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Rev. ; late art critic oi the Times and Spectator, Giotto (Low),
1880 ; Sententia Artis (Isbister), 1886 ; Preference in Art, Life,
and Lit. (Sonnenschein), 1892, &c. ; Ed. What's What, 1901.
C XlXth Cent., Contemp. Rev,. Nat. Rev., Fortnightly, &c.
42 Queen's Gate Gardens. S.W. ; Junior Athenaeum Club.
PiccadiUy, W.







RAABE, Willielin, German Novelist. B. 1831. Chronik der Sper-
lingsgasse, 1857; Der Hungerpasior, 1864; 8th ed., 1898;
Horacher, 1876; 5th ed., 1899; Collected Tales, 4 vols., 1896-
1900. 3 Am Windmuhlenborg, Brunswick.
RABAGUATI, Andrea C. P., M.A., M.D., F.R.C.S.Ed., Hon.
Gynaecologist, late Hon. Surgeon Bradford Royal Infirmary,
and Children's Hospital, &c. B. 1843. ClassificaHon and
Nomenclature of Diseases (Baillifere, Tindall & Cox), 1886;
Movements in Ovarian Neuralgia (Bailli^e, Tindall & Cox),
1894 ; Air, Food, and Exercises (Bailliere, Tindall & Cox),
1896, 3rd ed. ; 1903 ; Aphorisms, Definitions, and Paradoxes
(Bailliere, Tindall & Cox), 1899. C. British Medical Journal,
Lancet, Med. Press and Circular, &c. i St. Paal's Road,

RADCUPPE - COOKE, GharlM WallwyiL Thoughts on Men
and Things (Rivingtons), 1867 ! Four Years in Parlt, with
Hard Labour (Allen), 1889 ; A Book about Cider and Perry,
1898, Sec, C. National Review, XlXth Century, &c. Hellens,
Much Marcle, Herefordshire.

RADPORD, Dottle (Mrs. Ernest Radford). A Light Load ; Songs
and Other Verses ; One Way of Love ; The Poet*s Larder ; Sea-
thrift : a Fairy Tale (De la More), 1904 ; The YoungGardener*s
Kalendar (De la More), 1904. i Portland Villas, East Heath
Road, Hampstead, N.W.

RADPORD9 Ernesty LL.M. (Cantab). Writer on art, lecturer.
B. i8s7. Verse: Translations from Heine; Measured Slips;
Chambers Twain; Collection of Poems (Gibbines), 1906. Ed. of
Selections from Landor, illustrated ed. of jSoswell's Johnson
(Constable). Author of D. G. Rossetti in The Art Library
(Newnes). i Portland VUlas, Hampstead Heath, N.W.

RAGO, Re?. Pre4eriek WUliam, M.A. Cantab., F.R.Hist.S. B. 1845.
Quorsum? (Rivingtons), 1894; Sonnets, 1895; King Alfred* s
Dreams, 1899. C. Victoria Hist, of the Counties of England;
Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaoloeical
Soc, Trans. The Manor House, Lower Boddington, Byfield,

fRAINEy Allen (Mrs. Beynon Puddicombe). A Welsh Singer
(Hutchinson), 1897 I ^y Berwen Banks, 1899; Garthowen, 1900 ;
Hearts of Wales ; Queen of the Rushes (Hutchinson), 1906, &c.
Bronmor, Treathsaith, C^digan.

RAIT» Robert S., Fell, and Tutor New Coll., Oxford. Mary Queen of
Scots (Nutt), 1899 ; Rel. betw. Engl, and Scot. (Blackie), ipoi ;
The Scottish Parliament, 1901 ; Life and Campaigns of Field-
Marshal Viscount Gough (Constable), 1903 ; and other hist,
works. New College, Oxford.

RALEIGH, Oeell. Plays (with R. C. Carton): The Great Pink
Pearl ; The Pointsman and the Treasure ; (with Hy. Hamilton)





The White Heather ; The Great Ruby ; many other plays. Stc,
alone and in collab. 2 Brunswick Place, Regent's Park, N.W.
RALEIGH, Professor Walter, M.A., Prof. Eng. Lit., Oxford. The
Eng, Novel (Murray), 1894 ; Stevenson (Arnold), 1S95 » StyU,

1897 ; Milton, 1900 ; Wordsworth, 1903 ; English Voyages of
the Sixteenth Century (Maclehose), 1905. Magdalen College,

^ Oxford.

BAMBAUT, A« Beatrlee (fA. B. Romney). Eric Sinclair's
Luch (Blackie), 1897 ; Two Small Crusoes, 1901 ; Little Village
Folk (Blackie). &c. C. Temple Bar, &c. Templeville, Killiney.
CO. Dublin.

BAMSAY, Sir James Henry, Bt.. Hon. LL.D. Glasgow. B. 1832.
Lancaster and York (Oxf. Univ. Press), 1888 ; Foundations
of England (Sonnenschein), 1898 ; The Angevin Empire, 1902.
Bamflf, Alyth, Perthshire.

t RAMSAY, M. C. (Mary Ramsay Calder). Religious and temperance
fiction, occasional simple love or juvenile tale ; series of short
stories with connecting thread. With Aimless Feet (National
Temp. PubUcation Depot), 1906 ; James Ogilvy's Experiment
(James), 1906 ; A Broken Vow (serially), 1907. Ingleside,

RAMSAY, WllUam Mltohell, D.C.L.. LL.D., Litt.D., Prof, of
Humanity, Aberdeen, &c B. 185 1. Historical Geography of
Asia Minor (Murray), 1890 ; Cities and Bishoprics of Phrygia
(O.U.P.), 1895-97 ; and many other works. C. Quart., Con-
temporary Rev,, Journal of Hellenic Studies, &c. 11 College
Bounds, Aberdeen.

tRAMSDEN, Lewis (Dowding, Dr. A. L.), Under a Kingly Mask ;
The Poison of Asps ; The Word of a Somerleigh (Lon^) ; The
Temple of Fire (Collins) ; Red Cavalier (Sisleys). Sprmgfield,
Boumeville Road, Weston-super-Mare.

RAND, Benjamill, Ph.D. Harv. Univ. B. 1856. Selections illustrat-
ing Economic History since 1763 (Macmillan), 4th ed., 1903 ;
Life, Letters, and Philosophical Regimen of the Third Earl of
Shaftesbury (Macmillan), 1900 ; Bibliography of Philosophy
(Macmillan), 1906 ; Modern Classical Philosophers (Houghton &
Miflin), 1907, &c. Emerson Hall, Harvard University, Cam-
bridge, Mass., U.S.A.

RANGER-OULL, CyrlL B. 1875. ^^^ Hypocrite (8 eds.) (Greening),

1898 ; Miss Malevolent, 1899 ; Back to Lilac Land, 1900 ; The
Cigarette Smoker, 1900 ; The Serf, 1901 ; His Grace* s Grace,
1903 ; Mr. Topham, Comedian, 1903 ; Portalone, 1904 ; A Story
of the Stage (White) ; Harvest of Love (Long) ; Price of Pity ;
Soul Stealer (Wtdte) ; as Guy Thome has written When it was
Dark (500th thousand); A Lost Cause (Long); First it was
Ordained (Ward, Lock), 1904-05 ; Made In His Image (Hutchin-
son) ; Helen's Love Story (Cassells) ; The Charioteer (Ward,
Lock) ; The Chain Invisible (Laurie) ; / Believe (White).
Pseudonym will continue, c/o Messrs. Sprigg Pedrick, Ltd.,
Literary Agents, no St. Martin's Lane, London, W.C.




RAKKIN, Resinald^ M.A. Oxon., F.R.G.S., F.R.Hist.Soc. B.
187 1, Seven SMmmers (with R. C. Bosanquet) (Slmpkin), 1890 ;
A Metr. Trans, of Wagner's Nibelungen Ring (Longmans), 1890.
1891 ; A Subaltern's Letters to his Wife, 1901 ; The Marquis
D'Argenson and Richard II., 1901 ; A Thing of Shreds and
Patches (F. V. White), 1904. C. Spectator, White's Club, S.W.

RASHDALL, Rev. HMtings, D.Litt. Oxon.. and D.C.L. Dunelm.,
Fell, and Tutor New Coll., Oxford, formerly Preacher of Line.
Inn. B. 1858. The Universities of Europe in the Middle
Ages (O.U.P.). 1895 ; Doctrine and Development (Methuen).
1898 ; New College, with R. S. Rait (Robinson), 1901 ; Christus
in Ecclesia, 1904. C. Contentio Veritatis 1002. Mind, Eng,
Hist, Rev,. Diet. Nat. Biog. New College, Oxford.

RAVEKSTBIN, Eraest George, F.R.G.S., &c. B. 1834. Several
geographical works and atlases, and numerous papers in scien.
periodicals. First Victoria Gold Medallist, R.G.S., 1902.
2 York Mansions, Battersea Park.

RAWNSLET, Rev. Canon H. D. B. 1850. Sonnets at the Eng.
Lakes (Longmans), 1881 ; other volumes of poems, 1881-95 ;
Harvey Goodwin (Murray), 1896 ; Ballads of Brave Deeds
(Dent), 1898 ; Ballads of the War (Dent), 1900 ; Memories of
the Tennysons (Maclehose), 1900 ; Ruskin and the English
Lakes, 1901 ; 2nd ed., illus. ; Literary Associations of the Eng-
lish Lakes, 2 vols. (Maclehose) ; A Rambler's Note -Book at
the Lakes, 1902 ; Sketches at the English Lakes, 1903 ; Flower-
time in the Oberland, 1904 ; The Sacrum Commercium of St.
Francis ; Temple Classics, ill. (Dent) ; The Venerable Bede : His
Life and Work, with account of the Bede Memorial by C, C.
Hodges, illus. (Hills & Son, Sunderland) ; Sermons on the Logia
(Beeuer Press, Sevenoaks), 1905 ; Montus at the Lakes (Macle-
hose), 1906 ; A Sonnet Chronicle (Maclehose), 1906 ; and other
works. Crosthwaite, Keswick.

RAWSONy Mrs. Stepney. A Lady of the Regency, 6th ed., 1900 ;
The Apprentice ; The Labourer's Comedy ; Journeyman Love ;
The Enchanted Garden; and other novels. Little Orchard,
Streatley, Berks.

RATMOND, Walter. B. 1852. Love and Quiet Life (Hodder),
1894 ; Tryphena in Love (Dent), 1895 ; ^^^ ^^^ ^' Mendip
(Longmans), 1899 : No Soul Above Money, 1900 ; The Idler Out
of Doors (Richards), 1902; Fortune's Darling (Methuen), 1903;
Jacob and John (Hodder), 1905 ; A School History of Somerset
(Methuen), 1906; The Book of Simple Delights {Hodder), 1906.*
The Book of Crafts and Character (Hodder), 1907 ; Gossip
Corner (Hodder), 1907. C. XlXth Cent., Spectator, West. Gaz.,
Graphic, Daily Mail, Lond. Mag., Country Life. 182 Sunder-
land Avenue, W. ; Withypool, Somerset.

RE Ay Hope. B. i860. Tuscan Artists (Redway), 1898 ;
Donatello (Bell), 1900 ; Rembrandt (Bell), 1903 ; Tuscan Artists,
enl. ed. (Dent), 1904 ; Rubens (Bell), 1905 ; Titian (Bell).
1906 ; Rubens, Miniature Series, 1907. C. Speaker, Educ,
Rev., Academy, &c. Overhill, Letchworlh, Herts.




READE» Rev. Gompton, M.A., Magd. Coll., Osdord. B. 1834.
Basilissa, a poem in 3 cantos (Oxford), 1868 ; Pictura Pictura,
a poem in five cantos (Oxford), 187 1 ; Take Care Whom You
Trust (Smith, Elder), 3 eds,. 1872, 1875, 1893 .' Golden
Crowns, 2 eds. (Cassell), 1872 ; Hard Lines (Henderson), 1874
(17,000 copies sold) ; Colin Ladrone (Henderson), 1875 ; J<ick
Clayton (Henderson). 1877 ; The Pollution of Rivers, an essay,
1881 ; Who was then the Gentleman? 3 vols. (Maxwell), 1885 ;
A Memoir of Charles Reade, 2 vols. (Chapman & Hall), 1887 ;
The Bridge of Souls (Jakeman & Carver). 1888 ; Broken Threads
(Hurst & Blackett), 1895 ; Umbra Cceli : A Trilogy (New
Century Co.). 1897 ; A Record of the Redes (Jakeman & Carver),
1899 1 ^^ Aftertaste (Greening) 1900 ; The Smith Families
(EUiot Stock), 1901 ; new ed., 1904; Vera Effigies and other
Stories in Verse (Elliot Stock), 190J ; Oxford Yarns (Everett),
1903 ; Memorials of Old Herefordshire (Bemrose). 1904 ; The
House of Comewall, in collaboration with Earl of Liverpool
(Jakeman & Carver). Kenchester Rectory, Hereford.

REANEY, Mrs. O. S. (Isabel Reaney). B. 1847. Our Daughters
(Hodder), 1880; Gladys's Vow (Clarke). 1901, &c. C. Sunday
Magazine, Church Monthly, &c. 26 The College, Bromley, Kent.

RBDDIE, Ceeil, B.Sc, Ph.D., &c. B. 1858. Educational Ideals and
Methods, Educational Atlas (G. Allen), 1900 ; John Bull, 1901,
&c. ( Headmaster of) The New School, Abbotsholme, Derb3rshLre.

REDPATH» Rey. Henry Adeney, D.Litt., M.A. B. 1848. Con-
cordance to the Septuagint (Oxf. Univ. Press), 1 892-1906 ;
Modern Criticism and the Book of Genesis (S.P.C.K.) ; Christ
the Fulfilment of Prophecy (S.P.C.K.) ; The Book of Ezekiel
(Methuen's Westminster Commentaries). C. Bible Dictionaries,
Expositor, &c. 10 Idol Lane, E.C.

RED WAY, Major George WlUiam. Fredericksburg : a Study in
War (Sonnenschein) ; Military Handbooks, 3 vols. (Kegan
Paul). 90A Gloucester Road, S.W.

REID, Andrew. B. 1848. Why I am a Liberal (Cassell), 1885 ;
The New Party (Hodder), 1895, &c. C. Fortnightly, &c.
Lamboume, Romford.

REID9 Mrs. EllMbeth (widow of Captain Mayne Reid). George
Markham, (Sonnenschein), 1898, &c. ; Life and Adventures of
Captain Mayne Reid (Greening), 1900, &c. C. Leisure Hour,
&c. 86 Portsdoun Road, Maida Vale, W.

REID, Sir Hugh Oiliean, LL.D., F.J.I., &c. B. 1838. Life and
Poems of Rev. John Skinner (Simpkin). 1859 ; 'Tween Gloamin'
and the Mirk (Gardner), 1894, &c. C. Fortnightly, Anglo-Saxon
Rev., &c. DoUis Hill House, London, N.W.

REID, Stnart J., D.C.L. Life and Times of Sydney Smith (Low).
1884 ; Recollections of Sir Edward Blount, 1902 ; Life of Lord
John Russell in Queen's Prime Ministers Series, of which
Editor ; Memoirs of Sir Wemyss Reid, 1842-1885. edited with
Introduction, 1905 ; Life and Letters of the First Earl of Durham
1906, &c. C. Spectator, Dia. Nat. Biog., &c. Blackwell Chff,
East Grinstead/ Sussex.




RBHDALin, Re?. Gerald Henry, Litt.D., ftc. The Emperor Julian
(BfacxDjllan), 1879 » Marcus Aurelius Antoninus » 1S97, &c.
C. Classical Review, (Headmaster of) Charterhouse, GodaJining.

RBHTOUI^ Robert Reld, M.0., &c.» late Mem. Gen. Council of Med.
Ednc, U.K. Causes and Treatment of Abortion (Bailliere,
lindall & Cox), 1889 ; Dignity of Woman* s Health (J. & A.
Chnrchill), 1890; Voluntary Medical Charity Reform (Bailliere,
Tindall & Cox), 1891 ; Proposed Steriligation of Certain Mental
and Physical Degenerates (waiter Scott Publishing Co.), 1903 ;
Trachoma (Tioling A Co.), 1904, &c: 78 Hartington Road.
Liverpool, S.

RBPPUER, Agnes. B. i860. Boohs and Men (Houghton),
1888 ; The Fireside Sphinx, 1901, &c. C. Harper's, &c. 1208
Spruce Street, Philadelphia, U.S.A.

RBTIlOLDSy Mrs. Fred. A Tangled Garden ; an Idyll of the Dawn ;
In the Years that Come After ; The Man with the Wooden Face ;
The Booh of Angelus Drayton ; A Quaher Wooing ; The Making
of Michael ; In Silence ; Hazel of Hazeldean : The House of
Rest ; These Three. Hill Carr, Ilkley.

RETHOLDS-BALL, Bnsiaee A., B.A. Oxon., F.R.G.S. Mediter-
ranean Winter Resorts (Hazell), 1888-1904 ; Cairo : the City of
the Caliphs (Estes, Boeton, U.S.A.), 1897 ; (Unwin). 1898 ;
Paris in its Splendour, 2 vols. (Estes, Boston, U.S.A.), 1900 ;
(Gay), 1901 ; Jerusalem (Black), 1901 ; Hints for Travellers in
the Near East (Marlborough), 1903 ; Cairo of To-day (Black).
1905 ; Rome (Black), 1905 ; India of the Tourist, 1906. C. New
Liberal Review, Chambers's, World's Work, English Illus,, &c.
16 Eaton Rise, Ealing, W. ; 27 Chancery Lane. W.C.

RHTSy Bmest, Ed. Camelot Series, 1886-91 ; Lyric Poets (Dent),
1896-1900. B. 1859. Fiddler of Came (Simpkin), 1896 ; Welsh
Ballads (Nutt). 1898 ; Whistling Maid (Hutchinson), 1900 ;
Man at Odds (Hurst A Blackett), 1904 ; Lays of the Round Table
(Dent), 1905. C. Everyman's Library (Dent), 1905-07, XlXth
Cent., Harper's Mag., Nation, Manchester Guardian, Century
Celtia. Derwen, Hermitage Lane End, West Hampstead.

RETS, Oraee (Mrs. Ernest Rhys). B. 1865. Mary Dominic (Dent),
1898 ; The Wooing of Sheila (Methuen), 1901 ; The Prince of
Lisnover (Methuen). ISK>4» Ac. Derwen, Hermitage Lane End,
West Hampstead.

RHT8, John* M.A., D.Litt., Hon. LL.D, Edin., Hon. D.Litt. Wales,
Fellow of the British Academy, F.S.A. London. Hon. Fellow
of the Soc. of Antiquaries of Scotland, and of the Royal Soc. of
Antiquaries of Ireland. B. 1840. Lectures on Welsh Philoloey,
(Trubner A Co), 1877 ; Celtic Britain, 1882, 3rd ed. (S.P.CK.),
1904 ; Celtic Heathendom, 1886 ; The Arthurian Legend (Claren-
don Press), 1891 : Inscrip. and Lang. North. Picts (contained in
vols. xxvi. and xxxu. of the Proceedings of the Antiquaries of
Scotland), 1892 ; (pa. au.) The Welsh People (Fisher Unwin),
1900 ; Celtic Folklore (Clarendon Press). 190 1 ; and other works.
C. Y Cymmrodor, Rev, Celtique, Arch. Cambrensis> Journal of




the R, Soc, of Antiqs. of Ireland, Proc. of the Soc. of Antiqs. of
Scotland, Arch, Cambrensis, Proc. of the Brit, Academy, &c.
Jesus College, Oxford.

RICHARDS, Henry Charles, F.S.A., K.C., F.R.Hist.Soc. B. 1851.
Law of Compensation (Jordan & Sons, Estates Gazette Office) ;
Election Agents* Han<U>ook (Jordan), 1 895-1902 ; Manual on
Education Acts, 1 870-1902, &c. New manual in preparation :
LicensingAct, 1904. C. East and West, Magazine of Commerce,
Church Bells, on City History, Church Questions generally.
2 Mitre Court Buildings, Temple, E.C.

RICHARDSON, Mrs. Aubrey (Jerusha D. Richardson). They
Twain (Unwin) ; Famous Ladies of the English Court (Hutchin-
son), 1899 ; A Drama of Sunshine— flayed in Hamburg (Unwin),
1903 ; The Lover of Queen Elizabeth : being the Life and Character
of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester (Warner Laurie), 1907 ;
Women of the Church of England (Chapman & Hall), 1907.
35 Harley Street, Cavendish Square, W.

RI6HEPIN, Jean, Poet, Playwright, Novelist. B. 1849. ^
Chanson des Guetix, 1876 ; Les Caresses, 1877 ; Les Morts
Bizarres, 1877 ; Miarha la Fille d VOurse, 1883 ; Braves Gens,
1888, &c. Plays : Nana Sahib, 1882 ; Les Blasphemes, 1884 ;
La Mer, 1886 ; Monsieur Scapin, 1886 ; Le Fltbustier, 1888 ;
Par le Glaive, 1892 ; Mes Paradis, 1892 ; Le Chemineau, 1897 ;
La Bombarde, 1900, &c. 8 Villa Guilbert, XVIe, Paris.

RICHMOND, Ennis (Mrs. Richmond). B. 1862. Boyhood (Long-
mans), 1898 ; The Mind of a Child, 1901, &c. St Leonard s
School, Westenhanger, Hythe.

RICKARDS, Re?. Marens Samnei Cam, M.A., F.L.S. Sonnets and
Reveries (J. Baker), 1889 '* Creation's Hope, 1890 ; The Exiles
(Bell), 1896 ; and many other vols, of verse. (Vicar of) Twig-
worth, Gloucester.

RICKERT, Edith, Ph.D. B. 1871. Seven Lays of Marie de France
(Nutt), 1901 ; Out of the Cypress Swamp (Methuen), 1902 ; The
Reaper (Arnold), 1904 ; Folly (Arnold), 1906 ; Emani (E.E.T.S.)
1906 ; The Golden Hawk (Arnold), 1907. C. Windsor, Eng.
Illus., Scribner's, Century, Outlook, Everybody's Modern Philology,
&c. Tibbies Green, Edenbridge, Kent; 13 Cowley Street,

RICKETT, Arthur, M.A., LL.D. B. 1869. Lost Chords : Some
Etnotions without Morals (Innes & Co.), 1894 ; Prophets of the
Century (editor of and contributor to) (Ward, Lock), 1898 ;
Mimes and Rhymes (Brimley Johnson), 1901 ; Personal Forces
in Modern Literature (Dent), 1906 ; The Vagabond in Literature
(Dent), 1906. C. (occasional) daily, weekly, and monthly
journalism. National Liberal Club, S.W.

RICKETT, Joseph Gompton, M.P.. D.L. B. 1847. James Strathgeld
(Chapman), 1873 ; St, Christopher with Psalm and Song (Hodder),
1876 ; The Christ that is to be, 1 891 ; The Quickening of Caliban
(Cassell), 1893 ; Christianity in Common Speech (Cassell), 1895,
&c. C. to hterary journalism and reviews. 100 Lancaster




filDDBLL^ Mrs. J. BL B. 1832. Too much alone (Skeet), 1858 ;
George Geith of Fen Court (Tinsley), 1865 ; The Senior Partner,
1875 ; Berna Boyle (Bentley), 1884 ; The Head of the Firm,
1892 ; Poor Fellow (White), 1902 ; and over thirty other novels.
Witham Road, Spring Grove. Isleworth.

fiID6B» Joldl JailMty M.D., Editor Medical Temperance Review.
B. 1847. Alcohol and Public Health (Lewis), 1894, &c. Carlton
HoQse, Enfield.

RIDGB, W. Fett. A Clever Wife (Bentley), 1895 > Secretary to
Bayne, M,P, (Methuen), 1897 ; Mord Em*ly» 1898 ; A Son of
the State, 1899 ; A Breaker of Laws, 1900 ; JLost Property, 1902 ;
*Erb, 1903 ; Mrs. Gakr^s Business, 1905 ; The Wichhamses, 1906 ;
Name of Garland, 1907. Garrick Qub, W.C.

RIDGBWAT, G. J., Dean of Carlisle. Ed. of series, Church Teaching
for Young People (Nisbet) ; The Mountain of Blessedness
(Skcflington) ; Is not this the Christ ? What does the Church of
England say ? How to Prepare for Confirmation ; The Paradise
(all Skeffington). &c. The Deanery, Carlisle.

RID6EWAT, WiUlim, Prof. Archaeology. C:amb. Univ., &c. Origin
of Metallic Currency (Camb. Univ. Press). 1892 ; Early Age of
Greece, 1901 ; Origin and Influence of the Thoroughbred Horse,
1905. C. Classical Review, &c. Fen Ditton, Cambridge.

RICK2, Ray. JamM HarriMn, D.D., Pres. Wesleyan Conf., 1878, 1892.
Principles of Modern Methodism, 1850 ; The Living Wesley,
1866 ; Dr. Pusey (Woolmer), 1883 ; Oxford High Anglicanism
(Kelly), 1895 > ^^^ many other works on religious subjects. C.
Quarterly, Contemporary, &c. 79 Brixton ifill, S.W.

RI6G, JamM HaemttUen. B. 1855. Ed. More's Trs. Pico della
Mirandola (Nutt), 1890; Life of S. Ansehn, 1896; Ed. Select
Pleas, &<., from Rolls of Excheq. of the Jews, 1 220-1 284
(Quaritch), 1902 ; Trans. Decameron (Bullen), 1003 ; Ed. Bath
MSS. (H. MSS. Comm.). 1904 ; Cal. Plea. Rolls Exch. of the
Jews (Jewish Hist. Soc), 1905. C many art. in Did. Nat.
Biog. 79 Brixton Hill. S.W.

RILBT» JamM Whlteomb. B. 1854. Old-fashioned Roses (Long-
mans), 1888 ; Home Folks (Bowen-Merrill Co., U.S.A.), 190P ;
The Golden Year: An Old Sweetheart of Mine; more than
twenty other volumes of verse and prose, chiefly in " Hoosier "
dialect. Union Trust Co., Indianapolis, U.S.A.

ftlPOH, Bishop of (Rt. Rev. William Boyd Carpenter, DJ).), Hon.
D.C.L. Oxford, Hon. D.D. Glasgow, Hon. D.D. Durham.
D.Litt. Leeds and Aberdeen. Knight of Royal Crovm Prussia
(Qerk of the Closet to H.M.). B. 1841. Thoughts on Prayer,
1871 ; My Bible, 1884 ; Truth in Tale, 1885 ; Permanent
Elements of Religion (Macmillan), 1889 * Lectures on Preaching,
1895 ; Thoughts on Reunion, 189^ ; Pop. Hist. Ch. of Eng.
(l^rray), 1900 ; Religious Spirit *n the Poets (Isbister), 1900 ;
Introduction to the Holy Scripture (Dent & Co.). 1902 ; The
Witness to the Influence of Christ (Constable), 1^05. Palace.
lUpon ; 2 Morpeth Mansions, S.W. ; Trevissome, Cornwalt




RIPPMANK, Walter, M.A., Prof. Germ., Queen's CoU.. W., Chief
Inspector Univ. of London ; Ed. Modern Laneuaee Teaching.
B. 1869. Has edited many Fr. and Ger. text-books. A First
English Book (for foreigners), 1904 ; Sounds of Spoken English,
1905. C. School World, &c 45 Ladbroke Grove, W.

tRITA (Mrs. Desmond Humphreys). Dame Durden ; Darby
and Joan ; My Lord Conceit ; Confessions of a Caretaker,
1886 ; Sheba ; The Countess Pharamond ; Ending of my Day ;
Asenath of the Ford, 1895 ; Peg the Rake ; The Sinfier ; Good
Mrs. Hypocrite ; A Woman of Samaria ; The Lie Circumspect ;
An Old Rogue's Tragedy (Hutchinson), 1900-01 ; Vanity ; A
JiWs Journal (Fisher Unwin), 1900-01 ; Souls ; The Testers ;
The Masqueraders ; Queer Lady Judas ; Prince Charming
(Hutchinson), 1903-05 ; Sdba Macdonald ; A Man of No Im-
portance (Hurst & BlackettJ ; Personal Opinions ; The Pointing
Finger (Eveleigh Nash). C. London Opinion, Daily Chronicle,
Daily Express, Lady's Realm, Strand Mag., Daily Mail,
Boudoir, Bystander, &c Lyceum Club, Piccadilly, W.

RITCHIE, Lady (Miss Thackeray). The Story of Elizabeth (Smith.
Elder), 1863 ; The Village on the Cliff, 1865 ; Old Kensington,
1873 ; Miss Angel, 1874 ; A Book of Sibyls, 1883 ; Biog. Introd,
to Works of W, M. Thackeray, 1898-99, &c, 109 St. George's
Souare, S.W.

ROBBERS, Herman, Dutch Novelist. Editor of Elsevier's Illus-
trated Monthly {Elsevier's GeUlustreerd Maandschrift). De
Roman van Bernard Bandt ; Kalverliefde ; De Bruidstyd van
Annie de Boogh, &c. 19 Wanningstraat, Amsterdam.

ROBBINS, Alfred Farthing. B. 1856. Five Years of Tory Rule
(Hodder), 1879 I 1'^ ^<^^h Public Life of W. E. Gladstone
(Methuen), 1804, &c. Plays : Helps, 1877 \ ^^ ^^ ^^*77. 1884 ;
Notes and Gold, 1885 ; Mixed Marriages, 1895; An Eye for an
Eye (with P. Morris), 1901 ; &c. Dunheved, Villa Road,
Brixton, S.W.

ROBERTS, Barl, of Kandahar, Pretoria, &c. The Rise of Wellington
. (Low), 1895 ; Forty-one Years in India (Bentley), 1897. The
United Service Qub, S.W.

ROBERTS, Harry. B. 1871. Chronicle of a Cornish Garden (Laaie),
1 901 ; Book of Old-fashioned Flowers, 1902 ; The Sayings of
Jesus, 1903 ; The Tramp's Handbook, 1903 j cd. The Poems
of Spenser, 1903; Practitioners* Handbooks, 1904; Vagabonds
Library, 1904 ; The Country Handbooks, 1905, &c. C Lancet,
&c. Bodley Head, Vigo Street, W.

ROBERTS, Henry David. B. 1870. Hon. Fellow Library Assoc.,
Director Public Library, Museums and Art Galleries, Brighton.
Ed. Complete Poetical Works of Thomas Chatterton ; The Seasons,
by James Thomson ; The Castle of Indolence, and other Poems.
by James Thomson (all annotated, and publi^ed in Rout-
ledgers Muses Library, 1906). Geographical editor for Great
Britain of the Encyclopadia Americana. Reviewer and journa-
list, Hon. Secretaiy of the Board of Examiners and the Educa-
ti)9n Committee of the Library Association, 1896-1906. Lec-




turer in Bibliography. London School of Economics (University
of London), 1904-05 and 1907. 35 Florence Road, Brighton.

ROBBRTS» Morley. B. 1857. The Western Avemus (Smith), 1887 ;
The Colossus (Arnold), 1899 ; A Son of Empire (Hutchinson),
1899 ; Immortal Youth, 1902 ; Rachel Marr, 1903 ; Lady Pene-
lope, 1904 ; Captain Balaam ; The Idlers, 1905 ; The Blue Peter ;
The Prey of the Strongest, IQ06 ; and thirty other works, chiefly
novels. Authors' Club, Whitehall, S.W.

ROBERTS, William. B. 1862. Earlier History of English Booh-
selling (S. Low), 1889 ; Boohhwnier in London (Stock), 1895 ;
Romney, 2 vols., 4to., in collaboration with T. Humphry Ward,
( Agnew ft Sons), 1904 ; Catalogue Raisonni of Mr. J, Pierpont
Morgan* s Pictures, with introdfuction by T. H. Ward, 3 vols.,

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