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1665 - 1942




Guytnon^ Oklahoma

**A people, who take no pride in the noble achievements of remote
ancestors, will never achieve anything to be remembered by re-
mote descendants.*' — Lord Macauley's ** History of England,**
Vol. 3, p. 224.

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Chapter Page

I. The Plttenger Family of America 1

II. Richard Plttenger 2

III . The Daniel Plttenger Family 4

rv. The Hendplck Plttenger Family 12

V. The Abraham Plttenger Family 24


Last year, I published a book entitled "A History
of the Michael Reasor and Allied Families" which may be
found In many of the leading libraries and Historical socie-
ties of the U.S. In this book I gave the history of my
Father's Mother's and Wife's people. When this book was
published, about all I knew of my maternal grandmother, Re-
becca Plttlnger was when she was born, where she lived, and
when she died. A few weeks ago, I decided to Investigate
the ancestry of Rebecca Plttlnger. This book is the result.

There are thousands of Plttengers in the United
States and most of them trace their ancestry back to Richard
Plttenger, the emigrant. Many of the Plttengers in the U.S.
have gained distinction and renown.

William A. Plttenger is a member of Congress from

Fred Allen Plttenger, Wra. Joseph Plttenger, Bryan
Naylor Plttenger, Earle Alexander Plttlnger and B. N. Plt-
tenger are eminent men in the medical profession.

Lemuel Arthur Plttenger, Pres. of Ball State Teachers
College, B. F. Plttenger, Dean of the school of Education of
the University of Texas and Paul S. Plttenger, Prof, of the
Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science have made their
mark in the educational field.

Our cousin, the late John D. Rockefeller made his
mark in the business world.

The Plttenger name is one., that we can all well be
proud of.

Each year on the 3rd Sunday in August 300 Plttengers
meet for a family reunion at Muncie, Indiana.

The members of our family have been very kind to
answer letters and give Information, and without their gen-
erous assistance this book would have been impossible.

I am especially Indebted to Mrs. E. B. Wall, L. A.
Plttenger, Benjamin R. Plttenger, B. F. Plttenger, Leo Plt-
tenger, Cllve F. Plttenger, W. S. Plttenger, Jacob C. Plt-
tenger, Adella Plttenger, the l&te Mary Woodsmall Watkins,
the late Albert R. Davis, Mrs. Chas. H. Hatton, Eudora L.
Smith, Bertha Sleramons and Ruth Dale Nichols. To them and


the members of the families whose records are herewith
presented and to the generations yet unborn of these same
families, this book Is dedicated.

Do not loan and lose this book. Keep it.

It Is a book your children will prize through the
coming years.

Guymon, Oklahoma, July 22, 19^2 p. Hlner Dale

Chapter I

The Spelling of the Name

In the early days In England, the Plttenger name was
variously spelled: Pottlnger, Pewtenger, Peppenger, Pet-
tlnger, Putenger, Pepenser, Pettlner and Plttenger. In
America, the spelling of the name "Pittinger" has generally
been adopted.

The Origin of the Name

It Is difficult to say whether or not the Original
Plttenger was an apothecary or Soup Cook. The Scottish name
for Apothecary (Druggist) is Potenger, evidently implying
the idea of potting, that is, putting substances into pots
or a maker of pottage,, meaning pot maker. The surname Plt-
tenger Is often confused with Pottenger and is usually from
old english "Pett" (a well or spring), "ing" (a meadow) and
the termination "er" meaning an inhabitant of. Therefore,
the word "Plttenger" means "Living by a well in a meadow."

Plttenger Traditions

Most Pltten-gers say they are Dutch. In the emigrant
period they were Dutch. However, the name is English in
origin and the first Pittengers we know of were English and
Puritans .

In the book "The Story of the Pilgrims" by Arber is
given an account of the marriage of Exiles registered at
the City Hall in Leyden, Holland, from 161O to I617 at page
I67* William Bradford is witness to the marriage of Henry
Crullens, widower out of England with Elizabeth Pettinger,
maid. The ancestral home of the Pittengers in England was
in Nottlnghampshire, which was the cradle of the Puritan
movement. The family had a coat of arms and played a promi-
nent part in the early English history. In later years. Sir
Henry Plttenger was a baronet and he negotiated the treaty
which gave the British Hong Kong, and he was made Its


Records from the church of Puritans, Leyden, Hol-
land, show one "Elizabeth Plttenger, spinster married John
Jennings, their son John Jennings II married Pear, daughter
of Rev. John Robinson, vho was the leader of the Puritan
movement In the new world.

In later years, Greorge of Hanover was living In
Holland, while there he married a Plttenger maiden. "When
he was called to the throne of England as George I, he de-
serted his Plttenger wife, so tradition says.

From all the records available, we are led to the
conclusion that the Plttenger family was originally of Eng-
lish origin and fled England to Holland for conscience sake,
prior to 1610.

Chapter II

Our emigrant ancestor, Richard Plttenger came from
Holland to America on the ship "Phillip" and landed in New
Amsterdam, now New York City on July 29, I665. The ship
was in charge of Philip Carteret, with 30 passengers
aboard, I6 of whom, including Richard Plttenger removed in
a few days with Philip Carteret from New York City to New
Jersey with the purpose of planting a colony. At that
time only h families had settled in N.J.; 269 acres of land
was allotted Richard Plttenger and each of the other colo-
nists. The tract that Richard Plttenger drew adjoined the
tract owned by the governor. The Edison experimental works
now occupies the tract drawn by Richard Plttenger.

Richard Plttenger' s cattle mark was: A crop in the
near ear and a hole in the right, recorded Nov. 29, 1708.

On March 11, I678 Richard Plttenger was a witness
to the marriage contract of Mrs. Margaret Stuyvesant, half
sister of Governor Stuyvesant, and Hendrick Droogestadt.


Richard Plttenger died In 1715 and on October l6,
1715* administration was granted his son John Plttenger.
See Colonial Documents, N.J. Archives, 1st series Vol. 23,
page 368 Wills.

On January 10, 17l6, at the council held at Chester-
field a bill was Introduced to allow John Plttenger and
Syche Plttenger of Plscataqua, N.J. to sell and dispose of
the real estat.e of Richard Plttenger, deceased for the
payment of debts. April 8, 1717 this bill passed. See
Colonial Documents of New Jersey, Vol. XXI, pp. 46.

Syche Hendrlcksen was the wife of Richard Plttenger.
It Is not known when or where they married, but the evidence
goes to show that they married In Holland.

Children of Richard Plttenger and Syche Hendrlcksen:

1. John Plttenger, B. I67O, D. 1721, M. Elizabeth

11. Richard Plttenger II, M. Annetje Anthony
111. Daniel Plttenger, B. I69O, M. Elizabeth Biggs, dau. of
John Biggs
Iv. Possibly, Hendrlck Plttenger, B. l695, D. April 25,
1775, M. Mary Low

Syche Plttenger, whose parents we have been unable
to Identify with certainty married Isaac Selover, Jr. a son
of Isaac Selover, Sr. a schoolmaster at Flatlands, N.Y. In
1695 and Judith Waldron. They had a daughter baptized Aug.
15, 1732 at the Harllngen D.R. Church with John Plttenger,
son of Richard Plttenger and Syche Hendrlcksen, the child's
grandmother and widow of Richard Plttenger, sponsors.

Isaac Selover, Jr. and Syche Plttenger had a son,
Abraham Selover, B. In 17^8, D. May 15, I828. Abraham
Selover and wife had a daughter, Syche Selover, B. Aug. 17,
1776; D. Oct. 29, 1823; married John Davison born in N.J.
Of this marriage 3 daughters were born, one of whom Eliza
Davison, B. Sept. 12, l8l3, M. William Avery Rockefeller at
Nlles, N.Y. Feb. I8, 1837- They were the parents of John
Davison Rockefeller (John D. ) the late raultlrallllonalre and
philanthropist .

John D. Rockefeller was B. In l839 and D. May 23,

1937 at the Casements, his home in Florida. The genealogy

of John D. Rockefeller has been compiled by Mabel Jacques
Hadler, Egeland, North Dakota.

John Plttenger, son of Richard Plttenger and Syche
Hendrlcksen, B. I67O, D. 1721, is called a seafaring man.


the first of the Plttengers that we know of to have followed

the sea. He M. Elizabeth and they had 5 children, 2

sons and 3 daughters. The sons died early, and we have no
further record of the daughters.

Chapter III

Daniel Plttenger, B. 169O, D. 1796, was a son of
Richard Plttenger, the emigrant and Syche Hendrlcksen of
New Jersey. He married Elizabeth Biggs, and resided In
Maryland, issue 4 sons.

1. 1. Benjamin Plttenger, B. 1751, D. I815

11. Daniel Plttenger, B. 1786, D. 1821, burled at
Detour, Md.
ill. John Plttenger

2. iv. William Plttenger, M. Catherine Peterson

(1) Benjamin Plttenger, B. 1751, D. l8l5; M. Mary

Ann, B. 1759, D. l8l5; buried on farm of Charles
Miller, Detour, Md., issue 12 oh.

1. Catherine Plttenger, M. John Eckman
11. Ellender Plttinger

3. ill. John Plttenger, B. 1778, M. Julia A.

iv. Henry Plttenger

v. William Plttenger
vi. Daniel Plttenger, B. I818

4. vil. Jeremiah Plttenger, M. Elizabeth Miller

5. viii. James Plttenger, M. Jane Gibson

Ix. Mary Plttenger, M. Ambrose Grain
X. Prudence Plttenger

6. xi. Benjaraine Plttenger, M. 1st Theresa

Creeger, M. 2nd Ann Hunter
xll. Crane Plttenger

(3) John Plttenger, B. 1778, M. Julia A. Gibson,
issue 6 ch.

1. Mrs. R. R. McMeans, her husband was sur-
geon in Civil War


11. J. H. Plttenger, Issue 2 sons, Hal and
Orom Plttlnger
111. Mrs. M. E. Stone
Iv. Mrs. H. S. Kendlg

V. C. N. Plttenger
vl. John Plttenger

(4) Jeremiah Plttenger, 1st M. Elizabeth Miller,
2nd M. E. Wesley

(5) Jaraes Plttenger, M. Jane Gibson in l8l7. Issue
11 ch.

1. Wesley Plttenger
11. Mary Ann Plttenger
111. Matilda Plttenger
Iv. Benjaralne Plttenger

V. Corollne Plttenger
vl. Katherlne Plttenger

7. vll. John Plttenger
vlll. Margaret Plttlnger

Ix. Jaraes Plttenger

X. Cordelia Plttenger
xl. William Plttenger

(6) Benjamin Plttenger, B. 1798, 1st M. Theresa
Creeger, 2nd M. Ann Hunter; Issue 3 ch. , 4 of
1st M., 1 of 2nd M.

1. Cordelia Plttenger, M. M. Taylor, Issue
2 ch.
11. Ann C. Plttenger, M. Al Rusklt, Issue 4 ch,

8. Hi. Dewltt Clinton Plttenger

9. Iv. Fillmore Plttenger, a son of 2nd M.

(7) John Plttenger, M.

1. Robert Plttenger
11. Jessie Plttenger
111. William Plttenger
iv. Sallle Plttenger
V. Charles Plttenger

(8) Dewltt Clinton Plttenger

1. Theresla Plttenger
11. Benjamlne Plttenger
111. Ethel Plttenger. " All 5 ch. dead.


(9) Plllmore Plttenger, M., 1 ch,

1. D. H. Plttenger, 3 ch.

1. Martha Plttenger
11. Millard Plttenger
111. Alice Plttenger

2. William Plttenger, the 4th son of Daniel Plttenger, M.
Catherine Peterson, Issue 4 sons

10. 1. Nlcholls Plttenger, B. l8l8, D. l882

11. 11. Thomas Plttenger, B. I8l3-l886

12. 111. Ahymaz Plttenger, M. Jennie Pugh

13. Iv. Peter Plttenger

(10) Nlcholls Plttenger, B. l8l8, D. l882, M. 1st
Anna Mllls - B. l825, D. l84l; M. 2nd Eliza-
beth Andrews - B. l824, D. l869; M. 3rd
Elizabeth Harker and lived In East Liverpool,
Ohio; D. l88l, burled In Mill Creek Cemetery.
Issue 8 ch.

14. 1. Dallas Plttenger, M. Jennie Stewart

11. Marietta Plttenger, M. Wlnlfleld Hood

111. Jerusha Plttenger, M. Jas. Hall

15. Iv. Mary Plttenger, M. Thos. Allen

16. V. Thomas Plttenger, M. Martha McGlnty

17. vl . Frank Plttenger, M. Alice Calhoun

vll. John Plttenger, M. Laura

18. vlll. William Plttlnger, M. Laura Flnley

(14) Dallas Plttenger, M. Jennie Stewart, Wells-
vllle, Ohio, 4 ch.

1. Belle Plttenger, M. Burt, Cleveland,
11. Robert Plttenger
111. William Plttenger
Iv. , M. Jacobs, Wheeling, W. Va.

(15) Mary Plttenger, M. Thomas Allen, Wellsville,
Ohio, 1 ch.

1. Edward Allen, Cleveland, unio.

(16) Thomas Plttenger, B. I85I, D. I895, M. Martha
McGlnty - B. I85O, D. 1926; Issue 5 ch. died
young, 4 lived.


1. Bertha Pittenger, M. John White
11. Charles Pittenger, M. Margaret Geon

19. ill. John Guy Pittenger, M. Eula Reager

20. iv. Robert F. Pittenger, M. Florence Harris

(17) Frank Pittenger, M. Alice Calhoun, Newell,
West Va. He was B. I863, D. 1927, 3 ch.

1. Ralph, M. Stella, 1 son M. Norma
11. Ernest, M. Olga, 1 son
111. Sarah, M. Chester Johnson

(18) William Pittenger, M. Laura Flnley, East
Liverpool, Ohio; Issue 3 ch.

1. Bernlce, M. M. A. Yost, Beaver, Penn .
11. Howard, M. Helen Herlng, 2 ch. Patricia
and Billy
111. Edgar, M.

(19) John Guy Pittenger, M. Eula Reager

1. John Thomas, B. June 7th, I918
11. James Guy, B. March 9th, 1922

(20) Robert Franklin Pittenger, M. Florence Har-
ris, 2 ch.

1. Mildred, M. Ernest Christmas
11. Charlotte, M. M. Brown

(11) Thomas Pittenger was the second son of

William Pittenger and Catherine Peterson.
He was B. I813 and D. I886, M. Mary Mills,
7 ch.

21. 1. Rev. William Pittenger, l840-1904, M.

Winnie Osborne

22. 11. Margaret Pittenger, l84l-1930, M.

Joseph Edmlnston

23. 111. Maria Pittenger, 1847-193^, M. Geo.


24. Iv. Rev. John Pittenger, l848-1908, M.

Louis Kerr

25. V. Hiram Pittenger, I85O-I92O, M. Nettle

vl. Sarah Pittenger, 1853-1935
vll. Robert Pittenger, 1855-1937, M. Mabel


(21) Rev. William Pittenger, of Civil War farae -
captured engine episode, l840-1904, M.
Winnie Osborne of New Brighton. She is
buried at Pall Brook, Cal. Issue 8 ch.

1. Amos

il. Fred

111. Eraraa

Iv. Walter

V. Mary, M. Wayraan

vl. Clark

vil. Edward

vill. Anna, M. Robinson, issue 1 son and 2
daughters, Claremont, Cal.

(22) Margaret Pittenger, l84l-1930, M. Joseph
Edminston' of Jefferson Co., Ohio. Issue 6

1. Elizabeth, B. I87O, M. John Johnston

11. Cora, B. 1872

ill. Laura, B. 1875

Iv. John B. 1877

V. Sarah, B. l879, D. 1932, M. Jack

vi. Katherlne, B. I882, M. Fred Cooper

(23) Maria Pittenger, 1847-1934, M. Geo. Mine-
singer, 1 ch.

1. Thomas, Pughtown, West Va.

(24) Rev. John Pittenger, l848-1908, M. Louis
Kerr, 1 ch.

1 . Edgar

(25) Hiram Pittenger, I85O-I920, M. Nettie Bur-
nett, 7 ch.

1. Sarah, 1897-1937
11. Lucy, 1894

26. ill. Thomas, I889

27. iv. Harry Pittenger, B. I89I, M. May

V. Mrs. Grace Watt, 1889
vl. Mrs. William McLain, I887
vil. Mary, 1885-1903


(26) Thomas Plttenger, I889, lives on old home
farm, 4 ch.

1. Dorothy

11. Genevieve

111. Elizabeth

Iv. William

(27) Harry Plttenger, I89I, M. May McLaln. They-
live at Toronto, 0., 4 ch.

1. John

11. Robert

111. Margaret

Iv. Marlon

(12) Ahyraaz (Hiram) Plttenger, 3rd son of William
Plttenger and Catherine Peterson. He vas B.
1817, D. 1897, M. Julyna Pugh, Issue 9 ch.
They lived In Jackson Co., Ohio.







(28) William Gordon Plttenger, M. Minerva Mlncke,
Issue 10 ch.


William Gordon
























Emma, 4












1 ch.


Earl, 3


(29) Josephine Plttenger, M. Edward Burt, issue 7

1. Langley, 3 ch.
11. Oakley, 8 ch.



Myrtle, 3 ch.








Julyna, 3 ch.

(30) Katherlne Plttenger, M. Chas. Goddard, Issue
4 ch.

1. Homer, 4 ch.

11. Dora, 3 ch.

111. Maude, 1 ch.

Iv. Bessie, 6 ch.

(31) John Plttenger, M. Francis Dugan, Issue 10 ch.

1. Ira, 3 ch.

11. Leslie, 1 ch.

111. Stella

Iv. Jessie, 3 ch.

V. Charlie

vl. Harry, 6 ch.

vll. Wanda, 3 ch.

vlll. Maude, 2 ch.

Ix. Merle, 6 ch.

X. John, 2 ch.

(32) Prank Plttenger, l857, M. Sarah Klnnlson,
1856-1937, Issue 8 ch.

1. Nellie, 3 ch.

11. Letha, 3 ch.

111. Anna, 2 ch.

Iv. Elta, 4 ch.

V. Minor, 1 ch.

vl. Francis, 3 ch.

vll. Rex, 4 ch.

vlll. Martha

1. Nellie Plttenger, dau. of Frank,
M. J. R. Fields; 1 ch., Paul
Fields, M. Mary Currier
11. Letha Plttenger, M. Harry Wills,
Issue 3 ch., Harold, Ralph Wills
M. Peggy Price, Gall Wills
111. Anna Plttenger, M. Geo. Werner,
2 ch., Alfred Wei-ner and William


iv. Elta Plttenger, M. Fred Sheakley,
issue 4 ch., Lero, Ruth M. Chas.
Kolb, Lucile M. Otto Hoklng,
Mary Anna M. Donald Murry
V. Minor Pittenger, M. Jessie Reed,
issue 1 ch.; Samuel Frank, M.
vi. Francis Pittenger, M. Ed Kyle,

issue 5 ch., Sarah Frances, Mary,
vii. Rex Pittenger, M. Margaret Mc-
Kinnon, issue 4 ch., Margaret
Anne, Phylis, Jane and Mary Joe
viii. Martha Pittenger, M. Carrol
Bentine, no ch.

(33) Clarence Pittenger, M. Emma May Kinnison,
issue 3 ch.

i. Clyde, 8 ch.
ii. Ev.erett,*6 ch.
iii. Eldon, 5 ch.

(3^^ Vernon Pittenger, M. Greorgia McKitterish,
issue 3 ch.

i. Homer, 6 ch.
ii. Bertha, 2 ch.
iii. Stella

(35) Edna Pittenger, M. Hiram West, issue 5 ch.

i. May, 2 ch.

ii. Gladys, 3 ch.

iii. Harford, 7 ch.

iv. Harley, 1 ch.

V. Clarence, 1 ch.

(13) Peter Pittenger was the fourth son of William

Pittenger and Catherine Peterson. He M. 1st

; he M. 2nd Tobitha Walters. Peter

Pittenger vas B. in Maryland and went to

Illinois upon his marriage. Issue 11 ch.

1. William, son of Ist wife, killed at
Pittsburg landing
ii. John
Hi. Samantha, M. A. Arthur
iv. Harriet
V. Jan©







Abraham L., B. l862


Rev. Thomas Sherman





Chapter IV

Hendrlck Plttenger, son or Richard Pittenger and
Syche Hendricksen vas B. l695 M. Mary (Maria) Low in 1725-
She was born in 1703- He died April 25, 1775 and is buried
in Hillsboro Township, Somerset Co. N.Y. Issue 7 ch.

1. Susanna Pittenger B. May l8, I837 M. Rould Vandyne .

1. 11. Richard Pittenger III B. April 15, 1730 M. Rebecca


2. ill. Maria Pittenger B. Aug. 15, 1732 M. Peter Peterson.

He served a Ranger of the Frontier I778-I783

3. iv. Henry Pittenger M. Maria Wickoff

4. V. Capt . John Pittenger M. Annetje (Hannah) Wickoff
vl. Abraham Pittenger M. Margrietje Gano .

vll. Sophia Pittenger M. Isaac Smalley

(1) Richard Pittenger III, son of Hendrlck Pittenger
and Mary Low was B. at Somerset N.J. April 15,
1730 and D. at Culpepper, Va. about 18OO . He
bought land at Culpepper, Va. in 1778 and moved
there from his home in Somerset, N.J. with his
brother Abraham. His sister Maria and her hus-
band Peter Peterson preceded Richard III and
Abraham to Culpepper, Va . The estate of Richard
Pittenger III was settled at Culpepper Va. in
1817. He married Rebecca Griggs, who was B.
April 5, 1729. Issue 3 ch.

5. 1. Henry Pittenger, son of Richard Pittenger

III and Rebecca Griggs
11. Richard Pittenger IV. baptized Aug. 2, 1765
In N.J. He went with his parents from
Somerset N.J. to Culpepper Va. In 1778. He
took up lan^ In Washington Co. Ky. in I783 .


ili. Abraham Pittenger, son of Richard Plttenger
III vill have a succeeding chapter devoted
to him and his family.
{?.) Maria Pittenger, child of Hendrick Pittenger and
Mary Low was B. Aug. 15, 1732 and M. Peter
Peterson. They removed from Somerset, N.J. to
Culpepper, Va. and went to Md . for a brief
visit with the folks of Daniel Pittenger Rev.
William Pittenger who wrote the amazing story
of "The Stolen Railroad Engine" in civil war
days was of the line of Daniel. Issue, Thomas
Pittenger an only child.

(3) Henry Pittenger, Jr., son of Hendrick Pittenger
and Mary Low B. Feb. 25, 1735 on Oct. 30, 1759
M. Maria Wickoff B. Nov. 20, 1R38. She was B.
in N.J. and D. in Va.

Henry Pittenger Jr. was B. Feb. 25, 1735
In Hunterden Co. N.J. He left N.J. and came
with his family, together with his brother-in-
law Joachim Wickoff and his family through Mary-
land into Virginia now west Virginia, and set-
tled in what is now Brook Co. West Va. in 1791.
Maria Wickoff was a daughter of Jacob Wickoff,
whose earliest ancestor in this country was
Claes Corneliszen (Nicholas) who was B. in Hol-
land in 1597 and coming to this country in l637.

Ch. of Henry Pittenger Jr. and Maria Wickoff

1. Maria Pittenger B. Oct. 26, I76O M. P.
Peterson, lived in W. Va.
il. Henry Pittenger B. April 2, 1764 M. Polly
Hi. Rev. Nicholas Pittenger B. June I8, I766
M. Lidia Barcus
Iv. Hannah Pittenger b. Oct. 20, I768 M. John
Sapp, who killed her.

8. v. John Pittenger B. Jan. 20, 1771 M. Ist

Nancy Splvey, M. 2nd Catherine Peterson

9. vl. Abraham Pittenger B. July 22, 1773 M.

Susanna Osborne He D. I865.
vll. Peter Pittenger B. in V. Va. Aug. 2, 1775
M. Tabitha Walters

(4) Captain John Pittenger was a Captain In the Rev.
War. He served in the militia In N.J. He M.
Annetje (Hannah) Wickoff, Issue 6 ch.


1. Henry Plttenger Bap Nov. 27, I763 M. Mary
(Maria) Vickoff

10. 11. Abraham Plttenger B. I78O M. Margaret Van

111. John Plttenger

11. Iv. Nicholas Plttenger Baptized Nov. 27, I763

V. Maria Plttenger baptized April I6, I786
(5) Henry Plttenger, son of Richard Plttenger III
and Rebecca Griggs was B. July 10, I75O at
Somerset N.J. and D. about l802 at Culpepper,
Va. He came to Culpepper, Va. prior to 1778.
He M. Elizabeth Sullivan about I786 In N.J.
After Henry Plttenger 's death his widow and
children moved to Spencer Co. Ky., where they
lived and died. Issue 5 ch.

1. Richard R. Plttenger IV. B. Oct. 29, 1787
11. Rebecca C. Plttenger B. Sug. 13, 1790 M.
Horatio Day In I813 at Culpepper, Va .
They moved to Spencer Co. Ky.
111. Charles C. Plttenger B. June 17, 1792 In
Va. D. In Ky.
Iv. Mary L. Plttenger B. July 19, 1793 in Va.
M. James Tlcknor Feb. 2, I82O In Spencer
Co . Ky .
V. Elizabeth S. Plttenger B. Oct. 8, I8OO at
Culpepper, Va. M. Preston Beaucharap
Sept 17, 1825 In Spencer Co. Ky. She b.
April 29, 1847 In Spencer Co. Ky.

Elizabeth 3. Plttenger had a daughter
named Mary Elizabeth Beauchamp B. June 4,
1828 In Spencer Co. Ky. On Dec. 2, l848
In Jefferson Co. Ky. she M. Henry May
Woodsman and D. Feb. 9, I869 at Jefferson,
Texas. They had a daughter named Mary
Henry Woodsmall, B. Jan. 1, I862 at Park-
vllle. Mo., who M. William Jennings Watklns
at Owensboro, Ky. on Sept. 23, l884. They
ha^ a son Samuel Shelton Watklns B. Sept.
17, 1885 at Owensboro, Ky. , who M. Erie
Bonner of Russellvllle, Ark at Washington,
D.C. on Dec. 22, 1923. Of this marriage
3 children were born. In N.Y. City, to-


1. Elizabeth Bonner Watkina B. 1924
ii. Mary Woodamall Watkins B. 1927 D. in
New York City,
iii. Susan Ewing Watkins B. 1931.

Mary Woodsmall Watkins spent
much time at Culpepper, Va. copying
records of the Pittenger family.

(6) Henry Pittenger son of Henry Pittenger Jr. and
Maria Wickoff B. April 2, 1764 D. l827 M.
Polly Barcus Who D. May 1, I851

i. John Pittenger M. Anna Smith
ii. Rebecca Pittenger

12. iii. Thomas Pittenger B. 1791 M. Catherine

iv. Henry Pittenger B. 1790 D. 1820 M. Sara
Taylor in 1&04.

13. V. Daniel Pittenger B. I818 M. Agnes Smith

vi. Lydia Pittenger M. John Smith

vii. Abraham Pittenger B. I8OO D. 18^2
viii. Peter Pittenger M. Elizabeth Rice.

(7) Rev. Nicholas Pittenger son of Henry Pittenger
Jr. and Maria Wickoff B. June I8, I766 M. Lidia
Barcus, 12 ch.

i. Rebecca Pittenger B. July 7, I888 M.
David McClure
ii. Mary Pittenger B. Aug. 12, I789
iii. Henry Pittenger B. Oct. 23, 1791 M.
iv. Abram Pittenger B. Feb. 17, 1793 D. Aug.
3, 1853, at 60 years
V. Isaac Pittenger B. May 23, 1795
vi. Jacob Pittenger B. Jan. 30, 1797
vii. Lidia Pittenger B. Oct. 8, 1799
viii. Nicholas Pittenger B. Nov. 6, I8OI
M. Phebe
ix. Thomas Pittenger B. Apr. 23, lB04
X. Sarah Pittenger B. April 23, l804
xi. Becky Clark Pittenger B. Aug. 5, I806 M.
David McClure
xii. Hannah Pittenger B. Mar. 9, l809 M. Hugh

(8) John Pittenger son of Henry Pittenger Jr. and
Maria Wickoff B. Jan. 20, 1771 D. Apr. 13, i860

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