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t»^,-TK»' "Vi'-

^B ■■• J J J

Edward Mays, of Longasheton. 11 Dec. 1535.

in chyd. of L. A. — mayntenance of the high lyght viij'^ —
hye awter ij" — every auter in the s"^ ch. j*^ — owr laydy
chapell iiij*^ — Kych*^ M. my son iiij sylver spones —
my holdyng of Westwood to my son John and to my
sone Eich. to have the iij""'' parte.

Bes. — John my son.

Witn. — Sir harry how, prist, Rich. Mays.

Prob. Keynsham, 3 Feb. 1535. Summa viij" vij^ iiij''.


Wm. Eston of Bakewell. 5 Jan. 1533.

chyd. of S. Andrew of B. — [ch.] of B. a bushell of barley —
Wells iiij*^ — my d. Jone — Wm. my son — Elsabet my d.
— John, Isbell, Eic, Thomas.
Res. — Alyce my wyff.
DeSiS°^" Witn.—Sii Eob. Deratt (2) V. of B., Wm. por, Eic. Crede.

in 1526

&""* Edmund Ball. 15 Feb. 1532.

chyd. of S. Androw of Backewell — Wells iiij*^ — my son

William — my d. Margat.
Res. — Isabell my wife.
Witn.— Sir Eobt. Derat V. of B., Thos. Wedmore, Joh.

Ede, Wm. por.

Jone Wedmore, wedowe. 1533.

in churchyard of Bakewell — hyghe ly3ght a bushell of
whete— our lady lyght ^ a bushell of whete — Wells
iiij*^ — Katherin Ede, wyf of John Ede, a blankatt.
Res. — Thos. Wedmore my sonne.


Witn. — Sir Rob. byrantt [Derant] Vicar, John Ede, Rob.

Richard Gaine of Blakwell {sic). 1533.

in church of B. — same Ch. my best cote — the bells xij**. —

our lady lyght a bushell of barley.
Res. — Thos. Gane my father.

Witn. — Sir Will. Wydwynter(i) parson of B., John More, ji^j^^^j^^
Prob. Keynsham, 30 Ap. 1534. Summa iij" if. j^ftwif


Johane hykks, wydow. 1533. bent"/'"233).

in churchyard of Bakwell — such goods as I have to my

brother John More of Bakwell.
Witn. — Sir John Squyer, Tho. Gain.
Prob. {same). Summa li^


Hen. Northe. 22 Sep. 1534.

chyd. of Bagborowe — Wells iiij^ — hye crosse of B. iiij'' —
Alsolen lyght iiij*^ — dorythe my d. a shepe — Johane
my d. — Rych. my son v shefe (2) of tymbre — Thos. my (2) siieaf,

.,,.- -I on 1X1 1 ^ bundle of

son xif' — Alyce my d. — morens my d. — Johane my d. things coi-

J J '' •> •' lectedto-

the yonger. g|tu-^

Bes. — Maryon my wyf.

Witn. — Sir John, Will 3eman, Symon Oldeman.
Prob. Taunton, 16 July, 1535. Summa Iviij* ix*^.



John Hayne. 1 Sept. 1534.

in church of Banwell — Wells iiij^ — to the alter of the
p. ch. of S. Andrew in Banwell for tithes forgo tyn iiij*^
— Rode Lyght of the s*^ ch. iiij'' — our lady lyght ij'' —
St. Kath's lyght ij*^— brotherhed (3) of 6 lady to he ^^^9^1^^^'
prayed for as a brother, a heyfer of ij yere age — I will giu'metfor


a solemn
fuiipnil ser-
vice with
Placebo on
the eve, and
early next
morning Vi-
riije, fol-
io wed by a
Miiss of
JiCijuiem for
th«-ir de-
•ceased bre-
thren, whose
names were
read out of
the bead-roll
by a priest
from the pul-
pit, while
each brother
went up with
his mass
penny to the
altar at ofl'er-
tory time.
See Rock's
"Church of
our Fathers,"
ii. 395-445.

(1) The
beam (per-
tica) was a
))oard over
an altar, with
hooks on
which offer-
ings were
hung. ["To
the Eye
beame a
bushell of
barley, to our
lady beame
and to S.
Anne's heme
i bushell of
barley."- —
Will of Ric.
Hurne, of
Wells, bk.
III. f. 2b.]

that my wif to purchase my hold that I dwell in to my
sou John or else to gyve hym when he shall cum to
nature age vj" xiij' iiij^

Bes. — Chrystyan my wif.

Test. — Ric. Sawer, Joh. Kyukotte, Will. Kynman.

Prob. Wellie, 26 Oct. 1534. Summa xxviij^^ iij*^ viij".


Thos. Crosse, husbandman. 1533.

in churchyard of Barowe — hye heme (i) of the s'^ church
ij'^ — our lady ij'^ — every godchild ij''^ — ^ Wells iiij'\

Bes. — Elizabeth my wife and Thos. my son.

Witn. — Sir Rich. Wryght, prist of the s*^ ch. of Barow,
hary Scewlond, Tho. Consell.

Will Crosse, husbandman. 1533.

in churchy*^ of Barowe — hye beme ij*^ — our lady ij*^ —

Wells [ij-^].
Bes. — Margaret my wyf.
Witn. — Sir Ric. Wryglit, priste of Barowe, Nye. Broke,

Will, ffermer.
Prob. in capella B. M. V. juxta claustrum eccl. Oath.

Wellie, 2 Jun. 1534.

(2) i.e. the
Prioress of
the nunnery.

Thos. Broke, husbondman. 21 Oct. 1534.

in ye holy buryall of Mynchyn Barrow — to my lady (2)
of Barrow for tithes forgotyn [ ] — Wells iiij*^ — every
godchild iiij*^. Exors — my wyf and John Broke the
yonger ; after her tyme, the said J. B. to have ye plow
and all belongyn therto, cheyns, yowgs [yokes] and
such other — An Coll a bullock.
Witn. — Thos. hart, Joh. Broke, Sir Joh. Warrham, curet.



Thomas Lennam. 31 May, 1530.

parochie S. Jacobi infra civitatem bathon. sepeliendum

in cimiterio S. Jacobi.
Bes. — ux. mee.
Test. — Dno. Will, bloxam, Rectore ibidem, Job. Alston,

Job. Gay.

Joh. Slogge. 4 Jun. 1530.

parocbie S. Jacobi infra civitatem batbon. in ecclesia S.

Jacobi sepeliendum — Catb. Well. ij*^.
Res. — ux. mee.
Test.—Dno. Will, bloxam, Rectore, Will, pytte. Will.



Jolm Stybbe. [No date, probably 1530.]

in cburcbyard of Batbeston — cb. of AVells ij'' — ynaage of
S. Jobn a busbell of barley — same^ to our lady — S.
Katberine and S. Cristofer half a busbell of barley
(each) — Nicolas, Water, and Thomas my sons — Alyse
and Johan my dowghters — my eldest son, a wayn.

Bes. — Joban my wyf.

Wit7i.—:S6\m Humfrey, Will Smytbe, Tho. Skyrell.

Supervisor. — Jobn lytheryg.


Rich. Palmer. 1533.

in chyd. of Stepilaston (i) — ch. of Aston oon shepe — ch. oi W stepie
forde (2) wh. is my parish ch. oon shepe — cb. of Colerne C^^''^'^)-
[Wilts] oon lambe to thuse of the bells — Mr. Bonham Bathford.
oon shepe to be good master to my wife and childerne.


(1) St. Mary
de Stalles,

(2) Insti-
tuted May 2,
1520 (" So-
merset In-

Bes. — Edith my wife.

Witn. — Sir James Ingram, prest, John Troman.

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