lieutenant in Royal Regiment of Louisiana;
civil and military governor of St. Barnard Parish ; president
of the Royal Council (1798-1803); Colonel of the Royal
Regiment of Louisiana up to the cession to the United
States, 1803 ; General, commanding the Louisiana troops
at the Battle of New Orleans (18 14), and chief military
adviser of General Jackson, by the adoption of whose
plan the defence of New Orleans was made successful.
He was member of the Constitutional Convention of Louisiana
in 18 I 2. He married luilalie, daughter of Louis Alexander
Gerbois, officer in tlie l-'rcnch arm\-, and left :

I. Eii/alie, born, New Orleans, 1788; married Gabriel
Evcrillc Villere, Colonel of the 3d Regiment of Louisiana at


The Old Fronsac-Forsyth',

Composed by











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,. / 1 1 1












^r r? I J^r m



Copyright 1903 hi/ Vicointe de Fronsac.






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JLlf r f i ^n tlA^Fhylt+rgt


siege of New Orleans in 1814, and son of Maj.-Gen. Jacques
P. Villere, second governor of Louisiana.

II. ElizabetJi Celeste, born 1792; married Maunsel
White, colonel in the Mexican War of 1846, and State senator.

III. Heloise, born 1792.

IV. Manette, born 1799, married Gen. Casimir Lacoste.
V. Pepite, born 1799.

VI. Adelaide Adtle, born 1803 ; married the Hon.
Joseph Adolph Ducros, senator in 1877, son of Rodolphe Jo-
seph Ducros, a military officer under King Charles III, by
wife, Marie Lucie de Reggio.

VII. Felicite Felicicie, born 1805 ; married Pierre F.
Jorda, son of Don Jayne Y. F. Jorda and Helene de Reggio.

VIII. Einilie, born 1807; married Pierre Hoa, son of
Don Manual Hoa.

Arms of all these branches of the family of Denys are :
gules, a grape, argent, over all a count's crown ; the shield
supported by 2 stags.

The lordships and seigneuries of the families of Forsyth
and Denys in Canada were as follows :

Denys, Lordship of Isle St. Jean (Prince Edwards Island), 1,450,440 acres.

Denys, Lordship of Cape Breton, 2,119,600 acres.

Denys, Seigneurie of Fronsac (in New Brunswick), 1,390,600 acres.

Denys, Seigneurie of Bonnaventure (in Quebec), 2,106,000 acres.

Forsyth, Seigneurie of Langon (near St. Hyacinthe, P. Q.), 6,000 acres.

Forsyth, Seigneurie of Anticosti, 1,774,000 acres.

Total, 8,846,640 acres



The race owes everything- to the Individual. In viewing
the Past, the race is proud of the Individual. The present
greatest achievement of the race is the production of the In-
dividual ; the future glory of the race is in the possibility of
the Individual. Yet, frequently and always disastrously, the
race and the Individual are beheld in conflict. The Past,
Present and Future are ready to fall into the crucible of
Chaos, to be dissolved from their harmonious union, the
memory of the first from the reality of the second, from the
ambition of the third, to lie in unconscious and perishing frag-
ments, unless drawn together again by a new combination.
And it is submission to the Individual that reunites the race,
as it is war against the Individual that causes the race to be
dissevered. Herein is the law of human progression and
retrogression as derived from the multitudinous histories of
the human race. However the abstract testimonials of histo-
rians may disagree, the concrete testimonials of their subject
matter, divested from the commenting prejudice of the writers,
bear witness to the invariability of this law.

The building up of civilization is ever under the rulership
of the Individual. This rulership is called monarchy and is
the government of the first great man who dominates the
savage tribe of jarring mediocres who are disputing continu-
ally over the affairs of ordinary living. He leads them by the
might of his genius along the path, which alone, his far-reach-
ing vision sees, to the affairs of extraordinary living. These
affairs are developed in his potent intelligence. He becomes
the god, the creator of the race, the head, the lightning en-
deavor that flashes for a while, and causes a momentary light



to send a blessing over the darkness of the age. Then, when
he departs, he, the Individual, from the confines of terrestrial
activity, he leaves the ideal of himself as that by which human
progress and order are to be maintained. By the divine
power of genius, coming to the dictatorship of affairs, he be-

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