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land Records, III, jS. Rufus Collins of Ellington gives a
mortgage to Lucy Kingsbury of Ell. Dec. 9, 1799, to be void,
"unless he shall at all times provide for the support of the
above-named Lucy, at all times during the term of her nat-
ural life, suitable meat, Drink, and Apparel that shall be
comfortable and decent, so that she be decently cloathed to
attend Public Worship when she shall be able .... in sick-
ness and health Nurse, take care of, provide for and maintain
the s d Lucy," &c. The land was bounded partly by Eliza-
beth Dewey's heirs, Deliverance Terrell, and Sarah Hale,
partly by Wm. Wallace's Land, and Land formerly belong-
ing to Simon Kingsbury, Jun 1 ', dcc d .

Page 228 [No. 794]. "In memory of David, son of Mr.




David and Mrs. Ruth Patten, who died Oct. y c 20 1 ", 1775,
aged 3 days." Old Andover Burying- Ground.

Page 229 [No. 707]. Williamstown. Ephraim Ladd &
Lois his wife their daughter Almaria Born february y c 22' 1 ,
A. D. 1784.

John Chapman Ladd Born November 16, A. D. 1785.

Lydia Ladd born October 31, A. D. 1786.

Page 229 [No. 709]. Mary Loomis, wife of Deacon Joseph
Kingsbury of Enfield was born July 17, 1726. — Family Record.
Deacon Joseph Kingsbury represented Enfield in the Gen-
eral Assembly of Connecticut, 1778, 1780, 1781, 1782, 1784,


Page 230 [No. 710]. Denison Kingsbury was appointed
by the General Assembly one of the collectors of a tax to be
laid upon all the land in Andover for four years, to be im-
proved. for the support of the ministry, and to build a meet-
ing house, May, 1749. Colonial Records of Connecticut. Deni-
son Kingsbury was one of the grantees of Andover, N. H.,
Oct. 13, 1 76 1. N. H. State Papers, Vol. XXVI.

Page 231 [No. 804]. Lydia Kingsbury, daughter of Den-
ison, died in Farmington, Conn., April 18, 1838, aged 85. —
Gravestone in Farmington Cemetery.

Page 231 [No. 808]. The reference to page 326 should
be 336.

Page 234 [No. 713]. Children of Col. Elijah and Sabrina
(Crocker) Boardman : 1, Elijah Henry, b. July 12, 1789, re-
moved to Huntsville, Ala. ; m. about 1845, Lucretia Miller,
of Utica, N. Y. 2, John, b. March 12, 179 1; settled in Hunts-
ville, Ala.; died about 1844. 3, Eliza Crocker, b. Aug. 22,
1792, in Bennington, Vt. 4, William Coit, b. Oct. 22, 1794;
d. Feb. 7, 1817. 5, Clarinda, d. young, May 3, 1819.

Page 235 [No. 821]. Sandisfield C/i. Rec, i/po. April 21,
Win,, son of Wm. & Ruth Granger, bap. at home after some
conversation on the subject, D" P. Kingsbury & wife being
present. He offering to be a voucher for the child. Ibid.,
1790. vSep. 12, Hiram, son of Wm. & Ruth Granger, bap.

Page 235 [No. 825.] There was an Ebenezer Kingsbury
living in Washington, Mass., about 1815-30, who was proba-
bly 825. There were also Jere W. Kingsbury, John Kings-
bury, and Edward Kingsbury, perhaps his sons. Jere W.
Kingsbury, of Washington, yeoman, conveyed to John
Kingsbury, " mecanick," the north half of a lot in W., Oct.
5, 1824. Eben r Kingsbury, Edward Kingsbury, wit.; signed
by Jere W. Kingsbury and Emily, his wife. Berkshire
Registry of Deeds, 65, 732. John Kingsbury, of W., carpenter,
conveyed land to Ephraim Herrick, of W., April 8, 1826.
Ibid., 77, 73. Mary Kingsbury, of W., was married to Mitchell
Hunt, of Woodbury, Conn., Feb. 16, 1826. Mitchell Hunt
was living in Woodbury, with his wife, Mary, and ch. Ed-


ward A., Sylvester, and Harvey D., in 1853. — Cothren, Hist,
of Woodbury, I, 805. State of Connecticut from Ebenezer
Kingsbury and Wife Sally Kingsbury, of Washington, Mass.,
land in W., July 1, 1815, wit. John Kingsbury, Gideon Dem-
ing. Berkshire Registry of Deeds, do, 2Q&. Another deed from
the same to the same, July 26, 1818; Mary C. Kingsbury,
witness. Perhaps this Ebenezer. Amos Spencer of Canton,
Conn., conveyed to Jere W. Kingsbury of Washington, Berk-
shire Co., land in W., March 8, 1822. — Berkshire Registry of

Page 237 [ No. 717]. The births of Rebekah and James,
children of Absalom Kingsbury, are recorded in Norwich.

Page 239 [No. 720]. Richmond, N. Y., should be Rich-
mond, Mass.

Page 239 [No. 721]. Ephraim Kingsbury was married
April 13, 1758, according to Norwich Town Records.

Page 240 [No. 846]. Oliver Kingsbury enlisted under
Capt. Walker in Col. S. B. Webb's Regiment in July, 1781,
for six months, and died while in the army, Dec. 11, 1781. —
U. S. Pension Rolls.

Page 241 [No. 725]. Ebenezer Kingsbury represented
Enfield in the General Assembly of Connecticut, 1797, 1799,
1801. No. 853 should be stamped with arrow.

Page 243 [No. 859]. Olive Kingsbury m. Theophilus Clark
of Claremont, N. H.; ch.: Eliza, Melinda, Clarissa, Theophi-
lus, James, Caroline. She removed to Michigan with her
second husband, Mr. Jewett, after her father's death, about
1834, when life in the pioneer settlements was very rough.

Page 244 [No. 733.1]. Jared Scarborough grad. Yale, 1803,
M.A. 181 1 ; m. (1) Margaret Caldwell ; was a merchant in
Hartford, Quartermaster-General of Connecticut during the
War of 1812, and Captain of a cavalry corps; m. (2) Sept. 5,
1813, Mary Ann Woolsey, dau. of William Walton and Eliz-
abeth (Dwight) Woolsey, of New York, b. March 3, 1793.
He d. Nov. 2-5, 1816, leaving 3 ch. His widow m. (2) Hon.
George Hoadley, of New Haven, and afterwards of Cleve-
land, Ohio, where she died April 28, 1871. His house was
on the present site of the Deaf and Dumb Asylum, and was
moved further up Asylum Avenue, where it still stands,
opposite the Asylum Hill Church. No. 815 [775.3], Joel
Scarborough, mar., April 17, 1808, in Brooklyn, Conn., Lu-
cretia, dau. of Capt. William and Esther (York) Smith, bapt.,
Brooklyn, Oct. 18, 1792. Their ch. Esther, Delia, and William
Smith, bapt. in Brooklyn, Sept. n, 1814; also Mary Ann,
bapt. July 6, .1817. The children of Joseph and Deliverance
(Kingsbury) Scarborough, were all bapt. in Brooklyn.

Page 247 [No. 743]. Rev. Ebenezer Kingsbury was
licensed to preach by the Hartford North Association, 1786;
after leaving Vermont he was appointed by the Connecticut


Home Missionary Society to labor in the destitute parts of
northeastern Pennsylvania, and the adjacent parts of New
York. According to a letter from Rev. A. Kingsbury to F.
J. Kingsbury, dated June i, 1879, a son was born to the Rev.
Ebenezer Kingsbury Nov. 3, 1792, died Nov. 4, and the
mother died Nov. 6, 1702.

Page 249 [No. 752]. Daniel Kingsbury represented Brook-
field in the Vermont Legislature, 1790, 1791, 1799, 1800.

Page 253. The house built by Col. Jacob Kingsbury, in
Franklin, shown in the picture facing page 253, was erected
about 1814, instead of 1830.

Page 255 [No. 757]. Daniel Denison Ellis married Mary
Locke. He lived in the State of New York.

Page 258 [No. 768]. John Kingsbury died in Halifax, Vt.,
January 30, 1828, aged 88; buried in a cemetery on his own
farm. Desire, his wife, died May 9, 1809, in the 626. year of
her age; buried near her husband. Their daughter Lydia
(No. 916) lived to old age, unm. Mr. F. W. Kingsbury, of
Lawrence, Kan., states that one of the daughters of John K.,
m. a May, and lived in Whitingham or Wilmington ; perhaps
Mary (No. 909).

Page 246 [No. 741]. The children of Wealthy Pomeroy
were: 1 Emeline, born Oct. 17, 1799, in Hudson, N. Y.; m.
Frederick J. Barnard, of Albany; d. June 18, 1833, while at
Hartford. 2 George, m. Lucy Huntington. 3 Samuel
Pomeroy, a physician; m. Caroline Jenkins; Mrs. Marcellus
Hartley, 232 Madison Ave., N. Y. City, is his daughter. 4
Jane Augusta, d. unm. 5 Frances, m. Rev. William Chester.
6 John C, m. Lavinia Maxwell. 7 Sarah, d. unm. 8 Eliza-
beth, m. Ambrose Russell. 9 Henry Kirk, d. unm. 10 Anna,
m. C. T. Leake. 11 Elizabeth Pomeroy, m. (1) John Hosmer,
of Hudson; (2) Frederick J. Barnard, whose first wife was her
half-sister; ch.: 1 Fannie Hosmer, m. Frederick Hastings, of
Brainerd's Bridge; several ch.; one, Catherine, m. Rev. Henry
Neill, and d. July 10, 1845, leaving two ch.: Catharine and
Henry. 12 Chauncey Pomeroy, m. Mary Northrop Ives,
dau. of Elihu and Lucy (Whittemore) Ives, of New Haven;
she d. Jan. 3, 1881; he d. Aug. 4, 1888; ch.: Jane Eliza, b. at
Girard, Ga., June 15, 1845; m. Dec. 24, 1866, at Montgomery,
Ala., Edgar James Lee, born Dec. 5, 1838, in Montgomery,
son of Henry Porter and Betsey Ann (Nickelson) Lee; they
removed about 1873 to Troy, Pa.; ch.: (1) Bessie Pomeroy,
b. Nov. 21, 1867, in Montgomery; (2) Charles Landers, b.
June 19, 1869, in Montgomery; (3) Mary Chauncey, b. April
15, 1871, in Montgomery; (4) Emma Redington, b. April 5,
1874, in Troy; (5) Kate, b. April 2, 1876; (6) Pomeroy, b.
April 27, 1877; (7) Edgar Henry, b. June 28, 1879; (8) Mont-
ague, b. Oct. 8, 1881; (9) infant daughter, b. June 23, 1883;
d. Nov. 9, 1883.


Page 262 [No. 782]. Elizabeth Dewey, of Lebanon, con-
veys to Rufus Collins land in Ellington, a part of her share
in land of Simon Kingsbury, Jun r , late dec' 1 , and also her
right to the land of the s' 1 Simon, "set out to my Brother,
Elijah Kingsbury, late dec 1 ', and to my Sister Louisa Kings-
bury, late dec* 1 , June 26, 1797. — Ellington Land Records, III,
33. Stephen Hunt and Lavina, his wife, both of Somers,
convey to Rufus Collins land in Ellington, "being the same
that was given to our Hon d Mother, Elizabeth Dewey, Dec d ,
and Deliverance Tyrel, by Deed dated July 29, 1795." March
19, 1803. — Ibid., Ill, 234. Lavinia Dewey mar. Stephen Hunt,
b. Oct. 14,1774, son of Elijah and Abigail (Reynolds) Hunt, of
Lebanon ; rem. to Lewis Co., N. Y.;had ch. Hunt Geneaolgy.

Page 259 [No. 771]. Captain Daniel Kingsbury was ad-
mitted to the church in Sandisfield, May 2, 1779, from
Hartland. He was living in Sandisfield in 1799, an d had
apparently married a second wife; disciplined by the church
for conduct against his wife.

Page 260 [No. 778]. Nathaniel Kingsbury, Sen 1 ", of Tol-
land, "for the natural love and good affection which he bears
to his grandchildren, Ruth Porter, Eunice Porter, and Da-
vid Porter, of Ellington, children and heirs to his deceased
daughter, Ruth Porter, late of Ellington, dec d , "conveys to
them the south half of a forty-acre lot in E., Feb. 8, 1796 ;
wit. Jonathan Barnes, Sabra Kingsbury. — Ellington Land
Records, LIL, 6. David Porter, of E., conveys land in 1809.
Ebenezer and Ruth Wardwell, of Stafford, convey to David
Porter, of Ellington, land in E., it being one-third part of the
land that was given to the s fl Ruth and David and Eunice
Porter by their Hon d Grand Father, Nathaniel Kingsbury,
late of Tolland, Dec d , February 23, 1803. — Ibid., IV, 10.

Page 260 [779 instead of 776].

Page 263 [No. 785]. Sarah, dau. of Amos and Hannah
(Kingsbury) Cady, m. in Vernon, June 15, 1796, Samuel
Lyman, b. Feb., 1772, son of James Lyman, of Bolton ; she
d. June 4, 1797, s.p.

Page 266 [No. 793]. Samuel Daggett's wife was Anne
Bushnell, of Lebanon.

Page 267 [No. 795]. William Benton, of Tolland, mar-
ried Sarah Burroughs, widow, Dec. 14, 1750; Ruth their
daughter, was born Dec. 3, 1756. Mr. William Benton died
at Oswego, August, 1760. Tolland Town Records. This is
probably the Ruth Benton who married Capt. Joseph Kings-
bury, as the age corresponds with hers at the time of her
death, and she named her oldest son William.

Page 275 [No. 816]. Phinehas Brown was probably the
son of Thomas and Mary Brown, born in Sandisfield, April
22, 1757. His child's name is given as Marcy (not Mary) in
R. H. Cook's copy of the Sandisfield Records.


Page 275 [No. 815]. Phineas Kingsbury, Jun r , and
Martha Kingsbury, of Sandisfield, convey to Daniel Baker
and Eliphalet Baker, of S., land in S., Oct. 22, 1792 ; Delight
Kingsbury, wit. Berkshire Registry of Deeds, XXXI, 2jj.
Phineas Kingsbury of Granby, conveyed to Israel Jones,
of Sandisfield, land in Bethlehem, drawn on the Right of
William Badcock, April 23, 1794. Ibid., XXXV, ip.

Page 275 [No. 817]. Lemuel Kingsbury, gent., and
Lovisa Kingsbury, of Sandisfield, convey land in S. to Ros-
well Adams of S., April 19, 1809. Berkshire Registry of Deeds.
John Picket, of Sandisfield, conveys to Lemuel Kingsbury,
of Tunbridge, land in S., Dec. 29, 1791. Ibid., XXXI, 24.

Page 280 [No. 1034]. Mrs. Hannah S. (Kingsbury) Fay
died April 27, '1842, aged 37.

Page 281 [No. 837]. Eunice, dau. of Daniel and Hannah
(Carlton) Waldo, born August 20, 1769, in Alstead, mar. Oct.
5, 1788, James Kingsbury. Waldo Genealogy, I,J4p. — * Mem-
ories of the Kingsbury home on Woodland Hills Avenue,
corner of Kinsman Street, lingered with old settlers so
long as life lasted, and traditions of it have been handed
down to us. The kindly spirit that pervaded it, the big
elms shading it, the early apple and cherry trees surround-
ing it (whose delicious fruit was freely shared with the
many who had none), and the children who overflowed it —
there were ten in all — leading such happy, natural lives."
Early Pioneers' Association.

Page 282 [No. 1092]. Ebenezer Kingsbury and Sophia
C. Boutell, both of Ashford, married April 17, 1829. Ashford
Church Records.

Page 285 [No. 104]. Diana Kingsbury mar., March 20,
1848, Buckley Stedman, of Washington, D. C.j d. Oct. 12,
1880, in Cleveland.

Page 293 [No. 856]. Charles M. Dustin, a nephew of
Judge Kingsbury, commenced the study of law with his
uncle about 1811-12. He assisted Dr. Enoch Hale in his
attempt to freeze mercury by the natural coldness of the
atmosphere. For that purpose in the coldest winter night
they ascended to the top of the mast of a vessel lying at
one of the wharves, and exposing the mercury, properly
isolated, to the clear cold air, more nearly succeeded in the
experiment than anyone before them, the mercury having
descended to 39 below zero, or within one degree of the
point of congelation. History of Gardiner, Ale., J2p.

Page 295 [No. 1096]. Lucius Kingsbury had one ch.,
Helen Anne, who d. in infancy.

Page 295 [No. 1097]. Eliza Kingsbury, wife of Samuel
Wilson, died March 30, 1880.

Page 297 [No. 865]. Ward Kingsbury was living in
Troy, N. Y., in 1830.


Page 298 [No. 866], According to another authority
Eunice Porter, wife of Marcus LilHe, died March 28, 1867,
in Coventry.

Page 303 [No. 870]. Frederick B. Tracy mar., June 6,
1878, Mary B. Rogers. Daniel C. Tracy died Nov. 7, 1857.

Page 308 [No. 1 1 22]. Should be placed as child of San-
ford Kingsbury and his first wife.

Page 312 [No. 889]. Jeannie Frances Billings, b. March
28, 1863, ma *". June 5, 1888, Julius Hubbell Seymour, b. in
St. Albans, Vt., Oct. 30, 1855, son of Henry Edmund and
Susan Katherine (Hubbell) Seymour ; he is a lawyer in New
York, and in 1901 was a member of the New York Legis-

Page 312 [No. 892]. Thomas Kingsbury represented
Brookfield in the Vermont Legislature, 1833, 1834.

Page 313 [No. 1165]. Frederick Kingsbury, enlisted as
private in Co. B, Fourth Vermont Regiment, in Civil War,
Dec. 17, 1S63; died April 8, 1864.

Page 316 [No. 1 179]. Jacob Kingsbury of Franklin, en-
listed in the Tenth Conn. Regiment, Oct. 1, 1861 ; mustered
2 d Lieutenant, Sept. 18, 1862, resigned Nov. 15, 1862.
• Page 324 [No. 908]. Uriah Kingsbury and Alice Hall
were married August 20, 1801, according to the Town
Records of Halifax. March 6, 181 3, Uriah Kingsbury and
family, with others, were "warned out" of Halifax.

See page 325 [No. 912]. Minerva, dau. of Sumner and
Rebecca (Whitney) Bigelow, born in Whitingham, Vt., March
20, 1832; mar. (1) Oct. 30, 1852, Abel Lea, (2) Kings-

Page 325 [No. 1208]. Irene Kingsbury, born 1793, died
Jan. 2i, 1854, aged 60. David Chase, her husband, died
June 18, 1880, aged S^. [1209]. Allura, not Aluna. [912].
John Kingsbury died December 8, 1849, aged 74. Lovisa,
his wife, died April 26, 1866, aged 85. Their child, Miranda,
was born Feb. 27, 180S; d. July 29, 1815 (gravestone, July
27, 1 81 6), aged 8. [121 7]. Lyman, born 1S10, lived, and died
in Whitingham, Jan. 8, 1899, aged 89. [12 18]. Alice, m.
Austin Sumner, of Stamford, Vt. [12 19]. Desire, born 1814,
m. Isaac Allard; d. Oct. 22. 1839, aged 25. [1220]. Lovisa,
m. Jacob King. [1221]. Ephraim, went to Nebraska.
[1222] John. [1223]. Amos. [1224*]. Henry, born July
5, 1809; d. Aug. 5, 1815 (gravestone, Aug. 2, 1816), aged
6 yrs. 1 mo. [1225 1 ] Miranda, born 1818; died Sept. 15,
1839, aged 21. [913]. Jeremiah Kingsbury died September
11, 1853, aged 74; Mary, his wife, died June 16, 1872, aged
91. [1225]. Harriet, their daughter, born 1808, m. Ellis
Chase; d. Oct. 26, 1885, aged 76 yrs. 8 mos. [1226]. Fanny,
ano. dau., m. (1) Charles Thompson; (2) George Porter, of
Whitingham, son Horace G. Porter.



Page 327 [No. 1246]. Daniel Kingsbury died May 1,
1849, not 1 819.

Page 327 [No. 91 7 a ]. According to a letter from Mrs.
Dorothy Kingsbury, dated Rushford, N. Y., Oct. 10, 1842, her
husband, Daniel Kingsbury, died "with lung complaint" Aug.
21, 1842, in Illinois, where he had gone to visit his son, Daniel.

Page 328 [No. 927]. Sarah, wife of Ebenezer Reed, was
admitted to the Church in North Bolton, April 17, 1767;
Ebenezer Reed was admitted April 30, 1797.

Page 336 [No. 947]. Wealthy Kingsbury mar. in Coven-
try, April 11, 1804, Zachariah Cone, b. in Bolton, March 8,
1774, son of Zachariah and Mary (Gilbert) Cone. He served
as a soldier in the War of 181 2, enlisting in the company
commanded by Capt. Comfort J. Hyde, discharged Oct. 3,
1813. Their dau. Mary Ann m. Reuben Rowley, d. Feb. 12,
1830, s.p. Hubbell B. Cone mar. Mary M. Skilton; d. Oct.

8, 187 1. Albert G. Cone d. unm. in Phoenix, Arizona, Nov.
23, 187 1. Salmon G. Cone mar. (1) Mary A. Cone, (2) Julia
E. Fowler; d. April, 1890. Harriet M. Cone m. William R.
Phelps; d. Aug. 27, 1900.

Page 342 [No. 132 1]. Mrs. Amelia C. K. Hale died in the.
Old People's Home, Hartford, Conn., April 4, 1904.

Page 345 [No. 1326]. Lieut. Gaius P. Kingsbury married
Nancy Adeline Dodge, dau. of Gov. Henry and Christiana
(McDonald) Dodge, of Wisconsin, born Nov, 22, 1805 ; she
mar. (1) George W. Scott, Marshal of Arkansas Territory,
(2) Lieut. Kingsbury, (3) Joseph Ward of Milwaukee, Wis.,
and removed to California in 1852, where Mr. Ward died in

1853 ; (4) Sanders ; she died in 1854, in Camptonville,

Cal. — Descendants of Tristram Dodge, Chicago, 1904.

Page 357 [No. 1020]. Flavel Clark Kingsbury, born Mar.
31, 1790 ; died in Rome, N. Y., May 14, 1835. His wife, Try-
phena Holmes, was born in Hartford, Conn., March, 1796
dau. of John and Rachel (Easton) Holmes. She died Mar

9, 1873, at Turin, N. Y. Ch.: 1378 Albert Easton, b. 1816
1379 Inverna Holmes, b. 1818 ; died 1891 ; 1380 Orson John
b. 1 82 1 ; m. 1850, Sarah Davis; d. 1899 ; res. Sycamore, 111.
1381 Carlos Martin, b. Jan. 20, 1823, Hartford, Conn. ; m. (1)
1851, Jane Davis; (2) i860, Mary Davis; d. 1873; res. Rome,
N. Y. ; 1382 William Wallace, b. 1825 ; m. 1849, Lucina
Miller; res. Sycamore, 111.; 1383 Sarah Huntington, b. Sept.

10, 1829 ; m. 1853, Francis D. Perkins, of Rome, N. Y.; 1384
Lurena, b. Dec. 30, 1831; m. 1852, Lansing De Forest, of
De Kalb, 111. ; 1385 Mary Lyon, b. Oct. 27, 1S33. [See also
pp. 440 and 441.]

Page 357 [Nos. 1020 and 1382]. William W. Kingsbury,
of Sycamore, Illinois, son of Flavel Clark K., was born in
Hartford, Conn., Feb. 15, 1827 ; while still an infant he was
taken to Utica by boat with his father's family. His parents


did not remain there long, as the Asiatic cholera broke out,
and the family removed to the unsettled country around
Turin, where they remained for about seven years. They
then settled in Rome, and Flavel C. K. went to work on the
construction of the Albany and Schenectady Railroad, the
first section of the present Central R. R. to be built. Not
long- afterward he died. His family continued to live in
Rome, and William W. K. learned the harness business
He was afterward at New York Mills, where he was a boss
weaver. He married at Stillville, in 1849, Lucina C. Miller,
who died in December, 1902. About 1874 they went to Syc-
amore, 111., where he carried on a confectionery, cigar, and
tobacco store. (1903.)

Page 359 [No. 1028]. Sophia Philetta Kingsbury mar.
Dec. 28, 1848, Timothy Tufts, b. May 29, 1824, in Charles-
town, N. H., son of Jonas and Sarah (Labaree) Tufts ; she
died April 18, 1900 ; he died Dec. 17, 1901 ; ch.: 1 Sophie, b.
May 22, 1853 ; d. May 23, 1853 ; 2 James Arthur, b. April 26,
1855 ; m. Dec. 21, 1878, Effie Locke ; prepared for college
at Phillips Exeter Academy; Harvard, 1878; has taught
ever since his graduation at Phillips Academy, Exeter, N. H.,
Odlin Professor of English, and Secretary of the Faculty ;
a Trustee of the Exeter Public Library, also of the Robin-
son Seminary ; a life member of the American Unitarian
Association ; elected in 1904 Representative to the New
Hampshire Legislature; ch.: 1 Effie Miriam; 2 Irving Elt-
ing ; 3 Delmont Locke ; 4 Theodora ; 5 (twins) James Ar-
thur, Helen; 3 John Timothy, b. March 12, 1861 ; d. Feb.
15, 1862 ; 4 Sara, b. Sept. 14, 1863 ; d. Feb. 24, 1864.

Page 361 [No. 1046]. According to another authority
Elmira should be Almira. Perley Hosmer was born in 1786,
son of Elijah and Sarah (Gardner) Hosmer, of Concord,
Mass.; he settled in Cleveland, O., and later in Beaver
Dam, Wis.

Page 390 [No. 1118.3]. Henry P. Hitchcock died March
30, 1904.

Page 392 [No. 1543]. William Gilliam Kingsbury mar.
Annie De Cordova ; ch.: 1 Helen ; 2 Gladys; 3 Henry Pee-
ble ; he lives on a large ranch near Morgan, Texas ; Mayor
of Morgan. [No. 1546]. Russell Henry Albany Kingsbury
is a lawyer in Houston, Texas. [No. 1547]. Frederick Her-
vey Kingsbury of Waco is married ; no children.

Page 407 [No. 1 185.2]. Paul F. Ransom should be Paul
C. Ransom.

Page 412 [No. 1582]. George Rufus Kingsbury mar.
March 1, i860, Mary Jane Davis; res. Stafford, Conn.; ch.: 1
Melvina Melissa, b. Jan. 2, 1862; 2 Arthur Welcome, b. July
19, 1864; res. Stafford ; 3 George Everett, b. Sept. 14, 1866 ;
res. Meriden, Conn., where he is in the undertaking and



furniture business; 4 William Edgar, b. May 24, 1869; 5
Clarence Randolph, b. Nov. 14, 1874.

Page 415 [No. 1614]. Lucy Lowella Kingsbury mar.
March 28, 1877, William Knowles Baldwin, born Sept. 23,

N. Y., son of William and Nancy

; Mary Lowella, b. July 31, 1890.
John Brigham Kingsbury died in

William W. Collins died Dec. 14,

19 days. Mrs. Lucy Ann Kings-

1895. Eudora M. Collins mar.

1889, buried in Central Village,

died Sept. 28, 1889, buried in

1848, in Farmers ville,
(Adams) Baldwin ; eh.:

Page 417 [No. 1254].
Rockville, May 6, 1904.

Page 444 [No. 1410].
1870, aged 43 yrs. 1 mo.
bury Collins died Jan. 24,
Rev. C. G. Buck ; d. Jan. 13,
Conn.; William F. Collins,
Central Village.

Page 465 [No. 1508]. Rev. Oliver A. Kingsbury was
grad. from Union Theological Seminary, 1863. [No. 1509].
Rev. Howard Kingsbury grad. Union Theol. Sem., 1869.

Page 465 [No. 1886].' James Fentress III, son of David
and Mabel Kingsbury Fentress, born Dec. 10, 1900. [No.
1887]. Arthur Richmond Kingsbury mar. May 7, 1901, Eliza
Webb Modeman ; ch: Oliver Addison, born July 19, 1902.
[No. 1888]. Susie Antoinette Kingsbury mar. Sept. 3, 1902,
A. Hutchins Fieth ; ch : Cecilia Washington, born July 5,


Page 466 [No. 1889]. Howard Thayer Kingsbury, Jun r ,
son of Howard Thayer and Alice Cary (Bussing) Kings-
bury, was born in New York City, at 24 West 61st Street,
Sept. 11, 1904.

Page 468 [No. 1542]. Lieut-Col. Henry P. Kingsbury was
Commandant of the Jefferson Guards at the Louisiana Pur-
chase Exposition from March 15, 1904, to October 1, 1904.
Now (1905) at Fort Sill, Oklahoma Territory. [No. 1544]-
Katharine Sophia Kingsbury Brown mar. Oct. 17, 1876,
James Hunter Brown of Waco, Texas, born Aug. 1, 1849, in
Charlottesville, Va., son of Andrew Jennings and Elizabeth
Lewis (Minor) Brown. Mr. Brown is a cotton merchant.
Ch.: 1 Bettie Gilliam, b. July 20, 1877 ; d. Sept. 20, 1879; 2
James Hunter, b. Jan. 16, 18S0; d. April 21, 1895, San Jacinto
Day; 3 Katharine Kingsbury, b. Aug. 8, 1882; d. Oct. 19,
1885; 4 Henry Kingsbury, b. Aug. 26, 1884; in the cotton
business with his father; 5 Daughter, b. Aug. 19, 18S6 ; d.
Aug. 19, 1886; 6 William Gilliam, b. Feb. 11, 1888; 7 Lewis
Douglas, b. July 5, 1890; 8 Florence, b. Oct. 26, 1S92 ; died
Nov., 1892; 9 Madeleine, b. Oct. 22, 1895.

Pao-e 470 [No. 1576 2]. Ludlow Seguino should be Seguine.

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