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of a Heart (Pearson) ; Those Berkeley Girls (Partridge), 1902 ;
The Home of His Fathers (Partridge), 1902 ; The Confessions
of a Matchmaking Mother (Unwin), 1902 ; A Girl's Battle
(Partridge), 1904 ; Uncle Joshua's Heiress (Partridge), 1906.
C. Temple Bar, Blackwood, &c. Cole Byron, Silchester,

DAVIBS, Rev. John Uewelyn, M.A.. Hon. D.D. (Durham)^ Hon.
Litt.D. (Victoria). B. 1826. Trans, of Plato's Republic
(jointly), 1892 ; Spiritual Apprehension, 1898, &c. The
Vicarage, Kirkby Lonsdale.

DAVIS8» ThOBiM Wltton, B.A. Lond., Ph.D. Leip., Prof, of
Semitic Languages at University College, Bangor. Magic
Divination, and Demonology (J. Claxke), 1898 ; Scriptures of
the Old Testament (Hughes), T900 ; Heinrich Ewald (Unwin).
1903 ; Psalms, vol. ii. ; Century Bible (T. C. & E. C Jacks),
1906 ; The Survival of the Evangelical Faith : a Lesson and a
Warning, essays for the Times (F. Griffiths), 1907, &c. C.
Encyclo. Biblica, Hastings* Bible Diet,, Biblical World, Rev. of
Theology and Philosophy, &c. Bryn Haul, Bangor, N. Wales.
DAVI8, Henry Winiam Ontles8» M.A.. Fdl. and Tutor BalL CoU.,
C^on., Lothian Prixe Essay, 1896, Form. £d. Oxford Magazine.
B. 1874. Charlemagne (Putnams), 1900; BaUiol Coll, {Coll,
Hist. Series) (F. E. Robmson) ; An Essay on Burnet in Typ.
Eng, Churchmen (S.P.C.K.) ; Enfdand under the Normans and
Angevins (Methuen), 1905, ftc. BaUiol College, Oxford.
DAVIS, Rlehard Har«ing» F.R.G.S. B. 1864. Gallegher (Osgood),
1891 ; Exiles, 1894; About Paris, 1895 I Soldiers of Fortune
(Heinemann), 1897 ; Cuban and Porto Rican Campaigns
(Scribners), 1898 ; Cuba in War Time (Harper), 1808 ; With
Both Armies in S, Africa, 1900 ; Captain Macklin (Scribners),
1902 ; Ranson's Folly, 1902 ; The Bar Sinister, 1903 ; Play :
The Dictator, IQ04. Ac. North Castle, New York.




OAVRAT, Henry D, B. 1873. Trans. Edm. Gosse's Mod. EitgL
Lit,, 1900 ; W. G. Aston's Japanese LUeraiure; looi ; Fits-
maurice Kelly's Spanish Literature, 1904 ; W. P. Trent's
American Literature ; and also novels, &c., by Gea Mereditii,
1898 ; H. G. Wells, 1899- 1906 ; Maurice Hewlett, Joseph Conrad,
Mrs. W. K. Clifiord, Fiona Macleod, and others. Publ. La
LittSraiure Anglo-Canadienne, 1907. C. articles on £ng. Lit.
to French, Engl., Swiss, Italian, and Belgian reviews and
journals. Since 1898 has ^ited the Collection of Foreign
Authors, published by the Mercure de France, 26 rue de Condi6,

DAWEy Cwltoii. B. 1865. Mount Desolation (Cassell), 1892 ;
Godfrey Kinge (W. & Downey), 1893 J Kakemonos (Lane). 1897 '•
The Mandarin (Hutchinson), 1899, 1900 ; Claudia Pole (Hutcn-
inson), 1901 ; The Demagogue (Hodder), 1902, &c. C. P. Af .
Mag., Strand, Windsor, &c. Authors' Qub, Whitehall Court, S. W.

D^WE, Wilfred. The Belle of Blackpool (Goole). 1902. Royal
Opera House, Leicester.

DAWKINS» Professor Willlam BoydL M.A.. D.Sc. Oxford, F.R.S.,
J.P., Prof, of Geology and Palaeontology in Victoria Univ.,
Manchester. B. 1838. Cave Hunting (Macnullan), 1874 ;
Early Man in Britain, 1880 ; other scientific works. Fallow-
field House, Fallowfield, Manchester.

DAWSON, Albert, Ed.-Prop. Christian Commonwealth, FincMey
Press, &c. Eng. Ed. Amer, Congregationalist and Chris. World.
B. 1866. Joseph Parker, his Life and Mim's^fy (Partridge),
1901. 133 Salisbury Square, E.C. ; Ingleneuk, East Finch-
ley, N.

DAWSOH, A. J. B. 1872. Mere Sentiment; MidtBe Greyness
(Lane) ; God*s Foundling ; African Night's Entertainment
(Heinemann) ) Daniel Whyte (MeUiuen) ; Bismillah (Macmillan) ;
In the Bight of Benin ; The Story of Ronald Kestrel ; Hidden
Manna; Joseph Khassan: Half -caste (Heinemann); Things
seen in Morocco ^ethuen) ; The Fortunes of Farthings (Harpers);
The Message: The Genteel A.B. (Grant Richards). C. Athe-
naeum, Standard, the monthly reviews, periodicals, &c. Con-
stitutional Club, W.C. ; Witchampton, Dorset.

DAWSON, William Harlmti. German Socialism and Ferdinand
LassaUe (Somienscihein), 1888 ; Prinee Bismarok and St4Ue
Socialism, 189O ; The Unearned Increment (Sonnenschein),
1890; Germany and the Germans (Chapman), 1894; Social
Switzerland, 1897 ; German Life in Town and Country (Newnes),
1901 ; Matthew Arnold and his Relation to the Thought of his
Time (Putnam's Sons), 1903 ; Protection in Germany (A History)
(P. S. King & Sons), ,1904 ; The German Workman : A Study tn
National Efficiency (P. S. King & Sons), 1906 ; School Doctors in
Germany (Board of Education), 1906. Ed. Our Neighbours
Series and British Empire Series (Newnes). C Fortnightly,
ConU Rev., Econ. Joum., &c. Manor Road, Beckenham, Kent.

DAWSON, Rev. WllllMB James. B. 18C4. A Vision of Souls
(poems), (Stock), 1884 ; London Idylls, 1895 ; The House of

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Dreams (Bowden), 1897 » Jt*dith Boldero, 1898 ; Makers of
Modem Prose (Hodder), 1899 ; Savonarola : a Drama (Richards),
1900 ; The Man Christ Jesus, 1901 ; The Quest of the Simple
Life (Hodder), 1903. &c. 17 Highbury Terrace, N.

DB AinOIS, Bdmondo, Novelist. B. 1846. La Vita militare (N.Y..
1882) ; VOlanda (N.Y., 1884) ; La Spagna (N.Y., 1886) ; Cuore
(N.Y., 1887) ; II Romanzo d'un maestro (Osgood), 1893 » Morocco
(Gay. 1898), &c., &c. 5 Via Ottavio Revel, Turin.

tDBAH, Mn. Andrew (see Sidgwlek).

DBAHB, Rev. Anthony Oharies, M.A., Ed. Treasury Ma^. B. 1870.
Frivolous Verses (Simpkin). 1892 ; Leaves in the Wind (Stock),
1896 ; New Rhymes for Old (Lane), 1901 ; Ed. Lit, Booh of
Light Verse (Methuen), 1901 ; Ed. Selections from Crabbe, 1903 ;
At the Master's Side (Welti Gardner), 1905 ; Friends and Fellaw-
labourers of St, Paul (Wells Gardner), 1906 ; The Reformation
(Nisbet), 1907. C. XlXth Cent,, Punch, &c. Holy Trin.
Vicarage, Malvern.

DBAHB, Hermann Frederlek WiUUms, M.A. Camb., F.S.A.,
Librarian to the Chapter, St. George's. Windsor Castle. B.
1858. Ed. Public Schools Year Booh, Girls* School Year
Booh, Schoolmasters* Year-Booh. Gower Lodge, Windsor.

DBARMBB, Rev. Perey, M.A. Oxon. B. 1867. Oxford Cathedral,
(BcU), 1897 ; Christian Socialism (Clarion Pub. Co.), 1897 ;
Religious Pamphlets (Paul), 1898 ; Wells Cathedral (Bell), 1898 ;
Parsons* Handbook (Frowde), 1895 • ^^^ ^^•' ^^^ » Little Lives
of the Saints (Gardner), 1900 ; Highways and Byways in Nor-
mandy (Macmillan). 1900 ; 2nd ^., 1904 ; Ed. Scarlet Letter
(Methuen), 1902 ; The English Liturgy (Rivingtons), 1903 ;
Dat Boexken van der Missen (Longmans). 1903; Is Ritual
Right ? ; Loyalty to the Prayer-Book (Mowbray), 1903 ; The
Servers* Handbook (Frowde), 1^4 ; The Sanctuary (Rivingtons),
1905 ; The Training of a Christian ; The Communion of Saints
(Mowbray). 1906. Ed., with others, The English Hymnal
(Frowde), 1906 ; The Parsons' Handbook, 6th ed. (Frowde),
1907 ; The Prayer-Book, What it is (Mowbray), 1907 ; Socialism
and Christianity (Fabian Tract), 1907 ; T?ie Social Teaching of
the Catechism (Christian Social Union), (Mowbray), 1907.
(Vicar of) St. Mary the Virgin, Primrose Hill, N.W.

DBARMBR, Mrs. Perey (Mabel). B. 1872. Roundabout Rhymes
(Blackie). 1898 ; The Book of Penny Toys (Macmillan), 1899 ;
A Noahs Ark Geography (Macmillan), 1900 (the above chil-
dren's books were illustrated by the author) ; T?te Noisy Years
(Smith, Elder), 1902 ; Novels : The Orangery (Smith, Elder) ;
1904 ; The Difficult Way (Smith, Elder), 1905 ; Brownjohn*s
(Smith, Ekler), 1906 ; A Child*s Life.of Christ (Methuen). 1906.

BBiA, BUiabetk Ann. Poem Pictures (Unwin), 1889 » Flower
Favourites (G. Allen), 1898. Villa Sommer, Ems, Prussia.

DB BBBR, Tmo H., Mem. Roy. Acad., Belgium, late Le<^uto
on English and German lauRuage and Literature at the
Middle-Claas School in Amsterdam. Ed. to 1907 of Dutch




Philolog. Review, Noord en Zuid (founded 1877). B. 1838.
Hist. Of German Lit. up to 1900 (in German) ; Hist, of Dutch Lit.,
3 vols. ( 1 800-1902) (in Dutch) ; Hist, of Eng. Lit. up to 1900 (in
English), 4th ed., 5 vols. ; Living Authors, 2 vols. — I. Poetry
and the Drama, 1907 ; II. Fiction (in preparation) ; Course of
German Lang, and Lit., 7 vols. ; Woordenschat : Diet, of Phrase
and Fable, with translation and elucidation of all Quotations in
use in Holland, in seven languages. Has edited a vast number
of books, and translated several Fr., Eng., and Germ, classics
and dramas. 100 Jan Luyken-Straar, Amsterdam.

DB BRATH» Stontoy, M.I.C.E. B. 1854. Foundations of Success
(Philip), 1896 ; p.a. Overpressure, 1899. C. New Liberal Re-
view. Preston House School, Bookham.

tDB BURGH, A. (Edward Morgan Alborough). Elizabeth, Empress
of Austria (Hutchinson), 1899. C. Windsor, Strand, Rev. of
Rev. The Grange, Waltham St. Lawrence, Twjrford, Berks.

DB ORBSPIGNT, Mn. Philip Ohamplon. From Behind the Arras
(Unwin), 1902 ; The Mischief of a Glove, 1903 ; The Ross
Brocade (Nash), 1905 ; The Grey Domino (Nash), 1906 ; The
Spanish Prisoner, 1907. C. Cornhill, Strand, Graphic, Pall
Mall, &c. Round Hill, Lyndhurst ; c/o A. P. Watt, Esq..
Hastings House, Norfolk Street, W.C. ; Lyceum Club.

DBLAIRB, Mme. Jean. A Dream of Fame (J. Long), 1899 ;

, The Lady of Rohertval (Sands), 1900 ; Two Girls and a Dream

j (Ward, Lock), 1901 ; Alsatian Tales (Sands), ip02 ; Around a

I Distant Star (J. Long), 1904 ; short stories, senals, articles on

• Theosophical subjects, etc. The Lyceum Club, 128 Picca-
dilly, W.

DBLAHD, Mrs. Ifargaret. B. 1857. The Old Garden (poems)
(Longmans), 1888 ; John Ward, Preacher, 1888 ; Old Chester
Tales (Harper), 1898 ; Dr. Lavendar^s People; The Awahening
of Helena Ritchie (Harper), &c. Boston, Mass., U.S.A.

DBLAMNOT, Bnrford, M.R.C.S. Nineteen Thousand Pounds;
Between the Lines ; The Margate Mystery ; The Midnight
Special ; In Mid-Atlantic ; DenziVs Device ; Dead Man*s
Rooms; An Anglo- American Alliance; Beaten at the Post;
Prince Charlie ; A Thespian Detective ; The Money Lender ;
The Missing Cyclist, and others. 4 Warwick Mansions, Gray's
Inn, W.C.

DB LA PASTURB, Mn. Henry. A Little Squire (Cassell), 1893 ; A
Toy Tragedy, 1894 ; Deborah of Tod's (Smith), 1897 ; Adam
Grigson, 1899 ; Catherine of Calais, 1901 ; Cornelius, 1903 ;
Peter's Mother, 1905 ; Man from America, 1905 ; Lonely Lady of
Grosvenor Square (Murray), 1906. Plays : The Lonely Mil-
lionaire (Adelphi), 1906 ; Peter's Mother (Wyndham'sJ, 1906-
1907 ; Her Grace the Reformer (Haymarket). 1907. Llaodogo,
Chepstow ; 62 Chester Square, S.W.

DB MILLB, ProfaMor A. B^ M.A. Literature in the XlXth CetH.
(Linscott, Toronto). 1900 ; Ed. Longfellow's Evangeline (Allen.
Halifax, N.S.), 1901. C. Amer. mags. Windsor, Nova Scotia.




DKMHISy SObtrt. B. 1855. Industrial Ireland (Murray), 1887 ;
many contributions in prose and verse to daily and weekly
press, and much editorisd work. 9 Mitcham Lane, Streatham,

DIHHT, OhATlw B. The Failure of the Wanders (Constable). 1899 ;
The Romance of Upfold Manor (Methuen), 1902. Roslin, Jenner
Road. Guildford.

D'BSTSRRB, EIm. Appassionata (Heinemann). 1893 ; Sir Joshua
Reynolds (Scott), 1902, &c. Little Danvers House, Danvers
Street, Chelsea, S.W.

DB MORGAH, William. Joseph Vance : An Ill-written Autobiography
(Heinemann). 1906.

DE SKLINCOURT, Ernest, M.A., D.Litt.. Lecturer in Modem
English Literature, Oxford Univ. Hyperion : a Facsimile of
Keats' s Autograph MS,. 1905 ; Poems of Keats. 1905 ; Words-
worth's Guide to the Lahes, 1906 ; Poems of Keats (Standard
Library). 1906. 2 Grove Place, Oxford.

DBVIRBy Rev. Artlmr. B. 1849. ^Convent Life (Washboume).
1889 ; Creed Explained. 1892 ; History of the Passion (Bums).
1894; Commandments Explained, 18^; Manual of Ascetical
Theology. 1901 ; Sacraments Explained, 1901 ; Manual of
Mystical Theology. 1903 ; Ordinary of the Mass Explained. 1905.
C Homiletic Monthly, kc St. Joseph's Retreat. Highgate, N.

DEWAR» George Albemarle Bertie, B.A. Oxon.. Ed., with the
Marquess of Granby. of the Haddon Hall Library ; also general
ed. of The Young England Library ; author of The South
Country Trout Streams, 1898 ; In Pursuit of the Trout. 1898 ;
The Booh of the Dry Fly. 1897 ; Wild Life in Hampshire High-
lands, 1899 ; Hampshire : Its Story and Scenery (in Dent*s
County Guides). 1900;. The Birds in our Wood, 1902; The
Glamour of the Earth (George Allen), 1904 ; The Faery Year,
1906, &c. Ed. the Winchester, Ed. of Walton's Angler, 1901,
Ed. The Letters of Dean Hole, 1907. Church Oakley. Hamp-
shire ; Junior Carlton Club, S.W.

DB WIHDT, Harry, F.R.G.S. B. 1856. On the Equator (CasseU).
1882 ; Pehin to Calais by Land (Chapman). 1887 '* ^ ^^^ ^
India, 1889 ; Siberia As It Is. 1890 ; A Queer Honeymoon, 1891 ;
The New Siberia, 1894 ; Thro* Alasha to Bering Straits (Chatto),
1897 ; True Tales of Travel, 1898 ; Finland As It Is (Murray),
1901 ; Paris to New Yorh by Land (Newnes), 1903 ; Thf^ough
Sewage Europe, 1906. C. Northern Newspaper and Tillotson
Literary Syndicates. Clubs : White's, Royal Societies. Beef*
steak, Junior United Service, S.W. ; Garrick.

NBDIB, Lewis Tofiuia, Knt., Dean of the Arches. B. 1852. Church
Courts (Hatchard), 1882 ; The City Companies (Rivington).
1886 ; Monasticism in England (Gordon), 189O ; Hanson's Death
Duties, 4th ed.. &c. (Haynes), 1896. C. Quarterly, Nobles.
Dofmansland, E. Grinstead.

DIOBT (Professor), Albert Venn, B.C.L.. LL.D.. Vinerian Prof..
Oxon. B. 1855. ^^ ^^ <>f Domicile (Stevens). 1879 : ^^^

Digitized by LjOOQ IC


Conflict of Laws (Stevens). i8p6 ; The Law of th$ ConsHiU'
turn, 6th ed.. 1903 (Macmillan), &c. All Souls' College,

DIOBT, Edward, C.B. B. 1833. England and Egypt (Chapman).
188 1 ; Bulgaria, the Peasant State (Murtay), 1894 ; The Story
of the Khedivate, 1902 ; monographs on foreign jpcJUtics and on
military subjects, between i860 and 1901. laccadilly Man-
sions, W.

DIGS, Cotstord. B. 1846. The Ways of the World (Redway),
1896 ; Society Snapshots (Geo. Allen), 1901 ; some dramatic
sketches and dialogues, &c. 115 St. George's Road, S.W.

DIOKENSy Mary Angela, Cross Currents (Chapman). 1891 ;
Prisoners of Silence (Osgood), i8ps ; ^^ Wastrei (Hutchinson),
1900, &c. I Brandon Mansions. Queen's Club Gardens,
Kensington, W.

DIOKINSOH, Ooldsworthy Lowes, M.A., Fell, and Lecturer. King's
College, Cambridge ; Lecturer Lond. School of Economics and
Politiceil Science. From King to King ; Revolution and Reaction
in Modem France ; The Development of Parliament during fhe
Nineteenth Century ; The Greeh View of Life ; The Meaning of
Good ; Letters of John Chinaman ; Religion, a Criticism and a
Forecast ; A Modern Symposium, King's College. Cambridge.

DIOKIHSOH, William Howship, M.D., F.R.C.P., Hon. FeU. Cains
Coll.. Camb. B. 1832. Albuminuria (Longmans), 1868 ;
Renal and Urin, Affections, 1877-85 ; King Arthur in Corn-
wall, 1900 ; other medical works. 10 Stanhope Place. Hjrde
Park, W.

DIGKSOH, Rev. John, F.S.A. Scot. B. 1840. Ruined Castles of
Midlothian (Sutherland). 1804; Emeralds Chased in Gold
(OUphant). 1899. St Ninian^B, 150 Ferry Road, Leith. Scot-

DIOKSOH, William Kirk, Keeper of the Advocates' Library. Edin-
burgh. B. i860. The Life of Major -General Sir Robert Murdoch
Smith (Blackwood), 1901 ; Editor of The Jacobite Attempt of
1 719 (Scottish History Society), 1895 » Historical Geography
of the Clans of Scotland, 1899 ; The Surrender of Napoleon,
1904 ; Joint Ed. The Register of the Great Seal of Scotland under
the Commonwealth, 1904. 8 Gloucester Place, Edinburgh.

DIDDEH, Robort H. B. 1858. Fiat Lux (Simpkin). 1891 ; Amy
Clarefort, iSgs ; A Modem Omar Khayyam (Watts), 1899. C.
Westminster Review, &c. 25 Brunswick Square. Gloucester.

DIJLKB, Rt Hon. Mr Obarlea Wenlwortli, Bt.. M.P. B. 1843.
Greater Britain (Macmillan), 1868, many editions since ; Papers
of a Critic (J. Murray), 1872 ; Memoir of Charles Wentworth
Dilhe, 1739-1864; The Fall of Prince Fhrestan of Monaco,
1874 ; Problems of Greater Britain, 1890 ; Imperial Defence (with
Spenser Wilkinson), 1893, and rewritten 1897 (Constable) ;
The Present Position of European Politics (Chapman A Hall).
1887 ; The British Army (Chapman & Hall), 1888 ; British
Empire (Chatto & Windus). 1898 ; The BoOft of the SpirUual




Life (J. Murray) ; Memoir of Lady Dilhe, 1905 ; and many other
writings on political and military subjects. y6 Sloane Street,

OILKB, Mfi. filter Wentworth {see OUnatd^ MmI).

DILL» Betrie. The Pinal Goal (Hutchinson). 1899; The Lords
of Life (Long), 1901 , ftc. 59 Ennismore Gardens, S.W.

DILLOHy Bmfl Joseph, Doc. Orient. Lang., Magistiunt Orient.
Fac. Imp. Univ. St. Petersburg, late Prof. Comp. Philol. Imp.
Univ. Kharkofi» Stc. B. 1855. VAlphabet de la langae
Badrienne (Leroux, Paris), 1881 ; Dualism in the Zend Atfesta
(Karkoft), 1884 ; The Sceptics of the Old Testament (Isbister),
1895 ; Maxim Gorhy, 1902 ; The Original Poem of Job, 1905.
Bolshaya Konushena3ra L, St. Petersburg.

DIMOOK, Rev. HathanleL B. 1825. Eucharistic Worship (Stock),
1876 ; The Doctrine of the Death of Christ, 1890 ; The Christian
Doctrine of Sacerdotium, 1897, Ac, Hemstede, Red Hill, Surrey.

DidST, Arthur, FJI.G.S., Vice-President Japan Society. B. 1856.
The New Par East (Cassell), 1898 ; 5th ed., 1908 ; New Japan
m Harmsworth History of the World, 1907, &c. 83 Sloiaae
Stree t. S.W.

DITOHFIBLD, Rev. Peier HampidB, F.S.A. B. 1854. Boohs
Fatal to their Authors (Stock), 1895 I ^^^ ^'» 1903 ; Old English
Customs (Methuen), 1896, 2nd ed., 1901 ; Story of our English
Towns, 1897, and. ed., 1901 ; EneHsh Villages (Methuen), 1901 ;
Cath, Churches of Gt, Brit, (I>ent), 1902, 2nd ed., 1903 ;
Memorials of Old Oxfordshire (Bemrose), 1903 ; Gothic Archi-
tecture (Dent), 1903 ; City Companies, and their Good Worhs
(Dent), x^; Faithful Jess : a.V4llage Story {Church Montkfy).
1904 ; Picturesque Cottages (Winston Co., Philadelphia), 1905 ;
Houses with a History (House & Garden, Philadelphia), 1905-6 ;
The Parish Clerh (Methuen), ist, 2nd, and 3ra edns., 1907.
Ed. National Churches^ Series ; Memorials of the Counties of
England Series ; Berhs, Buchs and Oxon Archaohgical Joum, ;
Victoria County History of Berhshire, 1905, vol. ii., 1907 ;
Memories of Old iiCml (Bemrose), 1907 ; Mojf, of Christian Art
fBadger, Boston, U.S.A.), 1907. C, Studio, Treasury, Pearson's,
Guardian, Stc. Barkham Rectory, Wokingham. Berks.

0IX, Gertrnde (Mrs. Nlcol). The Girl from the Farm (Lane). 189$ ;
The Image Breakers (Heinemann), 1900. C. PdU Mall Mag.,
Munsey, Metropolitan, The Red Booh, ftc. Weimar, OiUfomia,

DIXOV, Oharlei. B. 1858. Rural Bird Life (Longmans), 1880 ;
and about twenty-five other volumes on birds, between 1880
and 1901. [No permanent address.]

DIXOM, Conilanee E. The Chimneypiece of Bruges (Stock). 1887 ;
C. Bel^avia, The Lady, Magazine of Poetry (Buffalo, U.S.A.),
The King's Own, &c, 3 Cambridge Terrace, Bath.

DIXON, BUa Hepworth, The Story of a Modern Woman (Heine-
mann), 1894 ; One Doubtful Hour (Grant Richards), 1904. C.




London Daily and Weekly Press. 6 St. James's Terrace, Regent's
Park, N.W. ; Lyceum Club, Piccadilly.

DIXOHy Mils, formerly of Girton Coll.. Cambridge. Selections
from Arabian Nights (Dent), 1895 ; £d. Browning's Dram,
Lyrics (W. Scott)^ 18961 C. Dictionary of Economics, vol. ii.
(Macmiilan) ; asst. ed. A Dictionary of Women's Employ-
ments (Women's Institute), 1897 » ^* Hansjakob's Aus dem
Leben, &c. (Macmillan), 1904. C. reviews, magazines, &c.
c/o Women's Institute, 92 Victoria Street, S.W.

JDIXOM, WiUiam MaeneUe, Litt.D. (Trinity CoU.. Dublin). ProL of
£ng. Lit. in the Univ. of Glasgow. English Poetry from Blake
to Srowning ; A Tennyspn Primer ; In the Republic of Letters ;
Trinity College, Dublin : a History, The University, Glasgow.

POBELL, Bertram. B. 1842. Sidelights on Charles Lamb, 1903 ;
Rosemary and Pansies, 1904; Ed. Poetical Works of James
Thomson (B.V.) ; The Poems of Thomas Traheme (all published
by himself), &c. ; also Ed. Essay^s, Dialogues, and Thoughts of
Leopardi, translated by James Thomson (Routledge). 77 Qiaring
Cross Road, W.C.

DOBSOH, Henry Aiuttn, LL.D. B. 1840. Old World Idylls (Paul).
1883 ; Fielding (Macmillan). 1883 ; At the Sign of the Lyre
(Paul). 1885 ; Steele (Longmans), 1886; GoldsmUh (W. Scott).
1888 ; Walpole (Osgood), 1890 ; Eighteenth Century Vignettes,
3 vols. (Chatto), i892~94-r96 ; Collected Poems, 1897 ; A Paladin
of Philanthropy (Chatto), 1899 ; Side Walk Studies (Chatto),
1902 ; Hogarth (Heinemann), 1902 ; Richardson (Macmillan),
1902 ; Fanny Bumey (Macmillan), 1903, &c. 75 Eaton Rise,
Ealing, W.

VOOS, Rev. Mareiu, D.D., Prof, of N. T. Exegetis. New ColL, Edin.
B. 1834. The Prayer that Teaches to Pray (Hodder), 1863 ;
Mohammed, Buddha, and Christ, 1877 ; Isaac, Jaixb, and
Joseph, 1880 ; Expositor's Greek Testament (St. John's Gospel),
1*897 ; The Bible : Its Origin and Nature (Clark), 1905 ; various
commentaries, &c. C. Encyc. Brit., Hastings* Diet. Bible,
Expositor, Bookman, Ac. 23 Great King Street. Edinburgh.

DOLMAN, Fredeilelu B. 1867. Municipalities at Work (Methuen).
1895. ^' Fortnightly Rev., Westminster Gaeette. &c. National
Ubcral Club, S.W.

J)OUDNET, Sarah. B. 1843. Strangers Yet (Isbister), 1880;
A Woman's Glory, x886 ; The- Missing Rubies, 1887 ; A
Romance of Lincoln's Inn (Hutchinson), 1897 ; Pilgrims of the
Night (Partridge). 1898 ; Lady Dye's Reparation (R.T.S.), 1901 ;
Shadow and Shine (Hodder & Stoii^hton), 1906 ; many other
stories. C. One of the Few (Hutchmson), 1904, &c. Pioneer
Qub, 5 Grafton Street, W,

DOUGALL, Llly» NoveUst. B. 1858. Beggars All (Longmans),
1891 ; What Necessity Knows, 1893 ; Thh^tgeist, 1895 ; The
Madonna of a Day, 1896 ; A Dozen Ways o^tt«^(Black), 1897 I
The Mormon Prophet, 1899 ; The Earthly^Purgatory, 1$
The Spanish Dowry (Hutchinson). 1906, &c. \East Unde

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DOVGLAa, Obartof MmUbboh, M.A.. D.Sc. B. 1865. John Stuart
MiU (Blackwood), 189$, &c. Auchlochan, Lesmahagow.

DOUGLAS, Sir George Britiane, Bt. B. 1856. The Fireside
Tragedy (Douglas), 1887 ; The New Border Tales, 1892 ; Poems
of a Country Gentleman (Longmans), 1897 ; History of the
Border Counties (Blackwood), 1899 » Diversions of a Country
Gentleman (Hodder), 1902 ; The Man of Letters (a novel), 1903 ;
Life of Major-General Wauchope, 1904, Ac. C. Boohman, Secte'
man, &c. Springwood Park, Kelso, N.B.

DOUGLAS, ProfesMr Sir Robt K*, Prof. Chinese, King's CoU.,
London, &c. ; Keeper of the Dept. Oriental printed books and
MSS. at Brit. Mus. Language and Literature tn China (London),
1875 * Chinesische Sprache u, Litteratur (Jena), 1877 ; China
(C. K. Soc.), 1882 ; A Chinese Manual (W. H. Allen), 1889 ;
China ('* Story of the Nations " series) (Unwin), 1 899, ftc. 5 College
Gardens, Dnlwich, S.E. ; Athenaeum Club.

DOVBTOH, Froderlek Baiett Snatches of Sons (Wyman), 1880 ;
Shetches in Prose and Verse (Low), 1886 ; Maggie in Mythica
(Sonnenschein), 1890 ; Songs Grave and Gay (H. Cox), 1893 ;
A Fisherman's Fancies (Stock), 1895 > Mirth and Music (Baker),
1901, Ac, C. Academy, &c. Karafield, Torquay.

DOWDBM, Professor Edward, LL.D., Prof. Eng. Lit. Univ. DubUn.
B. 1843. Shahespeare (King), 1875 ; Poems, 1876 ; Studies in
LOeraiure (Paul), 1878 ; Hist, of French Literature (Heinemann),
1897 ; Puritan and Anglican (Paul), 1900 ; Robert Browning
(Dent), 1904 ; Michel de Montaigne (Lippincott), 1905 ; has
published Lives of Shelley and Soutfaey, various other literary
monographs, and has edited many poetical works. Highfield
House, Rathgar, co. Dublin.

DOWDSN, Rt Rev. John, D.D., BUhop of Edinburgh. B. 1840.
Worhmanship of Prayer Booh (Methuen), 1899 I 2nd cd., 1902,
&c. 13 Learmouth Terrace, Edinburgh.

DOWIE, Meilie MurleL A Girl in the Karpathians, 1891 ; Gallia
(Methuen), 1895 ; Some Whims of Fate (Lane), 1896 ; Crooh of
the Bough (Methuen), 1898 ; Love and his Mash (Heinemann),
1900 ; Things about our Neighbourhood (Richards), 1903. c/o
Parr's Bank. Regent Street. W.

DOWUNG, Alfred Edward Patriek Raymmid, B.A. Oxon. The
Flora of the Sacred Nativity (Paul), 1900. C. XlXth Cent.,
Contemp., Nat, Rev,, Cath, Encycl., &c. Oxford and Cambridge
Club. Pall Mall, S.W.

DOWMET, Edmund (fP. M. Allen). B. 1856. Anchor-Watch
Yixms (Tinsley), 1883 ; and sixteen] other novels, including
Through Green Glasses (W. & Down^). 1887 ; Green as Grass

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