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M. D'Haricot (Blackwood), 1902, &c. Play : The Pocket Miss
Hercules, 1907. C. Blackwood's, P. M, Mag,, &c. Smoogroo
House, Orkney.

COBB, Thomas. B. 1854. Carpet Courtship (Lane). 1897 ; The
Judgment of Helen, 1899 ; Mr. Passingham (Lane) ; Scruples
(Richards), 1900 ; The Dissemblers (Lane), 1900 ; TA^ Bishop's
Gambit (Richards), 1901 ; The Castaways of Meadowbank
(Methuen), 1901 ; Lady Gwendoline (Richards), 1902 ; The
Head of the Household (Chapman), 1902 ; A Man of Sentiment
(Richards), 1902 ; The Intriguers (Nash). 1903 ; The Composite
Lady (Chapman), 1903 ; A Change of Face (Methuen), 1904 ;
Sophy Bunce (Nash), 1905 ; The Friendships of Veronica (Alston
Rivers), 1905 ; Mrs. Erricker* s Reputation (Alston Rivers), 1906 ;
Collusion (Alston Rivers), 1906 ; ihe Amateur Emigrants (Alston
Rivers), 1907 ; A Sentimental Season (Werner Laurie), 1907.
10 Chichester Place, Brighton.

COBB, Rev. William Froderlek^ DJ>., Rector of St. Ethelburga's,
Bishopsgate. £.C. B. 1857. Trans. St. Bernard's Letters
(Hodges), 1889; Cornelius A Lapide, 2 vols., 1896; Origines
Judawm (Innes), 1895 : ^^ ^^ ^^^ Theology (Stock), 1901 ;
The Psalms, with Commentary (Methuen), 1905 ; Some Notes on
the Church of St. Ethelburga the Virgin ; A Mirror of the Mystic,
1906. C. XlXth Cent., Hibbert Journal.

COBBOLD, Rev. George Augostus. B. 1857. Mercy and Truth
(Masters), 1888 ; Religion in Japan (S.P.C.K.), 1894 ; Tempted
Like as We Are (Skeffington), 1900 ; Message of the Hours
(S.P.C.K.), 1904 ; Why I am an Anglo-Catholic (Mowbray), 1907,
&c. St. Bartholomew's Vicarage. Ipswich.

COCHRANE, Robert, Hon. LL.D. Roy. Univ. Ireland, F.S.A..
M.R.I.A., Fell. Roy. Inst. Brit. Architects, Companion Imp.
Service | Order, 1903 ; Pres. Inst. Civ. Eng. Ireland, 1903-
1905 ; Vice-Pres. Cambrian Archaeol. Assoc. ; Hon. £d. Journ.
Royal Soc. of Antiauities of Ireland, 1 890-1907, &c. B. 1844.
Antiquities of the Western Islands of Scotland (Hodges, Dublin) ;
Irish Gold Ornaments, 1900 ; Ecclesiastical Antiquities of Howth ;
The Antiquities of the Northern, Western, and Southern Islands
and Coast of Ireland ; Examinations for Engineers Competitive




and Qualifying, 1904 ; Presidential Address to the Institution
of Civil Engineers of Ireland, 1904 ; The Educational Work of
the Engineering and Scientific Assoc, of Ireland, 1905, Ac.
17 Highfield Road, Dublin.

OOIT, Dr. Stanton. 6. 1857. Neighbourhood Guilds (Sonnen-
schein), 1891 ; National Idealism and a State Church (Williams
& Norgate), 1907 ; Compiler Message of Man, &c. 30 Hyde
Park Gate. S.W.

OOKE, Desmond (tCharbon). B.A. Oxford. B. 1879. ^d. The
I sis, 1903: Author: Sandford of Merton, 1903; The Dog from
Cldrhson^s (Jarrold), 1905 ; The Bending of a Twig (Chapman
& Hall), 4th ed., 1906 ; The Comedy of Age (Chapman & Hall).
1906 ; The Call (Chapman <Sb Hall), 1907 ; The House Prefect
(Hodder & Stoughton), 1907. C. Pall Mall Mag., Windsor, &c.
21 Porchester Square, W. ; Whitefriars Club.

OOKE, Mn. Talbot. B. 1843. ^^ Gentlewoman at Home (Henry),
1892 ; various works on home decoration, &c. Trusley Manor,
Etwall, Derby.

OOLBY, Oharlei William, M.A. Harv., Ph.D., Prof. Hist. M'Gill
Univ. Selections from the Sources of English History (Long-
mans), 1899. C. Eng. Hist. Rev., Amer. Hist, Rev., The Nation,
&c. M'Gill Univ., Montreal.

OOLE, Orenville Arthur James, Prof, of Geology. Royal CoU. Science
for Ireland, and Director of the Geological Survey of Ireland.
B» 1859. Aids in Practical Geology (Grifl&n), 1890 ; 5th ed.,
I90j5 ; The Gypsy Road (Macmillan), 1894 ; Open- Air Studies
(Griffin), 1895 J ^^^ ^d., 1902 ; (with Blanche Cole) As We Ride
(Hodges, Figgis), 1902 ; C. Nature, Geological Mag., P. M.
Mag^ &c. Royal College of Science, Dublin.

OOLE, William Henry, M.Inst.C.E., late Deputy-manager N.-W.
and E. Bengal State Railways. B. 1854. ^H^ Railways at
Home and Abroad (Griffin), 1899 ; Notes on Permanent-Way,
Material, Platelaying, and Points and Crossings, 5th ed. (Spon),
1905. 10 Argyll Mansions, Addison Bridge, Kensington, W.

COLEBORN, Miss Maud (Morris Colebom). C. Black and White,
Strand Magazine, Bystander, Ladies* Field, Weekly Telegraph,
Melbourne Age, The Reader, Novel Magazine, &c. 52 Lower
Sloane Street, S.W.

OOLERIDGE, Ohrlstabel. B. 1843. Editor of Friendly Leaves.
Kingsworth (Masters). 1881 ; Near Relation (Bentley), 1886 ;
Amethyst (Innes), 1891 ; The Winds of Cathrigg (Isbister),
1901 ; The Real TWng (S.P.C.K.), 1901 ; and many other novels
and tales ; Charlotte Mary Yonge, 1903 ; Miss Brent of Mead
(Isbister), 1905. C. Sunday Magazine, &c.- Cheyne, Torquay.

OOLBRIDGE, Ernest Harttey, M.A. Ball. CoU., Oxon. B. 1846.
Ed. Letters of S. T. Coleridge (Heinemann), 1895 ; Poems (Lane),
1898 ; Ed. Post. Works of Byron (Murray), 6 vols., 1 898-1902,
&c. 167 St. James's Road, Croydon.

OOLERIDOE, The Hon. Stephen, M.A., Hon. Sec. And- Vivisection
Society. B. 1854. Demetrius (PatrtT, 1887 ; Fibula. 1889 ;
The Sanctity of Confession, 1890; Gloria (Bell), 1903. C




Fortnightly, Contemporary, National, Blackwood's, y Egerton,
Mansions, S.W.

OOLLBS, Ramsay, LL.D.. J.P. (Dublin), RR.Hi3t.S., Member of
Royal Irish Academy, F.R.S.L. and F.R.S.A., Ireland ; Editor
of Madame since 1905 ; Proprietor and Editor for four years
of Irish Figaro ; founded and edited Irish Masonry Illus. A
Forgotten Poet : Ebenezer Jones (Chatto) ; A Study of Swinburne
(Chatto) ; Nature as Interpreted in Poems of George Meredith
(Gill, Dublin) ; Edgar Saltus : Publicist (Brimley Johnson) ;
edited The Poems of T^ L, Beddoes ; Poetical Works of George
Darley (Routledge), 1907, &c.

COLLBTT, BUeiL Playtime Poems (Ballin) \"At Home " Recitations
(Glai&iier) ; A Flower Fancy (set to music by Mme. Liza Leh-
maon). C. Verses and lyrics. Country Life, Ladies* Field,
Queen, Artist, GirVs Realm, Daily News, &c Edwardes'
Cottage, St Mary Abbots Place, Kensington ; and the Pioneer

OOLUNGWOOD, W. O., M.A., F.S.A. B. 1854. The Limestone
Alps of Savoy (Geo. Allen), 1884 ; The Life and Work of John
Ruskin (Methuen), 2 vols., 1893 ; Coniston Tales (Holmes),
1899; The Lake Counties (Dent), 1902; (with Stefinsson)
Cormac the Skald (trans. Kormaks Saga), 1903 ; King William
the Wanderer (Brown Langham), 1904 ; Thor stein, 2nd ed., and
The Bondwoman, 2nd ed. (Wilson), 1905 ; Foredrag om Ruskin
(Copenhagen), 1906 ; The Book of Coniston (new ed., Wilson),
1906 ; The Fisole Club Papers (Hohnes), 1906 ; Anglican and
Anglo-Danish Sculpture in the North Riding of Yorkshire, 1907,
&c. Lanehead, Coniston ; 16 London Road, Reading.

COLimS, F* Howard. B. 1857. Epitome of the Synthetic Philos.
of Herbert Spencer (Williams & Norgate), 5th ed., 1901 ; many
trans. Author and Printer, a guide for authors, editors, printers,
and typists (Frowde), 3rd ed., 1905 ; various works on the tides ;
A Simplified Mariner* s Compass Card, 1906. Savile Club,
Piccadilly, W. ; Woodland Grove, Torquay.

OOLUNSy Jonii Ohnrton, M.A. Ball. CoU., Oxon. B. 1848. Sir
Joshua Reynolds (Macmillan), 1873 ; Bolingbroke and Voltaire
(Murray), 1886 ; Study of Eng, Lit. (Macmillan). 1891 ; Epkemera
Critica (Constable), 1901 ; much editorial work. Contributor
to the leading Reviews. 5 1 Norfolk Square, Hyde Park, W.

COLUNS» William Bdmimd Wood. The Don and the Under-

Jduate, 1899 ; A Scholar of his CoUeee (Blackwood), 1900 ;
isodes of Rural Life, 1901, &c. Langley Place, Slough.
rS, Sir WllUam J., M.P., M.D., M.S., B.Sc, &c. Specificity and
Evolution in Disease, 1884 ^^^ 1889 ; Spinoza, 1889 » Rational-
ism in Medicine, 1889 ; Pathol, of Cataract, 1896 ; The Man v.
the Microbe, 1902 ; Presidential Address to Medico-Legal
Society, 1902 ; The Institutional Treatment of Inebriety, 1^3 ;
Pkysic and Metaphysic, 1905 ; The Crystalline Lens in tfedlth
and in Cataract, 1905. i Albert Terrace, Regent's Park, N.W.
COLLINSON, Joseph, Journalist, Hon. Sec. Indian Humanitarian
Committee and of the Criminal Law and Prison Reform De-




partment of the HumaTiitarian League. What it Costs to be
Vaccinated ; The Fate of the Fur Seal ; Imprisonment for Debt :
Facts about Flogging ; Flogging in the Navy (pamphlets) ; and
numerous leaflets and magazine articles, dealing with Criminal
Law, Destruction of Rare Birds, Cruelty to Fish, Pasteurism,
&c. 53 Chancery Lane, W.C.

tCOLMORE, O. {ses Mn. BallUe-We«VM).

COLQUHOUN, AreUMd Row. B. 1848. Gold medallist R.G.S.
Formerly Dep. Comm. Burmah, First Administrator of Mashona-
land. The Key of the Pacific (Constable), 1895 ; China in
Transformation (Harpers), 1898 ; The " Overland " to China,
1000 ; Russia against India, 1900 ; The Renascence of South
Africa (Hurst), 1900 ; The Mastery of the Pacific (Heinemann),

1902 ; Greater America (Harpers), 1904 ; The Africander Land
(Murray), 1906. C. Quarterly, Blachwood's, North Amer. Rev,,
Monthly, Harper's, &c. Royal Societies Qub, W.

OOLVILL, Helen Hester (jKatharine Wylde). A Dreamer (Black-
wood), 1880; An Ill-Regulated Mind (Blackwood), 1885 ; Mr.
Bryant's Mistake (Bentley). 1890 ; The Princess Royal (Bentley).
1894; Our Wills and Fates (Harper). 1897 ; The Steppingstone
(Constable), 1905, serial in Temple Bar, 1904; Nostalgia,
translated from the Italian ' of Grazia Diledda (Chapman &
Hall), 1905. serial in Fortnightly Review, C Fortnightly Re-
view, Contemporary, Blackwood's, Macmillan*s, Temple Bar,
Gentleman's Magazine, Ladies' Field, &c. 50 Abingdon Villae,
Kensington, W.

OOLVIN, Sidney, M.A. Keeper of Prints and Drawings, Brit. Mus.
B. 1845. Life of Landor (Macmillan), 188 1 ; Letters of Keats,
1887 ; Vailima Letters (Methuen), 1898 ; Letters of R. L. Steven-
son, 1899 ; &c. Voluminous contributor on fine arts to the
principal reviews. British Museum, W.C.

OOMPTON, Herbert Eastwiek. B. 1853. A Master Mariner
(Unwin), 1891 ; A Free Lance in a Far Land, 1895 » ^**
Inimitable Mrs. Massingham (Chatto), 1900 ; A Fury in White
Velvet (Treheme), 1901 ; Facts and Phantasies of a Folio-eruh,

1903 ; The Wilful Way (Chatto), 1903 ; The Palace of Spies
(Treherne). 1903 ; Indian Life in Town and Country (Newnes) ;
The Queen can do no Wrong ; The Twentieth-Century Dog, 1904,
and others. Savage Club.

OOMYNS-CARR, Mn. AUce. North Italian Folk (Chatto), 1878 ;
Kate Perctval (Arrowsmith), 1885 ; Margaret Maliphant (Black<
wood), 1889; ^ Model Wife (G. Allen), 1894; Cottage Folk
(Heinemann), 1897; The Arm of the Lord (Duckworth), 1899;
John Fletcher's Madonna (Constable), 1904, &c. C. West. Gag.,
Harper's, P. M. Gaz., P. M. Mag., World, Tatler, Blach &*
White, Temple Bar, &c. 18 Eldon Road, Kensington, W.

COMYNS-C ARRy J. W., Plavwright and Art Critic. B. 1 840. Abbey
Church of St. Albans (Seeley), 1876 ; Art in Provincial France
(Remington), 1883 ; Papers on Art (Macmillan). Playa :
King Arthur (Macmillan), 1895 ; The Btauty Stone, with A. W.




Pinero (Chappell), looi. Biany other books on art ; some
tales and plays. i8 £ldon Road, Kensington, W.

OONDBB, CUode R«iglller, Col. R.E.. HonTlX.D. Edin. B. 1848.
TtiU Work in PaUsHne (Bentley), 1878 ; Handbook to the Bible
(Longmans), 1879 ; The Bible and the East (Blackwood), 1896 ;
Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem (Pal. Explor. Fund), 1897 ; The
HiUUes and their Language (Blackwood), 1898 ; The Hebrew
Tragedy, 1900; The First Bible, &c. C. Blackwood* s, &c.
c/o Cox & Co., II Charing Cross. W.C.

OONBy R«V» OrellOy D.D. B. 1835. Gospel-Criiioism and Historical
Christianity, 1891 ; The Gospel and its Earliest Jnierpretations,
1893 '» ^«*^' l^ M:an, the Missionary, and the Teacher (Black),
1898 ; Rich and Poor in the N,T. (Black), 1902. Ed. Inter-
naiional Handbooks to the N.T, Author of vol. ill., 1899-
1903. Canton, New York, U.S. A.

tCONHELL, F.Nomyi (Conal O'Connell O'Riordan). B. 1874.
Jn the Green Park (Henry), 1894 ; The House of the Strange
Woman, 1895 '» ^^ ^ool and his Heart (Smithers), 1896 ; How
Soldiers Fight (Bowden), 1899 ; The Nigger Knights (Methuen),

1900 ; The Follies of Captain Daly (Richards), 1901 ; The Pity
of War (Glaisher), 1905 ; The Young Days of Admiral Quilliam
(Blackwood), 1906. Some plays. C. Cornhill, PaS Mall,
Putnam's, Pearson's, and many other magazines in Europe
and America, Daily News, Ac. 103 Leith Mansions. Elgm
Avenue. W.

tOOiniOR. Ralph (see Gordon, Oharioi William).

OOWRAD, Joseph. Almayer's Folly (Unwin), 1895 ; An Ouicast
of the Islands, 1896 ; The Nigger of the *' Narcissus " (Heine-
mann), 1897 ; Tales of Unrest (Unwin). 1898 ; Lord Jim (Black-
wood), 1900 ; (with F. M. Huefier), The Inheritors (Heinemann).

1901 ; Youth, and other Stories, 1902 ; Typhoon, 1902 ; (with
F. M. Huefier) Romance, 1903 ; Nostromo : A Tale of the Seaboard
(Harpers). 1904 ; The Mirror of the Sea (Methuen). 1906 ; The
Secret Agent (Methuen). 1907. Someries, Luton, Beds.

CONSTABLE, Frank ChaUleo, M.A. Trin. CoU., Camb., Barr.
Poverty and Hereditary Genius (Fifield), 1905 ; and other
novels ; some work published anonymously. Wick Court, near

OORWAY, Dr. HonottTo Daniel. B. 183a. Tracts for To-Day
(Cincinnati), 1858 ; The Earthward Pilgrimage, 1870 ; Thomas
Carlyle, 1881 ; Solomon and Solomonic Literature (Open Court
Co.. Chicago), 1898 ; Thomas Paine et la RAfolution dans les
Detuf Mondes (P\oTk,Pahs), 1900; Autobiography iCa;aeen & Cjo,),
1904 ; and about twenty other works. C. Fortnightly, Harper's,
North Amer. Rev,, &c. 22 East Tenth Street, New York ; H6tel
de Strasbouig, Rue de Richelieu » Pans.

OOlfTBBARS^ Frederlek Oomwalttt^ late Fell, and Fvaeleotor, UnW..
ColL, Oxford ; Fell. Brit. Acad. ; Ofi&der d*Acad6mie (France).
Doctor Theologia, hon. causa, giessen, B. 1856. A Collation
of the Ancient Armenian Texts of Aristotle (O.U.P.). 1892 ;
Apology and Acts of Apollonius (Sonnenschein), 1894; P kilo's




CofOemplcUive Life (O.U.PO. 1895 ; The Key of TnUh (O.U.P.),
1898 ; The Dreyfus Cass (G. Allen), 1898 ; Anecdota Oxoniensta
(O.U.P.). 1898 ; The Roman Catholic Church in InUmational
Politics (Skeffington), 1901 ; The Administration of the Sacra-
ments and other Rites of the Armenian Church, edited from the
oldest MSS. (O.U.P.), 1904 ; Old Armenian Texts of Revelation,
1906, ftc. 17 Bradmore Road, Oxford.

OONTBEARE, R«y. John WUUam Edward, Lady Margaret Preacher,
Cambridge, 1898-99, <Sbc. B. 1843. ^^ Morte d* Arthur
(Moxon), 1868 ; Tourists' Guide to Cambridgeshire (Stanford),
1892 ; History of Cambridgeshire (Stock), 1898 ; Alfred in the
Chroniclers, 1899 ; Rides around Cambridge, 1902 ; Roman
Britain (S.P.C.K.), 1903. Stokeslea, Cambridge.

OOOK, Edward Tyas. B. 1857. Formerly editor of the Pall Mali
. Gazette, Westminster Gazette, and Daily News ; jt.-ed. of the
Library Edition of the Works of Ruskin (Allen). A Popular
Handbook to the National Gallery (Macmillan), 1888 ; A Popular
Handbook to the Tate Gallery, 1898 ; Studies in Ruskin (G.
Allen), 1890 ; Rights and Wrongs of the Transvaal War (Arnold),
1901 ; A Pof), Hdbk. to the Greek and Rom, Antiq, in the Brit.
Mus, (Macmillan), 1903. i Gordon Place, W.C.

000K» Mn. Mabel (Mabel Collins). B. i8u. The Star Sapphire ;
The Prettiest Woman in Warsaw ; Light on the Path (Theos.
P. Co.) ; and other novels and works on occult subjects. Ardat,
Southall, W. ; Qub. Lyceum.

OOOK, Theodore Andrea, M.A.. F.S.A., late editor St, James*s
Gazette, &c. B. 1867. Old Touraine (Rivingtons), 1891 ; The
Story of Rouen (Dent), 1899 ; History of the English Turf
(Virtue), 1903 ; Anthology of Humorous Verse, 1901 ; Ice
Sports (in part), (Ward, Lock), 1901 ; Spirals in Nature and Art
(Murray), 1902; The Water-Colour Drawings of /. Af. W.
Turner, R,A., in the National Gallery (Cassell), 1903 ; Old
Provence (Rivingtons), 1905 ; Eclipse and the Modern Thorough-
bred (Heinemann), 1906 ; The Fencer^ s Sone (Weekes & Co.) ;
music to Rudyaid Kipling's Last Chantey (John Church Co.).
C Fortnightly, Edinburgh Rev,, Quarterly Review, &c. 54 Oakley
Street, Chelsea, S.W.

OOOKBy J. Y. F., B.A., B.E., T.C Dublin. Stories of Strange
Women (Long), 1906 ; A Spray of Lilac (play), 1902 ; A Happy
Little A dventure (play), 1902. St. Coloumb- s, Derry, and Garrick
Qub, W.C

OOOKE, W. Bonnie. B. 1869. The Canon's Daughter (Sonnen-
schein), 1904 ; The Homed Owl, 1905 ; Madame Domino (Sisleys
Ltd.), 1907. C. The Graphic, Black and White, &c. 1 10 Musters
Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham.

OOOLIDGB, Rev. muiam Angnitoi BreTOottp M.A.» &c. B. 1850.
Author of many guides to various parts of the Alps ; Murray's
Handbook for SwUzerland. Contributor to Sir W. M. Conway's
The A Ips from End to End (Constable), 1895 , &c. Am Saadigen-
stnt£, Grijidelwald, Switzerland.




OOOPES, air Alfred, F.R.C.Sm L.S.A., late Vice-Preadent Royal
College oi Sorseons, England, &c. B. 1838. Diseases of the
Rectum and Anus (Churchill), 1887 • Syphilis, 1894. Jun.
Carlton Club, S.W. ; Cooper Angus Lodge, Whiting Bay, Isle
of Arran, Scotland.

OOOPEB, Alfred B^ late Editor of The Sunday Strand and Scholars'
Own (Geo. Newnes, Ltd.) ; Clerical Love Stories (Isbister), 1903 ;
Flood-Tides and other Poems (Marshall Bros,), 1906. Volumi-
nous writer in the leading magazines of articles, fiction, and
verse ; librettist and song writer. Maplecroft, Earlsfield Road,
Wandsworth Common, S.W.

OOOPBB, Oliarles Alfred, late Editor of The Scotsman, B. 1829.
Seeking the Sun (Simpkin), 1892 ; An Editor* s Retrospect
(MacmiUan). 1896, &c. White House, Inveresk, Musselburgh.

COOPER, Edwtfd Herbert Richard Escott (Macmillan), 1893 ;
The Marchioness against the County (Chapman), 1897 ; The
Eternal Choice (Pearson), 1901 ; Wyemarhe's Mother, 1902 ;
The Viscountess Normanhurst, 1903 ; other novels and tales for
children. The Authors' Club, Whitehall, S.W.

COPELAND, Walter {see Jerrold, Walter).

C0PI1I6ER, Walter Arthur, Prof. Law, Victoria University of-
Manchester, M.A., LL.D., F.S.A.. F.R.S.A., &c. B. 1847.
Index to Precedents in Conveyancing, 1872 ; A Treatise on Title
Deeds, 1875 I ^^ Capital Punishment, 1876 ; A Testimony of
Antiquity (Pickering), 1877 ; Stamp Duties, 1878 ; Thoughts on
Holiness (Masters), 1883 ; Hist, of the Copingers, 3rd ed., 1884 '
Contributions to the Hymnody (Forsyth), 1885 ; The Law of
Rents (with Prof. J. E. C. Munro) (Clowes), 1886 ; A Treatise
on Predestination, &c. (Nisbet), 1889 ; Incunabula Biblica
(Qnaritch], 1892 ; Incunabula Virgiliana, 1892 ; Bihliographiana,
3 vols., 1895, &c- »' ^^ ^^^ ^f Copyright, 4th ed., 1904 ; Supp.
to Hain's Repertorium Bibliographicum, 3 vols., 1897 ; The
Bible and its Transmission (Sotheran), 1897 ; Imitatio Christi :
a New and Literal Translation (Hobbs), Glaisgow, 1900 ; Hist,
of BuxhaU, CO. Suffolk, 1902 ; Records of Suffolk, 5 vols., 1904 ;
History of the Manors of Suffolk, 1906 ; History and Records of
the Smith-Caxington Family, 2 vols., 1907, &c. Moreton House,
Kersal, Manchester ; BuxhaU, co. Suffolk ; Tynycoed Tower,
North Wales.

COPLE8T0N, Rt Rey. Reginald Stephen, D.D., Bishop of Calcutta.
B. 1845. Mschylus, in Ancient Classics for English Readers
(Blackwood). Siege of Jerusalem (S.P.C.K.), 1874; Buddhism
tn Magadha and Ceylon (Longmans), 1892 ; Primary Charge
and other Charges, Colombo ; Primary Charge, Calcutta, 1005 ;
NoUs on the Higher Criticism (S.P.C.K,), 1906, Ac The Palace,

IGOPPBB, Francoliy Poet and Author. B. 1843. E. 1884. Le
Reliquaire, i%66; Les Intimitis, 1867 ; Les Humbles; Olivier;
Contes en Vers ; Le Passant, 1870 ; VAbandonnfe, 1871 ; Le
Luthier de Cremone, 1876 ; Madame de Maintenon, 1881 ;
Severo Torelli, 1883 * -^^ Jacobites, 1885 ; Pour la Couronne,


Digitized by LjOOQ IC


1895 ! Coniss en Prose ; Conies Rapides ; TotUe une jeunesse ;
Les vrais Riches ; Mon Francparler ; Le Coupable ; La Bonne
Souffrance ; Dans la Priire et dans la LiUte ; Conies pour les
fours de fite, &c. 12 Rue Oudinot, Paris.

CORBETT9 Elisabeth Burgoyne (Mrs. George Corbett). Drama and
fiction. Makes a speciality of Serials, and is the author of over
seventy published serials, which include nearly every branch
of fiction, and all of which have been written on commission,
to suit the special requirements of editors. Is the author of
numerous Society, Detective, Nautical, and Adventure Stories,
which have been published by Messrs. C. Arthur Pearson, Tames
Nisbet & Co., Hurst & Blackett, P. F. Collier (America), and
others. Has written several successful dramas and comedies.
Lyceum Club, 128 Piccadilly, W.

CORBETT, Rev. Frederiek St. John, M.A., F.R.S.L., F.R.Hist.S.
B. 1862. Sermon Ouilines (Skelfington). 1802 ; The Preacher's
Year, 1894 ; The Problem of Life, 1896 ; A Thousand Things
to say in Sermons (Skeffington), looi ; Two Men and a Ctrl
(Gay), 1903 ; A History of British Poetry (Gay), 1904 ; The
Poet of the Church of England : a Tribute to George Herbert

* : (Mowbray), 1906 ; and others. C Literary Churchman, Sun-

\ day at Home, &c. The Rectory, St. George-in-the-East,
London, E.

CORBETT, Julian Stafford, LL.M., F.S.A., Barr., Lecturer in History
and Strategy. Royal Naval War Coll. B. 1854. The Fall of
Asgard (Macmillan), 1886 ; For God and Gold, 1888 ; Kopheiua the
Thirteenth, 1889; Monh, 1890; Sir Francis Drake, 1891 ; A Busi-
nessin Great Waters (Methuen), 1895 ; The Spanish War, 1585-97,
1897 ; Drake and the Tudor Navy (Longmans), 1898 ; Successors
of Drake, 1900 ; England in the Mediterranean, 1903 ; Fighting
Instructions, 1905 ; England in the Setfen Years* War, 1907.
3 Hans Crescent, S.W.

CORELLI, MaiIo. A Romance of Two Worlds (Bentley), 1886;
VendeUa, 1886 ; Thelma, 1887 ; Ardath, 1889 ; Wormwood
(Bentley), 1890 ; The Soul of Ltliih, 1892 ; Barabbas (Methuen).

; 1893 ; The Sorrows of Saian, 1895 I ^^ Mighty Atom (Hutchin-
son), 1896 ; Cameos, 1896 ; The Murder of Delicia (Skeffington),
1896 ; Ziska (Arrowsmith), 1897 ; Jane (Hutchinson), 1897 ;
Boy, 1900 ; The Master Christian (Methuen), 1900 ; Temporal
Power, 1902 ; Go^s Good Man : a Simple Love Story (Methuen),
1904 ; The Strange Visitation : a Christmas Story (Newnes),
1904 ; Free Opinions Freely Expressed (Constable), 1005 ; The
Treasure of Heaoen : a Romance of Riches (Constable), 1906,
ftc. Mason Croft, Strat£ord-on-Avon.

CORNFORD, L. Cope. R. L. Stevenson (Blackwood), 1899;
English Composition (Nutt), 1900 ; Northborough Cross (G. Allen).
1901 ; Essay Writing for Schools (Murray), 1903 ; The Canker
at the Heart (Grant Richards), 1905 ; Parson Brand (Grant
Richards), 1906 ; The Defenceless Islands (Grant RichardsX
1906, &c. 5 Overstrand Mansions, Battersea Park, S.W.




0OailI8H» Franels Wane, M.A., Vice*Prov. Eton Coll. B. 1839.
l4/« 0/ Cromweil (Longmans), 1882 ; Did. Greek and Rom.
AntimiiHes (Murray), 1898 ; SunningweH (Constable), 1899 ;
The JPttblic School Speaker (Murray), 1900 ; Chivalry (Sonnen-
schein), 1901, &c. The Ckristers, feton College.

tOORVOy Fnderiek Baron {see RoKo, Frodeiiek William).

OORT, Hn. Theodore (see Winifred Oraham).

006BT, mkUey Sydney Ashworlh, late of Rifle Brigade. B. 1862.
The Irish Land Problem, and how to Solve It (Bamley Johnsbn),
1901. C. many articles on questions connected with Liberal
politics, the Church, and Ireland to the Westminster Review,
ftc. ; Agricultural Depression : Its Causes and Cure in The
Agricultural Students* Gazette, Aug., 1904. Naval and Military
Club, Piccadilly ; WestclifE Lodge, West Bournemouth.

OOTB89 Kentfm D., M.A. Oxon., form. Oxford Univ. Extension
Lecturer. Oxford Examination Series : Plato, Apology and
Meno ; Aristotle's Ethics ; Livy, XXI.-XXIII. ; Terence,
Phormio ; Herodotus, VII., VIII. ; Cicero, Pro Roscio, Second
Philippic (Vincent). Ed. Social England series (Swan Sonnen-
schein) ; Social and Imperial Life of Britain (Grant Richards).
C. Fortnightly, Macmillan's, &c. Willesborough, Hales Road,

OOTTON9 James Sutherland, M.A. Queen's Coll., Oxon. B. 1847.
Elphinstone: "Rulers of India" series (O.U.P.), 1892; other
wntin^ on India. Late editor of The Academy. Editor of
Impertal Gazetteer of India ; Hon. Secretary, Egypt Explora-
tion Fund. 13 Warwick Mansions, CromweU Crescent, S7W.

COULTON, George Gordon. B. 1858. Father Rhine (Dent). 1898 ;

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